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Samsung WB850F

Long-zoom 16.2-megapixel compact camera with Wi-Fi® and GPS

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Our take on the Samsung WB850F

The Samsung WB850F comes out of the box ready to travel. From the moment you see the custom-built Schneider-Kreuznach 21X long-zoom lens, you'll know this camera has the tools to capture life's great memories. And with travel-essential features like GPS-enabled Live Landmark mode, which accesses an internal database to tell you about the point of interest in front of you, you'll be set for adventures on the road.

Ready for the open road

The Samsung WB850F comes out of the box ready to travel. From the moment you see the custom-built Schneider-Kreuznach 21X long-zoom lens, you'll know this camera has the tools to capture life's great memories. And with travel-essential features like GPS-enabled Live Landmark mode, which accesses an internal database to tell you about the point of interest in front of you, you'll be set for adventures on the road.

Share your creativity with the world

What fun is creative freedom without an audience to appreciate it? Built-in Wi-Fi® browsing means your camera is connected to the world, anywhere you have a network connection. Send photos directly to social media sites, to your Android™ smartphone or tablet, or via email, straight from your camera. Back up your hard-won images wirelessly to a PC or to Microsoft SkyDrive® cloud storage. View the photos without connecting a wire on a compatible Wi-Fi HDTV. The Samsung WB850F is set to route your pictures wherever you'd like them to go.

Close-up and clear

The 16.2-megapixel CMOS sensor will ensure that your captured images are clear, rich and vibrant, even in low-light. A high-intensity three-inch AMOLED display will enable to monitor your subject from wide angles with accurate color representation, even outdoors. You'll be shooting HD videos at a full 1080/30p resolution so you won't miss a detail or a second of the events that mean the most to you. And don't forget the special super slow-motion modes: you can capture a jaw-dropping 480 frames-per-second in a small, 176 x 128 pixel window.

Product Highlights:

  • 16.2-megapixel effective recording
  • 21X optical zoom Schneider-Kreuznach lens
  • 3" AMOLED, 921K-dot rear display for detailed and color-accurate wide-angle monitoring, even outdoors
  • records photos and video onto SD, SDHC and SDXC memory cards
  • 35mm equivalent focal length: 23-483mm
Special Features:
  • instantly share your photos around the world with camera's built-in Wi-Fi® browser
  • Auto-Backup wirelessly transfers your images to a PC with the touch of a button
  • send images wirelessly to Smart TVs equipped with "Wi-Fi Direct" or "TV Link"
  • full high-definition movie mode (up to 1080/30p resolution)
  • high-speed (super slow-motion) frame rates: 480fps at 176x128 pixels; 240fps at 384 x 288
  • 1/2.3" CMOS sensor provides enhanced low light performance
  • Artistic Brush turns your photos into black and white sketches that you can paint colors into as you choose
  • Picture-in-Picture Shot lets you insert one image or movie within another to tell a story with two angles
  • red-eye reduction flash mode
  • bundled software (Intelli-studio, Creative Movie Maker) increases your creative options
  • live panorama mode lets you preview the panoramic image before you snap it
  • Live Landmark mode lets you use built-in GPS to access information about points of interest in front of you
Connections and Dimensions:

What's in the Box:

  • Digital camera (black)
  • SLB-10A Lithium-Ion battery (3.7 Volts/1050 mAh/3.8 Wh)
  • Wrist strap
  • AD5055 AC adapter (5 Volts/550 mAh)
  • 20" USB cable (with Type A USB on one end and a proprietary connection on the other end)
  • Software CD-ROM
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Samsung International Warranty Certificate
  • Product Registration sheet
  • Safety precautions sheet

Samsung WB850F Reviews

Average Customer Review(s):

(1 Review)


Phyllis from Williamsport, PA on 1/11/2013

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

This camera takes "ok" pictures, but at the price paid for the convenience of having WiFi connectivity, it isn't a bargain for me. It has a lot of delay when taking pictures, causing missed shots. Trading in quality in shots and shutter speed is not worth having the WiFi. The connectivity software isn't really all that great either, as none of the software that I loaded onto my computer works properly, and all of the picture uploads are manual, and so slow, that it makes it more convenient to take out the memory card and upload them that way.

Pros: Compact and good zoom in one package

Cons: Poor shutter speed, and WiFi connectivity isn't all that great.


Hands-on research

Features and Specs

LCD Screen Size 3"
Adjustable-angle LCD No
Wi-Fi Built-in
Touchscreen No
Waterproof No
GPS-enabled Yes
Lens 35mm Equivalent 23-483mm
Optical Zoom 21x
Digital Zoom 4x
Filter Diameter N/A
Manual Focusing Yes
Manual Exposure Yes
Built-in Flash Yes
HDMI Output Micro
Internal Memory None
Memory Media SD/SDHC/SDXC
Sensor Size 1/2.3" BSI CMOS
Megapixels 16.2
Image Stabilization Optical + Digital
Highest Resolution 4608 x 3456
4K Video No
Video Resolution 1920 x 1080, 1280 x 720
Width (inches) 4-3/8
Height (inches) 2-9/16
Depth (inches) 1-7/16
Weight With Battery (ounces) Not Given
Parts Warranty 1 Year
Labor Warranty 1 Year

Product Research

Record Features
Built-in Wi-Fi
Play, Print, and Edit Features
Battery Information
Supplied Software

Record Features

3" LCD Monitor: The Samsung WB150F digital camera features a 3" color TFT LCD monitor with 460,000 dots. The monitor's brightness can be set to Normal, Dark, Bright, or Auto.

