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Sony DCR-SR47 Handycam®

60GB hard drive/Memory Stick® camcorder

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Our take on the Sony DCR-SR47 Handycam®

Enjoy vivid home videos and easy filming with Sony's DCR-SR47. It features a Carl Zeiss® lens for clear, accurate colors. Store up to 45 hours of footage on this cam's built-in 60-gigabyte hard drive, or pop in a Memory Stick® PRO Duo™ card for extra space.

Enjoy vivid home videos and easy filming with Sony's DCR-SR47. It features a Carl Zeiss® lens for clear, accurate colors. Store up to 45 hours of footage on this cam's built-in 60-gigabyte hard drive, or pop in a Memory Stick® PRO Duo™ card for extra space.

Convenient recording features
Power on the camcorder simply by opening up the LCD screen, and use the "Easy Handycam" button for fully automatic, worry-free shooting. With a powerful 60X optical zoom, you can get closeups of your subjects from far away, for more candid shots. Built-in image stabilization keeps your videos steady, while the zoom-in mic focuses on the sounds of your subjects and not the distracting sounds around you.

Easy organization and search functions
When you're ready to review your footage, use the "film roll" button to preview thumbnails of multiple scenes on the LCD screen for an easy-to-search index. Or use Sony's "face index" to locate scenes that have a certain subject in them, like your child or spouse. This cool feature sorts your videos by which face appears in them — a truly easy way to find the footage of your loved ones.

Product Highlights:

    Storage and Formats:
    • holds at least 15 hours of video at maximum quality
    • holds up to 45 hours of standard quality video
    • records video to a built-in 60GB hard disk drive or optional Memory Stick® PRO Duo™
    • 680,000-pixel image sensor (410K effective)
    • 60X Carl Zeiss Vario-Tessar® optical zoom lens (digital zoom to 2000X)
    • 16:9 widescreen mode for video and digital photos
    • top photo resolution: 640 x 480
    • widescreen 2-11/16" touchpanel LCD
    • Film Roll creates an easy-to-search index that shows you previews of your scenes
    • Face Index organizes your footage by which face(s) appears in each scene for easy searching
    • Dolby® Digital two-channel audio from built-in zoom microphone
    • SteadyShot® image stabilization
    • 10 Program AE (Auto Exposure) settings, including Portrait, Beach, Snow, Candle, and Sunrise & Sunset
    Inputs and Dimensions:
    • high-speed USB port for transferring video to a compatible computer
    • audio/video output
    • 2-3/8"W x 2-3/4"H x 4-7/16"D
    • weight: 11 oz. with battery
    • warranty: 1 year parts, 90 days labor
    • Our 60-day money-back guarantee
    Connections and Dimensions:
    • AC adapter/charger
    • rechargeable InfoLithium® battery (NP-FH30)
    • audio/video and USB cables
    • Picture Motion Browser software for transferring and copying videos (Windows only)

    What's in the Box:

    • 60GB Hard-drive camcorder with attached handstrap
    • AC-L200C AC Power adapter with attached 5.75' output cord (8.4V/1.7A)
    • 5' AC cord (plugs into AC adapter)
    • NP-FH-30 battery (7.2V/3.6Wh)
    • 61" USB cable (has a USB Type A connector on one end and a Mini USB Version 2.0 connector on the other end)
    • 57" A/V connecting cable (has left and right RCA audio connectors and an RCA composite video connector on one end and a proprietary connector on the other end)
    • Handycam Application Software CD-ROM
    • Operating Guide (Eng/Spa)
    • Limited warranty sheet
    • Online Product Registration sheet
    • Sony Accessories brochure
    • Battery pack removal note
    • DVDirect brochure

    Sony DCR-SR47 Handycam® Reviews

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    Not Worth It

    James from Virginia on 10/13/2009

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    I purchased this camera 6 months ago and have finally become so disastisfied with it that I just placed a purchase for a Canon. The image quality is terrible, comparable to a decent webcam. Ease of use is perhaps the best feature of this camera, but what is it worth when you download the videos onto your computer and feel utter disappointment. If you don't trust my review read some on other websites...




