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Garmin nüvi® 2360LMT

Portable navigator with free lifetime traffic and map updates

21 Reviews

Item # 1502360LMT

This item is no longer available.

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Our take on the Garmin nüvi® 2360LMT

Garmin's nüvi 2360LMT portable navigator comes with a free lifetime traffic-information service that'll alert you to any congestion along your route. It also offers nüMaps Lifetime™ downloadable updates that keep your maps current without any extra costs or hidden fees. The 2360LMT recognizes spoken commands like "Take me home" so you don't have to stop to punch in an address. Bluetooth® technology lets you make calls with your compatible phone without taking your hands off the wheel.


Garmin's nüvi 2360LMT portable navigator comes with a free lifetime traffic-information service that'll alert you to any congestion along your route. It also offers nüMaps Lifetime™ downloadable updates that keep your maps current without any extra costs or hidden fees. The 2360LMT recognizes spoken commands like "Take me home" so you don't have to stop to punch in an address. Bluetooth® technology lets you make calls with your compatible phone without taking your hands off the wheel.

Advanced display
The nüvi 2360LMT's 4.3" touchscreen display shows you detailed maps of the entire U.S. and most of Canada and Mexico. Are you used to viewing everything on your smartphone? The nüvi 2360LMT accommodates portrait display as well as landscape.

This navigator offers 6 million points of interest for finding the perfect pit stop, and you can add your own favorite destinations along the way. Enjoy the extra confidence you get with spoken directions that say actual street names at turns, plus a speed limit display that lets you know when it's time to ease off the gas. And the 2360LMT shows you realistic depictions of multi-lane ramps and complicated intersections that'll keep you on the right track.

Leave congestion worries behind
The nüvi 2360LMT includes a FM-TMC traffic-info receiver which keeps you updated on potential delays in most metropolitan areas. The 2360LMT can offer detailed information on the cause of the delay, and save you time by finding a quick way around the problem. Best of all, you pay no subscription fees for the life of your navigator.

Trend tracking for better routes
Over time, Garmin's myTrends™ technology learns the routes you like to travel. The navigator predicts where you're going and provides estimated travel times, which can come in handy on your daily commute to work or weekly trips to the kids' swim meets. Their trafficTrends™ technology keeps track of how daytime congestion impacts driving times in your area, finding better routes that won't leave you waiting in traffic.

Save gas and time
Garmin's ecoRoute™ feature tracks your fuel usage and gives you the option of selecting the most fuel-efficient route to your destination. Garmin's route optimization finds the most efficient journey among several stops on the same trip, so you can run errands without wasting time or gas.

Stay safe
The powered mount lets you take the navigator with you without unplugging the power cable. The nüvi remembers its location when it left its mount so you can always find your car in a large parking area. The "Where Am I?" emergency locator provides your exact location instantly, displaying nearby emergency services if you need aid. Garmin's security feature prevents unauthorized people from accessing your itinerary or personal information.

Product Highlights:

  • portable GPS navigator
  • nüMaps Lifetime download card (receive up to 4 map updates per year without additional fees)
  • includes FM-TMC traffic-info receiver with subscription-free updates (advertising supported)
  • suction-cup windshield mount
  • JPEG picture viewer
  • powered mount, car power adapter, and built-in rechargeable battery with 2.5 hours of life
Navigation features:
  • 4.3" (480 x 272 pixels) display with touchscreen control
  • 6 million points of interest (allows custom points of interest)
  • preloaded with maps for the entire United States, plus most of Canada and Mexico
  • accepts spoken commands and voice address entry
  • text-to-speech voice prompts announce actual road names at turns
  • myTrends predicts your destination and automatically provides estimated arrival time
  • trafficTrends provides routes based on actual historic travel times due to daily traffic
  • ecoRoute calculates a more fuel-efficient route
  • displays landscape and portrait orientation
  • lane assistance and junction view
  • speed limit indicator
  • built-in travel kit including world clock, currency and measurement converters, calculator, and more
  • security feature allows you to disable most functions with a user-entered password
  • multi-destination routing: route optimization
  • transport modes: auto, pedestrian, bicycle
  • microSD card slot
Other features and specs:
  • Bluetooth technology: conduct hands-free calls with your compatible cell phone
  • dimensions: 4-13/16"W x 2-15/16"H x 5/8"D
  • weight: 5.0 oz.
  • warranty: 1 year
  • Our 60-day money-back guarantee

