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Kicker Solo-Baric S10L7

10" Dual 2-ohm Voice Coil Component Subwoofer ( )

Item # 206S10L72

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Our take on the Kicker Solo-Baric S10L7

It's hip to be square! You'll get noticed in a hurry with the imaginative look and sensational sound of Solo-Baric L7 subwoofers.

It's hip to be square! You'll get noticed in a hurry with the imaginative look and sensational sound of Solo-Baric L7 subwoofers.

Their output is a matter of simple math — the area of a square is greater than the area of a circle. The square Solo-Baric S10L7 10" woofer has as much as 20% more cone area than similarly-sized round subs. Imagine — this Solo-Baric L7 10" speaker moves 20% more air than its round 12" Solo-Baric predecessor.

The innovations don't end there! Patents are pending on the designs for the cone, surround, and non-resonant aluminum basket. The hyperextended pole piece improves woofer excursion, while Inverted Structural Dome technology keeps the cone strong at high sound pressure levels. The dual voice coil design offers wiring flexibility.

The S10L7 works great in sealed or vented boxes. So whether you prefer your bottom end tight and punchy, gut-busting, or just way down low, this subwoofer delivers incredible bass. (Kicker's distinctive cast-aluminum grilles are available separately.) 1-year warranty.

  • copolymer cone
  • Santoprene rubber surround
  • dual 2-ohm voice coils for wiring flexibility
  • frequency response 24-100 Hz
  • power range 75-600 watts RMS (300 watts per coil)
  • peak power handling 1,200 watts
  • sensitivity 87.2 dB SPL
  • top-mount depth 6-1/8"
  • sealed box volume 0.66-1.0 cubic feet
  • ported box volume 1.25-2.25 cubic feet

What's in the Box:

  • One 10" square woofer
  • Manual
  • Warranty Registration card
  • "Important: Solo-Baric L7 Break-In Notice"

Hands-on research

Product Research

Manual Corrections


Dual Voice Coils: For increased system flexibility, the woofer has two 2 ohm voice coils. When the voice coils are wired in parallel with each other, the woofer presents a 1 ohm mono load. When the voice coils are wired in series with each other, the woofer presents a 4 ohm mono load. In addition, each coil may be connected to a different amplifier channel and each channel will see a 2 ohm load.

Square Design: By making the Solo-Baric square, Kicker is giving you the most possible cone area (or Sd) for a given size baffle, 16% to 20% more area than a conventional subwoofer. More cone area means the Solo-Baric L7 moves more air, resulting in louder, deeper bass.

Cone materials: The copolymer cone has superior internal damping, resulting in ultra-fast transient response and super-low distortion. In addition, the cone is also very resistant to environmental extremes.

Surround: The tough, flexible santoprene rubber surround has a long-throw, positive-roll design, which controls extreme cone excursion and is highly tear-resistant. The surround is stitched to the reinforced cone edge, making separation between them virtually impossible.

Inverted Structural Dome: The Inverted Structural Dome replaces a conventional dustcap and locks into the cone for unmatched structural integrity and greatly reduced cone flexing/resonance.

Cast Aluminum Frame: The cast aluminum frame provides precision alignment and dependable motor structure support.

Spider: The durable resin-impregnated poly-cotton spider provides precise coil alignment and critical cone motion control.

Voice Coil: The multi-layer voice coil and Kapton former create a superior magnetic field and effectively dissipate heat.

One-Piece Extended Pole: The one-piece extended polecreates a broad, symmetrical magnetic field for superior power handling, precise voice coil control, and very low deep bass distortion. Venting in the pole piece eliminates noise and distortion caused by huge amounts of airflow created by cone excursion.

UniPlate Construction: The UniPlate construction combines the backplate and extended pole piece into a single unit to maximize magnetic efficiency and minimize alignment problems often caused by two-piece construction.

Black Plating: The black plating on the UniPlate and top plate provides maximum heat dissipation for cool operation and extended voice coil life.

Bumped Back Plate: The deep bumped back plate lets the voice coil reach maximum excursion without bottoming-out.

Perimeter Venting: The perimeter venting cooling system continuously pumps hot air away from the voice coil, replacing it with cool outside air.

Gaskets: Front and rear gaskets insure an airtight seal.

Rubber Magnet Boot: A black rubber boot covers the outside edge of the magnet structure to improve the cosmetics of the woofer and protect the magnet during installation.

Spring Posts: The spring posts will accept bare wire and pin connectors.

Enclosure Compatibility: This woofer can provide extended bass in sealed and vented enclosures (please see the "Specifications" section for more information on the recommended enclosures).


Power Handling: When the subwoofer is mounted in a sealed enclosure that has a volume from 0.66 cu/ft to 1.0 cu/ft, each coil can handle up to 300 watts RMS (600 watts peak). When the woofer is mounted in a vented enclosure, its power handling decreases depending on the size of the enclosure. In a 1.25 cu/ft vented enclosure, each coil can handle up to 250 watts RMS (500 watts peak). In a 1.75 cu/ft vented enclosure, each coil can handle up to 262.5 watts RMS (525 watts peak). In a 2.25 cu/ft vented enclosure, each coil can handle up to 275 watts RMS (550 watts peak). 

Recommended Sealed Box Volume: The recommended sealed enclosures have the highest power handling capability of all the recommended enclosures. When mounted in a sealed enclosure, the woofer delivers massive amounts of high-impact bass and can be driven with punishing levels of amplifier power.

  • Compact (minimum enclosure volume): 0.66 cu/ft; each coil can handle up to 300 watts RMS (600 watts peak)
  • SQ (maximum enclosure volume): 1.0 cu/ft; each coil can handle up to 300 watts RMS (600 watts peak)

Recommended Vented Box Volume: The vented enclosures incorporate massive slot-loaded ports with ultra low air velocity and hard-hitting bass. These are not your traditional port tubes, the slot-loaded ports are integrated into the enclosure design.

  • Compact: 1.25 cu/ft; 2.5"x11.25" port opening; 19.75" port depth; each coil can handle up to 250 watts RMS (500 watts peak)
  • SPL: 1.75 cu/ft; 2.75"x11.25" port opening; 17.75" port depth; each coil can handle up to 262.5 watts RMS (525 watts peak)
  • SPL/Deep Bass: 2.25 cu/ft; 3"x11.25" port opening; 18" port depth; each coil can handle up to 275 watts RMS (550 watts peak)

Note: The power handling specifications listed with the vented enclosure recommendations apply only when a 25Hz, 24dB/octave subsonic filter (sold separately) is used with this woofer; if a subsonic filter is not used, the power rating will decrease and excessive port noise can occur. 

Cutout:The woofer will not mount in a standard enclosure with a round cutout. Instead, the woofer must be mounted in an enclosure with a 9.415"x9.415" square opening.

Manual Corrections

Manual Corrections: The specifications printed in the January 2001 manual are preliminary. Per Kicker, many of the specifications have changed and the following is a list of corrections:

  • SPL: The manual lists the sensitivity as 87.3dB. The correct sensitivity is 87.2dB.
  • Fs: The manual lists the Fs as 35.1Hz. The correct Fs is 34.5Hz.
  • Vas: The manual lists the Vas as 33.9802 liters. The correct Vas is 34.99 liters.
  • Qts: The manual lists the Qts as 0.410. The correct Qts is 0.467.

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