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OnStar® FMV

Rear-view mirror with OnStar

57 Reviews | 6 questions - 23 answers

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Our take on the OnStar® FMV

Of course, OnStar has been only available in GM vehicles and a few other cars — until now. OnStar's FMV mirror replaces your vehicle's original rear-view mirror, allowing you to add this safety feature to a wide range of vehicles. It gives you key OnStar services (see below), and lets you tap the blue button to talk to an OnStar Advisor whenever you need to — 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Plus, it gives you built-in Bluetooth® for making hands-free calls, and it works as a phone all by itself.

Instant help

You've seen the ads — a couple is driving on a secluded country road at night when a deer bounds into their path, causing them to crash the car. Neither of them can reach the phone, but their onboard OnStar system automatically dials an OnStar Advisor, who promptly sends help.

Now you can put OnStar in your car

Advisors on call 24/7

Of course, OnStar has been only available in GM vehicles and a few other cars — until now. OnStar's FMV mirror replaces your vehicle's original rear-view mirror, allowing you to add this safety feature to a wide range of vehicles. It gives you key OnStar services (see below), and lets you tap the blue button to talk to an OnStar Advisor whenever you need to — 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Plus, it gives you built-in Bluetooth® for making hands-free calls, and it works as a phone all by itself.

OnStar gives you peace of mind

Your OnStar subscription gives you a lot of cool features — and you can talk to a real live OnStar Advisor any time you get in a bind. Check out some of the other great things about OnStar:

automatic crash response

Automatic Crash Response

Built-in sensors can tell if you've been in a crash — and built-in GPS technology lets OnStar know where you are. They can send for help, even if you can't respond. And if the crash knocks the mirror loose, a built-in backup battery ensures the call for help is made.



A push of the red emergency button gives you a priority connection to a specially trained OnStar Advisor — a great feature if you want to report a crash or problem on the side of the road.



Get accurate, turn-by-turn audio directions. If you wander off course, the system detects it and guides you back on track. And you can even enter a destination on your computer using Google Maps and send it to the mirror to load directions.



Hands-free calling is built in — even if you forget your phone. All you have to do is purchase some OnStar prepaid minutes, and you can place calls hands-free through the mirror.



OnStar Advisors use GPS to pinpoint your location, and can send a tow truck or locksmith, and even track your car if it's been stolen.

Easy access to OnStar and other features

The OnStar FMV mirror is easy to use. You'll find convenient buttons that'll help get you turn-by-turn directions, report an emergency, make hands-free phone calls, talk to an OnStar Advisor, or make hands-free calls.

Important Note:
To get OnStar service, you'll need a subscription, which starts at $18.95 per month. Some vehicles will need a mounting kit to install the OnStar FMV mirror — call us for details. If you need a kit, OnStar recommends professional installation if you have little experience with car installations.

Check out Time Magazine's review of the OnStar mirror.

Things to check before calling

Your windshield angle must be between 20-50 degrees, with no cracks anywhere in the windshield and/or chips near the mirror mount. You'll have to relocate remote start/keyless entry antennas, quick-pass devices, or other similar transceivers if they're within a foot of your mirror, as they'll interfere with the ability to acquire a GPS signal. You can't use the OnStar FMV Mirror on the following:

  • motorcycles, RVs, boats, ATVs, snowmobiles, tractors, go-karts, etc.;
  • vehicles made before 1982;
  • vehicles over 8500 pounds;
  • vehicles with metallic tint on the front windshield.

If you're installing the mirror yourself, you should have the following tools handy: wire strippers & cutters, voltmeter (NO test lights), Torx T20 key/driver, 2.5mm Allen key/driver, panel tools, zip ties, electrical tape, soldering gun and solder, and a razor blade.

Check out our video demo:

Product Highlights:

  • call us for installation details
  • replacement rear-view mirror with access to OnStar services
  • built-in Bluetooth for hands-free calling
  • automatic crash response (OnStar subscription required)
  • emergency button (OnStar subscription required)
  • warranty: 1 year
  • Our 60-day money-back guarantee

What's in the Box:

  • OnStar FMV mirror (with attached 8' system cable)
  • External microphone (with attached 3' cord)
  • Mounting screw
  • Owner's Manual
  • Quick Reference Card
  • Subscriber Window Stickers

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OnStar® FMV Reviews

Average Customer Review(s):

(57 Reviews)

Mixed Performance

ty from Florida on 9/5/2015

I'm perplexed. in June 2014 we purchased an FMV for our daughters honda since she was going away to college. The install and activation went great. She has had no problem for a year. This year, although we heard the FMV was no longer being produced, our reputable installer had a couple FMV's left in stock so we decided to have on placed in our other daughter's hyundai as she prepared to leave for college in june 2015. As I speak, the car is at the installer for the 3rd FMV replacement mirror. The second mirror was completely reinstalled with all wires checked etc..however, just like the first we could never get it activated with ONstar and their reps couldn't even add the new vehicle to my existing account. then when the defective mirror was changed oout they made a new account because the mirror had a different serial # versus just swapping out the serial # on the account. this cluster was bounced around through several reps and technical reps for over 3-4 weeks before they issued me a refund....but I still need the safety and protection for my the latest round with Onstar Techs is the 2nd FMV must also be defective and so here we are waiting for the 3rd FMV to be installed....but now I'm really beginning to believe we are being screwed by on-star and that it's not the FMV unit,they just no longer support this service. I'm not a happy customer right now!!

Pros: Awesome idea.......when the product works! Nice after-market option for those with non-GM vehicles. Offers piece of mind for parents with children driving or off in college.

Cons: On-Star service reps (esp. Tech Services) leaves A Lot To Be Desired! They are nice......but rarely resolve your problem. I'm on my 3rd installation of an FMV replacement for an alleged defective product.......when in fact I've never had a problem with the FMV installed in my first vehicle by the Same company. Go read up on the discontinuance of the FMV manufacturing .... and it leaves you to wonder if onstar is also discontinuing its servicing and support of this product!!

Onstar FMV

Anonymous from Georgia on 7/28/2015

2005 Ford Mustang
Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I put this mirror on a 2005 Ford Mustang for my daughter. It was easy to install. Then you need to register the mirror on the Onstar website. I did a Google search and found the correct place to register the FMV MIRROR. Then all I did was hit the blue button opened an account. It is great insurance for safety and Bluetooth. The Bluetooth works great.

Pros: Great device. Easy to install. Opening an account was easy.

Cons: Registering the vin of the car and the STID number of the mirror was a little tough find but once I did it was easy.


