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Samsung UN55B8000 LED TV

55" 1080p LED-LCD HDTV with 240Hz blur reduction

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Item # 30555B8000

This item is no longer available.

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Our take on the Samsung UN55B8000 LED TV

Gorgeous high-def images coupled with a thin, stylish design

Samsung's UN55B8000 features advanced LED backlight technology for a breathtaking high-definition picture. And with a depth of just over an inch, this model is one of the slimmest HDTVs ever made — truly astonishing for such a large screen. Reflective acrylic highlights at the edges of the gloss black cabinet give the UN55B8000 an elegant "picture frame" look that beautifully complements just about any room.

main shot

An LED backlight for high-contrast images and rich colors


The UN55B8000 uses an LED backlighting system instead of a traditional fluorescent backlight. This dramatically improves picture contrast, for bold blacks, brilliant whites, and everything in between. Plus, it expands the range of available colors, primarily increasing the number of reds and greens. You'll enjoy high-impact images with colors that look much more nuanced and natural. An LED backlight also doesn't require as much power. In fact, Samsung's 2009 LED HDTVs consume up to 40% less power than last year's conventional LCD sets.


240Hz refresh rate for super-clean motion

A 60Hz screen refresh rate is still the norm for LCD TVs, but the UN55B8000 ups it to 240Hz. Samsung's Auto Motion Plus technology inserts three entirely new frames in between each original one, creating the sharpest picture with the smoothest motion possible on an LCD set. Images look incredibly clean and lifelike, no matter how hectic the on-screen action gets. You'll definitely want to give this TV a look if you're a fan of sports, action movies, or video games.


Do much more than watch TV

The UN55B8000 gives you a wealth of multimedia entertainment options. A rear Ethernet port lets you use your broadband Internet connection to access Yahoo! Widgets, for services such as Yahoo! News, Flickr, and USA Today. With the touch of a button, these web Widgets appear in a "dock" at the bottom of the screen, so your TV viewing can continue without interruption. Or, plug a thumb drive into the USB port on the side of the TV and watch your favorite video clips. If you connect the optional wireless USB adapter, you can enjoy this set's networking capabilities without running Ethernet cable.

A variety of viewing options

With four HDMI inputs and a component video input, the UN55B8000 makes it easy to connect your high-definition gear. The HDMI inputs offer "CEC" control, which lets you operate compatible HDMI-equipped Samsung components using only the TV's remote. You can, for example, control components hidden away in a cabinet without using a remote repeater system. The component video input doubles as a composite input, so you can connect your VCR or camcorder, too.

Learn about the ins and outs of HDMI connections at the Crutchfield Learning Center.
Shop our selection of HDMI cables.

Tip: For a list of over-the-air digital TV stations you can receive, as well as antenna recommendations for your location, enter your zip code in AntennaWeb's mapping tool.


  • 54.6" screen (measured diagonally)
  • Touch of Color™ reflective acrylic bezel
  • tuner receives over-the-air HDTV broadcasts (antenna required)
  • QAM cable TV tuner receives unscrambled programs without a set-top box (cable service required)
  • LED edge backlight for high contrast and natural colors
  • 5,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio
  • Auto Motion Plus 240Hz™ blur reduction for clearer motion
  • Internet-ready — Flickr®, USA Today, and more (broadband service required)
  • video and music streaming from a DLNA-compatible Windows® PC (wireless streaming requires Samsung's USB adapter)
  • pre-loaded HD content, including an image gallery, recipes, and games
  • x.v.Color™ compatibility
  • 1-tuner picture-in-picture
  • built-in stereo speakers (15 watts x 2)
  • illuminated remote control
  • Anynet+ simplifies control of compatible Samsung components via the HDMI connection (HDMI-CEC)
  • ENERGY STAR® 3.0 compliant
  • picture settings memory for each video input
Connections and Dimensions:
  • 5 A/V inputs, including:
    • 1 component video (selectable component/composite)
    • 4 HDMI v1.3 — accepts signals up to 1080p (60Hz, 24Hz)
  • PC input
  • RF input for antenna/cable signals
  • Ethernet port for a high-speed connection to a home network
  • optical digital audio output
  • stereo minijack audio output (mini-to-RCA adapter required for a connection to most audio components)
  • 2 USB ports (1 for digital video/photo/MP3 playback, 1 for Samsung's wireless USB adapter)
  • detachable swivel stand (stand "footprint" is 23"W x 12-1/8"D)
  • wall-mountable (bracket not included)
  • 52-1/8"W x 31-3/8"H x 1-1/4"D (34"H x 12-1/8"D on stand)
  • weight: 64.0 lbs. with stand; 61.3 lbs. without stand
  • warranty: 1 year parts & labor — in-home service or pick-up for service
  • Our 60-day money-back guarantee

