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Sony Cyber-shot® DSC-WX150

18-megapixel digital camera with 10X optical zoom (Black)

7 Reviews

Item # 158WX150K

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Our take on the Sony Cyber-shot® DSC-WX150

It's probably smaller than your mobile phone. It's sleek, with a well-machined feel. And yet, this little wonder that you just one-handed out of your shirt pocket is ready for fast-snapping action at a moment's notice. Quick-moving subjects, like a racing event or kids running by? Trust the 10 frames-per-second continuous mode to get you the shot you need. You're in motion too? Active mode image stabilization will take the hitches out of your shot, even while walking. Need full-motion video? The Sony DSC-WX150 has you covered there as well, with lush, full 1080/60i images.

Smooth performer with killer specs

It's probably smaller than your mobile phone. It's sleek, with a well-machined feel. And yet, this little wonder that you just one-handed out of your shirt pocket is ready for fast-snapping action at a moment's notice. Quick-moving subjects, like a racing event or kids running by? Trust the 10 frames-per-second continuous mode to get you the shot you need. You're in motion too? Active mode image stabilization will take the hitches out of your shot, even while walking. Need full-motion video? The Sony DSC-WX150 has you covered there as well, with lush, full 1080/60i images.

Making you look good

This camera is full of thoughtful touches that are just itching to make the photograper look like a pro. First, there's a high-speed autofocus that excels in picking out your subject from its background. Face detection, smile detection, and overall automatic scene detection modes take it from there, ensuring that all you'll capture is the fun of the day.

Front row? Right this way

The 10X optical zoom on the sharp Sony G lens is enough magnification power to take you a long way, but combine it with Sony's intelligent, interpolating Clear Image digital zoom and you can zoom up to 20X, while still capturing crisp, resonant shots. With an 18-megapixel Exmor R CMOS sensor on-board, this is a camera that knows how to make the most of what light the lens gathers. And given just how portable the 'WX150 is, it's going to be doing a lot of gathering.

    • 18.2-megapixel effective recording
    • 10X optical zoom (20X with Clear Image interpolation)
    • records photos and video onto optional SD, SDHC, and SDXC memory cards, and Memory Stick® PRO Duo™ media
    • 3" LCD screen (460,000 dots)
    • delivers 1080/60 interlaced frames-per-second HD video
    • 35mm equivalent lens focal length: 27.5-275mm (16:9 still mode)
    Special Features:
    • light-sensitive Sony G lens provides impressive low light performance
    • Optical SteadyShot™ image stabilization with Active mode for blur-free movies, even while walking
    • superior auto mode chooses perfect scene mode for your shooting situation
    • natural flash controls white balance of both the background and foreground subjects
    • 3D panorama mode assembles several images into one continuous photo
    • advanced "Exmor R" CMOS sensor for sharp photos even in low light
    • soft skin mode reduces the appearance of blemishes and wrinkles without affecting the rest of the shot
    • face detection controls focus and exposure for accurate portraits
    • smile recognition holds shutter response until the camera detects that your subject is smiling
    • anti-blink function captures two images and records the one with the least amount of squinting
    • scene recognition chooses the appropriate scene mode based on your subject and shooting environment
    • motion detection adjusts ISO sensitivity and increases the shutter speed when movement is detected, reducing blur in moving subjects and faces
    • Background Defocus mode creates eye-catching photos with the subject sharply defined against a blurred background
    Connections and Dimensions:
    Supplied Accessories:
    • rechargeable lithium ion battery (NP-BN)
    • AC adapter
    • micro USB cable
    • wrist strap
    • software CD-ROM

    What's in the Box:

    • Digital still camera (black)
    • Wrist strap
    • NP-BN Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery (3.6 Volts/2.3 Wh/630 mAh)
    • AC-UB10 AC adapter (5 Volts/0.5 Amps)
    • 40" USB cable (has Type A USB on one end and micro USB connector on the other end)
    • Instruction Manual (English/Spanish)
    • Warranty sheet
    • Online registration sheet
    • PlayMemories Home sheet
    • Accessories brochure

    Takes amazing lowlight photos!

