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SiriusXM Lynx™

Wi-Fi® enabled portable radio

59 Reviews

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Our take on the SiriusXM Lynx™

The Lynx may be the most exciting satellite radio ever. It's a cool little touchscreen marvel that at times seems part-smartphone, part-DVR, part music player...but it's really something totally new. I got a chance to see it in action at a training session recently, and came away thinking, "Wow, the Lynx takes it upon itself to make sure you'll never, ever get bored."


The Lynx may be the most exciting satellite radio ever. It's a cool little touchscreen marvel that at times seems part-smartphone, part-DVR, part music player...but it's really something totally new. I got a chance to see it in action at a training session recently, and came away thinking, "Wow, the Lynx takes it upon itself to make sure you'll never, ever get bored."

All Access package - $199 per year - Get 2 months free compared with purchasing monthly

Most importantly, the Lynx lets you take your SiriusXM Radio with you. No matter where you go, it'll keep your favorite shows right at hand — while it's connected to a satellite radio signal, it automatically records your five favorite channels. So when you grab it and head out the door, you've got enough content loaded to keep you entertained for quite a while. When connected to Wi-Fi, the Lynx lets you browse, select and rewind shows up to 5 hours in the past.

You can even store MP3s on a microSD™ memory card so you'll have your existing library on hand. You can listen to SiriusXM Internet Radio over a Wi-Fi network, and with the help of optional accessory kits, you can listen in your car and over your home stereo system. And since you can get a satellite radio signal from coast to coast, you won't lose your music when you're on the road.

The Lynx gives you access to all the channels you already love — plus, with either a SiriusXM Select, Premier or All Access package, you'll get more than 20 new XTRA CHANNELS, including:

  • more commercial-free music
  • more sports
  • more entertainment
  • SiriusXM Latino, which gives you 12+ Spanish-language channels


Check out the full SiriusXM channel guide
Listen at home with the home dock
Listen in your car with the car dock

Listen over a Wi-Fi network
With a SiriusXM Internet Radio subscription, you can listen over the Internet when the Lynx is connected to a Wi-Fi network. While connected, you can view album art and even artist bios (when available) on the big color screen. And if you join a show late, the Start Now feature lets you go back to the beginning.

SiriusXM Lynx Radio Replays

Listen to your favorite channels...on your time
Once the Lynx is docked and receiving a live satellite signal, it'll record your favorite channels using its Radio Replays feature. It can capture up to 200 hours of programming, including up to five channels at once. That way, you'll have plenty of content to check out when you grab the Lynx and go.

Stream SiriusXM Radio with built-in Bluetooth®
Built-in Bluetooth lets you stream programming from the Lynx to a compatible device, like a car stereo, headphones, or the home dock (not included). So for instance, when your home dock is connected to your home stereo, you can pick up the Lynx, sit on your couch, and browse other channels without interrupting the show you're currently enjoying.

Gorgeous touchscreen, cool features
You can tap your way through your favorite channels on the Lynx' large touchscreen. You can also pause, rewind, and replay live programming, plus find out what's playing on another channel while you're listening. ShowFinder™ lets you know when your favorite shows are scheduled — tap the screen, and you'll get an alert when one comes on. And if you switch to one of your five favorite SiriusXM channels in the middle of a song, no problem — Tune Start will bring you back to the beginning so you don't miss a thing.

Check out the awesome channel selection from SIRIUS/XM

Note: A subscription to SiriusXM is also required. Satellite radio service is available only within Canada and the lower 48 states — not available in Alaska, Hawaii, or U.S. territories. SiriusXM Select, Premier, All Access, or SiriusXM Internet Radio subscription plan needed to get XTRA CHANNELS.

Product Highlights:

  • Wi-Fi enabled portable SiriusXM satellite radio
  • can tune in SiriusXM XTRA CHANNELS
  • record your favorite satellite radio channels for listening later
  • pause, rewind, and replay live SiriusXM Radio
  • catch up on favorite shows with SiriusXM On Demand
  • full-color touchscreen display
  • built-in Bluetooth
  • microSD card slot for MP3s
  • warranty: 90 days
  • Our 60-day money-back guarantee

What's in the Box:

  • Lynx SiriusXM tuner
  • Rechargeable Li-ion battery (3.7V/1150mAh/4.3Wh)
  • USB AC Charger
  • 39" Proprietary cable (with a SiriusXM connector on one end and a USB type-A connector on other end)
  • Cloth pouch
  • Quick Start Guide (Eng)
  • Quick Start Guide (Spa)
  • Accessory Guide (Eng/Spa)
  • FCC and SAR Statements
  • "Welcome to Lynx" note
  • Warranty Information

Featured Video:

It compact, easy to use, the speakers and fine for talk but not music. But I use my house speakers and it is awesome. You do need a home kit if you want to record. It must be in the kit to record. But that works fine.

Jerry, Rochester NY


SiriusXM Lynx™ Reviews

Average Customer Review(s):

(59 Reviews)

SiriusXM Lynx

kindofrandom from Memphis, TN on 12/17/2013

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Works great! I love the options of satellite, internet, my own stored music or even previously recorded listening. The only thing I wish it had was built in antenna and an adjustment for touchscreen sensitivity. The touchscreen works well but not quite as sensitive to the touch as you might expect. Fantastic product!

Pros: many listening options

Cons: no adjustment for touchscreen sensitivity

Wife's Xmas

Joe Friday from Rocky Mount, NC on 12/15/2013

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

The Lynx is what I expected from researching it on the internet. My wife has a SiriusXM subscription for her car and she wanted to listen to SiriusXM in the house. In that I am the gadget person for our home, it was up to me to make in work. I purchased the Lynx for it portability along with the Home Kit. It is easy to carry from room to room to patio, etc. I had an old Logitech computer sound system (mini speakers with woofer) that I hooked up to the Home Kit's docking pedestal. It works well and delivers good sound with a descent range mainly because of the woofer. I also purchased the SiriusXM Portable Speaker Dock. The speaker dock is convenient, but does not have the full sound range and quality delivered by the Logitech. She uses the speaker dock in our home office and the Logitech sound system in the family room. To use the Lynx at different locations and for portability it made more sense to connect to SirusXM through the Internet (Wi-Fi) rather than satellite. Unfortunately, through the Internet, you lose some of its features but for us it was the sensible choice. All-in-all, my wife and I are pleased with the Lynx and we would recommend it to others. Crutchfield had it compatibly priced and shipped it in a timely manner.

Pros: A nice large touch screen with tactile feedback. Being able to take the unit out of the Home Kit docking pedestal (Bluetooth). Small/slim size. Storage capacity (32 g SDHC). Battery life. Internet Browser capability.

Cons: I do feel that the Lynx may be a little complicated for the non-gadget savvy. You have to go online for the 136 page user manual. The touch screen navigation takes some practice to get use to. There needs to be more categories to select from in the My Library (album, genre, etc.). The Home Kit Dock has Bluetooth which is good, but the Speaker Dock does not. Limited features through internet connection.