John from Turlock, ca on 6/16/2015

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Easy to install



FMV mirror

caracing from Arizona on 4/7/2015

2002 Ford F-150
Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Item arrived in a timely manner even with free freight, I installed it my self.. Mirror works as is suppose too ,love the Bluetooth, OnStar however took a week to activate it and still isn't complete . Something on their end. I would recommend this and already have .

Pros: easy install Bluetooth

Cons: OnStar issues

A great deal from the BEST company

Snoots from Georgia on 4/2/2015

2014 Toyota Sienna
Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I couldn't find a new GM vehicle to suit me and purchased something that does not have OnStar. Previous experience with OnStar had been very impressive and I wondered how I would fill the void. A search turned up Crutchfield and their Outstanding deal on the OnStar FMV. It doesn't matter that Delphi has stopped making them. They are still supported and I am much more at ease having it in my new vehicle. It's an option that once you have had it, you just don't want to do without it.

Pros: You can't go wrong with this!

Cons: none


Bigben from Nebraska on 3/23/2015

2011 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited
Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Purchased this for a customer to put in a Jeep Wrangler. Worked great, customer approved!



Works Perfectly

Pd55 from Oregon on 12/22/2014

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I got this for my wife's car and she amazed at what it can do and for the safety and piece of mind, Great product. I feel safer now that she has this and know she'll be able to use it when needed.

Pros: Great product!!

Cons: None

Awesome Mirror!

Crutchfield Fan!!! from Destin, FL on 12/15/2014

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

My Mom loves it! She's elderly and it keeps her safe while traveling.

Pros: Ease of use, easy to get installed, helps keep Mothers safe!

Cons: N/A

onstar rear view mirror

luis from fl on 11/16/2014

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

excellent product

Pros: excellent

Cons: none

Onstar FMV Added to Fiat 500

JonR from Roswell, GA on 10/18/2014

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

We added this to my wife's 2012 Fiat 500 after she has a minor accident and had no cell service. The mirror is larger than the original but offers a wider rear view. All of the buttons function exactly as the OEM version except for the vehicle integrated functions such as TPMS alerts. install was simple using common tools. The OEM a mirror foot remains in place and the mirror foot attaches to it. Be sure to tighten the set screw after a few miles driven as it seemed to settle in with a few road jounces.

Pros: Adds all of the emergency, communications and navigation features to cars without them Easy to install in 20 minutes using common tools Very reasonable cost from Crutchfields

Cons: Not integrated with OEM vehicle sensors

My Onstar FMV

Pastor Chaz from Denver CO on 10/7/2014

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

The mirror fit my new Ford Transit Connect buitifuly. Everything works perfectly.

Pros: Awesome product

Cons: None

Good&safe mirror

William G. from Benton City,Wa. on 10/4/2014

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

So far so good!!!

Pros: looks and sounds good the installers were very friendly and professional.

Cons: none

OnStar FMV

skipife from PNW on 10/2/2014

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

the unit works great for blue tooth phone use, have not tried the OnStar function yet.

Pros: easy install even for me.

Cons: none

OnStar® FMV

Anonymous from Kansas city on 8/29/2014

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

All ready installed and helped me through a problem great product



Absolutely love it!

tseefl from Lake Havasu City, Az on 8/15/2014

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I often have to drive through the desert where there is no phone signal and little traffic. I was not able to get the Onstar when I purchased my Toyota. When I called Onstar, after experiencing a friend's car breakdown, to see if I could get Onstar. I was elated to find out it was a simple matter of changing my rear view mirror! The Onstar website led me to Crutchfield. When I called Crutchfield to verify what I should buy, they were so very patient with me, answering all of my questions. They prepared a shopping cart on line with what I needed. I then shopped around online to see if I could get a better price. I found that Crutchfield had the best price. Locally , our Car Toyz installed it. That night I enrolled with Onstar. I was amazed that the entire process was so easy, and inexpensive! I now have the piece of mind , knowing that when I am driving though the beautiful and desolate desert, when I see the green glow on my rear view mirror, that I have a working satellite phone and someone out there who can help me if I need it!

Pros: Crutchfield's exceptional, personal service. The safety of Onstar. The simplicity of the process, thanks to Crutchfield and Car Toyz.

Cons: That I didn't do this sooner

Technology is good

mike from Atlanta, GA on 8/14/2014

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Bought the OnStar FMV for my 87 XJS Jag. I like the live interface onstar offers with their directions. This is a real easy way to get the best route and not be fumbling with an I Phone or Google maps. The device was easy to install and it works just as well as in my Cadillac.

Pros: Easy to install

Cons: could be improved to connect to my radio by bluetooth

Muriel Page

On Star FMV reear view mirror from Washington, DC on 7/22/2014

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I find this mirror to do everything that I need to keep me safe.


Cons: On star charges me too much .

Love the peace of mind and convenience!

C.A. from Stone Mtn, Ga on 7/13/2014

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Easy installation with install card! Enjoy peace of mind knowing help is just a button press away. Lost? Need directions? Push the button. Emergency? Push the button. And if there is an vehicle accident and you can't call for help Automatic Crash Response is there to send help to your exact GPS location. That is true peace of mind!

Pros: Safety and security

Cons: Doesn't have all of the features that come with standard OnStar.

DIY Install Experience

Shane from Virginia on 7/6/2014

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I bought the Onstar FMV unit from Crutchfield. I have installed a handful of DVD head units in my vehicles and, since there are only 3 wires to connect with Onstar FMV, I decided to give it a shot myself. And, as I figured, the hardest part was removing the rear view mirror. In fact I cracked the windshield at the mirror trying to remove it. So, you will need a special tool for your vehicle or a professional take off the mirror. That's not Onstar or Crutchfield fault, of course. I had to add a couple feet to each wire when connecting the 3 wires (ground, ignition & power) to the corresponding wires between the aftermarket head unit and factory radio connector. I did forget to connect the rechargeable backup battery and, after install, and had to get (torx or allen, can't remember) wrench behind the mirror to get to the battery and that was a little tricky. After install, I asked an Onstar rep to diagnose the red light and caution light together and they said the battery wasn't connected. I thought I had connected something wrong. So don't forget to connect the backup battery before install! I really like having Onstar for road side assistance and quick medical response. It is missing a couple features of factory Onstar but I'm very happy with it. I would have given 5 stars had the mirror had auto-dimming and map lights and compass. If you forget your mobile phone or it is out of reach (say it gets out of reach in an accident) then Onstar can be a life saver.

