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JL Audio PowerWedge MAX PWM112-WX

Sealed enclosure with 175-watt amplifier and 12" WX Series subwoofer

6 Reviews

Item # 136PWM12WX

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Our take on the JL Audio PowerWedge MAX™ PWM112-WX

A rugged 12" sub
The PowerWedge MAX PWM112-WX features a hard-hitting 12" WX subwoofer with a polypropylene cone and durable foam surround for reliable reproduction. Patented cooling and construction technologies help keep the bass accurate when the going gets hot, while the heavy-duty voice coil resists thermal breakdown.

JL Audio's PowerWedge MAX powered subwoofers pack just about everything you need into a single package that delivers tremendous bass. JL Audio lines up the right combination of sub, box, and amp for premium sound quality, then assembles them by hand to precise standards at their Florida plant. The enclosures feature advanced design for optimum output, plus thick carpet covering to keep them safe from harm.

A rugged 12" sub
The PowerWedge MAX PWM112-WX features a hard-hitting 12" WX subwoofer with a polypropylene cone and durable foam surround for reliable reproduction. Patented cooling and construction technologies help keep the bass accurate when the going gets hot, while the heavy-duty voice coil resists thermal breakdown.

175 watts RMS and a tough enclosure
The 12" sub is housed in a rugged sealed enclosure, built from 5/8" medium density fiberboard. On the back of the enclosure, you'll find a rugged J2 250.1 mono amplifier mounted in a custom-designed shroud. The amp features oversized output transistors and high-tech power supplies for strong, stable output — 175 watts RMS gives the sub the proper juice to keep the thump coming. An included wired remote lets you control the bass levels from the comfort of your front seat.

Product Highlights:

  • amplified 12" subwoofer enclosure
  • 12" 4-ohm WX subwoofer with polypropylene cone and foam surround
  • mono Class AB amplifier (175 watts RMS at 4 ohms)
  • 5/8" medium density fiberboard sealed enclosure with carpet covering and custom amplifier shroud
  • wired remote level control included
  • frequency response: 22-250 Hz
  • variable low-pass crossover (60-240 Hz, 12 dB/octave)
  • assembled in the U.S.A.
  • 23-15/16"W x 14-3/8"H x 14-1/16"D1 x 8-1/2"D2
  • warranty: 2 years (limited)
  • Our 60-day money-back guarantee

What's in the Box:

  • Subwoofer enclosure with loaded 12" woofer and mounted amplifier
  • Wired remote level control (14' cable attached)
  • 2mm Allen wrench
  • 3mm Allen wrench
  • Four 3/4" Self-tapping screws
  • 4 Flat washers
  • 30A fuse
  • 10" speaker-level adapter
  • Owner's manual
  • Limited Warranty sheet

JL Audio PowerWedge MAX™ PWM112-WX Reviews

Average Customer Review(s):

(6 Reviews)

Great sub/amp for the price

Ben from San Francisco, CA on 1/28/2011

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I was looking for a midsize powered sub that wouldn't take up my whole trunk and would still get the SPL up in my car with great bass. The JL Audio package does the trick. It appears well built and is certainly not a wimp on sound quality either. I'm not much of a car audio guy as I am a long-time home audiophile. However, I decided that after installing a decent stereo (not great) in my car I wanted to augment it with the next lower octave or so. JL Audio rocks, especially for the price. Nice work to Crutchfield. There customer service is heads and shoulders above the rest. The install kit was perfect as always.



get what you pay for

justin h. from Humboldt County, CA on 1/6/2011

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

have had this sub in the back of my ford ranger for a couple weeks, so far it hasn't impressed me. I don't know what i was expecting though, you get what you pay for( a clean easy to install sub for a reasonable price). Don't get me wrong, its not like it's horrible- but i wanted a little deeper bass. It sounds good if your looking to round out your stock system, but if you want to shake your mirrors and feel the bass you wont get it from this set up. Don't buy this if your trying to impress your friends and pound on your ears, do buy it if you don't have a lot of money and don't wana go deaf. I'm guna end up using the same box with a JL12w1v2 and rewire the JL 500w amp that delivers 340w rms @ 4oms, wish i would have done that to start with.



