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Sony DAV-DX150

5-disc DVD home theater system

3 Reviews

Item # 158DAVX150

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Our take on the Sony DAV-DX150

Looking for an easy way to outfit your TV with crisp DVD playback and three-dimensional surround sound? Sony's DAV-DX150 features a 5-disc DVD changer/receiver, five speakers, and a subwoofer. You'll love the excitement this system adds to DVD movies and TV shows.

Looking for an easy way to outfit your TV with crisp DVD playback and three-dimensional surround sound? Sony's DAV-DX150 features a 5-disc DVD changer/receiver, five speakers, and a subwoofer. You'll love the excitement this system adds to DVD movies and TV shows.

For starters, the 'DX150 is easy to set up. Color-coded speaker jacks help keep things simple. And the system comes with speaker wire, so you're ready to hook up the included speakers right out of the box. These compact speakers are perfect for rooms with little space to spare.

You can load up the included 5-disc changer with DVDs, CDs, or a combination of the two. With 800 watts of power and built-in surround processing, this system delivers room-filling sound for both movies and music. And the included multibrand-for-TV remote makes it a breeze to jump right to the good stuff. Bring home the fun of home theater with this simple, user-friendly system.

Product Highlights:

    5-disc DVD/CD changer/receiver:
    • plays DVD-Video discs, DVD-Rs & DVD-RWs, and DVD+Rs & DVD+RWs
    • plays CDs, audio CD-Rs & CD-RWs, and MP3 CDs
    • plays digital picture CDs (JPEG)
    • built-in Dolby® Digital, DTS®, & Pro Logic® II processing, for surround sound from DVD, VHS, and stereo sources
    • selectable progressive-scan playback for smoother video with HD-compatible TVs (via the component video output)
    • 6-channel amplifier (133 watts x 5, plus 135 watts for subwoofer)
    • digital tuner with 30 AM/FM station presets
    • 1 set RCA audio inputs
    • video output for TV (composite, S-video, component video)
    • 16-7/8"W x 3-1/2"H x 17-3/8"D
    • 6-3/8" driver
    • video-shielded
    • 7-7/8"W x 12-1/4"H x 12-9/16"D
    Front speakers:
    • video-shielded
    • 3-9/16"W x 5-1/8"H x 4-3/4"D
    Center speaker:
    • video-shielded
    • 7-15/16"W x 3-9/16"H x 4-5/16"D
    Rear speakers:
    • 3-9/16"W x 5-1/8"H x 4-3/4"D

    What's in the Box:

    • HCD-DX150 5-Disc DVD/CD changer/receiver
    • Two SS-TS31 front speakers
    • Two SS-TS31B surround speakers
    • SS-CT31 Center speaker
    • SS-WS31 Passive subwoofer
    • Wireless remote control (RM-ADU001)
    • 2 "AA" batteries
    • AM loop antenna
    • FM wire antenna (with slip-on "F" connector on one end)
    • 5' Composite video cord
    • Four 16.5' lengths of speaker wire (with color-coded proprietary terminals on one end and bare wire on the other end)
    • Two 49.5' lengths of speaker wire (with color-coded proprietary terminals on one end and bare wire on the other end)
    • Sheet of 20 self-adhesive rubber feet
    • Operating Instructions
    • Speaker and TV Connections sheet
    • Important Safeguards sheet
    • Warranty sheet
    • On-line registration sheet

    Sony DAV-DX150 Reviews

    Average Customer Review(s):

    (3 Reviews)

    My 9 year old Sony DAV-DX150

    DrWash from Indian Head, MD on 12/23/2013

    Understanding that technology changes daily, the fact remain unchanged for me that my 9 year old Sony DAV DX150 (purchased in 2004) is an excellent system after all these years!!!! Unfortunately, in 2012, one of my Shih Tzu puppies enjoyed eating the front of my remote and I finally decided to replace the remote instead of my system! 5 disc DVD means movies all night!!!!

    Pros: Excellent system after 9 years!!! :)

    Cons: Discontinued! :(

    Sony DAV-DX150

    glmi from Guam, USA on 4/22/2006

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    I had the previous version of the same model, which I thought sounded very good for the price I paid. After moving to a new city I bought this system expecting similar or this it turned out to be a big disappointment. I couldn't get enough highs (treble) from any of the preset sound mode and tone adjustment is not available. Although it's got decent power the overall sound is very dull. Sound quality from DVD or FM radio was worse than factory standard stereo system found in entry level cars. I'm a Sony fan and I've purchased tons of Sony products but this HT System was the biggest disappointment of them all by far. Therefore, I am returning it for another brand, JVC or Panasonic. If you like clear, crisp highs don't go with this system because you will be disappointed.



    excellent product

    stefan from Refugio, TX on 11/4/2005

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    -better-than-the-movies sound quality<BR>-easy to install, even for the not-so-tech-savvy<BR>-Only drawback is that the disc changer is slow.<BR>-Very satisfied with this product; I would definitely recommend it.