Pros: Road side assistance. Medical response with no button (crash) or one button press. Forget or can't reach mobile phone. Bluetooth hands free for mobile phone.

Cons: No auto-dimming with mirror. No map lights with mirror.

Onstar FMV Mirrow

WC from South Jersey on 6/19/2014

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Great product. It works well thus far and is very convenient for Bluetooth calling. Very comforting to know that help is only the push of a button away.

Pros: Convenient and very easy to use.

Cons: Speaker/audio quality is not as good as I expected.

Works Great

Will E. from Gillman Honda, San Benito, Texas on 6/16/2014

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

The unit works great. My customer bought a '14 Honda CR-V, and specifically asked about getting OnStar installed on their vehicle. I had heard that it was possible, so I found out about the Crutchfield website. I ordered the parts, and the representatives there were very helpful. They even followed-up to make sure I had ordered the correct parts (I hadn't). After recieving the parts and the install card, the rest went smoothly. The installer was very friendly and helpful. After all was said and done, My customer was very happy. Now that I know how quick and painless the procedure is, I can offer it again to my clients.



Works Great

Kathy from Lake Worth, Fl on 6/10/2014

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

No Hassle Instillation, works great

Pros: Gave me the opportunity to have OnStar without the Caddi

Cons: Doesn't work through the radio like with a Caddi.


On-Star FMV from Rochester, NY on 6/3/2014

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

For those who don't know, On-Star FMV mirror can NOT unlock your vehicle for you with or with out the app.. It is strictly a stand alone mirror with no connection to your power locks or starter. With an On-Star subscription, On-Star will send, when requested, a lock smith or service professional to aide you.

Pros: good price pleasant digital female interactive voice mirror is larger than my stock mirror clear hands-free Blue tooth connectivity to my cellphone possible insurance discounts Turn by turn directions with subscription easy to connect - three wires (ground, key and bat. power) hi quality external microphone day/night flip lever

Cons: No connection to vehicle diagnostics like "In-Drive" No map lights or b/u monitor available

onstar is on point

Dewayne from San Diego, CA on 5/21/2014

This product is very reliable. I have locked my keys in the car once. since I have the mobile app I was able to unlock my car. Save time and money instead of a lock smith.


Cons: NONE

OnStarFMV is AOK

S Poe from Peoria, AZ on 5/9/2014

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I had OnStar in several GM vehicles and enjoyed the peace of mind and the hands-free phone opportunity it provided. This was especially important while traveling the mountains and sparsely populated areas where there are no cellphone towers. The OnStar phone works great. Knowing that someone is there to answer calls for help is also a plus. While, as it is installed in a non-Gm vehicle, it doesn't give the regular diagnostics report that come monthly with the factory installed version, this does everything else I ask. It is easy to use and the InstallCard I purchased here worked just like it was supposed to...after I called the 1-800 number due to the first chosen installer's failure to respond. They set up another local installer (less than 10 miles from home) and he did a great job at no extra cost.

Pros: OnStar piece of mind...knowing they will respond in emergencies, the hands-free calling with minutes purchased from OnStar, and the ease of installation and operation.

Cons: The OnStar service itself should be discounted a bit, since this FMV version does NOT give the same services as the factory installed type.

OnStar FMV

BS from Scottsdale Az on 4/14/2014

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

What I needed rite on price and rite on time. What else do you need?



OnStar FMV

Anonymous from Webster, TX on 4/5/2014

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Works great.

Pros: Same quality as factory.

Cons: Can't get diagnostic feature like on factory-installed GM cars; Just a bit "cheaper-looking" than factory-installed, also.

onstar FMV

Dave from Martinsville, Il on 4/1/2014

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

found out battery back up wasn't connected at factory

Pros: works good

Cons: had to take back to installer to get it fixed


Cleve from bayminette al on 3/29/2014

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

the it works real good for me thank you also had it installed professionally onstar mirror fmv I like it very much

Pros: I also got a install card with it the peoples installed it real well thank you


peace of mind

KenS from Clarkston,MI on 3/24/2014

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I like the safty aspect of being able to use the emergency button as I work in Detroit. Onstar will aslo contact you if you get in an accident. I also like the bluetooth and the ability to send a turn by turn route directly from mapquest or google as I don't want another unit I have to update and maintain. The voice prompts work well when using virutal advisor the FMV unit works well with my Samsung Galaxy III it uses the same commands you can use with the any blutooth headset. I also had a live advisor send me a turn by turn route to an Itialian resturant at a near location by with good reviews. and the advisor made a reservation at a restuarant for me as well.

Pros: Bluetooth syncs with phone perfectly. You can also buy prepaid minutes if you forget your phone. If you get in an accident and are unconcious Onstar can direct emergency vehicles to you.

Cons: Have to get it installed professionally. Turn by turn routing is more money.

peace of mind

mike from upstate New York on 2/7/2014

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I think that all car show have it. My wife goes to work very early in the morning and in some of the worst weather. The fact that she has help by a push of the button or in the event of a crash is great. The installer did a great job. The call quality is super and clear as can be. If your love ones are on the road this is a must have.

Pros: work so well

Cons: none

works great; install was smooth

David20817 from Bethesda, MD on 1/25/2014

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Added Onstar FMV for my Camry Hybrid 2008. Wanted safety features as daughter starts to drive. She likes the idea as well. I was surprised how well the navitation works even without any integration to a screen based GPS Nav. Like the safety features and having easy roadside assistance should the teen need help.

Pros: usual onstar safety features; nice aftermarket package, well designed; customer service very good both at Crutchfield and Onstar.

Cons: Because its aftermarket some features just cant' be there which is understandable, door unlock for example. But for what it is and the price, it is great.

OnStar FMV

RodN from Downey, CA on 1/18/2014

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

This is the second OnStar FMV I've had installed on my vehicles when it was not available from the factory. Previously I had two vehicles that had factory OnStar, so obviously I'm a fan of OnStar. I particularly like being able to speak with a "real" person unlike the "911 Assist" I have in my 2014 Ford Fiesta which makes contacts via my cell phone. In this case I feel OnStar (whether factory or MFV) is more reliable in case of an accident.

Pros: I like having the option to place a call using minutes I purchased as a backup to my cell (which is connected by Bluetooth to my cars entertainment system), as well as having a separate phone number assigned to the car in case I didn't have my cell with me or cell reception is poor. I like the fact that if your car is stolen it can be tracked using the GPS in the OnStar FMV. The total cost for my OnStar FMV purchased from Crutchfields was $110 which included installation.

