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Olympus Tough Series TG-2 iHS

Waterproof/shockproof 12-megapixel digital camera with 4X optical zoom (Black)

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Our take on the Olympus Tough Series TG-2 iHS

Don't let wet weather, cold temperatures, or dirt and mud keep you from capturing great-looking pictures. The Olympus TG-2 iHS can take it all and still deliver detailed photos when conditions prove challenging to less-rugged cameras. Waterproof to depths of 50 feet, this sporty point-and-shoot is ideal not just for snapshots in the rain but for gorgeous underwater photos while snorkeling in tropical locales. Even in poor light, the TG-2's f/2.0 lens and backlit CMOS sensor ensure your photos show plenty of detail with minimal noise. There's also an LED illuminator and four underwater shooting modes, perfect for close-ups of fish and other sea-dwelling subjects.

Great shots on land and underwater

Don't let wet weather, cold temperatures, or dirt and mud keep you from capturing great-looking pictures. The Olympus TG-2 iHS can take it all and still deliver detailed photos when conditions prove challenging to less-rugged cameras. Waterproof to depths of 50 feet, this sporty point-and-shoot is ideal not just for snapshots in the rain but for gorgeous underwater photos while snorkeling in tropical locales. Even in poor light, the TG-2's f/2.0 lens and backlit CMOS sensor ensure your photos show plenty of detail with minimal noise. There's also an LED illuminator and four underwater shooting modes, perfect for close-ups of fish and other sea-dwelling subjects.

Great action shots and HD video

The TG-2's nimble f/2.0 lens is also great for shooting fast-moving action, like skiers zooming down the slopes or mountain bikers descending a tree-lined trail. Grab time-freezing stills at the frenetic rate of 5 frames per second. Or shoot crystal-clear 1080p hi-def video for playback on an HDTV via the TG-2's micro HDMI output. Image stabilization helps prevent shaky hands from ruining your photos and video. And the TG-2's TruePic™ VI processor and array of creative features and scene modes make it as great for candid shots around the house as it is for documenting adventures in extreme conditions.

Track your adventures with on-board GPS

Want to keep track of all the various locales you've photographed? No problem. The TG-2's built-in GPS records location and landmark information with each photo you take, so you'll never be left wondering which lake you were swimming in when you took that great underwater shot. You can also record elevation levels and water depth, so you'll know exactly how high and how low you go. A warning notice alerts you when you're approaching depths of 50 feet, so you'll know to keep your camera from going too deep.

Expand your range with add-on lenses

As versatile as the TG-2 is, you can expand its capabilities even further. An optional adapter allows you to add Olympus's teleconverter or fisheye converter lenses, for more powerful zoom or more dramatic wide-angle shots. That's an impressive feature for any compact digital camera, especially a tough-style camera like this. The converter lenses are only waterproof to depths of 40 feet.

    • 12-megapixel effective recording CMOS sensor
    • 3" OLED screen (610,000 dots)
    • 4X optical zoom (2X digital zoom)
    • 35mm equivalent lens focal length: 25-100mm
    • records photos and video onto optional SD, SDHC, or SDXC memory cards
    Special Features:
    • waterproof to depths of 50 feet
    • f/2.0 lens for freezing fast action and low-light shooting
    • shockproof up to 7 feet
    • freezeproof to 14° F
    • crushproof for up to 220 lbs. of pressure
    • dustproof
    • built-in GPS records location and landmark information with photos
    • high-definition movie mode (up to 1080p resolution)
    • aperture priority mode allows manual aperture adjustment
    • burst shooting mode fires off 5 frames per second for up to 25 shots at full resolution
    • 34 scene modes, including beauty mode for improved portraits and 4 underwater shooting modes
    • 11 Magic Art effects filters for unique stylized stills and video
    • expandable for use with optional lenses (lens adapter required)
    • sensor shift image stabilization minimizes blur from shaky hands
    Connections and Dimensions:
    • micro HDMI output for connecting the camera to a compatible HDTV (cable not included)
    • high-speed USB interface
    • 4-9/16"W x 2-5/8"H x 1-1/4"D
    • weight (with battery): 8.1 oz.
    • warranty: 1 year
    • Our 60-day money-back guarantee
    Supplied Accessories
    • lithium-ion rechargeable battery and AC charging adapter
    • USB cable
    • 2 lens mount rings (black and red)
    • strap
    • software CD-ROM

