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Sony DPP-EX50

Digital photo printer with memory card slots

Item # 158DPPEX50

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Our take on the Sony DPP-EX50

How about some instant gratification?

How about some instant gratification?

Snap a picture. Send it to your DPP-EX50 photo printer (either via a USB connection between the printer and your PC, directly from a Memory Stick® or CompactFlash® card inserted in the printer, or straight from your PictBridge-capable camera). Then hit "Print"! Eighty seconds later, you've got a gorgeous, high-color 4" x 6" photo in your hand.

It really is that simple. Outstanding dye-sublimation printing and Sony's special SuperCoat2-laminated photo paper team up to deliver beautiful, glossy photos. And to make matters even simpler, Sony has made this handy photo printer very affordable — especially considering the top-notch photo quality.

Plus, its capabilities are very flexible! The vertical design saves space — a real bonus in a crowded workspace. It can print 4" x 6", 3-1/2" x 5", and 3-1/2" x 4" photos. Built-in red-eye correction and color correction ensure that your photos look their best. Connect to a TV by way of the composite video output, and you can even view photos before you print them! Using PictBridge, you can connect a digital camera directly and send your photos along for printing. The DPP-EX50 printer also supports Exif 2.2 — a global standard for accurately reproducing photos, when used with a compatible digital camera.

Product Highlights:

  • 3.8-megapixel high-resolution photo-quality printing
  • 16.7 million colors
  • dye-sublimation technology (403 x 403 dpi)
  • print photos directly from Memory Stick, Memory Stick PRO®, and CompactFlash
  • print photos from computer via USB connection
  • print photos from a digital camera with PictBridge capability
  • composite video output, for TV display
  • borderless 4" x 6", 3-1/2" x 5", and 3-1/2" x 4" print sizes
  • high-speed printing (approximately 80 seconds for 4" x 6" print; 70 seconds for 3-1/2" x 5" print)
  • print from Windows® via USB (driver supplied)
  • Windows-compatible software (CD-ROM)
  • USB 1.1 port
  • 3-3/8"W x 7-7/8"H x 11-1/2"D
  • warranty: 1 year
  • Our 60-day money-back guarantee
Computer Requirements:
  • pre-installed USB port
  • CD-ROM drive (to install software)
  • pre-installed Windows® 98SE/Me/2000/XP
  • 400MHz Pentium® II or faster processor
  • minimum 64MB RAM
  • minimum 200MB hard disk space

What's in the Box:

  • Photo printer with attached 6.25' power cord
  • 8.25' Composite video cable
  • Paper tray
  • Cleaning cartridge
  • Ferrite core noise filter (for use with connected camera's USB cable)
  • DPP-EX50 Printer Driver Version 1.0/PictureGear Studio Version 2.0 on CD-ROM (in paper sleeve)
  • Operating Instructions (English)
  • Operating Instructions (French)
  • Quick Start Guide (English)
  • Quick Start Guide (French)
  • Warranty sheet
  • Sheet on attaching the clamp filter
  • End-user License Agreement for Sony Software
  • Important Safeguards
  • Owner Registration Card
  • On-line registration promotional sheet (with offer on Sony print paper)
  • Actual print sample

Hands-on research

Product Research


Inputs and Outputs Notes
Supplied Software


General Overview: The DPP-EX50 is a photo printer which uses a dye sublimation transfer process. It can print images directly from a Memory Stick or Compact Flash, or other popular flash media using an adapter. It can also be connected to a computer via USB cable (not supplied), or print directly from a PictBridge-compatible camera without using a computer. The unit is made to be connected to a television (when not using a computer) so you can display and select images (the TV must have a composite video input).

Dye Sublimation: Dye-sublimation technology uses layers of color dye to create continuous tone images with color richness that rivals traditional photo prints from a professional photo lab.

SuperCoat 2 Feature: SuperCoat 2, a unique Sony Lamination process, is applied as a final step in the printing process, protecting the photos from color shift and fading, resisting moisture and fingerprints.

LCD Screen: The printer features a 1-5/8" x 7/8" LCD screen on the top panel to assist you during printing operations. The LCD provides easier stand alone operation and printer status when not connected to a computer or monitor.

Media Slots: This unit features slots for Memory Stick and Compact Flash cards. It is compatible with standard Memory Stick and Memory Stick PRO. It has been tested to support up to 1 GB media capacity. Note: It does not support the high speed transfer function or the Access Control security function.

PictBridge Compatibility: This printer can be connected to any PictBridge-compatible camera via USB cable (usually supplied with the camera) for a simple photo printing method without the need for a computer. PictBridge is a standard specified by the Camera & Imaging Products Association that enables compliant digital cameras to be directly connected to a printer for on-the-spot printing.

Print Sizes: The DPP-EX50 can print borderless 4" x 6" postcard sized prints, borderless 3-1/2" x 5" prints or economical 3-1/2" x 4" prints. Note: No paper or print cartridges are supplied with the printer. Optional print packs (see below) contain both paper and a cartridge.

Printing Time: This printer can produce a 4" x 6" print in approximately 90 seconds, and a 3-1/2" x 5" print in approximately 60 seconds.

Exif 2.2 (Exif Print) Support: This printer supports Exif 2.2, a global standard format for digital still cameras. The printer automatically adjusts an image saved by a digital still camera with Exif Print standard and prints it with optimal picture quality.

Auto Fine Print 3: The Auto Fine Print 3 feature analyses the picture information of an image, including the Exif data, and corrects the resulting picture. You can select a correction option from "Vivid" to "Photographical". This function can be turned on or off.

