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Samsung HW-H550

Powered home theater sound bar with wireless subwoofer and Bluetooth®

19 Reviews | 4 questions - 10 answers

Item # 305HWH550

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Our take on the Samsung HW-H550

Do you find yourself constantly on the edge of your seat when you watch TV? If so, maybe it's because you're having trouble hearing your TV's tiny built-in speakers. If so, get the Samsung HW-H550 sound bar system so you can finally kick back and relax. This sound bar and wireless subwoofer deliver clear, detailed sound with more than enough volume to wash over you as you lounge on your couch. The only reason to sit on the edge of your seat should be a tense scene in a movie.

Sit back and enjoy the show

Do you find yourself constantly on the edge of your seat when you watch TV? If so, maybe it's because you're having trouble hearing your TV's tiny built-in speakers. If so, get the Samsung HW-H550 sound bar system so you can finally kick back and relax. This sound bar and wireless subwoofer deliver clear, detailed sound with more than enough volume to wash over you as you lounge on your couch. The only reason to sit on the edge of your seat should be a tense scene in a movie.

Setup options make thrilling sound easy

The slim HW-H550 can rest on your TV stand or be mounted on your wall. You can place the subwoofer just about anywhere. It syncs wirelessly with the sound bar, so you don't have to run long wires to enjoy deep bass response that TV speakers can't deliver. Powerful bass means those action movies will explode with life in your living room. Worried those loud scenes will wake sleeping children or spouse? The Smart Volume feature prevents drastic changes in volume, either during a movie or while watching TV with annoyingly loud commercial interruptions.

Bluetooth features mean more than just music

Keep your smartphone around when you're near this sound bar. It's got Bluetooth onboard, so you can wirelessly stream music from your device to the bar for rich, full-range sound that fills your room. You can even turn on the sound bar with your Bluetooth-compatible device by simply pairing them. If you have a Bluetooth-compatible Samsung TV, you can connect the HW-H550 to it wirelessly, giving you a little more setup flexibility. That's a lot more Bluetooth functionality than we're used to seeing in sound bars or most other home audio components.

A USB port, too

The HW-H550 has another cool feature not found on many sound bars: a USB port. You can load up a thumb drive with your favorite digital music, pop it in the rear-panel port, and leave it there, so you always have music cued up and ready to play. Even with a wall-mounted bar, you won't lose access to the USB port. The HW-H550 includes a USB cable and adapter, so you can use thumb drives without direct access to the rear-panel port.

Product Highlights:

    Sound bar:
    • slim profile is ideal for wall-mounting beneath a flat-panel TV
    • 80 watts x 2 (RMS) built-in amplification
    • built-in Bluetooth for wireless music streaming from compatible smartphones, tablets, and computers
    • SoundConnect feature lets you wirelessly connect your compatible Samsung HDTV to your sound bar via Bluetooth
    • 5 listening modes: Music, Voice, Sports, Cinema, and Standard
    • surround sound expansion widens the soundfield for balanced sound across more seating positions
    • Dolby® Digital and DTS® decoding
    • USB port lets you play digital music files from a thumb drive
    • Samsung's Crystal Sound Pro digital signal processing filters out distortion and noise for clearer sound
    • front-panel display shows selected input
    • HDMI in/out with Audio Return Channel
    • Anynet (HDMI-CEC) function lets you control sound bar with your Samsung TV's remote
    • optical digital audio input
    • 3.5mm minijack input (miniplug-to-miniplug cable included)
    • 37-3/16"W x 2-1/8"H x 2-5/8"D
    • weight: 4.9 lbs.
    • 6.5" woofer
    • 160 watts (RMS) built-in amplification
    • bass reflex (ported) enclosure delivers powerful bass response
    • connects wirelessly to sound bar for easy placement
    • 11-1/2"W x 14-9/16"H x 11-3/4"D
    • weight: 16.5 lbs.
    • 3D video pass-through via HDMI
    • bracket and hardware included for mounting bar to a wall
    • remote control with subwoofer level control
    • warranty: 1 year
    • Our 60-day money-back guarantee

    Very happy that I can hear clearly dialogue.

