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Sennheiser RS 185

Wireless headphones with transmitter

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Our take on the Sennheiser RS 185

Serious about listening to music, but don't want to wake the neighbors or stay stuck next to your stereo? The Sennheiser RS 185 wireless headphone system gives you a high-fidelity listening experience with the freedom to move around. The included transmitter plugs directly into your stereo's analog or optical digital output, and sends high-quality, uncompressed audio signals wirelessly to the headset.

Rich, balanced sound with wireless convenience

headphones in room setting

The RS 185 includes a comfortable pair of over-the-ear, open-back headphones and a wireless transmitter with manual level and balance controls.

Serious about listening to music, but don't want to wake the neighbors or stay stuck next to your stereo? The Sennheiser RS 185 wireless headphone system gives you a high-fidelity listening experience with the freedom to move around. The included transmitter plugs directly into your stereo's analog or optical digital output, and sends high-quality, uncompressed audio signals wirelessly to the headset.

Roam freely wearing the included over-the-ear headphones. Their open-back design gives you a clear, natural-sounding listening experience. Manual level and balance controls let you dial in your personal settings. And while the RS 185 headphones were made with music in mind, you'll hear movies and TV shows with clarity and wireless convenience too.

Huge wireless range and rechargeable headset batteries

You can head to the fridge without missing a beat of music. Sennheiser's wireless link technology gives you a listening range of up to 328 feet. The headset and transmitter are paired at the factory, so there's no need to do it yourself. The headphones are powered by "AAA" rechargeable batteries (included). With the batteries inserted, just hang the headphones atop the transmitter and charging will automatically begin. You'll get up to 18 hours of use with a full charge.

Soft, plush padding and earcup buttons for easy control

Comfort is important when choosing any headphones, but especially those used for extended listening sessions. The RS 185's lightweight headset features thick padding on the headband and soft earcups, so you can enjoy its detailed sound for long periods. If you need to adjust the volume, don't worry — you won't need to get up or mess with a remote. There are built-in volume buttons on the right earcup, along with balance and level controls.

Product Highlights:

  • over-the-ear, open-back design offers spacious sound
  • included wireless transmitter delivers high fidelity audio to the headphones
  • transmitter features an optical digital (Toslink) input and 3.5mm stereo minijack input for connecting from your TV or audio system (cables included)
  • wireless range: up to 328 feet (line of sight)
  • optimized for listening to music
  • fine tune your listening experience with manual level and balance control
  • multi-receiver mode enables two people to listen to the same source (requires additional compatible headset)
  • transmitter also serves as a docking station to recharge the headphones
  • battery life: up to 18 hours with a full charge using the included batteries
  • volume, level, and balance controls on headphones
  • includes 2 "AAA" NiMH rechargeable batteries for the headphones (standard "AAA" may also be used)
  • includes multi-country AC adapter for powering the transmitter
  • 59" optical digital cable included
  • 78" stereo mini cable included
  • frequency response: 17-22,000 Hz
  • headset weight: 10.9 oz. (with batteries)
  • warranty: 2 years
  • Our 60-day money-back guarantee

What's in the Box:

  • HDR 185 Over-the-ear wireless headphones (black)
  • TR 185 transmitter
  • NT9-3AW AC adapter with attached 68" DC output cord (DC Output: 9V 300mA)
  • 4 AC plug adapters (US / Euro / UK / Australia)
  • 2 "AAA" rechargeable batteries (1.2V 820mAh)
  • 5' Optical digital cable (Tos-Link connectors on each end)
  • 4' Audio cable (stereo RCA plugs on each end)
  • Instruction Manuals on CD-ROM
  • Quick Guide
  • Safety Guide
  • Compliance Information

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My wife is so very happy I bought her this set, Thank you for selling such a good product. It was so easy to set up the first time. and it sounds fantastic.

paul, Coos Bay, OR


Sennheiser RS 185 Reviews

Average Customer Review(s):

(19 Reviews)

Fantastic sound and adjustment capabilities.

paul from Coos Bay, OR on 1/5/2018

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

My wife is so very happy I bought her this set, Thank you for selling such a good product. It was so easy to set up the first time. and it sounds fantastic.

