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Sony SLV-D100

DVD/CD player + HiFi VCR

Item # 158SLVD100

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Our take on the Sony SLV-D100

Double your movie fun! This space-efficient combo deck is the easy path to no-hassle enjoyment of DVD and VHS movies. Plus you get Sony-quality CD playback thrown in for free!

Double your movie fun! This space-efficient combo deck is the easy path to no-hassle enjoyment of DVD and VHS movies. Plus you get Sony-quality CD playback thrown in for free!

Sony's DVD and VCR know-how is second to none, and now you can enjoy both in one box with their SLV-D100 combo deck. Thanks to a twin laser pickup, this do-it-all design delivers a superb DVD picture, and also plays your CDs, CD-Rs and CD-RWs, and MP3-encoded CDs, too. To enjoy wraparound 5.1-channel home theater sound on DVD movies, simply connect the SLV-D100's digital output to a Dolby® Digital receiver.

A HiFi VCR continues to be a necessity, not only for recording, but because everyone has at least one favorite film that's only available on VHS. The front-panel A/V inputs make it easy to connect a camcorder. And if you own an older TV with only an antenna-style RF jack, the SLV-D100's RF output means you can watch videotapes and DVDs through one simple connection! One other feature we like is the big, bright front-panel display — it's easy to see from across the room.


    DVD player:
  • plays DVD-Video, DVD-R, and Video CD
  • plays CD, CD-R & CD-RW, and MP3 CD-R & CD-RW
  • 27MHz/10-bit video D/A converter
  • optical and coaxial digital outputs for Dolby Digital/DTS/PCM
  • composite video out for DVD/VCR; S-video & component video for DVD only
  • Virtual Surround for enhanced 2-speaker sound
  • designed for use with "Region 1" coded DVDs
  • HiFi stereo with MTS decoding
  • 4 video heads
  • Quasi S-VHS playback (VHS resolution)
  • auto clock set and channel set
  • front-panel A/V inputs
  • 181-channel tuner
  • 8-event/12-hour timer
  • no internal dubbing from DVD to VHS
  • multibrand remote (also operates most TVs)
  • RF in/out
  • 16-15/16"W x 4"H x 13-3/4"D
  • warranty: 1 year parts, 90 days labor

Consumer Alert: This component has only an analog broadcast tuner and will require a converter box after February 17, 2009, to receive over-the-air broadcasts with an antenna because of the Nation's transition to digital broadcasting. Analog-only TVs should continue to work as before with cable and satellite TV services, gaming consoles, VCRs, DVD players, and similar products. For more information, call the Federal Communications Commission at 1-888-225-5322 (TTY: 1-888-835-5322) or visit the Commission's digital television website at:

What's in the Box:

  • DVD Player/Video Cassette Recorder
  • RMT-V501 Wireless remote control
  • 2 "AA" batteries
  • 44" Audio/video card (stereo RCA jacks and an RCA composite video jack on each end)
  • 46" Coaxial cable (slip-on F-type connectors on each end)
  • Operating Instructions (English)
  • Operating Instructions (French)
  • "Note on making connections" sheet (English)
  • "Note on making connections" sheet (French)
  • Warranty sheet

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System Features
DVD Features
VCR Features
Remote Control
Inputs and Outputs Notes

System Features

Auto Setup:The first time you connect this unit, the Auto Setup procedure will automatically search for all active channels and set the clock. If Auto Setup was unable to find a local station to set the unit's internal clock, you may set the clock manually.

On-Screen Menus: The on-screen menu system allows you to set all functions for this unit. The on-screen menu language can be set to English, French, or Spanish.

Auto Power Off: You can set the auto power off to 1 hour (after the last button is pressed), 2 hours, or Off (no auto power off).

Note On Recording: It is not possible to record from DVD/Video CD/CD to VHS tape with this deck.

DVD Features

Video D/A Converter: The SLV-D100 uses a 27MHz/10-bit video digital-to-analog converter, which reduces digital artifacts for a better picture.

Audio D/A Converters: This unit features dual 96khz/24-bit audio D/A converters to ensure greater audio accuracy with every disc, especially recent releases recorded in the ultra high fidelity 96kHz/24 bit format.