What's in the Box:

  • Portable GPS navigation receiver
  • Suction-cup mounting bracket
  • Mounting cradle
  • GTM-25 Cigarette lighter power adapter with built-in FM traffic receiver (has an attached 5' cable terminated by a right-angle male mini-USB type-B connector)
  • 19" USB cable (with a USB type-A connector on one end and a micro-USB connector on other end)
  • Quick Start Manual
  • Accessory Guide
  • Important Safety and Product Information
  • Free Trial Safety Camera Update card
  • "Activate your Lifetime Maps" note
  • Free dash disk offer

Bought this for my wife and she loves it! Easy data entry, fast response times for searches, great battery life, very intuitive. I think I'll get one for myself next!

Jay G., Troy, MI


Garmin nüvi® 2360LMT Reviews

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Garmin nüvi® 2360LMT

Joe from High Point, NC on 6/14/2011

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Got this for my wife, son took over the 255W so she needed another. I read the pamplet (the instructions) and explained them to her. She luv's this ! Likes the split screen with reference to a turn, a big problem for her with the 255w. I guess this would be "lane change" assist/turn as well. It is quick to respond, but as is told, in "vocal command" road noise or raido needs to be a min. ! All- n-all she is very well pleased with this gsp. Garmins are the only ones we have ever used, beginning with the "c340" , a crt type, not slim & flat screen. It does not have all the bells & whistles but I still use it today. As with all our Garmins we have lifetime updates. So, with all this said, no problems with the 2360 to this point.. I would definitely recommend to friends & family.



Garmin nüvi® 2360LMT

Dave M from Webster NY/ Lake Alfred FL on 5/16/2011

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Orderd this unit in march 2011,we bought this unit to replace an older garmin because of the new features on the 2360.One problem is sometimes the unit will blank out and you can not do anything with it, Garmin said to hold the power button down for about 16 seconds and that will reset the unit,did that and everything went back to normal.Dont leave this unit on the dash in the hot sun when not using it will not work until it cools down.Really like life time maps and traffic updates.Voice comand works well as long as there is no back ground noise.We really like this unit and would recommend it to anyone.We think Gamin is the best on the market.



Awesome GPS

Murph from Charlotte, NC on 4/15/2011

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

My first GPS unit! It is a great unit. I love the ease of use. I did my research and from what i found Garmin is better than Tom Tom. I was a little worried when i got it and it didnt have a user manual. (You can download one online) But it is so easy to use a child could use it. I love it. Cant wait to take a trip to a city that I have never been to so i can really test it. As far as local driving it has been great. If you have been on the fence about purchasing a GPS unit like I was this is the unit for you. Take the plunge, you wont regret it. Muph



Lots of features that work well

HowardL from Saratoga, NY on 4/15/2011

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

This Garmin replaces my 3+ year old Nuvi 350. I'm pleased that the 350's AC charger works with this 2360LMT. Although I downloaded the manual and had it printed at STAPLES, I've discovered most of the features on my own. The latest is the display that shows both mileage and time to arrival, but speed, speed limit, altitude, and direction. It shrinks the map width-wise when the unit is oriented horizontally, but the otherwise widescreen display can "afford" it. This unit recalculates the maps much faster than the 350, but the revised voice prompts take longer. So, if the recalculated turn is coming up quickly, you might miss it unless you're looking at the screen. The traffic feature does indicate when there is potential trouble ahead, but you have to tap the screen twice to see where it might be. That could be a dangerous move while driving. So far, though, the warnings have been for naught. Still, overall, I am very pleased with this device.



Very nice for the price!

Jay G. from Troy, MI on 3/28/2011

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Bought this for my wife and she loves it! Easy data entry, fast response times for searches, great battery life, very intuitive. I think I'll get one for myself next!




awljr8 from irmo,sc on 3/21/2011

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

excellent product. this is my 4th garmin and have always been very pleased with their products. crutchfield has increased this pleasure with the quick service and 30 day refund/exchange policy. would certainly do business with both again.