Cons: The mirror is quite heavy. One FMV fell off several times until I was directed to a glass shop that installs windshields. With turns and directions you get verbal directions only. With my 2011 Chevy Cruze, even without the factory navigation, I would get arrows and numerical distance reminders on the display screen of the radio which definitely a useful addition to the verbal instructions. The doors cannot be unlocked locked remotely as with the factory installation

On star mirror

Bob from Clovis NM 88101 on 12/30/2013

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

The mirror was delivered on time

Pros: I am really impressed with the mirror and what it does. I really like the Bluetooth . I likes the way I could program all my favorites and the ease in which it is to call them.

Cons: No cons

excellent product for excellent price

david v from United States on 12/8/2013

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

The onstar mirror is excellent my dad is hard of hearing and he needs hands free bluetooth andvthis loud whichnis even better. Works great overall grest value for money.

Pros: Bluetooth works without onstar being active

Cons: ON star charges too much

Smart Move.

BonnieR from Gloucester NC on 11/15/2013

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Well made product. Audio is clear and consise, Easy to read instructions of use, I am recomending this product to my closest of friends. Crutchfield has a good reputation, and now I know why.



1 Year Update

StPeteBch_Prof from St Pete Beach, FL on 11/12/2013

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

This is a 1 year+ update on the OnStar FMV. In retrospect, this was likely one of the best purchases for my vehicle. I still have not signed up for OnStar services, but if needed, I can buy cellular minutes and have an extra car phone for a reasonable price. The speaker (on the back of the mirror) is loud enough without distortion. The microphone picks up my voice well (and my 9 year old daughter from the back seat). Making calls from a bluetooth iPhone connection is as easy as two words "Call Home". This is also after loading several well used numbers into the FMV memory, but the mirror automatically tries to connect to the active phone and does not try to use its internal phone. In the entire year that I have used this, I have not had one dropped bluetooth connection while my phone has been in the car (iPhone 4s). Siri also works, but you have to press OnStar button, say "Voice" to FMV and wait a few seconds while it connects to the phone. You can also listen and send text messages via FMV/SIRI without taking your eyes off the road, or both hands off the wheel. These days, many car stereos have much more interactivity with your smartphone than this (such as Ford's SYNC), but since I got this as a replacement rearview mirror as well as hand-free calling, this fits the bill. I would buy again especially for an older car that does not have hand-free. Only a couple cons but are fairly minor and not much different than you would find in a OnStar equipped GM vehicle with OEM.

Pros: Easy install. 1 year and going strong. Does what it is supposed to and the option of a OnStar support as well as cellular service is a nice option. Don't let the price make you look elsewhere, the bluetooth hands-free is worth it and I got a new mirror for my vehicle.

Cons: May need an additional mounting bracket (foreign cars). Indicator lights surrounding the mirror are slightly annoying during night driving. Dimming is by FMV presets (5 brightness levels, but none that turn off lights.) Also, several lights such as the "warning" light (triangle with exclamation mark) will not go away until you sign up for a OnStar subscription. If this unit could be turned into a Wifi hub with 4G data service in addition to voice, I would install in all my vehicles.

On Star

Anonymous from Tomahawk, WI on 11/6/2013

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

So far seems as advertised, works well, installation was inexpensive and fast.




Fox from TN on 10/24/2013

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Yes this is a quick and easy way to up grade your Onstar System. When I think of the the word upgrade I think of what I am adding not losing. I lost the compass and temperature display in my mirror. I know to some that's not lot but it is very helpful.

Pros: Easy to Installed

Cons: No full time Temperature and compass display.

OnStar FMV

Geo from Flagler Beach, FL on 7/24/2013

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Product seems to have all of the functionality as advertised. The installer completed the installation in less than 30 minutes.

Pros: Most of the OnStar features for General Motors autos for other manufacturer autos.

Cons: You loss some functionality of the orginal manufacturer's rear view mirror, but these losses may be offset with additional after market products.


soundwerk from n richland hills tx on 6/28/2013

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

works as advertized



OnStar® FMV

Bob A. from fredericksburg, va. on 6/22/2013

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

easy connectivity to the mirror, a great way to get the benefits of onstar without owning a GM product. Roadside assistance, alert onstar of a accident in your area..or if you are in one. run out of gas, dead battery..locked out, they will send someone to help even if your vehicle has 300k miles,all for a small monthly fee. easy install, I upgraded an older analog system on my escalade. analog onstar system...



Good purchase for replacement mirror

SPB_Prof from St Pete Beach, FL on 10/7/2012

Installed this mirror in older, first series ML class SUV. Two prior auto-dimming mirrors failed (due to the extreme Florida sun heat and reflective window shades). The price for the mirror with built-in blue-tooth is fair even if you choose not to use the OnStar subscription. The speaker is sufficiently loud at highway speeds and the microphone appears to pick up voice commands well. There is sufficient length of wire to mount the microphone anywhere across the top front of the vehicle. I have not yet had complaints from callers about hollow or distant sounds. With the separately purchased mount adapter kit ("cam mount-to-universal"), the installation was very straight forward. Two wires spliced into the overhead console (accessory & ground from the previous powered mirror) and the third wire spliced into a permanent power source down the driver-side pillar. The supplied wires are more than long enough to run down to the floor panel on either side of the vehicle. Both permanent and accessory power wires include in-line 10 or 15 amp fuses. This is not an auto-dimming mirror, but the manual level is invisible (straight-back) from below when in the up position. For $25, installation can be completed by a professional, but if you can install your own stereo, this is a snap. I am thinking of upgrading my daughters older Wrangler as the hands-free calling is easy: button push, say "Bluetooth", "Voice", "Call Home" . . . on an iPhone.

Pros: Simple install, loud speaker, effective microphone, button and bluetooth calling sequencing is easy. Stores multiple (5 I think) bluetooth pairings. Sufficient wiring to connect to power and ground source. Backup mobile phone with subscription. Unit is transferrable to different vehicle (if vehicle is sold) but requires reinstallation. Worth the price for a new rear-view mirror. Replacement CIPA or Gentex auto-dimming generally cost more. Inexpensive hands-free alternative.

Cons: Wish there was a way to dim notification lights above mirror panel ALL the way down. Subscription runs from $19/mo or $199/year and up with navigation support - seems like a good value, but with BT hands free radio, GPS built-in, and ubiquitous smart phones, this may be a redundant service.

OnStar FMV

Clif from Charleston, OR on 9/19/2012

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Bought this unit for my wife, I haven't installed it as yet, as it is a gift. I have been using OnStar for several years with no complaints, works well and quickly, service is always friendly and polite. Knowing that it has special features to protect her is a mind saver.

