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Scosche DIYBRH Bluetooth® Receiver

Add Bluetooth reception to any car stereo with an auxiliary input

5 Reviews

Item # 142DIYBRH

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Our take on the Scosche DIYBRH Bluetooth® Receiver

The DIYBRH universal Bluetooth receiver from Scosche adds wireless, hands-free capability to any car stereo with an auxiliary input, letting you play music from any Bluetooth enabled device over your car speakers.

The DIYBRH universal Bluetooth receiver from Scosche adds wireless, hands-free capability to any car stereo with an auxiliary input, letting you play music from any Bluetooth enabled device over your car speakers.

The DIYBRH receiver plugs into your vehicle's power port or cigarette lighter, and uses a miniplug to connect to the stereo's auxiliary input. That's all it takes to add Bluetooth reception to your vehicle so you can receive hands-free phone calls from your compatible cell phone. You'll hear calls over your car's speakers, while an echo-canceling microphone built into the power plug picks up your end of the conversation. If you have music stored on your phone, you can stream it to the stereo via this kit, too. Warranty: 1 year.

Do you have a portable audio player without Bluetooth? You'll need Scosche's DIYBCKH system to send music wirelessly to your car stereo. That system includes this DIYBRH receiver kit, plus a Bluetooth transmitter that connects to your music player.

What's in the Box:

  • Bluetooth 12V cigarette light adapter/receiver with built-in microphone and attached 45" cord terminated by a 3.5mm male minijack connector
  • 20" USB cable with a mini-USB type-B connector on one end and a proprietary mini-connector on other end
  • Instruction sheet
  • Product Survey card

Scosche DIYBRH Bluetooth® Receiver Reviews

Average Customer Review(s):

(5 Reviews)

Even when it works, it's not great

Mark from Houston, TX on 7/9/2009

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I don't have the the constant repairing problem nearly as often as other reviews have claimed, but maybe I will in the future. However, even though it stays paired all the way to and from work, the sound quality is not good. I have a sony BT 'dongle' earphone set that sound it's not the phone. There is not a constant buzz, so I really don't think it's my vehicle set up (faulty grounding). When I plug it directly into my aux jack the sound is perfect. It's just this fuzzy, breaking noise, as if a speaker is going out during intense parts of music, and I don't just mean Hendrix guitar solos... I mean any time the music is anything above an acoustic solo. I have an iPhone 3G S if that helps anyone. I think the scoche just receives the stream at a VERY low bit rate... like 32kbps if I had to guess. I'd probably be better off with a FM modulator, if I had to do wireless, but I've never tried one. I say... SAVE YOUR MONEY, or just do the hard wiring if you can.



Last resort item

Dennis from Sunny FL on 2/25/2009

Well what can I say about this device but if it would do what it is advertised to do it would be an awsome accesory. Heres all the issues with it: It will not stay on is the first thing. Everytime you get in the car you need to hold the button down for 5 seconds to turn it on. after that it doesnt auto pair like every single bluetooth headset out there. You either have to stream music to it for it to connect or make a call. Another major drawback is the mp3 passthrough. It sounds great. keep your ipod in your console etc and run the cable to the scoche and then to the aux in of your stereo. Well if the scoche is not turned on there is no passthrough. even though plugged in the cigarate lighter. It will not automaticly release the a2dp music profile back to hands free. have to turn it off then turn it back on. I called scoche customer service and was told it was the perticular phone. I tried with 3 different phones and that was not it. Save your money and look elsewhere. If they can fix these problems: 1 remember if turned on or not 2 auto pair when phone is in range. 3 enable passthrough if there is no power or unit not on 4 fix the switching between headset and a2dp sereo bluetooth profile. Then they would have had a winner in my book. Which is what it is advertised as being able to do as of right now. Stay away unless you are willing to deal with these issues or maybe as a last resort if all else fails.