    J., Lincoln , Ne.


    Sony Cyber-shot® DSC-WX150 Reviews

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    (7 Reviews)

    Catching up

    J. from Lincoln , Ne. on 2/17/2013

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Takes amazing lowlight photos!

    Pros: Great overall camera

    Cons: None so far

    Sony Cyber-shot® DSC-WX150

    Linda J from Brainerd, MN on 1/28/2013

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    I am happy with this camera. I chose it based on professional review research on the internet. I was tired of inferior grade pictures from cameras I've blindly bought at local stores. I am not a professional and do not want to learn how to adjust everything manually for a good picture so was looking for the best quality "auto-focus" camera that I could afford. The features that I was most concerned about were clear pictures; anti-blue; simplicity & speed.

    Pros: takes very good, clear pictures; speed is better than any camera I've owned; anti-blur feature is great

    Cons: Was trying to take indoor pictures at night but the lighting on the photos didn't seem accurate - in fact, I noticed some pictures had a warm, "yellow" hue while others had a clear, "blue" hue, (as in light bulb hues) - I'm wondering if it's because I use fluorescent light bulbs throughout my home?

    Sony DSC-WX150 The Great..

    Knobster from Santa Clara, CA on 1/12/2013

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    I have use many digital cameras in the last 15 years from Canon, Nikon, Fuji, Pentax you name it. Depending on the application you might need three different types of cameras for three different jobs. For example I always like the picture quality of Canon and Fuji cameras for still pictures. Now for HD videos I like Panasonic and Sony cameras with the AVCHD features for stunning video quality. So that's two camera right there alone. The new Sony DSC-WX150 puts it all in a small compact package so there no need to have three cameras 1. A HD camcorder. 2. A small compact point and shoot general purpose camera. 3 A full size SLR for professional photos. This little camera does all those things very well. Now there will always be those hardcore photographers that might say otherwise, but for a well-balanced compact camera you just can't beat it.

    Pros: Stunning picture quality, Videos are true HD and you could still use the zoom feature in video mode. Price is around $225 performance to price ratio you just can't beat it with a stick.

    Cons: The only thing that's even remotely bad about this camera is the zoom is only 10x However is a small compact , and that's about all you would expect from a compact.

    Hit and Miss, Mostly Miss!

    Joe from Canton, OH on 10/31/2012

    My Canon is as dependable as the day is long. I know its limits, and I know that I can count on it take decent focused, non-blurry pictures just about every time, unless I try something stupid like zooming all the way out at night. Indoors and out I never miss a shot of my kids even when they are moving AND I am moving... unless it is due to the shutter lag or flash recharge time. I assumed a modern Sony with the stabalizaiton system they brag about and the incredible array of settings they bombarded it with could at least be reliable, even if I didn't like the tone like I do the Canon. Wrong. It can not catch my kids at any setting. No blur setting is probably the worst- very blurry pix. Hi ISO- blurry. I tried every setting, even with flash where it is allowed by the camera, and I can not find one that takes consistently non-blurry pix. And my kids aren't doing jumping jax- I mean maybe they open their mouth or turn their head. I am getting about 1/10 good shots. Those ones tend to be stellar. But that's a pretty bad ratio, and I'd prefer the solid good 9.8/10 of my Canon. Also, I agree with the review titled "so-so" about so many things. They do look incredibly over-processed (when you finally get a non-blurry shot). It looks like a painting. I would like to hope studying the manual and learning the ins and out of the thing will help, but I must admit I have tested it pretty rigorously. I truly with I'd bought another Canon.

