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Sony BDV-IS1000

Blu-ray Disc™ home theater system with wireless rear speaker kit

3 Reviews

Item # 158BDVIS1K

This item is no longer available.

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Our take on the Sony BDV-IS1000

Sony's BDV-IS1000 is an easy way to add high-def picture and sound to your living room. This system's Blu-ray player delivers stunning high-def movies and engaging surround sound that will put you in the middle the action during movies, TV shows, sports events, and more. Five golf-ball sized satellite speakers and a subwoofer produce robust sound that can fill most small to medium-sized rooms. This system also includes a wireless rear speaker kit for quick, easy installation that cuts down on the clutter of speaker wires running across your room.

Sony's BDV-IS1000 is an easy way to add high-def picture and sound to your living room. This system's Blu-ray player delivers stunning high-def movies and engaging surround sound that will put you in the middle the action during movies, TV shows, sports events, and more. Five golf-ball sized satellite speakers and a subwoofer produce robust sound that can fill most small to medium-sized rooms. This system also includes a wireless rear speaker kit for quick, easy installation that cuts down on the clutter of speaker wires running across your room.

High-def Blu-ray picture and sound
Pop in a Blu-ray disc and enjoy the incredibly sharp, vibrant picture that makes it the best high-definition format around. BD-Live technology means you can connect this receiver to your modem using an Ethernet cable and get Internet access to bonus material available on some Blu-ray discs. Built-in decoding for Dolby® TrueHD and DTS®-HD Master Audio provide even richer, more dynamic wraparound sound for Blu-ray movies. This player also upconverts standard DVDs, so you can enjoy enhanced picture quality with your entire DVD collection. And two HDMI inputs let you hook up other high-def sources, like a video game console or an HD cable box, and switch between them.

Wireless technology
A small rear amp receives wireless signals from the main unit and powers the rear speakers, so you won't have to run wires from the front of your room to the back. Choose to add up to four optional Sony AIR-SA10 wireless powered speakers, and enjoy music from the 'IS1000 in other rooms of your home.

Easy automatic set-up
Automatic speaker calibration makes the BDV-IS1000 a snap to set up. Simply mount the tiny speakers around your room using the included mounting brackets, place the included microphone in your favorite listening position, and relax while the system adjusts the speaker settings to provide the best possible sound in your room.

    Product Highlights:
      • home theater system with Blu-ray Disc™ player/receiver, 5 micro satellite speakers, wireless rear speaker kit, and subwoofer
      • remote control
      • speaker wire and mounting brackets included
      • warranty: 1 year
      • Our 60-day money-back guarantee
      • plays Blu-ray discs, DVD-Video, DVD-R & DVD-RW, DVD+R & DVD+RW, and DVD-RAM
      • plays CDs, audio CD-R & CD-RW, and MP3 CDs
      • plays digital photo CDs (JPEG) and high-def AVCHD files on home-burned DVDs
      • selectable 720p/1080i/1080p output via HDMI; 720p/1080i via component video
      • selectable 720p/1080i/1080p video upconversion for DVD playback
      • Bonus View (Profile 1.1); upgradeable to BD-Live (Profile 2.0)
      • Deep Color and x.v.Color™ support
      • built-in Dolby® Digital, Dolby Pro Logic®, Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby TrueHD, DTS®, DTS-ES Discrete 6.1, & DTS-HD Master Audio processing for surround sound from Blu-ray, DVD, and stereo sources
      • Digital Cinema Auto Calibration for easy setup (microphone included)
      • AM/FM tuner with 30 station presets (20 FM/10 AM)
      • Digital Media Port for connecting an optional Sony iPod dock, wireless PC music player, or other accessories
      • 5-channel amplifier (35 watts x 3 for front left, front right, and center channels, plus 75 watts x 2 for dual-driver subwoofer)
      • 2 optical digital audio inputs and 1 coaxial digital audio input
      • 4 A/V inputs (including 1 composite, 1 component video, and 2 HDMI)
      • 1 set of A/V outputs for TV (composite, S-Video, component video, and HDMI)
      • Ethernet port for possible future upgrades
      • BRAVIA® Theatre Sync™ simplifies remote operation for compatible Sony components (HDMI-CEC)
      • 16-15/16"W x 4-15/16"H x 15-1/16"D
      • wireless rear speaker kit with built-in 2-channel amplifier (35 watts x 2 for rear speakers)
      • headphone minijack input on rear amplifier
      • compatible with Sony AIR-SA10 wireless powered speakers for easy multi-room music
      • 5 micro satellite speakers: 1-11/16"W x 2-1/8"H x 1-1/2"D (each)
      • subwoofer: 7-3/4"W x 14-1/4"H x 15"D
      • surround amplifier: 3-3/8"W x 3-15/16"H x 13-7/16"D