Pros: Peace of mind, inexpensive, dependable.

Cons: Should have bought a GM.

Don't Buy!

secondtimemom from Des Moines, IA on 9/16/2012

It pains me to write this because I used to love Onstar. I almost bought a Traverse instead of my minivan becuase I loved Onstar so much. Enter the mirror... It took over 8 weeks of calling them once or twice a week to get the before the mirror started working. Install wasn't an issue, but when we pushed the button to get directions they would say that we needed to activate. When we asked for a timeline for when we should expect the problem to be fixed they said that there were so many people with the activation issue that they couldn't give us a timeline. Eventually the mirror was activated, but this week was the last straw. After being billed multiple times for service even during times that the service wasn't working when I pushed the button for directions they said that the car was deactivated. We are done. Have delt with enough frustration. I wish I had never signed up for Onstar.


Cons: Took 8 weeks to activate. Worked for a little while. Now it doesn't work at all.

Great product, worth it just for bluetooth

Shamus from Henderson, NV on 7/25/2012

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I bought this unit not for the OnStar but for the bluetooth capability, you don't need to activate OnStar service to use just the bluetooth function. I bought it with free shipping and install included. You could easily pay as much for a nice visor bluetooth in your car. This integrates a microphone nicely near your head and everyone I have spoke to through it said that I sound excellent. I wish the speaker quality could be just a little better, but otherwise this is perfect. Its nice to see all the extra little buttons light up at night, and the option to add On Star service later if I want to. Go for it!



Very poor product and customer support

jchasp from Knoxville, TN on 6/25/2012

I've had OnStar on a 2002 Saab 9-5, and my 2012 Chevy Sonic. Neither the factory installed OnStar, or FMV work as promised. Whenever I press the 'OnStar' button, I must wait for the, " available representative." I use it mainly for Turn-by-Turn navigation, which it rarely gets right. Either the directions don't get downloaded to my vehicle, or they don't get me anywhere close to the desired location. And, the closest that it's ever gotten to my vehicle is 25 yards! By then, I've passed the turn, and OnStar doesn't re-route, but instead tells me that it will resume when I return to the intended route! Also, the vehicle diagnostics give variable results regarding oil life and tire pressure compared to the car's info display, and the RemoteLink App on my phone. Google Maps and Navigation works much better. Save your money. Use your smartphone! There are even apps for crash response for smart phones, now!

Pros: Honestly can't think of any.

Cons: Plain doesn't work. Turn-by-Turn navigation never has gotten me to my destination.Must ALWAYS wait for the "next available representative". Vehicle diagnostics are incorrect. Doesn't recognize voice commands. Is only accurate to within 25 yards when sitting still (further if you're moving!)

Easy to install, well-built product.

B N from Seattle, WA on 1/31/2012

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

The hardware is nice looking and well-built, and the OnStar service is of course excellent. Install was pretty easy: 1) three wires: yellow (battery), red (ignition), black (ground), 2) thread the microphone wire under your headliner and place the mic near the driver's head, 3) open the back plate under the phillips screw and connect the backup battery, 4) if your current mirror does not mount to the glass, you will need to glue a "button" onto your windshield - the button and glue are at any parts store, and let the glue dry 48 HOURS before hanging the mirror, don't cut corners on the dry time or it will just fall off. You'll need a star wrench to clamp it down onto the button once everything's dry, then press the OnStar button to activate service and you're done!

Pros: The bluetooth handsfree is very clear and works well, even in my SUV on the highway. Pairing the phone was easy as, like all OnStar functions, it was completely led by clear voice prompts. It's an excellent device that gives an extra safety factor in a vehicle that's carrying people you care about at an affordable price point, and added a little modern convenience to my older vehicle.

Cons: I wish the mirror was auto-dimming.


Anonymous from Briagantine, NJ on 1/29/2012

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

OK, so far, I guess. However, I must admit that I am more than a little disappointed that the OnStar FMV doesn't do all of the things that a factory installed unit does. For example, the FMV model won't unlock your door if you accidentally leave your keys inside. You can call OnStar and they'll put you in touch with a locksmith, but that will probably take hours. Also, the factory installed unit lets you seek a diagnostics check of your vehicle by simply calling OnStar and asking for one. Want one for your vehicle with OnStar FMV? Fuggedaboudit! I suppose there's fine print somewhere that I should have read more closely, but didn't. Still. Also, be alert to what you're doing when you purchase minutes for your hands free calling. Ask about all of the purchase options, not just the ones that they offer you. To those who are considering OnStar FMV....caveat emptor!



works like the factory cars

Pat l from Berwick La on 1/29/2012

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

this was bought for my mother as a gift The onstar works just like the one in my car from factory I have no regrets on buying this for her

Pros: work like is from factory

Cons: none

Makes The Wife Happy !!

Kevin from Norwalk, CT on 12/7/2011

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

We have OnStar in our 05 Chevy and love everything about it. Put this in an 05 Jeep Liberty which my son is driving across the state and back. Now my wife can sleep easier - always worried about a breakdown. It was really easy to install - did it myself and I think I did a better, neater job. Set it up and linked the 2 accounts. Got a great discount on phone minutes! OnStar rep (Joann) was fantastic. She went through all the features. My son loves the Bluetooth feature and figured everything out in seconds. Got the best deal here at Crutchfield. Was going to see if my Chevy dealership could install it and they knew nothing about it (?). A great present for someone you love!

Pros: Bluetooth link, Turn-by-Turn Navigation and Automatic Crash Response

Cons: Could have used a little more glue in the small kit - didn't quite fill to the top. Installation instructions were so-so. Understand they want you to get it professionally installed so you don't set off the Air Bags but if you know your way around car wiring, you should be okay.

Very Nice Unit, Works Well

Chris from Lexington, KY on 9/7/2011

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Very professional unit. Well built and looks great in my Corolla. I installed it myself and I have to say I probably did a better job than a professional would have done. The navigation is very accurate, the bluetooth works well with the embedded voice commands, and the OnStar hands-free calling is good to have in case your cell battery dies. Connection with an advisor is very quick. Supposedly, the built-in cell phone is quite a bit more powerful than a handheld cell. I didn't give it 5 stars because OnStar reps keep commenting that they're not up to speed on it. I'm wondering why they would release it without training their advisors or their tech support if this is such a landmark product. I have been given inaccurate information during a few calls. I will say they have been professional and certainly tried to be helpful. Also, the install instructions are missing a few important details and instructions only come with the mount adapters, so if your vehicle doesn't need an adapter, you don't get instructions with the actual unit. I read the review about the guy with the intermittent unit. I strongly suspect some of the wiring was not properly connected. A "semi-loose" wire (power or ground) can cause intermittent operation. Could be the unit, but I doubt it. This is why I trust my own installations more. Anyway, great unit, but I'm still on trial with it. Also wish the monthly fee was lower as I understand it's reputably very pricey.