I Love my Garmin

FrostW from Flint, MI on 3/4/2011

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Garmin products have never failed me and this is just another great product. The bluetooth phone option works great with my Samsung Omni II phone. The charging cable hooks to mounting bracket and is much better then the older models where the connector had to be plugged directly into the unit. The only improvement would be to increase find by name speed and more battery life.. Buy from Crutchfiled !! What a Class act keep up the Great Work !!



In Daily Use

KenB from Bradenton, FL on 3/1/2011

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Pros: Owned a Garmin nuvi 360 for 4 years, what an upgrade to the 2360LMT! Fast satellite lock on as compared to the 360 Great Voice Command feature offers hands free operation - Suggestion: Use this feature without background noise. Updated maps on day one, it took about 8+ hours - Suggest an over night download Speaker and blue tooth features work well. Good display. I like the wider screen. Still getting used to this model after 2 weeks of daily use, especially the traffic feature. Cons: Some phone numbers and businesses have to be updated.



better charger hook up

MA from Garfiled, NJ on 3/1/2011

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I enjoy the new Garmin 2360 LMT, but have a few issues. I have been using it for about a week now and I drive for a living. The problems that I see is that the charger is mounted to the mounting bracket and this causes a problem when installing on a flat surface like the dashboard you can't lower the device to get a good angle. Need to redesign the mount or have a charger that can be used in the USB connection. Also the voice recognition comes on while I am talking on the phone without wanting to use it. Please help on these issues. otherwise very happy with the product and the last thing add a delete function to remove a route or road during navigating, since in NY and CT can't drive on parkways with commerical van.



Garmin nüvi® 2360LMT

gene from nanticoke,pa on 3/1/2011

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I updated the nuvi 2360 LMT from a nuvi 650. Big difference. This past weekend I used it on the PA turnpike and Philadelphia and Delaware areas . The added Bluetooth,Traffic and turn indicator was great.



We Have A Winner

Alaskaman from San Diego on 3/1/2011

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I was set to have an in dash nav installed into my 4Runner when I saw this product. It has all the features I wanted. 1) GPS traffic and alternatives without being prompted (FREE) no subscription. 2) I can navigate with voice only to anywhere. 3) Easy to read display and lane assist. 4) Colorful. 5) Pedestrian mode 6) Alerts for traffic cams 7) Fast display, routes easily tells me everything from temperature to elevation. With life time maps, no subscription traffic (works very fast) and voice command at this price this unit simply cannot be beat.



Just What I wanted

Marc from Calabasas, CA on 2/20/2011

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

This unit was just what I wanted and Crutchfield, gave me the best price.



Best Garmin for the Money

Artesiaman from Mount Olive, NC on 2/17/2011

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

This unit has the most popular features of the higher end Garmin models such as the 3790 but has a lower screen resolution and price. The biggest weakness that I have found is the speaker sound quality when it is used with bluetooth phone through the GPS unit.



Love It!

RFM from Sunnyvale, CA on 2/15/2011

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Things I love: Speech recognition\, Lifetime updates, Lane information. Improvements that I'd like to see, but they would not stop me from buying it again: Add an auto-off option, Add an option to not display the speed limit or when over the speed limit, Longer battery life, Faster turn-on




MJW from Baltimore, MD on 2/15/2011

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I needed a new gps because I found myself in dangerous situations trying to program my gps while driving and looking for locations. With the 2360LMT I am able to enhance safety with the voice features and traffic features already installed. Excellent product!



Garmin nuvi 2360LMT

Galaxy 5 from Dover, DE on 2/13/2011

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Pros: Having a Garmin nuvi 350, what an upgrade with the 2360LMT! Fast satellite lock on Great Voice Command feature FM Traffic information works farther than advertised All around easy to use and the best part, free traffic and map upgrades Con: Cannot find a compatable phone in order use the Bluetooth feature.



Great Product!

