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Sharp LC-70LE735UN

70" 1080p 3D LED-LCD HDTV with Wi-Fi®

Item # 28470LE735

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Our take on the Sharp LC-70LE735UN

It's easy to get pulled into the 3D experience in a movie theater because the screen is so huge. The closest you can get in a 3D TV for your home is Sharp's LC-70LE735UN. Its 70" screen offers a whopping 62% more screen area than a 55" TV. You'll get a kick out of 3D Blu-ray movies and 3D satellite or cable TV channels. Just pick up a pair or two of Sharp's 3D glasses to feel like you're truly part of the life-sized action.

By purchasing this Sharp product from a Sharp Authorized Online Reseller, you are entitled
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A spectacular picture in 2D or 3D

It's easy to get pulled into the 3D experience in a movie theater because the screen is so huge. The closest you can get in a 3D TV for your home is Sharp's LC-70LE735UN. Its 70" screen offers a whopping 62% more screen area than a 55" TV. You'll get a kick out of 3D Blu-ray movies and 3D satellite or cable TV channels. Just pick up a pair or two of Sharp's 3D glasses to feel like you're truly part of the life-sized action.

To keep fast action looking smooth and clear, Sharp's Aquomotion 240 processing virtually eliminates blur and picture artifacts. And colors really pop thanks to Sharp's Quattron LCD technology. A Quattron TV uses four colors in each pixel, adding yellow to the conventional complement of red, green, and blue.

A little background on backlights

There's more to this TV's picture than bold colors. The LC-70LE735UN uses a more advanced type of LED backlighting than you find in most TVs. Instead of having LEDs placed on the sides like "edge-lit" models, the LC-70LE735UN has a more sophisticated "full-array" backlight. This grid of lights behind the LCD layer provides more accurate and uniform illumination across the entire screen. And LEDs are so energy-efficient that this 70" screen probably uses less energy than your old set.

This is one Smart TV

Four HDMI inputs let you enjoy the best possible picture from high-def sources like Blu-ray players, satellite or cable TV boxes, and HD game consoles. And the LC-70LE735UN's built-in Wi-Fi® makes it easy to connect to your home's network for even more entertainment choices. Stream movies and TV shows from Netflix®, or download high-def movies from Vudu® — all while kicking back on the couch. Sharp's web apps include a built-in web browser that's optimized for TV use.

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Tip: For a list of over-the-air digital TV stations you can receive, as well as antenna recommendations for your location, enter your zip code in AntennaWeb's mapping tool.

Product Highlights:

  • 69.5" screen (measured diagonally)
  • matte screen with 2-tone aluminum/black bezel
  • tuner receives over-the-air HDTV broadcasts (antenna required)
  • QAM cable TV tuner (subscription required to receive cable channels — contact your local service provider for details)
  • displays 3D images when you wear Sharp's active 3D glasses (two pairs of glasses are included)
  • 2D-to-3D conversion adds 3D-like depth to non-3D video sources
  • Quattron™ Quad Pixel technology for deep, vivid colors
  • edge-lit LED backlight with local dimming?? for exceptional picture contrast and deep black levels
  • AquoMotion 9600 blur reduction (240Hz refresh rate plus backlight scanning)
  • Vyper Drive Game Mode reduces video lag between game console and TV
  • 1-tuner picture-in-picture
  • Internet-ready Smart TV — plays Netflix video and more (broadband service required; subscription required for Netflix service)
  • for more details on Internet apps for this TV see our Hands-on Research
  • built-in Wi-Fi® to link to a wireless network
  • built-in web browser
  • video and music streaming from a DLNA-compatible Windows® PC
  • built-in stereo speakers (10 watts x 2)
  • programmable multibrand remote control
  • AQUOS Link™ simplifies control of compatible Sharp components via the HDMI connection (HDMI-CEC)
  • meets ENERGY STAR® requirements
Connections and Dimensions:
  • 7 A/V inputs, including:
    • 4 HDMI
    • 1 component video
    • 2 composite audio/video (single 3.5mm jack for video and stereo audio)
  • PC input
  • RF input for antenna/cable signals
  • optical digital audio output
  • stereo minijack output for connecting a sound bar or home stereo system
  • Ethernet port for a wired connection to your home network
  • 2 USB inputs for connecting a camera or thumb drive
  • detachable swivel stand
  • wall-mountable (bracket not included)
  • 63-7/16"W x 38-3/8"H x 3-1/2"D (39-7/8"H x 13-1/8"D on stand)
  • weight: 99.2 lbs. with stand; 93.7 lbs. without stand
  • warranty: 1 year parts & labor — in-home service or pick-up for service
  • Our 60-day money-back guarantee