Poor Quality

scott from La Quinta, Calif. on 4/12/2008

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

The sales pitch made it sound as if this product could do it all. Just plug in, pair up, and your ready to go. Not the case at all. The phone constantly needs to be paired up / not just at the initial start up, but even when driving. I have 5 different cell phones (one business, and one for each member of my family) I have tried them all. On an average road trip from the desert here in La Quinta, to Orange County (110 miles) the SCOSCHE will loose pairing at least 7 times. I have had it for two weeks as of this note, and I am already looking for a different system. If Crutchfield wants it back, please take it. I would like my money back too. I fear I will just end up in the trash or I will use the cord to tie up some loose wires behind my t.v. I have a 2008 Tundra with the aux plug port. The Toyota accessories book shows a SCOSCHE hands free unit that the dealer will install for $300.00 I suggest to just bite the bullet and pay the 300. So the new saying is true,........ a 100 bucks does not buy quality anymore.



constant pairing

gizzepi from boca raton florida on 3/26/2008

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

the device constantly needs to be paired, even tho i have constant 12 volt at all times.this happens while im siting in the vehicle driving or just sitting there.i called up scoche they said theres a problem with LG and Sony Ericson phones.



Requires constant 12v power

Max from Denver, CO on 3/24/2008

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

The main issue with this item is the lack of memory for paired devices. If your cigarette light does not provide constant 12v, then you'll have to re- pair the device with your phone each time you turn off the car (power on car & phone, set your phone to search for bluetooth devices, wait for the pairing process, enter the key code, etc..). There was a problem with the 3.5mm jack not matching up correctly with my '04 MINI Cooper's auxiliary audio jack - had to leave it partially inserted to get stereo sound (haven't had a problem with other cables), but it did work ok in another car. Audio streamed from my phone sounded good, but I didn't have a chance to test out phone calls or the built-in microphone. It does have a mini usb port so you can charge devices with it too. .




Hands-on research

Product Research


Overview: The Scosche DIYBRH Bluetooth Car Kit allows you to answer cell phone calls and play music wirelessly in non-Bluetooth equipped vehicles through your vehicle's audio speakers. The DIYBRH features a 12volt cigarette lighter adapter/Bluetooth receiver with integrated microphone and DSP Echo Cancellation for crystal clear cell phone communication The cigarette lighter adapter/Bluetooth receiver plugs into the 12V port or cigarette lighter port of your vehicle and the unit's attached 45" minijack cord plugs into your vehicle's factory or aftermarket headunit that features a 3.5mm audio aux-in jack. These connections allow the input from any Bluetooth enabled device to play through your car speakers. The cigarette lighter adapter/Bluetooth receiver can be used in conjunction with Scosche's Bluelife Bluetooth transmitters for connecting your portable audio player so it can transmit audio wirelessly through your car's stereo system.

Note: For headunits that feature a stereo RCA auxiliary input, you will need a 3.5mm female minijack to stereo RCA male adapter.

Bluetooth Compatibility: This unit is Bluetooth version 1.2 compliant and supports Bluetooth A2DP (Advance Audio Distribution) and HFP (Hands-Free) profiles with a wireless operating range of up to 30 feet through a 2.4Ghz frequency. The DIYBRH cigarette lighter adapter/Bluetooth receiver is compatible with Bluetooth enabled cell phones for hands-free communication and when used with a compatible Bluelife Bluetooth audio transmitter, can connect to your portable MP3 Player and stream its audio to your indash headunit. The DIYBRH will connect to any aftermarket or factory headunit with a 3.5mm auxiliary input or a stereo RCA auxiliary input using an optional minijack to RCA adapter.

Digital Signal Processing Technology: The Scosche Bluetooth kit uses proprietary DSP (Digital Signal Processing) technology to improve the sound quality of your hands-free conversation. This system incorporates state-of-the-art technology for echo cancellation, background noise cancellation and clear crisp audio during g your hands-free cellular conversation.

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