MP3 Playback: This unit will play MP3 files recorded onto CD-ROM, CD-R and CD-RW discs using the ISO 9660 level 1, ISO 9660 level 2, or Joliet formats.

Component Video Output: In addition to the composite video and S-video outputs, this unit is equipped with a set of component video outputs. When connected to a television with a component video input, the component video output of this unit will provide picture color and detail that is superior to video from composite and S-video outputs. Note: The component video and S-video outputs cannot be used simultaneously. In the Setup menu, you will need to select which output you will use.

Picture Navigation: You can divide the screen into 9 subscreens and find the desired scene quickly.

Resume Function: When you stop disc play, the player remembers where you stopped, so when you press Play again, it will pick up where you left off. The stopping point is stored in memory even if the unit enters standby mode.

Variable Search: When playing back a DVD, the fast search speeds are 2x, 4x, 8x, 16x, 32x and 128x normal speed in both directions. When playing back a Video CD, you can search in either direction in 4x or 8x normal speed.

Slow Motion Play: When playing a DVD, you may move forward through the program being played in one of the following slow-motion speeds: 1/2, 1/4, or 1/8 speed.

Program Play: Up to 20 chapters and tracks can be programmed and played in any order.

Repeat Play: When playing a DVD, you can repeat the current title, current chapter, or the entire disc. When playing a Video CD or an audio CD, you can repeat the current track or the entire disc. When playing an MP3 disc, you can repeat the current track.

Random Play: When playing a DVD, you can play the titles or chapters in random order. When playing an audio CD, you can play the tracks in random order.

Bookmark: This function allows you to store bookmarks on a disc that can be easily recalled. You can bookmark up to 3 scenes at a time.

Zoom: During playback or in the pause mode of a DVD or Video CD, you can zoom in on a particular part of the screen. When the Zoom button is pressed, a magnifying glass icon will be displayed on the screen. You can move up or down, left or right to select the part of the screen you want to zoom in on. On a DVD you can zoom in either 2x or 4x normal size. On a Video CD, you can zoom in 2x normal size.

Virtual Surround: This function lets you enjoy surround sound by using sound imaging to create virtual rear speakers.

VCR Features

Super VHS Quasi Playback: This feature allows you to play S-VHS recordings using a standard VHS VCR. When S-VHS recordings are played, they are displayed with standard VHS resolution.

Recording Duration Time: After you have started recording, you can have the VCR stop recording automatically after a specified amount of time. You can choose from the following times: 0:30, 1:00, 1:30, 2:00, 2:30, 3:00, 3:30, or 4:00.

Index Function: The VCR automatically marks the tape with an index signal at the point where each recording begins.

Scan and Play: Using this function, the VCR searches for an index mark and then plays the tape for approximately 5 seconds. If you do not press the Play button, the VCR searches for the next index mark and repeats the process until the end of the tape.

0:00:00 Point: To mark a point on the tape that you want to find later, you can reset the tape counter to 0:00:00. The VCR will automatically fast-forward or rewind to the 0:00:00 point on the tape counter.

Blank Search: Using this feature, the VCR automatically searches for the beginning of a blank portion.

Tracking: Although the VCR automatically adjusts the tracking when playing a tape, distortion may occur if the recording is in poor condition. In this case, you can manually adjust the tracking.

Auto Play: When the Auto Play function is turned on, playback starts automatically when you insert a tape with the safety tab removed.

Auto Repeat: This feature allows you to play a tape repeatedly. Once a tape has finished playing, the VCR rewinds the tape to the beginning and restarts playback automatically.

Remote Control

Multibrand Remote: The remote is pre-programmed to fully operate this unit and the basic functions on other brands of TVs.

Inputs and Outputs Notes

"Alternative" Video Out: If you plan to connect the DVD/VCR to the TV using either the S-Video or Component Video outputs, you will need to select which output you are using in the "Video Out" section of the DVD Setup menu. The S-Video and Component Video outputs cannot be used simultaneously, and they work only during DVD playback; for VHS playback, the composite video or RF output connections must be used.

DVD Outputs: The DVD video signal is output through the RF, composite, S-video and component video outputs.

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