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Sony KDS-R60XBR1

60" Grand Wega SXRD™ high-definition 1080p rear-projection TV

12 Reviews

Item # 158SR60XBR

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Our take on the Sony KDS-R60XBR1

The KDS-R60XBR1 uses the SXRD (Silicon Crystal Reflective Display) projection technology that has made Sony's ultra-exclusive $30,000 Qualia™ 004 front projector and $13,000 Qualia 006 70" rear-projection TV two of the most highly acclaimed video products ever. Now you can experience this stunning picture quality in your home theater for a fraction of that cost.

The KDS-R60XBR1 uses the SXRD (Silicon Crystal Reflective Display) projection technology that has made Sony's ultra-exclusive $30,000 Qualia™ 004 front projector and $13,000 Qualia 006 70" rear-projection TV two of the most highly acclaimed video products ever. Now you can experience this stunning picture quality in your home theater for a fraction of that cost.

SXRD is a refined version of LCoS (Liquid Crystal on Silicon) display technology. The KDS-R60XBR1 uses Sony's newest high-definition SXRD image panels, each with 1920 x 1080 pixels — the highest resolution available. SXRD also boasts the highest "pixel density" of any TV available, as well as the tightest between-pixel spacing. The distance from the middle of one pixel to the middle of the next is only about 1/8 the width of a human hair! SXRD images possess jaw-dropping clarity, detail and depth, but the most striking quality is a silky smoothness that creates a more filmlike look.

The KDS-R60XBR1's exceptional color purity is one of the main advantages of using three SXRD image panels (one each for red, green, and blue signals). This 3-chip design ensures rich, radiant, rock-steady color. Sony's innovative Cinema Black Pro "dynamic iris" technology improves contrast and black level by reducing the TV's light output in dark scenes. A circuit continuously samples the brightness content of the video signal and adjusts the iris opening on the fly to deliver the best possible brightness, contrast, and black level.

As you'd expect from a top-performing HDTV, the KDS-R60XBR1 has a versatile array of inputs that will keep your system plugged in now and in the future. Along with two HD-compatible component video inputs, you'll find two pure-digital HDMI inputs, and three i.LINK ports, which permit high-def recording and playback with compatible HD recorders. A standard PC input lets you use this TV as a jumbo-sized computer display, too.

Tip: To find out if HDTV signals are available in your area, visit this helpful site and punch in your zip code.

Large Item Special Shipping: This item will be delivered and placed in any accessible room in your home. Available to physical addresses in 50 United States only. Limited delivery available to Alaska and Hawaii for $99 per item — call 1-888-955-6000 for more details. Sorry, we can't ship to P.O. Boxes or freight forwarders. Delivery takes 5-7 business days once your order has been processed. Extra charges may apply to items that must be carried up more than 5 flights of stairs. Allow extra time for delivery to remote addresses. Free return shipping not available with this model.

Product Highlights:

  • high-definition TV — receives and decodes digital standard-definition and HDTV signals from over-the-air broadcasts (antenna required) and cable TV service (CableCARD™ required)
  • widescreen 16:9 aspect ratio
  • 1080p 3-SXRD light engine (1920 x 1080 pixels)
  • ultra-fast pixel response time (2.5 milliseconds)
  • 130°(H) x 60°(V) viewing angle
  • Cinema Black Pro with Advanced Iris for improved black level and contrast
  • 10,000:1 max. contrast ratio
  • Wega Engine™ HD digital video processing
  • adjustable DRC MultiFunction V2 (upconverts video signals to near-HD quality)
  • Twin-View® Picture-in-Picture (split-screen)
  • built-in stereo speakers (15 watts x 2)
  • multibrand remote control
  • picture settings memory for each video input
  • 10 A/V inputs, including:
    • 3 composite video (2 rear, 1 front)
    • 3 S-video (2 rear, 1 front)
    • 2 component video (accepts 1080i/720p/480p/480i signals)
    • 2 HDMI digital audio/video inputs (accepts signals up to 1080i)
    • 3 i.LINK® (IEEE 1394) ports (2 rear, 1 front)
  • PC input: analog RGB (D-Sub 15-pin)
  • 2 RF inputs (1 Antenna, 1 Cable)
  • Memory Stick® slot for viewing digital photos
  • optical digital audio output for Dolby® Digital
  • 65-7/8"W x 39-5/8"H x 20-1/8"D (pedestal is 38-3/4"W x 18-1/4"D)
  • weight: 112.4 lbs.
  • warranty: 1 year parts & labor — in-home service
  • Our 60-day money-back guarantee
  • Contact your local cable provider for details regarding the availability and costs of CableCARD-related services