Pros: sounds are great, recharges up fast, very comfortable to wear.

Cons: None so far

Sennheiser RS 185

Charles from Warrington, PA on 12/18/2017

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Very disappointed with the functionality of this product. I understood from the literature and manual that I could connect to my new Denon 6300 using the optical cable or to the audio out. Turns out I can't do either. Instructions not clear at all, waste of money; may return it.



Sennheiser RS 185

Anonymous from Boerne, TX on 10/9/2017

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Great Sound. We had two previous sets of Steinhauser analog Headsets. Based on those experiences we purchased the R185 which has outstanding sound quality and improved the music and TV experience for my wife who likes the sound much louder than I do. She is happy and I am happy



Volume could be better.

Len from Rockwall, TX on 9/23/2017

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I used to have Sennheiser RS 160 headphones and they were connected to my TV's RJ 45 connectors. I have these connected to the optical audio port on my new TV and the maximum volume is about 65% of the maximum volume of the old headphones and setup. I'm not sure if it's due to using the optical audio now. I don't have RJ 45 connectors on my new TV so I can't do a comparison. Now, the maximum volume seems too low at times. Other than this volume issue, the headphones are great.

Pros: Sound is great, setup is easy, looks good.

Cons: Needs more volume.

Sennheiser RS 185

Anonymous from St. Petersburg, FL on 5/1/2017

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Love this set. We live in a condo. My wife is very concerned about disturbing the neighbors. This was the solution. The sound is terrific.



Smooth, clear sound

Brent from Seattle, WA on 4/24/2017

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Excellent build quality. Great sound.

Pros: Quality build, great sound.

Cons: A little snug on the ears, must position base away from other components to avoid buzz.

Great sound

John from Louisville, Ky on 3/26/2017

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Excellent product. Great sound. Easy setup.

Pros: Easy setup. Great sound.

Cons: None

Good Sounding

Robert from Orland Park, IL on 1/5/2017

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Sound is decent. Does not come with correct connecting cable for a Marantz receiver. Also doesn't come with high end cable for superior sound. Ear phones can cause ears to sweat due to composition, although more comfortable than other sets.

Pros: Sound

Cons: Cables not appropriate for high end sound system.

Sennheiser RS 185

Anonymous from Bow, WA on 11/26/2016

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

These are just what I wanted! So comfortable I forget to take them off when the record ends!



I love these Sennheiser RS 185's

Richard D. from Colville, WA on 9/25/2016

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I love these headphones. It is wonderful to hear words clearly and to hear sounds I didn't hear before. Great sound! I wear hearing aids. I use the RS 185's with them on and sometimes take my hearing aids off. Sometimes with the hearing aids on I get that squealing from back pressure due to the tips on my aids. I will be looking at different tips soon. Without my hearing aids on and using the headphones, I hear just fine with the volume a little higher than with the hearing aids. I have been using TV Ears for years but there is no comparison between them and these RS185's. I love the Over the Ear headphones and find them very comfortable. I ordered by telephone from Crutchfield's. I was very pleased with the communications from the Rep. and the shipping was very quick. These are spendy but in my case they are well worth it. I was lucky to purchase these while they were on sale for a special price.

Pros: Helps me enjoy watching TV and listening to music. I can also go out into the shop and still get to hear some good music.

Cons: The signal does not go thru the outside metal shop walls well with the transmitter inside of the shop. That's OK though. The signal penetrates wood walls of the house just fine.

Decent headphones

Anonymous from Seattle, WA on 9/12/2016

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Happy with the purchase. Good quality, and signal (I just wear them in direct line of sign near the TV). I once bought Sony headphones and they constantly scratched and dropped signal; these ones are really good.

Pros: No complaints, good sound (only tried movies so far).

