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MTX Amplified ThunderForm

Custom-fit powered subwoofer — fits 2009-up Ford F-150 SuperCrew

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Our take on the MTX Amplified ThunderForm

Crinkled french fries, discarded receipts, old gum wrappers — you probably have everything in the hidden corners of your vehicle except great bass. ThunderForm enclosures fill the nooks and crannies of your vehicle with low tones that stand out, but their factory look blends right in.

Crinkled french fries, discarded receipts, old gum wrappers — you probably have everything in the hidden corners of your vehicle except great bass. ThunderForm enclosures fill the nooks and crannies of your vehicle with low tones that stand out, but their factory look blends right in.

MTX engineers evaluate the "sonic signatures" of top-selling vehicles so they can design ThunderForms as custom acoustic matches. Each ThunderForm fits and blends inconspicuously into your vehicle, so you get great bass without losing any space. The high-density polyethylene resin enclosure curbs unwanted resonances from your sub, so you'll hear bass that's tight, hard-hitting, and way down low.

This molded MTX ThunderForm comes loaded with a premium-quality 10" Terminator subwoofer and a specially-designed amp that puts out 200 watts RMS. It installs under the rear seat of your 2009-up Ford F-150 SuperCrew with no loss of leg room. MTX's Electronic Bass Control (EBC) lets you adjust the bass level from the driver's seat. Hardware and harness are included.

Product Highlights:

  • custom-fit powered subwoofer
  • enclosure fits under rear seat
  • one 10" Terminator subwoofer
  • built-in 200-watt RMS Class-D amplifier
  • high-density polyethylene enclosure
  • variable low-pass filter (50-150 Hz at 12 dB per octave)
  • Electronic Bass Control
  • preamp- and speaker-level inputs
  • 20' power harness included
  • dimensions: 28-7/8"W x 7-7/8"H x 14-1/4"D
  • warranty: 2 years
  • Our 60-day money-back guarantee

I was very unsure on what to expect, as most custom boxes tend to look homemade. I'm glad it blew my expectations away. This is a solid performer with plenty of punch. I have yet to try it for an extended period, but I'm sure it will do fine. Great fit, great price, and great sound! A+ MTX

Mark, Missouri City, TX

What's in the Box:

  • Amplified ThunderForm enclosure loaded with two 10" Terminator subwoofers
  • Two 20 amp fuses (1 in-line/1 installed in the ThunderForm)
  • Wiring harness (20' power lead/3' ground lead and 3' remote turn-on lead)
  • Speaker-level to RCA harness
  • Electronic Bass Control (wired remote) with attached cable
  • Mounting hardware
  • Installation instructions

MTX Amplified ThunderForm Reviews

Average Customer Review(s):

(11 Reviews)

Solid performer

Mark from Missouri City, TX on 3/25/2017

2013 Ford F-150 FX4
Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I was very unsure on what to expect, as most custom boxes tend to look homemade. I'm glad it blew my expectations away. This is a solid performer with plenty of punch. I have yet to try it for an extended period, but I'm sure it will do fine. Great fit, great price, and great sound! A+ MTX

Pros: Great fit! Great price! Great sound!

Cons: Brackets looked cheap, but do the job.

Blown speaker recieved

hermanoscano from East Palo Alto, CA on 7/26/2016

2011 Ford F-150 XLT
Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I installed this sub in my 2012 F-150 XLT supercrew cab but found it was blown. The speaker fit perfectly under the seat but performed weakly. Not enough power, speaker was blown on arrival so the speaker rattled every time a bass note hit. I called Crutchfield tech support and tried fixing the problem but ended up returning it for another speaker which I will build my own enclosure for.

Pros: fits perfectly under the seat of the 2012 F-150 XLT supercrew cab

Cons: not powerful enough, arrived damaged so was unable to give thorough review.

Mtx subwoofer sounds great

Shane c from Mattawan, mi on 1/21/2016

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Great sounding speaker. Fits great into F-150

Pros: Great sound, quick release, easy install.

Cons: N/a

Beyond Excellent!

Guero3rd from Texas on 10/12/2015

Improves any car stereo system by over 100%! Beyond Excellent sound! Range of lows is extremely wide. Absolutely the best amplified sub I have ever owned! LOVE IT!