    JERKAM, Pennsylvania

    What's in the Box:

    • Active soundbar (HW-H550)
    • Wireless powered subwoofer (PS-WH550)
    • AC power adapter (w/ attached 5' DC cord)
    • 5' AC power cord
    • Remote control (AH59-02612B)
    • 2 "AAA" batteries
    • Wall-mount bracket
    • 2 Wall-mount holders
    • 2 Screws
    • Right-angle USB adapter
    • 7" USB extension cable (w/ a male USB type-A connector on one end and a female USB type-A connector on other end)
    • 5' Stereo minijack cable
    • Ferrite core
    • User Manual
    • Quick Setup Guide

    Samsung HW-H550 Reviews

    Average Customer Review(s):

    (19 Reviews)

    Samsung HW-H550

    JERKAM from Pennsylvania on 4/27/2015

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Very happy that I can hear clearly dialogue.

    Pros: Size and weight are perfect.

    Cons: None that I can figure out.

    Samsung HW-H550

    Anonymous from nebo,ky. on 3/31/2015

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Awesome,but returned cause volume can only be controlled with supplied remote

    Pros: Looks and sounds great

    Cons: Volume can only be controlled with supplied breaker!!

    Excellent Tech Support

    RHSJR from Virginia on 3/30/2015

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    I'm a senior citizen with some tech savvy but not a lot! I bought the unit because I have hearing issues and this sound bar produces better spoken word quality for me. The instructions that come in the box are probably fine for brighter lights, but I had to make my first call to tech support to get it up and running. They were patient and supportive and we got it going. I found that the unit would default to D.In after turning it on even though it was last on HDMI when turned off. I called again and a most helpful tech agent explained that Samsung TVs may send out a signal that makes this happen. We finally figured out that if I turned on the TV first then the bar, it wouldn't happen. It hasn't since. There is one HDMI in and one out, one Optical input which I use for my DVD played and one Aux input which I use for my CD played. It took a couple of trips to the store to get the cords I needed to hook everything up but finally I got it all running. My only complaint now is that the bar doesn't remember my choice settings for the various settings available. So for example my Cinema choices for surround, treble & bass must be reset every time I go back to Cinema. Same for Sports, Voice, Music & Standard. I have 60 days to decide if this is enough of a bother to keep the unit or return it so I'm still evaluating.

    Pros: Clarity of spoken word

    Cons: Does not remember setting choices.

    Great product

    Anonymous from South carolina on 1/27/2015

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    We have had the system about two weeks. So far we love it. The Sound is great. It was very easy to set up. Love the bluetooth.

    Pros: Sound and ease of set up.

    Cons: Doesn't turn on automatically with tv.

    Samsung HW-H550

    Don from Texas City, TX on 1/18/2015

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    I know that large screen tvs have small speakers because of space and wanted my tv to really sound good. After doing my homework and talking to to several people, I decided on the Samsung. You may give a little bit up to the Bose, but not much. I liked the Bose too but this Samsung really sounds good and it was cheaper. I would buy this one again. I'm real pleased with it. My ipod really sounds good on it.

    Pros: Ease of hook up, great sound, one remote for everything, looks good

    Cons: Only had units one week, nothing negative so far

    superior quality

    adam from rolling hills wy on 1/15/2015

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    I love how simple this is. Beautiful sound



    Pretty good but a little disappointed

    TK from Rosebud, TX on 1/11/2015

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Wife was having difficulty hearing the sound from the built in speakers on our Samsung TV which was purchased from Crutchfield so decided to purchase the Samsung sound bar to improve the sound. While the sound is better, I'm somewhat disappointed due to the fact when the TV is turned on the sound bar must be turned on separately. According to the spec's on the sound bar you are supposed to be able to set it so that it will turn on when a compatible TV is turned on. My TV is supposed to be compatible but haven't been able to make it turn on with the TV yet. As another review stated, the Bluetooth connection to the sub will cut in and out sometime. This sound bar is intended to be wall mounted. Our TV is sitting in a large entertainment center so the bar cannot be wall mounted. I had to sit it behind the TV which blocks some of the sound. Wish it could be mounted under the TV.

    Pros: Pretty good sound quality, nice and slim

    Cons: Auto on doesn't work, mounting, Bluetooth cuts out occasionally to subwoofer.

    Crutchfield response on 1/13/2015 We forwarded this review to our Technical Support team for follow-up. Lifetime tech support comes with every Crutchfield purchase.