Amazing change in how I enjoy XM

Jerry from Rochester NY on 12/1/2013

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

It compact, easy to use, the speakers and fine for talk but not music. But I use my house speakers and it is awesome. You do need a home kit if you want to record. It must be in the kit to record. But that works fine.



Don't buy it

Jeff from CA on 11/20/2013

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I was weary of buying this because of mixed reviews. The only reason I ended up buying it was the docks were on sale for and I needed 3. It locks up all the time, it won't pair with the dock, loses reception, the touch screen only works once in a while, sound cuts in and out.

Pros: Looks nice

Cons: Poorly made.

SiriusXM Lynx Portable Radio

User from Plano, TX on 11/8/2013

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Portable touch screen radio that I can take anyplace, assuming I have a satellite connection and/or Wi_Fi. Great small compact design

Pros: Compact, Portable, Easy to Use, Touch Screen

Cons: This was e replacement , the Wi-Fi went out on the first radio in less than a week. So far so good on replacement

Best Sirius radio by far

LB from Los Angeles, CA on 10/5/2013

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I use the Lynx for home since I have built in Sirius radios in each car. I bought this model for all the features, such as bluetooth and internet, and the fact I can put in an SD card of my own music. I also bought the boombox so I can take it anywhere. I haven't tried all the features yet. The one thing I wish this came with is a paper manual, as it is extensive and would be much easier to read than paging through the onboard screen manual. I pair it with a Sony sound bar wiith wireless subwoofer. I can easily take both outside for parties in the backyard. I can't fault the radio for my not reading the manual completely, but I haven't been able to get it to start at the beginning of a song. One of the best features is the internet connection. Now I can take it to my cabin where I can't get satellite reception. It also pairs with bluetooth headphones. The pair I have also have an SD card so I can listen to tons of music on a plane or wherever headphones are appropriate. I'm doing a remodel and my contractor and all his subs are impressed with both the radio and the Sony sound bar, so I imagine Sirius will get a few more customers. Once you have Sirius you can't go back. Also, I must say, my first purchase through Crutchfield was very impressive, from the ease of ordering online to the speedy delivery, price and packaging. I will definitely look to them for future purchases.

Pros: Sleek and beautiful, great features, portability


Sirius XM Radio

Bill from Indiana on 10/2/2013

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

As a truck driver I have been an XM subscriber for years and the Lynx is my favorite radio so far! The recording ability and DVR like features are wonderful. And the Bluetooth is fantastic. Bragging able to connect to my BT headphones is icing on the cake.

Pros: Portability and DVR like. Beautiful display. Bluetooth.

Cons: None so far.

Good Product

Robertp from MCALLEN, TX on 9/17/2013

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Bluetooth works great with my 2013 Honda Accord. Have not tried internet function yet.

Pros: easy to install, bluetooth works great. No issues yet.

Cons: none

Is it worth the price? Not sure yet!

Red from Raymond, Ms. on 9/7/2013

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

So far I love the satellite receiver. But that is based on the quality of the satellite music and not the Sirius receiver. I've noticed a few minor quirks with the device so far. One, the touch screen doesn't always work. When I try to go from one preset to another it often takes several tries to work. I've had a number of instances where the remote won't work. But probably my biggest complaint is mounting the receiver in the car with the required car kit. The mount is flimsy at best. The only way you can mount the device with the parts that come with the kit is on the AC vents. Moves around way too much for my taste.

Pros: Great quality music along with great variety of different stations.

Cons: Receiver itself is absolutely no good without the home or car kits that provide the antenna.

Great radio

Jcar55 from Herculaneum, Mo. on 6/1/2013

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Great new radio from sirius. Easy to use



Nice product, but has a few issues

Scott M from Bridgeport, CT on 5/29/2013

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Great looking product with a lot of new features - this unit can get satellite and internet radio channels, and has a buffer so it always starts from the beginning of the current song, no matter when you tune in. You can pause live radio up to 30 min, download your favorite shows, and there are many more shows available on demand. It has Bluetooth as well, though it's far from perfect. I've had this product for 2 weeks now though, and it's not without it's problems. The unit often operates very slowly (navigating channels, menus, etc), and the internet signal occasionally cuts in and out, despite a fast and reliable wireless connection. Also, the Bluetooth so far has only worked with the accompanying home dock. It won't work with the Bluetooth in my car, or with my Jambox portable speaker. Overall a great unit, but with some serious shortcomings, hence the 3 stars.



Working great

TDB from Ohio on 5/25/2013

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Works great in car and at home. I've been wanting to get satellite radio in my car but the in dash radios were just too much. It was cheaper this way and I can also use it at home so I get more out of it. I bought both of the docking stations to use with it. I only wish I was able to use the satellite radio portion of it with out the docking stations. I also like the mp3 player better than the one in my car stereo.

Pros: Lower cost then in dash satellite radios and I can use it in the house also. mp3 player works great although if you have a lot of songs it will take a while to load up the list when you first put the SD card in. After the initial load there is no wait.

Cons: No satellite radio unless it's docked. Wish they still had the older XM channels like Lucy.

Sirius XM Lynx

MR from San Diego, CA on 5/25/2013

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Great compact portable satellite radio !

Pros: Small, portable, easy to use

Cons: n/a

Nice SiriusXM Radio

KenS from Arizona on 5/25/2013

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Nice addition to my Car and Home audio needs. Its portability is great. The options to connect to my car audio were great.

Pros: Portability, Bluetooth, WiFi and touch screen.

Cons: Sometimes it takes a few tries to connect to my car audio via Bluetooth.


b from Savannah, Ga on 5/23/2013

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Awesome product, fast delivery, Crutchfield rocks!



Sirius XM Lynx

LarryB from Corpus Christi, TX on 5/22/2013

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I am returning the 4th replacement radio in 2 months. The unit is the most inferior electronic device sold in this country. 2 have stopped working within 2 or 3 weeks after initially working fine. The 4th replacement radio will not respond to the remote or change channels off of the preview channel when activated. Tech support at Crutchfield was responsive but could not do anything but replace the unit. Sirius tech support also agreed that the last radio was faulty out of the box.

Pros: Nice features during the brief time they were functional. Replay is a plus. Small, fits in car air vent mount

Cons: Does not work. How can anyone support a product that fails four times?


JA from Minneapolis on 5/11/2013

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

The receiver is a good product, as expected. I did have problems setting it up, however. Three separate calls to Sirius customer service, totaling over an hour in length, were an entire waste of time. It turned out that I knew more about the product that the people I talked to. After over an hour of frustration, I called Crutchfield.The service advisor there had the right answer that entirely fixed my problem in three minutes. Thank you, Lloyd!

Pros: A basically decent product. And Crutchfield customer service advisors rock!

Cons: Sirius customer service is worse than a waste of time.