What's in the Box:

  • 55" LED TV with attached pedestal stand
  • Main wireless remote control (BN59-00849A)
  • Mini-remote control
  • 2 "AAA" batteries
  • CR2032 3V Lithium battery
  • Bottom cover (used when wall mounting)
  • TV-holder attachment with mounting screw
  • 4 Plastic wall-mount holder-rings
  • Plastic wire cable holder
  • 3 Self-adhesive wire clips
  • Self-adhesive wire stand
  • Screen cleaning cloth
  • PC Share Manager 2.0 CD-ROM
  • User Manual (Eng/Fre/Spa)
  • Quick Setup Guide
  • "Securing the TV to the wall" note
  • US Warranty information
  • Canada Warranty information
  • Important Safety Instructions
  • Digital Television Transition Notice

Featured Video:

This is by far the best tv Ive ever owned or even seen. The picture is amazing and the styling of the tv itself is top of the line. Everyone who comes over is extremely jealous now.

Steve, Living room

Energy Guide:

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Samsung UN55B8000 LED TV Reviews

Average Customer Review(s):

(12 Reviews)

Samsung UN55B8000 LED TV

Anonymous from Charlottesville on 2/19/2010

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Software upgrade interuption every night. This is the second MAJOR problem with this tv. It does not sit level on its stand. As far as I'm concerned it's already a junker. My experience thus far has not been good. Now I've been passed off to Samsung's tech dept.




Anonymous from San Francisco, CA on 2/10/2010

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

The clarity is fantastic. Actually, it took awhile to get use to the clarity. I was not use to having the background images so clear. I bought the 240 Hz, but the 120 Hz would have done just fine. My ego got in the way..just wanted to get the latest and greatest. Love it.. got it up just in time for Super Bowl. One thing: get yourself a universal remote. Impossible to configure the different remotes to navigate Dish, TV, AV and Blu ray. Finally give up and ordered a Harmony 700. Hope H700 works as advertise. The remotes are painful part of the home entertainment experience. Using HDMI cables really simplified the hook up. Used both cheap and expensive HDMI cables.



Amazing tv!

Steve from Living room on 12/17/2009

This is by far the best tv Ive ever owned or even seen. The picture is amazing and the styling of the tv itself is top of the line. Everyone who comes over is extremely jealous now.



Good TV, Poor customer service

James from Lancaster, PA on 12/15/2009

First thing...Crutchfield is great and this by no way reflects on them! I am going to try and make this short because I don't like to rant when I am mad! The TV is good. I have studied a lot of TV's out there, and I thought that this was a great TV for the money. Boy was I wrong. Make sure that you do your homework before purchasing this TV. The LED is only backlit by the four corners. It is not a true backlit LED! The 8500 may be a better TV if you want true backlighting!? When the screen goes black you can see the four corners lit up! Do your research and you will see others make the same comment. The picture is good, and the 240Hz is good too! The TV is really light for a 55". Now to the bad part. My remote stopped working after 6 mos., and I have been waiting over a month to get a new one sent to me! I have called their customer service center four times now, once a week and they keep telling me to be patient! Be patient!? I paid this much for a TV, and I have to use the stupid pebble remote! I have over 400 channels, and it makes it annoying that I have to hold the up or down channel button to get from channel 82 to channel 402 and vice versa! Do yourself a favor and buy Sony! I have never had any bad luck with their products, or customer service! They sent me a brand new remote for my stereo receiver, which was only two months old; no questions asked!



