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Dynamat Xtreme Trunk Kit

5 sheets, 20 square feet

19 Reviews

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Our take on the Dynamat Xtreme Trunk Kit

Get the shake, rattle, and roll out of your trunk and let your subwoofer perform at its best. Dynamat's Xtreme trunk kit absorbs resonances in the rear of your car, eliminating noise and creating an ideal listening environment up front for you and your passengers.

Get the shake, rattle, and roll out of your trunk and let your subwoofer perform at its best. Dynamat's Xtreme trunk kit absorbs resonances in the rear of your car, eliminating noise and creating an ideal listening environment up front for you and your passengers.

Five 32" x 18" sheets of high-performance Dynamat Xtreme reinforce your trunk for high bass pressure capability. Dynamat Xtreme dampens vibrations that would otherwise interfere with your sub's punch and clarity. These lightweight sheets require no heat to apply, and a protective aluminum coating allows them to stand up to high temperatures. Best of all, Dynamat Xtreme reduces noise four times more effectively than its heavier counterpart, Dynamat Original.

Five 32" x 18" sheets, 20 square feet total. Warranty: 60 days.

Want to know more? Check out our article on reducing road noise with Dynamat.

Great stuff, easy to install. Makes a major difference.

William, Yadkinville, NC

What's in the Box:

  • 5 Sheets of Dynamat Xtreme
  • Installation instructions
  • Dynamat Sticker

Dynamat Xtreme Trunk Kit Reviews

Average Customer Review(s):

(19 Reviews)

Solid product!

John from Yorkville, IL on 11/22/2017

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

This product is a bit pricey,however it is very effective in strengthening thin sheet metal and cutting down drastically on vibrations that can be very annoying.Very easy to cut with a razor knife and apply to surface. I did my doors earlier this year with Dynamat Xtreme and the difference it made in the sound and performance of my door woofers was VERY noticeable.So I decided to do the trunk a few weeks ago and started with the lid.It cut down the vibrations drastically and I look forward to targeting other areas with the rest of this kit.

Pros: Reduces vibration,strengthens surfaces and enhances driver performance.

Cons: A bit pricey and it will cut your skin if you don't have gloves on while pressing along the edges.

Good stuff

William from Yadkinville, NC on 7/27/2016

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Great stuff, easy to install. Makes a major difference.

Pros: Kills vibration, easy to install in the trunk. Made a major difference in the sound quality.

Cons: None


Mark from Lihue,HI on 3/3/2016

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Top of the line product,worth every penny

Pros: Stops the rattling in my trunk,makes the bass more solid sounding

Cons: None


Memphis from Tennessee on 8/21/2015

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Works well, but a bit more pricey compared to other dampening products.

Pros: Works extremely well.

Cons: Price

Solid product

bdub from Kentucky on 8/10/2015

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Love Dynamite!! Easy to work with and appears to stay adhered to the car's panels longer than most products on the market during my research.



Quiet times in the car

BrianP from Georgia on 12/8/2014

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

My car, an older Toyota Avalon, was solid and pretty quiet to begin with. I bought the "trunk kit" for installation in all 4 doors and the driver's foot well and think it helped, but that may just my mind trying to justify the expense. This installation was done as part of a component speaker upgrade for all four doors. The difference in sound quality is phenomenal, but I think most of the credit there should go to the new speakers. Installing this stuff is... there's no easy way around it... time consuming. I spent 2-3 hours PER DOOR (in addition to speaker installation time) for 70-80% coverage. For resonance damping, Dynamat's instructions indicate that at least 30% coverage is recommended, so my job was overkill in that regard. My goal was also to reduce outside noise intrusion into the cabin, and I think I helped there. Most of the remaining outside noise is coming in through the greenhouse instead of door and floor now. I recommend some oversized pieces of paper (flip chart paper, kraft paper, or, in a pinch, newspaper) to serve as templates -- mark and cut those prior to chopping up your Dynamat. It's such a no-brainer, and such an expensive box of product that I'm disappointed that Dynamat doesn't put some template sheets inside each box. The product can be cut with sharp scissors or a utility knife, and the remaining edges are sharp enough to cut YOU. Use caution, perhaps gloves, and a roller of some sort to keep from leaving blood behind.

