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High-resolution, high-speed camcorder with Wi-Fi®

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Item # 257GCPX100

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Our take on the JVC GC-PX100

A lot of consumer-level camcorders will give you a good, stable, high-magnification zoom lens that makes short work of conquering spatial challenges. And many will offer substantial light-sensitivity, or audio gathering enhancements like microphone inputs and headphone outputs. But not many can offer the control over time that the innovative JVC GC-PX100 camcorder can. With five different high-speed frame rates, you can achieve slow-motion that will enable you to analyze movement and body mechanics like never before, making this an ideal camera for coaches and student athletes alike.

Master of time and space

A lot of consumer-level camcorders will give you a good, stable, high-magnification zoom lens that makes short work of conquering spatial challenges. And many will offer substantial light-sensitivity, or audio gathering enhancements like microphone inputs and headphone outputs. But not many can offer the control over time that the innovative JVC GC-PX100 camcorder can. With five different high-speed frame rates, you can achieve slow-motion that will enable you to analyze movement and body mechanics like never before, making this an ideal camera for coaches and student athletes alike.

But what if we manipulate time in the other direction, capturing fewer frames per second instead of more? Then we enter the world of time-lapse photography, where we can analyze events that take place too slowly for us to perceive in real-time. The GC-PX100 offers 7 low speed capture modes that record directly to video files — no compiling image sequences like one does with many traditional still cameras.

In either case this camera is a window into experiencing the world in a vastly different way, a way that isn't apparent to our eye in real time.

Its connections pay off

What good is all this time manipulation if you can't do something cool with it? Glad you asked. JVC has you covered with one of the most comprehensive suites of Wi-Fi applications on a camcorder today. You'd expect support for iOS® and Android™ tablets and smartphones, and indeed the 'PX100 features both remote monitoring and control via both operating systems. But get this: coaches will love the ability to access those previously mentioned slow-motion captures directly on a Wi-Fi-connected tablet. And not only can you look at them, but you can also annotate them, draw straight lines along body pivot points, and get a readout of the resulting angle between those lines — making the process of analyzing a player's mechanics a quantifiable thing.

Other Wi-Fi features include home detection monitoring over the Internet, video emails and easy file transfer between compatible devices. Wi-Fi is truly this camcorder's secret weapon, multiplying its already significant capabilities.

The JVC GC-PX100's unique form factor is as functional as it is fun.

The JVC GC-PX100's unique form factor is as functional as it is fun.

Great glass, strong audio support top off the package

The GC-PX100 comes with a well-appointed f/1.2 10X GT zoom lens. Its wide light-gathering aperture will let you shoot in challenging circumstances without the need for additional light support. Sensor-shift Optical Image stabilization, paired with JVC's Advanced Image Stabilizer, ensures your zoomed-in shots will be free of the shakes and shimmies that can dog other camcorders. And the external microphone input minijack, combined with a headphone output and a zooming on-board mic, enables you to capture clear, coherent audio from almost any scene simply by adding the appropriate microphone (available separately) to your shooting kit.