    Pros: The blue metal one is undeniably pretty When it nails it, it nails it (that just isn't very predictable or often) crazy long zoom in a tiny box like the setting that makes it b&w with only one selected color video quality looks great- much better than the pix- maybe I'll leave it on that and frame grab so I can get some decent shots! continuous mode takes plenty of shots fast (but most are unusable b/c of blur) colors quality seems pleasing & pix are sharp when not blurred or unfocused

    Cons: when you use settings that (attempt to) make it functional like intelligent auto, anti-blur, low-light, etc shot-shot time is slow- negates speed advantage cheap, tiny, hard to use dial to choose settings from digital display- VERY awkward and slow b/c of the fragility of it inconsistent performance (or consistently poor with flashes of brilliance!) over-processed images look sharp but fake Blur- can not catch my kids with the slightest movement no "kids & pets" ("pets" doesn't work for kids


    Gene from Hawaii on 10/9/2012

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Bought the camera as an upgrade to a few year old Panasonic point and shoot of similar size. I went with the Sony because of it's supposed speed and better low light abilities and 1080 video. The low light photos are better, but with way too much noise reduction. They look like paintings in many shots. The video is much better. The 10X zoom is convenient. But the camera is not all that fast. There's no sport scene option. The super intelligent auto mode takes forever to process every photo taken. The P mode suffers from poor and inconsistent exposures. The AF tracking has a mind of its own. It rarely hits and tracks what you want it to unless you're zoomed in or really close so nothing else is in the frame. It needs to start in the middle of the frame to make it easier to track what you want. Continuous shooting is limited to 10 frames. Processing is slow. The zoom control scales WAY too fast. Nearly impossible to get the zoom you want, plus it flies through to the "intelligent" zoom way to easy. The OIS is not that effective especially in video. The screen I would rate as below average. Very difficult to see in the day and not very sharp for 460K. It also smudges something awful and is difficult to clean. The build is really lightweight flimsy feeling plastic. Which is good and bad. Good that it's really light, bad in that it doesn't feel like it will last long. My Panasonic is mostly metal and not that much heavier. I've run out of room but the list goes on....

    Pros: Light. Photos are OK for the price. Video is decent.

    Cons: From the above review too many to list apparently. But for the price I wasn't expecting much and got what I was really expecting. I wish I had the money for the RX100 instead. 3 stars based on price I guess and compared to what else is available. 2 stars on performance/photo quality etc.... There're reasons why I own a D700 and DSLRs continue to sell well.

    Great Camera

    Sony Fan from Osceola, WI on 8/28/2012

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    I needed to replace our old digital camera that had many miles on it. I have two small kids and taking the picture quickly is often the difference between capturing a good picture and a blurry mess. I am no expert in photography, but this camera has many features for the amateur. There are a few features that help to set this camera apart. First it has a quick shutter so you can capture moments in motion clearly. You can also take a series of pictures in succession so you can choose the best option. I also enjoy the panorama option and the 10x zoom.

    Pros: Zoom, quick shutter, 10 snap shots in 10 seconds.

    Cons: Battery life.

    amazing point and shoot

    snapshot Dave from Santa Barbara, CA on 8/6/2012

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Easy to use with a large number of special effects that are easy to access. I like the smooth skin for portraits and watercolor effects especially. Great lens with 10x optical. I get more pictures with a camera available in my pocket than carrying a large one around my neck. This camera takes many pics of the same quality.




    Hands-on research

    Features and Specs

    LCD Screen Size 3"
    Adjustable-angle LCD No
    Wi-Fi No
    Touchscreen No
    Waterproof No
    GPS-enabled No
    Lens 35mm Equivalent 25 - 250mm
    Optical Zoom 10x
    Digital Zoom 2x
    Filter Diameter N/A
    Manual Focusing No
    Manual Exposure No
    Built-in Flash Yes
    HDMI Output Mini
    Internal Memory 19 MB
    Memory Media Memory Stick PRO Duo + PRO-HG Duo
    Sensor Size 1/2.3" CMOS
    Megapixels 18.2
    Image Stabilization Optical + Digital
    Highest Resolution 4896 x 3672
    4K Video No
    Video Resolution 1920 x 1080, 1280 x 720
    Width (inches) 3-3/4
    Height (inches) 2-5/16
    Depth (inches) 0-7/8
    Weight With Battery (ounces) 4.7
    Parts Warranty 1 Year
    Labor Warranty 1 Year

    Product Research

    Recording Features
    View, Edit, And Print Images
    Battery Information
    Inputs and Outputs
    Supplied Software

    Recording Features

    3" LCD Screen: The Sony Cyber-shot DSC-WX150 digital camera has a 3.0" Clear Photo LCD display with 460,000 dots. The LCD brightness control lets you set the brightness from 1 (dark) to 5 (bright). The camera does not include a separate viewfinder.

