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Sony RCD-W1

1-CD + 1-CD-R/RW recorder/changer

Item # 158RCDW1

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Our take on the Sony RCD-W1

Lifelike digital audio is one of Sony's primary passions. From MD, DAT, and Memory Stick to this awesome CD-R/W deck, Sony keeps giving us great-sounding, user-friendly ways to record and enjoy digital music.

Lifelike digital audio is one of Sony's primary passions. From MD, DAT, and Memory Stick to this awesome CD-R/W deck, Sony keeps giving us great-sounding, user-friendly ways to record and enjoy digital music.

Just drop a CD in the RCD-W1's playback well, and a blank CD-R or CD-RW in the recording well; 4X high-speed dubbing makes a perfect whole-disc copy in under 20 minutes! Or be your own "record producer" and create mix CD-Rs a track at a time from your favorite CDs, or from external sources like MD, tape, LPs, radio, etc. Plus, you're really getting two components in one, thanks to separate back-panel jacks for the play and record wells. Hook up the RCD-W1 to a Sony dual-room/dual-source receiver and crank different tunes in two rooms at the same time!

Note: Component CD recorders let you record to CD-R (write-once recordable CD) discs or CD-RWs (rewritable CDs), for playback in almost all newer home, car and portable CD players and changers. (Check your specific model of CD player for disc compatibility.) Remember: Blank computer CDs are not compatible with audio CD recorders, so be sure to use blank audio discs (the logo on the disc's packaging must include the words "Digital Audio").


  • plays CDs, CD-Rs, CD-RWs; records to CD-Rs, CD-RWs
  • internal 4X high-speed dubbing
  • play well: optical digital and analog outputs
  • record well: optical digital and analog inputs/outputs
  • Dual Play
  • relay play
  • repeat (1 or all tracks)
  • headphone jack with volume control
  • remote control
  • SCMS (Serial Copy Management System)
  • CD playback signal-to-noise ratio 100 dB
  • 16-15/16"W x 4-1/4"H x 15-11/16"D
  • warranty: 1 year

What's in the Box:

  • Dual-well CD player/CD-R/RW dubbing deck
  • RM-R50 Wireless remote control
  • 2 "AA" batteries
  • Two 57" stereo RCA patchcords
  • Operating Instructions
  • Warranty sheet
  • Owner Registration Card
  • Important Safeguards

Hands-on research

Product Research

Inputs and Outputs


Recording Features: Note that, as with all other such players, you MUST use audio CD-Rs or CD-RWs to make recordings with this unit. The RCD-W1 cannot record onto CD-Rs or CD-RWs which are made for computer use. The words Digital Audio will appear on all compatible discs. The following recording features are available:

  • Normal and high speed (4X) dubbing using the unit's two wells:  Note that since this is a digital recording, sound quality will not be compromised by using the high speed mode. High speed dubbing can be used for entire disc dubbing only. When dubbing a programmed playback list, only normal dubbing speed is available. Since high speed dubbing depends on digital copying, when you try to dub a disc protected by SCMS the unit will automatically switch to analog dubbing at normal speed. Normal speed dubbing is used when you are making an analog copy. Note that the slower the record-dub speed, the more tolerant the unit is of errors on the blank disc. However, with most high-quality blank discs, the 4X speed should not present a problem.
  • Dubbing from an external source to the unit's CD-R/RW recorder: You can make digital or analog recordings from an external player, but, copy-protected digital source material can only be recorded in analog mode. While using the CD-R/RW deck to record from an external source, the CD Player deck can be used to play a CD.
  • Recording Level Adjustments: During analog recording, the level must be set manually. The analog recording level is set using a rotary knob on the front panel.
  • Sampling Rate Converter: This unit has a built-in sampling rate converter that will accept digital inputs from 32kHz to 48kHz. This allows you to perform a digital recording from a non-44.1kHz digital source such as a DAT or DBS unit. The sampling rate converter turns on only when a non-44.1kHz source is detected.
  • Serial Copy Management System (SCMS): As with all consumer digital recorders, this unit uses SCMS which prohibits making a digital copy from a digital copy.

CD-R/RW Playback Compatibility: The following assumes that the CD-R and/or CD-RW has been finalized (TOC fixed).  Until a CD-R/RW disc has been finalized, it will only play back on a CD-R/RW recorder.

  • CD-Rs: CD-Rs made on this unit will play on almost all newer CD players (home, auto, portables) and on double lens DVD players. They will not play on many single lens DVD players or some older CD players.
  • CD-RWs: CD-RWs will not play on most current CD players (although Philips has announced that some of their future CD players will play back CD-RWs) or on double lens DVD players. They will play back on some single lens DVD players. Note that a finalized CD-RW will play back on this deck's CD Player well.


  • CD-R: No editing of any sort is possible. Recorded time cannot be recovered. Tracks cannot be moved, edited, or erased, and cannot be numbered or re-numbered after recording. Since this unit does not have a skip id function, it is not possible to skip over mistakes. Once a CD-R has been finalized, no further editing and/or recording is possible, even if blank space is available on the disc.
  • CD-RW: On a CD-RW disc you can either (1) erase one track at a time from the end only; or (2) erase the entire disc.

Relay-Play Mode: When there is a disc in each well and a disc in one deck has played through to the end, the disc in the other deck will automatically begin to play. While the relay-play mode is active, the audio output is fed to all of the analog and digital output jacks for both decks.

Dual-Play Mode: Two discs can be played simultaneously. When two discs are playing, each deck can be independently controlled, and the output of each deck will be sent to the appropriate output jacks. This feature can be used to send signals to audio systems in two different rooms.

Playback Modes: The following playback modes are available.

  • Repeat: This unit may be set to repeat a track, a disc, Shuffle Play, or Program Play.
  • Shuffle: Functions only for one disc (you can not random play between both wells).
  • Program: You can program up to 20 tracks to play in the order of your choice. Note that a program cannot skip from disc to disc.

Inputs and Outputs

Front Panel:

  • Phones: Standard gold-plated headphone output with variable volume knob

Rear Panel:

  • CD Analog Out: Gold-plated stereo RCA analog output
  • CDR Analog Out: Gold-plated stereo RCA analog output
  • CDR Analog In: Gold-plated stereo RCA analog input
  • CD Digital Out: Toslink optical digital output with a plastic cover
  • CDR Digital Out: Toslink optical digital output with a plastic cover
  • CDR Digital In: Toslink optical digital input with a plastic cover

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