Cons: Expensive

Sennheiser RS 185

Glenn A from Hermitage, TN on 6/14/2016

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I have had the HDR 170 model for several years which is decent, but thought the RS185 would yield better sound quality and wireless range. Perhaps it's a little more rounded and smooth but the wireless range is not as advertised. From my living room to the deck outside, I experience quite a few cutouts (intermittent losses in signal). I'm estimating the distance from the transmitter is no more than 60' to the deck. And when I called Crutchfield tech support to ask a few questions, mainly regarding setup he sounded terse, uninterested and sounded as though (perhaps unintentionally) that I was an idiot. The instructions is basically a foldout quick setup type manual and did not notice that these phones need to be connected to the outputs of my pre-amp as opposed to the normal headphone jack. However, I cannot complain about the sale price, and I took advantage.

Pros: Comfortable, smooth, neutral sound but not a detailed soundstage

Cons: Wireless range much less then advertised. Tech support experience less than satisfactory

Sennheiser RS 185

Anonymous from Chesterfield,Va on 6/13/2016

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Good sound quality and comfort on ear.



Sennheiser RS 185

Thad P from Fishers, IN on 5/28/2016

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

These headphones !are terrific! I was very happy with the sound quality, and they ere easy to set up, with one caveat. That is that if you want to plug the transmitter into the headphone jack on your receiver, you'll need to have a y-cable that will take two RCA plugs down to one headphone input. Usually this will also mean a converter to covert a 2.25 mm pin to 1/4" headphone jack. So I had to make a separate trip to Fry's to get those items -- not a big deal, but a little annoying. I've suggested to Crutchfield that their description should apprise potential purchasers of th is possible additional purchase need, and that they offer a y-cable and converter for a small amount when someone buys the headphones. AZside from this, the headphones are great in every respect.

Pros: sound quality comfort on ear

Cons: need to buy a y-cable and pin converter to plug transmitter into headphone jack on receiver

Great Product

BFR from Buffalo, NY on 4/10/2016

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Love it. Easy to install and work perfect

Pros: Design, setup

Cons: None

185 vs 195, 185 is a winner

Vlad from Virginia on 1/16/2016

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I've got two models 185 and 195 to find out for myself what works better for me. I was planning to watch TV and occasionally listen to music on fire TV. TV and would have connected to a receiver through digital cables and then receiver is connected to headphones through another digital audio cable. Now, 185 produces great rich sound when listening to a music and great surround sound when watching movies. I was afraid it's not good enough for movies but it turned to be just a way I like to get sound from movies. 195 has different modes. I did not find those modes useful unless you must to increase a volume of voice/speech. 195 also limits how much maximum volume you can get from it, and it's not acceptable. As 185 is clearly a winner I returned 195.



Sennheiser RS 185

Ann from Weirsdale, FL on 1/7/2016

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Just what we wanted



Sennheiser RS 185

Anonymous from Florida on 8/22/2015

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Awesome product for aging ears.

Pros: Quality product.

Cons: None

Excellent sound quality, very large in size

Woodkrafter from North Carolina on 5/16/2015

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

These headphones are excellent in sound quality. Very well constructed. The input level control makes adjusting to various input devices a breeze. However the headphone ear cups are gigantic, much bigger than I anticipated. But, the ear cups are very comfortable especially during long listening sessions. Looks aside, I would recommend these to anyone wanting to wirelessly listen to music. Battery life is excellent, one can use these a very long time without needing a recharge..

Pros: Excellent sound and build quality, great input level control, very comfortable ear cup cushioning.

Cons: Extremely large ear cups, fashion conscious users may want to pass these up. Battery recharge takes a long time (8 hours or more). Open air design allows ambient sounds to intrude at times.


Hands-on research

Product Research


Overview: The Sennheiser RS 185 Digital Wireless headphone system consists of a pair of wireless headphones (HDR 185) and a radio frequency (RF) transmitter (TR 185). The system is designed to enhance the sound of your home audio source, and to give you the freedom to walk around your home with the headphones on.