      What's in the Box:

      • HCD-IS1000 Blu-ray disc/DVD receiver
      • RM-ADP030 IR wireless remote control
      • 2 "AA" batteries
      • TA-SA100WR wireless surround amplifier
      • Two EZW-RT10 wireless transceivers
      • Two-piece plastic endcap assembly
      • 2 Matching front micro-satellite speakers with attached 16.5' length of speaker wire using a 2-pin proprietary connector
      • Matching micro-satellite center speaker with attached 10' length of speaker wire using a 2-pin proprietary connector
      • Matching micro-satellite surround speakers with attached 16.5' length of speaker wire using a 2-pin proprietary connector
      • SS-ISW1 passive subwoofer
      • 11.5' speaker wire with two proprietary connectors on one end and bare tinned wire on other end (attached to subwoofer)
      • Setup microphone with attached 16' cable using a minijack connector
      • 5' Composite video cable
      • FM wire antenna
      • AM loop antenna
      • 5 Speaker mounting brackets
      • Allen wrench
      • Operating Instructions
      • Basic Connections
      • "To Stabilize S-AIR Reception" sheet
      • "Planned firmware update for BD-LIVE" note
      • Limited Warranty information
      • Online Product Registration

      Sony BDV-IS1000 Reviews

      Average Customer Review(s):

      (3 Reviews)

      Sony missed the boat on the BDV-IS1000.

      Art from Crosby, Texas on 1/15/2009

      Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

      The good: Excellent blu-ray player & DVD up-converter. Ties in with other Sony products via HDMI well. Can control my KDL-52W4100, DTV box & BDV-IS1000 with my DTV controller. The bad: Sound from the 5 golf ball speakers is horrible. The speakers have trouble making even the slightest back ground noise. Rear speakers are not wireless & have to be wired to the plug in S-Air box. All the sound comes from the one center sub box. The sub really works hard trying to fill the room with sound but falls short. Sony should dump the small speakers and give this system some real sound. Bottom line: you are buying a nice blu-ray player & DVD up-converter & a piece of junk sound system. Now that stand alone blu-ray players have come down in price, the BDV-IS1000 is not worth half the list price.



      decent for a one piece system

      greg from nebraska on 1/1/2009

      Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

      I got this to work with a sony lcd worked fine the blue ray was great/ still have to use a cable/sat box so you really only eliminate one component and the sound was kind of tinny from the fronts and center I think they are only tweeters most of the actual sound came from the sub/mid range speaker. The rear surround speakers are not wireless you have to plug them into an amp and plug the amp in the wall.




      Troy from Northern Virginia on 12/24/2008

      Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

      Wow; this system is great...The audio & picture quality is great...I have it connected to a Sony Bravia XB4 using HDMI...Volume goes up to 100 & I haven't had it past 40 yet...WOW!