Buy this for your car!

Clutch from Phoenix, AZ on 9/2/2011

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Great product. Installed it myself, just three wires to connect, the hardest part was finding a good ground with all the plastic they put in cars today! Don't forget to connect the internal battery before mounting the mirror, or you'll be taking it down, as I did! Other than that, activation was fairly easy and the OnStar gal was wonderful. BTW, the Bluetooth sync with my cell phone is fantastic and was easy to set up and use. This is my second OnStar and I can't imagine being without it! Thanks, Crutchfiled, for having the best price around.



Awesome & Comforting Device!

LarryG from Northern VA on 8/29/2011

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Bought this for my twin boy's 2001 Honda Accord that they will be driving to High School to give both of them and my wife and I peace of mind. Works great and I installed it myself in less that 2 hours...very easy to mount and wire. Audio quality is excellent and I highly recommend! The staff at OnStar is friendly and ready to assist at the press of a button.



Love It

cmp2491 from Boynton Beach, FL on 8/28/2011

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Great delivery service. Had installed and just love it. Easy activation, easy to use. So glad I purchased this from you.



On star mirror FMV

James w from Pasadena Texas on 8/18/2011

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

There are no directions for the do it your self people. Not one thing shows where the internal battery is located. It was up to me to figure out why the error light stayed on. Calling on star was only a little help. Absolutly no wiring instructions. Thank goodness I have a lot of mechanical skills. You have to take the back off and plug in the battery for it to work. Also I don't understand why it has no compass. I had to improvise to keep my compass in my F 250. Other wise works Good.



Makes me feel at ease.

bobiii from Palmdale, CA on 8/18/2011

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I got to say that I bought the unit in order to feel at ease. My daughter just started driving and will be driving to a college that is about 30 miles away. I decided to have it professionally installed at Best Buy since it was close to home and felt uneasy by the lack of instructions on how to remove the existing mirror. It only took two hours for the installation. The activation was another story. It took more than an hour since I had to give them all my information since I guess Best Buy hadn't done it. It took so long that they gave 30 minutes of calling on the built in cell phone. That made up for it! So far, it's working great. I now have my daughter trained on hands-free calling since I was able to pair her phone in less than 10 minutes. All in all, it was a great purchase and Crutchfield saved me money!




Hands-on research

Product Research


Overview: The OnStar FMV (for my vehicle) replaces the factory rearview mirror in select vehicles and includes built-in OnStar, Bluetooth technology, integrated speaker, and external microphone. The OnStar FMV enables drivers with vehicles already on the road today to add safety, security, navigation, and connectivity services of OnStar to their vehicle. OnStar is an in-vehicle safety and security system created to help protect you and your family on the road. Add the OnStar FMV to gain access to core OnStar services including - Automatic Crash Response, Navigation, Roadside Assistance, and Hands-Free Calling. The OnStar FMV also includes built-in Bluetooth connectivity. A few select OnStar services, such as Vehicle Diagnostic Reports and Remote Door Unlock, are not available on the OnStar FMV.

Note: OnStar FMV service coverage area. The OnStar MyLink mobile app is currently unavailable for OnStar FMV users.

Vehicle Compatibility: In order for OnStar FMV to operate properly, it must be compatible with the vehicle in which it will be installed. For a vehicle to be deemed compatible with OnStar FMV, a wide variety of vehicle attributes and characteristics must be considered. For a variety of vehicles, OnStar's team of engineers evaluate certain attributes and characteristics, including the vehicle model year, vehicle size, vehicle weight, windshield angle, the way in which the original mirror is mounted to the windshield and remaining clear space around the OnStar FMV mirror once it is installed. If, after consideration of these and other attributes and characteristics, it is determined that installation of the OnStar FMV is appropriate and does not compromise certain features in your original mirror, it is considered compatible. OnStar FMV is not compatible with your vehicle if its installation would disable any of the following features listed below.

  • Crash-avoidance camera: A camera that detects potential crash situations and will apply braking pressure to avoid a collision.
  • Passenger airbag/seatbelt indicator: Indicates if the passenger airbag is ON or Off, based upon sensing systems directed to the front passenger side seating area.
  • Radar-based cruise control sonar array: A sonar sensor that can sense when to signal other system to apply braking pressure when the vehicle is in cruise control to slow the vehicle down to maintain a specified distance with the vehicle in front.
  • Vehicle security/proximity sensor: A sensor that detects movement in and around the vehicle when a vehicle alarm is set.
  • Automatic Parking system sensor: Sensor that detect objects around vehicle to assist in parking the vehicle.
  • Rearview camera display: A video display that depicts the view from the vehicle's backup camera.
Note: This OnStar FMV system is not compatible with all vehicles. OnStar FMV is certified to work on more than 90 million vehicles sold since 2000. (Vehicles made before 1981 are not compatible with OnStar FMV). Check the compatibility of your vehicle here.

Potential Mirror Feature Losses Due To OnStar FMV Installation: Even if OnStar FMV is considered compatible with your vehicle, its installation may disable or affect the functionality of some features of your vehicle. If a feature in your vehicle is not dependent on a mechanical, electrical, or sensor system in your current mirror, it is unlikely that that feature will be affected by the installation of OnStar FMV. A list of potential feature losses (depending on your vehicle's mechanical, electrical, or sensor systems) appear below.

  • Auto-dimming: A sensor that detects glare and adjusts the dimming of lights from behind your vehicle in your mirror as needed.
  • Compass: A device in the mirror that displays the direction of magnetic north in the mirror or in other vehicle locations.
  • Hands-free microphone: An embedded microphone used to detect audio commands for system like Ford SYNC, Uconnect, or Bluetooth systems.
  • Homelink: A Transceiver that can activate devices like garage door openers.
  • Interior lights: Map lights and overhead lighting.
  • Oncoming headlamp sensor: A sensor that detects oncoming lights and deactivates your vehicle's high beam headlights until the oncoming lights have passed.
  • Rain/moisture/humidity sensor: A sensor that detects moisture and automatically turns on windshield wipers.
  • Keyless entry: The antenna that receives signals allows you to unlock your vehicle.
  • Communication buttons: The vehicle's display for the outside temperature.
  • Vehicle security indicator: The LED light for factory security.
Note: Call 1.888.955.6000 to talk to one of the Crutchfield's Sales Advisors for compatibility specifics on your vehicle.