What's in the Box:

  • 70" LED-LCD TV
  • Pedestal base
  • 2 Pedestal posts
  • Remote control (GA935WJSA)
  • 2 "AAA" batteries
  • Eight M6 x 20mm screws (with flat-/lock-washers attached)
  • Four M5 x 14mm screws (with flat-/lock-washers attached)
  • Operation Manual (Eng/Fre/Spa)
  • Connection Guide (Eng/Fre/Spa)
  • AQUOS Advantage brochure
  • Product Registration Card
  • Energy Guide Sticker

Energy Guide:

View the Energy Guide


Hands-on research

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Video Features
Audio Features
Network/USB/PC Functions
Convenience Features
Remote Control
Mounting Options

Video Features

UltraBrilliant Full Array Backlight System: The Sharp AQUOS 70LE735U-series LED-LCD TV features Sharp's proprietary UltraBrilliant Full Array LED Backlight System which includes a unique "double-dome" light amplifier lens and multi-fluorescents that enable high brightness and color purity with low energy consumption. The UltraBrilliant Full Array LED backlighting system ensures uniformity in both color and brightness from edge-to-edge and corner-to-corner, while also enabling an incredible dynamic contrast ratio of 6,000,000:1 for optimal picture quality.

Note: 100,000 LED life hours.

Full HD 1080p X-Gen LCD Panel: The Sharp AQUOS 70LE735U-series LED-LCD TV utilizes a Full-HD 1080p X-Gen LCD Panel that is designed with advanced pixel control to minimize light leakage and a wider aperture to let more light through, providing an extremely high contrast level of 6,000,000:1. Sharp's X-Gen panel employs a 10-bit video processor and provides a wider aperture allowing more light to pass through, which requires fewer backlighting elements to create an extremely bright image. Also, because the re-designed LCD panel has less ribs than traditional panels, the pixels are better sealed which enables nearly all light to be blocked resulting in darker images.

Quattron Quad Pixel Plus Technology: Quattron Quad Pixel Plus Technology enables the display to reproduce colors that have been difficult to portray using conventional LCD displays. Sharp's proprietary Quad Pixel Plus Technology, a 4-color filter that adds yellow to the traditional RGB, enables a vast array of colors to be displayed. The four-primary-color display employs a four color filter for the first time in the industry, that adds the color Y (yellow) to the three colors of R (Red), G (Green) and B (Blue). This combination expands the color gamut; faithfully rendering nearly all colors that can be discerned with the unaided human eye. Quad Pixel Plus also produces smoother lines by enabling the individual control of all 8-million sub-pixels on the screen.

AquoMotion 240: The Sharp AQUOS LED-LCD TV is equipped AquoMotion 240 technology to offer even clearer fast-motion picture quality. AquoMotion 240 Technology improves fast moving images by combining Sharp's 120Hz Fine Motion Advanced Technology with 120-backlight scanning. Fine Motion Advanced processing creates and inserts 60 unique frames a second, which smoothes out edges that occur between frames in the original footage. The backlight scanning works with the panel refresh rate to further reduce perceived motion blur and improve overall clarity and picture quality.

Wide Viewing Angles: Viewing Angles are wide (176º H x 176º V) so you can view the Sharp LED-LCD TV from practically anywhere in the room.