What's in the Box:

  • 60" SXRD High-Definition 1080p rear-projection TV
  • RM-Y914 wireless remote control
  • 2 "AA" batteries
  • Operating Instructions
  • Quick Setup Guide
  • Warranty sheet
  • Product Registration card
  • "Required Public Statement for GPL/LGPL Licensed Software Used in this Television" sheet
  • Warning sheet concerning removing remote and manual before discarding packing materials (attached to TV)
  • SonyCard (for

Sony KDS-R60XBR1 Reviews

Average Customer Review(s):

(12 Reviews)

Sony KDS-R60XBR1

Joe from Palm Beach, FL on 12/22/2006

I did alot of shopping for HD tvs, in fact I spent 6 months comparing different models. I am so happy that I shopped so long that this 60" model came out. I have had this TV for almost a year and I still can not get over how good the picture is. I never watch any show that is not broadcast in HD. I would highly recommend this set for the price.



Sony KDS-R60XBR1

Gary from Bigfork, Montana on 10/1/2006

I spent a lot of time researching large TV's before this purchase. I did not find, and cannot imagine a better quality TV picture, or going to anything smaller than 60". It was an easy set-up, and has amazing quality viewing of all channels, DVD, and especially HD programing. I have had it for a year and am still in awe everytime I turn it on, and never go to the theaters anymore. Do not expect much with the built-in speakers, just use them until you can get a nice set. Speak to a Crutchfield representative to get a high quality amp/receiver, HD-DVD with HDMI, and excellent quality speakers to go with it, like I did, and you, too, will be amazed and thrilled with what you experience, and happy with your decision. Go for it!



Great bang for your buck!

Gary from Mesa, AZ on 7/17/2006

I was looking for a new great HD set and purchased the Samsung 55". What a waste of time. I have always purchased Sony and tried the Samsung and I hated it. Thanks Crutchfield for taking it back. I have had this set for a few months now and feel I can rate it now. All HD looks terrific for those that have not had it or don't know the difference between 720p and 1080p. There is only one way to go and that is 1080p and there is only one TV in this price range worth buying and that is this SXRD. I have had 3 HD TV's so far and this set is as good as it gets. I wanted some bang for my $ when I upgraded and the SXRD delivered. It is said that you can not beat a CRT HD TV for picture quality. Wrong. I think the CRT has met its match with the SXRD. Buy the stand too it is awesome. Sony engineered a master piece of style and function with their stand a lesson Samsung needs to learn as their stand for the 55" is terrible nightmare. The TV is not even secured to the Samsung stand! Be the hero in your family and buy this TV. You will be very happy that you did and I know you won't send it back for the Samsung DLP. I love this TV! Crutchfield took my Samsung back with no extra charges. I'll bet I would not have found that kind of service or support anywhere else and that is why I always buy from Crutchfield. No worries, no problems just great products from service oriented company.




Jeff from Abilene, TX. on 5/23/2006

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

First of all, Crutchfields delivery was better than expected. Product arrived on time and in perfect shape. Worked right out of the box. Only change that you should be aware of is change the Picture from Standard to Pro. Much better picture. The TV is working perfectly. No green blob that I have been reading about. I have DirecTV HD and an XBox 360 with HDMI and component connections respectively. I absolutely love it. I would recommend this TV to anyone.




Jason from Martinsburg, WV on 4/29/2006

All's I can say is Wow, I kept looking at the 60 inch for a while hoping that it might come down in price. But finally decided it was time to buy and I am most impressed with the easy operation of this TV. The picture is phenominal, I have DirecTv HD service hooked up through the HDMI input. I did buy the matching stand and it is a very well put together stand. The only negative thing about the purchase is we need more HD programing




ditcin from Staten Island, NY on 2/26/2006

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

The 50in that came delivered had incredible color and contrast, even with DVDs. The color is just eye popping - Sony color is the best. However, There is a running problem with these sets that no reviewer has had the guts to embrace. There is a weird green tint that is noticable upon turn on. Sony states it will go away - but it didn't on mine. It is most noticable during gray or certain white segments of the picture. It is extremely noticable during B&W movies. There is also a blue tint to blacks on one set I had, as well as a surround blue/purple boarder on another. For test, just choose the memory stick option on the remote and that menu screen will pop up. Because it's all gray the green tint with rear it's ugly head. I exchanged this 50in with a 60in but found that too was defective. That was exchanged for final time for another 60in. I've always trusted and loved Sony products thinking of them with a higher standard - but allowing this problem to continue I have to now wonder. In all this I also must state Chutchfield has been there on my side. They have been very generous with exchanges in hope of getting me a good working set. I don't blame them for ending it at #3. I've dealt with them for over 20yrs and would even with this problem I would gladly come back for future purchases.



