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Sony FMP-X1

4K Ultra HD media player

6 Reviews | 1 question - 2 answers

Item # 158FMPX1

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Our take on the Sony FMP-X1

Connect Sony's FMP-X1 media player to your 2013 Sony 4K Ultra HD TV to see the very best picture it can deliver. It's the most captivating home entertainment experience available.

Watch 4K Ultra HD movies on your 4K Ultra HD TV

Connect Sony's FMP-X1 media player to your 2013 Sony 4K Ultra HD TV to see the very best picture it can deliver. It's the most captivating home entertainment experience available.

Your source for 4K content

Sony's Video Unlimited 4K is the world's first network video service to give you access to a regularly updated library of full-length 4K Ultra HD feature films and TV shows from right in your living room.

Choose from over 70 Ultra HD movie titles — to download for rental or purchase. Store your 4K favorites on the FMP-X1's built-in 2-terabyte hard drive. And you can add even more space for movies by connecting an external hard drive (sold separately). It's a whole new way to watch and it's only from Sony.

Product Highlights:

  • 4K Ultra HD media player for use with compatible 2013 Sony 4K TVs (XBR-X850A and XBR-X900A series)
  • built-in 2-terabyte hard drive
  • storage capacity can be expanded by connecting an external hard drive (sold separately)
  • Internet-ready — connect to Video Unlimited 4K online store from Sony to access a library of 4K Ultra HD feature films
  • two HDMI outputs (one is for audio/video signals, one is audio-only)
  • Ethernet port for a wired connection to a home network
  • rear-panel USB 2.0 port for connecting to an external hard drive
  • front-panel USB 3.0 port
  • front-panel SD Card slot for viewing photos
  • 9-7/8" diameter x 2-1/8"H
  • weight: 4.84 lbs.
  • warranty: 1 year parts & labor
  • Our 60-day money-back guarantee

What's in the Box:

  • 4K Ultra-HD media player
  • AC power adapter (w/ attached 42" DC cord)
  • 21" AC power cord
  • 16' Ethernet cable
  • 57" HDMI cable
  • Rear-panel cover
  • Operating Instructions
  • Reference Guide
  • "An Important Message Before You Get Started" note
  • Software License Information
  • Warranty Information
  • 4K Ultra Movie brochure

Sony FMP-X1 Reviews

Average Customer Review(s):

(6 Reviews)

Would be great if it worked

DavidH from 32507 on 5/28/2014

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Will not connect to Tv. Have talked to Crutchfield and Sony. It is a Sony problem. They say it is incombatible with my Cox cable modem, and that will have set another modem to run Media player, did not work and can't find how to set it up. Have had 3 weeks and still no luck.



Once You Have it Working

Frank from Wallkill,NY on 5/2/2014

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Received this as a promo with a Sony TV. If I had spent money on this I would have been upset. It was very difficult to get it working. Instructions were very brief and somewhat confusing. Finally got it working and it is quite impressive in picture quality.

Pros: Excellent video quality once you get it to work.

Cons: Instructions are confusing, making it difficult to set up.

Sony 4k media player

Steve from Detroit, mi on 1/29/2014

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Works very well, but limited content at this time. Be aware , not all high speed HDMI cables will work to connect this to the tv. An HDMI cable comes with the player , but was not long enough for my set up. I used another high speed HDMI cable and it did not work , fortunately had another more recently manufactured one that I tested as a last resort before returning ( it's never the cable right...? )

Pros: 4k picture

Cons: Thought it would be smaller

Sony FMP-X1

Naveen from Sugar Land TX on 12/16/2013

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Very Expensive Player. Should come with Complementary Pre-Loaded Movies including 3D and must be Wi-Fi enabled.



Sony FMP-X1

Ray E. from Silver Spring, MD. on 11/27/2013

While I am happy to have this unit, I have to say it still needs some improvements. It doesnt work unless you connect it directly to the HDMI 4 port of the specified SONY (ONLY) TV, and will not work even with a Sony Soundbar that is advertised to work with 4k Media. What you end up doing is running one HDMI 2.0 cable to your TV's HDMI 4 port, and one HDMI 2.0 cable to your sound bar or AV receiver.....which brings up another issue.....there is no remote way to turn this on or off, you must physically use the power button on the unit, and the Unit is then controlled from the TV's on screen menus/apps. The 4k content is awesome, though I was not impressed with the selections for the Feature Movies. I like the idea of Sony having a 4k media source for us. Another over site is there is no instruction for this media player past the actual unpacking and cable connection, figuring out how to use it is all on you. Crutchfileds Reps were unable to assist me in finding the "Pre Loaded Feature Films" on the media player while the multitude of "free" 4k shorts were up front and cant be missed. Eventually found you have to log into the Sony 4k Media service and "Purchase" the FREE movies before they show up on your nice if that were mentioned in a manual...I had to call sony but in their favor they knew exactly what to tell me to get to where I needed to be.

Pros: 4k is awesome. Sony 4k Media service is good though still being built out the content is a bit sparse.

Cons: No Manual, No remote power up and down, things are kind of Cryptic till you realize you have to go to the Sony Media service to "activate" your FREE feature films. MUST be directly connected to the HDMI 4 Port on the TV with a separate Audio cable to the Sound bar or AV receiver.


