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AudioControl MAX Module Pack

70 assorted crossover modules with storage case

Item # 161MAX

This item is no longer available.

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Our take on the AudioControl MAX Module Pack

The MAX module pack allows you to customize the crossovers in your AudioControl sound processor to match your unique system configuration. This pack features an assortment of 60 plug-in 18 dB and 24 dB/octave crossover modules, along with ten blank modules for customizing. You can store all the modules in the handy 30-drawer storage case.

Product Highlights:

  • package includes 60 resistor modules and 10 blanks
  • lets you customize the crossovers on your AudioControl processor
  • assorted high-pass, low-pass, and subsonic (PFM)
  • 18 dB/octave:
    • 2 each: 35Hz, 40Hz, 80Hz, 120Hz, 270Hz, 500Hz, 3000Hz, 4500Hz
      3 each: 20Hz, 50Hz, 150Hz
      4 each: 60Hz
      5 each: 70Hz
  • 24 dB/octave:
    • 2 each: 80Hz, 250Hz, 500Hz, 3500Hz, 4500Hz
      3 each: 50Hz, 150Hz
      5 each: 60Hz, 70Hz
  • 10 blanks (5 each, 18 dB and 24 dB) included so you can build your own crossover module
  • 30-drawer storage case included
  • warranty: 1 year
  • Our 60-day money-back guarantee

What's in the Box:

  • Three 18dB 20Hz modules
  • Two 18dB 35Hz modules
  • Two 18dB 40Hz modules
  • Three 18dB 50Hz modules
  • Four 18dB 60Hz modules
  • Five 18dB 70Hz modules
  • Two 18dB 80Hz modules
  • Two 18dB 120Hz modules
  • Three 18dB 150Hz modules
  • Two 18dB 270Hz modules
  • Two 18dB 500Hz modules
  • Two 18dB 3.0kHz modules
  • Two 18dB 4.5kHz modules
  • Three 24dB 50Hz modules
  • Five 24dB 60Hz modules
  • Five 24dB 70Hz modules
  • Two 24dB 80Hz modules
  • Three 24dB 150Hz modules
  • Two 24dB 250Hz modules
  • Two 24dB 500Hz modules
  • Two 24dB 3.5kHz modules
  • Two 24dB 4.5kHz modules
  • Five blank 14-pin (18dB/octave) modules
  • Five blank 16-pin (24dB/octave) modules
  • Gray plastic storage case with 30 clear drawers
  • 2 Sheets of pre-printed labels

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Overview: The MAX Module Assortment Kit for Crossovers and PFM Filters contains 60 resistor modules and 10 blanks for creating custom modules. These modules can be used in Audio Control products, such as the 2XS or 6XS, for frequency programming of crossover and PFM filters. The modules come in a handy 30-drawer storage case.

Supplied Modules: The kit comes with both 18dB/octave and 24dB/octave modules in the following frequencies (quantities in parentheses):

18dB per octave24dB per octave
20 Hz (3)35 Hz (2)40 Hz (2)50 Hz (3)60 Hz (5)
50 Hz (3)60 Hz (4)70 Hz (5)70 Hz (5)80 Hz (2)
80 Hz (2)120 Hz (2)150 Hz (3)150 Hz (3)250 Hz (2)
270 Hz (2)500 Hz (2)3.0 kHz (2)500 Hz (2)3.5 kHz (2)
4.5 kHz (2) 4.5 kHz (2) 

Blank Modules: Ten blank modules are included to allow you to make your own custom modules. There are five 18dB/octave module blanks, each requiring 7 resistors, and five 24dB/octave module blanks, each requiring 8 resistors. The use of 5% carbon film resistors is recommended, or 1% metal-film resistors for better accuracy. A guide to module resistor values is included.

Storage Case: The MAX Module Assortment Kit comes with a handy gray plastic storage case with 30 clear-plastic drawers. All but 6 of the drawers are labeled. Extra labels are included for custom-made modules in selected frequencies. The storage case has 2 keyhole slots for wall mounting.

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