AQUOS Quattron 3D Technology: Using Sharp's 3D active glasses (sold separately) you can watch 3D-supported content (such as movies, games, or sporting events) from a 3D-ready Blu-ray player, gaming system, or satellite receiver (via HDMI) on this LED-LCD HDTV. The Sharp LE735U Series LED-LCD TV produces bright, vivid 3D images with reduced "crosstalk blurs," or a double exposure effect that makes other 3D TVs appear blurry and undefined. The Sharp LED-LCD TV also features a 3D Brightness Boost feature to increase the brightness of the screen when viewing a 3D image. The Sharp LE735U Series LED-LCD TV offers various 3D and 2D display modes.

  • 3D Modes (using 3D glasses): The Sharp AQUOS LED-LCD TV provides the following 3D viewing modes when wearing the included 3D glasses.
    • 2D to 3D: converts normal 2D images into 3D images; you can adjust the 3D effect when converting images from 2D mode to 3D mode (+1 to +16)
    • Side-by-Side (3D): creates 3D images from 3D images displayed side by side; the image is split into a left and right image and then the images are stretched and displayed sequentially to create a 3D image
    • Top & Bottom (3D): creates 3D images from 3D images displayed on the top and bottom; the image is split into a top and bottom image and then the images are stretched and displayed sequentially to create a 3D image
  • 2D Modes (without 3D glasses): The Sharp AQUOS LED-LCD TV provides the following 2D viewing modes when not wearing the included 3D glasses.
    • Side-by-Side (2D): creates 2D images from 3D images displayed side by side; only the left image is stretched and displayed (image does not appear in 3D)
    • Top & Bottom (2D): creates 2D images from 3D images displayed on the top and bottom;  only the top image is stretched and displayed (image does not appear in 3D)

Note: The recommended viewing distance for 3D viewing is 8.5' for a 70" screen size. Not all people can experience and enjoy 3D TV. The 3D glasses are only recommended for people ages 5 and older.

Built-in ATSC/QAM/NTSC Tuners: The Sharp AQUOS 70LE735U-series LED-LCD TV offers built-in ATSC/QAM/NTSC tuners for DTV and available analog TV viewing.

Full HD 1080p (1920 x 1080) Resolution: The LED-LCD television displays all inputs at a resolution of 1080p (1920 x 1080). The television's HDMI and component video inputs will accept 1080p, 1080i, 720p, 480p and 480i video signals.

HD Video Inputs: The Sharp LED-LCD TV is equipped with both HDMI and component video high-definition video inputs.

  • 4 HDMI (v1.4) Inputs: The television's four side-panel HDMI (v1.4) inputs can be used to connect a Blu-ray player, DVD player, Game console, HDTV and/or Satellite Set-top box with an HDMI output. The HDMI 1 input can also be used to connect a device with a DVI output (a DVI-to-HDMI adapter cable is necessary). If a DVI-equipped device is used, a separate audio cable will also be needed from the device to the shared PC stereo minijack audio input. No audio cables are needed for an HDMI-equipped device. The HDMI 4 HDMI input can also be used to connect a PC to this TV. The HDMI jacks will accept 1080p, 1080i, 720p, 480p and 480i signals.
  • Component Video Input: The TV's Component Video input will accept 1080p, 1080i, 720p, 480p, and 480i signals.

Note: The television also includes a two standard definition composite video inputs (480i only). 

OPC (Optical Picture Control): Optical Picture Control automatically adjust the brightness of the screen. The Optical Picture Control (OPC) senses the surrounding light and automatically adjusts the backlight brightness. The brightness level range of the OPC sensor's automatic adjustments can be set according to your preferences. The adjustment range of the OPC sensor can be set to a maximum of +16 and a minimum of -16.

View Modes: The Sharp AQUOS LED-LCD TV offers the following view modes to suit the current type of video signal.

  • Stretch: Suitable for viewing 1.78:1 aspect-ratio HD programs. When viewing 1.85:1 programs, the stretch mode will still show very think black bands at the top and bottom of the screen.
  • S. Stretch (Smart Stretch): Suitable for stretching 4:3 programs to fill the screen.
  • Full Screen (720p only): You can select Full Screen only when receiving a 720p signal.
  • Zoom: Suitable for viewing wide-screen 2.35:1 anamorphic DVDs in full screen.
  • Side Bar: Suitable for viewing conventional 4:3 programs in their normal format.
  • Dot-by-Dot (1080i/p only): Detects the resolution of the signal of the image and it will be shown on the screen with the same amount of pixels.