Lynx Radio

Anonymous from Hiram, ME on 5/3/2013

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I received the first Lynx radio over a month ago.the next day I installed the car docking system and put the radio in the car and within a few minutes the radio "locked" sound. Reset the radio by powering down and power up and worked for about ten minutes and "locked" up but this time sounding like a CD skipping.this happened about ten or so time in an hour period, I tried every option from resetting the radio to factory defaults (the reset does not role back the updates to the firm ware and OS versions).to no avail the radio would fail through out the day with no rime to reason. I contacted Crutchfield support and the gentlemen walked me though some trouble shooting items with the radio.then agreed that the radio has a major issue. With no hesitation he sent me a new radio and a RMA UPS return cost to the customer! I have nothing but praise to Crutchfield's support and customer retention to their customers, their customer satisfaction for me (had another return a few months ago on another product) is one hundred percent at this point. There are many other companies that should follow Crutchfield's example of customer satisfaction.great job to all at the company! The new radio arrived and I have not accepted the updates yet and the radio has been working great in either modes (SAT/Wi-Fi).I have had the radio for a couple of weeks now, I just don't dare to except the updates for the fact it may cause the radio to fail.

Pros: The Lynx is a great unit to use from the vehicle to Wi-Fi, recorded modes or use the micro card with MP3 the clear screen and the touch screen menus, the radio reception seems better than the old Sportster model that I had for years hope its lasts as long. Great support and customer satisfaction from Crutchfield!!!!!

Cons: Are the updates from Sirius for the Lynx causing issues with the radio? No one can tell me either way from Sirius support...they need to find out if they want to sell more of the units. Other than that its a great radio...even with the first issue it has nothing to do with the quality of the radio may be a software issue. Thats why I give it 4 stars.

Great Radio

GeorgeE from California on 5/3/2013

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I love my new radio. I have had sirius for the last five years and was excited to get it for the office. I do not use it at home and have set it to record a couple of shows so will probably start bringing it to the gym for working out. The screen is great, I like that it gives me all the info on the songs and artists. I have a friend in the office who has an Onyx, the Lynx is much better.

Pros: The amount of storage space is phenomenal and the interface is pretty intuitive. The ability to record and playback is nice, I especially like being able to rewind when I miss something or want to hear a song again.

Cons: It is a little slow at startup but that does not really bother me. I read some complaints about lag time between changing channels. I have had that a couple of times but when listening to music it doesn't matter because it will start at the beginning of the songs. I wish you did not need to have it connected to a base unit for it to get satellite. I did not mark it down for that because I knew that when I bought it, but it would be nice if it were truly portable.

Best Satellite Radio!!!

KingFisch from NewKazoo, PA on 5/1/2013

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

This is the most advanced Satellite radio with touch screen features and also doubles as an internet browser when you are on WiFi, either at home or on the road, like motel or McDonalds! But, I particularly like the "DVR-like" feature of being able to record programs for later playback! Love this radio!

Pros: Save 200 hours of programs for later playback.. like a DVR! Great touch screen features. Also is an internet browser when it connects to WiFi

Cons: None yet!

My Favorite Sirius Radio Yet

ag from Orlando, FL on 4/29/2013

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Previously there was nothing like a Starmate 2. I had a horrible experience with the Starmate 5 - waste of money. The Lynx is by far a better system. I am very happy with it to date.

Pros: Can take it with you and works as both satellite and internet radio.

Cons: Having a hard time selecting songs I want to be notified of when they play on other stations.

SiriusXM Lynx™

chad from kannapolis, nc on 4/26/2013

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Works great as advertised. Can't beat the price.

Pros: Portable device which is awesome. I can listen in the car or at home. Also you can listen to recorded radio with headphones.

Cons: FM transmitter is weak. Works great if you have an auxiliary port on your radio otherwise you will get a lot of interference from radio stations. Also this is classified as an XM radio stop of you have a Sirius subscription you will lose those channels such as NFL and Howard Stern.

Does what I wanted

8Wlr from omaha,NE on 4/7/2013

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

fills the bill with exactly what I needed for car and home

Pros: easy to learn

Cons: none yet

NO Working with Sat. Radio & Headphones

Anonymous from Sun Valley, CA on 3/29/2013

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I had to return it. It has a MAJOR programming flaw. You cannot use the unit with HEADPHONES when its connected to Sirius radio via SATELLITE Radio??? Internet radio - you can use headphones, Satellite radio no headphones. When the unit is in a car attached to car docking station the headphone jack stops working. I wanted to use this radio as a SECOND radio for my son on long road trips. But I can only hear the Sat. radio through the AUX connector or Bluetooth on the cars main speakers. I'm sure Sirius did this to prevent people from listening to head phones and driving, but to COMPLETELY disable the headphone jack is way too restrictive. Just a warning should be enough. Fix this issue, and I'll buy the system again!

Pros: Easy to use

Cons: NO HEAD PHONE USE POSSIBLE WHEN USING WITH SATELLITE RADIO??? I had to return the system. What a hassle and a disappointment!!

So good

TonyC from Cape May NJ on 3/27/2013

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I purchased this for use in my car. The optional radio that I have will not allow an AUX connection except for an iPhone. I bought this unit because it can connect through blue tooth. In this respect, it works as advertised, the set-up and connection went without a hitch. I have to manually select it as the audio player because my car radio always defaults to the cell phone. This is a radio and not a Lynx glitch. Sound quality is surprisingly good. My only reticence for not giving five stars is that I had to send back the first unit which stopped working after five days. Crutchfield immediately replaced it at no cost and the new unit has been fine. BTW, both Sirius XM and Crutchfield tech support were very knowledgeable.

Pros: Good sound, blue tooth interface, easy set-up.

Cons: Bad experience with the first unit which was replaced.


David K from wooster Ohio on 3/26/2013

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

SiriusXM Lynx is the best all round siriusxm radio. just update os right away

Pros: works everywhere after us set your fav channels up

Cons: none

The Lynx

foleym from Gypsum,Co on 3/25/2013

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I have had 4 sporster's over the year's and love this new lynx. It has a great display and is really easy to use. i think you will like it also.

Pros: Great display. easy to use.

Cons: None from me.

SiriusXM Lynx

TimP from Buffalo, Ny on 3/21/2013

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Great product...Easy to setup and use...

Pros: Love all the stations to choose from.

Cons: Better than a regular radio in the hilly areas but you still can lose the signal occasionally.

Money Well Spent

Robert from Cleveland, OH on 3/13/2013

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I have been wanting a satellite radio for a long time. I decided on the LYNX because of the features it offers. I placed my order with Crutchfield because of the right price plus the offer of a free home or vehicle kit. Setting it up to connect to the bluetooth signal from the home dock and WiFi Internet was easy. As soon as it made it's WiFI connection it obtained all the necessary updates. The sound quality produced through headphones or the car and home system is great! Everything (and that is a lot) works. Reading the set-up instructions for the home dock it said to place the antenna where it faces the southern sky or at a south facing window. This caused me some anxiety as my stereo equipment is on a north wall. Plugging in the antenna and setting it on top of my stereo cabinet in the livingroom near the north wall I received an excellent signal - full signal bars. Whew! Check out the user guide for the LYNX from the SiriusXM websie to see what all this baby can do!

