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Niles RS8Si

Stereo-input outdoor rock speaker (Granite)

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Our take on the Niles RS8Si

Get spacious stereo sound from a single outdoor speaker that will disappear into your surrounding landscape. The RS8Si from Niles looks like an actual rock, so it'll blend right in with your backyard. And since it has a stereo input and two tweeters, you just need one RS8Si to enjoy rich outdoor sound.

Get spacious stereo sound from a single outdoor speaker that will disappear into your surrounding landscape. The RS8Si from Niles looks like an actual rock, so it'll blend right in with your backyard. And since it has a stereo input and two tweeters, you just need one RS8Si to enjoy rich outdoor sound.

The RS8Si features dual 1" dome tweeters for crisp highs and a big 8" woofer for clean mids and deep bass. Niles mounts the drivers closer behind the grille than most rock speaker manufacturers for more accurate sound with better imaging. And the tweeters are angled upwards 20º, so the high frequencies are aimed at the listener and not the ground.

The RS8Si is completely weatherproof — you can leave it outside fully exposed to the elements, worry-free. It has passed some of the most stringent environmental tests ever devised for outdoor speakers, including extensive Salt Fog and UV Exposure testing. Plus, it can handle extreme temperatures, from -50º to 185º Fahrenheit. You'll enjoy "rock"-solid sound for years to come.

Priced each

Product Highlights:

  • sold individually
  • single stereo-input speaker
  • acoustic suspension design
  • frequency response 50-21,000 Hz (±3dB)
  • handles up to 200 watts
  • sensitivity 88 dB
  • 8-ohm impedance per channel
  • dual 1" dome tweeters
  • 8" woofer
  • weatherproof enclosure
  • rust-proof aluminum grilles
  • 3-foot pre-attached burial-rated speaker cable
  • specked sandstone-like finish
  • security bracket and cable included to protect against theft
  • 19-1/2"W x 12-1/2"H x 16-1/2"D
  • warranty: lifetime
  • Our 60-day money-back guarantee

What's in the Box:

  • Speckled granite rock speaker with two 24" attached speaker wires
  • 9.75" Black metal security bracket
  • 42" Security cable
  • 4 Water-resistant wire nuts
  • Installation and Operation Guide

Niles RS8Si Reviews

Average Customer Review(s):

(2 Reviews)


Chris D. from CT on 5/15/2012

I Purchased 4 Sandstone rock speakers 3 years ago. They sounded great at first and i was very pleased. A few weeks after installing them for the 2nd season (I take them in every winter) the speakers didn't sound quite right. When I picked them up I could hear water sloshing around inside 2 of the speakers. The other 2 seemed fine and worked well through season 2. I just tried installing the 2 remaining speakers to find only the tweeters working on 1 speaker. I could also see a number of small cracks in speaker as well.

Pros: Sounds Great.

Cons: Poor Quality, not suitable for outdoor exposure.

Niles RS8Si

Dave from Long Island, NY on 4/22/2008

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

These speakers are great and well worth the cost. Bass response is phenomenal, they sound like indoor speakers. I enjoy them more than my indoor speakers (Bose Acoustimass). I bought a pair and drive them with a amp rated at 400w per channel. I did have a problem with one speaker. Somehow water got inside. Don't know how because they are built very well, solid and air tight. I returned it to Niles and they sent me a brand new one, no questions asked. I'm going to buy two more.




Hands-on research

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Overview: The Niles RS8Si weatherproof rock loudspeaker is a two-way, dual tweeter loudspeaker in an acoustic suspension enclosure. The cabinet is styled to look like a speckled granite rock. It is supplied with a security bracket and cable to make sure it stays where you put it. The speaker is designed and built to withstand the environmental stresses placed on an outdoor loudspeaker. The speaker features a stereo input to allow you to wire the speaker in a one-speaker stereo or two-speaker stereo configuration.

GeoRealistic Styling: The RS8Si's enclosure has unique textures and colors to make it look like a natural rock. The speaker grilles are designed so they blend into the cabinet. The RS8Si is also available in Granite, Sandstone, and Coral.