Great TV!!

Christopher from Ohio on 11/3/2009

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

This is a great TV. We coupled this with a new Sony receiver and a Samsung Blue-Ray player, and you couldn't ask for a better home theatre system. The picture on this TV is spectacular, whether watching a movie, sport event, or just watching a TV program.



Best TV EVER!!!!!!!

Brian from Ravenna, OH on 10/28/2009

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

This tv is the best ever. I saw one of these and thought this I have to get. The picture is so clear, it's like your watching through a window. The detail and color are so amazing. All the other tv's do not come close. You have to get this if you can. I've had it for two weeks and it's been awesome watching NFL, NBA, MLB and movies. It even makes standard tv look better.



AMAZING! Quality is breathtaking!

Ryan from Lubbock, TX on 9/14/2009

This was my first television to purchase and I could not be happier. I shopped around, looked for the thing technology, and saw the Samsung LED's were coming out. I knew I wanted at least 50" so I waited for the 55" and bought as soon as it was released! It was so worth the wait. You can check them out in person locally but they do not have the pricing Crutchfield does! So go there for personal experience but go home and buy from CF!




Michael from Baltimore, MD on 8/29/2009

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I had a 2004 model Sony 55" LCD 1080i. I was wanting to upgrade just for the HDMI inputs. I decided to get the best 55" I could afford. I chose the 8000 for the value, and the 240Hz. I wasn't expecting much, but wow!!! While watching it, everything appears 3D I have never seen anything like it. The picture is so clear its like watching real life. The blacks are perfect, the whites are perfect, and the colors are endless. I looked at other TV's in a store and nothing comes close for the money. This is a perfect buy, and really cool how thin it is. BUY BUY BUY!!! only thing with the 240 Hz is, hardly anything puts out that much info so it usually runs at 120Hz max on my PS3 on blue ray. I just need to upgrade the blue ray now.




Teressa from Raleigh, NC on 8/17/2009

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I bought this TV to replace an old CRT HDTV that was so outdated it didn't have HDMI inputs. I waited because I wasn't thrilled with the picture quality of plasma or other LCDs compared to CRT. Then I saw the Samsung LED TV, and I knew it was time to upgrade. This TV is so light and thin that I almost don't know what to think. It's very easy to setup. All the ports on the TV are very easy to reach. I had this TV hooked into my A/V system and home network in under 30 min., after which I enjoyed an amazing picture quality. The picture is so clear and defined that some movies even have a 3-D like quality. I watched "300" on Blu-Ray on this TV and was BLOWN AWAY. Every detail popped, making for a surreal experience. Also, I am in LOVE with the network features. I have the TV connected to a WAP, and I didn't have to do any setup besides plug in an Ethernet cable from the TV to the WAP. Now I'm watching YouTube on my 55" TV. That's not even the best part of it. I bought a network-attached hard drive over a month ago, long before I purchased the TV. Unknown to me at the time, the drive is a DLNA device. Since the TV is DLNA enabled, it recognized the drive immediately. I didn't have to do a thing! I didn't have to install the PC Share software. It just appeared in the Media Play menu. Now I have access to all of my music, videos, and photos on the drive. The playback from the drive is also great. I didn't experience any jerkiness or degradation.



Best of the best

james from Riverview, FL on 8/9/2009

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I bought this to replace my samsung LN52A650 and am not disappointed. This tv is fantastic the 650 looks good but this is better than that. I use it mainly for gaming and movies and games look fantastic from either the 360 or ps3. Blu-ray's look even better now. This has a very smooth picture and the contrast is great. Also it has a very nice design with the slim depth and the clear bezel. Couldn't be happier. And of course thanks always to crutchfield and ringo for great customer service.



