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Sharp LC-37D6U

37" AQUOS™ high-definition LCD TV

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Item # 284LC37D6U

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Our take on the Sharp LC-37D6U

If you believe that LCD picture quality still doesn't measure up to plasma, Sharp's 37" LC-37D6U high-definition TV may make you reconsider. Its widescreen picture is flat-out gorgeous. And whether you place it on a table or A/V stand or hang it on the wall, its lean, clean design and titanium finish add high-tech style to any room.

If you believe that LCD picture quality still doesn't measure up to plasma, Sharp's 37" LC-37D6U high-definition TV may make you reconsider. Its widescreen picture is flat-out gorgeous. And whether you place it on a table or A/V stand or hang it on the wall, its lean, clean design and titanium finish add high-tech style to any room.

This set's high-resolution screen has 1366 x 768 pixels, which is the same pixel count you typically find in a top-quality 50" plasma. You don't have to be a math whiz to realize that having so many pixels squeezed into a 37" screen means that each pixel is smaller, and smaller pixels create more seamless, finely detailed images. Also, Sharp's "Quick Shoot" video circuitry solves the problem of "motion lag," which plagues many LCD displays. Quick Shoot provides very fast pixel response time, which means you'll see naturally smooth on-screen movement, with no distracting smearing or ghosting.

High-resolution screens thrive on high-res signals. This "Digital Cable Ready" TV can receive over-the-air and cable HDTV programming without the need for a separate tuner box (you will need a CableCARD from your local provider to get cable HD programs). And if you want to see your favorite DVD movies at their best, take advantage of this TV's HDMI input and connect an "upconverting" DVD player. The direct digital connection produces a picture that will knock your socks off.

Tip: To find out if HDTV signals are available in your area, visit this helpful site and punch in your zip code.

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Product Highlights:

  • high-definition TV — receives and decodes digital standard-definition and HDTV signals from over-the-air broadcasts (antenna required) and cable TV service (CableCARD™ required)
  • 37" low-reflective flat-panel LCD screen (measured diagonally)
  • widescreen 16:9 aspect ratio
  • 1366 x 768 pixels
  • fast pixel response time (12 milliseconds)
  • 800:1 contrast ratio (4000:1 dynamic contrast ratio)
  • 170°(H) x 170°(V) viewing angle
  • detachable stereo speakers (10 watts x 2)
  • illuminated multibrand remote control
  • 4 A/V inputs, including:
    • 3 composite video
    • 1 S-video
    • 2 component video (accepts 1080i/720p/480p/480i signals)
    • 1 HDMI digital audio/video input
  • 3 RF inputs for antenna/cable signals
  • optical digital audio output for Dolby® Digital
  • Energy Star® compliant
  • detachable swivel stand (depth is 12")
  • wall-mountable (bracket not included)
  • 36-1/2"W x 25-7/8"H x 4-1/4"D (28-3/8"H x 12"D on stand)
  • weight: 48.5 lbs. (without stand)
  • warranty: 1 year parts & labor — in-home service
  • Our 60-day money-back guarantee
  • Contact your local cable TV provider for details regarding the availability and costs of CableCARD-related services.

What's in the Box:

  • 37" Widescreen LCD TV mounted on table stand
  • GA415WJSA wireless remote control
  • 2 "AAA" batteries
  • 70" AC power cord with in-line ferrite core
  • 1 Cable clamp
  • 5" Cable tie
  • Operation Manual (English/French/Spanish)
  • Product Registration card

Energy Guide:

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Sharp LC-37D6U Reviews

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Sharp 37

Phillip from Knoxville, TN on 1/21/2006

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

This is my first venture into high definition and/or flat-panel TV. My previous TV, JVC 31" 15 years old, actually has a better basic cable picture than the LCD TV, but the Sharp wins hands-down for HD and DVD picture. TV was very simple to set up and connect to my equipment. The DVD component connection is a great improvement in picture compared to my old TV (composite connection only). After 3 weeks there have not been any issues at all with this TV. I love it and would highly recommend it. But again, I am a little disappointed with how the non-HD programs appear compared to my old CRT TV. I have not noticed any problem at all with fast motion or blacks as is commonly discussed with LCD TVs. The picture simply looks a little grainy when not a DVD or HD signal. The non-reflective screen is awesome (I have a bright room). One piece of advice: because of how the cables exit from the back panel, you will need longer cables than you expect - I recommend at least a 2-foot longer cable than what you measure, depending on where your equipment is located (longer path when cable box is above TV). Finally, I purchased this particular TV because it was the biggest that would fit in my existing furniture. However its picture and sound are as good as or better than the other LCD TVs I considered. Compared to other LCD TVs, the price-to-value ratio, in my mind, is good, though $2850 for any TV is a lot. The extra $1000 or so for this TV vs. a DLP or rear-projection TV is very much worth it. IMHO, the DLP-type TVs do NOT have a good picture and the viewing angles are horrible.




Hands-on research

Product Research

Inputs and Outputs Notes


HDTV (ATSC) Tuner: The TV has a built-in over-the-air HDTV (ATSC) tuner, so you don't have to purchase a separate digital set-top box to receive and decode over-the-air HDTV/SDTV signals.

CableCARD Slot: This TV has a back panel CableCARD slot that allows digital cable reception without a set-top box. CableCARDs will be available from your local cable provider.

Native Resolution: The LC-37D6U has a display resolution of 1366 x 768. The HDMI and component video inputs will accept 1080i, 720p, 480p, and 480i signals, and will display them as 1366 x 768. All other input signals will also be displayed as 1366 x 768.

Flat Screen/Viewing Angles: The flat screen delivers images that are virtually distortion free and helps eliminate screen glare. Its extra-wide viewing angles (170 degrees horizontal and vertical) allow you to see a clear picture from most anywhere in the room.

3-D Digital Y/C Comb Filter: The 3-D Digital Y/C Comb Filter gives you maximum picture detail and resolution.

Lamp Life: The expected life of the backlight lamp is 60,000 hours (at standard backlight position), which equates to ten hours use a day for more than sixteen years.

Picture Flip: To accommodate the wide variety of mounting angles and positions, you can change the orientation of the picture for proper viewing. The Picture Flip feature offers a Normal image, Mirror image, Rotated image, or an Upside Down image.

AV Mode: This mode gives you 6 options to choose from to best match the environment, which can vary due to room brightness, type of program, or type of image input:

  • Standard: highly defined image in a normally bright room
  • Movie: for viewing movies
  • Game: lowers image brightness for easier viewing
  • User: allows you to customize settings for each input source
  • Dynamic (Fixed): changes image and sound settings to factory preset values and allows no adjustments
  • Dynamic: for clear-cut image, emphasizing high contrast for sports viewing

View Modes: The View Mode options depend upon the type of program that is currently being viewed. The options include:

  • Side Bar: shows a standard 4:3 ratio picture with black bars on either side of the image
  • Smart Stretch: stretches the program more horizontally than vertically to fill the screen
  • Zoom: enlarges the picture equally until the screen is filled. (Also suitable for viewing widescreen 2.35:1 anamorphic DVDs in full screen)
  • Stretch: shows HDTV in its normal format; is also suitable for viewing 1.78:1 DVDs without bars. When viewing 1.85:1 DVDs, this mode will show thin black bands at top and bottom of the screen.
  • Dot-by-Dot: detects the resolution of the signal and displays an image with the same number of pixels on the screen

Quick Shoot: Sharp's proprietary Quick Shoot video circuit has a fast response time (less than 12 ms), allowing you to view action video more clearly. You can turn Quick Shoot on/off in the menu.

Favorite Channels: The Favorite Channels setting allows you to program 4 favorite channels in 4 different categories. The categories are easily accessible as "A", "B", "C", and "D" buttons on the remote.