    What's in the Box:

    • Digital camera (black)
    • Red lens ring (installed)
    • Black lens ring
    • LI-90B Lithium-Ion battery (3.6V/1270mAh)
    • F-2AC-1B AC adapter (5V/500mA)
    • Adjustable neck strap (red)
    • 27" USB cable (with Type A USB on one end and proprietary connector on the other end)
    • Olympus Setup CD-ROM
    • Quick Start Guide (En/Fr/Sp)
    • Warranty card
    • Maintaining Water Resistance booklet
    • Accessory lens promo card

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    Olympus Tough Series TG-2 iHS Reviews

    Average Customer Review(s):

    (22 Reviews)

    Great Adventure Camera

    Kevin from Charlottesville, VA on 4/21/2014

    I wanted a good waterproof camera worthy of our family vacation to St. Johns US Virgin Islands. My kids brought along a Pentax WG-10 and an Olympus TG-630. I outfitted all camera's with 64GB memory cards. I took 2,800 plus pictures and 2 hours of video at various settings. I used 18GB out of that 64GB. We were snorkeling, kayaking, boating, or hiking every day for a week. The camera tells you how deep you are when taking underwater pictures. I managed a 33ft depth in one. No leaks the entire trip. At dinner we would compare pictures. The Olympus TG-630 pictures were outstanding compared to the others. I used up the battery each day, re-charging every night. I love the quality of the pictures I get from this camera. I've had many point-and-shoot digital cameras, nothing has ever compared to this one, none were as expensive either. It feels solid, feels good. Apparently, it has a good low light lens. It powers up quickly and is ready to take a shot in maybe 2 seconds or less. Really happy with the camera.

    Pros: Good picture quality, waterproof to 49', solid.

    Cons: My kids want their own!

    tg 2

    Anonymous from new jersey on 2/18/2014

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    great product



    Olympus TG2 camera quick and versatile

    Alan from Egg Harbor city, NJ on 1/4/2014

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    The camera is quick no lag between pictures. Picture quality is good as well as the video quality. It has alot of features I have not tried yet. The gps works great. Took some under water pictures and they came out nice, camera did not leak. I recomend this camera.

    Pros: Quick speed. image quality for cameras in this category locks on all doors so they dont accidentally open

    Cons: Would like more zoom


    petpoctpyk from brooklyn,ohio on 10/1/2013

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    So far his was the best camera that I bought for me wife for her birthday.

    Pros: small, easy to handle, good looking camera,feels solidly built.

    Cons: takes time to get use to its new features.

    Olympus Tough Series TG-2 iHS

    Jaime from Philippines on 8/30/2013

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    I find this camera very light handy & picture underwater is excellent, so with picture outside and inside enclosed space.

    Pros: Easily to keep in the pocket and very portable to carry anywhere at anytime.

    Cons: Lens should have longer range like 35mm equivalent to 5x zoom.

    The Best

    Tom from Joplin, Mo. on 7/24/2013

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    I purchased this camera in June for a trip along the Current River in Missouri. The pictures were excellent. I accidentally dropped the camera in the water during the canoe trip and when I retrieved it, it had no damage and no sign of water infiltration. It has proven to be everything I had hoped it would be. Thanks Olympus for a great camera and thanks Crutchfield for such a good price.