Pros: Range of lows. Great fit in the vehicle.

Cons: None.

Great Solution

2011 F150 Super Crew from Oklahoma on 7/8/2015

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Didn't want something that would blow the windows out, just upgrade the sound. This was an easy install and it sounds great. It does not compare to the dual 12" 800W subs in one of my other cars, but it sounds MUCH better than the Bose system in my wife's 2007 Lexus IS250. Very happy with the product!

Pros: Easy install, great sound for the money

Cons: It stumbles a little on the really deep lows, but you have to crank it up it to even notice!

MTX Amplified ThunderForm

E. Abrego from Olmito, TX on 5/2/2015

2012 Ford F-150 XLT
Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

This sub has nice clean bass sounds and looks great

Pros: Looks like it came with the truck

Cons: Not to easy to install

great thump

Anonymous from Plant City on 11/30/2014

2014 Ford F-150 XLT
Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Fit perfectly , great thump for the slave. Love the wired remote.



nice clear bass right out of the box

rk from Sandy, Utah on 8/1/2013

2010 Ford F-150 Lariat
Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

finding a sub that fits under the backseat of a f-150 super crew is a bit of a challenge if you can't commit the entire back seat space to the sub. I also needed to fit two amps back there so finding a box & integrated sub that only takes up half was exactly what I was looking for. I tried the little Kicker sub box but it couldn't keep up. This box thumps just fine for the amount of space it needs. My only complaint is that the mounting brackets don't fit. They literally are too small to line up with the mounting hole on the box. This is a pricey sub and cheap brackets that don't fit is pretty cheesy. I know that brackets are inexpensive at other retailers but you would expect for this kind of money that there would be a bit more attention to detail. this thing is really expensive for a single 10" but if space is a huge issue like it was for me, then this is a fantastic solution.

Pros: Fits great, does not take the whole back seat space, full, compromised bass for the size of the box.

Cons: expensive for a single 10" sub set up, provided brackets didn't fit.

great bass

jeffc from costa mesa on 1/9/2013

2011 Ford F-150 XLT
Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

this enclosure sounds awesome with the stock head unit. dont be worried about not getting enough bass - the bass hits hard and clean. i was totally blown away, and with the EBC you can increase or decrease the amount of bass easily. thanks to the Crutchfield tech team i was able to install it in about 2 hours. the box fit perfect and the kit came with everything i needed. thanks again Crutchfield - you guys rock!

Pros: pretty easy install. all the hardware was included. fits like a glove.

Cons: wiring diagram would have been nice, but one call to the tech team fixed that.

Great construction, good bass for the money

Geno from Glendale AZ on 6/22/2012

This loaded sub came with EVERYTHING for the installation. From power wire, fuse, ground, rca line outputs and bass knob. I was unaware of this when I ordered since it really doesn't specify in the highlights section of the web page. It states 20' power harness, but that description is somewhat vague. So I went and purchased a nice 50A AGU fuse Holder, 8 guage wire, crimp-on terminal connectors and a line output converter all for nothing. I did however use the AUG fuse holder and 8 gauge power wire. It's obvious that you should have some experience installing car audio in order to propperly install this sub. However, a generic install guide as to how to incorporate the supplied RCA line inputs into your vehicles factory speakers could help out potential customers interested in this item, if they are not too confident in their skills. For the price, sound, ease of install and aesthetics, it was well worth the price. The bass is tight and clean, and the box looks like it was meant to be there from the factory as it fits perfectly underneath the seat, even with my nice Raptor floormat in the back.

Pros: Tight, clean bass. Easy to install and comes with a bass knob so you can control how much bass you want. It's not going to rattle your teeth, but then again I'm not in highschool anymore and enjoy being able to hear the rest of the musical notes. If you have a 2011 Ford F150 Super Crew, the box only takes up about half of the rear seat and fits perfectly. Someone AKA thief would have to look pretty hard through the windows to notice it if they were shopping from the outside.

Cons: I have a 2011 F150 Raptor Super Crew with the upgraded Sony Sytem and Nav. If you try ordering with this as your vehicle on the website, they don't have the super crew listed and it defaults to the supercab sub which is obviously not the same. I used an 11 platinum to bring up the correct model. Also, I purchased all items needed for an install i.e. power wire, 50A AUG Fuse holder, terminal crims and line output converter since the description was vague. No need, as this product comes complete.