    All-Around good sound

    GaryS from the Washington, DC Area on 1/5/2015

    I have a Samsung UN55D7000 TV set up with this. Had a physical 5.1 system and Tuner, but wanted to simplify after moving and mounting TV over a fireplace. I took a couple of L angle brackets (Joist hangers, really), screwed them into back of mantel shelf, so the bar feet sit on them under the mantle. Sound is not as good as the surround speaker setup (brand started with B), but it is much better than just the TV, and cable management is much cleaner. I chose Samsung for compatibility with the TV thinking it would be seamless. I have had it for 6 months now. For the first several months I had TIVO hdmi in to Sound Bar (Bar) hdmi out to TV. Was frustrating that I had to power on the Bar with Bar remote, then select HDMI input on Bar, Every Time I turned on TV! The TIVO remote controlled volume fine (via TV with AnyNet +). I tried using the Optical Digital Audio from TV to Bar, and the Bar turns itself on when TV turns on (had to turn OFF Anynet+, and turn ON Auto Power on the Bar). BUT, TV no longer controlled Bar volume. Tried setting TIVO remote AV control, but the Samsung codes TIVO knows did not work with the Bar, so I had to use Bar remote for volume, which was worse than having to power it on and select the input every time. I found a reference to ARC. I changed wiring to TIVO hdmi Out to TV, and TV (via HDMI2, which is labeled with ARC) out to the hdmi In on the Bar. Still have to turn on the Bar manually, but default input shows TV ARC, and works, so 1 step less.

    Pros: Minimal cables - HDMI (ARC) from TV to bar, power to bar. Sound is quite good, certainly meets my needs. Slim size is also a plus. I improvised mounting it below my mantle shelf, worked out great. ran flat conduit to edge of mantle shelf, then down the wall, painted wall color. No cables in site - Mantle clock hides wires going up to TV, and the Sound Bar power brick). Had to buy a longer power cord for the mantle placement.

    Cons: No auto-on with TV. My final setup is TIVO HDMI to TV, TV HDMI (ARC-enabled port) to Sound Bar In. AnyNet+ ON (TV and Bar), TV speaker set to External. I power on TV, Power on Bar, and it works in the default D-in input, which reads TV ARC. TV volume controls bar volume via AnyNet +. Note that the Samsung faq - search "Soundbars: How To Connect Your Sound bar To A TV With ARC" - stated in step 1 to connect HDMI between Sound Bar HDMI OUT and TV. It needs to be HDMI IN on the Sound Bar!!!!

    Great buy

    Kris from Arkansas on 1/3/2015

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Great addition. Very easy to setup with existing Samsung tv. Used built in Samsung soundconnect feature up and running in seconds.

    Pros: Great sound quality, really helped out the tv. Samsung built in speakers really are lacking. This focuses the sound, almost theater quality to me.

    Cons: mounting options ...... Rather than attach to wall below tv, would look better if it could hang from bottom of tv

    Good buy

    SF New York from New York on 12/28/2014

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Great product I have not had any issues. Great sound much better than the tv speakers enough to fill a medium room at least. I have a compatible Samsung tv and the tv remote cannot turn the soundbar on, this must be done either manually or through the soundbar remote features only allow for turning it off.

    Pros: Nice upgrade for tv sound. no problems connecting or setting up system


    A Solid Product

    Biz from Atlanta GA on 12/22/2014

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    The system linked up well with the Bluetooth capability on my Samsung TV. My Samsung TV (model UN65F8000) recognized the sound bar and automatically linked as soon as I enabled the TV and set the sound bar to Bluetooth. However, I would prefer that the setup guides for both the TV and the sound system be a little better written and/or the setup process be more intuitive. The sound quality is impressive for a compact system. Also, I like that I can experiment with the placement of the components without consideration for wiring. On the downside, I experienced some intermittent Bluetooth signal interference if the sound bar is too far from the TV or if the subwoofer is too far from the sound bar. The signal interference was related to other wireless devices operating in close proximity or in line of sight between the subwoofer and sound bar. Moving the devices closer to the TV and closer together minimized signal interference. You also have the options of attaching with HDMI, Optical or direct wire which also eliminated signal interference but the Bluetooth is my choice.

    Pros: Surprising sound quality for such a compact design. The sound is filling up a large room with 18' ceilings. The wireless connection to the TV makes for easy installation and convenient placement within the room.