    BOBP from NJ on 7/19/2013

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)





    outdoorgirl from Lovettsville, VA on 7/16/2013

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    I prefer all my equipment be ruggedized as it will be taken horseback riding, fishing, kayaking, hiking, etc. I purchased this camera to use while snokelling on vacation. I am impressed with the quality of this little camera. I thought is would take awful 'speed' pictures but I got awesome shots of my dog racing my fiancee on an atv. It is faster and clearer than I expected a compact camera to be. We no longer carry the large SLR on hiking trips as we've damaged it enough over the years and this is our new adventure photo-taker. It still has a small shutter delay, but not nearly what I expected. I have yet to try adding lenses, because the optical zoom gives descent range for a compact camera. I have had very good luck with the battery life and find the 'scene' focus features very useful

    Pros: size, ruggedized, settings

    Cons: shutter delay

    great all around camera

    Anonymous from PA on 7/3/2013

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Great all around camera, tons of features and very durable




    me from Pennsylvania on 6/28/2013

    This camera is simply amazing in every single way! I could not be happier! Its amazing in every type of circumstance! I would recommend this to any type of person!

    Pros: Look at my overall review

    Cons: Nothing

    great camera

    Anonymous from orlando fl on 6/27/2013

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Compact, great camera. Used it shooting at night with sports feature. Like the custom settings options. Have not tried water yet.

    Pros: Custom settings options, rugged, easy to use.

    Cons: Night settings really need tripod or they just come out blurry.

    TG2 Tough

    Leslie from Saipan, MP on 6/25/2013

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    It serves it 's purpose underwater, the gadget is well built... Tough indeed!!! This beats an SLR for trips with the family especially on the beach or pool side. :))

    Pros: Great pics and video, handling is well built.

    Cons: How i wish it came with an external charger.

    Happy with purchase

    DaveK from Palo Alto, CA on 6/22/2013

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Right now, I think this is the best rugged camera on the market. Tried a few and this has the best picture of all of them. Plus the F2.0 lens beats them all.

    Pros: The many features and the lens in the center of the body, not in the upper right hand corner. F2.0 lens. Built in GPS (although I usually know where my photos were taken). Beautiful pictures, indoor and out.

    Cons: Menu system not as good as the Lumix, but you get use to it. Instead of a stand alone battery charger uses a proprietary cable to plug in to the Oly to charge. Not a big problem - bought a stand alone charger and two spare batteries on line.

    Great camera for the outdoors

    Richard from MS on 6/10/2013

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    This camera takes great shots indoors and out and works great underwater! Also, the video works great as well. I read complaints on other websites about noise in videos, but I have not had that problem.

    Pros: 2.0 fstop, macro mode, scene options work well, two customizable settings.

    Cons: None

    Olympus TG-2

    Mike from Northern Virginia on 6/7/2013

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    I have not had the camera for very long, and have not yet dropped it or submerged it so I can't attest to its durability, toughness or how waterproof it might be. I have found the photo quality to be very good compared to other point-and-shoots. It is very easy to use - the menus and features are easy to navigate and figure out. The hinged doors for the battery/SDHC card and micro USB ports have secondary locks on them to prevent accidental opening. I am amazed at how many shots I can take before needing a recharge! If you need a powerful zoom, this is not the camera for you. It only goes to 4X, and the optional add-on zoom lens is only 7X. The mode selector wheel is very small and difficult to turn, which prevents it from being moved accidentally but makes it hard sometimes to change modes.

    Pros: Photo quality, speed, features, ease of use, battery life

    Cons: Zoom, size and weight

    Olympus TG-2

    Leon from SoCal on 6/4/2013

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Seems to be a great little camera. Somewhat bigger than a lot of its competition but it also does a lot. It is drop proof and waterproof, has a variety of shooting options and it has a GPS and compass. The only ding I find find is the lack of a lens cover. I'd hate to scratch the camera lens.

    Pros: very versatile with good low light capability.

