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Motorola Talkabout T6320

2-way family radio (Amazon Green Alkaline)

Item # 171T632AGA

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Our take on the Motorola Talkabout T6320

Planning to spend some time in the great outdoors? This rugged 2-way family radio from Motorola is a great way to keep in touch with members of your camping or hiking party. The T6320 offers a range of up to 2 miles and a choice of 14 channels with 38 codes each. Plus, you get a digital compass, an altimeter, a barometer, and a 10-channel weather radio with weather alert — great resources for when you're "roughing it"!

Planning to spend some time in the great outdoors? This rugged 2-way family radio from Motorola is a great way to keep in touch with members of your camping or hiking party. The T6320 offers a range of up to 2 miles and a choice of 14 channels with 38 codes each. Plus, you get a digital compass, an altimeter, a barometer, and a 10-channel weather radio with weather alert — great resources for when you're "roughing it"!

Features like a lighted LCD, a "Channel Busy" indicator, and "Auto Power Off" for saving battery juice are always a hit. Need hands-free operation? Easy — just switch to voice-activated transmission, or use the optional headset. Choose from 10 call tones to set each radio with an identifying "ring." You even get a built-in clock with alarm, and a stopwatch with lap timer!

The T6320 is available in two versions:

  • The alkaline version takes 3 "AA" batteries (not included)
  • The nickel/metal-hydride version (see below) comes with a super-light rechargeable battery that provides up to 11 hours of operation between charges.

Both the alkaline and nickel/metal-hydride versions are available in two colors: Liquid Lime, and Amazon Green.

What's in the Box:

  • One "Amazon Green" Family Radio Service Talkabout radio with black trim
  • Black plastic belt clip
  • User's Guide
  • Warranty Registration Card
  • 2-Way Radio Accessories brochure

Hands-on research

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Family Radio Service (FRS): This unit uses FRS, which is a short range 2-way radio band for people to keep in touch without the need for a license, radio knowledge, or monthly fees.

2-Way Radio: This unit is a transceiver which both sends and receives. You need at least two units for use.

Area of Operation: This unit is approved by the FCC for use in the US and its territories only.  Most other countries will not allow the use of this product within their territory, since it has not been approved by their government.

Distance: Distance is highly dependent upon location. The maximum distance is approximately two miles in open areas. It will be less in buildings or vehicles.

Outdoor Gear Package: This unit includes a digital compass, thermometer, barometer, and altimeter. The compass feature is an accurate and instantaneous directional aid. When held horizontally, the direction the radio antenna is pointing is displayed. The compass displays eight cardinal points (N, NE, E, SE, S, SW, W and NW). The thermometer feature measures the ambient temperature in Fahrenheit or Celsius. When moving from environments with moderate temperature differences, wait 20 minutes for the thermometer feature to acclimate. The barometer feature measures changes in atmospheric air pressure. The altimeter feature estimates your altitude based on atmospheric pressure.

Antenna: This unit uses a non-retractable, semi-flexible 2.153" long antenna.

Belt Clip: The unit comes with a removable black plastic belt clip that can be used to secure the radio to a belt.

Battery Meter Indicator: The battery meter is located on the LCD and is a 3-segment bar graph display.When the battery is low, the unit will beep every 10 minutes.

Beep: There is a fixed level beep whenever a key is pressed. This feature may be turned off.

Channels: The maximum number of channels allowed is fourteen.

Interference Eliminator Codes: There are 38 codes that allow you to filter out unwanted messages from other users. You are only able to pick up other radios using the same channel and code. This does not make your transmissions private, anyone else with a radio tuned to the same channel will still hear your transmission. It simply keeps you from having to listen to calls which are not using the same code and channel.

Custom Codes: Allows you to save a specific code for each channel, thus allowing you to change channels and codes more easily.

Eavesdrop Eliminator: Helps reduce eavesdropping by scrambling private conversations.

Channel Busy Indicator: Indicates that your current channel is in use.  This allows you to avoid interrupted conversation by waiting until the channel is clear or by switching to another channel.

Backlit LCD: The blue LCD backlight turns on automatically any time you press a button. The backlight turns off automatically after 5 seconds.

Lock: Allows you to disable the Scroll, Menu and Scan buttons so that radio settings can not be changed.

Scan: Allows you to monitor channels and codes of other radios. When the unit detects a channel being used it stops scanning and locks in on the active channel and code. If activity ceases, the unit will begin to scan again. You can select which of the fourteen channels are scanned.

Call Tones: Sends out one of 10 unique tones so that a user can be identified and also others are alerted that you are going to transmit.

Hands Free Use: This unit has voice operated transmission (VOX) capability. When used with the optional model 53725 swivel Boom Microphone, this feature automatically activates transmission when you talk. The VOX sensitivity can be adjusted to compensate for different background sound levels.  In addition to VOX, this unit also has iVOX which allows you to use the unit hands free without any options, by simply using the unit's built-in microphone and speaker which allows you to speak to transmit and to stop talking to receive without having to press the Push-to-talk button.

NOAA Weather Receiver: Allows you to monitor local National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) weather broadcasts and receive audible alerts when storm warnings are issued.

Auto Power Off: The unit can be set to power itself off to prevent battery usage after 1-8 hours (selectable in 1 hour increments). This feature can be turned off.

Reset: All factory settings can be restored by holding down the Menu and Push-to-Talk buttons while turning the unit on.

Time-Out Timer: The timer prevents extended or accidental transmission by emitting a warning tone and stopping transmission if Push-to-Talk button is pressed for over 60 consecutive seconds.

VibraCall: This radio features VibraCall, a vibrating alert to notify you of a two-way radio reception in noisy environments.

Alerts: You can choose how the radio will alert you when you are receiving. You can select vibrate, ring, or both.

Clock: This unit has a built-in clock.

Alarm: The radio has an alarm that can be turned on or off. If the radio is turned off, it will turn on automatically when the alarm sounds.

Stopwatch: The radio features a built-in stopwatch.


Left Side of unit: 

  • Accessory jack: Sub-mini jack for use with optional Swivel Boom Microphone
  • Call tone button: Used to transmit call tone, and start and stop the stopwatch

Top of unit: 

  • Mode button: Used to scroll through mode selections and quickly return to two-way mode (when held down)
  • Power button: Used to turn the unit on or off

Front of unit:

  • LCD (with blue back lighting): Displays channel, code, options selected such as scan and battery level
  • +/- buttons: Used to change the volume and scroll through and select settings
  • Menu button: Scrolls through menus, locks the unit (when held down and not in a menu), and exits menus (when held down while in a menu)
  • Push to talk button: Used to transmit and save settings


Battery Life:Three alkaline "AA" batteries (not included) provide approximately 35 hours of normal use. The optional rechargeable NiMH battery requires 5 hours to charge the first time. After the initial charging, it will normally fully charge in approximately 4 hours. The NiMH battery provides approximately 12 hours of operation with normal use.

CommPort Charging Dock: An optional CommPort charging dock provides drop-in charging convenience, when using the optional NiMH rechargeable battery. The charging dock can be mounted or placed on any flat surface and turns your radio into a stationary intercom while keeping it charged.

Accessories: Crutchfield offers theoptional model 53725 swivel Boom Microphone. Additional accessories may be purchased directly from Motorola at 1-800-353-2729.

Channel Frequency Chart:


Dimensions (with belt clip installed): 2.486"W x 6.816"H (including non-retractable antenna) x 2.148"D

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