Position: You can adjust the picture's horizontal and vertical position.

Video Modes: The Sharp AQUOS LED-LCD TV offers the various video modes to better suit the content you are viewing. You can choose from the following.

  • Auto: Optimizes the image quality automatically based on the room brightness and image signal.
  • Standard: For a highly defined image in normal lighting.
  • Movie : For viewing movies with low light.
  • Game: Lowers image brightness for easier viewing.
  • PC: Suited for using the LED-LCD TV as a computer monitor.
  • Dynamic: For a clear-cut image emphasizing high contrast, useful for sports viewing.
  • Dynamic (Fixed): Changes the image and sound settings to the factory preset values. No adjustments are allowed.
  • x.v.Color: Supports the x.v.Color international standard for wide color space. The x.v.Color signal allows you to experience colors that conventional color signals cannot reproduce.
  • User: Allows you to customize settings for each input source. You can adjust the following - Backlight, Contrast, Brightness, Color, Tint, and Sharpness.

Vyper Drive Game Mode: Vyper Drive Game Mode is Sharp's built-in technology that eliminates perceptible video lag that may occur due to the electronic transition time between a connected game console and the game's display on the TV.

Advanced Picture Settings: The Sharp AQUOS LED-LCD television offers the following advanced picture settings for further picture enhancement and enjoyment.

  • C.M.S. (Color Management System): Color tone is managed using the six-color adjustment setting. You can adjust Hue (adjust reddish and bluish tones), Saturation (increases or decreases saturation of color), and Value (increases or decrease brightness).
  • Color Gamut Range: You can set the color gamut range to Standard or Expanded.
  • Color Temperature: The television's Color Temperature control adjusts the white balance of the TV. White balance can be adjusted between a maximum of +30 and a minimum of -30 for each color temperature (R,G,B).
  • Active Contrast: Automatically adjusts the image contrast according to the scene.
  • Gamma Adjustment: Adjusts the differences of picture tones between bright parts and dark parts. The adjustment range of the gamma can be set to a maximum of +2 and a minimum of -2.
  • Black Level: Adjust on-screen black level to your preferred level (High or Low).
  • Film Mode (3:2 pull-down): Automatically detects a film-base source (originally encoded at 24 fps), analyzes it, and then recreates each still film frame for high-definition picture quality.
  • DNR: Digital Noise Reduction (DNR) produces a clear video image by reducing noise artifacts.
  • Monochrome: For viewing a video in monochrome.

Audio Features

ARC (Audio Return Channel): The ARC feature of HDMI (ver.1.4) enables the audio signal of the TV to be sent to your connected AV receiver via the TV's HDMI ARC input and the receiver's Monitor output, using a single HDMI cable. In this case, it will not be necessary to connect an additional cable from the audio output of the TV to the audio input of the AV amplifier to reproduce the audio received from the TV through the AV amplifier. ARC allows audio from the TV tuner, Network connection, inserted USB device, HDMI inputs, or any analog connected device to be heard through your ARC compatible AV receiver via the television's HDMI ARC input. The audio from the TV's tuner, network connection can pass as Dolby Digital or 2ch PCM. HDMI, USB, and analog connected devices will be output as 2ch PCM only.

Note: Both the television and the receiver must support ARC for this function to work properly. When connecting an A/V receiver that is compatible with Audio Return Channel (ARC), connect it to the TV's HDMI 1 input. If connecting a system that is incompatible Audio Return Channel (ARC), an additional audio connection via Digital Audio Out (Optical) is necessary.

Wall Mount Audio Setup: This feature of the LED-LCD TV allows you to select the optimal audio for the television even when wall-mounted.