    Dual Media: This camera has 19 MB of internal memory. This camera is also compatible with the following recording media: Memory Stick Duo (still images only), Memory Stick PRO Duo (Mark 2 only for movie recording), Memory Stick Pro-HG Duo, SD, SDHC, and SDXC memory cards (Class 4 or higher).

    Image Recording Formats: The camera records still images in JPEG format. Moving images with stereo audio are recorded in AVCHD (H.264) and MPEG-4 format.

    Image Sensor: For optimal image quality, the camera uses a 7.76mm (1/2.3") color Exmor R CMOS image sensor with approximately 18.9-million total pixels and 18.2-million effective pixels.

    G-Series Lens: Designed and manufactured to the highest standards of optical performance, the Sony G-Lens is optimized to perfectly complement the advanced image sensors and image processing technology in Sony's cameras. The DSC-WX150 camera features a wide-angle G-series lens that will widen your view and capture more of the city, landscape, or group portrait.  The lens has a 10x optical zoom and a focal length of 25mm to 250mm (35mm equivalent) for still images, 27.5-275mm for 16:9 movies and 33.5-335mm for 4:3 movies. It has an aperture range of F3.3 to F8.0 (W) and F5.9 to F16 (T).

    Clear Image/Digital Zoom: In addition to the 10x optical zoom, you can reach higher zoom scales by engaging the Clear Image Zoom or the Digital Zoom, or both. The amount of zoom depends upon the image size as follows:

    Image Size Optical Zoom Digital Zoom
    (includes 10x Optical Zoom)
    Clear Image Zoom Maximum Zoom Scale
    18M 10x 10x 20x 40x
    10M 10x 13x 26x 53x
    5M 10x 18x 37x 75x
    VGA 10x 76x 153x 153x
    16:9 (13M) 10x 10x 20x 40x
    16:9 (2M) 10x 25x 51x 102x

    Optical SteadyShot: With Optical SteadyShot image stabilization, the DSC-WX150 uses a built-in gyro sensor to compensate for shaky hands, minimize blur, brighten images, and allow flash-free shooting to preserve the mood.

    Still Image Sizes: When recording digital still images, the DSC-WX150 allows you to choose from six image sizes:

    • 18M (4896 x 3672)
    • 10M (3648 x 2736)
    • 5M (2592 x 1944)
    • VGA (640 x 480)
    • 16:9-12M (4896 x 2752)
    • 16:9-2M (1920 x 1080)

    3D Image Sizes: The camera can record 3D still images in two sizes: 4:3 18M (4896 x 3672) and 16:9 13M (4896 x 2752). To view 3D images, you will need to connect the camera to a 3D-capable TV via HDMI.

    Recording Movies: Besides recording still images, you can also record movies in AVCHD or MPEG-4 formats. Available image sizes and movie quality include:

    Movie Format/Quality Average Bit-rate Image Size
    AVC HD FX 24 Mbps 1920 x 1080/60i
    AVC HD FH 17 Mbps 1920 x 1080/60i
    AVC HD HQ 9 Mbps 1440 x 1080/60i
    MP4 12M 12 Mbps 1440 x 1080/30fps
    MP4 6M 6 Mbps 1280 x 720/30fps
    MP4 3M 3 Mbps 640 x 480/30fps

    Note: You can shoot continuously for approximately 29 minutes. Maximum MPEG-4 movie file size is approximately 2 GB.

    Burst Mode: The burst mode lets you shoot multiple images when you press and hold down the shutter release. Up to 10 images can be recorded at the highest resolution (18M) at approximately 2 to 10 frames per second. Focus, White Balance, and Exposure Value (EV) are set with the first image.