JimR from Cincinnati, OH on 2/13/2011

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

This product works as advertised, and works well. Others have commented on the product. I have a different perspective on some of the comments: - There is an over speed limit alarm. The alarm is a visual alarm. The speed limit sign turns red (from its usual black and white). Imagine if it had an audible over speed limit alarm! - I found the speech recognition to work surprisingly well. Of course you are in a car, so you need to speek loud and clearly, and turn down the radio. - Compared to my wife's older Garmin, the boot-up times are quite fast. All a matter of expectations. - I have absolutely NO problems with the windshield mount. The windshield needs to be clean (smoke and outgassing from vinyl needs to be removed) and the suction cup needs to be kept free of foreign objects. - The unit DOES come with a home charger. It is the cord that attaches the Garmin to a USB connector on one's computer. This will charge the Garmin. As many people have mentioned, I find the adds to be distracting, but reasonably easy to turn off. Some people are not at all bothered by them.



Greap GPS for the price

Suzanne M from Jenkintown, Pa on 2/13/2011

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I have owned Garmins your years. This one is great for the price. Love the voice command . Resolution on screen is not as bright as my older Garmin but I love the feastures on this one .



Garmin nüvi® 2360LMT

Erik from USA on 1/31/2011

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Pros Locks onto GPS signal fairly quickly and accurately Free map updates (if you can get it to work) Speed limits were surprisingly accurate, even for recently changed areas of highway UI is fairly clear and usable Pedestrian/walking mode Pronunciation of streets is a bit better than older GPS systems I've used Nice looking, streamlined design Suction cup mount is very secure Includes internal compass Gravity sensor allows landscape or portrait/handheld usage You can upload photos to the device, if you want Maps include Mexico Cons No auto-off if left still/unused/unplugged even for hours Display will wash out a bit in direct sun Took us to the wrong place on the first use (close, but several blocks off) No over speed limit alarm Like most all GPS units, the speech recognition is rarely accurate enough for a complete address entry, and requires corrections Boot up is fairly slow Browser plugin software to update maps just hangs trying to detect plugged-in GPS in two different browsers Would be a bit nicer if it supported touchscreen gestures similar to the iPhone/iTouch like swipe, drag, pinch to zoom, etc. Click-in windshield mount takes a very accurate placement to get secured Lifetime traffic includes onscreen ads No music/mp3 player included, if you want that Battery life too short



Garmin nüvi® 2360LMT

dg from ny,ny on 1/27/2011

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Typical navigation system. Nice to have lifetime traffic and map updates. Delivery was later than expected. There is no in home charger... only auto charger.




Dee from Pinson, AL on 1/27/2011

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Received my Garmin Nuvi 2360LMT yesterday. After going over all the features I have determined this is a great GPS. The feature I like the best is the Voice Commands. I have owned a previous GPS of another make but this Garmin puts it to shame. The reason most of all that I purchased this unit was the life-time map and traffic updates because my old one needed $40 updates, so I thought it made more sense to purchase a GPS that I would never have to buy updates.




Hands-on research

Features and Specs

Maps Built-in
Map Coverage USA (50), CA, MX
Points of Interest 6,000,000
Multiple Destination Routing Yes
Screen Size 4.3"
Widescreen Yes
Bluetooth Capable Phone
Photo Viewer Yes
Digital Audio Playback No
Text To Speech Yes
Voice Control Yes
Traffic Information No
Dynamic Content Services None
Removable Memory Type microSD card
Battery Life 2.5 Hours
Parts Warranty 1 Year
Labor Warranty 1 Year

Product Research

Overview: The Garmin nuvi 2360-LMT is a portable GPS navigator and personal travel assistant that provides automatic routing and turn-by-turn voice directions, along with touchscreen control and voice command. It offers advanced navigation features such as nuRoute technology with trafficTrends and myTrends, ecoRoute for better fuel efficiency, and lane assist with junction view for easier maneuvering. The nuvi 2360-LMT even provides you with free lifetime map updates. The nuvi 2360-LMT also offers an integrated FM traffic receiver for real-time traffic updates. In addition to these navigation features, the nuvi 2360-LMT offers a JPEG picture viewer and built-in Bluetooth communication.  The nuvi 2360-LMT includes a mounting bracket and 12-volt/cigarette lighter adapter to install the navigation device in your vehicle.

Navigation Features
Traffic Information
Picture Viewer
Built-in Bluetooth
Mounting Options
Power Requirements
System Requirements

Navigation Features

GPS Receiver with HotFix: The Garmin nuvi 2360-LMT is equipped with a high-sensitivity WAAS-enabled GPS receiver with HotFix which enables faster GPS performance. It must acquire a GPS (Global Positioning System) satellite signal in order to navigate.

