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Samsung SSG-4100GB

3D active glasses for 2011-2013 TVs

11 Reviews

Item # 3054100GB

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Samsung's 3D TVs can only deliver a 3D viewing experience if you're wearing compatible Samsung 3D glasses. These active glasses have special liquid crystal lenses which open and close in precise coordination with the 3D content displayed on the TV screen. Each of your eyes will see a slightly different image with full 1080p resolution. That's what creates the 3D effect.

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Samsung's 3D TVs can only deliver a 3D viewing experience if you're wearing compatible Samsung 3D glasses. These active glasses have special liquid crystal lenses which open and close in precise coordination with the 3D content displayed on the TV screen. Each of your eyes will see a slightly different image with full 1080p resolution. That's what creates the 3D effect.

Samsung's SSG-4100GB 3D glasses communicate via Bluetooth® signals with the 3D emitter built into 2011-2013 Samsung 3D TVs, both LED-LCD and plasma models. These glasses have a "fit-over" design that provides viewers who already wear glasses with a comfortable fit and an improved 3D experience. The glasses are powered by a long-lasting replaceable battery. Warranty: 1 year.

Work well, price was amazing..

HenryH, Scarsdale, NY

What's in the Box:

  • 3D active glasses
  • 3 Ear-pieces
  • CR2025 3V lithium battery
  • Cleaning cloth
  • User's Guide
  • Regulatory Compliance Information

Samsung SSG-4100GB Reviews

Average Customer Review(s):

(11 Reviews)

Great 3D glasses

Blondeham from Chino Valley, AZ on 5/7/2013

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Great glasses especially for the price. Yes they are not rechargeable, but the battery lasts a long time and they even include one with the glasses. I have had them for about a month and the battery still lasts. I use them with my Panasonic 55" 3D Plasma TC-P55UT50 and play Call of Duty for Xbox and they work great. The only thing I have noticed with them is very very little 'ghosting' of lights, but what do you expect when you use a Samsung product with Panasonic.

Pros: Cheap, Works with Panasonic, Battery Lasts a long time, Lightweight, and I don't get a headache with these types of glasses

Cons: Flimsy but when you put them on they don't come off unless if you do somersaults or handstands

Great Glasses

HenryH from Scarsdale, NY on 4/23/2013

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Work well, price was amazing..

Pros: easy to connect and setup.

Cons: sometimes hard to tell if glasses are actually powered on. Power button is also lighted indicator.

3D Just Like a Theater

KenL from Greenwood, IN on 3/29/2013

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Bought extra 3D glasses to use with a Samsung 3D Smart TV. The 3D effect is dramatic. The images pop out of the screen just like 3D images at a movie theater.

Pros: Great picture quality and 3D effect.

Cons: None so far.

Samsung SSG-4100GB

Thomas from Cheyenne,WY on 3/24/2013

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

These work great on my new television and deliver a great 3D picture that makes me feel like I'm in the movie.

Pros: light weight and color

Cons: Seem to be a bit fragile with the frames and no folding templates(arms).

Samsung SSG-4100GB

Frank M from Hertford, NC on 2/17/2013

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

These 3D glasses work wonderfully and are worth the



Great low cost alternative

Anonymous from Denver on 2/15/2013

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

These work well for an Epson 3020 projector and are more comfortable than the stock glasses. Well worth the tradeoff for not being chargeable

Pros: light weight, low cost

Cons: not rechargeable

Samsung SSG-4100GB from Yucca Valley, Ca. on 1/1/2013

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I have 2 pair of better glasses. I use these for when company wants to view 3D also my wife at times will use these as they work better over her perscription Glasses. I have read some reviews that are not satisfied that the glasses do not fold up. I don't see this as a problem I insert the glasses in a ziplock baggie and store them this way.




BobS from San Antonio on 10/21/2012

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Glasses work great, just wish they would fold like normal glasses. To protect the lenses, you have to remove the temples to place then into a case or bag.

Pros: Light weight, simple to pair to TV and inexpensive when compared to others.

Cons: Temples do not fold making storage an issue.

Samsung SSG-4100GB 3D glasses

Mr. Lee from Haverhill, Ma on 10/11/2012

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

The glasses work well, and the product arrived in a timely manner and in excellent condition.