GaryB from Sufolk, VA on 9/30/2013

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Being an early adopter of technology can be a challenge. Very few tech-support employees at Sony knew much about the whole 4K launch--even fewer understood the ensuing problems. I received mixed advice from Sony but not Crutchfield. Crutchfield hung in there and did give the best advice--which never varied. I purchased one of the first 4K Sony TVs which then required a new interface board to be installed in the HDMI4 slot before it would work with the FMP-X1. Sony paid for this via a white-glove visit to my home. You'll also have to hardwire the FMP-X1 to the same router providing wireless to the 4K TV. Sony reps also brought powerline adapters to accomplish this at my house because my router is not located anywhere near the home theater setup. Whew, poor Sony is probably still trying to recover from this clumsy start. Nevertheless, the FMP-X1 comes loaded with some Native 4K movies and short subjects. The later are simply breath taking in their detail. Absolutely pixel free even at close distance. This weekend I used Sony's new 4K unlimited video service which is up and running with new content being added weekly. I downloaded "Body Double" using Charter Cable's medium internet speed and it took about 2 hours. Worked flawlessly and looks really great. I'm glad I purchased both 4K products.

Pros: Absolutely breath taking pictures and videos. Very satisfying knowing you have the best picture available.

Cons: Having to control the FMP-X1 via an app on the Sony TV. Lack of knowledge by Sony on how to delete movies you do not want anymore and lack of information on adding an external harddrive.


Hands-on research

Product Research


4K Ultra-HD Media Player: The Sony FMP-X1 4K Ultra-HD media player lets you enjoy true 4K Ultra-HD content on your new Sony 4K Ultra-HD flat-panel television. The Sony FMP-X1 comes with a variety of short Ultra-HD 4K video clips and access to Sony's Vidaeo Unlimited 4K online service (coming soon).

Compatibility: The Sony FMP-X1 4K Ultra-HD media player is exclusively compatible with Sony 4K Ultra-HD TVs; including the 15855X900, 15865X900, 15855X850, and 15865X850 (all sold separately). A free account activation is required; click here.

HDMI & Ethernet Connectivity: The Sony FMP-X1 4K Ultra-HD media player must be connected to your home network via an Ethernet connection. The 4K media player then connects to your Sony 4K Ultra-HD TV via HDMI. The FMP-X1 features two HDMI outputs; the HDMI 1 output supports audio/video to your connected Sony Ultra-HD TV, while the HDMI 2 output supports audio only (up to 5.1ch) to your home receiver. The player's HDMI 1 output needs to be connected to the TV's HDMI 4 input. The unit's HDMI 2 output is required for audio if you are using a home receiver. 16' Ethernet cable and 57" HDMI cable is supplied.

Note: The FMP-X1 requires a direct HDMI connection from its HDMI 1 output to your compatible Sony Ultra-HD TV's HDMI 4 input. If you are using an AV receiver, you will need to have this same direct HDMI connection to your compatible Sony TV for video and an additional HDMI cable from the media player's HDMI 2 output to your AV receiver for audio only.

Video Unlimited 4K from Sony: Video Unlimited 4K from Sony is the world's first and only network video service that gives you access to a regularly updated library of full-length 4K Ultra HD feature films and TV shows right in your living room. With over 100 titles to choose from, you'll have a wide selection of choices to download for 24-hour rental ($7.99-up) or purchase ($29.99-up). Other fees may apply for 4K networked video service.

2TB Hard Drive: Store up to 2TB of your favorite 4K movies and TV shows from Sony's Video Unlimited 4K online service on the FMP-X1 4K Ultra-HD media player's built-in hard drive. You can add even more space for more 4K movies and TV shows with an external drive (25GB-4TB; sold separately), using the media player's rear-panel USB 2.0 (type-A) port. You can move content between an external hard disk and the player's internal hard disk.

Additional 4K Content: A variety of short-form videos are also included that showcase the immersive experience and fine detail that only 4K can deliver. This collection of Indie films, shorts, and 4K gallery videos demonstrate the full capabilities of 4K Ultra-HD video.

Front-Panel Media Ports: The Sony FMP-X1 4K Ultra-HD media player is fitted with a front-panel USB 3.0 (type-A) port and a front-panel SD/SDHC memory card slot for viewing 4K still-image photos.

Remote Compatible: The remote supplied with your Sony 4K Ultra-HD TV is able to control the 4K Ultra-HD media player when it is connected to the same home network and is connected to the TV using a high-speed HDMI cable. However, the FMP-X1 4K Ultra-HD media player does not support HDMI CEC. function

AC Power: The 4K media player operates off of standard household current using the supplied AC power adapter and cord.

  • Input: 100V-240V ~ 50/60Hz, 60W
  • Output: 18V - 2600mA

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Q & A

Customer Q&A

1 question already asked

Yes off course. This player is only helpful if you have downloaded 4K movie from Sony Entertainment Network to play on 4K TV. [ Naveen  Dec 17, 2013 ]
No necessary, put pretty cool. You need this if you want to buy native 4K content from Sony and play it on a Sony 4K TV. At the present time content is limited, but expanding. You don't need the player for wifi. [ BRENT J  Dec 16, 2013 ]