      Hands-on research

      Product Research

      Blu-ray Home Theater System
      Integrated Blu-ray Disc/5.1ch Surround Receiver
      Speaker System

      Blu-ray Home Theater System

      Overview: The Sony BDV-IS1000 Home Theater System features an integrated Blu-ray disc/5.1ch surround receiver (HCD-IS1000), five matching micro-satellite speakers (SS-IS15) and a passive subwoofer (SS-ISW1). The BDV-IS1000 Home Theater System comes with speaker wire for each speaker and subwoofer with proprietary color-coded connectors for easy connection. The system includes an S-AIR Wireless Surround Sound Rear Amplifier which allows you to place the included pair of rear micro-satellite speakers in the back of your room without running speaker wire from the BDV-IS1000 to the speakers. You can also expand your listening options via the system's Digital Media Port input and enjoy music stored on select Walkman and iPod MP3 players, PCs and Bluetooth devices. The Sony Home Theater System also comes supplied with a auto-calibration microphone for easy setup and an IR wireless remote control for simple operation.

      Blu-ray Disc Overview: Blu-ray Disc (BD) is a new high-definition disc format designed to take advantage of today's high quality HDTVs. The resolution is up to 1920 x 1080 (1080p) and the data transfer rate is up to 54 mbps. Blu-ray Disc discs and players offer several advantages over the standard DVD format:

      • Better picture quality: Blu-ray Disc is a true high-definition format offering video at 720p, 1080i, or 1080p resolution. While standard DVDs look very good on an HDTV, they don't provide a high-definition signal (not even when you use an up-converting DVD player). Blu-ray Disc delivers an extraordinarily sharp, clean, detailed picture, with deeper, richer colors.
      • Better sound quality: In addition to the same multi-channel sound formats you're accustomed to with DVD (Dolby Digital and DTS), Blu-ray Disc offers Dolby Digital Plus and uncompressed 7.1 channel PCM.
      • Much greater storage capacity: What makes Blu-ray Disc's superior picture and sound possible is the much higher storage capacity of Blu-ray Disc discs. A single-layer Blu-ray Disc can hold 25 gigabytes of data, over five times the amount a standard DVD can hold. Dual-layer Blu-ray Discs hold 50 gigabytes, which equates to nine hours of High Definition or 23 hours of Standard Definition video, plus high-resolution multi-channel audio and the added features and material that require multiple discs with standard DVD.
      • Compatibility with your current disc collections: To ensure backward-compatibility with your existing library of discs, Blu-ray Disc players use a dual-laser mechanism: a Blu laser for playing high-definition Blu-ray Discs, and a conventional red laser for playing DVDs and audio CDs.

      Note: As Blu-Ray technology continues to evolve, new disc types with enhanced functionality will become available. In order for you to enjoy this new functionality, you will likely be required to update the firmware in your player. These firmware updates will become available for downloading from the Internet.

      Integrated Blu-ray Disc/5.1ch Surround Receiver

      Blu-ray Disc Player: The Integrated Blu-ray Disc/5.1ch Surround Receiver (HCD-IS1000) features a built-in single disc Blu-ray player. The built-in Blu-ray player supports the playback of the following discs - BD-ROM, BD-R, BD-RE, DVD-Video, DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD+R, DVD+RW, DVD+RW DL, AVCHD, CD-Audio, CD-R, and CD-RW. The integrated Blu-ray player also supports JPEG image files conforming to UDF (Universal Disk Format) recorded onto CD-R/RW, DVD+R/RW, and DVD-R/RW.

      Note: The built-in single disc Blu-ray player does not support MP3, WMA, or AAC playback.

      Precision Cinema HD via HDMI Upscaler: The built-in Blu-ray player can convert standard-definition signal (480i) of DVD and output at a 1080p video signal. Precision Cinema HD Upscale generates each pixel based on information from the original source, whether it is film or video and whether the pixel is in motion or still. It also helps compensate vertical edge and create smooth diagonal lines, so you can enjoy your own DVD libraries with detailed images. The unit's HDMI Upscaler can be set to 720p, 1080i, or 1080p.

      S-Master Digital Amplifier: This system is powered by a 5 channel S-Master Full Digital Amplifier (Center, Left Front, Right Front, Dual Sub). It is designed to be highly efficient while producing minimal heat. The unit's five channel Digital Amplifier is rated at 35 watts x 5 channel (Left Front, Right Front, Center) from 800-20,000 Hz with no more than 0.7% THD, plus 75 watts x 2 channel (Two-way subwoofer). The system's 5ch digital amplifier allows you to enjoy up to 5.1 channel surround sound with the included wireless amplifier kit.