    Storage and Formats:
    • records high-definition video and photos onto optional SD, SDHC, and SDXC memory cards
    • records 1920 x 1080/60 AVCHD progressive-format HD video
      • high speed video recording with Super Slow Motion playback: 120fps, 240fps and 300fps at 640 x 360 resolution, as well as 420fps and 600fps at 320 x 176 resolution
      • time-lapse video recording: 1 frame-per-second, 1/2 fps, 1/5 fps, 1/10 fps, 1/20 fps, 1/40 fps or 1/80 fps
    • 1/2.3" (7.7mm) 12.8-megapixel back-illuminated CMOS sensor
    • light-sensitive f/1.2, 10X wide-angle zoom lens (29.5mm equivalent at full-wide)
    • sensor-shift Optical Image Stabilization plus Advanced Image Stabilizer for rock-stable recording
    • integrated Wi-Fi®, in combination with a free app from JVC, enables the following features:
      • live monitoring from your iPhone®, iPad®, iPod touch®, Android™ device, or PC
      • monitor images via access point over the Internet
      • home detection monitoring: when a subject enters a detection area the camera takes a digital still and emails you
      • video email mode: record a 15 second clip and email up to 8 preset recipients simultaneously
      • remotely control the camera's zoom and start/stop functions from a distance with your smartphone or tablet
      • transfer video to your smartphone and upload it to YouTube™ and Facebook
      • geo-tag your recorded videos using your smartphone's GPS function
      • coaching board function with annotation capability for easy sports mechanics analysis
    • simultaneous playback of two files for easy comparisons
    • preset zoom positions allow for easy remote repositioning of camera
    • 3" articulated touchscreen LCD (460K-dot)
    • zooming on-board microphone changes audio focal point to match the recorded picture
    • external mic input and headphone output (3.5mm minijack)
    • intelligent auto mode selects optimal settings no matter where you point the camera
    • zebra-stripe exposure control display helps you achieve ideal exposure
    • focus assist mode improves manual focusing
    Connections, Accessories, and Dimensions:
    • high-speed USB interface (cable included)
    • mini HDMI output for connection to an HDTV (cable included)
    • comes with an AC adapter, rechargeable BN-VF815 lithium ion battery, neck strap, software, USB cable, and A/V cable
    • 4-3/8"W x 3"H x 6"D
    • weight: 20.8 oz. with battery
    • warranty: 1 year parts, 90 days labor
    • Our 60-day money-back guarantee

    What's in the Box:

    • Digital camcorder
    • Lens cap (w/string)
    • Lens hood
    • LCD cover
    • BN-VF815U Lithium-Ion battery with terminal cover (7.2V 1460mAh)
    • AP-V20U AC adapter with 76" DC output cord (DC output: 11V 1A)
    • 39" AV cable (3.5mm plug on one end and 3 RCA plugs on the other end--composite video and stereo audio)
    • 39" USB cable (Type A USB on one end and Mini-B 2.0 USB on other end)
    • 5' HDMI cable (mini-HDMI Type C to HDMI)
    • Neck strap
    • Ferrite core noise filter (for optional external microphone)
    • Application CD-ROM
    • Basic User Guide
    • US Warranty card
    • Canada Warranty card
    • Manual corrections
    • Software License Agreement

    I purchased this camera for the slow motion capability along with wifi connect ability. Great device for fun and recording / watching sports technique and action.

    Steve, Cincinnati Ohio


    JVC GC-PX100 Reviews

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    A unique and Versatile Camcorder

    ode to the fallen horses from Dover, Delaware on 12/14/2013

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    I was debating if I should buy this camcorder and I'm glad I did. I was looking for a camera that would include a time lapse function. This came in handy when I created some animated lego footage. The slow motion feature was fun to use too. If yo're using this camera for important sport footage, I would keep the camera at 300fps or below. I also like the built-in Wi-Fi features.You can buy some apps from the Google Play store and Apple for free that are from JVC. I would recommend buying a 46mm filter to protect the lens. I usually use the camcorder in LP mode and you can also get up to 13 hours of constant footage with an 32GB SD card. This camcorder can get warm after extended use, but the this effect won't hurt the internal parts.( My other JVC camcorder is 8 years old, gets warm but still works like new.

    Pros: My Pros: Includes more dedicated buttons than some other consumer camcorders. The jvc gc px100 comes with quite a bit of accessories, such as a component cable, an hdmi cable, an editing software disc, a usb cable to transfer files and firmware updates, a lens hood and a hood for the LCD screen, and an AC Adapter for charging and power. It's lightweight but feels durable. Picture quality is good.

    Cons: Here are my cons: I wish battery life was longer. No remote control, but there seems to be an IR sensor on the top of the camcorder. The LCD Screen wont flip in the opposite direction if you want to see your footage while recording.

    JVC GC-PX100

    Steve from Cincinnati Ohio on 6/21/2013

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    I purchased this camera for the slow motion capability along with wifi connect ability. Great device for fun and recording / watching sports technique and action.

    Pros: The slow motion feature works well, but use of a tripod is recommended to avoid "shake". The 3 wifi modes are relatively easy to set up. Playback quality via HDMI is awesome "blue ray" quality. Built in scene modes along with manual / full manual has something for everyone. Controls are easy to use and comfortable. LCD hood is an excellent plus in sunlight along with lens hood. The JVC Coach App works great to use iPad / tablet to view slow motion replay to review sports technique / action

    Cons: Auto email function is not really useable as the camera emails out continuous stills / video; no selection to email just one or two email clips. Zoom capability is weak, but trade off for 600 fps is worth it.