Simply Amazing

david from Las Vegas, Nevada on 7/19/2009

Unbelievable. Amazing. Spectacular. I could go on, but I would run out of adjectives. I traded in a 5 month old Samsung 58 inch plasma for this set. The reason was that the plasma was just too hot, the screen and the top vents would put out heat, like having a heater on in the room. This set produces no heat. and it is so thin, it does not even come with a wall mount. There are two screws in the back and you simply hang like a picture on the wall. It is that flat. The 240 hz rate is amazing. The most incredible picture I have seen. I immediately went out and stocked up on blu-ray and cant even walk away from watching this set. When I put in a blu-ray, action movie on this set, I am simply blown away. There is a reason Samsung is at the top of the heap! My only issue, i have a wireless router for my MAC laptop and desktop, the Time Machine from Apple that also acts as a router. I have not been able to figure out how to set up the Samsung to allow the streaming Yahoo content. Tried many times, and cannot figure it out. I may have to call my cable company and have them put in another cable in the wall and go wired instead of wireless. maybe someone can walk me through it!!



Excellent Picture

Jose from Miami, FL on 5/4/2009

This set in my opinion offers the best Picture available. The picture is amazingly crisp and detailed, every blade of grass or hair out of place is clearly visible. The colors are rich and vibrant which give the screen a depth or 3D effect . This set is absolutely unbelievable. The bad side of this TV is the networking features or "multimedia entertainment options" are more like an after thought. The Yahoo widgets are just ok. To access your Music or Video files on your PC you must run Samsung's PC Share to see your PC's folders , and you can only view a few folders you select at one time. But even then it doesn't like all AVI file types and once you find one that will play there is no way to control the file (FF, Rewind). The multimedia features are just horrible. I purchased the Samsung wall mount which hangs the TV about .08 inches off the wall. This not only makes for a beautiful installation since the TV is almost flush with the wall but it has a security feature making your TV more difficult to steal. The TV weighs only 51.5 lbs without the stand (64 lbs with) making it easy for one person to steal. The speakers are adequate producing adequate sound for normal TV listening. I wish there was a partial Mute pressing Mute turns off the sound completely. In Conclusion this is the best LED HDTV on the market. If you are looking for a great TV give the Samsung LED HDTV series a look. I don't think you will buy anything else.




Hands-on research

Product Research

Video Features
Audio Features
PC/USB/Network Functions
Convenience Features
Remote Control
Mounting Options

Video Features

LED Technology: Samsung's LED technology allows for an amazing 5,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, and ultra-sharp blacks by allowing multiple LEDs to turn on an off automatically based on the image. The LED backlight also provides more natural color representation and deep reds and greens because Samsung uses white LEDs that produce 105% of the broadcast color gamut. The television's white LEDs are arranged along the left and right edges of the screen and a proprietary light guide is used to focus its luminance inwards towards the middle of the screen for a more uniform brightness. Overall, this LED Backlight system produces contrast with stronger blacks and whites, and greater subtlety of every gradation in between.

Ultra Clear Panel: With Samsung's Ultra Clear Panel colors are more vibrant, brighter, and clearer. This ultra clear panel technology also enhances contrast and reduces reflection so you can enjoy an overall outstanding viewing experience.

HDTV Tuner: The TV has built-in over-the-air HDTV (ATSC) and Digital Cable (QAM) tuners, so you don't need a separate set-top box to receive and decode over-the-air HDTV/SDTV or unencrypted Digital Cable signals.

Native Resolution: The LED television displays all inputs at a resolution of 1080p (1920 x 1080). The television's HDMI and component video inputs will accept 1080p, 1080i, 720p, 480p and 480i video signals.

4 HDMI Inputs: The four rear-panel HDMI inputs can be used to connect a DVD player, Game console, HDTV or Satellite Set-top box with an HDMI output. The HDMI 1 input can also be used to connect a device with a DVI output (a DVI-to-HDMI adapter cable is necessary). If a DVI-equipped device is used, a separate audio cable will also be needed from the device to TVs PC audio input. No audio cables are needed for an HDMI-equipped device. The HDMI input can also be used to connect a PC to this TV. The HDMI jack will accept 1080p, 1080i, 720p, 480p and 480i signals.

Component Video: The rear-panel Component Video jack will accept 1080p, 1080i, 720p, 480p, and 480i signals. The component video inputs can also be used as a composite video input.

Mega Contrast Ratio: This TV has an 5,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, giving you brilliant brightness and contrast for superior picture and detail from both PC and TV images.

