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Kicker VS12L52 Solo-Baric

Ported sub box with one 12" L5 Solobaric subwoofer

5 Reviews

Item # 2065VS12L5

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Our take on the Kicker VS12L52 Solo-Baric

Get on the road with powerful bass and a stylish look — courtesy of Kicker. The VS12L52 enclosure houses a potent 12" subwoofer in a box that's ported for big bass output.

Got enough juice? Get an amp for your new sub Get on the road with powerful bass and a stylish look — courtesy of Kicker. The VS12L52 enclosure houses a potent 12" subwoofer in a box that's ported for big bass output.

Thanks to its square design, aluminum-treated cone, and beefy rubber surround, the high-performance L5 Solobaric subwoofer delivers bass that's accurate and strong. Rugged internal parts ensure the woofer handles plenty of power.

Kicker built the enclosure from medium density fiberboard, covered with heavy-duty black carpeting and complemented by a sharp-looking cast aluminum grill. Sturdy spring post terminals allow easy and secure speaker wire connections. Just hook up a suitable amp and you're ready to roll.

Product Highlights:

  • ported enclosure with one 12" Solobaric L5 woofer
  • 3/4" medium density fiberboard construction covered with black carpet
  • cast aluminum grille
  • 2-ohm total impedance
  • recommended power: 50-600 watts RMS (1200 watts peak power)
  • frequency response: 20-100 Hz
  • sensitivity: 88 dB
  • 29-1/8"W x 14-3/4"H x 18-7/8"D1 x 15-13/16"D2
  • warranty: 1 year
  • Our 60-day money-back guarantee

freakin awesome for real way loud.wont be dissappointed


What's in the Box:

  • 1 Hatchback-style enclosure loaded with one S12L5 square Solo-Baric 12" subwoofer
  • 4 Metal mounting brackets
  • Four 1-1/8" self-tapping screws
  • Eight 3/4" self-tapping screws
  • Installation Instructions

Kicker VS12L52 Solo-Baric Reviews

Average Customer Review(s):

(5 Reviews)


JC from AR on 12/7/2005

freakin awesome for real way loud.wont be dissappointed<BR><BR>




T from Grand Prairie TX on 10/18/2005

wow! this setup pounds! i had to have it.i have it with the 600.1 in a two ohm load in a cira sl and it is trying to tear the trunk off of it. great over all sound but my trunk rattles like crazy!




klemer from Glenwood, MN on 9/22/2005

I think out of all the subwoofers i have had this one is the greatest. it pounds harder than any of my previous ones.




Jason from Pittsburgh, PA on 8/29/2005

Just hooked it up with a Kicker KX600.1 Amp and it sounds great, Ionly have the gain on the amp set at half. Great sound



Don't push it to hard!!!!!!!

Russ from Muskegon Mi on 5/22/2005

I have a rockford power t8002 spec sheet says 1156 rms@2 ohms. The kicker hits hard. rms on the kicker is 550. If you have the 24db crossover and the sub sonic filter on kicker says 600rms is ok But 1156 is to much<BR>if you have a 350 to 500 rms amp this should be a very nice set up. I broke mine in at 1/4 vol for 6 to 10 hours then i put the hammer to it all it took was 1hr to weld the voice coil I took it back and got a replacment and it lasted about the same! very impressed with the sound i will go for the kicker solo x series and i know the x series will handle the rockford t8002 with no problems the x takes 2500 rms.




Hands-on research

Product Research

Specifications Note


Enclosure: The enclosure is constructed from non-resonant 3/4" Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) and protected by a layer of rugged carpet.

Dual Voice Coils: The woofer has two 4-ohm voice coils that are wired in parallel, presenting a 2-ohm mono load. 

Square Design: By making the Solo-Baric square, Kicker is giving you the most possible cone area (or Sd) for a given size baffle, 16% to 20% more area than a conventional subwoofer. More cone area means the Solo-Baric L5 moves more air, resulting in louder, deeper bass.

Cone Materials: The square cone is made of SoloKön, an ultra high performance composite, which remains rigid, minimizes cone flex and lowers harmonic distortion. SoloKön consists of a unique one-piece, aluminum vapor-deposit material that moves as a lightweight piston, exhibiting power and control. A rear cone brace integrates into the SoloKön with a continuous contact perimeter weld, which offers unmatched strength and resistance to deformation under pressure.

Surround: The tough, flexible Santoprene rubber surround has a long-throw, positive-roll design, which controls extreme cone excursion and is highly tear-resistant. The corners of the surround are ribbed to ensure linear cone motion. The surround is stitched to the reinforced cone edge, making separation between them virtually impossible, even in the harshest conditions.

Spider: The woofer is equipped with a wide poly-cotton spider which easily handles high cone excursions due to its increased diameter and unique shape.

Enhanced BAM (Basket And Motor) Assembly: The Solo-Baric L5 utilizes a high strength stamped steel basket which features a low-profile open design and provides a solid foundation for the precision-aligned motor assembly. Perimeter venting in the BAM relieves pressure from under the spider, supports linear excursion, and helps dissipate heat from the voice coil and motor structure.

Dual Voice Coil: The dual ultra length voice coils sustain enormous cone excursion and provide flexible impedance matching options. The high-temperature Polyimide Film Voice Coil former improves sonic and conducive properties, and prevents thermal-electrical meltdown. The voice coils are rated to 220° Celsius.

UniPlate Construction: The Solo-Baric L5 features a one-piece UniPlate construction with a vented hyper-extended pole piece and backplate. This unique design provides the following benefits:

  • Optimizes heat transfer efficiency for cooler operation and maximum power handling ability.
  • Eliminates erratic magnetic flux from the voice coil gap.
  • Releases pressure under the suspension for uniform cone movement and responsive low bass.
  • Prevents the voice coil from bottoming out and corresponding damage.

Tinsel Lead Wires: The sleeved, high-power tinsel lead wires eliminate broken leads and power loss, due to the common use of "insufficient-gauge" lead wires. The lead wires are terminated with multiple polymer-based strain-relieving mechanical fasteners.

Spring Posts: The spring posts will accept bare wire and pin connectors.

Specifications Note

Sensitivity: In the features and specs section, the sensitivity is automatically rounded up to 88 dB. The enclosure actually has a sensitivity rating of 87.9 dB.

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