      Note: The unit does not include a built-in amplifier channel for the surround speakers. The included wireless amplifier kit powers the rear speakers. You can enjoy 7.1ch surround sound by purchasing additional surround back micro-satellite speaker and an additional wireless surround amplifier.

      Digital Cinema Auto Calibration: The integrated Blu-ray disc/receiver is equipped with an Auto Calibration function to achieve ideal surround sound settings for your room. With the included microphone placed at the listening position, Sony's DSP automatically analyzes speaker placement and sets the delay times and output levels. The microphone has a threaded insert on the bottom so it's compatible with a tripod. Speakers configuration, speaker distances and output levels can also be manually set.

      Manual Speaker Setup: If your prefer, you can setup the receiver and the connected speakers manually by using the receiver's manual speaker setup menu. You can adjust the level of each speaker from -6 to +6 dB in 1 dB steps and set the distance for each speaker from your main listening position (0' to 23' in 1' increments).

      Surround Modes: This receiver incorporates a wide variety of surround modes to bring you maximum enjoyment from your audio and video software. The surround modes include:

      • Auto Format Direct: The Auto Format Direct (AFD) mode allows you to listen to higher fidelity sound and select the decoding mode for listening to a 2-channel stereo sound as multi-channel sound.
      • Dolby Pro Logic: Performs Pro Logic decoding to the input signal and simulates surround sound from 2 channels sources. This mode outputs sound from all the speakers and subwoofer.
      • Dolby Pro Logic II Music: Performs Pro Logic II music mode decoding to the input signal and produces five full-bandwidth output channels from 2 channels sources. This setting is ideal for normal stereo sources such as a CD. this mode outputs sound from all the speakers and the subwoofer.
      • Dolby Pro Logic II Movie: Performs Pro Logic II music mode decoding to the input signal and produces five full-bandwidth output channels from 2 channels sources. This setting is ideal for watching videos of overdubbed or old movies. This mode outputs sound from all the speakers and the subwoofer.
      • Dolby Digital: In this format, the surround speakers output stereo sound with an expanded frequency range and a subwoofer channel for deep bass is independently provided. All six channels in this format are recorded separately for superior channel separation.
      • Dolby Digital EX: Dolby Digital EX is a 6.1 multi-channel digital surround format. Surround back information is matrixed into regular left and right surround channels so that the sound can be reproduced in 6.1 channel.
      • Dolby Digital Plus: Dolby Digital Plus is an improved Dolby Digital surround format that is compatible with up to 7.1-channels of discrete digital sound and also improves sound quality due to extra data bit rate performance.
      • Dolby TrueHD: Dolby TrueHD is a high definition audio technology, using lossless coding technology to faithfully reproduce the sound of the studio masters.
      • DTS: This format comprises of stereo rear channel and there is a discrete subwoofer channel in this format. DTS provides the same 5.1 discrete channels of high quality digital audio.
      • DTS-ES Extended Surround: DTS-ES features two 6.1 multi-channel formats.
        • DTS-ES Discrete 6.1: DTS-ES Discrete 6.1-channel is a 6.1-channel discrete digital audio format adding a surround back channel to the DTS digital surround sound.
        • DTS-ES Matrix 6.1: DTS-ES Matrix 6.1-channel is a discrete 6.1 channel digital audio format inserting a surround back channel to the DTS surround sound through matrix encoding.
      • DTS Neo:6 Surround: DTS Neo:6 is a matrix decoding technology for achieving 6.1-channel surround playback with 2-channel sources. You can choose from two DTS Neo: 6 Surround formats - Neo: 6 Cinema and Neo: 6 Music.
      • DTS 96/24: DTS 96/24 is a digital audio format enabling high sound quality playback in 5.1-channels with a sampling frequency of 96 kHz and 24 bit quantization of DVD-video.
      • DTS-HD High Resolution Audio: DTS-HD High Resolution Audio is an improved version of the conventional DTS, DTS-ES and DTS 96/24 signal formats that is compatible with sampling frequencies of 96 or 48 kHz and up to 7.1-channels of discrete digital sound. High data bit rate performance provides high quality sound.
      • DTS-HD Master Audio: DTS-HD Master Audio is a lossless audio format compatible with up to 96 kHz and up to 7.1-channels. The lossless audio coding technology faithfully reproduces the sound of the studio master.
      • Sound Mode: This feature lets you select a suitable sound for movies or music.
        • Auto: System select Movie or Music automatically to produce the sound effect depending on the disc or sound stream.
        • Movie: System provides the sound for movies.
        • Music: System provides the sound for music.
        • Sports: System adds a reverberation for the sports program.
        • News: System provides the sound for the voice program such as news.
        • Omni-Dir: System outputs the same sound from all speakers.
      • Two Channel Stereo Mode: The 2 channel button sets the receiver to power only the front left and right speakers, no surround and no subwoofer. Two-channel sources bypass the sound field processing and multi-channel sources are down-mixed to 2 channels.
      • Headphone 2CH: outputs the sound in stereo, 2-channel sources bypass the sound field processing, multi-channel surround formats are downmixed to 2 channels.
      • Headphone Theater: allows you to experience a theater-like environment.