Pros: Bluetooth, WiFI, ease of set-up, numerous features, remote included with the home and car kits. If you like SeriusXM, you will LOVE this radio!!!

Cons: Touch screen can be a little too sensitive when scrolling. I'll have to lighten-up on my touch.

SiriusXM Lynx

James from New Market, Md on 3/12/2013

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I love it. I have used it exclusively attached to the portable speaker dock, BB2, and stream via my home wi-fi. It also has the ability to connect via Bluetooth as wellas satellite antenna. Fantastic, flexible electronic gizmo.

Pros: Multiple methods of connection to stream content. Looks great. Colorful touch screen. Fits in shirt pocket for convenient portability.

Cons: None thus far.

Cool XM radio

Cheo from Chicago, il on 3/8/2013

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Great radio with all the Internet channels.

Pros: MicroSD slot!!

Cons: Should be thinner!

Flexible and Easy to Use

mdan from Chicago on 2/13/2013

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I've had this device for about three weeks and like it a lot. Its great to be able to use it both at home and in the car. Setup was smooth, but I was surprised that I had to activate the phone once for internet use and again for satellite use. Installing it in the car was easy. I found that I could put the satellite antenna anywhere on my dashboard and it worked - even inside my highrise parking garage where GPS never works! Good product.

Pros: compact, easy to set up, powerful satellite antenna

Cons: Have to do separate product activations for internet and satellite use.


Bart from Madrid, IA on 1/23/2013

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

So far I have been very happy with the radio itself being able to use it at home with wi-fi. In the vehicle is a whole other story but has nothing to do with the radio. The vehicle kit remote quit working after two days use. I bought this directly from SiriusXM because Crutchfield was out at the time so this does not reflect negatively on Crutctfield. The upsetting part is, you can't just return the remote to get it replaced. You have to send everything in the kit back. This was a pain since the dock was already mounted to the dash and the antenna installed and run through windshield and door molding and through the dash, all had to be removed and sent back as it came in the kit. SiriusXM needs to come up with a different process such as making remotes available separately. As I said earlier though, the Lynx has been awesome!!!!!!!



SiriusXM Lynx

RC from Richmond, VA on 1/23/2013

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Easy to use and simple to set up favorites, which is a nice feature because it records several hours of each of the favorites; I installed a car dock and home dock; both work with no issues. Remote is poor, sometimes won't turn unit on, very hard to change channels with remote. Also unit sometimes will not power on after taking out of dock - but when I put it back in dock, then take it out, it will turn on/off just fine - a little quirky.

Pros: size, ease of use, recording of favorite channels

Cons: remote is inferior, sometimes won't turn on after taking out of dock

Not user friendly

SNUFFY from Eureka Springs, AR on 1/15/2013

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

neat idea but disappointed.. Turning on/off, learning how to charge, play time, etc. and was told by Sirius person it would work anyplace including outside USA that had Wi Fi. The speaker system iK100 kicker works very well but likely will send the entire purchase back because of the radio

Pros: size and wi fi enabled. Crutchfield service

Cons: on/off, charging, play time, needs remote since all functions are manual

SiriusXM Lynx™

janu from missoula, mt on 1/11/2013

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

nice unit. has a lot of features.


Cons: is not truly "portable" in my mind. Cannot listen to satellite radio unless it is in a dock or near wifi.

Love it

Ericj from Houston, TX on 1/5/2013

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I been using my lynx at home at work etc ... I also have Internet radio on my iPhone but this will do the trick once I get the car kit (drains phone battery) I have no complaints on this device !! Great choice for the $$$

Pros: Easy accessibility and awesome replacement to my iPhone

Cons: None

Just will not cooperate

Larry from Yuma, AZ on 1/4/2013

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I ordered the radio with high expectations. I am really interested in the ability to record programs during the night and listen to them later, like my XM3Pi does. When it arrived, I discovered that this is not a satellite radio. It CAN be a satellite radio if you buy accessories so it can receive the satellite signal. But, by itself it is only an internet radio. So I setup a trial subscription with XM internet radio. They send me a code to authorize the radio but it simply will not work. During the several days I attempted to get this radio to work, the battery would go dead even though the radio was turned off. So, I have returned the radio and will go back to using my XM3Pi portable radio. In case anyone is interested, I am on my third XM3Pi in 8 months which is another reason I wanted to go to a newer model. Oh well.

Pros: Pretty display. Crutchfeild customer service is FAR above the rest of the industry.

Cons: 1. Not sure as I never got it to work to begin with. 2. You MUST buy a dock kit in order to receive satellite signals. Strange that they do not include that when you are buying a "satellite" radio.

Dont buy this unit.

Steve from NY on 12/15/2012

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Do not buy this radio. I had to return 3 of them. Costing me a lot of money to send them back and SiriusXM wants me to pay turn them on? 45$ to ship them back.45 to turn on they defective units? Omg. Why did I buy this radio again! Want to get rid of it now.

Pros: Nice unit.

Cons: Lol. What else can break on this? Talking with XM people. Waiting on the phone for a long time? Just to get the run around.

the perfect travel companion:SIRIUS XM LYNX

jim from E. HADDAM,CT on 7/17/2012

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I've been looking for a satellite radio that travels easy with wi-fi capability and lynx is the answer. easy to log on to wifi in most hotels , and with all those commercial free stations,it has really been a pleasure ! the small speaker contained in the lynx is pretty good, better than hotel radios but an outstanding feature is that the wifi will go back 5hrs time to the beginning of a program you may have missed while traveling and start from there. headphone sound outstanding! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!



My Lynx Review

Dave P from Omaha Ne on 7/1/2012

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Very happy with Lynx Radio so far. This is my first satellite radio so I can't compare.

Pros: Touch screen

Cons: A little tricky to use when driving. Just need to get use to it.


ACRA from NYC on 5/24/2012

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

This is my second XM radio, I'm committed to XM however I'm dissapointed in this product. I like the that it has WI FI conductivity but it is difficult to use, loses the connection frequently and has to be turned off to reset, it is very annoying. it is small and difficult to read.

Pros: Touch screen, WI FI

Cons: Small screen, loses wi FI connection

good unit

tazz from Ohio on 5/10/2012

Nice unit. works fine . I am glad I made the purchase . Have had it a couple weeks now.

Pros: light easy to use works

Cons: wish the XM subscription was less expensive around 5 or 6 bucks a month for music seems right

SiriusXM Lynx - this radio rocks!!!

SG from New York, NY on 5/5/2012

I just bought the SiriusXM Lynx and it absolutely rocks! Between the easy touchscreen interface, the radios ability to rewind, pause, go back 5 hours in time, and it's ability to listen to one song while viewing what's currently playing on EVERY other station is awesome. Not to mention the bread & butter of satellite radio which is commercial free music segmented by genre, decades, style, etc, while being hosted by real DJ's who pull out songs you've long forgotten and/or new songs you never new were out there. It truly makes radio personal & fun again. Finally they also offer every major sports broadcast, across all teams, across the whole nation along with unparalleled talk radio from Howard Stern, Opie & Anthony, Oprah, and on and on and on, in the best user interface ever - go buy yourself a Lynx and rock out!!!!