Spacious Sound 3D: The Spacious Sound 3D functions produces a virtual surround sound effect from the television's speakers.  Sharp's Spacious 3D Sound features five different types of audio settings optimized for different types of audio/video content, such as concerts, movies, and other programs to complete the AQUOS Quattron 3D experience.

  • 3D Hall: Provides a concert hall experience with realistic live surround sound using measured reverberant sound in a concert hall.
  • 3D Movie: Provides a movie theater experience with realistic live surround sound using measured reverberant sound in a movie theater.
  • 3D Standard: Creates 3-dimensional surround sound with detailed control of the signal phase.
  • Normal: Provides mild surround sound.
  • Off: Outputs the normal stereo sound.

Audio Settings: You can adjust the sound quality of the television's built-in speakers to your preference with the following audio settings.

  • Auto Volume: Different sound sources sometimes do have the same volume level, such as program and its commercial breaks. The Automatic Volume Control reduces this problem by equalizing levels.
  • Bass & Treble: You can adjust the Bass, Treble, and Balance of the unit's built-in stereo speakers to your preference.
  • Bass Enhancer: This function allows you to enjoy bass-enhanced sound.
  • Clear Voice: This function emphasizes speech against background noise for greater clarity.
  • Audio Only: When listening to music from a music program, you can turn the screen of and enjoy audio only.

Audio Outputs: The television is equipped with an analog and digital audio output.

  • Digital Audio: The optical digital output on the rear-panel will output Dolby Digital (when available) or 2 channel PCM.  The digital optical output terminal only sends an audio signal in Dolby Digital when you receive Dolby Digital Surround Sound from a digital broadcast channel through the tuner on the AQUOS TV, and Dolby Digital Surround sound from an AQUOS Net Smart TV app, via the television's Ethernet port or built-in WiFi. The optical digital audio output will only output in 2ch stereo from sources connected to the TV via HDMI, RCA, or USB. 
  • Analog Audio (fixed or variable): The television features a 3.5mm (minijack) audio output for connecting the television to an analog 2-channel receiver. You will need a minijack-to-RCA adapter (119MCON2M, sold separately) to make a stereo RCA connection between the television and your AV receiver. The TV's analog audio output terminals will output 2ch audio from any of the television's source inputs.

Network/USB/PC Functions

Wired or Wireless Network Connection: This TV can be connected to your home network via its hardwired Ethernet (LAN) port or built-in WiFi. Either network connection offers access to AQUOS Net Smart TV and your PC movie/photo/music files.

Ethernet Port: A 10 Base-T or 100 Base-TX LAN port is required for a hardwired Ethernet connection to this TV. Use a standard LAN cable with this TV (Cat5 or better with a RJ45 connector).
Built-in WiFi: The Sharp TV's built-in WiFi supports IEEE 802.11A/B/G/N standard and WEP, WPA-PSK (TKIP), WPA-2PSK (AES) security. The TV's built-in WiFi operates at 2.4/5.8 GHz radio frequencies.

AQUOS Net Smart TV: AQUOS Net Smart TV delivers customized Internet content to the Sharp LED-LCD TV via a hard-wired Ethernet connection (Ethernet cable sold separately) or wireless WiFi connection (using built-in WiFi). By connecting the TV to your home's broadband network system (either hardwire or wireless), you can instantly access online movies, music, news, weather, & more from AQUOS Net Smart TV. The following online content is available through AQUOS Net Smart TV (as of 12/20/2011).



Movies CinemaNow, Blockbuster Online, Netflix, Vudu
Photos AQUOS Net Gallery, Picasa, Flicker, ScreenDreams
Music Napster, Pandora
Social Networking Facebook, Twitter
Sports NBC Sports
News Associated Press, Access Hollywood, MSNBC News, NBC Nightly News, NBC Today Show, New York Times, NASDAQ stock quotes & financial news
Weather AccuWeather, WeatherBug
Travel NAVTEQ (traffic info with maps)
Games Funspot Games (Sudoku, Black Jack, etc.)
Other (Horoscopes), Discovery Channel, GoComics (Garfield, Cathy, Doonesbury, Ziggy etc.)