    Cons: Some Bluetooth signal interference (static sound) from other wireless devices (laptop PC) operating in close proximity of the sound bar and subwoofer


    Bri from Philadelphia on 12/18/2014

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Easy to hook up and a lot louder than I expected. Even if I have the volume on 8, you can hear it in the next room. God forbid I play call of duty. You can feel every gunshot throughout the house. I would definitely recommend it. You won't be disappointed.



    samsung HW-550

    frank p from Rome,New York on 12/5/2014

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    I am very pleased with my new sound bar. It is much better than just the tv speakers, and goes well with my samsung smart tv from crutchfield also.

    Pros: directions were easy to follow to set up, and having a samsung smart tv made the connections easy,

    Cons: At this point I have no complaints

    Samsung HW-H550 Integration

    Robert from Columbia, SC on 11/10/2014

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    First of all, thanks to the Crutchfield team! Excellent service and fast shipping. My speakers arrived next day. The speakers sound great. Much better than the TV speakers. Instructions were not totally clear. I call Crutchfield tech support and they walked me through the install. The only problem, even after updating my TV software, the Anynet+ setting only remained in the off position. It worked, but only manually. I still have to manually start the sound bar and it cuts off automatically.

    Pros: Sounds great!

    Cons: Not full automatic with the TV remote as advertised

    Samsung soundbar

    BobS from Ohio on 10/9/2014

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Got this as a promo for buying the Samsung F8500 60 inch. I much prefer true surround sound, but, this isn't bad. Movies sound good. It has some cool features absent on other sound bars (USB, ARC, HDMI pass through). Not really "built" for music, though. The only thing I would would have REALLY liked to have on this would have been a selectable crossover point for the sub.

    Pros: Wireless sub, inputs, easy to use

    Cons: a little pricey

    Samsung HW-H550

    wessmith98 from Smithfield, NC on 10/3/2014

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Sounds a lot better than the TV's speakers. It does seem to sound funny through the sub woofer on some programming though. It can also be set up to come on when you turn the TV on but took me a long time to find the instructions

    Pros: Sound, looks good, wireless, automatic on/off

    Cons: Instructions not great on setting up auto on/off, sounds cuts in and out on subwoofer on some programming

    Samsung HW-H550

    Anonymous from BROOKLYN, NY on 10/2/2014

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)




    Samsung HW-H550

    Tom I from Gilbert Az on 9/22/2014

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Great upgrade from the lesser unit. Good looks, great sound.

    Pros: Nice appearance, great sound.

    Cons: None

    Samsung TV and Soundbar don't fully integrate

    Mark from Santa Cruz, Ca on 4/28/2014

    There are many tales on the Internet of people who got this to work or died trying. I tried every variation, nothing works the way I wanted. The recommended way according to Samsung is to connect the HDMI OUT on the Soundbar, to the HDMI input with ARC on the TV, for me this was HDMI 2 (ARC). This uses the Audio Return Channel, if your TV has one, so only one HDMI cable is used to make the Soundbar a monitor for the TV audio. In this configuration you can turn on Anynet and set the config on the TV to use a Receiver (Soundbar). Now the volume can be controlled by the TV remote. This is kind of what I wanted and I was delighted when the Soundbar also turned off (standby actually) when the TV was turned off. Unfortunately when turning the TV back on again, the Soundbar did not also turn on. Worse, the Config step had to be repeated, the TV did not remember it had a receiver connected. By experimentation I have found there are two ways of using the Soundbar when connected this way. If the Soundbar is in Standby mode, after turning the TV on you can enter config/tools, do an Anynet device search which will wake up the Soundbar, then set the speakers to be a Receiver. The TV will not retain this setting, you have to do it every time. The other method is to turn on the TV, then turn on the Soundbar using its own remote or the switch on top. The TV will then find a new device connected and automatically use ARC to output to the Soundabar.

    Pros: Sounds better than flat panel TV speakers

    Cons: Won't fully integrate with Samsung TV. Won't turn on from standby with TV. When connected with HDMI, can control volume with TV remote but has to be configured each time or turned on with Soundbar remote. Can't get to a One Remote solution despite Anynet claims.


