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Dynamat 19105X

Trunk Kit — Original and Xtreme Dynamat

8 Reviews

Item #: 15419105X

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Our take on the Dynamat 19105X

Nothing's more annoying than a major trunk rattle when your subwoofer is pounding. Dynamat's 19105X trunk kit works as a team with your subwoofer to ensure that you get the cleanest, tightest bass possible.

Nothing's more annoying than a major trunk rattle when your subwoofer is pounding. Dynamat's 19105X trunk kit works as a team with your subwoofer to ensure that you get the cleanest, tightest bass possible.

It provides structural reinforcement in your trunk so that your vehicle can handle high bass pressure. Its sound-dampening properties keep rattles out of your music. The kit consists of 12 square feet of Original Dynamat and 8 square feet of Dynamat Xtreme.

Want to learn more about the Dynamat trunk kit's noise-reduction properties? Read some up-to-date technical information from Dynamic Control. Note: To view this file you will need Adobe Acrobat's PDF reader

What's in the Box:

  • Three 32" x 18" Sheets of Original Dynamat
  • Two 32" x 18" Sheets of Dynamat Xtreme
  • Installation Instructions

Dynamat 19105X Reviews

Average Customer Review(s):

(8 Reviews)

got a new rattle now

Richard from Snyder Texas on 9/1/2008

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Installed the extreem on my trunck lid (easier to take trunk lid off to install). Took some of the rattle out, but created a new rattel. My tail pipe has a rattle in it now. Put some of the orginal on the bottom side of the back dash. Took the rattle out of the break light. I dont think you can get 100% of a rattle out of a thin sheet metal trunk lid. This product is better than nothing. The reason I gave three and not five, did not take all the rattle out. If you buy a roller to help with the instalation, dont buy the wood roller get the big rubber one. I guess my 2 12" kickers move too much air and produce too much bass.



Dynamat 19105X

Anonymous from Lenexa, KS on 4/8/2007

I bought this trunk kit along with a hatchback dual 10&quot; q-logic center ported box and another Kendwood 10&quot; sub. I have a pretty big trunk in my 97' Pontiac Grand Am and i had enough to cover the floor and the top of the trunk. I have my spare wheel in the back so that absorbs everything in underneath the subs. <BR><BR>I ripped some up from the parts i didnt need dynamat b/c i have this raddle on the deck where my 6X9's rest. I reduced some of it, but i am going to buy more extreme dynamat b/c i cant figure out the raddle on the side of my car.<BR><BR>But all in all i have no raddles except one and my system sounds great. I had plenty of extra dynamat to go around when i finished the trunk. I didnt just lay the dynamat down in one big sheet. I cut (not straight or in any specific way) strips to cover where i needed to and it worked fine. it doesnt look fantastic, but it is covered and as long as it works then i dont care. <BR><BR>



Not all that great

jacob_z from Richmond, IN on 9/6/2006

I bought this for my 1999 2-door Civic (very small car) and had just barely enought Dynamat Original to cover the trunk floor. It also only comes with 2 sheets of Dynamat Xtreme, which was not enough to cover both sides and the lid of the trunk. So I decided to put it just on the lid.<BR><BR>When it came time to test it, the only difference I could tell was that I could hear less bass inside the car. On the outside the trunk was still rattling pretty badly.



Not nearly enough (even for a small trunk), but a great product.

Pete from Cuyahoga Falls, OH on 8/7/2006

This kit was purchased for my Mazda MX-3 (tiny car) and there was barely enough of the original to cover the floor of my trunk. Then started applying the extreme and only had enough for the wheel wells. I was somewhat disappointed with the limited coverage, but when it came to the test drive I was amazed! At least 75% of the rattles and road noise were eliminated! The extreme was much easier to apply, so I'm going to get the bulk pack of extreme to finish the trunk and hopefully do the doors. If you buy this kit, just understand you won't have enough to cover your trunk like the picture on the box.