JL Audio Powerwedge Max (sealed box)

Oleg V. from Cleveland Ohio on 12/28/2010

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

This is the first subwoofer I have ever owned so I cant tell you how it compares to others. This sub and any sub will sound different depending on the structure of the car. Might shake a geo metro to destruction but not my car. I have a 2003 BMW 525i. My gas tank is behind my rear seat and the whole car is very well insulated. Despite this, this sub still deliver consistant and clear bass through out the car. Open the trunk and you begin to realize how much sound is being lost in the trunk and insulation. My stock speakers consist of tweeters and 4inch speakers so I had basically no bass at all. With this sub I am able to enjoy the music fully with the low end bass and punch. This sub plays loud enough for me that if I play it loud with a lot of bass, I get tired and have to turn it down. I have had it for about 2 months now and can say that it is important to break the sub in the way specified in the manual. I have noticed that it is consistently becoming better and louder as time passes. The amp delivers enough power for me to play it for hours on a roadtrip without problems. Dont expect this sub to rattle the mirrors to the point you cant use them, but if you need some bass that won't attract cops from neighboring cities, then this is a well built product with premium sound. If you need your car to shake then dont get this sub. If you need some bass for your music then it will deliver.



Great Sub

Zach from Huntsville AL on 9/30/2010

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I bought this sub exactly a 2 weeks ago and I love it. I've given it some break in time and then cranked it up and it sounds great. It wont cause you to go deaf but it defiantly hits hard, especially for a powered sub! If you get your settings just right it will give you a nice shake while still sounding great. 100% pleased with this product and Crutchfield!



Best Entry Level Self Powered Sub Out There!

Doug from Pennsville, NJ on 6/16/2010

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

If you are shopping for value for your dollar, go no further... this is the sub for you. However, if you have particular tastes in audio, or you want a good thumping in your back... then save your money for something better from JL. You do get what you pay for. Don't get me wrong, this is a good sub for sound quality and did vibrate the car a bit. I'm just used to competition quality bass (As I did in the past). Now I've grown up a bit, I'll settle for 2 13.5" JLs with 500 watts rms (JL 500/1), in place of the 4 JL12W6V2s powered by 4 JL 500/1 amps!! (yes, it was ridiculous, but I'm trying to put things into perspective here). So, if your looking for something that will get your ride sounding good, shake you a little and are not willing to sacrifice your hearing for years to come.... then you have found your setup. If you want something a bit more impressive, then you're going to have to shell out more money.



Best sub and i've owned a few!!

myles from Beverlt,ma on 5/8/2010

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I recently got robbed by thugs riding around hearing my system!! I always listen to tunes upgrading my conversion van and the thieves heard a killer system when scouting out a killer system.the next day I was robbed!! Head unit and lg sub woofer with kenwood amp got ripped off as they were the only components available! component speakers were bolted in big time as was my rockford fosgate 50 by 4 system amp bolted under the front seat!!!!!!!!!!! I had to replace a Kenwood head unit as they tore the dash apart, as they did my lg subunit! By the way Insurance company's pay dimes on the dollar even though your stereo is bolted behind 1/4 steel plate!! I lost my shirt! I Even I had complete receipts for everything But they care not!!!!! As for my paying to replace everthing I chose another LG subwoofer ,amp and box and was amazed at the power, clarity and price!! It blows my 6 tear old LG system away!! I have a head unit picked out,a top of the line Kenwood again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But if you want a power replacement sub go with LG as Crutch field has not lied about the unit! Good luck with the INSURANCE COMPANY:S Myles




Hands-on research

Features and Specs

Enclosure Type Sealed
Finish Material Carpet
Grille None
Connector Type Set-screw
Bi-amp Inputs No
Woofer Size (inches) 12
Woofer Material Polypropylene
Passive Radiator None
Width 23-15/16"
Height 14-3/8"
Depth 14-1/16"
Second Depth 8-1/2"
Parts Warranty 2 Years
Labor Warranty 2 Years
Frequency Response 22-250
Amplifier Power (RMS) 175 watts
Maximum Wattage N/A
Sensitivity 87 dB
Impedance 4 ohms
Second Voice Coil Impedance N/A
Crossover Point N/A

Product Research

Overview: JL Audio PowerWedge Max subwoofer system combines JL Audio's rugged, great-sounding JL Audio WX subwoofer with a precisely engineered, USA-built enclosure/amp-rack, and a perfectly matched JL Audio J2 amplifier. Also included is a remote bass level knob that can be mounted in the front of your vehicle to give you full control over the subwoofer level.