    Hands-on research

    Features and Specs

    Enclosure Sealed
    Design ---
    Pieces in System 2
    Color Black
    Tweeter ---
    Midrange ---
    Woofer ---
    Separate Subwoofer Yes
    Subwoofer Driver 6.5"
    Surround Sound Decoding No
    Dialogue Enhancement ---
    Auto Volume ---
    4K Video Compatible No
    HDR Video Compatible ---
    Audio Return Channel ---
    Remote IR Passthrough No
    Works with TV Remote (IR) ---
    Control by App ---
    Bluetooth Connectivity Yes
    Wi-Fi No
    Wall-mountable Yes
    Mounting Bracket Included Yes
    Surface Mount Stand Included Integrated
    Speaker Parts Warranty 1 Year
    Speaker Labor Warranty 1 Year
    Amplifier Parts Warranty 1 Year
    Amplifier Labor Warranty 1 Year
    System Frequency Response Not Given
    Powered System Yes
    Sound Bar RMS Power 160
    Subwoofer RMS Power 160
    Inputs and Outputs
    Mini Stereo Audio Inputs 1
    RCA Stereo Audio Inputs None
    Optical Digital Audio Inputs 1
    Coaxial Digital Audio Inputs None
    HDMI Inputs 1
    HDMI Outputs 1
    USB Port No
    Subwoofer Output Wireless
    Sound Bar (inches) 2-1/8H x 37-3/16W x 2-5/8D
    Sound Bar Weight 4.85 lbs
    Subwoofer (inches) 14-9/16H x 11-1/2W x 11-3/4D
    Subwoofer Weight 16.52 lbs

    Product Research



    Wireless Audio Soundbar System: The Samsung HW-H550 wireless audio soundbar system is a 2.1-channel audio system that lets you experience a rich, powerful virtual surround sound from just two active speakers; a soundbar & wireless subwoofer. The slim, compact Samsung HW-H550 's soundbar can be mounted on the wall or placed on a table-top, while the wireless powered subwoofer can be positioned anywhere in the room to achieve maximum audio performance. The system offers HDMI, optical, stereo minijack, USB, and Bluetooth connectivity.

    Active Soundbar: The soundbar is a self-powered, two-channel speaker which provides enveloping virtual surround sound from a single speaker. The soundbar includes multiple full-range drivers housed in an acoustic suspension (sealed) enclosure. The soundbar features a built-in 80 watts x 2-channel amplifier to drive its speakers. The soundbar is designed to be mounted directly below or above your flat-panel HDTV in a horizontal orientation. The soundbar can be placed on a shelf or table-top. The soundbar also includes a wall-mount bracket which allows you to fix the speaker to your wall (bracket adds 0.375" to depth of speaker). The soundbar offers analog audio and digital audio/video connections (including HDMI), as well as Bluetooth connectivity.

    Wireless Powered Subwoofer: The wireless powered subwoofer receives its low-frequency audio signal wirelessly from the soundbar via 2.4GHz transmission. There are no cords to connect, except the AC power cord. You can place the wireless powered subwoofer up to 33' away from the soundbar. The wireless powered subwoofer features a rear-firing 6.5" woofer inside a bass-reflex cabinet with a rear-firing port. The woofer is powered by a built-in 160 watt amplifier.

    Crystal Sound Pro: Crystal Sound Pro amplifies this home audio system with the latest in sound clarity. It filters out distortion and noise so you can enjoy near professional sound quality.

    Surround Sound Decoding: The Samsung HW-H550 wireless audio soundbar system employs decoders compatible with Dolby Digital, DTS, and Samsung's Sound Effect modes.

    • Dolby Digital: This is the standard audio signal format used on DVDs, and other purely digital media. This surround technology delivers high-quality digital audio of up to 5.1 discrete channels to produce a directional and more realistic effect.
    • DTS: DTS provides a discrete 5.1 channel digital audio signal for both music and movie content and uses less compression than Dolby Digital for richer sound.
    • Surround Sound: This feature adds depth and spaciousness to the system for a virtual surround sound effect.
    • Sound Effects: The Samsung HW-H550 offers 5 different sound effects modes (Music, Voice, Sports, Cinema, and Standard), depending on the type of content you want to enjoy.