Hidden limitations - not advertised online

J Michael from Falls Church VA on 5/2/2012

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Crutchfield and XM radio sell this so-called "portable" radio but it isnt a true portable. First you need one of the 2 docks - home or car and then it cant be used anywhere because it has no antennae and needs the dock or a wifi connection and the extra online internet XM radio charge to work. The web site should state that out front. I am returning mine asap.

Pros: None

Cons: Beware - It is not a real portable. It needs a home or car dock and a wifi connection which costs extra from XM radio for the internet radio.

Mixed Review

Mike from Charlottesville on 4/5/2012

I had a xm3pi and it died. I tried this lynx model thinking the newer would be better. Great radio if you are only listening live via antenna or if you listen through wifi there is a little delay. Much like if you are using the I phone app. If you are recording content and trying to listen later, this unit is a huge dissapointment. If you can get it to record, you have to schedule a program first. Then it records it but when you go back to replay you start back at the beginning. The more content you have it still starts at the beginning. The old xm3pi works much much better for recorded content. I am returning this unit and buying another xm3pi. Crutchfield support was outstanding like always and highly recommend them for their service alone. I really like the radio but they need to fix the way it records and the play back feature. If they fix this I would buy it immediately.

Pros: Great radio if you are only listening live via antenna or if you listen through wifi there is a little delay. Much like if you are using the I phone app

Cons: Huge dissapointment for recorded content. I contacted support and it is just the way it works. I returned mine. The main reason is I record content, such as the Ron and Fez show, during work and listen to it later on my hour long commute.


Gary from NJ on 3/20/2012

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Veryhappy with service at Crutchfield. But this radio is terrible. My 8 year old Inno had more features. No longer TuneSelect to find favorite artists. The recording aspect is limited and sub-par. And the device freezes......often. On the plus side it has a nice big screen. Vehicle dock is very sensitive on channel changing to the point of being somewhat useless. Save money and buy a different unit.

Pros: Nice clear screen

Cons: unit software freezes....often. No tuneselect to find favorite artists/songs. Limited recording features. WAY TOO expensive for what you get over cheaper models

60 day review

Al from Charlotte NC on 3/8/2012

ok so about a 60 day review. crutchfield is awesome. siriusxm is not yet. if you give the customers a product they love, you will have a successful business. i don't think they are listening to the customer. the great thing about my purchase was that it recorded music. i could leave it on a station overnight, it would record, then i could save the songs i liked and build an awesome music library. i learned new bands and new music. it was awesome. LYNX will record stations, but you can only FFWD 1/2 hour or about 5 songs - then it won't let you go any further. and you CANNOT record individual songs - period. on internet, or satellite - regardless. in fact you have no control over recording, there is no recording option. you can set favorite stations, and it records them, but if you hear something you love you can't say "ok, record now". the control i had, and the ability to explore new music, was the benefit of siriusxm. now it's just a radio, and up to you if it's worth paying for.

Pros: does what it says it will do. does not say it will provide good recording experience, and it doesn't.

Cons: SIRIUSXM's different hardware provides a vastly different experience to their customers. almost like different service levels. will not record individual songs - can only FFWD half hour or thru 5 songs

SiriusXM Lynx

T.G. from Houston Tx on 3/5/2012

I have been a XM subscriber since the beginning and have had many of units thru the years. The Lynx is the best so far with features and controls. I had been waiting for a full Wifi and Bluetooth with the option of an MicroSD card for MP3 use. The unit is almost perfect except they dropped the scheduled record feature which has become a valued option for many of us. I upgraded from my Pioneer Inno and really loved the Lynx. I am just very disappointed I can't schedule my own channel recordings. There are shows that are on late at night that I liked recording. That feature should really be put back. Other than that issue, the Lynx is a very good unit and hopefully the next software release will fix some of the issues.

Pros: Wifi, Bluetooth, MicroSD storage for mp3 playback.

Cons: Unable to schedule your own channel recordings. Mp3 Playback seems sluggish.


Dave B from Wheaton, IL on 2/22/2012

This radio may not be ready for prime time, and perhaps neither is SiriusXM. I immediately had problems with playback and lockups while listening to live satellite radio. After a couple of weeks of experiments, firmwear updates, etc, I gave up and returnde the radio to Crutchfield for a swap. Crutchfield, being who they are, accommodated me and had a replacement to me in days. SiriusXM, being who THEY are, wanted to charge a $15 "swap fee" to activate the replacement radio and deactivate the bad one, and no amount of attempting to explain the situation made any difference. I held for supervisors and was disconnected after 20 minutes, called again, ultimately told to "email us", to make me go away, and given any number of excuses. I am not sure if this new one will fly. It's acting a little flakey. But SiriusXM's policies and support are subverting Crutchfield's legitimate efforts to succeed with this products, and I feel for them.

Pros: Has a lot of great features, which, if they work, will be great.

Cons: SiriusXM. 'nuf said.

SiriusXM Lynx

Roy H from Spring, TX on 2/4/2012

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I owned a Sirius Stilletto 2(and enjoyed its pocket portability as a satellite receiver) until its battery failed. I thought the new SiriusXM Lynx was its replacement model. Alas, it is NOT. The result? The Lynx, without "tethering" it to the optional ($) car or home "base" units is nothing more than an overpriced INTERNET ONLY radio receiver that you have to pay a monthly subscription for!. Disappointing. Two Stars.

Pros: Good Bluetooth capability

Cons: Lynx INCAPABLE of satellite reception by itself like earlier SiriusXM models.

SiriusXM Lynx™

roboc from waldorf,MD on 2/2/2012

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

this is an awesome unit. I love the way it maneuver's through the screens effortlessly,displays song titles and artists and the small size but large display area are great.I have the home and car kit, and it is great, just grab and go could not be easier.CRUTHFIELD IS THE BEST PLACE , they sure do treat customers RIGHT.,because of the long wait in pre-order, they comped us the home and car kits. I WISH MORE COMPANYS TREATED THEIR CUSTOMERS THIS WAY ! THANK YOU!! THANK YOU

Pros: THE LYNX is a GREAT problems at all,you will not be disappointed

Cons: Don't see a thing wrong with it...just wish it had come out earlier

Lynx Review

Lynx User from Midwest on 2/1/2012

Love the new Lynx. Only had one problem. Put the radio in my purse and then it wouldn't power up. Called Crutchfield and they were very helpful. Just needed to open up battery compartment and reinsert battery and then it powered right up. Have not had this problem before so maybe just a one time occurrence. So far it is wonderful. Had to learn to scroll at little differently than on the Iphone. Have to push down just a tad harder without lifting up any while scrolling so as not to push on a station by accident. Once you get the hang of it, it is easy. Like that music and shows are recorded in the background if on satellite more than 15 minutes, this way I can take the radio to my other car and only need the aux jack to play recorded the music and recorded shows.

Pros: The favorites at the bottom of the screens make it easier to find stations. Nice display. Easy to move from place to place because so small. Always have current music available even when not connected to wifi or satellite because of replay feature.