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    General Features
    Video Camcorder Features
    Digital Still Camera Features
    Battery Information
    Input and Output Notes
    Software and Computer Information

    General Features

    2.7" Touch Panel SwivelScreen LCD Screen: The 2.7" (16:9) LCD screen provides excellent viewing clarity with improved resolution. The high resolution 123,200 pixel (560 x 220) LCD screen rotates up to 270 degrees for multiple viewing angles providing sharp and detailed images for monitoring or playback. Mirror mode allows you to view a mirror-image of the subject you are shooting in the LCD screen when the screen is rotated 180 degrees, but the image will still be normal when recorded. In addition, the LCD doubles as an "on-screen" touch panel, allowing you to navigate through the menu system by touching the LCD screen. The LCD also features an adjustable brightness and color level. You can also power on this camcorder by simply opening its LCD display.

    Note: This camcorder does not include a viewfinder.

    Hybrid Recording: Hybrid recording technology delivers a new level of flexibility for transferring your video footage and digital photos from the camcorder to compatible viewing devices. Hybrid Recording allows you to record to the camcorder's internal hard disk drive, or choose instead to record to removable Memory Stick PRO Duo media. You can even select from various dubbing functions to easily copy video or still images from the hard disk drive to Memory Stick media without using a PC. Images recorded or transferred to Memory Stick media can then be played directly on your PC.

    Hard Drive Camcorder: The Sony DCR-SR47 has an internal 60 GB hard drive which will allow you to record video and still images. When recording video, the camcorder records in stereo audio using the built-in microphone. The video can be shot in either a 4:3 or 16:9 aspect ratio.

    Drop Sensor: The Sony HDD Handycam DCR-SR47 is equipped with a Drop Sensor to protect the camcorder's internal hard disc drive. When the drop sensor has detected that the camcorder has been dropped, recording or playback may be disabled to protect the internal hard disk.

    Advanced HAD CCD: The DCR-SR47 features a 1/8" (2.5mm) Advanced HAD (Hole Accumulation Diode) CCD imager with 680,000 gross pixels. The 410,000 effective video pixels in 16:9 mode or 340,000 effective pixels in 4:3 mode provide excellent detail and clarity for exceptional digital video up to 500 lines of horizontal resolution while The 340,000 effective still pixels in 4:3 and 250,000 effective still pixels in16:9 mode provide exceptional digital still photography performance.

    Carl Zeiss Vario-Tessar Lens: The camcorder features a Carl Zeiss lens which has an advanced optical multi-layer coating that offers less glare and flare with increased contrast. This results in vivid image brilliance, true-to-life color saturation, and perfect renditions of subtle tones.

    Zoom: The camcorder has a 60x Optical Zoom for bringing your subject up close. It also features a selectable 120x or 2,000x digital zoom. Because the picture is processed digitally, the picture quality deteriorates the more you zoom in. The power zoom lever can be moved slightly for a slow zoom, or moved further for a faster zoom.

    SteadyShot Picture Stabilization: SteadyShot picture stabilization system uses motion sensors to remove unwanted picture shake without compromising picture quality like some other digital stabilization systems.

    Focus Modes: The Sony Handycam DCR-SR47 features Manual, Auto Focus, Spot Focus, and Tele Macro modes.

    • Manual Focus: With manual focus, you can manually adjust the focus of the camcorder using the touch panel. Manual focusing also allows you to control the focus in difficult situations where either the environment or the subject does not allow the camcorder's auto focus to perform optimally, such as when shooting through a window or in a crowded environment.
    • Auto Focus: You can also select automatic focusing. When using autofocus, you can choose to focus on a subject in the center of the screen or with Spot Focus, focus on an off-centered object.
    • Spot Focus: You can select and adjust the focal point to aim it at a subject not located at the center of the screen.
    • Tele Macro: This feature is useful when shooting small subjects, such as flowers or insects. You can blur out backgrounds and the subject stands out clearer. You can recorded subjects as close as 19-3/4 inches in Tele-Macro mode.

    Spot Meter: You can adjust and fix the exposure to the subject, so that it is recorded in suitable brightness even when there is strong contrast between the subject and the background, such as subjects in the spotlight on a stage.

    Exposure Modes: The Sony Handycam DCR-SR47 features the following Auto, Manual and Scene Select Exposure Modes.