Paper Tray Capacity: The supplied auto-feed paper tray allows you to load and print up to 25 sheets for postcard size (4" x 6") or 30 sheets for 3.5" x 5" prints.

Automatic Printing: Auto printing allows you to print multiple images stored on the Memory Stick or Compact Flash card at one time. There are three Auto Print methods:

  • Index: You can print a list (index) of all the images contained in the Memory Stick or Compact Flash card in split panes, which allows you to check the contents of the memory card easily. The number of split panes on a sheet will be calculated automatically. Images are printed with their corresponding image numbers.
  • DPOF: You can automatically print images marked with DPOF (Digital Print Order Format). DPOF is found in most digital cameras and camcorders which allows you to indicate which images you want to automatically print when the Memory Stick or Compact Flash card is inserted in the printer.
  • All Images: You can print all of the images stored on the memory card at one time. The images are printed one-by-one in the order of their image numbers.

Image Editing: The Edit menu allows you to perform the following editing functions:

  • Enlarging/Reducing: An image may be reduced up to 60%, or it may be enlarged by up to 200%.
  • Changing Position: A picture can be moved up, down, to the left or to the right within the frame, and images can be rotated 90 degrees at a time.
  • Picture Quality Adjustments: The brightness, tint, color saturation, and sharpness of pictures can be adjusted.
  • Add A Filter: You may apply a special filter to an image
    • Sepia: changes the image like an old photograph with faded colors
    • Gray Scale: change the image into a monochrome picture
    • Paint: makes the image look like a painted picture
    • Fish-eye: makes the image look like a photo taken with a fish-eye lens
    • Clear Filter: removes the filter from the image
  • Reducing Red-Eye: reduces the red-eye phenomenon from a subject photographed with flash
  • Superimposing Characters: you can enter up to 5 lines of text to be superimposed on an image

Creative Printing: You can make free layouts (with wallpaper, frames, etc.), cards, calendars, and split image prints using the Creative Printing menu.

Slide Show Viewing: The printer can be set to display the images from a Memory Stick or Compact Flash one after another on your TV like a slide show. You may set the printer to show the images automatically or manually. While playing the slideshow manually, you can print a displayed image if desired.

Image Delete: You can delete images on a Memory Stick or Compact Flash one at a time. You can also delete all images at once by formatting the Memory Stick. The printer cannot format a Compact Flash card.



  • Printing System: Dye sublimation printing (Yellow/Magenta/Cyan 3 pass)
  • Resolution: 403 (H) x 403 (V) dots per inch
  • Image Processing per Dot: 256 levels (8 bits for each yellow/magenta/cyan), approximately 16,770,000 colors
  • Number of pixels (JPEG/BMP/TIFF):
    • Maximum: 6,400 (H) x 4,800 (V)
    • Minimum: 80 (H) x 60 (V)
  • Maximum Number of Files: 9999 files
  • Weight: 4 lb 8 oz (without the paper tray)

Print Packs: This unit uses optional print packs which contain print paper and a print cartridge. Compatible cartridges include:

  • SVM-25LS: 25 sheets of post card size (4" x 6") photo paper with a print cartridge for 25 prints
  • SVM-75LS: 3 packages of 25 sheets of post card size (4" x 6") photo paper with 3 print cartridges each for 25 prints
  • SVM-30MS: 30 sheets of small size (3-1/2" x 5") photo paper with a print cartridge for 30 prints
  • SVM-30SS: 30 sheets of small size (3-1/2" x 5") photo paper with a print cartridge for 30 prints

Inputs and Outputs Notes

USB Connectors: The DPP-EX50 features two USB connectors. On the rear panel is a USB B-type connector for connecting the printer to a PC. It is Version 2.0 compatible. In addition, on the front panel behind the paper tray compartment cover, there is a USB A-type connector for interfacing the printer with a PictBridge-compatible digital camera for direct printing. Note: No USB cables are supplied with the printer.

Video Output: The rear panel composite video output allows you to connect the printer to a TV for viewing the contents of a Memory Stick or Compact Flash card. Core printer functions are displayed on the TV screen for ease of use and improved functionality. The on-screen Graphical Interface menu system makes image editing easy.

Supplied Software

Software: To print from a PC connected to this printer, you will need to install the supplied software to your PC. The included CD-ROM includes the following applications:

  • Printer Driver: Sony's DPP-EX50 Printer Driver (version 1.0) describes the printer's requirements and enables printing from the computer.
  • PictureGear: PictureGear Studio Version 2.0 is Sony's original software application which allows you to handle still images--capturing, managing, processing, and printing.

Note: The supplied software is not compatible with Macintosh operating systems.

System Requirements: To use the supplied software, the PC must meet the following minimum system requirements:

  Printer Driver PictureGear
Operating System

Pre-Installed Versions of:
Microsoft Windows 98SE
Windows Me
Windows 2000 Professional
Windows XP Home Edition
Windows XP Professional Edition

Same as Printer Driver
(Windows 95, Windows 98 Gold Edition, Windows NT, other versions (ex. Server, Personal) of Windows 2000 are not supported)

CPU Pentium II 400 MHz or faster is recommended Pentium III 500 MHz or faster
Pentium III 800 MHz or faster is recommended
RAM 64 MB or more is recommended 128 MB or more
256 MB or more is recommended
Hard Disk Space 200 MB or more is recommended 200 MB or more
(Depending on the Windows version you use, more space will be required. To handle image data, you will need additional hard disk space.)
Display N/A Screen Area: 800 x 600 pixels or more
Colors: High Color (16-bit) or more

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