      Note: 7.1 channel surround formats will be downmixed to 5.1 channels. The system's built-in Blu-ray player and HDMI inputs support all formats. The unit's optical and coaxial digital inputs do not support multi-channel LPCM, Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby TrueHD, or DTS-HD.

      Audio Settings: The Sony integrated Blu-ray disc/receiver offers the following audio settings.

      • Tone Control: The AV receiver features independent Bass, Midrange, and Treble controls for the speaker channels. The Bass, Midrange, and Treble can be adjusted from -6 to +6 dB.
      • Night Mode: You can enjoy sound effect or dialogue, as you would in a movie theater, even at low volume. This feature is useful for watching movies late at night while everyone else is in bed asleep.
      • Audio DRC: Audio DRC (Dynamic Range Compression) feature is useful for watching movies late at night by letting you narrow the dynamic range of the sound track. You can select DRC Standard, DRC Max, DRC Auto, or DRC Off. Audio DRC applies only to Dolby Digital-encoded soundtracks.
      • AV Sync: This feature lets you delay the audio output so that the gap between the audio output and visual display in minimized. You can adjust the audio output from 0 ms to 300 ms in 25 ms increments.

      Video Settings: You can make the following video settings according to the type of TV you have connected.

      • TV Type: You can select the aspect ratio of the connected TV between 4:3 or 16:9.
      • Screen Format: You can select the display configuration (Original or Fixed) for a 4:3 screen picture on a 16:9 wide screen TV.
      • DVD Aspect Ratio: You can select the display configuration (Letter Box or Pan&Scan) for playback of 16:9 screen pictures on a 4:3 screen.
      • Cinema Conversion Mode: You can set the video conversion method (Auto or Video) for 480p, 720p, 1080i, or 1080p signals from the HDMI Out jack or the Component Video Out jacks.

      Picture Settings: The BDV-IS1000 offers the following picture adjustments.

      • Picture Quality: You can choose from three picture quality settings.
        • Brighter Room: use when the room is brighter than normal
        • Theater Room: use when the room is dark
        • Standard: use in a typical room
      • FNR: This feature can be activated to reduce random noise appearing in the picture.
      • BNR: This function can be activated to reduce the mosaic-like block noise in the picture.
      • MNR: This feature can be activated to reduce minor noise around the picture outlines (mosquito noise).

      Connections: The Sony HCD-IS1000 integrated Blu-ray disc/home theater receiver features the following rear connections.

