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Kicker 09DCK8

8-gauge amplifier wiring kit with patch cord

4 Reviews

Item # 20609DCK8

This item is no longer available.

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Our take on the Kicker 09DCK8

This wiring kit does not include speaker wire, so you'll need to purchase that separately to complete your amp installation. This kit includes patch cables for a 2-channel or mono amp — you'll need to add cables for multi-channel amps.

Don't shortchange your new amplifier. Amps need good power wires in order to get the full amount of current necessary to deliver top performance. And Kicker provides just the right combination of high-quality wiring products in their 09DCK8 8-gauge wiring kit. You get 8-gauge power and ground cables, a 16.4-foot patch cable, and a 17-foot turn-on lead, along with the fuse, fuse holder, and hardware &mdash everything you'll need to get your system wired and rocking.

Product Highlights:

  • amplifier wiring kit
  • 17 feet of 8-gauge power cable with attached 5/16" ring terminal
  • 3 feet of 8-gauge ground cable with attached 5/16" ring terminal
  • 17 feet of 18-gauge turn-on lead wire
  • one 16.4-foot twisted pair RCA patch cable
  • AGU fuse holder and 50-amp fuse
  • assortment of wire termination hardware and cable ties
  • warranty: 1 year
  • Our 60-day money-back guarantee

What's in the Box:

  • 17' Length of 8-gauge power wire terminated with a ring-terminal on one end (red jacket)
  • 3' Length of 8-gauge ground wire terminated with a ring-terminal on one end (black jacket)
  • 17' Length of 18-gauge remote turn-on lead wire (blue jacket)
  • AGU Fuse holder
  • 50A AGU fuse (installed in fuse holder)
  • 16.4' Two-channel RCA patch cord
  • Plastic grommet (8-gauge)
  • Two red butt-connector
  • Six 5.5" Wire ties

Easy to use/install. Just make sure you have the right fuse and wire strippers! Otherwise great product from kicker.

Nmb, Boston


Kicker 09DCK8 Reviews

Average Customer Review(s):

(4 Reviews)

very nice.

Crabst3r from Coalinga, ca on 8/16/2012

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Very nice power wire and rca cord. I haven't used either yet But I can tell by the feel of the cord and cable that they are worth the money. My car doesn't have a normal fire wall to say, it uses plugs so everything is just snapped together and glued to the frame. I really didn't want to have to drill into the fire wall either so I decided to run the power cable under the engine fuse box, over the strut, next to the whippers, under a thin peace of medal, around hood hinge, through the side wall to my door free plug hole for more wires i guess. Under my dash, and out the door panel side then straight down to the door step guard snapped them off and hooked up my rca, remote wire and finished running to the back. to me had perfect amount of wire and hid everything very well. I went into details cause it was a pain to do what i did and I honestly couldn't have done it without such a easy to move and flexible power cord. Once my box comes in ill update the review if I change how I feel about it. but to me best kit Ive ever had. speaker wire is cheap to buy so that's not a problem. as for other crimps so fourth don't need them. I went ahead and bought really nice 12 gauge wire from here for best sound I can get with my two 12" subs. Note: that black plastic grommet its for the firewall. I didn't need it.

Pros: everything in this kit is a pro.

Cons: the fuel, Its nice but once it blows you need a new one. cant open for what i can see. also fully tight with some plastic in from the power cable I notice it didn't hold very tight. Might me a problem down the road.

Great product

Nmb from Boston on 4/2/2012

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Easy to use/install. Just make sure you have the right fuse and wire strippers! Otherwise great product from kicker.

Pros: Simple and easy to use

Cons: None!

Solid, quality wiring kit

MashTheGas from Seattle, WA on 4/1/2012

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Simple, straightforward wiring kit for low wattage systems. If you have the money I would suggest running a larger gauge wire in case you ever want to upgrade to a system with more power. The other reviewer is confused, if you blow the fuse provided with this kit you can buy any in-line AGU fuse for under $10 to replace it with, and yes the kit only has one RCA cable but I would think one would notice that before ordering it as that information is written all over the page. I surprisingly really appreciated the "Hyper-Flex" technology. Sounds like another gimmicky selling point but the wires are actually much easier to work with than wire with the traditional harder plastic coating. Way easier to strip the ends for connections as well. This kit doesn't have speaker wire provided to make the connection between your amplifier and subwoofer(s) but I just used some 16 gauge from my home stereo system that I already had, or you could buy some, it's cheap.

Pros: - Quality copper wire. - Twisted RCA cables for minimum noise interference. - Has everything you need to set up your lower-watt mono or 2-channel system - "Hyper-Flex" wire jackets are super easy to work with. - Comes with ring terminals already connected to one end of power and negative cables.

Cons: - No speaker wire.


doppie from Denve, CO on 4/5/2011

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

These are nice cables and if you are installing a Kicker amp, you will get a 3 year warranty on the amp. The only thing is, where o where would you get this fuse if it blows? The other drawback to this kit is there is only 1 RCA cable provided. If you are connecting to a head unit that does not have RCA out puts you need 2 of the RCA cables. So if you don't know this when ordering you will find yourself going to Radio shack or Bestbuy to get the extra cable you need, hope you have an extra car, because you can't drive with all the panels off the dash.




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D-Series Complete Kit: This Kicker D-Series amp wiring kit utilizes direct-connect installation components to transfer the highest current possible with the fewest connections, giving you an ultra-clean and super-reliable car audio system.

Single Amplifier 8-AWG Kit: This kit includes power and RCA cables for a 2-channel amplifier:

  • 17' length of 8-gauge OFC power wire, terminated by a ring-terminal (0.5" wide/0.33" inner diameter)
  • 3' length of 8-gauge OFC ground wire, terminated by a ring-terminal (0.5" wide/0.33" inner diameter)
  • 17' length of 18-gauge remote turn-on wire
  • AGU Fuse holder
  • 50A AGU fuse (installed in fuse holder)
  • 16.4' Two-channel RCA patch cord
  • Plastic grommet (8-gauge)
  • Two red butt-connector
  • Six 5.5" wire ties

Hyper-Flex Power Cable: The power and ground cables feature a Hyper-Flex jacket for easy installation.

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