Note: If you are indoors, near tall building or tree, or in a parking garage, the nuvi 2360-LMT cannot acquire satellites. Go outside to an area free from tall obstructions to use the nuvi 2360-LMT.

Built-in GPS Antenna: The unit has a built-in antenna in its top panel. In order to obtain an optimal signal, the unit must have a clear, unobstructed view of the sky. It the unit is mounted in a vehicle with a coated windshield or an in-screen heating system, there may be difficulty in obtaining a good signal.

Pre-loaded NAVTEQ Maps: The Garmin nuvi 2360-LMT comes pre-programmed with NAVTEQ's City Navigator (NT 2011.31 All) street maps for the continental United States (including Alaska & Hawaii), Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, Canada, and Mexico. The maps feature nearly 6-million points of interest (POIs), such as hotels, restaurants, gas stations, ATMs and attractions.

Note: You can purchase additional MapSource map data from Garmin and load the maps to the nuvi 2360-LMT's internal memory or inserted microSD card (via USB connection).

Free Lifetime Map Updates: The Garmin nuvi 2360-LMT includes free lifetime map updates which give you the most up-to-date maps for the life of the Garmin GPS unit. You can activate your free lifetime map updates service at and download up to four map updates per year as soon as they become available. It can only be used for this Garmin GPS unit.

Note: Free Lifetime Map Updates entitle you to receive up to 4 map data updates per year, when and as such updates are made available on the Garmin website, for this specific Garmin product only until this product's useful life expires or Garmin no longer receives map data from its third party supplier, whichever is shorter. The updates you receive will be updates to the same geographic map data originally included with your Garmin product when originally purchased.

Dual Orientation Touchscreen Display: The unit features a bright, 4.3" (diagonal) widescreen,  WQVGA, color TFT LCD with touchscreen controls. The display has a resolution of 480 x 272 pixels and a 16:9 aspect ratio. The screen has a manual brightness adjustment. Dual orientation capabilities allow you to use the nuvi 2360-LMT either horizontally or vertically. You can select one of three color modes for the display screen:

  • Daytime: Has a lighter, brighter background.
  • Nighttime: Has a black background, easier to see at night.
  • Auto: Display automatically switches between daytime and nighttime at sunrise and sunset.

Note: The screen will automatically shut off if the device is inactive for the selected length of time.

Keyboard Options: The Garmin nuvi 2360-LMT gives you two options for keyboard layouts. When you are entering an address or other data, you can choose between a standard QWERTY keyboard layout or an ABCDE alphabetical layout.

Navigation Map: The Garmin nuvi 2360-LMT displays a real-time moving map illustrating your current position and intended route. It will show map scale and geographic details such as lakes, rivers, highways and towns. Your route is marked with a magenta line. A checkered flag marks your destination. As you travel the nuvi 2360-LMT guides to your destination with arrows on the map and directions at the top of the screen. During your calculated route, your arrival time is displayed in the lower left corner, your current speed is shown in the lower right corner. The posted speed limit for most major roads is displayed near the lower right corner as well. The unit allows you to zoom, pan, and point using the touchscreen during navigation. You can select one of three map orientation displays:

  • 2D Track Up: Two-dimensional map that constantly displays the route from bottom to top of the screen.
  • 2D North Up: Two-dimensional map that constantly displays North at the top of the screen.
  • 3D Track Up: Three-dimensional map that constantly displays the route from bottom to top of the screen.

Voice Command: You can control the nuvi 2360-LMT with your voice, allowing you to keep both hands on the wheel. Voice Command allows you to use the nuvi 2360-LMT by speaking the words you see on the touchscreen or by speaking certain commands. The Voice Command menu provides a list of available commands to use. Simply wake up the nuvi 2360-LMT with a customizable voice command and begin speaking menu options that are clearly displayed on the unit's touchscreen. Then tell the nuvi 2360-LMT to 'Find Address' and speak an address to start navigating.

Note: Voice Command is not available for all languages and regions.

Text-to-Speech Audible Directions: In addition to the visual map, you get voice-prompted, turn-by-turn directions that speak street names to your destination; allowing you to keep your eyes more comfortably on the road. The nuvi 2360-LMT offers male and female voices of various languages. You can also download custom voices from the "Garmin Garage" website.

