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XM Direct XMDALP100

Connects the XM Direct universal XM tuner to a compatible Alpine in-dash receiver

5 Reviews

Item # 209XMDALP1

This item is no longer available.

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Our take on the XM Direct™ XMDALP100

The XMDALP100 Smart Digital Adapter allows you to connect the XM Direct universal XM tuner to your compatible Alpine in-dash receiver with Ai-net changer controls. The adapter and universal tuner are extremely compact, so they install easily behind your dash or in any other convenient location. The adapter cable also features a pass-through, which lets you connect an additional Alpine component, such as a CD changer.

Product Highlights:

  • Smart Digital Adapter allows a compatible Alpine in-dash receiver to control the XM Direct universal XM tuner
  • includes all cabling to connect to Alpine receiver
  • pass-through for connecting an additional Alpine component, such as a CD changer
  • dimensions: 3-1/2" x 1-1/8" x 2-1/2"
  • warranty: 1 year
  • Our 60-day money-back guarantee

What's in the Box:

  • XMDirect Smart Digital Adapter for Alpine car stereos
  • 40" DIN cable (Adapter to XMD1000 tuner)
  • 40" RCA stereo patch cord (Adapter to XMD1000 tuner)
  • 20" Dual Ai-Net cable (Adapter to Alpine head unit and pass through to another Ai-Net component)
  • Installation Guide

XM Direct™ XMDALP100 Reviews

Average Customer Review(s):

(5 Reviews)

XM Direct™ XMDALP100

bytored from Pacific Northwest on 2/18/2006

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I gave this a one star because this unit did not work right out of the box. I was able to get the preview station and channel 00 only. After a week of troubleshooting and constant refreshing of the Xm signal, talking with Crutchfield support ( which earned 5 stars) and XM support Crutchfeild decided to send me a replacement everything right down to the HU. Thats how I finilly foud out that it was the smart adapter. Terk has some problems with quality from what I have been reading on the net. Bad thing is if you want XM through your head unit you HAVE to buy this peice of equipment so if you are installing and your xm isnt working replace this unit first.



Super simple

Harris from Orlando, FL on 1/16/2006

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Easy to install just find place close to radio plug in from xm direct and attach to deck...super simple



Alpine why not just include this in the Head Unit?

2005f250diesel from Cincy, Ohio on 11/21/2005

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I purchased this to go with my Alpine CDA-9851 which I was less the thrilled about the fact that I had to have two additional add on devices to receive XM-Radio broadcasts. This could have been easily built into the head unit. I know why Alpine did this because of Sirius satellite but in today's vehicles it is tight enough under the dash to have to add this and the XMD1000 to the equation. There is a problem with this unit synchronizing with the head unit and the XMD1000 and you have to disconnect the DIN plug from this unit then disconnect the battery negative side cable plug the din back into the unit then put the battery cable back on the battery. I have had to do this three times now and I am wondering if this will be on going in the future. Mot to mention I have to re-program my head unit every time after. I liked it better when Alpine include the XM-Radio receiver within the head units. I guess this is a needed evil necessity if you want your XM-Radio.



XM Direct

David from Ludington, MI on 9/8/2005

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Nice product, user and installer friendly. Thanks Crutchfield for the recommendation!



Good but flawed in some important ways

Chris from Alameda, CA on 4/10/2005

The good: the sound quality is everything I could ask for on the music channels. 99.99% of the time you'd just think your alpine radio had a lot more presets, 18 more on my 9815 but maybe it's different on others? Excellent integration.<BR><BR>The not so good: Three times the XM radio has stopped talking to the head unit in a way that wasn't fixable by simply switching the radio off and on again. Leaving the car switched off for an hour has always fixed it, but this sort of thing shouldn't happen and is indicative (speaking as a 25 year electronics designer) of a hardware or software fault. There's discussion that the left and right audio channels are swapped, maybe that's been fixed by now.<BR><BR>The ugly: by convention Ai-Net equipment uses sockets and Ai-Net cables use plugs. Terk didn't know that, or wanted to be cheap, so they used a plug on the head end and a socket for chaining equipment in. That's fine if you mount the adapter between the head unit and the Ai-Net cable to the trunk mounted CD but you can't stick it in the trunk because you'd need the male output to connect to a male cable. So that means that you have to route the fragile antenna cable through the car and rip the dash appart instead of running it three feet into the trunk next to the CD changer. Syrius got it right with their Alpine unit, why couldn't XM?<BR><BR>Terk and Crutchfield were both unhelpful in my search for a solution.<BR><BR>If I had it all to do again...? If the cabling was solved? Certainly. Otherwise with the XM price rise I'd be tempted to avoid ripping my car to pieces, I'd probably go Sirius but with doubts about their signal quality.




Hands-on research

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Compatibility Notes


Overview: The Terk XMDALP100 is a Smart Digital Adapter which allows you to control the Terk XMDirect Universal XM Satellite Radio tuner (item 209XMD1000, sold separately) with a compatible, XM Satellite-ready Alpine car stereo receiver. The adapter includes a cable with an Ai-NET input connection, so an Ai-NET device, such as a CD changer, can be used along with the XMD1000 XM Satellite Radio tuner.  

Note: Please check the compatibility list below to see if your Alpine receiver will work with this adapter.

Connections: The adapter is designed to be installed in-line between an XMD1000 XM tuner and a compatible Alpine receiver. Two cables are included to connect the XMDALP100 adapter to the XMD1000 tuner, and one cable is included to connect the XMDALP100 adapter to an Alpine receiver.

  • Adapter to Tuner Cables:
    • Audio Cable: A 40" stereo RCA cable carries satellite radio audio from the tuner to the adapter.
    • Control Cable: A 40" P13 (8-pin DIN) cable passes control commands from the adapter to the tuner.
  • Adapter to Alpine Receiver Cable:
    • One one end, this cable has a single male 16-pin Molex plug (plugs into the adapter), and the other end splits into two branches: a 20" branch has a right angle male Alpine Ai-NET connector (plugs into a compatible Alpine receiver), and a 13" branch is terminated with a female Alpine Ai-NET input connector, which allows you to connect another Alpine Ai-NET compatible component, such as a CD changer.

Installation Note: Because of cable lengths, the XMDALP100 should be installed behind the dash within 2-3 feet of the XMD1000 tuner.

Compatibility Notes

Head Unit Compatibility: The adapter packaging includes a list of compatible Alpine receivers. As new models are introduced, the number of compatible receivers will grow. The current list of compatible receivers includes:

Compatible Alpine Receivers

CDA-7892 CDA-7893 CDA-7894 CDA-7897
CDA-7995 CDA-7998 CDA-9805 CDA-9807
CDA-9811 CDA-9813 CDA-9815 CDA-9825
CDA-9826 CDA-9827 CDA-9830 CDA-9831
CDA-9833 CDA-9835 CDA-9847 CDA-9851
CDA-9853 CDA-9855 CDA-9857 CDA-9883
CDA-9885 CDA-9887 IDA-X001 ---
CVA-1003 CVA-1004 CVA-10014 ---
DVA-7996 DVA-9860 DVA-9861 DVA-9965
IVA-D100 IVA-D105 IVA-D300 IVA-D310
IVA-D900 IVA-D901 IVA-W200 IVA-W205

Compatible with Ai-Net Multi Changer/Versatile Link Adapter: The Terk XMDALP100 is compatible with the Alpine KCA-410C Ai-Net Multi Changer/Versatile Link Adapter.

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