OnStar FMV Service: Whether you are lost, stranded, involved in a crash, or your car's been stolen, an OnStar Advisor is there to get the help you need, 24 hours a day. In order to use OnStar FMV, a subscription is required. Enjoy the peace of mind of the OnStar Safe & Sound plan, or upgrade to Directions & Connections for access to unlimited Turn-by-Turn Navigation services. You can sign up for a monthly subscription or save when you sign up for a year or more.

  • Safe & Sound: Includes OnStar Emergency, Security, and Connections services.
    • $18.95 per month
    • $199.00 per year (12% savings)
    • $359.00 per two years (21% savings)
    • $499.00 per three years (27% savings)
  • Directions & Connections: Includes OnStar Safe & Sound features, plus unlimited Turn-by-Turn Navigation services.
    • $28.90 per month
    • $299.00 per year (14% savings)
    • $549.00 per two years (21% savings)
    • $729.00 per three years (30% savings)

    Note: Prices do not include additional taxes. Credit card payment required for monthly subscriptions. To begin enjoying the benefits of OnStar, push the blue button on the OnStar FMV Mirror to speak with an Advisor. You can also reach OnStar by calling 1.888.4.ONSTAR (1.888.466.7827).

OnStar FMV Mirror: The OnStar FMV is a replacement rearview mirror that includes built-in OnStar, automated Navigation, Bluetooth technology, and an integrated speaker. The OnStar FMV replaces the factory rear-view mirror in select vehicles. The OnStar FMV mounts to the vehicle's interior windshield with a mirror-mount specific installation kit (sold separately) and doubles as rearview mirror and OnStar vehicle system.

OnStar FMV Mirror Controls: The three buttons (Phone/OnStar/Emergency) beneath the mirror are functional even when the vehicle is not turned on. The system responds to a single button press after a brief system startup period.

  • Phone Icon Button: OnStar makes staying in touch on the road safe and easy. Push the phone icon button to make calls, give Hands-Free Calling voice commands, initiate Bluetooth calls, and relay navigation commands.
  • Blue OnStar Button: Push the OnStar button to be connected to a specially trained OnStar Advisor who can send Roadside Assistance, give Turn-By-Turn Navigation, answer questions about your OnStar FMV system, and verify account information.
  • Red Emergency Button: Get a priority connection to a specially trained OnStar Emergency Advisor by pressing the Red Emergency button. Report an Amber Alert, get crisis assistance, or get help in an emergency.
Note: The OnStar FMV Mirror also features volume and backlighting controls.

External Microphone: The OnStar FMV system includes an external microphone which allows you to communicate with the OnStar service. The external microphone includes a self-adhesive strip to mount the mic to your vehicle's dash, headliner, or pillar. The external mic measures 0.8125" (w) x 0.5625" (h) x 1.6875" (d).

Emergency: The OnStar FMV system offers Automatic Crash Response, Emergency Services, Crisis Assist, and Amber Alert.

  • Automatic Crash Response: Using GPS technology, OnStar FMV's Automatic Crash Response allows specially trained advisors to contact the right emergency service providers in the event of a crash and send them to your exact location. Automatic Crash Response provides 360° crash detection and will alert an Advisor of an incident regardless of airbag deployment. The moment a crash is detected, the built-in sensor can detect the crash and the device automatically alerts an OnStar Advisor. If you request help, or can't answer, emergency responders are sent to your precise GPS location. Advisors are standing by 24 hours a day, so there's always someone to help when you need it most. In the unlikely event you lose power after a crash, a rechargeable backup battery helps make sure a crash alert is sent to an Advisor.
  • Emergency Services: No matter what happens on the road, OnStar can help. The OnStar FM is your link to emergency service providers. OnStar trained Advisors are ready for emergencies, have Poison Control information, and can stay on the line until help arrives. When you see a crash, someone in trouble, or a fire, just push the system's red button and OnStar will send emergency help. OnStar has teamed up with the police for rapid response.
  • Crisis Assist: In a disaster, OnStar FMV subscribers get full access to all services, including Navigation and Hands-Free Calling (no extra charge). OnStar will help get you out of harm's way, and keep you in touch with your loved ones. OnStar constantly monitors for crises and disasters. When a crises or disaster is detected, all OnStar FMV services are enabled for you. The OnStar FMV will even call into your car with escape routes based on your GPS locations, and help you reach safety.
  • Amber Alert: If you have information related to an Amber Alert, you can contact an OnStar Emergency Advisor to connect to you to the proper authorities.
Note: OnStar FMV Emergency services require vehicle electrical system (including battery), wireless service and GPS satellite signals to be available and operating for features to function properly. Subscription required. OnStar acts as a link to existing emergency service providers.

Security: The OnStar FMV provides Stolen Vehicle and Roadside Assistance, as well as locksmith service.

  • Stolen Vehicle Assistance: In case of a stolen vehicle, OnStar helps with the safe return of your vehicle. If your vehicle is stolen, call OnStar immediately (1.888.4.ONSTAR). A specially trained Advisor will conference you in with law enforcement in order to file a stolen vehicle report. Then the Advisor can use GPS technology to attempt to pinpoint the exact location of your stolen vehicle and provide that information to the authorities.
  • Roadside Assistance: The OnStar FMV offers Roadside assistance by Cross Country. Roadside assistance helps to get you back on the road quickly. No matter what or when a concern (flat tire/out of gas/dead battery/etc.) occurs with your vehicle, have peace of mind knowing an OnStar Advisor is ready to help.
  • Locksmith Service: If your keys are locked in your vehicle, call OnStar at 1.888.4.ONSTAR. OnStar's Roadside Assistance provider can send a locksmith to your vehicle. The OnStar FMV device cannot unlock your vehicle's door.
  • Diagnostics: If the "Check Engine" light comes on or if some other type of vehicle problem occurs, an OnStar Advisor can -
    • contact Roadside Assistance or help find a service facility near your current location
    • give directions to get to the nearest service facility
    • Call the service facility to schedule an appointment
Note: The OnStar FMV service does not receive diagnostic information from your vehicle (such as "trouble codes" that can activate a "Check Engine" light).

Navigation: The Directions & Connections plan from OnStar FMV includes Turn-by-Turn Navigation and eNav, powered by MapQuest and Google Maps.