Sony KDS-R60XBR1

Sam from Texas on 2/3/2006

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I had done quite a bit of preliminary study and dilly-dallying before buying this TV. Since industy-wide quality was going up and prices were going down....I waited. However, one has to jump in sooner or later, so I decided in December 2005 the time had come.<BR><BR>Having read a lot of product reviews, I had concluded at that time the Sony SXRD was the way to go. I also decided I would go all the way and get the 60". And, having previously traded with Crutchfield to get some much smaller items, I had been pleased with their service, and thought I would pay just a little bit more and buy from them to be assured of quality customer service and tech support.<BR><BR>I ordered the TV, stand, plus some peripherals, and less than a week later, it was here. Everything was safely shipped and arrived in good condition. Tech support helped me fill in the gaps in getting up to speed with new technologies, etc.<BR><BR>Now about the TV---the HD picture is nothing short of amazing! Even after a month,I sometimes find myself glossing over the program content because I am lost in astonishment about the picture quality.<BR><BR>When I first set it up, I wondered a little bit if the 60" might be a little too large, and whether I might should have gone with the 50". It didn't take long, though, to realize my first instinct was right! Get the largest one you can.<BR><BR>I have nothing but good things to say about this TV. And Crutchfield is #1 in customer service.<BR><BR>Now if Crutchfield could just provide more HD content....maybe they can work on that next. :)<BR><BR>



Sony KDS-R60XBR1

Bill from Austin, Texas on 1/10/2006

After the 13 year old Sony XBR 60" decided to give up the ghost, I called a friend for his advice. He touted the new SXRD as having the finest quality picture he had ever seen. Sold!! Got it delivered 2 hours before watching my very first ever HD program..Texas vs.USC in the Rose Bowl. Needless to say, I am totally blown away by this TV. Ease of operation and picture quality are bar none!



Wow - Great Service - Even Better Product

Jeremy from Northern MN on 11/17/2005

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I got the TV just in time as I would be laid up for a few days due to me having surgery. I had purchased a 60" Sony XBR 2 years ago this same month from Crutchfield. After a few weeks I decided I wasn't happy with the TV's picture quality and sent it back with no problem at all.<BR><BR>This year I did some research and decided to go with this model and I am extremely happy. The delivery company had it to me in 6 days and set it on the stand. I had purchased the $499 stand and got that 2 days prior as the TV was out of stock. At first the picture quality didn't hit me as great, I made a few adjustments in the menu and bam! I am very happy with the picture. The sound quality is great too al though I purchased a Theater system as well.<BR><BR>If you are trying to decide on a TV I've looked everywhere before making this purchase. This is a nice unit. Read some reviews or go check them out in stores - I went with Crutchfield for the 5 year warranty and the 18 month finance (I'm stretching this one over the next 2 tax returns!) and I've been buying from them for the past 11 years and haven't had any issues.



No More Waiting For The Ultimate HDTV!

Michael from Calumet, MIchigan on 11/10/2005

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I've been waiting for several years to get on the HDTV bandwagon; all of the sets I have seen (plasma, LCD, RPTV, DLP, etc.) have been disappointing; none could compare to my nearly 5 year-old Sony KV-36XBR400, also purchased from Crutchfield. After seeing the Sony SXRD in action, and reading a couple of favorable reviews, I knew it was the one. No worries about shipping and delivery when you order from Crutchfield; this TV arrived in perfect condition (the Tip'n'Tell feature on the box is a nice touch) and once I set it up and turned it on, I knew I had made the right choice. This TV simply has the best HD picture I've ever seen. Sitting about 10-11 feet back from this 60 incher is quite an experience; Discovery HD Theater is nothing short of amazing. Take the set out of Vivid Mode for starters, and after some tweaking of the settings, you're good to go. I'm using the HDMI connection from my DirecTV HiDef satellite receiver/Tivo recorder; my upcoming winter evenings here in Northern Michigan are now booked!



