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NHT SuperZero 2.0

Satellite speaker

6 Reviews

Item # 228SZ20B

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Our take on the NHT SuperZero 2.0

NHT proves that you don't need a large, clunky speaker to get high-quality sound. The SuperZero 2.0 "mini-speaker" delivers transparent midrange and wonderfully detailed highs that'll keep you enthralled in the clarity of your music — and from a compact cabinet that measures less than 9" high. It's a great choice if you want quality stereo or surround sound in a room where space is limited. Just be sure to add the perfectly matched Super 8 powered subwoofer to extend your system's low-frequency response with perfectly blended, deep bass that will make your music sound bigger and fuller.

NHT proves that you don't need a large, clunky speaker to get high-quality sound. The SuperZero 2.0 "mini-speaker" delivers transparent midrange and wonderfully detailed highs that'll keep you enthralled in the clarity of your music — and from a compact cabinet that measures less than 9" high. It's a great choice if you want quality stereo or surround sound in a room where space is limited. Just be sure to add the perfectly matched Super 8 powered subwoofer to extend your system's low-frequency response with perfectly blended, deep bass that will make your music sound bigger and fuller.

Solid build quality keeps your music and movies sounding clear
Some compact speakers use bass-reflex (ported) cainet designs to extend their bass response — often at the expense of accuracy. But not the SuperZero 2.0. It uses an acoustic suspension (sealed) enclosure, and skips the bass, focusing instead on reproducing lifelike mids and highs. The 1" silk dome tweeter and 4-1/2" long-throw woofer are mounted in a strong, well-braced cabinet that keeps vibrations from adding sound-muddying resonances to your music and movie soundtracks. Just be sure to give this little gem plenty of good, clean amplification, and it'll reward you with surprisingly big, richly detailed sound.

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Product Highlights:

  • frequency response 85-20,000 Hz (-3 dB)
  • sensitivity 86 dB
  • 8-ohm impedance
  • handles up to 75 watts
  • 1" silk dome tweeter
  • 4-1/2" mid/woofer
  • 5-way binding posts
  • acoustic suspension (sealed) enclosure
  • threaded insert for optional wall-mount bracket
  • magnetically shielded for safe placement next to tube TVs
  • high-gloss black finish
  • 5-9/16"W x 9-1/16"H x 5-3/4"D
  • weight: 5.8 lbs.
  • warranty: 5 years
  • Our 60-day money-back guarantee

What's in the Box:

  • Mini-monitor loudspeaker
  • Detachable grille (installed)
  • 4 Rubber pads
  • Setup Guide

Good speaker but needs Subwoofer for the base.

BN, San Jose, CA


NHT SuperZero 2.0 Reviews

Average Customer Review(s):

(6 Reviews)

NHT SuperZero 2.0

BN from San Jose, CA on 11/6/2012

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Good speaker but needs Subwoofer for the base.



Absolutely amazing!!

JonGP3 from Harrisonburg, VA on 6/1/2012

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

After a few hours of break in I finally let these speakers have it. Granted they are small they don't look really fancy, people who don't know what NHT is will probably never know what a great system they are listening too. This review is based on about 6 hours of listening. Low end Onkyo Receiver (50 watts RMS) Low end Onkyo non-powered Sub (50watts RMS) No Processing, running in Stereo 2.1 no EQ Using a Desktop with an Optical Cable Source Digital Music ranging from FLAC to Streaming Spotify I had these placed on my desk about 3 inches from a wall, a sat about 5 feet away, the sub was under the desk. I started with some Acoustical music, Live Dave Mathews and Tim Reynolds, Maroon 5, Goo Goo Dolls, Jack Johnson. I was blown away with how accurate the sound was. I always complain that I hate how bright things sound with some speakers *cough* Infinity... but not with these. The sound is very non-bias, its flat, neutral very Natural sounding. After I had my fix ending with Jack Johnson - Breakdown I switched to some Hip-Hop, the sub plays more of a role and I have to say these speakers made the sub completely disappear. My sub doesn't hit the real low stuff, but everything above 50hz was accurate and clear. I really need to buy the NHT sub to match these. I ended with the opening scene of Star Trek 2009 on Blu-Ray in Stereo Mode (Source was Dolby 5.1) I was blown away again, it didn't sound like I was in Stereo mode. Don't let the size fool you these things get LOUD.

Pros: Cheap, for the price you can't beat the value, I got 1 from the outlet and i went to my local Crutchfield and bought the other. Amazing sound quality Small and compact Stylish but simplistic

Cons: Definitely need a sub with these, but that's expected Finish get dirty easily and shows dust quickly Makes me want to spend more and find out what the ever higher end stuff sounds like. But these will satisfy any appetite for a long time to come. I think they'll eventually end up in the bedroom and a set in my office.

Luv my Superzeroes

Kauaidog from Kauai, Hawaii on 3/5/2012

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Nice sleek looking, professional easy to connect speaker wire, and great sound for small speakers. They do "disappear" when u crank then up. Affordable, great sound, nothing small about these.

Pros: Nice looking, great sound, easy to connect

Cons: need 2 more!

Great Addition to a Great Sub

Gregg from Waynesboro, VA on 3/3/2012

I purchased two of these speakers to replace a older set of Bose 201s. I am using a Pinnacle Subsonic powered sub and a Technics SA-300 receiver for the late 1970's. The speakers sound flat (in a good way) and accurate. I didn't need enormous bass since I have a good sub, which I bought from Crutchfield 10 years ago. Now I have speakers that complement the rest of my system. Thanks, Crutchfield Harrisonburg Retail Store!