Turn List: When you are navigation a route, the turn list displays turn-by-turn instructions for your entire route and the distance between turns.

Next Turn: When you are navigation a route, you can view the next turn on the map and the distance and time left before you reach the turn.

Lane Assist with Junction View: Lane assist with junction view guides you to the correct lane for an approaching turn or exit, making unfamiliar intersections and exits easy to navigate. It realistically displays road signs and junctions on your route along with arrows that indicate the proper lane for navigation. As you navigate your route, the unit will provide detailed diagrams of the proper lane to travel when maneuvering a complex interchange. The Junction View page will display what the actual approaching junction looks like, and arrows indicating the lane in which you should be driving.

Where Am I?: The "Where Am I?" feature gives you instant access to important information in case of an emergency. When you select "Where Am I?" from the menu, you get the coordinates (including elevation) of your current position, plus the nearest address and intersections. There are also buttons to help you locate the nearest hospitals, police stations, gas stations, and roadside assistance. You can also save the location for future reference.

Where To?: During navigation, you can search for places by pressing "Where To?" You can select an Address, Go Home, Points of Interest, Recently Found, Favorites, Extras, Intersections, Cities, Browse Map, and Coordinates. You can also access Spell Name for direct entry of your new destination, or browse the map. You can search for locations near your present location (default), or select a different city, your current route, or your destination.

Destination Search Description
Browse Map Search for a destination by scrolling the map display
Go Home Store and easily recall your home address
Address Enter a specific address; state, city, street number, street
Cities Search For a city (central location)
Intersections Search for the intersection of two roads
POIs Search for points of interest (POIs) by name or category; search near your current location, in a specific city, along your current route, or near your destination
Parking Find parking-lots and parking garages near you; the device also saves your parking spot when your remove the device from the mount so you can find your vehicle easier when you return
Trip Planner You can use Trip Planner to create and save a trip with multiple destinations (up to 100)
Favorites Store up to 1,000 of your favorite locations
Recently Found Stores the last 50 places found
Coordinates Enter geographic coordinates (latitude & longitude)
Extras Add extra information via a microSD card; custom points of interest, Garmin Travel Guide, Safety Camera information, TourGuide, Language Guide, and SaversGuide available on Garmin's website

Transportation Modes: The Garmin nuvi 2360-LMT offers two transportation modes for navigation methods. It can be used in one of two transportation modes: Automotive or Pedestrian. Routing is calculated differently based on your mode.

Vehicle Icons: The default on-screen icon representing your vehicle is a blue sports car. In the menu, you can select a blue 4WD pickup truck, a blue compact car, a blue 3D arrow, a pair of boots, a large bird, or a rolling beach ball. You can also download other vehicle icons from the "Garmin Garage" website.

Route Preferences: When calculating a route, you can select the following preferences: faster time, shorter distance, less fuel, or off road.

Avoidances: You can program the unit to avoid certain things that may be undesirable on your route. Examples of things that can be avoided include U-Turns, Highways, Toll Roads, Carpool Lanes, Unpaved Roads, and Ferries.

Waypoints: You can manually mark and name any map position as a waypoint for later recall. Up to 1000 waypoints can be saved into memory.

Custom Points of Interest: The nuvi 2360-LMT will accept custom points of interest (POI) databases, available from various companies on the Internet. Some custom POI databases contain alert information for points such as safety cameras and school zones, and the unit can notify you as you approach one of these points. To download custom POIs, you will need the Garmin POI Loader software, available on Garmin's website.

nuRoute Technology: The nuvi 2360-LMT includes nuRoute technology with trafficTrends historical traffic and myTrends predictive routing.

  • myTrends: The myTrends feature senses when you are driving to a common destination and displays the destination and estimated time of travel in the navigation bar on the map. When you save your regular destinations in your "Favorites," the nuvi 2360-LMT will, over time, begin to figure out where you're going even without your telling it.
  • trafficTrends: When the trafficTrends feature is enabled, the nuvi 2360-LMT uses historic traffic information to calculate more efficient routes. The nuvi 2360-LMT automatically learns daytime trends for traffic flow to improve your routes and better predict your estimated time of arrival based on time of day and day of week. Different routes may be calculated base based on traffic trends for the day of the week or based on the time of day.

ecoRoute: The ecoRoute feature calculates your vehicle's fuel economy, carbon footprint, and the fuel price of navigating to a destination. It also offers tools for improving fuel efficiency. Through ecoRoute's Fuel report and Mileage Report, you can track fuel usage and gas mileage during each trip. There is also a driving challenge to help you maximize your fuel economy by scoring your driving habits.