Basic Picture Adjustments: You can make the following adjustments in the picture quality menu:

  • Optical Picture Control (OPC):Using the OPC Sensor on the front panel of the LCD screen, the OPC, when set to "on", automatically adjusts the backlight brightness according to the surrounding light.
  • Backlight: brightens or dims the screen (-16 to +16)
  • Contrast: adjusts the contrast (0 to +40)
  • Brightness: for more or less brightness (-30 to +30)
  • Color: adjusts the color intensity (-30 to +30)
  • Tint: adjusts skin tones from purplish to greenish (-30 to +30)
  • Sharpness: adjusts sharpness of image edges (-10 to +10)

Advanced Picture Adjustments: In addition to the above picture adjustments, you can make further fine picture adjustments:

  • Color Temperature: for better white balance, you can set the color temperature to High, Middle High, Middle, Middle Low or Low
  • Black Level: switch "on" for high detail in dark portions of the image
  • 3D-Y/C: setting provides high quality images with minimal dot crawl and cross color noise. Select "Fast" for movie images, "Slow" for still images, or "Standard" for normal viewing.
  • Monochrome: for viewing a video in black & white, you can switch the monochrome setting to "On"
  • Film Mode: when set to "On," the film mode automatically detects, analyzes, and converts a film source (24 fps) to video (30 fps) using 3-2 Pulldown

Surround Sound: The TV can simulate surround sound using only the left and right speakers.

Audio Only Mode: When you only want to listen to the audio portion of a program, such as a music program, you can turn off the LCD screen by using the Audio Only mode.

Power Control: You can set power control settings to save energy. When set to "Enable" in the AV Input mode, you can set the unit to automatically turn off if no signal is received for 15 minutes, or if no operation is performed for 3 hours. Five minutes before the power shuts down, the remaining time displays every minute.

Closed Captioning: The system's closed captioning feature can be customized with several options. You can choose the caption size, font style, foreground and background color, foreground and background opacity, and character edge.

Sleep Timer: This TV can be set to turn itself off in 30, 60, 90, or 120 minutes.

Speakers: The TV is equipped with two speakers. The speakers are in a single enclosure that is mounted to the bottom of the LCD panel. If you don't wish to use the supplied speakers, you can remove the speaker enclosure from the LCD panel.

Removable Stand: The Sharp LC-37D6U comes with an adjustable stand, allowing you to swivel the display for the best viewing angle. For wall mounting, the stand can be removed by loosening 4 screws.

VESA Mounting Bracket Standard: The LCD screen can be wall mounted using an optional wall-mount bracket. The spacing of the mounting holes is VESA 200-compatible (200mm x 200mm), in accordance with the industry standards set by the Video Electronics Standards Association. The mounting holes require M6 screws.

Remote Control: The supplied remote controls the TV's functions, plus controls basic functions for multiple brands of VCRs, DVD players, laserdisc players, cable boxes, and satellite receivers. The remote features full button illumination, plus a number of buttons under a flip-down panel.

Inputs and Outputs Notes

HDMI Input: This unit has an HDMI input for connecting components such as HDTV set-top boxes, or other HDMI equipment. You can also connect a DVI-equipped device to the TV via an HDMI-DVI adapter cable. Since a DVI connection does not output audio, you will also need to connect an audio cable from the DVI-equipped device to the TV's HDMI input's audio jacks.

Optical Digital Output: The TV has a TosLink optical digital output for connecting the TV to an A/V receiver with an optical input for decoding Dolby Digital broadcasts and PCM audio.

RS-232C: The provided RS-232C connection allows you to control the unit from a PC. The input signal can be selected, the volume can be adjusted, and various other adjustments and settings can be made, enabling programmed playing.

Note: This operation system should be used by a person who is accustomed to controlling other devices via computer.


TV Dimensions:

  • TV on Stand with Speakers: W=36.5", H=28.313", D=11.938"
  • TV on Stand without Speakers: W=36.5", H=28.313", D=11.938"
  • TV with Speakers (no stand):W=36.5", H=25.875", D=4.25"
  • TV only: W=36.5", H=22.063", D=4.25"
  • Footprint: W=26.313", D=11.938"


  • TV with Stand: 60.6 pounds
  • TV Only: 48.5 pounds

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