Great TV, could be better

sandy from LA. CA on 11/4/2005

This TV would've gotten 5 stars if I just judging by picture quality/sharpness alone.<BR><BR>In my opinion, it has a better picture than most 1080p DLP. I had a chance to compared the 2 technologies side by side, the SXRD (LCoS) has a more natural look than DLP. I'm not slamming DLP. I already have a DLP set and was all ready to buy the new 1080 DLP but I wanted to wait until I got a look at Sony's SXRD. I'm glad I did. The DLP look was much more artificial. The rainbow effect never really bothered me but if you can get rid of it, why not? I wasn't too keen on LCoS tech having seen JVC's before, but it seems like SXRD was a big step forward. Color representation on the Sony was excellent.<BR><BR>The only reason why I'm docking it one star is because it's not that PC friendly. It only has a maximum 1280x1024 resolution in the PC input port and it doesn't fill the screen. The only way to fill the screen is to drop down to 1280x720. Why not the full 1920x1080?<BR><BR>The other minor hitch is the remote control is inadequate for the TV. It doesn't give you adequate control over any DVD player and I have a Sony DVD player. No menu/cursor navigation, just play, stop, pause, FF, REV, and chapter skip. Also, no preprogramming for TiVo.<BR><BR>Just 2 bad oversights on a TV of this caliber.<BR><BR>Sound/Speaker quality is good.<BR><BR>I would've bought the TV from Crutchfield if it wasn't for the problem with the extended warranty not being valid in California. Besides that, Crutchfield has the best customer service.<BR>



Sony KDS-R60XBR1

AZEqualizer from Phoenix AZ on 10/21/2005

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

This set just makes you want to have all content be HD. You will even want to watch all the filler at the begining of a show just to be amazed at how sharp and real it looks. <BR>The Light Iris which limits the lamp brightness does a wonderful job of making those dark sceens look the way they should. <BR>Easy to set up, lots of features and different connections. <BR>This is home entertainment at its best




Hands-on research

Features and Specs

Screen Type SXRD
Screen Size 60"
Aspect Ratio 16:9
Resolution (pixels) 1920 x 1080
Picture In Picture 2 Tuner
1080i Compatible Yes
720p Compatible Yes
CableCard Compatible ---
Audio Output Power 15 watts x 2
Parts Warranty 1 Year
Labor Warranty 1 Year
Type of Warranty Service In-home
Power Consumption
Power On (Manufacturer) Not Given
Standby (Manufacturer) Not Given
Width (inches) 65-7/8
Height (inches) 39-5/8
Depth (inches) 20-1/8
Footprint Width (inches) 38-3/4
Footprint Depth (inches) 18-1/4
Weight 112.44 lbs
Analog Inputs & Outputs
RF Inputs 2
Total Video Inputs 10
Digital Inputs & Outputs
System Link Control S

Product Research

Memory Stick Slot
Remote Control
Inputs and Outputs Notes


SXRD Technology: SXRD is a refined version of LCoS (Liquid Crystal on Silicon) display technology. SXRD employs three Silicon X-tal Reflective Display panels, which aid in the response time of image changes and movement. SXRD delivers high-level resolution, greater contrast ratio, faster response speed and film-like reproduction compared to other conventional devices.

HDTV: The KDS-R60XBR1 has a built-in ATSC tuner that will receive over-the-air and cable High Definition signals without the need for a separate DTV set-top box. With its HD-compatible component video and HDMI inputs, the TV can also display programs in High Definition from high-end DVD players and set-top boxes. In addition, the TV also includes an NTSC tuner for analog broadcasts, and is CableCARD ready.

CableCARD: CableCARD provides cable subscribers with access to digitally encrypted cable channels without the need for a separate set-top box. With CableCARD, you can receive both standard definition and high definition programming. The CableCARD, provided by the cable TV company, inserts into the TV's rear panel CableCARD slot.

Native Resolution: The KDS-R60XBR1 has three high-definition SXRD image panels, each with 1920 x 1080 pixels. Each panel has 2 million pixels, so there is no loss of detail. SXRD preserves every pixel of the source, and brings the full 1080 lines to the screen without interlacing, displaying the signal at 1080p. The resulting picture has incredible clarity and a smooth, filmlike quality.