      • HDMI : The Sony HCD-IS1000 is equipped with two HDMI inputs and 1 HDMI output which supports x.v.Color and video signals up 1080/24p, as well as Linear PCM audio of 2-channel to 7.1 channel. The system can detect and receive the best possible video and audio signals from all connected devices via HDMI, making connection and performance as simple as plugging in a single wire. Sony's HDMI Active Intelligence, transmits both audio and video signals through one HDMI cable. The integrated Blu-ray disc/receiver's HDMI connections support 480i, 480p,720p,1080i, and 1080p.
        • Note: The unit also features a component video, S-video (output only) and composite video input and output. The component video connections will support 480i, 480p, 720p, and 1080i. The composite and S-video connection only support 480i.
      • Audio Inputs: The Sony HCD-IS1000 features three digital audio inputs (2 optical, 1 coaxial) and two stereo analog audio inputs.
      • Digital Media Port: Sony's proprietary DMP allows you to integrate a wide variety of music into your home theater system. The Digital Media Port allows you to connect optional DMP accessories to play music from a PC, Bluetooth devices, Network Walkman music players or iPod music players. You can connect the following adapters (sold separately):
        • DMP iPod Dock (item number 158TDMIP50): Allows you to dock and play your iPod through the DMP compatible BRAVIA audio receiver. For added convenience, the dock also charges your iPod's battery. The DMP iPod dock is compatible with iPod nano (1st and 2nd generation), iPod (4th and 5th generation) and iPod mini.
        • DMP Media Port Wi-Fi client (item number 158TDMNC1): Allows you to stream digital music from your PC to the DMP compatible BRAVIA audio receiver and view song information on your connected television or monitor. Requires PC with Microsoft Window XP SP2 operating system or newer.
        • DMP Bluetooth Interface (TDM-BT1): Allows you to wirelessly receive and play music through the DMP compatible BRAVIA audio receiver from your Bluetooth compatible notebook, MP3 player or mobile phone. The Bluetooth interface has a range up to 30 feet.
        • DMP Walkman Cradle (TDM-NW1): Allows you to dock and play your Sony NW-S705F or NW-S703F Network Walkman through the DMP compatible BRAVIA audio receiver. For added convenience the cradle also charge your Walkman's battery.
      • USB Extension Port: The HCD-IS1000 features a rear panel USB Type-A port which allows you to enjoy additional content (such as BonusView) on certain Blu-ray Disc titles. Some BD-ROMs have bonus content and other data which can be downloaded to an inserted USB Flash Drive (sold separately).
        • Note: Sony recommends using the Sony USM1GH Flash Drive (158USM1GH, sold separately) and does not guarantee compatibility with all other manufacture's USB flash drives.
      • LAN (100) Port: You can connect the player's LAN (100) terminal of the player to your Internet source using a network cable (Ethernet cable sold separately) to update the unit's software using the network. Visit Sony's website for information about firmware updates.

      Bravia Theatre Sync: When the HCD-IS1000 is connected to a Sony TV via HDMI, you can operate the system with simplified controls. In addition to audio and video transmission, control functions are transmitted via the HDMI cable. This feature works with a select number of Sony Bravia TVs. The simplified controls include:

      • One-Touch Play: By pressing "Play" on the unit or the remote, the TV turns on and is set for the DVD input mode automatically.
      • Theater Mode: System automatically switches to the optimum video mode for watching movies and the speaker output also switches automatically.
      • System Audio Control: While watching TV, you can switch the sound to come out of either the TV or the BDV-IS1000's speakers.
      • Volume Limit: You can limit the maximum volume of the system to 15, 20, or 30 when you transfer the sound between the TV volume and the Home Theater System volume.
      • Language Follow: When you change the language for the on-screen display of the TV, the system's on-screen display language is also changed after turning the system off and on.
      • System Power Off: When you turn the TV off by using the "Power" button

      Parental Control: The Sony BDV-IS1000 offers three Parental Control settings protected by a custom user 4-digit password.

      • BD Parental Control: Playback of some BD-ROMs can be limited according to the age of the users. Scenes may be blocked or replaced with different scenes.
      • DVD Parental Control: Playback of some DVD Videos can be limited according to the age of the users. Scenes may be blocked or replaced with different scenes.
      • Parental Control Region Code: Playback of some BD-ROMs or DVD Videos can be limited according to the geographic area. Scenes may be blocked or replaced with different scenes.