Wide Color Enhancer Pro: The challenge of any TV screen is to recreate reality through color and light. Samsung met this challenge with its Wide Color Enhancer Pro feature. After analyzing each pixel, it stretches them to their 3-dimensional limit; giving you full, lifelike colors.

2ms Response Time: One of the most important features for an LCD panel is the pixel response time. Response time refers to the amount of time it takes a pixel to "refresh" itself-to go from being active to being inactive, (ready to be re-activated). The lower the milliseconds, the faster the response time. The television's very fast 2ms response time virtually eliminates any blurring and gives you smooth-motion action scenes

Auto Motion Plus 240Hz: Auto Motion Plus 240Hz technology virtually eliminates any motion blur and creates smooth transitions between frames. Auto Motion Plus calculates the image between frames and inserts it, creating a non-repetitive transition from one to the next. The result is a clearer picture than ever before. You can select from 5 Auto Motion Plus 240Hz settings

  • Clear: Sets Auto Motion Plus 240Hz to minimum.
  • Standard: Sets Auto Motion Plus 240Hz to medium.
  • Smooth: Sets Auto Motion Plus 240Hz to maximum.
  • Custom: Adjusts the blur and judder reduction level to suit your personal preference.
  • Off: Switches Auto Motion Plus 240Hz off.

Screen Sizes: You can choose one of the following picture sizes:

  • 16:9: Sets the picture to 16:9 wide mode.
  • Zoom 1: Vertically enlarges the size of the picture and allows you to move the enlarged picture using the arrows on the remote.
  • Zoom 2: Vertically enlarges the size of the picture more than Zoom 1 and allows you to move the enlarged picture using the arrows on the remote.
  • Wide Fit: Proportionally enlarges the picture to fit the entire screen without changing the aspect ratio.
  • 4:3: Sets the picture to 4:3 normal mode with pillars on the left and right of the screen.
  • Screen Fit: See the full image with no resizing when an HDMI input (720p/1080i/180p), Component (1080i/1080p), or DTV (1080i) signal is used.

Note: Screen Size settings can be stored for each external device you have connected to an input of the TV.

Picture Control: You can make the following adjustment for an optimum picture:

  • Automatic Picture Settings:
    • Standard: for the optimum display in a normal environment
    • Dynamic: for high-definition in a bright room
    • Natural: for optimum and eye-comfortable display
    • Movie: for viewing movies in a dark room
  • Manual Picture Settings:
    • Backlight: adjusts the brightness of the LED backlight
    • Contrast: adjusts the contrast level of the picture
    • Brightness: adjusts the brightness level of the picture
    • Sharpness: adjusts the edge definition of the picture
    • Color: adjusts the color saturation of the picture
    • Tint: adjusts the color tint of the picture
  • Advanced Picture Settings:
    • Black Tone: adjusts the black level on the screen to adjust the screen depth
    • Dynamic Contrast: adjusts the screen contrast so that the optimal contrast is provided
    • Gamma: adjusts the primary color (red, green, blue) intensity from -3 to +3
    • Color Space: color space is a color matrix composed of red, green and blue colors, you can select your favorite color space to experience the most natural color; you can choose from Auto, Native, or Custom (Red/Green/Blue)
    • Color Tone: adjusts the overall color tone of the televisions using one of four presets: Cool, Normal, Warm 1, Warm 2
    • Flesh Tone: emphasize the pink flesh tone in a picture
    • White Balance: adjusts the color temperature for more natural picture colors
    • Edge Enhancement: emphasize object boundaries in the picture
    • xvYCC: provides a wider color space when used with xvYCC-compatible video components and content; using HDMI or component video connections; you can turn this feature On or Off; Picture Mode must be set to Movie to use this feature

HDMI Black Level: You can select the black level on the screen to adjust the screen depth when you have a component connected via HDMI to the television. You can select either Normal or Low.

Digital Noise Reduction: If the broadcast signal received by your TV is weak, you can activate the Digital Noise Reduction feature to help reduce any static and ghosting that may appear on the screen. You can select Low, Medium, High, Auto, or Off.