Note: The data provided by the ecoRoute feature are estimates only. The data is not actually read from your vehicle.

Speed Limit Indicator: The Garmin nuvi 2360-LMT will display the speed limit for most major roads in the United States.

Note: The speed limit icon feature is for information purposes only and does not replace the driver's responsibility to abide by all posted speed limit signs and to use safe driving judgment at all times.

Trip Computer: The trip computer provides helpful statistics about your trip.

  • Shows current compass heading while moving
  • Indicates current speed, maximum speed, arrival time, distance and time to next turn
  • Calculates driving time, stopped time and total time
  • Displays overall distance traveled (odometer) and distance to your final destination

Auto Reroute: If you deviate from the original route, the nuvi 2360-LMT recalculates the route and provides new directions.

Detours: While navigation a route, you can use detours to avoid obstacles ahead of you , such as construction zones.

Note: If the route you are currently taking is the only reasonable option, the device might not calculate a detour.

Indoor Use: When indoors, you can activate the built-in simulator and practice using the unit. This turns off the GPS receiver so it's not searching for satellites.

Tools: The nuvi 2360-LMT offers several tools you can use as you travel.

  • World Clock: The world clock allows you to display the current time for four locations throughout the world. You can also display a map of the world showing which portions are in daylight and which are in darkness.
  • Unit Converter: You can convert distance, speed, area, currency, temperature, volume, and weight.
  • Calculator: The calculator allows you to perform simple arithmetic.

Security Settings: The Garmin nuvi 2360-LMT offers two security settings.

  • Garmin Lock: This anti-theft feature disables the unit from performing any functions until you type in a specific 4-digit PIN or take the unit to a predetermined location.
  • Safe Mode: With the Safe Mode turned on, functions that require significant operator attention are disabled so they don't become a distraction while riding.

Traffic Information

FM Traffic Receiver: The Garmin nuvi 2360-LMT features an integrated FM traffic receiver with free lifetime traffic updates. The integrated traffic receiver is built into the unit's included cigarette lighter power adapter. The integrated traffic receiver lets you receive alerts about traffic delays and road construction that lie ahead on your route. You can simply tap the unit's touchscreen to view traffic details or detour around the problem area. The built-in FM traffic receiver provides you with the following features and convenience.

  • Receive location-based, detailed traffic information for your route when you need it (no more waiting for the local traffic report).
  • Save gas and money by taking the most efficient route to avoid traffic.
  • Route around delays, gridlock, and traffic jams to save you valuable time and arrive stress-free.

Note: You do not need to activate the subscription included with the nuvi 2360-LMT. The subscription activates automatically after the GPS unit acquires satellite signal while receiving traffic signals. Content not available for all areas. The nuvi 2360-LMT must be in data range of an FM station transmitting traffic information in order to receive traffic updates. For information about coverage areas, go to

Traffic Map: The traffic map shows color-coded traffic flow and delays on nearby roads. When receiving traffic information, a traffic icon appears on the map. The traffic icon changes color (Green/Yellow/Red/Gray) to indicate the severity of traffic conditions.

Calculating Traffic Route: When calculating your route, the nuvi 2360-LMT examines the current traffic and automatically optimizes the route for the shortest time. If a severe traffic delay occurs on your route while you are navigating, the device automatically recalculates the route for your.

Note: You might still be routed through traffic, if no better alternative routes exist.

Coupons: Location-relevant offers and pop-up coupons may appear on the unit when the traffic receiver is connected to external power. These offers include a coupon code which can be redeemed when presented at the advertised location. (You should not attempt to write down coupon codes while driving.) The offers and coupons can only be disabled by deactivating the traffic feature.

Mini USB Connector: The nuvi 2360-LMT's traffic receiver/12-volt adapter plugs into the unit's mini-USB (type-B) port, located on the back-panel of the device's mounting cradle.