NetFront Browser: The Sharp LED-LCD TV features NetFront Browser. NetFront Browser is an advanced, versatile, and powerful full Internet browser. NetFront Browser has been specifically designed and optimized to deliver high performance in consumer electronic devices; such as televisions, Blu-ray players, and more. With NetFront Browser, you can search for your favorite websites by URL (.com, .net, .org, etc..).

Note: Not all websites will be available for download, because of size, format, and content.

AQUOS Advantage LIVE: AQUOS Advantage LIVE is a unique support feature that allows Sharp AQUOS Advantage Advisors to directly dial into your AQUOS LED-LCD TV through the internet. This FREE service provides Sharp professionals with the ability to remotely assist with TV set up, detect signal strength and inputs, as well as adjust picture settings all instantly. Within AQUOS Advantage LIVE you will also be able to register your TV, view important messaging about upcoming events and software updates, as well as view up-to-date information about SHARP.

DLNA Home Sharing: This TV is a DLNA Certified digital media product that can display and play movie, photo, and music content from your DLNA Certified network device and DLNA server (such as your Windows 7 PC). The Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) is a cross-industry organization of consumer electronics, computing industry and mobile device companies. Digital Living provides consumers with easy sharing of digital media through a wired or wireless network in the home. The television supports the following movie, photo, music formats via DLNA.

  • Video Formats: MPEG2-PS, MPEG2-TS, WMV, ASF, MP4, MOV, and AVI
  • Photo Formats: JPEG
  • Music Formats: LPCM, MP3

USB Media Player: The TV's USB Media Player enables enjoyment of standard or high definition video images, high-resolution digital still images, and  music files through either of the television's two USB (type-A) ports from your external USB memory devices. The USB mass storage class device must be formatted in FAT/FAT32.

  • Video Player: The Sharp TV's USB ports support MPEG (1/2/4), DivX (3.11/4.x/5.1/6.0), AVCHD (H.264), XviD, and Motion JPEG  video files. The LED-LCD TV offers basic playback functions such as Play, Pause, Stop, Rewind, Fast-Forward, Skip, and Previous.
  • Photo Viewer: The television's USB ports support JPEG still image files (DCF2.0 compliant). JPEG still images can be viewed in Full Screen (vertical/horizontal), thumbnail (up to 18 images), or as a slide-show (10/30/60 sec. intervals). You can select MP3 music stored on the same USB device to be played in the background while displaying a slide-show.
  • Music Player: The television's USB ports support MP3 music files (32-320 kbps). The television will display your USB device's stored songs on-screen. You can use the included remote to navigate your song collection.

PC Input: This PC input consists of a stereo minijack and an analog RGB (D-Sub 15-pin) jack. This jack allows you to connect a personal computer with a D-Sub 15-pin output. When using the RGB (D-Sub 15-pin) jack, you must use the PC Audio 3.5mm input for your audio connection. The Sharp television supports the following PC resolutions - VGA (720 x 400/640 x 480), SVGA (800 x 600), XGA (1024 x 768), WXGA (1360 x 768), SXGA (1280 x 1024), SXGA+ (1400 x 1050), UXGA (1600 x 1200), or 1080p (1920 x 1080).

Firmware/Software Updates: Occasionally, Sharp may release updated firmware/software for this TV that may add or improve the way a feature operates. These updates are available free of charge. This TV is capable of checking the firmware/software automatically when connected to the Internet via broadband connection (wired or wireless). Check for the latest firmware/software updates on the Sharp website.

Note: This Sharp LED-LCD TV contained firmware/software version 300U1107201 (as of 12/20/2011). An immediate firmware/software upgrade (ver.310U1110111) was available.

Convenience Features

On-Screen Menu (with LC Font): This Sharp AQUOS LED-LCD television is embedded with LC Font technology, which was developed by Sharp Corporation for clearly displaying easy-to-read characters on LCD screen.

Input Label: Using the included remote control and on-screen software keyboard, you can enter up to a 10 character custom label for each input (except TV).