    Self-Timer: You can set the Self-Timer mode to a 10-second or 2-second delay so you can be in the picture. You can also select two Self-Portrait Timer modes which will capture the image 2 seconds after the face of one person or two people are detected.

    Focus Modes: You can select from three auto focusing methods:

    • Multi AF: The camera focuses in nine areas around the center of the frame. This method is helpful when your subject is not centered in the frame.
    • Center AF: The camera focuses on a subject in the center of the frame. By pressing the shutter release halfway, you can lock the focus on your subject and recompose your shot with the subject off center.
    • Spot AF: The camera focuses on a very small area in the center of the frame.

    Tracking Focus: If you are trying to photograph a moving subject, you can use the tracking focus feature to keep the subject in focus as it moves around the frame. If Face Detection and tracking focus are used at the same time, the camera will track a selected face if it is registered with the camera.

    AF Illuminator: The AF (auto focus) Illuminator briefly provides fill light to focus more easily on a subject in dark surroundings. You can set the AF Illuminator to Auto or Off.

    Face Detection: Face Detection technology detects up to eight individual faces and controls flash, focus, exposure, and white balance to deliver accurate, natural skin tones with reduced red-eye. It can also give priority to children or adults. You can also select and register an individual's face to be given priority.

    Anti-Blink Function: The Anti-blink function works to help counter blinking and squinting. When the camera is set to Soft Snap, the Anti-blink function captures two images, recording only the photo with less squinting. If a blink is detected in other shooting modes, a warning will be displayed after you take the shot so you can determine whether or not you need to take another shot.

    Smile Shutter Mode: The Smile Shutter technology automatically detects and captures a smiling face. Simply activate by pressing the Smile Shutter button and the camera will capture a smile the moment it happens. You can adjust the degree of Smile Detection Sensitivity as desired.

    Scene Recognition: Scene Recognition mode automatically detects eight different types of scenes and selects the appropriate camera settings: Portrait, Infant, Night Portrait, Night Scene, Backlight Portrait, Backlight, Landscape, Spotlight, Low Light, and Macro. You can select from Auto or Advanced Scene Recognition modes.

    Shooting Modes: The camera has a 3-way Shooting Mode switch for selecting the type of photos you want to record. You can select Record Mode, Sweep Panorama mode, or Movie Mode. The available shooting modes include:

    • Intelligent Auto Mode (iAuto): Allows you to shoot still images with the settings adjusted automatically.
    • Superior Auto Mode (iAuto+): Allows you to shoot still images with higher quality than with Intelligent Auto mode.
    • Program Auto: Allows you to shoot with the exposure adjusted automatically (both the shutter speed and aperture value). You can also select various settings using the menu.
    • 3D Still Images: Images are recorded using 3D functions and can be played back stereoscopically on a 3D TV.
    • Picture Effect: Allows you to shoot a still image with an original texture according to the desired effect. You can choose from HDR Painting, Rich-tone Monotone, Miniature, Toy Camera, Pop Color, Partial Color, Soft High-key, Watercolor, and Illustration.
    • Scene Selection Modes: You can choose from the following Scene Selection modes:
      • Soft Skin: Allows you to shoot faces with smooth-looking skin
      • Soft Snap: Allows you to shoot images with a softer atmosphere for portraits, flowers, etc.
      • Anti-Motion Blur: Shoot indoor shots without using flash.
      • Landscape: This mode is used for shooting landscapes at a distance.
      • Backlight Correction HDR: Shoots 3 images with different exposures and combines them into a single image with a greater range of gradation.
      • Night Portrait: This mode is used for shooting people in the foreground at night.
      • Night Scene: This mode is used for shooting a distant subject at night.
      • Hand-held Twilight: Shoot night scenes with less noise without using a tripod.
      • High Sensitivity: The camera shoots without flash in low light, reducing blur. Any size image available. Sensitivity increased up to ISO 3200.
      • Gourmet: Shoots food arrangements in delicious color.
      • Pet: Allows you to shoot images of your pet with the best settings.
      • Beach: This mode is for shooting at seaside or the lakeside.
      • Snow: This mode shoots whitish scenes brightly.
      • Fireworks: This mode allows you to record fireworks in all their splendor.
      • Underwater: Allows you to shoot underwater in natural colors when using the optional Marine Pack.
    • Background Defocus: Shoot images with the background out of focus for greater definition of the subject.
    • Sweep Panorama: By setting the Mode Switch to Sweep Panorama, you can create a panoramic image from composite images. You can shoot multiple images as the camera pans horizontally or vertically, and the camera links them together into one panoramic images.
    • Movie Mode: When the Mode Switch is set to Movie Mode, you can record Full HD AVCHD or MPEG-4 movies with stereo audio.