Film Mode: The TV can be set to automatically sense and process film signals from all sources and adjust the picture from optimum quality.

Game Mode: When connecting the television to a game console, you can enjoy a more realistic gaming experience when selecting Game Mode.

BD Wise: BD Wise provides the optimal picture quality setting for Samsung DVD, Blu-ray, and Home Theater products which support the BD Wise feature for a richer picture.

Blue Only Mode: This function displays the blue signal only by removing the red and green signals from the video signal so as to provide a Blue Filter effect that is used to adjust the Color and Tint of video equipment such as DVD players and Home Theaters. Using this function, you can adjust the Color and Tint to preferred values appropriated to the signal level of each video device using the Red/Green/Blue/Cyan/Magenta/Yellow Color Bar Patterns, without using a additional Blue Filter.

Audio Features

Auto Volume: Auto volume automatically adjusts the volume of the desired channel, lowering the sound output when the modulation signal is high or raising the sound output when the modulation signal is low. This reduces the difference in volume when changing channels.

Sound Modes: You can choose from the following sound settings:

  • Standard: Resets the standard factory settings.
  • Music: For watching music videos and concerts.
  • Movie: For watching movies.
  • Clear Voice: For watching a show that is mostly dialogue.
  • Custom: Adjust the 5-band EQ; 100 Hz, 300 Hz, 1 kHz, 3 kHz, and 10 kHz.

SRS TruSurround HD: SRS TruSurround HD is a patented SRS technology that solves the problem of playing 5.1 multichannel content over two speakers. TruSurround delivers a compelling, virtual surround sound experience through any two-speaker playback system, including the internal television speakers. It is fully compatible with all multichannel formats.

Digital Audio: The optical digital output (with plastic cover) on the rear panel will output Dolby Digital (when available) or 2 channel PCM.

PC/USB/Network Functions

Built-In Memory Contents: The Samsung LED television features the following contents built into the TV's memory.

  • Gallery: This function plays a SlideShow with high resolution images and background music and produce various atmospheres. The television has various imageries installed.
  • Cooking: This function includes contents which give you great ideas for meals. You can view various recipes that you can then easily follow step by step.
  • Game: This function provides entertainment for the whole family.
  • Children: This is educational and interactive content that children can watch repeatedly.
  • Wellness: This is a beneficial health management content that provides stretching and massage exercises. You can select from Basic Stretches to Advanced stretches or Massage.
  • My Contents: You can copy new content to the TV memory using the Content Management screen.

Note: New contents other than the built-in contents will be provided via the website with or without charge based on the content downloaded. You can also download contents on a USB memory device and play them on the TV without being copied to the built-in flash memory of the TV.

Media Play: Media Play enables you to view photos (JPEG) and movie (MPEG1/2/4, Motion JPEG, DivX, XviD) files, as well as listen to audio files (MP3) saved on a USB Mass Storage Class (MSC) device using the television's side panel USB type-A port. The television's Media Play function will only support MP3 music files with a high sampling frequency of 32, 44.1, or 48 kHz. The television's USB port will support video resolution from 720 x 576 to 1920 x 1080. The maximum supported JPEG resolution is 15360 x 8640 pixels. Your JPEG and MP3 files must be formatted in FAT 16 or FAT 32. The TV's USB port can recognize up to 10,000 files. You can use the television's remote control to operate basic playback functions of your JPEG or MP3 files.

  • MP3 Playback: The television displays an on-screen list of your MP3 files to scroll through and select from. You can sort your music by title, artist, mood, genre, folder, or favorite. You can also select from a Repeat and Random playback mode.
  • JPEG Playback: The television displays a thumbnail index of your photos to select from (15 per page). You can sort your images by date, color, folders, and favorites. When you have single image displayed, you can zoom (1x, 2x, 4x) and rotate (0, 90, 180, 270-degees) the photo. You can also view your images as a slide show. You can choose the slide show speed (Fast, Normal, Slow), slide show effect (None, Fade, Blind, Spiral, Checker, Linear, Stairs, Wipe, Random), and select an MP3 audio file as background music.
  • Movie Playback: The movies stored on your USB Mass Storage Device can be sorted into the following categories - Date, Title, Folder, and Favorites. You can also control basic playback functions such as Play, Pause, Stop, Fast Forward, Rewind, Skip Next/Previous and Repeat. In addition, you can configure picture and sound settings. If you stop your movie, you can pick up where you left off using the Resume Play function.