Cons: Battery needed to be reinserted on one occasion. Wish docks were cheaper.

Stride Of the LYNX

ButterflyDiva613 from Midwest MO on 1/31/2012

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

First I'd like to say this Lynx is a gift for my hubby. It is his 2nd SiriusXM system. With that said, WE BOTH LOOOOVVVEEEE CRUTCHFIELD!!!! Crutchfield we love the way you do business and your customer service is the best! There are some differences in the 1st system, but hubby is enjoying himself and is still figuring out the newness as he pays! Thx guys!




SD from Tampa, Florida on 1/28/2012

Best radio I've ever owned, the display is great and I'm still learning all the functions but so far it's all A+++++. I have dropped it a couple of times and it's still working with out any issues ;o)

Pros: Easy to use, screen is great,

Cons: None that I can tell

Not Happy

RJP350Z from Bloomfield, NJ on 1/13/2012

Radio was working great for about two weeks then stopped working in the Vehicle dock. Vehicle dock now being replaced but while waiting now the unit will not even boot up. Only shows 3 white icons on the face and the blue power button. Have tried everything to try and get it to reboot but no luck so far. Hope this is just a fluke and not a sign of things to come.... Will now have to try and RMA the unit itself

Pros: Touchscreen is a nice added feature

Cons: Not much long term luck with unit dying after only two weeks.

My First Impressions

NortyFiners from NJ on 1/8/2012

I give this radio a B+. It's definitely an upgrade over any of the previous portable radios Sirius and XM had to offer. All of the negatives I posted about it can be fixed with a simple software update. Even if they don't update what I want it's still a good radio.

Pros: -Finally a touch screen! ! ! -Satellite reception is great. -Starts songs from the beginning automatically when first tuning into a station. -The timeshift feature is cool. If I tune in to the end of the Howard Stern show I can go back five hours and start it from the beginning.

Cons: -It has a cheap feel to it. It's light which is nice, but I can't help but to feel that if I drop it once it is all over :( -I can only rewind/fast foward up to five songs per hour? Really Sirius? Why? -It lacks the true "on demand" features I was hoping for. Would be nice to listen to a show from days ago instead of the past 5 hours. Also, Pandora like features wouldn't hurt.

XM Lynx review

vicsz from Westfield, NJ on 1/4/2012

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I have only had the radio for two days and just finding out how it works. Touch screen is nice and setup easy. The bluetooth works fine when unit is remote to home kit base connection using WiFi. Not happy that satellite capability does not work when undocked. Also not happy that you cannot program recording by date and time but only by recording the last 8 hours of a favorites channel. The recorded programming is through the replay function in the library mode. The speaker is not the greatest and it sounds much better when a powered speaker system is used. So far, overall, it seems good but could use the suggested improvements to be great.

Pros: Nice display and touch screen. Menu is easy to use for playing and setup.

Cons: Cannot set up record programming by time and date.

Got the Lynx

Al from Charlotte NC on 1/4/2012

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

My S50 died 2 years ago - I've been waiting since then for a decent radio to come out. Got the Lynx - thanks Crutchfield for the free accessories! Got the extended warranty due to the sketchy reliability of previous Sirius products. Sirius rep was AWESOME helping me transfer my subscription from my old S50 to the Lynx. Once it was done, the satellite reception was way better than my S50. Now the bad news -no Love button. Takes a 16GB Micro SDHC card and can't record songs. Also, can't connect to WIFI. Apparently you need an internet subscription to do that. I don't have an internet subscription and I'm not getting one. So I can listen on the internet with my laptop but not their best radio. And I can't record songs in my car - ever - unless I carry around a mobile WIFI hotspot or something. They say it records "programs" from your favorite stations automatically OTA (vs WIFI), but you can't control it. I connected via bluetooth to my stereo, but then took Lynx out of the cradle. After replacing it I could not get it to connect again. I'm hoping that running Android allows SXM to make frequent and reliable software upgrades and I'm hoping that saving songs OTA is coming soon. Unless you have both an OTA subscription and an internet subscription, and even then - you don't mind hearing your favorite music in the car without being able to record it - you may as well get a Stratus for less. Will post another review after using it for 60 days.

Pros: Crutchfield service - Sirius XM service - Satellite signal reception - Android OS

Cons: Need internet subscription to listen over wifi. Need internet subscription/connection to record songs. pulled it out of cradle, would not reconnect to my bluetooth receiver.


Hands-on research

Product Research

SiriusXM Portable Radio
SiriusXM Internet Radio
SiriusXM Satellite Radio
My Library
Add-On Dock/Kit
Rechargeable Battery

Lynx SiriusXM Portable Radio

Lynx SiriusXM Portable Radio: The Lynx SiriusXM Portable Radio gives you access to SiriusXM Satellite & Internet Radio. With Lynx, you can listen to SiriusXM Internet Radio anywhere there is a WiFi hotspot and Internet access. You also get coast-to-coast SiriusXM Radio coverage with the addition of a vehicle kit (LV1) or home kit (LH1); both sold separately. You can even add your own personal songs to the Lynx with a microSD card (sold separately). In addition, The Lynx SiriusXM Portable Radio supports Bluetooth audio streaming.

Note: SiriusXM Satellite Radio operates on the XM Network. If you already have a Sirius or XM Satellite Radio subscription, a multiple ratio discount (MRD) can be applied. Call 1.855.260.LYNX (5969) for an account department specific to the Lynx.

SiriusXM Subscription/Activation: The Lynx allows you to connect to SiriusXM Satellite Radio, SiriusXM Internet Radio, or both. Connecting to both services provides you with the complete experience, giving you access to all of the features Lynx has to offer. Whether you're in your home, in your vehicle (optional vehicle kit required), out walking or jogging (recorded content only), or within range of a Wi-Fi network, you'll always have a variety SiriusXM content available.

Note: Most of the channels are the same on the SiriusXM Satellite Radio and Internet Radio channel lineups, however, there are exclusive channels found on both the Satellite and Internet Radio services. The SiriusXM All Access package (subscription required) provides access to SiriusXM Satellite and Internet Radio. Other SiriusXM Packages also available.

SiriusXM Xtra Channels: The Xtra Channels are an additional 20+ new channels of music, sports, entertainment and a collection of channels dedicated to Spanish language programming. The Xtra channels are currently available as part of the SiriusXM Satellite Radio and SiriusXM Internet Radio lineups. Check out more new SiriusXM channels.

High Definition Touchscreen Display: The Lynx SiriusXM Portable Radio features a 3.5" high-resolution WVGA (800 x 480) color touchscreen display. Using your finger, you can tap the interactive screen icons to display and select items. By Swiping your finger across the screen left or right, and up or down, you are able browse through lists. Tap, hold, and drag your finger across the screen to move scroll bars and sliders, as well as favorite channel icons. You can manually adjust the overall brightness of the 3.5" touchscreen display, or set the brightness to 'Auto' to have the Lynx adjust the brightness according to the ambient light.