    • Manual Exposure: Manual Exposure allows you to fix the brightness of your picture manually. You can adjust the brightness when the subject is much brighter or darker than the background.
    • Auto: Select this mode to automatically record pictures effectively without the preset scene select modes
    • Scene Select Modes: The following Scene Select modes are available to suit your specific shooting requirements -
      • Twilight Mode: maintains the darkening atmosphere of the distant surroundings in twilight scenes
      • Candle Mode: maintains the dim atmosphere of a candlelit scene
      • Sunrise/Sunset Mode: maintains the atmosphere of situations such as sunset and sunrises
      • Landscape Mode: allows you to shot distant subject clearly
      • Fireworks Mode: select to record all the splendor of fireworks
      • Portrait Mode: brings out the subject such as people or flowers while creating a soft background
      • Spotlight Mode: prevents people's faces from appearing excessively white when subjects are lit by strong light
      • Sport Mode: minimizes shake when shooting fast moving pictures
      • Snow Mode: help with shooting in very bright white conditions
      • Beach Mode: prevents people's faces from appearing dark in strong light or reflected light.

    White Balance Adjustment: Sets the color balance to the brightness of the recording environment. Your choices are:

    • Auto: The white balance is adjusted automatically.
    • Outdoor: The white balance is adjusted for the following conditions: Outdoors, night views, neon signs and fireworks, sunrise, sunsets, under daylight fluorescent lamps.
    • Indoor: The white balance is adjusted for the following conditions: Indoors, party scenes and studios where lighting conditions change quickly, and under the video lamps or incandescent-like color lamps.
    • One Push: The white balance will be adjusted according to the present ambient light.

    Back Light: You can use the Back Light function to adjust the exposure for backlit subjects.

    Auto Slow Shutter: The Auto Slow Shutter automatically activates the electronic shutter to adjust the shutter speed when recording in bright conditions. The shutter speed is automatically reduced to 1/30 second.

    Guideframe: The Guideframe displays a frame around the recorded images and allows you to check the subject's horizontal and vertical position.

    Data Code Function: The camcorder automatically records time codes along with the images you shoot, so you can display the date and time during playback or editing.

    Saving Video: Due to the limited capacity of the internal hard disk (60GB), you should save the video data to some type of external media such as a DVD-R or a computer. You can save the videos recorded on the camcorder as described below.

    • Memory Stick Pro Duo: You can copy the images recorded on the camcorder's internal HDD to an inserted Memory Stick Pro Duo card within the camcorder, without the use of a PC.
    • Picture Motion Browser Software: By using the software of the supplied CD-ROM you can save images on a DVD or the hard disk of your computer. You can use several methods to do this.
      • One Touch DVD Burn: You can save images and files with ease by pressing DVD Burn button on the camcorder and using the supplied Picture Motion Browser software. This feature allows you to backup what is on the hard drive with the still images being recorded first.
      • Saving Images To Your Computer: You can also transfer and save video files that are too large for a DVD to the hard disk of your computer.
      • Creating a DVD With Selected Images: In addition, you can save images imported to your computer on a DVD. You can also edit those images.
    • VCR and DVD Recorders/Writers: You can dub images played back on your camcorder to other recording devices, such as VCRs or DVD recorders/writers. You can connect the device in either of the following ways.
      • A/V Output: The camcorder features a proprietary audio/video output, that when used with the supplied composite A/V cable or optional S-vide/Audio cable, allows you to transfer content to your VCR or DVD/HDD recorder.
      • USB Port: You can dub to movie dubbing compatible DVD writers using the camcorder's USB port and supplied USB cable.

    Hard Disk Information: This feature allows the camcorder to display the hard disk information so you can check the approximate amount of free hard disk space left for recording.

    Formatting: You can delete all the images on the hard disk of camcorder to recover recordable free space to allow you to write in by formatting the camcorder.

    Empty: The Empty feature allows you to write non important data onto the hard disk of the camcorder. By doing this, it makes it more difficult to recover any original data from the hard drive. When you dispose or transfer the camcorder to someone, it is recommended that you perform this function. You must use the AC adapter for this function to operate.

    Protect: You can protect movies and photos to avoid deleting them by mistake.

    Multi-Language Menu: The camcorder allows you to select between English, Simple English, French, Spanish and Portuguese for the unit's menu language.

    Easy Handycam: When the Easy Handycam mode is activated, most of the camera settings are set to the automatic mode, only basic functions are available, and the screen font size increases for easy viewing. This mode makes recording and playing back recordings less intimidating, even for first time users.

    Lens Cap: The built-in lens cap opens manually with a switch located on the front of the camcorder.