Note: The TV features two rear-panel USB ports. One USB type-A port is used for firmware updates and playing music or picture/video files. The other USB type-A port is used for connecting to Samsung's network wirelessly using the proprietary Samsung Wireless LAN adapter (305LINK, sold separately). USB HUBs are not supported. MTP (Media Transfer Protocol) is not supported.

DLNA Certified: The television's DLNA Certification allows you to watch videos, photos, and listen to music saved on your PC through the TV via its Ethernet (LAN) port. This eliminates the need to copy your photo, video, and music files to a separate USB storage device. Using the supplied PC Share Manager 2.0 CD-ROM and the television's rear-panel Ethernet port or optional Samsung Wireless LAN adapter (sold separately), the TV's DLNA function lets you  watch videos and pictures and listen to music saved on your PC through the television via its network connection. The television's DLNA functions supports the following formats - JPEG (still images), MP3 (audio), MP4, AVI, MKV, ASF, 3GPP, PS, TSS ( video). Your computer will need to meet the following system requirements.

  • Operating System: Windows XP or Windows Vista
  • Free Hard Disk Space: 30MB of free hard disk space is need for program installation (if you share files, up to 30MB of hard disk drive space is required for each 100 files)

Note: To use the DLNA feature, the TV must be connected to your network and, in most cases, the PC Share Manager 2.0 software disc must be installed on your PC, or you can download the Samsung PC Share Manager program from the Samsung website to your PC.

Internet TV: Internet TV provides an integrated Internet and television experience powered by the Yahoo! Widget Engine. Internet TV allows you to enjoy select internet content from Yahoo! via your television through its Ethernet (LAN) port or optional Samsung Wireless LAN adapter (sold separately).  You can monitor financial stocks, share photos with friends and family, and track news and weather all through this Internet TV service on the television's screen.

  • Weather Widget: The Yahoo! Weather Widget provides updates on your local and favorite weather locations.
  • News Widget: The Yahoo! News Widget provides the latest headline news for business, entertainment, politics, sports, top stories, and many other news categories.
  • Finance Widget: You can view stock information and the latest stock new with the Yahoo! Finance Widget.
  • Flickr Widget: The Yahoo! Flickr Widget can provide you access to your favorite photos from friends and family while watching TV. You can share your photos with your family on the television through a slide show.
  • Widget Gallery: You can use the Yahoo! Widget Gallery to add more widgets to the television. You can view available TV Widgets in the following categories - Latest Widgets, Yahoo! Widgets, and Samsung Widgets.

Home Network Center: The Television's Home Network Center feature connects the TV and select mobile phones through a wireless network connection using the optional Samsung Wireless LAN Adapter (sold separately). This allows you to view call arrivals, text message content, and schedules set on the mobile phone right on the TV screen.

Note: Currently on the Samsung SCH-i910 mobile phone supports the Home Network Center features. Other models will be added in the future.

PC-Capable: This unit has a 15-pin D-Sub (RGB) input that allows you to use it as a high-resolution computer monitor. Any HDMI input can also be used with a computer. The TV can be set to automatically adjust to the video signals received, or you can use the setup menu to adjust the screen quality and position. No cables are supplied for connecting the TV to a PC.

PC Input: This rear-panel input consists of a stereo mini-jack and an analog RGB (D-Sub 15-pin) jack. This jack allows you to connect a personal computer with a D-Sub 15-pin output. When using the RGB (D-Sub 15-pin) jack, you must use the PC Audio 3.5mm input for your audio connection.

Convenience Features

ToC (Touch of Color): Samsung's new Touch of Color design features a hint of amber color naturally blended into the traditional piano black frame of the Samsung 8000 Series LED television.

Slim Design: The Samsung LED TV features a slim flat-panel design that measures only 1.625" deep (with cord).