Picture Viewer

microSD Memory Slot: The nuvi 2360-LMT has a microSD memory slot for additional map data from optional microSD memory cards. The unit can also display JPEG photo images from a microSD memory card.

Picture Viewer: The nuvi 2360-LMT can display photo images (JPEG files). JPEG image files stored on your computer must be transferred to the unit's internal memory.

Photo Navigation: You can upload onto the nuvi 2360-LMT or inserted microSD card pictures that include location information and create routes to the pictured locations. Please visit for more information.

Built-in Bluetooth

Bluetooth Technology: Bluetooth wireless technology establishes a wireless link (2.4GHz) between two electronic devices, such as your Bluetooth enabled mobile phone and the Garmin nuvi 2360-LMT. The first time you use two devices together, you must pair them by establishing a relationship using a PIN or passkey.

Note: Your phone and the nuvi 2360-LMT must be within 33' (10m) of each other.

Hands-Free Communication: For hands-free calling, the Garmin nuvi 2360-LMT integrates Bluetooth wireless technology with a built-in microphone and speaker. Simply pair it with your Bluetooth enabled cell-phone and talk hands-free through the 2360-LMT while staying focused on the road. You are able to dial numbers with the nuvi 2360-LMT's touchscreen keypad to make a call. To answer calls, just tap the touchscreen and speak into the unit's built-in microphone. The nuvi 2360-LMT also offers convenient one-touch dialing for contacts and points-of-interest (POIs). In addition, the nuvi 2360-LMT supports call waiting.

Bluetooth Compatibility: Visit for a complete list of Bluetooth compatible mobile phones.

Mounting Options

Mounting: The unit should be securely installed when used in a vehicle. The unit comes with a mounting bracket that includes a suction cup. The suction cup can be used to mount the unit to the windshield. Once the nuvi 2360-LMT is mounted, it can be adjusted on the ball-and-socket bracket for best visibility. The unit must be installed where it has a relatively unobstructed view of the sky.

Note: The unit's mini-USB (type-B) port is found on the back-panel of the mounting cradle.

Power Requirements

Power Source: The Garmin nuvi 2360-LMT operates on your vehicle's battery using the included 12-volt cigarette lighter power adapter, the built-in Lithium-Ion battery, or household current using an optional AC adapter (sold separately). The integrated Lithium-Ion battery provide up to 2.5 hours of use after a 4-hour charge.

Note: Stored data, such as waypoints or unit settings, are not lost when the unit is disconnected from a power source.

Battery Charging: The integrated Lithium-Ion battery can be charged using the included 12-volt cigarette lighter power adapter in your vehicle, plugging the supplied USB cable into your computer, or connecting the optional AC power adapter (sold separately).

Note: The unit's USB (type-B) port is found on the back-panel of the mounting cradle. The unit's micro-USB port is found on the bottom of the GPS navigator.

Sleep Mode: You can use the Sleep Mode to conserve battery power when the device is not in use. Sleep Mode uses very little power, and a battery charge can last for weeks.

System Requirements

Internal Memory: The nuvi 2360-LMT comes with an internal memory for storage of supplemental maps and photos. When the unit is connected to your computer, the nuvi 2360-LMT is recognized as a USB Mass Storage device.

Interface Capability: This unit is connected to a PC via the supplied USB cable for software and navigation updates. This interface allows you to download additional map and software information to the unit's flash memory or inserted microSD card.

Note: The unit's micro-USB port is USB 2.0 Full Speed compatible. The unit's micro-USB port is found on the bottom of the GPS navigator.

myDashboard: Use Garmin's myDashboard ( to register your device, check for software & map update, access product manuals, and technical support. myDashboard will automatically open when you connect the nuvi navigation device to your computer.

Note: myDashboard will not automatically open when using Windows 7 or a Mac computer. You will need to manually open the site.

Computer Compatibility: The nuvi 2360-LMT is compatible with Windows XP or newer and Mac OS X 10.4 or later.

Note: The nuvi 2360-LMT is not compatible with Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows Me, or Windows NT. It is also not compatible with Mac OS 10.3 and earlier. This is a common limitation of most USB mass storage devices.

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