Solid, tight bass

Keith from Marrero, LA on 2/3/2012

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I had to wait 2 weeks for this item to come in so I really got to know and listen to my system without it. Once I bolted it down, the difference was remarkable. The bass is clean and tight and compliments my Infinity speakers to the bone.

Pros: Nice fit under the seat as you have to make sure it is in the right place before you drill as the gas tank is also on the driver's side of the truck. I moved it inward just a couple of inches so it's away from the edge, and it mounted perfectly. It's out of sight sound without in the way speakers or bass tubes.

Cons: You lose the storage space under the seat, but from mounting the amp behind the driver's side rear seat, I lost the ability to raise that seat anyway.


Hands-on research

Product Research


Vehicle-Specific Custom Enclosure: This MTX ThunderForm enclosure is specifically designed to fit select 2009-2011 Ford F-150 SuperCrew models. Please refer to the Crutchfield Car Selector to confirm fit for your vehicle.

Enclosure: The ThunderForm enclosure is made of molded high-density polyethylene resin, which dampens resonance and is rigid enough to resist flexing. It is an acoustic suspension (sealed) chamber.

Mounting Location: This enclosure is designed to mount under the rear seat on the driver's side. Note: The provided dimensions are taken at the widest points of the enclosure. Keep in mind that this enclosure is custom made to fit in this particular vehicle, so the enclosure will fit properly in only one specific location.

10" Terminator Subwoofer: This enclosure comes loaded with one 10" MTX Terminator subwoofer. The woofer has an unusual impedance, specifically designed for the built-in amp, and cannot be replaced with standard MTX models.

Class D Amplifier: The enclosure contains a built-in 200-watt Class D (digital) amplifier that allows RCA or speaker-level input. The amplifier is highly efficient and designed specifically for use with the subwoofers in the enclosure.

Electronic Bass Control (EBC): The EBC is a wired remote and allows you to adjust the bass level from anywhere in the vehicle. Installing the EBC is optional.

Low-pass Crossover: The low-pass crossover point is adjustable from 50 to 150 Hz for a seamless transition between the output of this unit and that of the other speakers in the vehicle.


  • Gain Control: rotary control; set the gain of the amplifier is match the input
  • Crossover Control: rotary control; adjust the crossover from 50 to 150 Hz

Auto Turn-On Feature: When speaker level inputs are used, the system will automatically turn on and off with the radio.

Note: The auto turn-on feature does not operate when preamp level inputs are used, connecting the remote turn-on lead is required.

Our Product Research Team

At Crutchfield, you'll get detailed, accurate information that's hard to find elsewhere. That's because we have our own in-house Product Research team. They verify what’s in the box, check the owner's manual, and record dimensions, features and specs. We stay on top of new products and technologies to help people make informed choices.

Q & A

Customer Q&A

2 questions already asked

You will want to contact an Advisor by phone (1-800-324-9695) or online chat to discuss compatibility with your factory system. They will be able to pull up your vehicle and see if this will integrate. If it does not, then they will also be able to discuss other options with you. [ Kenny  Aug 31, 2016 ]  Staff
Thanks for the insight [ Michael  Jun 17, 2014 ]
It would entail some form of alteration. I had mine installed by a professional, as I am not patient enough with much of anything. I would venture to say the the factory wires would, at the very least, have to be spliced. You are essentially hooking up an amplifier without running the powered lines back into the factory speakers. [ MICHAEL  Jun 16, 2014 ]
No. But you do have to take off your dashboard to install it properly behind the deck. [ ASHLEY  Jun 16, 2014 ]
This sub only has rca inputs but comes with a speaker wire to rca harness if I remember correctly. If you are replacing a factory sub with an amp, remember to bypass the old amp. [ RICHARD  Jun 15, 2014 ]
There is a wiring adapter to connect to factory head unit. It costs about $15. I wanted to keep the stock look. Works great [ JACOB  Jun 15, 2014 ]
I jumped it off the factory sub. (sony) under rear seat. [ MICHAEL  Jun 15, 2014 ]