    Hands-on research

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    Remote Control
    Inputs and Outputs Notes


    System Overview: The Sony DAV-DX150 is integrated system which includes a single tray, 5-disc DVD/Video CD/Audio CD changer/receiver, identical front and surround satellite speakers, a matching center channel, and a passive subwoofer. The supplied remote control can control this unit and Sony brand TVs.

    Disc Changer System: The DVD changer section of the integrated receiver/DVD changer consists of a playing unit and a stocker. The main tray transports the discs in and out of the unit while a sub-tray moves the discs to and from the playing unit. When discs are not being played, they are stored in the stocker. On the front panel, there are 5 individual disc buttons. When a specific disc button is pressed, the stocker moves up and down to position the disc for playback.

    S-Master Digital Amplifier: This unit is powered by the exclusive S-Master Full Digital Amplifier. It's high-efficient design allows for minimal heat, and takes up 1/4 of the space of conventional amplifiers.

    Progressive Scan Output: This unit may be set to output a progressive scan or interlaced video signal from the component video output. Progressive-scan picture quality is more film-like, with more fine detail and less flicker. Progressive-scan viewing requires a TV with a progressive scan-compatible component video input.

    Surround Modes: This receiver incorporates a wide variety of surround modes to bring you maximum enjoyment from your audio and video software. The surround modes include:

    • Dolby Digital
    • Dolby Pro Logic II (Movie and Music)
    • Dolby Pro Logic
    • DTS
    • Rock
    • Pop
    • Jazz
    • Classic

    Auto Format Direct: The auto decoding function automatically detects the type of audio signal being input (Dolby Digital, DTS, or standard 2-channel stereo), and performs the proper decoding if necessary. This mode presents the sound as it was recorded/encoded, without adding any effects (reverberation). If there are no low frequency signals, such as Dolby Digital LFE, it will generate a low frequency signal for output to the subwoofer.

    2-Channel Stereo: In addition to the surround modes, you can select the 2-Channel Stereo mode. This mode outputs the sound from the front left and right speakers and subwoofer only. Standard stereo sources completely bypass the sound field processing. Multi-channel surround formats are downmixed to two channels.

    Multi Stereo: This mode outputs 2-channel sources from the front speakers and surround speakers simultaneously. The sound coming from the surround speakers is identical to the sound coming from the surround speakers.

    Virtual Multi-Dimension: This mode creates an array of virtual surround speaker positions higher than the listener from a single set of actual surround speakers. Five pairs of virtual speakers surround the listener at approximately a 30° angle of elevation. The effect differs according to the positioning of the actual surround speakers.

    Night Mode: You can enjoy sound effects or dialog even at low volume by using the night mode. In this mode, the sound is output from the front speakers only, and is only effective for multi-channel sources only.

    Headphone Modes: When playing a multi-channel source, the Headphone Virtual mode outputs the sound in the headphones as Headphone L/R. When using the Headphone 2Channel Stereo mode, both 2-channel and multi-channel sources are output as Headphone L/R, completely bypassing any soundfield processing. Multi-channel surround formats are downmixed to two channels.

    MP3 Playback: This unit will play MP3 files recorded onto CD-ROM, CD-R and CD-RW discs using the ISO 9660 level 1/level 2 and Joliet formats. Each disc can have a maximum of 200 albums and each album can have a maximum of 300 tracks.

    JPEG Playback: This unit will play JPEG files recorded onto CD-ROM, CD-R and CD-RW discs using the ISO 9660 level 1/level 2 and Joliet formats. All JPEG files on a disc can be played back in a slide show. Additionally, you can rotate any selected image 90 degrees counterclockwise. Each disc can have a maximum of 200 albums and each album can have a maximum of 300 images.

    MP3/JPEG Discs: You can select to play either MP3 or JPEG files on discs recorded with both types of files. If you place MP3 files and JPEG files in the same album, you can play a slide show with sound.

    Resume Play: This feature allows you to resume playback of a disc from the point where you last stopped. The stopping point is cleared from memory if you remove the disc, change the play mode, change the setting on the Setup Menu, or press the Stop button a second time.