Pros: Fairly lightweight and thin, easy to work with and to mold into irregular body panels. Does a good job of killing body panel vibration, and a mediocre job of sound insulation.

Cons: Expensive. This package was more costly on a per-square-inch basis than some of the smaller Dynamat kits.


Ryan from Oak Harbor WA on 10/12/2014

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Can definitely tell the difference between before and after especially while driving.

Pros: Reduces road noise and exhaust note. Easy to install, cut to the right shape and mold to uneven surfaces.

Cons: Wasn't enough to cover my trunk in my 370z. My trunk is not very large however it there is a lot of area to cover.

Dynamic Dynamat

Glenn H. from Kingsburg,CA on 7/11/2014

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Cuts easy, easy to install but takes time to do it. I bought Dynamat from Crutchfield, and another brand from another retailer so I could compare them. The Dynamat is much heavier aluminum and rubber, cuts easier and backing separates easier too. The Dynamat stops road noise better, and makes the stereo sound crisper.

Pros: Easy to cut and fit. Deadens noise.

Cons: Takes a fair amount time to install, since you have to tear the interior of the car apart to install it.


Brandon from Maine on 7/30/2012

I had purchased it with the intent to help drown out noise from my exhaust, and aid against rattle from the subwoofer in my Pontiac Grand Am. I have a Polk Audio SR10, and it is getting about 730 watts RMS to the subwoofer, so it tends to rattle the trunk. I placed the Extreme Dynamat on the trunk, and on the backside panel, where the tail lights are. I placed the Dynamat Origonal on the floor of the trunk, and on the wheel wells and on the inside of the hole where the spare tire belongs. I was I was unable to actually cover the bottom of the wheel well as I had wanted, but I figured it would be good enough. I places whatever was left over, mostly small pieces wherever I had gaps. I plan to take some Dynatape to the top of the trunk lid just to make it look a little neater.

Pros: Made the subwoofer much louder in terms of volume and sound. It now only rattles the inside of my vehicle and not the trunk lid. You can barley hear the subwoofer from outside of the trunk. It gives the trunk lid a nice appeal. I was not sure how much of an improvement I would get, but I am very pleased with the result non-the-less. I may even do the rest of the car.

Cons: The Extreme Dynamat has an aluminum backing, and can cut your fingers and arms if not careful. I used gloves for this. If you let it sit in the sun it can become a little too flimsy to work with. The logo of the Dynamat is actually attached to the dynamat itself, and I ended up cutting it in half and ruining it. They could easily have stuck inside the box where the advertisment paper was. It takes a lot of time and effort, but in the end, the result is worth it.

Dynamat Xtreme Trunk Kit

DAMON M from NEW YORK on 6/10/2012

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)




It works

Earl from T-town on 1/17/2011

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

This stuff really makes a big difference in road noise. Installed in my street rod and is a clean look and easy to install.



A difference for sure...

Steven from Stationed overseas on 7/18/2009

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I drive a '99 Mazda 626 and have a 1200 watt JL Audio amp powering a 10" Punch Stage 1 (i will be upgrading all that stuff later). But anyways before i put in the Dynamat Trunk kit there was tons of rattle with the main problem coming from the license plate. So i cleared out my trunk, cleaned it up real good and after about an hour and a half i used up all 5 sheets. All in all it covered about 80% of my trunk. The only spot i really wish i could have got was the vertical face of the trunk lid. I got the horizontal face done, the main bottom floor, but couldn't get into the spare tire compartment. I also got the wheel well's covered. The hard part is covering bumpy or wavy surfaces. If you do end up with an air pocket and taking the sheet off doesn't sound like something you would enjoy you could take a knife and just cut a line in the air pocket and press the sides down. Yea it will give you a little gap but it's an easy process. Cutting the sheets are easy, almost as easy as paper, and the back (sticky side) is covered in a construction paper type deal so its really easy to mark lines for curving around obstructions. Well once complete i hooked everything back up, closed the trunk and blasted the system and big BIG time improvement. With the exception of that small piece of the trunk lid i couldnt get anything on there is no vibration period... this is good product and if your trunk is medium to large size i would maybe buy an extra sheet or 2 along with the trunk kit.