Wireless Headphones: The HDR 185's wireless headphones feature an open, circumaural (around-the-ear) design. The soft-padded ear cups and headband provide hours of listening comfort. The headphones have controls on the right ear cup: power on/off, volume up, volume down, balance left, balanced right, and level (for selecting manual and automatic level control). With the batteries installed, the HDR 185 headphones weigh approximately 11 ounces.

Analog/Digital Inputs: The RS 185 Digital Wireless headphone system can accept both analog and optical digital input signals. The digital input can only accept PCM signals with a sampling rate of up to 96kHz--it is not compatible with digital bitstream signals. The TR 185 transmitter has analog stereo RCA and digital Toslink input connectors, and includes both analog and digital cables.

TR 185 Transmitter: The system transmits audio on the 2.4 GHz band (2.40 to 2.48 GHz) with 8-FSK Digital modulation. The extended transmission range is approximately 328 feet (100 meters) without obstructions. (Typical performance with obstructions will be somewhat less.) The transmitter is powered by a 9-volt DC power supply/AC adapter. Adapter plugs for the US, Europe, UK, and Australia are provided, allowing for use in other countries. The transmitter doubles as a convenient charging cradle for the headphones. Transmitter dimensions: 4.96"W x 9.264"H x 3.96"D.

Level Control: There are two modes for setting the analog signal input level: Automatic Level Control (ALC) and Manual Level Control (MLC). When set to ALC, the sensitivity of the analog input is adjusted automatically to avoid undesirable volume jumps when switching from one audio device to another, or from one music track to another. You can switch between ALC and MLC by pressing the Level button on the headphones or the transmitter.

Balance Control: The left/right audio balance can be adjusted by pressing the Balance Left or Balanced Right buttons on the headphones until the balance is set to your liking. You can center the balance by pressing both buttons simultaneously.

Rechargeable Batteries: The headphones are powered by the two included "AAA" rechargeable NiMH batteries (1.2V, 820mAh). The batteries fully charge in approximately 8.5 hours, when placed on the top of the transmitter. Battery life is approximately 18 hours of use. Standard, non-rechargeable "AAA" batteries may be used in the headphones, but the headphones must not be placed on the charging cradle.

Auto Power Off: If there is no signal from the transmitter for more than 5 minutes, the headphones automatically switch to standby mode. If the headphones are outside the transmission range or switched to off for more than 5 minutes, the transmitter automatically switches to standby mode.


  • Frequency Response: 17Hz - 22kHz
  • Maximum Sound Pressure Level: 106dB at 1kHz, 3% THD
  • Total Harmonic Distortion: <0.5% at 1 kHz, 100dB SPL
  • Transmission Range: Up to 100m (328')

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Sennheiser's RS line of wireless headphones gives you freedom to roam while you listen. The included transmitter lets you listen all over your house with no wires.

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Why did you buy this?

Your tech team (jcantrell)Crutchfield told me these would be best for my app/setup, etc..! Thank you, SG [ S  Jan 24, 2018 ]
We have an older model 820 and lost the power plug. We noticed this one and want to try it. [ paul  Dec 20, 2017 ]
I trust crutchfield's guidance when buying high end stereo components [ MICHAEL F  Sep 29, 2017 ]
Have 195 but want to have more volume and balance on headset [ CHRISTOPHER J  May 31, 2017 ]
Sennheiser quality and the Crutchfield quality of customer service made it an easy decision to purchase this item here. [ JOE  Nov 01, 2016 ]
Well reviewed. Good experience with Sennheiser in the past. A good compromise. [ Samuel David  Jun 05, 2016 ]
PC Magazine and Google reviews rated you highly. [ Kris A.  Jun 03, 2016 ]
I have an Sennheiser RS170 that has stop working and I am replacing it with this purchase. I am hard of earing and I enjoyed my RS170 so much that I cannot do without my headphones while watching TV. For those that have hearing loss, these headphones give us the enjoyment to hear again. [ Robert  May 03, 2016 ]
sounds like it may be best suited to my needs [ Sunny  Mar 25, 2016 ]
The RF technology used with this device is capable of higher resolution than blue tooth technology [ Michael  Feb 14, 2016 ]

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