    Cons: lack of lens cover

    Olympus Tough Series TG-2 iHS

    JG from Tuscaloosa, AL on 5/27/2013

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    I had an old Sony 5 megapixel for the last 11 years. It had a waterproof housing, and attachable wide angle and telephoto lenses, and was top of the line for a compact travel camera a long time ago. I have been surrounded by friends who use their Olympus Stylus Tough cameras, and all rave about every version. Once I noticed that i could purchase the wide angle lens, i was finally forced to admit that my ancient contraption had truly met its match. I could have spent a little less money and gotten a good adventure camera, but the additional lens lets me use this camera for professional documentation of my artwork. Fellow artists are often surprised that I get my images from a compact digital camera, but I live on a budget and make it work. I am still getting used to the camera settings, but have been immediately impressed by lighting options and the Macro setting. I was able to get some amazing images of a baby praying mantis on the tip of my pinky, then switched to video mode and have corresponding footage before I'd ever read the manual.

    Pros: lens adapter options durable and waterproof This is a great all-around camera, not just underwater.

    Cons: can't take photos while charging- get extra batteries and track down a wall charger


    John from Whitestone Ny on 5/17/2013

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Great little camera

    Pros: Lots

    Cons: None

    Olympus TG-2 iHS

    Tay C from collierville,tn on 5/6/2013

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Great comera!! went snorkeling for 10 days and had no leaks. Battery lasted forever. Super fast. Great underwater pics- super clear!

    Pros: Small, yet large enough to get a good grip on when wet

    Cons: Price and no instruction book except on-line.

    Olympus TG-2 iHS

    Jeff from Algonac, MI on 4/12/2013

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    This is my first Olympus "tough" series. I purchased this for a recent trip to Mexico and planned on using it primarily for underwater photography while there. It proved to be a great underwater and all around camera. My only complaint would be that it would be nice to have a longer zoom, but other than that no issues.

    Pros: Long battery life, easy to use menu system, decent underwater pictures

    Cons: No printed manual, would like a longer zoom

    Olympus Tough Series TG-2 iHS

    Greg from Denver on 3/28/2013

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    The camera has been almost everything I was hoping for. Only 2 minor complaints. Zoom is generally insufficient for what I use it for (outdoor scenery photos) and the GPS functions are much less robust than I expected. The maps used with the GPS functions are for private personal use only. I expected for this price point to be able to be used commercially. Oh we'll. overall great camera, good software.



    Olympus Stylus TG-2

    Bass from Connecticut on 3/25/2013

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    This is the third Olympus Stylus I've had and the secound that is "Tough". It is by far and away the best. I'm a point and shoot guy who needs a waterproof camera for my trips on the boat and this camera is perfect. I had a Stylus Tough 6000 that took great pictures but took a year and a day between pictures, shutter speed was way too slow. With this camera I can take pictures as fast as I can push the shutter, no more missed shots. I've only had the camera for a few weeks but so far it's working beautifully and taking great pictures.

    Pros: Long battery life blazing fast shutter speed, can take pictures as fast as I can push the shutter button. Very easy to program and use even for someone as camera stoopid as me.

    Cons: Doesn't come with a instruction book, you have to download it from the provided disk. Doesn't come with a remote battery charger, have to charge the battery while in the camera through the USB connection. I bought a remote battery charger online to fix that problem.


    Hands-on research

    Features and Specs

    LCD Screen Size 3" OLED
    Adjustable-angle LCD No
    Wi-Fi No
    Touchscreen No
    Waterproof Yes
    GPS-enabled Yes
    Lens 35mm Equivalent 25-100mm
    Optical Zoom 4x
    Digital Zoom 2x
    Filter Diameter N/A
    Manual Focusing No
    Manual Exposure No
    Built-in Flash Yes
    HDMI Output Micro
    Internal Memory Yes
    Memory Media SD/SDHC/SDXC
    Sensor Size 1/2.3" CMOS
    Megapixels 12
    Image Stabilization Sensor Shift
    Highest Resolution 3968 x 2976
    4K Video No
    Video Resolution 1920 x 1080
    Width (inches) 4-5/8
    Height (inches) 2-5/8
    Depth (inches) 1-1/4
    Weight With Battery (ounces) 8.1
    Parts Warranty 1 Year
    Labor Warranty 1 Year