    Video Camcorder Features

    Video Recording: The Sony DCR-SR47 has a 60 GB hard disk drive and supports Memory Stick Pro Duo media (sold separately) which will allow you to record video. When recording video, the camcorder records in stereo audio using the built-in microphone. You can select a 4:3 or 16:9 aspect ratio for your video recordings. You have three choice of video recording resolution quality:

    • HQ (9M): records in high quality mode and gives you approximately 15 hours and 10 minutes of recording time on the camcorder's internal 60GB hard disk drive
    • SP (6M): records in standard quality mode and gives you approximately 21 hours and 50 minutes of recording time on the camcorder's internal 60GB hard disk drive
    • LP (3M): increases the recording time to approximately 45 hours and 40 minutes on the camcorder's internal 60GB hard disk drive
    When Recording Video To Memory Stick Pro Duo Media:
    Recording Mode/Memory Card Size 9M (HQ) 6M (SP) 3M (LP)
    512MB 6 minutes 9 minutes 20 minutes
    1GB 10 minutes 20 minutes 40 minutes
    2GB 25 minutes 40 minutes 85 minutes
    4GB 55 minutes 80 minutes 170 minutes
    8GB 115 minutes 170 minutes 355 minutes
    16GB 235 minutes 340 minutes 715 minutes

    Movie Dubbing: You can dub movies recorded on the hard disk of your camcorder to an inserted Memory Stick Pro Duo card within the camcorder without the use of a PC or other external dubbing device.

    Auto Remaining: This feature displays the remaining hard disk space indicator for about 8 seconds on the LCD screen in certain operating situations. You can also set the hard disk indicator to always stay on. When the remaining recordable time for movies is less than 5 minutes, the indicator stays on the screen regardless if this function is set to Auto or On.

    Fader Modes: You can record a transition with the following effect adding to the interval between scenes.

    • White Fader: fades to and from a white screen
    • Black Fader: fades to and from a black screen

    Built-In Zoom Mic: The Built-in Zoom Microphone allows you to record sound with directivity as you move the power zoom lever. The camcorder's microphone level can be set to Low or Normal.

    Face Index: Face Index makes it easy to find and play back the right video scene. Using Face Detection technology, Face Index indexes your video footage according to the faces detected in each scene. When it's time to play back video, simply search for what you want by selecting from among the detected faces displayed in the index

    Film Roll Index: Like chapters in a book, Film Roll Index helps you easily find desired scenes in video footage. When using this feature, the camcorder previews the beginning of scenes and can create scene indexes set at specified display intervals (3, 6, or 12 seconds and 1 or 5 minutes).

    Create Playlist: You can create a playlist of your favorite videos for playback using the internal HDD or optional Memory Stick Pro Duo card. A Playlist is a list showing thumbnails of the movies that you have previously recorded and selected. The original movies are not modified even though you edit or delete the movies in the Playlist.

    Divide Movies: The Divide Movies feature allows you to divide movies on the hard disk drive of the camcorder or on an inserted Memory Stick Pro Duo card. You cannot restore movies once they are divided.

    Digital Still Camera Features

    Digital Still Image Recording: The DCR-SR47 can record still images on either the unit's built-in 60GB hard disk drive or on an optional Memory Stick Pro Duo memory card (sold separately). Still images are recorded on the hard disk in the default setting.

    Image Resolution: Still images are recorded in an aspect ratio of 4:3 with a resolution of 640 x 480 or an aspect ratio of 16:9 with a resolution of 640 x 360 for easy image transfer to your computer so you can e-mail or print your still photos.

    Image Capacity: The DCR-S47 features the following image capacities when using Memory Stick Duo memory cards.

    Memory Stick Pro Duo/Internal HDD VGA-0.3M
    512MB 2,800 images
    1GB 5,700 images
    2GB 11,500 images
    4GB 23,000 images
    8GB 47,000 images
    16GB 94,000 images
    60GB (internal HDD) 9,999 images

    Copying Still Images: You can coy still images from the camcorder's internal hard disk drive to an inserted Memory Stick Pro Duo card within the camcorder.

    Capturing Still Images From Video: You can copy still images from video of the hard disk drive to an optional Memory Stick Pro Duo card or vice-versa.

    Self Timer: This feature starts to record your still image in about 10 seconds after the "Photo" button is depressed.

    Visual Index: The Visual Index allows you to view back either six of your still images at one time on the LCD screen from the camcorder's hard disk or optional memory stick.

    Date Search: You can locate the point on the internal HDD or inserted Memory Stick Pro Duo card where the recording date changes.