    HDMI 1.4 Input/Output: The soundbar of the Samsung HW-H550 wireless audio soundbar system is fitted with an HDMI 1.4 input and HDMI 1.4 output. HDMI transmits video and audio signals simultaneously for a simpler connection, and provides a clearer picture and better sound. The unit's HDMI input and output support 3D-video, Deep Color, and x.v.Color pass-through. The HDMI output also supports ARC. You should connect your Blu-ray player or satellite/cable box directly to the HW-H550's HDMI input and then connect the soundbar system's HDMI output to your flat-panel TV's ARC-enabled HDMI input.

    • 3D: The HW-H550 can pass through 3D video from 3D-ready Blu-ray players to 3D-ready TVs, via HDMI (1.4). You will also need compatible 3D-ready glasses and 3D-video content.
    • Deep/x.v.Color: Deep Color allows more accurate color reproduction with deep color depth. The unit also supports x.v.Color; meaning it's ready for x.v.Color discs, such as AVCHD discs (MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 format).
    • ARC: The unit's HDMI output also supports the ARC function. This allows you to connect your Blu-ray/DVD player or satellite/cable box directly to the system's HDMI input and connect the system's HDMI output to your television for audio from the wireless audio soundbar system or your TV. Your TV must also be ARC compatible.
    Note:The With most televisions, the ARC-enabled HDMI input will pass Dolby Digital or 2ch PCM from the TV's built-in tuner, network connection or USB port. However, the ARC-enabled HDMI input can only pass 2ch PCM from devices connected to the TV via HDMI or analog.

    Bluetooth Technology: The Samsung wireless audio soundbar system features built-in Bluetooth (v.2.0) for wireless audio streaming and Samsung's new TV SoundConnect function.

    • Bluetooth A2DP: You can wirelessly stream audio from your Bluetooth-enabled smartphone (like your iPhone or Android) to the Samsung HW-H550 and enjoy music with high quality stereo sound, all without wires. The HW-H550 does not control your Bluetooth-enabled device; you will continue to control your music from your Bluetooth-enabled device. Song/artist information will also still need to be viewed from your Bluetooth-enabled device.
    • SoundConnect: You can simplify the installation of the HW-H550 by eliminating the need for a wired connection between a Bluetooth-enabled Samsung TV and the soundbar. Simply plug the soundbar and the subwoofer into AC power and follow the simple pairing instructions to wirelessly connect the soundbar to select Bluetooth-enabled Samsung TVs. SoundConnect is only available one select 2013 and 2014 Samsung 3D TVs (LED Series 6400 or higher and PDP Series 5500 or higher).

    Note: Due to the differences in Bluetooth technology, some Bluetooth enabled devices may be incompatible, function improperly, or may not support all features when used with the Samsung HW-H550.

    Analog + Digital Inputs: The Samsung HW-H550 wireless audio soundbar system features both analog (3.5mm) and digital (optical) audio inputs.

    • Optical Digital Input: The Samsung HW-H550 wireless audio soundbar system's soundbar is equipped with an optical (toslink) digital input to connect your television, Blu-ray/DVD player, or satellite/cable box. The digital optical output terminals of most newer flat-panel TVs only send an audio signal in 5.1ch when receiving Dolby Digital/DTS surround sound from the TV's built-in tuner, network connection, or connected USB device; and will output only 2ch stereo from sources connected to the TV via HDMI, or RCA (like your Blue-ray/DVD player or satellite/cable box).
    • AUX Input: The Samsung HW-H550 's soundbar features a stereo audio minijack (3.5mm) input to connect your analog television or other analog audio component.

    Note: To get the best audio performance out of the Samsung HW-H550, use the system's HDMI input and optical digital input to connect your Blu-ray player and satellite/cable box. Then connect the system's HDMI output to your TV's HDMI ARC input. By connecting your Blu-ray player and satellite/cable box directly to the soundbar system, you'll gain Dolby Digital/DTS decoding from these two sources.

    USB Port: You can connect and play music files from external USB mass storage class devices (such as smartphones, MP3 players or USB thumbrives) using the soundbar's rear-panel USB (type-A) port, right-angle USB adapter, and included USB extension cable. The HW-H550 supports USB devices formatted in FAT16/32 with MP3, WMA, AAC, WAV, FLAC, or OGG music files. You can control basic playback functions; such as Play/Pause, Fast-Forward/Backward, Previous/Next Track, and Repeat/Random. The system will also charge (5V/0.5A) your connected USB device.

    Software Upgrades: Samsung may offer upgrades for the system's firmware in the future. Upgrades will be possible by downloading firmware upgrades to a USB thumbdrive and connecting the thumbdrive to the soundbar's USB port.