    Product Research

    Recording Images

    Displaying and Editing Images

    Supplied Software


    Rugged Design: The Olympus Tough TG-2 iHS is a rugged camera, designed for adventurous photographers. The camera uses a durable double-layer polycarbonate resin construction with a metal frame, and is built to the following standards:

    • Shockproof: designed to withstand a 6.8-foot fall, drop or other mishap (MIL-STD-810F standard)
    • Waterproof: innovative waterproof seals and gaskets allow you to take underwater movies and pictures in the pool, lake, or ocean, up to 50-foot depths for one hour (IEC Standard Publication 529 IPX8)
    • Dustproof: dustproof to an IEC standard 529 IP6X
    • Crushproof: can withstand up to 220 pounds of pressure
    • Freezeproof: camera can withstand temperature extremes down to 14° F (MIL-STD-810F standard)

    Double Lock Mechanisms: The battery compartment and connector cover doors both have double lock mechanisms to prevent accidental exposure to moisture and dust. Rubberized seals on the doors help make the compartments watertight to protect the battery, memory card, and connector contacts.

    Optics: The TG-2 iHS is equipped with an ultra-bright F2.0-4.9 lens to let you capture shots in low light or situations when a flash cannot be used. The 4x optical zoom lens has a focal length of 4.5-18.0mm (equivalent to 25-100mm in 35mm photography). Combined with the 2x Super Resolution zoom, the total zoom capability is 8x. The lens has a water-repellent coating that keeps water from remaining on the lens surface and affecting your photos.

    Optional Teleconverters: The TG-2 can be used with two optional conversion lenses: the TCON-T01 Tele converter, and the FCON-T01 Fisheye converter. The 1.7x TCON-T01 converter extends the camera's optical zoom to nearly 7x for better closeup shots. The 0.74x FCON-T01 converter lets you take wide-angle panoramic shots while maintaining the brightness of the F2.0 lens. Both conversion lenses require the CLA-T01 adapter, which provides a screw-on thread for mounting the converters to the camera. (The camera's lens ring must first be removed before attaching the adapter ring.)

    Note: Slight vignetting may occur with the TCON-T01 telephoto conversion lens. This can be alleviated by zooming in slightly.

    OLED Monitor: The camera is equipped with a 3.0" high-resolution OLED monitor with approximately 610,000 dots. The monitor features several protective coatings to reduce glare and to prevent scratches. The TG-2 offers a 5-level monitor brightness adjustment in the menu, and lets you temporarily brighten the monitor by holding the OK button for 2 seconds. Like the lens, the monitor has a water-repellent coating so you can compose your shots in wet conditions.

    iHS: iHS technology is a combination of the high-sensitivity, high-speed 1/2.3" 12MP backlit CMOS sensor and the exceptionally fast TruePic VI image processor. The result is fast auto focusing, an enhanced iAuto shooting mode that recognizes multiple scenes and subjects, and 2x Super Resolution Zoom that lets you zoom in farther than the optical zoom without degrading the image.

    GPS: The TG-2 has a built-in GPS (Global Positioning System) receiver, which can record location information onto your photos and movies. Using applications such as Google Earth or Picasa, you can view the location of your photos on a map. The logging function lets you track the route taken on your adventure.

    Recording Media: The Olympus Tough TG-2 digital camera records still images or movies onto optional SD, SDHC, or SDXC Memory Cards. For test images, or when the memory card becomes full, you can shoot a small number of images onto the camera's internal memory. Still images are recorded in JPEG format. Movies are recorded in MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 with sound. Hi-speed movies are recorded in Motion JPEG format.