Show Finder Feature: The Show Finder is where you can find and discover all the shows on SiriusXM. Locate shows for both Satellite Radio and Internet Radio by channel, by category, or by name, and view show descriptions and schedules in the program guide (all shows are listed alphabetically). The Show Finder lists shows that are currently broadcasting and that will be broadcast during the next 7 days. Highlighted Shows are an easy way to find new and exciting shows that the SiriusXM programming department has highlighted. If you find an upcoming show you'd like to listen to, set an alert to be notified when the show begins to play, or set a recurring alert to be notified every time the show plays. In Show Finder, you can also manage your saved shows and show alerts.

Note: The Show Finder has an off-line mode that keeps a copy of the last show guide downloaded from the last satellite or Internet connection. The show guide will be available for up to 7 days. You will be notified that the Show Finder guide may be out of date and recommend that you connect to SiriusXM Satellite Radio or Internet Radio to get the latest information.

Display Screens: The Lynx SiriusXM Portable Radio provides various display screens to indicate channel and content information.

  • Now Playing Screen: The Now Playing screen is where you see what's currently playing. You can browse and change channels, pause, rewind and replay live radio, create and manage favorite channels, and learn more about the current song or show and artist. You can also set show and sports alerts for future events.
  • Action Panel: The Action Panel is where you can explore and learn more about the channel and show to which you are listening. Within the Action Panel, you can view show schedules, find future episodes, and set an alert for a particular episode, or for all episodes of the show.
  • Learn More: Learn More is where you can find additional information about the channel, about the currently playing show, and find and explore other channels with shows similar to the one to which you are currently tuned.

Channel Tuning: The Lynx SiriusXM Portable Radios offers several ways to tune in SiriusXM Satellite and Internet Radio channels.

  • Spectrum Channel Tuning: Spectrum Channel Tuning displays a preview card for each channel, which shows details about what is playing on the channel. You can explore other channels without changing the channel to which you are currently listening. Swipe the Now Playing screen left or right across the middle of the screen to display this feature.
  • Channel List Tuning: The Channel List displays a scrollable list of channels, along with the currently playing content for each channel. Channel List Tuning mode lets you select a channel by channel #, name, or category in an easy to view list.
  • Direct Tune: Channels can be tuned directly by entering the channel number from the on-screen numerical keypad. Direct Tune will no allow you to tune an invalid channel number.
  • Sort/Filter Options: Custom sort and filter options allow you to customize your channel tuning experience. The Sort function allows you to browse and view channels by channel Category, numerically by channel number (123), or by alphabetically by channel name (ABC) . The Filter option allows you to easily view All channels, only your Favorite channels, or by using a Custom category list.
  • Favorite Channels: Favorite channels are channels you have saved for quick access (presets). You can store up to 25 of your favorite channels for easy, one-touch tuning. Store up to 5 favorites on 5 different favorite pages.

Broadcast Timeline: SiriusXM Satellite Radio and Internet Radio let you go back on any channel to select and listen to previously broadcast programming. The Broadcast Timeline graphically displays the time on the Now Playing screen. The furthest point to the right represents live radio broadcast, and the furthest point to the left represents programming previously broadcast. The round marker shows you where you are listening in time relative to the Broadcast Timeline.

Built-in Memory: The Lynx features a large on-board memory that holds up to 200 hours of SiriusXM content. The unit's built-in memory lets you pause/replay live SiriusXM content, store your favorite channels as presets, set alerts, and record select Sirius Satellite Radio content.

Show Alert: You can set alerts for your favorite shows. You can choose to be alerted for the Next Episode, or for all Episodes. The Lynx will then automatically remind you that a shows is about to begin, so you can easily tune to it. The My Shows category is then populated with channels that are currently playing any of the shows for which you have set alerts in Show Finder. You can select up to 100 show alerts.

Built-in Bluetooth: The Lynx SiriusXM Portable Radio supports Bluetooth stereo audio streaming (Profiles: A2DP and AVRCP). Bluetooth audio streaming lets you move freely around the room with the Lynx Radio, while wirelessly streaming SiriusXM Internet Radio content. The Lynx is compatible with most Bluetooth stereo audio devices such as speakers, headphones, select car stereos, and home stereo units. The available LH1 Home Dock (sold separately) also supports Bluetooth audio streaming, so you can stream Sirius Satellite Radio content.

Note: Due to the differences in Bluetooth technology, some Bluetooth enabled devices may be incompatible, function improperly, or may not support all features when used with the Lynx. The Lynx is not compatible with Bluetooth hands-free (HF Profile) devices.

Built-in Speaker: The Lynx has a small internal speaker on the top (next to the Power button), through which you can listen to SiriusXM radio content.

Headphone Output: The Lynx SiriusXM Portable Radio is fitted with a 3.5mm headphone output jack to connect a set of headphones for private listening. When a headset is connected to the unit, the built-in speakers are muted. You can also use the 3.5mm headphone output to connect the device to your home receiver's Aux input.

Parental Controls: Parental Controls allow you to lock access to all mature content channels, designated as "xL" channels, with a lock code. These channels are displayed in lists as locked, and can be tuned by entering a 4 digit lock code.

Airplane Mode: Airplane mode turns off Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections. Also, be sure to turn Airplane Mode off before inserting the Lynx into the LH1 Home Dock.

Firmware/Software Updates: SiriusXM may send firmware/software updates periodically and Lynx will automatically alert you when an update is available. The Lynx need to be connected to a Wi-Fi network with Internet access in order to check for and receive firmware/software updates.

SiriusXM Internet Radio

SiriusXM Internet Radio: SiriusXM Internet Radio provides the ability to listen to SiriusXM using a Wi-Fi connection in your home, office, or anywhere there is a Wi-Fi hotspot to which you can connect; and which is connected to the Internet. When you activate your SiriusXM Internet Radio subscription you will create a username and password that allow Lynx to connect and receive service. You can also use the same username and password to enjoy SiriusXM Internet Radio on your computer or other compatible device.

Wi-Fi Certified: The Lynx offers built-in WiFi and is designed to work with most Wi-Fi Hotspots. Lynx supports all consumer-grade authentication and encryption standards and employs a custom browser to allow logging in to captive portals. The Lynx is Wi-Fi b/g/n certified. This means it is designed to be compatible with wireless access points that support 802.11b, 802.11g or 802.11n (2.4GHz only) configurations.

SiriusXM Internet Radio Programming: SiriusXM Internet Radio delivers over 130 channels of SiriusXM programming, including channels available only on SiriusXM Internet Radio to the Lynx as well as to your PC or Mac, most smartphones, and other supported internet enabled devices. One subscription grants you access to multiple broadband connected devices so you can always have SiriusXM with you wherever you go.

Note: Check out for the latest channel listings.

Start Now: The Start Now feature lets you go back in time up to 5 hours to select and listen to previously broadcast programming, when connected to SiriusXM Internet Radio.

Pause and Replay: You can pause SiriusXM Internet Radio for up to five hours and replay the stored content. Note that for music channels, you can only rewind 1 song, and skip forward 5 songs per hour.