WEGA Engine System: Sony's Proprietary WEGA Engine System delivers superb picture quality from any video source by minimizing the signal deterioration caused by digital to analog conversion and stabilizing the signal processing. This engine features 3 key technologies engineered and designed by Sony:

  • Composite Component Processor (CCP-X): The first step in the digital processing system is the Composite Component Processor (CCP-X), which enhances the input signal-to-noise ratio by chroma decoder digital processing.
  • DRC (Digital Reality Creation)-MF V2: Unlike conventional line doublers, the DRC Multifunction feature replaces the signal's NTSC waveform with the near-HD equivalent by digital mapping processing. The DRC Palette option lets you customize the level of detail (Reality) and smoothness (Clarity) to create up to three custom palettes.
  • IFP (Image Format Processor): The Digital Texture Enhancer function of this chip provides the optimal contrast by utilizing a wide dynamic range. This chip also reduces signal noise while maintaining image sharpness.

Advanced Iris: This advanced iris shutter opens and closes automatically according to the incoming signal level. This results in brighter whites and better overall contrast in dark scenes.

DRC Modes: You can choose from the following DRC advanced video options to create a high-resolution picture with 4x density for high quality sources:

  • Mode 1: recommended for moving pictures
  • Mode 2: recommended for still images and text
  • CineMotion: provides an optimized display by automatically detecting film content and applying a reverse 3-2 pulldown process. Moving pictures will appear clearer and more natural-looking.

BN Smoother: To reduce noise caused by the digital video encoding and decoding process, you can activate the BN Smoother feature. It is especially effective for watching a DVD or digital TV picture. You can select High, Medium, Low, or Off.

Note: This feature is not available for 480p, 720p, or 1080i sources, or when using Twin View, Freeze, or Memory Stick.

Advanced Video Settings: In addition to the DRC Modes, DRC Palette, and the BN Smoother, the Advanced Video Settings menu also features the following:

  • Color Corrector: makes the colors more vivid; you can select High, Low, or Off
  • DTE: enhances the texture of the picture; you can select High, Medium, Low, or Off
  • Clear White: emphasizes the white colors; you can select On or Off
  • Detail Enhancer: sharpens picture definition; you can select High, Medium, Low, or Off
  • Black Corrector: enhances the black colors and gives the picture strong contrast; you can select High, Medium, Low, or Off
  • Gamma Corrector: adjusts the balance between bright and dark areas of the picture; you can select High, Medium, Low, or Off
  • White Balance: allows you to adjust the white color intensity by changing the red, green, and blue levels

S-master Full Digital Amplifier: The built-in S-master Full Digital Amplifier delivers superb clear dialog and reproduces the original sound quality while minimizing any sound fragmentation or jitter noise. The amplifier delivers 15 watts per channel to the left and right speakers.

Optical Engine: The Sony optical engine provides a high-resolution picture from corner to corner across the entire screen. It also renders an image with high-brightness utilizing a 120W UHP (Ultra High Pressure) Lamp (Model XL-5100) that you can easily replace.

Note: No lamp life information is provided.

Program Guide: This TV is equipped to show program information if it is available from the station. The Program Guide lets you review program information, and select both analog and digital channels.

Twin View: Twin View allows you to watch two programs side-by-side with the ability to zoom in on one picture and listen to the program in the selected window. You can watch pictures from two different sources simultaneously. 

Freeze Function: This function allows you to temporarily capture a program's picture. The TV switches to Twin View mode and displays the "frozen" picture on the right, while the current program continues on the left. This function only works in normal view mode; if you are in Twin View mode already, it will not work.

Favorite Channel Preview: This feature allows you to preview up to 16 favorite channels without leaving the current channel. The preview is shown in the upper right corner with the favorite channel list shown below, while the current channel appears in the left 3/4 of the screen.

Video Mode: You can select Vivid, Standard, or Pro. The Vivid setting enhances picture contrast and sharpness. The Standard setting displays a standard picture for normal viewing environments. The Pro setting displays a picture with minimum enhancements. You can set a Video mode independently for each video input.