    FlashAir: The TG-2 is compatible with commercially available FlashAir cards. These cards have a Wireless LAN function to enable you to connect the camera to a Wi-Fi-enabled smartphone or PC to view or import images from the card.

    Dual Image Stabilization: The camera combines Sensor-shift Image Stabilization with high ISO sensitivity and fast shutter speeds, so you can capture sharp, blur-free images, even if your subject is moving.

    Focusing Range: The focus range for the normal shooting mode is 0.1m (3.96") to infinity. In the Super Macro mode, you can record images from as close as 1 centimeter away.

    White Balance: The Tough TG-2 offers the following White Balance presets: Auto, Sunny, Cloudy, Incandescent, Fluorescent, and Underwater. You can also set and store a custom white balance based on an actual scene.

    LED Illuminator: The camera has a built-in LED illuminator that can assist in Auto Focusing, or illuminate the scene in closeup situations. It can be turned on or off manually in the menu, or set to automatically illuminate when the shutter button is pressed halfway.

    Flash: The camera's built-in flash operates in the following modes:

    • Flash Auto: The flash fires automatically in low light or backlight conditions.
    • Red-eye Reduction Flash: This emits pre-flashes for red-eye reduction.
    • Fill-in Flash: The flash fires regardless of the available light.
    • Remote Control/Slave: The camera can be used to control a compatible Olympus Wireless RC Flash (Remote Control), or a commercially-available slave flash (Slave)
    • LED On: Turns on the LED illuminator for close up images.
    • Flash Off: The flash does not fire.

    Self-Timer: You can take pictures of yourself using the 12-second built-in self timer. The 2-second self-timer also aids in preventing camera shake.

    Power Requirements: The Tough TG-2 operates on an LI-90B rechargeable Lithium-ion battery. An AC adapter (F-2AC-1B) is supplied to charge the LI-90B in the camera or operate the camera on AC power. The camera can take up to approximately 350 photos with fully charged battery. Charging time is approximately 4 hours. The camera can also charge while it is connected to a computer via USB.

    Note: The LI-90B battery can be inserted in either direction. You must make sure the contacts line up properly before inserting the battery.

    Recording Images

    Resolution: Several recording settings are available for still pictures and video:

    • Still Pictures:
      • Image Size: 12M (3968 x 2976*), 8M (3200 x 2400), 3M (1920 x 1440), VGA (640 x 480)
      • Aspect Ratio: 4:3, 16:9, 3:2, 1:1
      • Compression: Fine or Normal
    • Video:
      • Image Size: 1920 x 1080, 1280 x 720, 640 x 480
      • Audio: With sound or Without Sound
    * Image resolution figures shown are when the aspect ratio is 4:3.

    Shooting Modes: The rear-mounted Mode Dial lets you choose between several shooting modes:

    • Program: The camera automatically sets shutter speed and aperture, but allows you to make changes to a wide range of other settings, such as exposure compensation, white balance, etc.
    • iAuto: The camera automatically selects the optimal shooting mode for the scene.
    • Super Macro: Images can be taken from up to 1cm away from the subject.
    • Scene: Lets you select from the following pre-programmed settings: Portrait, Beauty, Landscape, Hand-held Starlight, Night Scene, Night+Portrait, Sport, Indoor, Self Portrait, Sunset, Fireworks, Cuisine, Documents, Beach & Snow, Underwater Snapshot, Underwater Wide 1 and 2, Underwater Macro, Pet Mode-Cat, Pet Mode-Dog, Snow, Panorama, and Backlight HDR.
    • Aperture: When an aperture value is set, the camera automatically sets an appropriate shutter speed.
    • Magic: Lets you add special effects, such as Pop Art, Pin Hole, Fish Eye, Soft Focus, Punk, Sparkle, Watercolor, Reflection, Miniature, Fragmented, and Dramatic.
    • C1/C2: These modes are for saving custom settings