Pros: Shiny black cabinet, accurate clean sound.

Cons: Need to put some effort into placement for imaging purposes, but you should be doing this anyway!

SuperZERO 2.0

jalphivo from Dallas on 9/7/2011

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

For the price, everything I read about them is true. You must place them properly to get correct imaging, then they become not just good but exceptional, not perfect but exceptional. You just have to try for yourself to see(hear) what impresses everyone. Small to Medium size room for just two.



There is no better for the money

Justin G from Pittsburgh, PA on 8/12/2011

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

After my last set of monitor quality speakers finally weren't cutting it anymore, I spent a long time researching the best replacement. After a lot of reading and quite a bit of listening, the NHT SuperZero 2's were an easy and obvious choice. I purchased 5 of the SuperZero 2's and a Super8 sub to match and the sound quality is absolutely superb. I don't think I could improve on the sound with another system for under $2000! The speaker construction and finish scream "quality", and the sound is quite neutral. My only concern going into the purchase was whether these speakers would be loud enough if I wanted to push up the volume. Let me tell you, it is not close to being an issue for my 15 x 16 av room. In summary, this has been an exceptional purchase. I'm very pleased!




Hands-on research

Features and Specs

Enclosure Acoustic Suspension
Video Shielded Yes
Tweeter Type Dome
Tweeter Size (inches) 1
Midrange Size (inches) 4.5
Woofer Size (inches) N/A
Woofer Composition N/A
Woofer Surround N/A
Power Range 15-75
Sensitivity 86 dB
Impedance (Ohms) 8
Frequency Response 85-20,000 Hz
Connector Type 5-way post
Bi-amp Inputs No
Height (inches) 9-1/16
Width (inches) 5-9/16
Depth (inches) 5-3/4
Weight (pounds) 5.8
Mounting Bracket Included No
Recommended Stand Height (inches) 28-31
Parts Warranty 5 Years
Labor Warranty 5 Years

Product Research

Driver Technology
Enclosure Design
Mounting Options

Driver Technology

Mini-Monitor Speaker: The SuperZero 2.0 is a high-end mini-monitor loudspeaker which measures only 5.5625" (w) x 9.0625" (h) x 5.75" (d). It offers transparency, detail, and realism for your movie & music soundtracks.

2-Way Design: The SuperZero 2.0 mini-monitor loudspeaker features a 4.5" long throw pulp cone woofer (with foam surround) and a 1" silk dome tweeter.

Crossover Network: The SuperZero 2.0 employs a 2nd order crossover (12 dB/octave) for both the midrange and tweeter drivers. The crossover frequency is set to 2,000Hz.

Recommended Subwoofer: The SuperZero 2.0 is a mini-monitor loudspeaker designed to produce midrange and high frequencies. For low, bass frequencies pair this speaker with a powered subwoofer, such as the NHT Super 8 powered subwoofer (228SUPER8, sold separately).

Enclosure Design

Acoustic Suspension: Unlike most small speakers, which try to fool you with boomy, pseudo-bass from a port, the Super Zero 2.0's acoustic suspension (sealed) enclosure skips the bass and focuses on making beautiful, lifelike midrange and high frequencies.

MDF Cabinet: The compact, well-braced MDF (12mm) cabinet is naturally strong and stout. As a result, it doesn't have the to deal with the box vibrations that interfere with the critical midrange performance.

Narrow Baffle: The speaker's narrow front face is almost all speaker, so there's no wide baffle to interfere and interact with the Super Zero 2.0's output.

Gloss Black Finish: The SuperZero 2.0 is finished in a beautiful black gloss laminate.


5-Way Binding Posts: The mini-monitor loudspeaker is equipped with one pair of sturdy 5-way binding posts to ensure a secure connection to many types of speaker cables and connectors. The binding post terminals will accept banana plugs (dual/single), pin-connectors, spade-connectors, and bare wire (16-12 gauge).

Color-Coded: The 5-way binding post terminals are color-coded so you can easily indentify positive (red) and negative (black).

Mounting Options

Placement: The NHT SuperZero 2.0 can be placed on stands, on shelves, or hung on the wall. The speaker sounds best placed vertically and at ear level.

Rubber Feet: Four self-adhesive rubber feet are provided, so the speaker rests securely and safely on your stand, shelf, or table.

Magnetically Shielded: The mini-monitor speaker is magnetically shielded so it can be placed safely next to your television or computer monitor.

Wall-Mounting (Optional): The NHT SuperZero 2.0 has single threaded insert (1/4"-20) on the rear of the cabinet for wall mounting the speaker, using an optional wall-mount bracket (sold separately).

Our Product Research Team

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Staff Reviews

Product reviews from the Crutchfield Labs

Great speaker for the money

Written by James Ralston, Staff Writer - Creative, on 4/18/2012 2:52:00 PM

These speakers have rekindled my love for two-channel stereo sound. I'm using a pair of them in my home system driven by a 100-watt-per-channel Onkyo receiver from a few years ago, in combination with a powered subwoofer for the lows (you'll need a sub, by the way). I went ahead and splurged on some heavy-duty speaker stands (which I filled with sand, because I figured the more inert the base, the better the sound would be).

So, on to why I love the SuperZero 2.0s — they project a big, wide soundstage with really well-defined spatial imaging. Instruments mixed to the center are locked right in front of me, and sounds that are panned to the side seem to come from beyond where the speakers are placed. I frequently marvel at all the detail and impact I'm getting from just two of these plus a sub. They sound like way more speaker than their price tag would indicate.

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