Wide Screen Modes: You can select a default screen mode to use for 4:3 sources. While watching a channel, you can use the Wide Mode button to cycle through the wide screen modes. If the 4:3 Default is set to anything but Off, the wide screen mode setting changes only for the current channel. When you change channels, the wide mode is automatically replaced with the 4:3 Default setting. You can choose from the following screen wide screen mode options:

  • Wide Zoom: enlarges the center portion of the picture and stretches the left and right edges to fill the screen
  • Normal: returns the 4:3 picture to normal mode with side bars to fill the screen
  • Full: enlarges the 4:3 picture horizontally only to fill the wide screen
  • Zoom: enlarges the 4:3 picture horizontally and vertically to an equal aspect ratio that fills the screen

Power Saving: You can view the picture with reduced power consumption by selecting the Power Saving mode. The picture becomes darker, but the black level is enhanced. To view the picture without the benefit of Power Saving, you can select "Standard" mode.

Steady Sound: This feature stabilizes the volume level, preventing unwanted blasts of sound during commercials.

Surround Effects: To enhance the sound, you can select one of three surround effect modes:

  • Virtual Dolby: for surround sound effects for Dolby Surround-encoded programs only
  • TruSurround: adds a three-dimensional sound to stereo programs
  • Simulated: adds a surround-like effect to mono-channel programs.

Sleep Timer: The sleep timer switches the television off after a specified amount of time. The sleep timer can be set to 15, 30, 45, 60, or 90 minutes.

Timers: This unit has two timers that can be set by day, time, duration, and channel.

Optional TV Stand: The TV can be mounted on the optional Sony SU-GW12 stand (item # 158SUGW12).

Memory Stick Slot

Memory Stick Viewer: This television has a front-panel Memory Stick slot that is compatible with JPEG images taken with Sony digital still cameras and MPEG1 movies taken with Sony digital cameras and camcorders. The slot will accept Memory Stick Duo and Memory Stick PRO Duo without having to use a Memory Stick Duo adapter. The Memory Stick viewer is compatible with Memory Stick, Memory Stick PRO (up to 1GB), Memory Stick Duo and PRO Duo (up to 1GB), and Memory Stick with Memory Select function.

Memory Stick Index: The Memory Stick Index displays up to 15 thumbnail images of the files stored on a Memory Stick. You can individually highlight and display any image in the Index.

Viewing Still Images: When viewing a still image, you can rotate the image 90 degrees clockwise or counterclockwise. In addition, you can zoom in and out and pan up/down/left/right to view a portion of the picture.

Playing Movies: When viewing a movie on a Memory Stick, you can enlarge the movie window for easier viewing. During playback, you can pause the movie or move to the previous or next movie on the Memory Stick.

Slide Show: You can view JPEG images or MPEG1 movies in a Slide Show. During Slide Show playback, you can choose one of the following interval speeds: Fast (3 seconds), Medium (6 seconds), Slow (12 seconds), or Manual Advance. If you desire to have music playing during the slide show, you can start playing back a built-in MP3 file of piano music.

Remote Control

Multibrand Remote: The supplied remote is pre-programmed to operate this unit and a number of functions on other brands of A/V components, including DVD players, laserdisc players, VCRs,  cable boxes, and satellite receivers.

Inputs and Outputs Notes

HDMI Inputs: The TV features two HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) inputs that provide an uncompressed, all-digital audio/video interface between the TV and any HDMI-equipped device, such as a DTV set-top box, DVD player or A/V receiver. HDMI supports enhanced or high-definition video, plus multi-channel digital audio. You can also connect a DVI-equipped device to the TV via an HDMI-DVI adapter cable. Since a DVI connection does not output audio, you will also need to connect an audio cable from the DVI-equipped device to the TV. One of the two HDMI inputs has an audio input.

i.LINK: The TV has three i.LINK inputs, one on the front panel and two on the rear-panel, allowing the display to be used with compatible i.LINK-equipped A/V components.

Note: These terminals are not intended for use with personal computers.

Component Video Inputs: The two component video inputs will accept 1080i, 720p, 480p and 480i signals.

Audio Out: The TV has a rear-panel audio output, which consists of left and right RCA audio jacks. Using the menu, you can choose Fixed or Variable audio output. The audio jacks are only operable when the TV's built-in speakers are turned off.

Optical Output: You can use the TV's optical digital audio output to connect a Dolby Digital/PCM-compatible digital audio device, such as an audio amplifier.

Control S: Control S allows you to control the TV and other Sony equipment with one remote control. There are two Control S connections; both 3.5mm mini-jacks, one in and one out.

Our Product Research Team

At Crutchfield, you'll get detailed, accurate information that's hard to find elsewhere. That's because we have our own in-house Product Research team. They verify what’s in the box, check the owner's manual, and record dimensions, features and specs. We stay on top of new products and technologies to help people make informed choices.