    Sequential Shooting: The camera can take one frame at a time, or a sequence of pictures at a time by holding down the shutter button. During sequential shooting, the focus, exposure, and white balance are fixed when the first frame is shot. You can choose from the following:

    Selection Frames Per Second Maximum # of Frames Frame Resolution
    Normal 5 fps 25 images 12M
    High Speed 1 15 fps 100 images 3M
    High Speed 2 60 fps 100 images 3M

    Sensitivity: The higher the ISO value, the greater the camera's light sensitivity and better its ability to shoot in low light. The Tough TG-2 can automatically set the camera's sensitivity according to the conditions around the subject. To minimize blur caused by a moving subject or camera movement, the camera can automatically use a higher sensitivity (compared to Auto). Manual settings include ISO 100, 200, 400, 800, 1600, 3200, and 6400 equivalents.

    AF Mode: There are three AF (auto focus) modes for selecting the focusing area:

    • Face/iESP: the camera determines the subject, even when not in the center. If a face is detected, the camera focuses on the face when the shutter button is pressed halfway.
    • Spot AF: focus detection based on the subject within the AF target mark
    • AF Tracking: The camera tracks the subject's movement automatically to focus on it continuously.

    Panorama: Using the included software it is possible to connect images with overlapping edges together into a single panoramic image. You can select "Auto" or "Manual" Panorama, which allows you to put up to 3 images together, or "PC" for up to 10 images to be linked together on your computer using the supplied software.

    Exposure Compensation: In some situations, you may get better results by adjusting the exposure slightly using exposure compensation. You can adjust from -2.0 to + 2.0 EV in 1/3 stop increments.

    Still Image Audio Recording: When activated, the camera's built-in microphone can be set to record four seconds of audio after the shutter button is released and the picture is taken. In the playback menu, you can add up to 4 seconds of audio to still pictures.

    Displaying and Editing Images

    Image Playback: Once still images or movies have been captured, the camera gives you several options for playing them back:

    • Manual Playback: view images manually one-by-one
    • Slide Show: play still images back as a slide show. You can select to include all, or images from a single event, or in a specific collection created with PC software. You can choose from five types of background music and three types of transitions.
    • Index View: For viewing multiple images at once, you can create an index display of 20 frames.

    Outputs: The Tough TG-2 is equipped with an HDMI Micro Connector (Type D) for connecting the camera to an HDMI-equipped HDTV. The output can be set to 1080i, 720p, or 480p. If the connected HDTV is compatible with HDMI Control, you can set the camera to be controlled by the TV's remote control. The camera also has a proprietary multi-function jack used as an audio/video output (with the optional CB-AVC3 composite video/mono audio cable) or a USB port (with the supplied USB cable).

    Editing Pictures: If a picture you have taken turns out less-than-perfect, you can edit it using one of the following:

    • Image Size: You can save a high-resolution image as a separate image with a smaller size to use in e-mail attachments or other applications. You can choose 3M or VGA.
    • Cropping: You can zoom in using the cropping frame, and create a new image.
    • Adding Sound: You can add up to 4 seconds of audio to an existing image using the built-in microphone.
    • Beauty Fix: The camera can make corrections to the subject's skin and/or eyes.
    • Shadow Adjust: You can brighten areas that are dark due to backlighting of other reasons
    • Redeye Fix: Red-eyes caused by flash shooting can be retouched.
    • Landmark: You can change the landmark information recorded on images when they were shot using the GPS Landmark function.
    • Rotate: You can rotate the image to the proper orientation.

    Erasing/Protecting Images: Unwanted images can be erased one at a time or all at once. You can protect important images to avoid accidentally erasing them. Once an image is protected, it cannot be erased during a single-frame erase or all-frame erase function. Protected images are erased when the memory is reformatted.