Weatherproof: The cabinet is made from fiberglass; it utilizes double seals on the tweeters, woofer and enclosure cover. The drivers are designed to drain water away from them and are made from weather resistant material. The painted aluminum MicroPerf grilles stand up to the harsh outdoor environment. The speaker has passed test requirements for salt fog, operating temperature, storage temperature, UV exposure and humidity per military standard 883.

Dual Voice Coil Woofer: The RS8Si uses an 8" TCC-filled (Talc, Carbon, and Ceramic) polypropylene woofer. The unusually stiff cone, the butyl rubber surround and substantial magnet and motor structure are optimized for large excursions of the woofer. The 8" woofer is designed to provide rich deep bass and outstanding weather resistance capabilities. Since it has dual voice coils, the woofer can play in stereo.

Dual Tweeters: The RS8Si uses two fluid-cooled, 1" Tri-laminate Teteron tweeters that consists of an inner textile layer which forms the dome, a high damping layer to kill unwanted resonances, and an outside layer of urethane to add stiffness and prevent breakups. The result is a transparent clear, natural sounding tweeter which still maintains its extended frequency response and is completely weatherproof. Having two separate tweeters allows the cabinet to play in one-speaker stereo mode or two-speaker stereo mode.

Tweeter Placement: The tweeters are angled twenty degrees up from the woofer so they are aimed at the listener and not at the ground. They are also aimed away from each other to improve stereo imaging if the speaker is wired in the one-speaker stereo mode. If it is wired in the two-speaker stereo mode, it has ultra-wide dispersion. These features improve the high frequency coverage of the loudspeaker and ensure that all the benefits of the tweeters are heard and not lost in the surroundings.

Dual Precision Crossovers: Customized electronic dividing networks inside the cabinet precisely distribute the music to the woofer and each tweeter. The three-pole, two-way design of the RS8Si crossover provides excellent stereo imaging into each channel, low distortion and superior sonic performance.

ConeForward Design: This design mounts the woofer and tweeter as close to the grille as possible giving you excellent imaging from an outdoor loudspeaker.

Rigid Acoustically Inert Cabinet Construction: Niles utilizes a unique 4-layer cabinet construction to achieve superior non-resonance of the speaker cabinet. This insures that all your hear is the music and not cabinet noise.

Grilles: The aluminum MicroPerf grilles on the RS8Si have hundreds of precisely sized perforations, creating an acoustically transparent grille. The aluminum construction resist oxidation enabling years of trouble-free operation in the harshest of conditions. Niles paints both sides of the grilles for added protection.

Security Bracket and Cable: The security bracket and security cable supplied with the RS8Si provides a simple but effective method to protect your outdoor speaker from theft or unapproved movement.

One-Speaker vs. Two-Speaker Stereo Modes: The one-speaker stereo mode has the advantage of covering a larger area than the two-speaker stereo mode. The difference in coverage area is significant: 4 speakers in the one-speaker stereo mode can cover a maximum area of 1672 square feet. The same 4 speakers in two-speaker stereo mode can cover a maximum area of 840 square feet. The trade off between the two configurations is volume, with the two-speaker stereo configuration being able to play louder in its area than the one-speaker stereo configuration. Note: The speaker's impedance will be 8-ohms in the single-speaker stereo mode, while the impedance will be 4-ohms in the two-speaker stereo mode.

Speaker Cable Connection: To make sure the speaker connections are trouble-free, the RS8Si features 2 two-foot connection cables rated for burial underground and specialized waterproof wire nuts. The wire nuts are filled with a waterproof sealant.

Power Rating: An amplifier rated at 10 to 200 watts is recommended to power the RS8Si.

Wiring Requirements: 2-conductor direct burial cable is recommended at the following sizes depending on the longest length of cable required:

  • 16 gauge: maximum distance of 60 ft
  • 14 gauge: maximum distance of 100 ft
  • 12 gauge: maximum distance of 160 ft

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