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Niles ZR4 Series II MultiZone Receiver Kit (Factory Refurbished)

Hideaway 4-source/4-room audio system with in-wall keypads and remote

Item # 190ZR4IIZ

This item is no longer available.

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Our take on the Niles ZR4 Series II MultiZone Receiver Kit (Factory Refurbished)

You can stow your audio components away in a cabinet or closet for a multi-room system that's heard and not seen. In-wall keypads in each listening room allow you to control playback, volume, and more. Four source buttons on each keypad let you select and turn on your audio components. You also get intuitive controls for muting and volume, and each keypad allows you to turn the entire system on or off with the press of a button.

A great deal on a 4-room audio system

Enjoy your favorite songs while you whip up dinner or relax on the deck with a glass of wine. This factory-refurbished all-in-one Niles system lets you play music in four different areas of your home, and it comes backed by Niles' full 2-year warranty. The system's receiver includes a built-in AM/FM tuner, and you can connect up to three other audio sources, like a CD player or a satellite radio tuner. Play soothing music for your children in their upstairs bedroom while you keep the party going with tunes in the kitchen, living room, and patio.

Custom-tailored advice — before and after you buy


Installing this system requires you to run wires in your walls, unless your home is already wired with CAT-5 and speaker cables. Our Audio/Video Designers can help you put together the ideal system — from planning the wire run to picking out speakers. Plus, our tech support specialists can help you through your installation step-by-step.

Hide your components for a clutter-free look

You can stow your audio components away in a cabinet or closet for a multi-room system that's heard and not seen. In-wall keypads in each listening room allow you to control playback, volume, and more. Four source buttons on each keypad let you select and turn on your audio components. You also get intuitive controls for muting and volume, and each keypad allows you to turn the entire system on or off with the press of a button.

In-wall keypad

These keypads are also weather-resistant, so you can install them almost anywhere in your home — in the bathroom, near the spa, or out on a covered patio. They also feature built-in IR (infrared) sensors, so you can use the wireless remote that comes with the system to control playback from across the room. Extra remotes are available through Niles for additional listening rooms.

The keypads also feature built-in IR (infrared) sensors, so you can use the wireless remote that comes with the system to control playback from across the room. Extra remotes are available for additional listening rooms.

Expansion possibilities

This system's capable receiver features eight channels of clean amplification and can drive stereo speakers in four different rooms. Add another Niles ZR-4 audio kit to distribute music to 8 different rooms.

Product Highlights:

  • system includes:
    • one Niles ZR-4 Series 2 audio receiver
    • four Niles Solo™-4 IR weather-resistant keypads
    • three infrared MicroFlashers® to control connected audio sources
    • and one R-6L learning remote
  • control and play music from multiple sources in different rooms simultaneously
  • required accessories for installation, not included: in-wall speaker wire and CAT-5 cables
Niles ZR-4 Series 2 audio receiver:
  • 4-source/4-room receiver — can play different sources simultaneously in each room
    • powers four pairs of speakers with an 8-channel amplifier: 20 watts RMS per channel at 8 ohms
    • built-in AM/FM tuner with 20 station presets
    • connections for up to 3 external audio components (stereo RCA inputs)
  • IR flasher outputs for controlling connected audio sources
  • RJ-45 connections for keypads
  • expandable to 8 zones with additional ZR-4 MultiZone kit
  • removable AC power cord
  • 17-1/4"W x 2-1/4"H x 15"D
  • warranty: 2 years
Solo-4 IR weather-resistant keypad:
  • in-wall keypad for a single playback zone
  • weather-resistant design for use in spas, showers, patios, or decks
  • can accept commands from included IR universal learning remote
  • blue LED indicates source selection
  • connects to MultiZone receiver via CAT-5 cable
  • fits in a standard single-gang electrical box (J-box)
  • standard Decora-style cover-plate recommended (not included)
  • warranty: 2 years
  • Our 60-day money-back guarantee

What's in the Box:

  • Refurbished ZR-4 Series 2 multi-zone receiver
  • 6.5' Power cord
  • R-6L IR wireless remote control
  • 2 "AA" batteries
  • FM wire antenna
  • AM loop antenna
  • 3 IR Microflashers with attached 10' cords terminated by a male 3.5mm minijack connector
  • 3 Self-adhesive IR repeater covers
  • 2 Rack mount brackets
  • 4 Solo-4 IR remote keypads with 2 mounting screws each
  • 4 White Decora wall plates
  • 4 Sets of keypad button labels (16 per set)
  • Installation Guide
  • User Guide
  • Setup Code Guide
  • Important Safety Instructions
  • Limited Warranty Card

Hands-on research

Product Research

Inputs and Outputs


Overview: The Niles ZR-4 Series 2 MultiZone Receiver Kit includes a 4-zone receiver, 4 IR weather-resistant keypads, a hand-held learning IR wireless remote control, 3 infrared microflashers, and a set of rack-mount ears for installing the ZR-4 Series 2 into an equipment rack. The receiver allows distribution and control of up to four audio sources in up to four listening zones. The ZR-4 Series 2 is designed to intelligently manage source sharing with your independent home theater system. You can expand this 4-zone system to 8 zones by linking a second ZR-4 Series 2 MultiZone Receiver Kit via the unit's RJ-45 expansion port.

MultiZone Receiver: The ZR-4 Series 2 MultiZone Receiver features an advanced, low-heat, 4-ohm stable digital power amplifier design which delivers eight channels of robust power (40 watts per zone/20 watts per channel) with the ability to comfortably drive two pairs of 8 ohm speakers or one pair of 4-ohm speakers per zone. The ZR-4 Series 2 MultiZone receiver has a digital AM/FM tuner built in, so it plays music right out of the box without the need for additional equipment. The ZR-4 Series 2's tuner can store 20 AM/FM preset stations of any combination. The ZR-4 Series 2 receiver features a bright, backlit,16-character LCD display for configuring the ZR-4 Series 2 and also displays the current AM/FM preset station, band and station tuning information. The unit also features four front-panel Zone LEDs which illuminate whenever a zone is on and active. In addition, the ZR-4 Series 2 features front panel controls to operated the AM/FM tuner, set favorite preset stations into memory and perform system configurations. The unit's man power switch glows white to indicate the unit in standby mode and ready to operate.

IR Weather-Resistant Keypads: The four supplied IR keypads provides control for the ZR-4 Series 2's built-in tuner and up to three additional sources. The IR keypads will control source selection and local zone volume, muting and turn off. You can also turn the entire system on or off with a single press of a button from one of the keypads. The four IR weather-resistant keypads can be installed most anywhere you want them, even in areas that get wet like bathrooms, spas or out on the patio by the pool. Each keypad has a built-in IR sensor that resists interference from flat-panel plasma or LCD TVs. The IR sensor is defeatable for areas with direct sunlight. Each IR keypad includes assorted laser-etched buttons for custom labeling of the keypads. Each keypad can be installed in a standard version single gang electrical box and comes supplied with a white decorative snap-on wall plate. Each keypad features an RJ-45 connector and requires CAT-5 cable for connection. Each keypad also features a 12V trigger connection. The ZR-4 Series 2 supports additional keypads in each zone (additional keypads sold separately; requires ZR-KE Keypad Expander--item #190ZRKE).

Note: Only the front panel of the keypad is weather-resistant.

Learning Remote Control: The supplied R-6L IR wireless remote control provides advanced control for the system's audio sources as well as the local TV and a second local source such as a cable or satellite receiver. The remote control comes preloaded with the commands for the ZR-4 Series 2 and many popular brands of equipment. Unique commands can be learned by the remote from various home audio/video components. The remote also has the ability to create IR sequences (macros). Additional hand-held learning remotes are available through the manufacturer.

Infrared MicroFlashers: The included Niles MicroFlashers connect to the numbered flasher outputs on the rear panel of the Niles ZR-4 Series 2 MultiZone Receiver. Niles MicroFlashers send IR commands to the individual source components for control. Each MicroFlasher features an attached 10' cord terminated by a male 3.5mm minijack connector. In addition, each MicroFlasher features a adhesive backing to secure it into place. An optional Niles IRB-1 High-Output IR Flasher (item # 190IRB1) can be connected to the flasher port labeled High Output Flasher to control more than one source component at a time.