    Jvc px 100

    Michael from Pontiac, MI on 6/7/2013

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Great product

    Pros: Wi fi love that feature

    Cons: Can't play back from I phone in the wi fi mode


    Hands-on research

    Product Research

    General Features
    Recording Features
    Power Requirements
    Inputs and Outputs

    General Features

    AVCHD Progressive Recording: The high-performance JVC GC-PX100 HD digital camcorder is capable of recording progressive Full HD 1920 x 1080/60p video or up to 12 MP still photos onto SD, SDHC, and SDXC memory cards. In addition, the unit has a tiltable 3" LCD monitor, and a bright and fast F1.2 GT lens with a 10x optical zoom and Optical Image Stabilization.

    SD Card Slot: The GC-PX100 has a slot for SD memory cards. The unit is compatible with SD cards up to 2 GB, SDHC cards from 4 GB to 32 GB, and SDXC cards up to 128 GB. A 128 GB SDXC card can hold over 10 hours of Full HD video (AVCHD) at the highest recording quality. Class 4 or higher SD cards are recommended for video recording. No SD cards are included with the camcorder.

    3.0" LCD Touch Screen Monitor: The GC-PX100 is equipped with a tiltable, 3.0" Touch Panel LCD monitor. The LCD has 460,000 pixels, and can be tilted downward 90° for overhead shots, and upward approximately 70° for low angle recording. The camcorder comes with an LCD cover to protect the screen when storing the unit.

    Imaging Device: The camcorder has a 1/2.3" back-illuminated CMOS image sensor with 12,760,000 total pixels. It has a recording area of 2,070,000 to 5,400,000 effective pixels for recording AVCHD video, and 920,000 to 3,570,000 pixels for recording in MP4 720p/iFrame 720pp mode. For recording still images, there are 4,430,000 to 5,940,000 pixels for 4:3 images and 2,070,000 to 5,410,000 for 16:9 still images.

    Lens: The GC-PX100 has a bright F1.2-2.8 GT lens with a 10x optical zoom, and a focal length of 3.76mm to 37.6mm. The 35mm equivalent focal length for AVCHD video is 29.5mm-476mm (dynamic zoom on) and 29.5mm-342mm (dynamic zoom off). For still images, the focal length is 29.8mm-298mm in 4:3 and 34.4mm-344mm in 16:9.

    Zoom: The camcorder offers three options for zooming. In addition to the 10x optical zoom, you can select dynamic zoom of up to 16x (zoom ratio varies according to the image stabilizer setting), or digital zoom of up to 64x. When the digital zoom is used, the image can become grainy as the subject is enlarged digitally.

    Zoom Memory: Using the touchscreen, you can mark and save a zoom position between full wide or full telephoto. This allows you to quickly and smoothly zoom to full wide, full telephoto, or instantly zoom to the memory position, by simply tapping the on-screen icon.   

    Optical Image Stabilization: You can choose from two levels of image stabilization. The Optical Image Stabilizer reduces camera shake during video recording. The Enhanced Advanced Image Stabilizer can deliver effective results over the entire zoom range, from wide-angle to telephoto.

    Video Light/Flash: The GC-PX100 is equipped with a video light that can be turned on manually or automatically. When shooting still images, the light doubles as a flash with the following modes: Auto, Auto Red-eye, On, Slow Synchro, or Off.


    Built-in Wi-Fi: The GC-PX100 has built-in Wi-Fi capabilities, allowing you to monitor your videos in real time using a smartphone or computer using a wireless connection. Wireless connections can be made via an Access Point or the free JVC CAM Coach app (for Android 4.2 or later, or iOS 6.0 or later). Wi-Fi functions include:

    • Direct Monitoring: The one-to-one wireless connection of the camcorder to your smartphone or PC allows real-time monitoring from another room. No wireless access point (wireless LAN router) is needed.
    • Indoor Monitoring: Connect to the smartphone or PC via access point at home using the wireless LAN router to monitor images captured by the camcorder. You can record videos and still images while monitoring.
    • Outdoor Monitoring: You can check the image on the camera via an internet connection with a smartphone (or computer). You will need a UPnP-compatible wireless LAN router and an internet connection from which the global IP address can be obtained. You can record videos and still images while monitoring.
    • Detect/Mail: A still image is automatically captured and sent via email when faces or movements are detected by the camera. You can also set to record videos on the camera during detection.
    • Video Mail: You can record a 15-second video clip and have it directly emailed to up to 8 registered smartphone or computer addresses via Wi-Fi.
    • Location Information: You can record location information where the recording is taking place via direct connection (Wi-Fi Direct) with a GPS-enable smartphone.

    Wi-Fi Specifications:

    • Wireless LAN Standard: IEEE802.11b/g/n (2.4 GHz band)
    • Using Wireless Sync:
      • Supported Terminals: iPod touch/iPhone/iPad running iOS 5.1 or later, and Android smartphones and tablets running Android 2.3 or later
      • Signal Strength: minimum line speed of about 5.3 Mbps is recommended
    • Using Web Browser:
      • Operating Environment:
        • OS: Windows 7 with Internet Explorer 9 (or later) and Windows Media Player 12 (or later) installed
        • CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo, 2 GHz or higher
        • Memory: 2 GB or higher
      • Signal Strength: minimum line speed of about 10 Mbps for Full HD, 3 Mbps for SD, and 1.7 Mbps for Motion JPEG

    Recording Features

    Video Recording Quality: When recording in the AVCHD mode, the video format is MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 with 2-channel Dolby Digital. The GC-PX100 can also record in MOV/MP4 mode with MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 video and AAC audio (MP4) or LPCM audio (MOV). The available image quality settings include:

    Recording Mode Image Quality Resolution Average Bit Rate
    AVCHD 60p 1920 x 1080 27 Mbps
    XP 1920 x 1080 17 Mbps
    EP 1920 x 1080 4.8 Mbps
    MOV 1080p LPCM 1920 x 1080 35 Mbps
    MP4 1080p 1020 x 1080 35 Mbps
    720p 1280 x 720 12 Mbps
    iFrame 720p 1280 x 720 34 Mbps
    Wi-Fi Rec 360p 640 x 360 0.9 Mbps

    Still Image Sizes: In addition to recording video, the GC-PX100 can record still images in 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratios. You can set the image sizes to 4000 x 3000 (12M), 2816 x 2112 (5.9M), 2048 x 1536 (3.1M), 1920 x 1080 (2M), and 640 x 480 (0.3M). Still images can also be taken during video recording by simply pressing the Snapshot button on the top of the camcorder. The size of the still image captured in video mode is 1920 x 1080.

    High-Speed Video Recording: By recording videos at a high speed, the videos can be played back in smooth slow-motion. High-speed video recording can be handy for emphasizing movements, such as a golf swing or a tennis stroke.

    Recording Speed Playback Time Image Size
    600 fps 10x 320 x 176
    420 fps 7x 320 x 176
    300 fps 5x 640 x 360
    240 fps 4x 640 x 360
    120 fps 2x 640 x 360

    Continuous Shooting: You can shoot still images continuously while pressing and holding the snapshot button. Low-speed continuous shooting lets you record an unlimited number of photos at approximately 2 frames per second. At high speed, you can shoot up to a maximum of 115 images at 7, 15, 30, or 60 frames per second.

    Time-Lapse Photography: The GC-PX100 can take a series of frames at a set interval to illustrate within a short time changes to a scene that occur slowly over a long period of time. This feature can be used to photograph the opening of a flower bud, or the passing of clouds over several hours. You can set the interval at 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 40, or 80 seconds. The longer the interval, the faster the video will be when played back at normal speed (30 fps). (Example: recordings taken at 2 second intervals will be played back at 60 times speed.)

    Auto Recording: The Auto Record setting allows the unit to record automatically by sensing the changes in subject's movement within a red frame displayed on the monitor. Recording continues as long as there is movement within the red frame, but will stop when there is no more movement for five seconds.