Broke as a joke thanks to Dynamat

Ryan from Strongsville, OH on 4/9/2006

2 words of advice for you bass lovers out there who seek less trunk rattle and vibration: CUSTOM BOX. Please don't be a sucker like me and purchase this, it'll only cause heartache for you when 1. you realize you don't have enough to cover HALF your trunk, and 2. you turn on your car, pop in some Crunkjuice, and the trunk vibrations continue to drown out Lil' Jon's deafening "YEAHHH!"'s. I bought 2 kits, which cover the entire trunk of my 1997 Chevy Lumina, yet the humming continues to wreak havoc on the eardrums of passing motorists and bystanders. For those who take this review to heart, I suggest you have a custom box built that eliminates ALL vibration. Thank you Dynamat for wasting 6 hours of my life.



Dynamat 19105X

code from Massachusetts on 1/3/2006

Alright like it's been said before the weight is a draw back, one kit just barely covers my 98 stratus, but right away there is an improvement in sound. Definatly something your going to need to install to keep the vibrating and rattling down, and make sure you really clean the surfaces and if its cold where you are like it is here make sure that heat gun is ready.



A Must

Elliott44 from Traverse City, Michigan on 5/9/2005

This stuff is great for people that really enjoy bass. It keeps the vibration down and actually makes your sub sound louder. The instilation can be tricky because it weighs a lot. Also i had to buy 2 sets to fill my park avenue, but it is a really big car. Overall the pros outweigh the cons so if you really want your system to sound great you have got to buy this stuff.



Dynamat Trunk Kit

Jeff from St. Paul, MN on 2/5/2005

Dynamat is a must for anyone who enjoys music at all. I recommend dynamat for all cars just because the environment in a car is so hard to get good sound quality. This kit is good for a trunk, although it wasn't close to covering the entire trunk in my Toyota Corolla. It is also significantly heavy so keep that in mind. But it offsets its weight in eliminating vibration, reducing road noise, and improving the volume of the music. I could hear more music and less noise and it seemed to make the subwoofer in my trunk louder. Dynamat makes your car feel and sound very solid and tight; just like the quiet interior on luxury automobiles. Hardcore!




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Dynamat Trunk Kit: This kit works with your subwoofer as a team to ensure that you get the most possible bass output. It provides structural reinforcement in your trunk so your vehicle can handle high bass pressure. Its sound-dampening properties keep rattles out of your music. The kit consists of 3 sheets of Original Dynamat and 2 sheets of Dynamat Xtreme. 

Dynamat Xtreme for the Trunk Lid and Quarter Panels: Dynamat Xtreme provides 4 times the damping efficiency of Original Dynamat, the conforming ability of Premium Dynamat, and the radiant energy reflection of Super Dynamat. Dynamat Xtreme has an aluminum layer for high-temperature areas and requires "no heat" for an easy moldable installation. It is so elastic that it bonds permanently without adhesive.

Original Dynamat for the Trunk Floor: Original Dynamat is made to absorb the dynamic motion or vibrations found in a vehicle. Dynamat transforms these vibrations into silent energy, resulting in less noise and better stereo performance.

Self-adhesive Sheets: Each sheet has a high tack permanent adhesive with a peel off plastic liner on the back of the Dynamat Xtreme.

Easy to Cut Materials: All materials cut easily with scissors or a razor knife.


Basic Installation Steps:
  1. Clean mounting surface.
  2. Using a razor knife or scissors, cut the Dynamat to the desired size.
  3. Remove the blue release liner from the back of the Dynamat and apply to mounting surface.
  4. Apply pressure, working Dynamat into the contours of the mounting surface.
  5. Work air out with a roller tool (eliminating air pockets will ensure lasting adhesion of the Dynamat to the surface, giving you maximum damping effect).
  6. Repeat same process for each sheet of Dynamat.


  • 3 sheets of Original Dynamat, each sheet: L=32", W=18", Thickness=0.075"
  • 2 sheets of Dynamat Xtreme: L=32", W=18", Thickness=0.085"

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