Sealed Enclosure
WX Series Woofer
J2 Amplifier

Sealed Enclosure

Acoustic Suspension Enclosure: The JL Audio PowerWedge Max subwoofer system utilizes a sealed enclosure for tight, accurate, deep bass.

Quality Construction: The subwoofer enclosure features durable, American-made automotive-grade carpeting and premium JL Audio speaker wiring.

Amp Rack: The J2 amplifier is mounted to the PowerWedge Max enclosure behind a great-looking, CNC-machined amplifier shroud with a durable black textured finish.

Note: The amplifier shroud must be removed to access the amplifier's connections and controls.

Enclosure Application: This compact enclosure is ideal for a variety of vehicle sizes and feature an angled back panel to allow the subwoofer to fire toward the back of the vehicle with minimal loss of trunk or hatch space.

WX Series Woofer

WX Series: The JL Audio WX's are designed with a long excursion, DMA-optimized motor system, supported by JL Audio's patented Elevated Frame Cooling and a highly linear suspension. This means they deliver lots of low-distortion, high-quality bass with all types of music.

Dynamic Motor Analysis (DMA): DMA is JL Audio's proprietary method aimed at improving dynamic motor behavior. As a result of DMA optimization, the WX series woofer's motor remains linear in motor force over a very long range of excursion, and also maintains a highly stable fixed magnetic field in the gap over a wide power range. The result is vastly reduced distortion, faithfully reproduced transients, and tight, clean, articulate bass.

Elevated Frame Cooling: The elevated frame design of the WX series subwoofer delivers cool air through slots directly above the top-plate to the voice coil of the speaker. This not only enhances power handling, but also sound quality by minimizing dynamic parameter shifts and power compression.

Rear Gasket: The woofer has an integrated foam rear gasket which provides an optimal seal when installing into the enclosure.

Long Excursion: The 12WX-4 subwoofer has 9.5mm of linear excursion, giving you louder bass with less distortion.

J2 Amplifier

Mono Subwoofer Amplifier: The JL Audio J2 250.1 is a class A/B monoblock subwoofer amplifier rated at 175 watts RMS x 1 into a 4Ω load.

Status Indicator Lights: There are two lights on the left side of the amplifier:

  • Power: green LED indicates the amplifier is turned on and operating normally
  • Protect: red LED indicates the amplifier has exceeded its safe operating temperature or detected a short in the speaker outputs

Controls: The JL Audio J2 250.1 amplifier provides the following audio controls.

  • Gain: To accommodate the varying range of signal levels coming from today's factory and aftermarket radios, the JL Audio amplifier features an adjustable gain control (200mV-4V; Preamp input) or 630mV-20.5V; speaker-level input). This means that no matter what kind of radio is connected to this amplifier, the appropriate gain control adjustment can be made to ensure loud, clear, distortion-free music.
  • Active Crossover: The low-pass crossover is continuously variable from 60 Hz to 240 Hz and cannot be bypassed. The crossover slope is 12 dB/octave.
  • Bass Boost: The bass boost circuit is adjustable from 0 to +9 dB. The boost frequency is fixed at 45 Hz.
  • Remote Level Control: The 14' cable attached to the included Remote Level Control plugs into the 3.5mm jack on the left side of the amp. When the module is connected, you can control the subwoofer volume from the driver's seat. The remote is designed to mount under the dash and measures:
    • Width: 2.513"
    • Height: 1.026"
    • Depth: 1.656" (2.325" including cable and knob)

Connections: The JL Audio J2 250.1 amplifier provides the following connections.

  • Power and Ground: The Power and Ground connections accept 4 to 8 gauge wire; JL Audio recommends 8 gauge as the minimum size. The set-screw terminals are tightened/loosened using the included 3mm Allen wrench.
  • Remote Turn-On: The remote terminal will accept 10 to 18 gauge wire. The set-screw terminal is tightened/loosened using the included 2mm Allen wrench.
  • Speaker Outputs: The amplifier's speaker terminals are wired to the loaded woofer from the factory.
  • Preamp Inputs: The amplifier features one set of RCA line level inputs. When using a single RCA input, JL Audio recommends using a Y adapter to feed a signal to both RCA jacks.
  • Speaker Inputs: When connecting the amp to a head unit without line level outputs, use the included speaker level input harness.
  • Preamp Outputs: There is a pair of preamp outputs so you can send audio to another amplifier in your system. The preamp output is not affected by the crossover or bass boost circuits.

Our Product Research Team

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