    Exposure Compensation: Besides auto exposure, you can adjust the exposure from +2.0EV to -2.0EV in 1/3 stop increments.

    Built-In Flash: The camera's built-in flash features a range of 7-7/8" to 12' 1-3/4" with the zoom set to wide and 4' 11-1/8" to 7' 2-5/8" with the zoom set to telephoto. The flash settings include:

    • Auto: the flash automatically strobes when the surroundings are dark
    • On: the flash strobes with every shot
    • Slow Synchro: the flash is used regardless of the amount of ambient light, but the shutter speed is slower under dark conditions, allowing you to clearly shoot a background that is out of the flash-lit area.
    • Off: the flash does not operate

    Red-eye Reduction: The flash pre-strobes before shooting to reduce the red-eye phenomenon. You can set to Auto (when Face Detection is activated), On, or Off.

    Metering Modes: You can select Spot, Center-weighted, or Multi-pattern Metering. Spot metering lets you adjust the exposure to the subject, even when the subject is a backlit or when there is strong contrast between the subject and the background. Center-weighted metering measures the center of the image and determines the exposure based on the brightness of the subject. When multi-pattern metering is used, the image is divided into multiple regions and metering is performed in each region. The camera judges the subject position and background brightness, and determines a well-balanced exposure.

    White Balance: When the white balance is set to auto, the white balance is set automatically in response to the condition of the subject, and the overall color balance is adjusted. When shooting under special lighting conditions, you can select the settings manually. When using flash, you can select the flash white balance mode. The white balance can also be set to Incandescent, Fluorescent 1 (white fluorescent), Fluorescent 2 (natural white fluorescent), Fluorescent 3 (day white fluorescent), Daylight, Cloudy, One Push (adjust white balance depending on the light source) or One Push Set (memorizes the basic white color which will be used).

    Grid Lines: The cameras on-screen grid lines make it easy to set a subject's horizontal and vertical position.

    Histogram: A histogram is a graph showing the brightness of an image. The graph display indicates a bright image when skewed to the right side, and a dark image when skewed to the left side.

    In-camera Function Guide: An on-screen function guide text/icon display makes it easy to learn the camera functions that give you greater creative freedom to adjust photo settings. The function guide can be turned on or off as desired.

    Date and Time: Each time you take a picture, the camera records the date and time. The date and time are not superimposed on the picture, instead saved in a data file along with the image.

    View, Edit, And Print Images

    View Modes: The Sony DCR-WX150's View Mode allows you to select your recorded images and movies by date, folder (stills), or folder (movies).

    Auto Orientation: When the camera is rotate to shoot a portrait (vertical) image, the camera records it position change and displays the image in the portrait position.

    Index View: In addition to viewing images one-by-one in full screen, you can view multiple images at once in the index view mode. The index feature lets you to display a total of 16 (4 x 4) or 25 (5 x 5) images.

    Slide Show: The Slide Show function lets you play back images one after the other. You can select from the following slide show effects (Simple, Nostalgic, Stylish, or Active). Each effect has a preset music soundtrack, or you can choose from the 4 selections. A slide show without music can also be chosen. The interval between the pictures can be adjusted, allowing you to choose 1, 3, 5, and 10 seconds or automatic to suit the selected effect. You can select Folder play (all images in the selected folder), All play (all images on the memory card), or This Date (all images from selected date). When repeat is selected, the images are replayed in a continuous loop.