Pros: Price

Cons: with the flexible arms, they are a bit difficult to store and protect from scratches.

3D is Cool

Harry from New Jersey on 9/25/2012

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

It so cool to see 3D in your home.

Pros: Light weight.

Cons: fragile and the on/off button and connected LED isn't easy to tell if its on or off

Works as advertised

RonA from Guam on 8/15/2012

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

They work. At first I thought they were flimsy and was the temples do not fold for storage, but for the price it's not too bad as compared to Samsung's rechargeable models. They are easy to pair and have good range. They fit comfortably over my prescription glasses and are lightweight. I had my 3D TV for over 9 months before trying out the 3D feature, thinking it would just be a gimmick, but Samsung's 3D really works great and now I'm wondering why I didn't get the 3D glasses sooner. Maybe it was to wait for Samsung to come out with these lower cost versions, and believe me they work. Too early to review battery life, but I like the fact that it's easily replaceable.

Pros: Lightweight, Fits great even over prescription eyeglasses. Affordable, syncs quickly when paired to TV.

Cons: Not foldable for storage, kind of flimsy and difficult to tell if it's been powered down properly.


Hands-on research

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Overview: The Samsung 3D Active Glasses (SSG-4100GB) include one pair of 3D active glasses with built-in Bluetooth and replaceable CR2025 3V lithium battery; as well as detachable ear-pieces & cleaning cloth. Samsung's 3D active glasses allow you to experience high-definition (full 1080p) 3D entertainment from 2011-up Samsung 3D-ready LED-LCD & Plasma TVs from a 3D-ready Blu-ray player (with 3D movie), or satellite/cable provider broadcasting in 3D.

3D Active Technology: When you put the 3D active glasses on and look at the compatible Samsung TV screen, this active 3D technology first blocks the left and then the right lens (faster than the blink of an eye, so you don't even notice), displaying the screen's images separately to each eye. This "staggered" effect provides far more lifelike 3D (three-dimensional) images, than previous technologies.

Bluetooth Technology: The Samsung 3D Active Glasses use Bluetooth (2.4GHz RF band) to receive a video signal from your compatible Samsung 3D-ready TV.

Note: The Samsung 3D Active Glasses will need to be initially paired to your compatible Samsung 3D-ready TV.

Compatibility: The Samsung 3D Active Glasses (SSG-4100GB) are compatible with 2011-up Samsung LED-LCD & Plasma 3D-ready TVs (D, E, and ES series). You must also have a 3D-ready Blu-ray player with 3D content, or a satellite/cable provider broadcasting in 3D.

Note: Not compatible with previous Samsung TV's which featured a 3D Sync IR output, or 2010 Samsung 3D-ready TVs with IR emitter.

Comfortable Fitting: Samsung's 3D Active Glasses (SSG-4100GB) offer a comfortable fit for hours of viewing. The Samsung SSG-4100GB offers a comfortable fit through its lightweight frame and flexible ear-pieces.

Operating Range: The Samsung's 3D Active Glasses (SSG-4100GB) provide a viewing range between 6' and 19.5' from your compatible Samsung 3D-ready TV.

Note: If the 3D glasses move outside of the recommended operating distance, the signal from the TV will be disconnected and the display of the 3D glasses will turn off after several seconds. If you lie on  your side while watch TV with 3D glasses, the picture may look dark or may not be visible. When viewing 3D video under fluorescent lighting (50-60Hz), you may notice a small amount of screen flickering.

Battery Powered: The Samsung 3D Active Glasses (SSG-4100GB) are powered by a single CR2025 3V lithium coin-type battery (included). The battery can last up to 150 hours when powered on.


  • Please note that if you watch 3D TV for too long while wearing 3D glasses, you may experience headaches or fatigue. If you experience headaches, fatigue, or dizziness, stop watching immediately and rest.
  • Pregnant women, people with heart issues, people who get easily nauseous, as well as person with epilepsy should not watch 3D videos.
  • Use this product only for viewing 3D TV. Don't use it for any other purpose. If you use the 3D glasses as normal glasses, sunglasses, or protective goggles, your eyesight may be damaged.

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