Fast Forward/Rewind: You can move quickly through previously broadcast programming to get to what you want to hear.

Album Art/Artist Info: SiriusXM Internet Radio provides album art and read artist bios (when available).

SiriusXM Satellite Radio

SiriusXM Satellite Radio: SiriusXM Satellite Radio provides the ability to listen to SiriusXM broadcast from satellites stationed in space, via an antenna. The optional Home Kit (LH1) can be used to listen to SiriusXM Satellite Radio at your home or office. The optional Vehicle Kit (LV1) is required for SiriusXM Satellite Radio in your car.

SiriusXM Satellite Radio Programming: The SiriusXM Lynx Portable Radio supports SiriusXM programming with access to XM & Sirius Satellite Radio stations. You can receive more than 150 channels of exclusive programming directly from SiriusXM, via the SiriusXM Select package (subscription required). Here is a partial list of available channels - Howard Stern, Oprah, NFL, NASCAR, ESPN, Elvis Radio, Foxxhole, HairNation, Fox News, CNN, & many more.

Note: SiriusXM Satellite Radio operates on the XM Network. If you already have a Sirius or XM Satellite Radio subscription, a multiple ratio discount (MRD) can be applied. Call 1.855.260.LYNX (5969) for an account department specific to the Lynx.

TuneStart: When you tune to a Favorite music channel, Tune Start begins playing the current song from the beginning so that you can enjoy the complete song.

Note: If you tune away from a Favorite channel while a song is playing, and then tune back to the channel while the same song is playing, the song will continue to play from live.

Pause Live Radio: You can pause live radio and rewind so you can hear it again, or skip forward to hear what's next. You can pause SiriusXM Satellite Radio up to 30 minutes before you start losing what you haven't listened to yet.

Radio Replays: Radio Replays, when enabled, will automatically record the SiriusXM Satellite Radio channels you have stored as Favorites, up to 5 channels at a time. Radio Replays are blocks of SiriusXM content that Lynx has recorded and saved for you from your favorite channels, while you were listening to Satellite Radio. Lynx saves Radio Replays from the channels in the currently selected favorite channel page on the Now Playing screen. It takes a minimum of 15 minutes of listening to SiriusXM Satellite Radio for Lynx to begin saving Radio Replays. This ensures that you have enough content to enjoy when listening to Radio Replays. The more channels you save as favorite channels, the more channels you will have that are eligible for Radio Replays. Simply rotate the favorite channel page on the Now Playing screen every so often, so that Lynx will save Radio Replays from your other favorite channels. Certain channels are not eligible for Radio Replays.

Note: Up to 8 hours of Radio Replays may be saved by Lynx for each favorite channel, and they are continuously refreshed to keep them current. Radio Replay content that you have listened to is erased when you tune to other content, or turn Lynx off. If you don't listen to a favorite channel for 30 days, the Radio Replay for that channel is automatically deleted. Also, if you do not connect to Satellite Radio for 30 days, all Radio Replay content is deleted.

Preferred Channel: One favorite channel can be selected from all your favorite channels to be the Preferred Channel. Radio Replays will always be saved from the Preferred Channel, regardless of whether the channel is in the currently selected favorite channel page on the Now Playing screen.

Featured Favorites: Discover new satellite radio channels easily with SiriusXM Featured Favorites. Featured Favorites are collections of channels that are grouped into unique favorite pages by SiriusXM programming department. When available, they are added as special featured favorite pages after your own personal favorite channel pages. Featured Favorites are a great way to discover new channels. Lynx can support up to 25 features favorites.

Game Alert: SiriusXM broadcasts live play-by-play sporting events for the following leagues; NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, College Football, Men's College Basketball, and Women's College Basketball. You can set alerts to notify you when your sports team is playing on these channels with Game Alert. The My Sports category is then populated with channels that are currently playing any of the sporting events for which you have set Game Alerts. You can select up to 100 teams for game alerts.

Traffic & Weather: SiriusXM broadcasts traffic and weather information for the most congested markets across the country. If you live in one the broadcast traffic markets, you can assign the Traffic & Weather button to that market. When you press the button, the channel will tune to your desired traffic channel when the next traffic and weather broadcast for your selected city begins. The button then works as a channel return button allowing you to return to the last channel you were listening to.

My Library

My Library: The My Library is where you will find content that you can listen to anytime, and when Satellite or Internet Radio is not available. You can listen to Radio Replays which are blocks of content saved from your favorite channels while in Satellite Radio mode, or listen to your own personal music which you have added to the Lynx with an optional microSD memory card. The My Music list can be sorted by Artist or by Song (listed alphabetically).

microSD Slot: The Lynx SiriusXM Portable Radio contains a microSD slot for an optional microSD memory card (sold separately), used to store your own personal music and playlists for playback through the Lynx. You can store your own personal music collection on an optional microSD or microSDHC memory card in either MP3 (CBR/VBR), AAC (LC/LTP), or HE-AAC (v1/v2). Lynx does not support playback of DRM protected music content.

Note: There is no limitation to the size (capacity) of the microSD card.

PC Or Mac Connection: The Lynx can be connected to your Windows or Mac computer via the included USB cable. When the Lynx is connected to your computer, an inserted memory card (sold separately) will be recognized as a removal storage device. You can then copy and manage your personal songs and playlists on the microSD card.

Add-On Dock/Kit

Home Dock. The Home Dock (220SXIBH1, sold separately) allows you to connect the Lynx Portable Radio to your home stereo or powered speakers via a stereo audio cable, or connect the Lynx to another Bluetooth device. The LH1 Home Kit also includes an indoor/outdoor satellite radio antenna and remote control.

Vehicle Kit. The LV1 Vehicle Kit (220SXIV1, sold separately) allows you to connect the Lynx Portable Radio to your car stereo using Aux In, Bluetooth stereo streaming (A2DP), or the built-in PowerConnect FM transmitter. The LV1 Vehicle Kit also includes a magnetic mount Satellite Radio antenna.

Rechargeable Battery

Rechargeable Battery: The Lynx SiriusXM Portable Radio is powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery (1150 mAH). Enjoy hours of your favorite entertainment on a single battery charge. The lithium-ion battery is charged using the included USB travel charger and USB cable. One end of USB cable plugs into the Lynx's SiriusXM proprietary port, while the other end plugs into the USB (type-A) port on the travel charger. The USB travel charger then plugs into an AC wall outlet. The Lynx can also be charged via a USB port on your laptop or computer, using the included cable.

Display Time Out: The Lynx's touchscreen display can be set to turn off after the last time it was touched to save battery power. You can set this time to Never, 30 seconds, 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 minutes.

Auto Off: You can set the Lynx to power itself off after a predetermined amount of time. You can set this time to Never, 30 minutes, 1, 2, or 3 hours.

Our Product Research Team

At Crutchfield, you'll get detailed, accurate information that's hard to find elsewhere. That's because we have our own in-house Product Research team. They verify what’s in the box, check the owner's manual, and record dimensions, features and specs. We stay on top of new products and technologies to help people make informed choices.