    Playback Zoom: You can enlarge a recorded still image up to 8x the size of the original image. Once the image is zoomed, you can pan left to right and up or down through the image.

    Rotating Images: Recorded images can be rotated 360-degrees in 90-degree increments on the camera's LCD screen.

    Retouching Still Images: You can add effects or make corrections to a recorded images and then record it as a new file while the original image is retained. You can use the following features to edit your recorded images:

    • Trimming: playback zoom is performed on the image and part of the image is cropped
    • Red Eye Correction: corrects the red-eye phenomenon caused by flash
    • Unsharp Masking: sharpens the image within a chosen frame

    Deleting/Protecting Images: You can delete a selected image, or you can delete all the unprotected images at once. In order to avoid accidentally deleting of an image, it can be protected.

    Print Mark: You can place a print mark on still images recorded with this camera. This mark is convenient when you have images printed at a shop that conforms to the DPOF (Digital Print Order Format) standard.

    Battery Information

    Battery Information: The DSC-WX150 is powered by the supplied NP-BN Lithium-ion rechargeable battery, or the optional NP-BN1 Lithium-Ion battery. Using the supplied AC-UB10 battery charger, the battery can be fully charged in approximately 115 minutes. Under normal operating conditions, the battery has the following capacity:

    Function Battery Life Number of Images
    Recording Stills Approx. 120 min Approx. 240 images
    Playback Approx. 180 min Approx. 3600 images
    Recording Movies Approx. 60 min ---

    Eco Mode: The Eco Mode lets you conserve battery power by turning the screen off or shutting down the camera automatically after a certain period of inactivity. You can choose from two options of Eco Mode: Standard and Max. The Max setting saves battery power better than when set to Standard by turning off the screen or camera sooner.

    Inputs and Outputs

    HDMI: The DSC-WX150 has a mini-HDMI (Type C) output on the side of the camera for connecting the camera to an HDTV. A mini-HDMI-to-HDMI cable is required to make the connection. If you are connecting to a Sony Bravia TV with Bravia Sync, you can control the camera using the TV's remote control. A 3D-capable TV is required for viewing 3D still images or 3D Panorama Sweep images.

    micro USB : The camera features a single micro USB jack on the bottom of the camera for connecting the supplied USB cable for downloading your photos to your computer or printer, or charging the camera. The interface is USB 2.0 High Speed compatible.

    Supplied Software

    Built-in Software: The DSC-WX150 has the following built-in software that can be installed on your computer when you connect the camera via USB:

    • PlayMemories Home (Windows Only): With the PlayMemories Home software you can:
      • Import and display images recorded on the camera.
      • View images in your computer by organizing them by shooting date on a calendar.
      • Correct still images (red-eye correction, etc.) print, send images by email, and change shooting date/time.
      • Save and print images with the shooting date inserted.

        Note: The "PlayMemories Home" software is compatible with Windows 7, Vista, and XP operating systems only. If you wish to play back images on a Mac, you can use applications that are pre-installed on your Mac.

    • Music Transfer (Windows/Mac): Music Transfer allows you to replace the Music Files provided in the camera at the factory with your favorite tracks, and to delete and add Music Files. You can import MP3 files from your computer hard drive, CD tracks, or preset music saved on the camera. Music Transfer is compatible with the following operating systems: Windows 7 SP1, Windows Vista SP2 (except for Starter Edition), and Windows XP SP3 (except for 64-bit and Starter editions).

    Our Product Research Team

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    Staff Reviews

    Product reviews from the Crutchfield Labs

    Fun to use, right out of the box

    Written by Ralph Graves, Staff Writer - Creative, on 6/11/2012 11:51:00 AM

    I found this little camera quite appealing. The menu was simple, with some basic functions moved to buttons along the side. The scroll wheel made it easy to move through functions, and there are enough auto settings to get you through most any type of vacation (you can even shoot in "underwater" mode).

    Although lightweight, the body had a nice, sturdy feel to it. And the screen displayed my potential shots with clarity and good color contrast. Point and shoot and play!

    What are the Labs?