    Multi-Disc Resume: When activated in the menu, the resume playback point can be stored in memory for up to 40 different DVD video/Video CD discs.

    A/V Sync: When the sound does not match the images on the TV screen, you can adjust the delay between the picture and sound.

    PBC (Playback Control) Playback: PBC playback allows you to play Video CDs interactively by following the menu on the TV screen.

    Audio DRC: The Audio DRC (Dynamic Range Compression) feature is useful for watching movies late at night by letting you narrow the dynamic range of the sound track. This feature is also known as Late Night or Midnight Mode, and applies only to Dolby Digital-encoded soundtracks. The Audio DRC mode can be set to standard or maximum compression.

    Parental Control: This unit allows you to set two kinds of playback restrictions for discs using Parental Control and Custom Parental Control. Parental Control allows you to restrict playback of any disc according to a predetermined level. You can select a parental control rating from 0-8, which is protected by a 4-digit password. Using the same registered password, Custom Parental Control allows you to set playback restrictions for a specific disc. You can set the same Custom Parental Control password for up to 40 discs.

    Sleep Timer: The sleep timer switches the unit off after a specified amount of time. The sleep timer can be set between 10 and 90 minutes in 10-minute increments.

    Display Dimmer: You can set the display to one of two brightness levels.

    Tuner: This system has a PLL quartz-locked digital synthesizer AM/FM Tuner. You can store up to 20 FM and 10 AM station presets so that you always have easy access to your favorite stations without having to tune them in manually each time. You can assign a name of up to 8 characters for each preset. FM tuning is done in 0.1MHz steps and AM tuning is done in 9kHz or 10kHz steps.


    Front/Surround Speakers: The DAV-DX150 is equipped with video-shielded front satellite speakers (SS-TS31) and non-shielded rear satellites (SS-TS31B). The front and rear satellites all use a single 2-5/8" full-range driver in a bass-reflex enclosure. The speakers feature a set of spring clip terminals on the back panel. An M5 threaded insert is included in each speaker for optional wall mounting brackets or stands. You can also use the provided keyhole slot to hang the speakers on a wall using a single screw. Two 16-1/2' lengths of speaker wire are provided for the front satellites and two 49-1/2' lengths are provided for the rear satellites.

    Center Channel Speaker: The center channel speaker (SS-CT31) uses a single 2-5/8" full-range driver in a bass-reflex enclosure. The speaker has a set of rear-mounted spring clip terminals for use with the supplied speaker wire. The driver is covered by a non-removable, dark gray cloth grille. An M5 threaded insert is included on the back of the speaker cabinet for an optional wall mounting bracket or stand. No keyhole slot is provided on the center speaker. A 16-1/2' length of speaker wire is provided for the center speaker.

    Subwoofer: The system is equipped with a passive subwoofer, which features a video-shielded, front-firing 6-3/8" cone woofer in a bass-reflex enclosure. The main unit provides the power for the subwoofer with an output of 135 watts. A 16-1/2' length of speaker wire is provided for the subwoofer.

    Speaker Setup: To obtain the best possible sound, you can set the unit for the size of speakers you have connected and their distance from the listening position. You should also adjust the level and balance of the speakers to the same level using the test tone. You can indicate if you have placed the surround speakers behind or to the side of the listening position. If you do not connect the center or surround speakers, you can configure the unit to adjust the output signals to the connected speakers. After setting the front speaker distance, the default for the other speakers is set accordingly.

    Remote Control

    Multibrand Remote: The DAV-DX150 comes with a remote (RM-ADU001) that is pre-programmed to operate this system and a number of functions on Sony brand TVs.

    Theatre Sync: The Theatre Sync function allows you to turn on your Sony TV and the DAV-DX150, change the system mode to "DVD", and switch the TV's source to the proper input with one button push. You must first register the TV's input source connected to this system. If the initial code transmitting time of the remote is not sufficient to turn on the TV, you can set a time of 0.5 seconds (default) to 4 seconds.

    Inputs and Outputs Notes

    Speaker Outputs: The changer/receiver uses six color-coded 2-pin proprietary jacks for all 5 channels and the subwoofer output. The supplied speaker wires are terminated with color-coded plugs.

    Audio Input: This unit features one analog (stereo RCA) audio input, labeled "Audio In", for use with a TV, VCR, satellite receiver, game console, or other source component. There are no video inputs on this unit.

    Video Monitor Outputs: You can connect your TV to the system via composite, S-Video, or component video cables, depending upon the type of video input on the TV. The component video outputs can be set to progressive scanning for a better picture, if the connected TV is compatible with HDTV or EDTV signals.

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