    Shooting Modes: The GC-PX100 has a top mounted Shooting Dial that lets you select the following shooting modes:

    • i.Auto: Lets you record without worrying about the setting details.
    • Programmed Auto: Adjusts the aperture and shutter speed automatically, depending upon the brightness of the subject.
    • Aperture Priority: Adjusts the aperture manually and the shutter speed automatically.
    • Shutter Priority: Adjusts the shutter speed manually and the aperture automatically.
    • Manual: Adjusts the aperture and shutter speed manually.
    • User: Lets you save and recall frequently-used settings.
    • Scene Selection: Lets you shoot scenes according to the shooting conditions. Choose from: Outdoor Sports, Indoor Sports, Backlight Compensation, Portrait, Soft Skin, Landscape, Landscape & Portrait, Night, Night & Portrait, NightAlive, Snow, Beach, Spotlight, Fireworks, and Sunset.
    • Face Priority/Touch Priority: Captures the subject by tracking the subject automatically.

    Self-Timer: There are three Self-Timer functions in still image mode. The 10-second self timer is convenient for taking group photos, allowing the photographer to get into the frame after the shutter release is pressed. The 2-second self timer helps to prevent camera shake by taking the picture 2 seconds after the shutter release is pressed. The Face Detection self timer is also convenient for group shots. The photo is taken three seconds after another person enters the frame.

    Power Requirements

    Battery: The GC-PX100 is powered by the BN-VF815U Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery (7.2V/1460mAh). The battery charges in approximately 2 hours 10 minutes while attached to the camcorder, using the supplied AP-V20U AC adapter. A fully-charged battery will provide approximately 1 hour of recording time under typical circumstances, and 2 hours of continuous recording.

    Inputs and Outputs

    HDMI: The camcorder has a Mini HDMI (Type C) output for connecting to an HDTV. A 5' Mini-HDMI-to HDMI cable is included. If the connected TV is compatible with HDMI-CEC (consumer electronics control), you can operate the camcorder using the remote from the TV.

    USB: The Mini-B Version 2.0 connector allows you to connect the camcorder to your computer for downloading your videos and photos. It can also be used for connecting to a DVD Writer, BD Writer (External Blu-ray Drive), or USB External Hard Disk Drive. A 39" USB cable is included.

    AV: The 3.5mm minijack AV output lets you connect the camcorder to a TV for playing back Standard Definition videos and still images. You can also connect to a DVD recorder or VCR. A 39" AV cable, with composite video and stereo RCA audio plugs, is included. The same 3.5mm output can be used as a headphone output.

    Note: Not all 4-pole mini-plugs have the same wiring configuration. For proper playback, any AV plug used with this camcorder must have this configuration:
    • Tip: Audio Left channel (white)
    • Ring 1 (next to tip): Audio Right channel (red)
    • Ring 2 (next to collar): Ground
    • Collar: Video (yellow)

    Microphone Input: The GC-PX100 has a 3.5mm input for connecting an external microphone. The camcorder has a shoe adapter mount that can accommodate most camera-mounted microphones.

    DC Power: The camcorder has an AC adapter for connecting the camcorder to standard household electrical power. The AC adapter is used to charge the battery in the camera, or to power the camcorder during long recording sessions, playback to a TV, or downloading videos to external recording devices.


    Included Software: The camcorder comes with MediaBrowser SE for JVC software on CD-ROM. The software lets you archive and organize your videos, create discs, and upload video to YouTube and other popular websites. It is compatible with the following Operating Systems:

    • Windows 7 (SP1): Home Premium (32-bit and 64-bit editions), pre-installed
    • Windows Vista (SP2): Home Basic, Home Premium (32-bit and 64-bit editions), pre-installed
    • Windows XP (SP3): Home Edition, Professional, pre-installed
    Note: Software for Macintosh is not included. For Mac users, you can import files from the camcorder by connecting via USB cable. Final Cut Pro software is recommended for editing.

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    Q & A

    Customer Q&A

    Crutchfield asked  
    Why did you buy this?

    Purchased one for our California office and it works great for our needs. It is lightweight and compact that it can be used for travel to customer locations and has the features we need to produce high quality videos. [ John  May 19, 2016 ]

    1 question already asked

    To play back my video, I just import the fils from the memory card to my computer. When I click on the files they play. You should be able to watch them with any number of free video players. [ STEPHEN  Jan 26, 2014 ]