    Slide Show: You can automatically play back images stored on the hard drive of the DCR-SR47 or from an optional Memory Stick Pro Duo.

    Playback Zoom: You can magnify still images from about 1.1 to 5x the original size during playback on the camcorder's LCD monitor.

    Image Delete: Images may be deleted one at a time or all at once.

    PictBridge:You can print directly from the camcorder to a PictBridge-compliant printer via USB cable, even if you don't have a computer. PictBridge is an industry standard established by the Camera & Imaging Products Association (CIPA). Through the camcorder, you can select the number of copies to be printed, up to 20, and choose to print the date and time on each picture.

    Battery Information

    Battery: This unit comes with an NP-FH30 InfoLithium battery. The InfoLithium system exchanges data about its actual power consumption with the camcorder for a more accurate estimate of recording time available. Cold temperatures will increase battery consumption.

    Battery Life: The approximate charging, recording and play back times using the supplied battery (NP-FH30) or optional battery are as follows.

    Battery Pack Charging Time Continuous Recording Time Using HDD (Memory Stick Pro Duo)
    Typical Recording Time Using HDD (Memory Stick Pro Duo)
    Playback Time Using HDD (Memory Stick Pro Duo)
    NP-FH30 (supplied) 115 minutes 90 (95) minutes 45 (45) minutes 105 (120) minutes
    NP-FH50 135 minutes 145 (155) minutes 70 (70) minutes 170 (195) minutes
    NP-FH70 170 minutes 315 (330) minutes 155 (155) minutes 370 (415) minutes
    NP-FH100 390 minutes 710 (745) minutes 355 (350) minutes 830 (925) minutes
    Note: Typical recording time shows the time when you repeat recording start/stop, turning thee power on/off and zooming.

    Auto Shut Off: When powered by the battery the camcorder can be set to turn off automatically if not used for 5 minutes.

    Input and Output Notes

    A/V Output: This camcorder features a proprietary Audio/Video connection for use with the supplied A/V connecting cable for displaying the camcorder's contents on your television. You can change the aspect ratio of the camcorder's video output from 16:9 or 4:3 according to the screen aspect ratio of the TV you will view your video or images on. You can also choose to display the camcorders information, such as the time code on the screen of your TV during playback from the camcorder. The supplied A/V cable has a proprietary plug on one end and male stereo RCA audio and RCA composite video connections on the other end. You can also use an optional proprietary S-video cable with this jack.

    USB Port: The camcorder has a mini-USB version 2.0 jack for connecting to a PC via the supplied USB cable. Connecting the hard drive camcorder to a PC via USB allows the computer to access the information on the camcorder's hard drive. You will be able to download still images and video files to your computer. You will be able perform the One Touch DVD Burn. This will also allow you to back up the files recorded on the hard drive onto a DVD. You can edit and save your video files onto your computer, then make DVD's of them using the Picture Motion Browser software that is supplied with the DCR-SR47. The camcorder can also be used as an external storage device, convenient for archiving, storing and transporting your videos and still images.

    Memory Card Slot: The camcorder features a memory card slot for recording video or still images using Memory Stick Pro Duo memory cards. Still images are recorded on the hard disk in the default setting.

    DC In Jack: The DC In Jack is for use with the supplied AC adapter and charger.

    Software and Computer Information

    Included Software: The included software allows you to transfer images and video from the camcorder to a computer hard drive and view and store transferred images/videos. The supplied CD-ROM includes:

    • Picture Motion Browser ver. 4.2.00
    • Handycam Handbook
    • Product Registration

    Picture Motion Browser Software: You can enjoy the following functions after installing the supplied Picture Motion Browser Software to your PC.

    • Creating a DVD with one touch operation.
    • Importing images to a computer.
    • Editing the imported images.
    • Creating a DVD.

    Computer Requirements:

    Picture Motion Browser
    Operating System
    Microsoft Windows XP SP3/Windows Vista SP1 (64-bit editions and Starter editions are not supported)
    CPU Intel Pentium III 1 GHz or faster
    Memory 256 MB or more
    Hard Disk Available free hard disk space for installation is required: approximately 500 MB (for creating a DVD, 5 GB or more may be required)
    Display/Graphics Minimum of 1024 x 768
    Applications DirectX 9.0c or later (This product is based on Direct X technology. It is necessary to have DirectX installed)
    Others Pre-installed USB 2.0 Hi-Speed port, DVD writeable disc drive, CD-ROM drive

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