    Audio Settings: The Samsung wireless audio soundbar system provides various audio adjustments to customize your listening experience.

    • Smart Volume: This function will regulate and stabilize the volume level against a drastic volume change in case of a channel change or scene transition.
    • AV Sync: AV Sync can be used to help sync video to audio when connected to a digital HDTV. Video may look slower than the audio if it is connected to a digital TV. If this occurs, you can adjust the audio delay time to match the video. You can adjust the AV Sync from 0 to 300ms.
    • Tone Control: You can independently adjust the system's Bass & Treble from -3 to +3.
    • Subwoofer Level: You can independently adjust the volume of the wireless powered subwoofer from -6 to +6, using the system's remote control.
    • Speaker Selection: This function enables you to select between listening to audio from your TV or audio from the active soundbar system when connected via HDMI.

    Remote Control: The included IR remote control provides wireless operation of the Samsung HW-H550 system and can also be used to control your connected Samsung TV. The remote control has a TV hotkey that enables you to perform various operations with the simple press of a button. You can adjust the volume or change the channel on the Samsung TV. Other unique remote control features include:

    • Smart On: When used with a 2013 or 2014 Samsung LED-LCD or Plasma TV, you will be able to power on the soundbar and control the volume right from the TV's remote.
    • Anynet+: Anynet+ is a convenient feature that offers linked operation with other Samsung components (up to 12) that have the Anynet+ feature, and lets you control those products with one Samsung remote control. To operate this function, you must connect Samsung HW-H550 wireless audio soundbar system to an Anynet+ Samsung TV using an HDMI cable.

    Auto Power On/Off: The Samsung wireless audio soundbar system offers Auto Power On/Off functionality.

    • Power Link (Auto On): The wireless audio soundbar system is automatically turned on when you turn on your TV or any device connected to the wireless audio soundbar system with an optical cable.
    • Auto Off:  If a TV or any device connected to the wireless audio soundbar system is off and there is no audio signal, the soundbar system will turn off after 20 minutes.

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    Q & A

    Customer Q&A

    4 questions already asked

    No. The only out port on sound bar is a HDMI.[ MARK  Apr 27, 2015 ]
    i have no idea[ JAMES A  Apr 27, 2015 ]
    Not sure? I have two of these sound bar/subwoofers. They work well. If money is no object would suggest Sonos sound bar/subwoofers from Crutchfield. Had a damaged in shipment issue with my last ordered Samsung sound bar/subwoofers and Crutchfield sent a replacement express prepaid. Very impressed with Crutchfield promptness.[ Robert  Apr 26, 2015 ]
    YOut can use it with any TV. I had a 55" Sony Bravia and then bought a 65" Samsung. But yes, it works with any TV.[ Chris  Mar 20, 2015 ]
    I have bought two of these. One came damaged from Crutchfield. I reported the damage and Crutchfield sent another immediately. They also arranged for pick up of the damaged unit. Both units were originally used with Vizio TV's. Now one is still Vizio and the other we mated with a new Samsung TV. There are some issues where the Samsung sound bar does jive better with a Samsung TV. I did upgrade one of our sound bars to a Sonos sound bar and if you can afford it you might want to check that out too. Will have two of the identical Samsung sound bars and they work fine for us.[ Robert  Mar 20, 2015 ]
    Any TV as long as you have a audio output jack on it. It also has a fiber optic jack on the sound bar. If your TV has one, that will work also. You can plug it into a cable/TV box also if your TV hasn't got the right jacks.[ MARK  Mar 20, 2015 ]
    It can be used with any TV using the optical or HDMI digital inputs, or the 1/8" analog input. The wireless connection will only work with a compatible Samsung TV, but even then that feature is pretty useless (there's an unacceptable audio lag).[ Eric  Mar 20, 2015 ]
    its a great product and im told it can be used on any tv[ VINCENT  Mar 20, 2015 ]
    the blue light on top of the sub-woofer will be on and if you use the bar remote volume level and mode will display on front of bar[ JAMES A  Jul 21, 2014 ]
    We have not received any answers from other customers on your question. I would recommend reaching out to an Advisor by phone (1-800-324-9695) or online chat. They should be able to help answer your question.[ Krissy  Jul 22, 2014 ]  Staff