      AM/FM Tuner: The Sony HCD-IS1000 integrated Blu-ray disc/receiver features a built-in AM/FM digital tuner. The digital AM/FM tuner allows you to preset up to 20 FM and 10 AM radio stations. You can also enter a three character name for each preset station. The built-in AM/FM tuner also features direct and automatic tuning.

      Sleep Timer: You can set the system to turn off at a preset time, so you can fall asleep listening to music. You can preset the time in 10-minute increments.

      Displays Brightness: You can adjust the lighting of the unit's front-panel to Bright or Dark.

      Wireless Remote Control: The supplied IR wireless allow simple operation of the the HCD-IS1000 integrated Blu-ray disc/receiver and is preprogrammed to operate Sony and other manufacture's TV and set-top digital/cable receivers.

      Speaker System

      Micro-Satellite Speakers: The BDV-IS1000 system comes with five matching micro-satellite speakers (SS-IS15) for your front, surround and center locations. Each micro-satellite speaker features a 10-ohm, 1-7/16" full range driver in a very compact acoustic suspension enclosure. Each micro-speaker comes mounted to its own little pedestal stand which features a rubber foot-pad. The stand can be removed and the micro-speakers can be wall-mounted using the supplied metal wall-mount brackets. The wall-mount brackets allow you to swivel the micro-speakers left or right once mounted. Each micro-satellite speaker has an attached speaker wire with a proprietary 2-pin connector that plugs into the HCD-IS1000 integrated Blu-ray disc/receiver or the included wireless surround kit. The speakers should be placed the same distance apart from the main listening position at ear level for the best overall performance. The micro-satellite speakers offer the following compact dimensions:

      • Dimensions With Pedestal Stand: Width = 1.695", Height = 2.115", Depth = 1.455"
      • Dimensions With Wall-Bracket: Width = 1.695", Height = 2.055", Depth = 1.715"

      Wireless Surround Kit: The included TA-SA100WR Wireless Surround Amplifier Kit gives you a way to place the rear micro-satellite speakers in the back of your home theater room without having to run wires from the integrated Blu-ray disc/receiver. The kit includes a 2-channel amplifier and two wireless transceivers. One wireless transceiver plugs into the back of the TA-S100WR while the other plugs into the back of the HCD-IS1000. The HCD-IS1000 is able to wirelessly transfer the rear audio signal to the TA-SA100WR surround amplifier by using a wireless 2.4GHz frequency connection. The surround amplifier has speaker terminals that match the speaker wires supplied with the home theater system. The TA-SA100WR must be plugged into an AC outlet and speaker wires run from the surround amplifier to the rear speakers. The surround amplifier is rated at 35 watts x 2 channels RMS into 10-ohms measured from 800-20,000 Hz with no more than 0.7% THD. The TA-SA100WR measures 3.375" wide x 3.9375" tall x 13.4375" deep.

      Note: The HCD-IS1000 integrated Blu-ray disc/receiver does not feature a direct speaker connection for the rear surround speakers. You must use the included wireless surround kit to connect the surround speakers.

      Passive Subwoofer: The Sony BDV-IS1000 Home Theater System features a bass-reflex, passive two-way subwoofer (SS-ISW1) with a down-firing 6-3/8" woofer and a top-firing 4-3/4" woofer. The passive subwoofer features a pair of speaker level inputs for each of its drivers. The subwoofer includes four self-adhesive rubber feet to place the unit securely on your floor. The subwoofer comes supplied with a 11.5' speaker wire terminated by bare tinned wire on one end which connects to the subwoofer and two proprietary plugs on the other end which connect to the system's integrated Blu-ray disc/receiver.

      Note: The subwoofer is not magnetically shielded.

      Wireless Multi-room Compatibility: This unit is compatible with the Sony S-AIR Wireless Speaker System (158AIRSA10, sold separately), which allows wireless sound transmission between the S-AIR Multi-Room Receiver and the HCD-IS1000. The Sony S-AIR Wireless Speaker System operates off of a 2.4Ghz frequency range.

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