Closed Captions (Analog and Digital): The television is equipped with an internal Closed Caption decoder. It allows you to view conversations, narrations, and sound effects as subtitles on the screen. Digital Closed Caption service is a new caption service available only on digital TV programs. It is a more flexible system than the original Closed Caption system, because it allows a variety of caption sizes and font styles.

V-Chip: V-Chip is an electronic filtering device built into the Television. This tool gives parents a great degree of control over broadcasts accessed by their children. It allows parents to select programs judged suitable for child viewing while blocking ones judged not suitable. It does so automatically once you activate the V-Chip feature. The Sharp television offers an 8-level rating system for TV and movie programming protected by a 4-digit password.

Game Play Time: This function displays the elapsed game time so you do lose track of the time. The elapsed time is displayed every 30 minutes.

Sleep Timer: The Sleep Timer function allows you to set a time when the TV automatically switches to standby mode. You can set the sleep timer to 30, 60, 90, or 120 minutes.

Energy Star Compliant: The Sharp AQUOS LED-LCD TV exceeds ENERGY STAR requirements by incorporating advanced power saving features.

  • Power Saving: This function allows you to set the Power Saving level in order to decrease the power consumption and increase the backlight lifespan. The Power Saving feature can be set to Standard, Advanced, or Off.
  • No Signal Off: The power will automatically shut down if there is no signal for 15 minutes.
  • No Operation Off: The power will automatically shut down if there is no operation for 3 hours.

Remote Control

Multibrand Remote: The Sharp AQUOS LED-LCD TV comes supplied with a multibrand IR wireless remote control. In addition to operating the television, the remote can be programmed to operate Sharp and other manufacture VCRs, DVD players, Blu-ray players, Cable boxes, and Satellite receivers. You can use the remote control up to a distance of about 17' from TV with a direct line of sight.

Operation Lock Out: This function locks the operation buttons on the TV and the remote control.

AQUOS Link: AQUOS Link enables convenient control of Sharp AQUOS Blu-ray Disc players and recorders which are connected via HDMI to the Sharp AQUOS LED-LCD TV, using the include remote control. AQUOS Link offers the following system controls.

  • Auto Power On: While the TV is in standby mode, it automatically turns on and plays back the image from the HDMI source.
  • One Touch Recording: This function allows easy one-touch recording of the program being viewed on the TV to an AQUOS Link compatible recorder.
  • One Touch Playback: AQUOS Link allows you operate the HDMI connected AQUOS Link compatible equipment with a single remote control.
  • Menu Control: You can call up a setup menu from connected AQUOS Link compatible equipment.
  • HDMI Device Selection: If multiple HDMI devices are connected in a daisy chain, you can specify which device to control.

IP Control: The IP Control feature enables a PC, Control Panel, or mobile device to remotely control basic TV functions via the Ethernet terminal or wireless LAN connection using built-in WiFi. The Internet Protocol (IP) Control feature enables a computer, control panel or mobile device to remotely control basic TV functions via the Ethernet terminal or wireless LAN connection using built-in WiFi. This allows for easy integration into a home theater/home control system, such as Control4 and Crestron.

RS-232C Port: The RS-232C port can be used to communicate with compatible PCs and other Legacy home theater control devices.

Mounting Options

Pedestal Stand: The Sharp LED-LCD TV includes an unattached pedestal stand which can be installed using the supplied hardware, so you can place the unit on your stand, shelf, or cabinet. The pedestal stand allows the television to swivel left or right.  The LED-LCD TV weighs 99.2 lbs with the stand attached.

Wall Mounting: The Sharp LED-LCD television has four threaded inserts on the back for use with an optional wall-mount bracket. The spacing of the mounting holes is VESA 400 (400mm horizontal x 400mm vertical) in accordance with the industry standards set by the Video Electronics Standards Association. The threaded inserts require M6 (6mm) machine screws (not supplied). The television weighs 93.7 lbs without the stand.

Attached AC Power Cord: The Sharp LED-LCD TV features an attached 5.5' AC power cord. The power cord is fitted with a straight two-prong AC plug that sits 1.625" from the wall.

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