2008 Prius w/factory NAV and XM

Kurt from Albuquerque on 6/3/2009

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

This is the first step in a complete sound system overhaul involving Clarion component speakers, Pioneer amplifier, and AudioControl LC8. In all, I ordered the Trunk kit, 4 Door kits, and the Bulk Pack kit for my car. The Dynamat was easy to install; the difficulty came when I did my doors, outer and inner skins. I initially hesitated buying a door kit for each door, but figured since I had the panel off, might as well do it all. I had enough left over to cover my dishwasher. The difference of before and after was subtle, but noticable. My wife drives a 2007 Prius w/ JBL and w/o NAV, so I have something to compare against. Prior to the install, I had difficulty noticing the tweeters, and would actually lower my head to their level when possible to hear the difference head position made. After the install, I was able to notice the tweeters much easier and could hear the difference. I also could hear more from the woofers. The doors have a more "solid" sound when closing the door. Additionally, tire noise was reduced, but again, subtly. I most notice a difference of having the Dynamat when alongside 18-wheelers; it's much quieter. The The Prius, by nature, is silent at stop signs and lights. The cabin is much less "live" now.



Big diference in my car

paul from Lothian, MD on 3/13/2009

I learned years ago what regular dynamat was capable of. I took my time one evening and did the drivers side door thoroughly. The next day I went for a drive and I swore my passenger side window wasn't all the way up. I double checked and headed home and realized the Extreme Dynamat was working superbly. As I did more and more of the car I could hear the improvements immediately. It took 6-8 hours to do the rear but it is so worth it. Different vehicles will show different levels of improvement. I might not expect the drastic improvement in say a Lexus but in my Camaro it made a big difference. I installed 2 12s and the box is bolted to the bottom of the hatch well. No rattles are heard inside and outside it is minimal even at full volume. Awesome product for those wise enough to appreciate it.



not worth the money

david from florida on 4/25/2008

the mat only covered half the trunk, if that, in a 03 regal. and on top of it i added the liscence plate damper, and the trunk still rattles alot but not that bad and not as near as it did. the dynamat does seem to make the bass have a little more umf in it though. overall not too bad just a lil pricey. i wnna give this a 3 1/2 rating.



Must have for sub based system

joseph from virginia on 2/22/2008

after installing 2 kicker L5 15s in my 98 jeep cherokee limited, i was dB rated at 158.5. the rattles were so annoying, almost making it seem that my jeep would fall apart. i was running 3000 watts to the subs along with a 4 channel kicker amp for my components and highs. after have the dynamat extreme installed the rattles almost completely were gone, not to mention the amazing difference it makes on road noise and outside noise with the windows up. i have since had the system put back on a dB meter and it raising to almost 165 dB. Trust me on a couple things. Kicker is the best at what they do................and if you add a powerful sub-amp system to you vehicle, make sure before you do anything, add dynamat to the entire vehicle...even if this makes you have to wait a bit to add the subs (it can be costy to do an entire vehicle)......your subs, ears, and friends will all thank you in the end