    PictBridge Printing Capability: Using the supplied USB cable, you can connect this camera directly to a PictBridge-compliant printer. PictBridge is a standard that allows you to connect a PictBridge compliant camera directly to a PictBridge compliant printer and make prints, regardless of brand.

    Print Reservation: Applying Print Reservation (Print Order) to your pictures allows you to take the memory card to a DPOF-compatible photo lab for printing, or print them on a DPOF-compatible printer at home, without using a computer. DPOF is the Digital Print Order Format and allows you to add information to your picture files such as which pictures to print, the number of prints desired, add the date and time to each image, etc.

    Supplied Software

    Supplied Software: The Tough TG-2 comes with Olympus Viewer 3 software on CD-ROM. The disc also includes a full Camera Instruction Manual. With the software, you can stitch together images for a panoramic shot, prepare images to be uploaded to the Internet, view GPS track logs, and retouch photos. The software is compatible with the following Operating Systems:

    • Windows XP (SP2 or later)
    • Windows Vista
    • Windows 7
    • Windows 8
    • Mac OS X v10.5-v10.8

    Mass Storage Device: When the camera is used as a Mass Storage device, you can connect it to computers running the following operating systems:

    • Windows XP (SP1 or later)
    • Windows Vista
    • Windows 7
    • Windows 8
    • Mac OS X v10.3 or later

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    Staff Reviews

    Product reviews from the Crutchfield Labs

    Rugged and ready to go

    Written by Ralph Graves, Staff Writer - Creative, on 4/11/2013 10:49:00 AM

    The TG-2 iHS is made for action. When I took it out of the box I could immediately tell just by the feel that this was an extremely rugged camera. And it's also extremely easy to use.

    The menu offers lots of settings for taking great on-the-go shots. The scene selection options display photo examples, so you can quickly determine if the setting is appropriate for your shot (there's even a mode for selfies). All I had to do was dial the appropriate setting, and start shooting.

    The Stylus also offers eleven different camera effects, including some of the most currently popular. You can make a real scene look like a miniature model, or heighten the dramatic angles, or place a black solarized version of your shot against a hot pink background, making an instant punk rock poster. I took some test images in the Labs using the various filters, and came up with a winner every time. It's a great way to get interesting images without messing about with a photo editing program. Just shoot and post!

    The best tough-style camera to date

    Written by Zak Billmeier, Staff Writer - Creative, on 9/4/2013 11:53:00 AM

    I love the TG-2 because it has a great lens — it opens up to a bright f/2, which comes in especially handy underwater. My 4-year-old just got comfortable in the pool this year, so all she wants to do is swim underwater, jump in off the side, etc. I keep the TG-2 in my bathing suit pocket, then grab it and shoot a quick photo or video clip when she does something awesome. I've gotten shots of her that would make Jacques Cousteau jealous.

    The scene modes are well-matched to the sorts of environments you'll find yourself using this camera. The ones I used all the time were Beach & Snow (keeps the exposures right at the bright beach), Snapshot (good for the pool, it gives you realistic colors underwater), and Sports (fast shutter speed for action). Otherwise, I like Program mode with -0.3 exposure compensation. I got the best beach/pool shots of my life this summer with the TG-2. I constantly got the question, "What camera did you use?"

    But perhaps the biggest surprise was how good the video is. You get nominal control over video — you can choose the size, and it'll shoot at 30 fps. You can also employ some cool slo-mo modes (at reduced resolution) for great action footage.

    Action videos are where the TG-2 really shines. At one point, I had some suction-cup camera mounts to try out, so I stuck them to my car and mounted camera after camera to gives them a test. All of the cameras failed the test due to the rolling shutter effect, including a dedicated action cam and some pretty expensive models. But not the TG-2! It handled that video challenge with ease.

    I can't recommend the TG-2 enough to anyone who spends time camping, kayaking, skiing, swimming...or even just hanging out at the beach. It's a high-performance camera you never need to worry about.

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