Independent Audio Controls: Independent bass, treble, and variable loudness controls enable you to custom tune each zone of the ZR-4 Series 2 for the best sound quality and match room acoustics from zone to zone.

Zone Linking: You can program up to four zones so that turn-on, source selection, and turn-off work in unison. Each zone retains independent volume, bass, treble and variable loudness control. This is a great feature for a restaurant / bar or for adjacent rooms such as a master bedroom and master bath.

Party (or Whole House) Mode: With a single press and hold from a keypad or remote control, you can turn on your all enabled zones at a preset volume to listen to the same source. Volume control, bass and treble are still independent in each zone.

Phantom Home Theater Zone: The ZR-4 Series 2's virtual home theater zone function enables source sharing with an independent home theater system using the ZR-4 Series 2's global IR input and home theater sync port.

Default Turn-On Volume: The turn-on volume level for the system is adjustable. Since the turn-on volume level will be the same for all zones, Niles suggests setting a comfortable listening level in the room that will be used most frequently, or in the smallest room.

Rack Mountable:  The receiver's rugged, 1U aluminum front panel and included mounting ears and hardware provide for secure rack mounting while taking up minimal space.

Inputs and Outputs

Expansion Port: This RJ-45 port allows you to expand the system to eight zones by linking a second ZR-4 Series 2 MultiZone Receiver Kit using CAT-5 cable.

Keypad Zones: The ZR-4 Series 2 MultiZone receiver's four RJ-45 keypad connections use T-568A CAT-5 termination. Connect each zone's master keypad via a CAT-5 cable.

Flasher Outputs: Three 3.5mm ports are used to connect the included IR MicroFlashers and control up to three source components.

HP Flasher Output: This 3.5mm port is used to connect an optional Niles IRB-1 High Output IR Flasher (controls a stack of components with just one flasher).

HT Sync: This 3.5mm port enables sharing of components with an independent home theater. When the home theater receiver is on, the ZR-4 Series 2 will stay active (even if all zones are off) and execute the appropriate 12V and IR functions.

12V Trigger: When any zone is activated, the ZR-4 Series 2's Global 12V Control Output will send out a constant 12V DC trigger signal. This can be used to automatically switch on an amplifier equipped with a 12V trigger turn-on, such as a Niles System Integration Amplifier. Alternatively, the 12V trigger from the keypad can be used to turn-on the amplifier only when zone 4 is active.

AM/FM Connectors: The MultiZone receiver features a 75 ohm FM antenna connection and a 300 ohm AM antenna connection. (This kit includes both AM and FM antennas.)

RS-232 Port: The ZR-4 Series 2 MultiZone Receiver can be controlled by secondary control systems via RS-232 devices and/or discrete infrared commands using the system's 3.5mm RS-232 port.

IR In Global: This 3.5mm port allows you to control the ZR-4 Series 2 and its connected sources using a secondary control system.

Audio Inputs: Three pair of gold-plated RCA jacks are used to connect up to the three stereo audio sources to the ZR-4 Series 2 MultiZone receiver.

Voice Paging and Doorbell Chimes: The ZR-4 Series 2 is equipped with a standard RCA connector for Voice Paging and Doorbell Chimes. The ZR-4 Series 2's paging input enables you to connect a telephone system's paging output and/or an optional Niles DBi-2 Doorbell Interface (item number 190DBi2, sold separately) so that it automatically pauses the music and plays through the system.

Speaker Outputs: The ZR-4 Series 2 is equipped with four stereo speaker outputs (one for each zone) that feature removable connectors that accommodate up to 16-gauge speaker wire. The receiver's high-quality digital amplification can accommodate one pair of 4 ohm speakers per zone or two pairs of 8 ohm speakers per zone without going into protection or shutting down.

Preamp Output: The ZR-4 Series 2's pair of preamplifier outputs make it easy to add additional power to the system. Assigned to Zone 4, the preamp outputs can be switched between fixed or variable levels.

IEC Power Receptacle: The ZR-4 Series 2 features a removable 6.5' power cord for added flexibility when working in tight spaces.

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