  • Turn-By-Turn Directions: OnStar Turn-by-Turn Navigation can guide you to your destination effortlessly. Simply push the blue button for directions you saved with eNav, or for an Advisor to help you get to your desired destination. And, with OnStar, you'll have the most up-to-date routes right at your fingertips from MapQuest and Google Maps. You'll get simple Turn-by-Turn, audio-based, automated directions and voice command. If the system recognizes a missed turn or the vehicle deviates from the planned route, the OnStar FMV system will get you back to your planned route.
  • eNav: eNav is powered by MapQuest and Google Maps to make travel planning even simpler. eNav lets you plan your route ahead of time online from your computer and send it to your vehicle. You can store multiple destinations (up to 5) and retrieve them from your vehicle whenever you want for up-to-the-minute Turn-by-Turn directions.
Note: OnStar Navigation services require wireless service and GPS satellite signals to be available and operating for features to function properly.

Connections: Equipped with Bluetooth technology and OnStar Hands-Free Calling, OnStar FMV keeps your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road.

  • OnStar Hands-Free Calling: You can make voice-activated calls from the OnStar FMV Mirror, just in case your cell phone is unavailable. You can announce the phone number, store Nametags for speed dialing, or simply redial the last number called. OnStar Hands-Free Calling requires a existing OnStar service contract and prepaid OnStar Hands-Free Calling minutes. Calls may be made to the U.S. and Canada only (not available in certain markets).
  • Bluetooth Compatible: You can pair your compatible Bluetooth enabled cell phone with the OnStar FMV to make hands-free calls. OnStar FMV and its embedded Bluetooth technology allows you to stay safely connected while on the road. Just pair your Bluetooth-compatible phone with the OnStar FMV and use voice-recognition to access your contact list and make calls without ever taking your eyes off the road. The OnStar FMV also supports Call Waiting, and lets you transfer calls from the Bluetooth system and your cell phone. OnStar FMV lets you pair up to 5 Bluetooth-capable cell phones (only one phone can be used at a time).
Note: Bluetooth for OnStar FMV compatibility link. Not all Bluetooth phones support all functions and not all Bluetooth phone are guaranteed to work with the OnStar FMV system.

Services for People with Disabilities: OnStar Advisors are trained to provide services that help subscribers with physical disabilities and medical conditions, whether they are drivers or passengers. If you are deaf, hard of hearing, or speech impaired, OnStar offers the ability for you to communicate with OnStar Advisors while in your vehicle through its TTY system.

Advisor Record Feature: Hands-free calling instructions, driving directions, or information given during a call with an OnStar Advisor can be recorded, stored, and played back later.

Multiple Languages: The OnStar FMV system can be programmed to respond in English, French, or Spanish.

Installation: Professional installation is strongly recommended for the OnStar FMV. A Prepaid OnStar FMV Installation Card (sold separately) is available. Installation kits (293CAMLCKT/ 293BIGFTKT/ 293SMlFTKT, sold separately) and a rearview mirror removal tool for Type 2 mirrors (802JMR357, sold separately) are also available for the do-it-yourselfer.

Note: After installation, it is recommended that you retain your old, now-detached factory mirror. This will help restore your vehicle to its original condition should you decide to sell or dispose of the vehicle, but wish to keep the OnStar FMV system for another vehicle. In certain cases, reinstallation of your original factory mirror may not always be possible.

Warranty: The OnStar FMV comes with a 1 year warranty and will not void the manufacturer's warranty of your compatible vehicle.

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Q & A

Customer Q&A

6 questions already asked

I can't help with this question. I am not familiar with that service. Ed Brown [ EDWARD  Oct 24, 2014 ]
I rally don't know since I'm having trouble getting it renewed for my second year. I will say that the mirror is nowhere as good as the original mirror that came with my Avalanche and is harder to use looking backwards. [ JONATHAN F  Oct 24, 2014 ]
You should have it powered on its own independent battery incase your car battery goes dead you can still use onstar. [ VIRGIL  Jul 31, 2014 ]
yes it has three wires that need to be hooked up to your car. a black ground wire a yellow battery hot wire a red ignition hot wire [ DALE H  Jul 31, 2014 ]
It is connected to the vehicle's electrical wiring. I recommend having an automobile professional install it. Ed Brown [ EDWARD  Jul 30, 2014 ]
It is installed and uses the vehicles electrical system. I heartily recommend a professional do the install. [ MARTIN  Jul 29, 2014 ]
Yes. The installer will connect it to existing wiring that gets its power from the battery. [ EARL  Jul 29, 2014 ]
It is wired into the vehicle fuse block [ NEIL  Jul 29, 2014 ]
no lights [ DALE H  May 12, 2014 ]
No map lights on this product [ EARL  May 12, 2014 ]
It does not have any map lights on the mirror. The one thing they should have included on this mirror. Everything else is great. [ RUSSELL  May 12, 2014 ]
Krissy, My name is Kelley and I work for Onstar. If you go to their website, there is a tab that says FMV, click that tab then click the PDF link and look for your model car. It will tell you if the mirror is compatible with your vehicle. Kelley [ Kelley  May 12, 2014 ]
For details on fit or installation please contact an Advisor by phone (1-800-324-9695) or online chat. They will be able to pull up your vehicle and give you the details on if this will fit and what you will need for an installation in your vehicle. [ Krissy  Apr 06, 2014 ]  Staff
no, no fancy stuff [ DALE H  Mar 29, 2014 ]
The mirror is not auto dimming. There is a flip lever at the bottom to change from day to night mode. [ EDWARD  Mar 29, 2014 ]
No, there is the toggle switch, like most mirrors. [ NOREEN  Mar 28, 2014 ]
It is not auto dimming [ EARL  Mar 28, 2014 ]
Will it interfere with current navigation system and screen on 2012 dodge truck? [ Kem  Sep 09, 2014 ]
Camera display on the mirror to assist with backing up is not part of this unit. [ VIRGIL  Jan 01, 2014 ]
sorry, no Paul it is only a mirror with the on-star attached to the back of it. Just a fancy mirror! [ DALE H  Jan 01, 2014 ]
I don't know. I have never had a back-up camera. [ JONATHAN F  Jan 01, 2014 ]
Hello Paul, I did not know if that is an option. I use the FMV for immediate notification of EMS and Police in the event of an accident. I also use the ONSTAR Navigation Services. I know that does not answer your question, but my vehicle already has a rear view camera. [ MARTIN  Dec 31, 2013 ]
Paul this unit does not allow you to attach a camera to it. [ EARL  Dec 31, 2013 ]