Reduced exterior rattling

Lola from Connecticut on 2/17/2008

Ok! So I just installed the Extreme Dynamat trunk kit on my 01' Hyundai Elantra GLS sedan. I have to say that the pros are a given, it has reduced the bad loud rattling every time my 12's hit a low frequency note or a hard punch (which depends on the music of coarse!). I began this project today around 5pm and finished by 9pm so a good 4 hours going back and forth on it. My trunk is pretty small so it did not take as long as I would have expected... say 6-8 hours of work. The installation was... simply easy, had to take out the spare tire , the jack etc. Remember to wipe down and clean the trunk area where you want to stick the Dynamat to ensure the adhesive backing sticks. The tools I used was my handy dandy hair blow dryer, 1 inch hard wood roller and a utility knife as well as a Philip or flat screw drivers. If you would like a neater look, I tucked the cut out edges underneath the trunk carpeting. The cons was the aluminum lining on the mat has caused mini cuts on my hands and fingers, very sharp edges so be careful while handling them! Your best bet is to measure out your nooks and crannies of your desired trunk space you wish to cover. Although, I started doing this but I got lazy along the way and just did a 'feel and cut' where intricate areas needed to be exposed. Another thing to consider, as you begin applying the adhesive onto the surface. Ensure the curvy areas meet with the mat because there are air pockets that develop. I say this because when you start rolling and heating the mat down and you get to the mid section of the curvy areas. You come to find out that the mat is not actually sticking to that area which you would have to painstakingly pull up some part or the whole mat itself to push in the mat with the curvy areas and start all over again to apply it. So pay attention and ensure that every nook in there is covered and sticking! Overall, I'd have to say it was a smart investment to increase my enjoyment and satisfaction of my loud thumps and bumps. The interior listening of my tunes are incredible and I will definantly purchase this product for future vehicles I buy. I highly recommend it!



No more Rattles

jjonesfla from Naples, Fl on 5/23/2007

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I was skeptical never using this product or having a trusted reference. I had a terrible problem with Vibrating noises from my entire Trunk area, embarsing to say the least. I have coated all surfaces inside the trunk not 100% roughly 85% coverage rear deck, sides, bottom, Lid. Just for reference... My system is hitting 126db on Dance HipHop type music, and Dynamat helped a few db as well.<BR>1. Rattles almost non-existant except at extreme volume and bass.<BR>2. Music clarity increased noticably.<BR><BR>With much success so far I am now going to coat above Headliner, Doors to further reduce vibrating problems inside the vehicle and keep my music to myself. Windows up and System fully cranked there is not much evidense of the volume level being played.<BR><BR>Great Product<BR>Easy to apply<BR>Very effective<BR><BR>I did not know how much Vibrating metal destroys your Music expierence !!!<BR>



Works Great But....

Jesse from Rochester NY on 5/16/2007

I purchased the Xtreme trunk kit for a 1970 pontiac GTO knowing there wouldn't be anywhere near enough mat to cover the trunk. I managed to cover the inside of both rear quarter panels and about half of the floor. The difference was great considering half of the trunk is still exposed sheet metal. My 12'' sub sounds tighter and louder inside the car and rattling was reduced quite a bit. Weight is reduced from the original dynamat but it's not any easier to work with. Plan your install out if you are using just one trunk kit and when you're done expect some good improvements.




Hands-on research

Product Research



Overview: Dynamat Xtreme provides four times the damping efficiency of Original Dynamat, the conforming ability of Premium Dynamat, and the radiant energy reflection of Super Dynamat. Dynamat Xtreme has an aluminum layer for high-temperature areas. Dynamat Xtreme will create a seal and damp the door panel to maximize your system's performance.

Self-Adhesive: There is a high tack permanent adhesive with a peel off plastic liner on the back of the Dynamat Xtreme.

Easy to Cut: The material cuts easily with scissors or a razor knife.


Installation Steps:

  • Clean mounting surface (bare metal or fiberglass)
  • Using a razor knife or scissors cut Dynamat Xtreme to the desired size
  • Remove the release liner from the back of the Dynamat Xtreme and apply to door
  • Apply pressure, working Dynamat Xtreme into the contours of the door panel with a roller tool
  • Work out air pockets (eliminating air pockets will ensure lasting adhesion of the Dynamat Xtreme to the panel, giving you maximum damping effect)

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ive always used dynamat.its a great product [ david  Mar 09, 2016 ]
Makes my trunk sound solid [ Mark K.  Mar 09, 2016 ]

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