1-Tuner PIP: This TV has one built-in tuner, which does not allow PIP to function in the same mode. You can only watch an analog TV broadcast  in the sub picture window while watching a different video source from the Component, HDMI or PC input on the TV's main window. You can change the size of the PIP window and even view the two pictures as a 4:3 or 16:9 split screen. You can also move the PIP window to each corner of the screen. In addition, you can switch the audio over to sub PIP picture window.

Note: While the V-chip is in operation, the PIP function cannot be used.

Input Source Names: You can assign a pre-programmed name to each of the inputs. When input naming is completed, you will no longer have to remember which component is connected to each input when selecting a source to watch. Source names include VCR, DVD, Cable STB, Satellite STB, PVR STB, AV Receiver, Game, Camcorder, PC, TV, DVI PC, DVI, IPTV, Blu-Ray, HD-DVD, and Digital Media Adapter.

Channel Labels: Each analog channel programmed into memory can be labeled with a name. Digital channels names are already assigned and cannot be edited.

Favorite Channel: You can create a list of your favorite channels and recall the list using the FAV.CH button on the remote.

Digital Signal Strength Meter: The digital signal strength meter can be used to help you find the antenna position that delivers the highest HDTV digital signal strength.

Analog Channel Fine Tuning: The fine tuning feature allows you to manually adjust analog channels for optimal reception. A separate fine tuning setting may be put into the TV's memory for each analog channel.

V-Chip: The V-Chip automatically locks out programs that are deemed inappropriate for children. You can set up the parameters for the V-Chip using the TV Parental Guidelines, MPAA (movie) ratings, Canadian French, or Canadian English ratings systems. The V-Chip function is protected by a 4-digit PIN.

Sleep Timer: The sleep timer switches the television off after a specified amount of time. The sleep timer can be set to 30, 60, 90, 120, 150, or 180 minutes.

On/Off Timer: The three On/Off timers allow you to program the television to turn itself on and off by selecting a specific on time and a specific off time. You also choose the On Timer's channel and Volume. The on and off timers work independently of one another.

Melody: A unique melody plays when the TV is turned on and off. The melody volume is adjustable (Low/Medium/High), or you can turn this feature off if you prefer.

Energy Saver: Samsung LED televisions use 40% less power than conventional LCD TVs. Its Energy Saver feature adjusts the brightness of the TV in order to reduce power consumption. When watching TV at night, set the Energy Saver feature to High to reduce eye fatigue as well as power consumption. You can set this feature to High, Medium, Low or Off.

Remote Control

RF Remote: The supplied RF remote control is designed to only operate the Samsung LED television and Anynet+ connected components. The television features a Remote Find features which allows the TV to transmit a signal to find the remote control by pressing the television's front-panel volume (-) button for 10 seconds. The remote control will generate an alarm sound for 30 seconds to help you find it.

Mini IR Remote: The IR mini-remote control is a simplified remote control consisting of only Power, Channel and Volume buttons. The mini-remote is powered by a single CR2032 3V Lithium battery (supplied). 

Anynet+: Anynet+ is a function that enables you to control all connected Samsung devices that support Anynet+ with the Samsung television's remote control. The Anynet+ system can be used only with Samsung devices that support the Anynet+ features. The Anynet+ feature must be turned on in the menu to function.

Mounting Options

Pedestal Stand: The TV is shipped with the pedestal stand attached.  The pedestal stand allows the TV to swivel left to right +/- 20-degrees. The television weighs 64.0 lbs with the stand.

Wall Mounting: The TV has four threaded inserts on the back-panel for use with an optional wall-mount bracket. The spacing of the mounting holes is VESA 400 x 400 (400mm horizontal x 400mm vertical) in accordance with the industry standards set by the Video Electronics Standards Association. The threaded inserts require M8 (8mm) machine screws (not supplied). The television weighs 51.5 lbs without the stand.

Note: The four supplied plastic ring-holders should be used when installing an optional wall-mount bracket.

Kensington Lock: When mounting the monitor in a public place, you can secure it with an optional anti-theft device called a Kensington Lock. This TV has a slot on the rear panel to accommodate a Kensington Lock device.

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