Dual Media: The Samsung WB150F digital camera can record still images and video onto its built-in 18 MB flash memory or on SD cards (up to 2 GB) SDHC cards (up to 32 GB), or SDXC cards (up to 64 GB). Larger card sizes are not guaranteed by Samsung.

Built-in Wi-Fi: The WB150F has built-in Wi-Fi, which lets you instantly share your photos wirelessly from your home network or a public Wi-Fi hotspot. You can also send photos or videos to your smartphone. For more details, see the section on Built-in Wi-Fi below.

Image Recording Format: The digital camera records still images in JPEG format.  High Definition movies are recorded at 30 fps or 15 fps in MPEG-4 AVC (H.264) format with AAC audio.

Image Sensor: The Samsung WB150F digital camera is equipped with a 1/2.3" CCD image sensor with a total pixel count of approximately 16.4 megapixels and an effective pixel count of approximately 14.2 megapixels for high quality still images and video.

Image Sizes: The camera can record JPEG still images in a 3:2, 4:3, 1:1, or 16:9 aspect ratio with three compression ratio settings (Super Fine, Fine, and Normal). HD and SD movies can be recorded in MPEG-4 (H.264) up to 20 minutes in length. The camera offers the following still image and movie sizes:

Photo Size Resolution Aspect Ratio
14M 4320 x 3240 4:3
12M 4320 x 2880 3:2
10M 4320 x 2432 16:9
10M 3648 x 2736 4:3
8M 2832 x 2832 1:1
5M 2592 x 1944 4:3
3M 1984 x 1488 4:3
2M 1920 x 1080 16:9
1M 1024 x 768 4:3
Movie Size Resolution Aspect Ratio
HD 1280 x 720 16:9
VGA 640 x 480 4:3
QVGA 320 x 240 4:3
240 Web 320 x 240 4:3

Lens: The WB150F digital camera features a 18x optical zoom Schneider-KREUZNACH lens with a focal length of 4.0 to 72.0 mm (35mm equivalent is 24-432mm). The f-stop range is f/3.2 (W) - 5.8 (T).

Digital Zoom: In addition to the 18x optical zoom, the camera provides a 5x digital zoom for a total zoom of 90x for still picture shooting.

Focus Modes: The Samsung WB150F offers the following focus modes and the focusing range:

  • Normal: 31.5" to infinity (W), 98.4" to infinity (T)
  • Macro: 1.97" to 31.5" (W), 39.37" to 98.4" (T)
  • Auto Macro: 1.97" to infinity (W), 39.37" to infinity (T)
  • Manual Focus: 1.97" to infinity (W), 39.37" to infinity (T)

Focusing Area: You can select your preferred auto focus area:

  • Center AF: the rectangular area in the center of the LCD monitor will be focused
  • Multi AF: camera selects one or more of the 9 AF points
  • Tracking AF: you can focus on your subject and track them as they move within the frame.

Face Detection: With the Face Detection feature, the camera detects faces in a scene and then automatically focuses and optimizes the brightness of the face for beautiful portrait pictures. The Face Detection feature detects up to 12 different faces, automatically adjusts focus and brightness, and also senses and removes red-eye. The camera offers the following Face Detection modes:

  • Normal: This mode detects the face position of the subject automatically and the sets the focus and exposure.
  • Smile Shot: The camera automatically takes a picture by detecting the face of the subject although you do not press the shutter button. If you press the Shutter button, the picture is taken in the normal way. When taking a picture with smile shot, showing teeth or keeping the smiley face of your subject helps detecting the smile face of the subject.
  • Blink Detection: If the eyes of the subject are closed when the shutter button is pressed, the camera takes 2 continuous shots and then the images are saved. The camera takes only one picture if the eyes of the subject are open when the Shutter button is pressed.
  • Smart Face Recognition: The camera automatically registers faces that you often photograph. The Smart Face Recognition feature automatically prioritizes the focus on those faces and on favorite faces.

Focus Lock: Use the camera's focus lock function to focus on a subject not positioned in the center of the picture.

Drive Modes: The camera offers four drive modes to suit your shooting needs:

  • Single: Takes on picture only.
  • Continuous: Images will be taken continuously until the shutter button is released.
  • Motion Capture: This takes 5 shots per second when the shutter button is held down. A maximum number of 30 shots can be taken and the image sized is fixed to VGA (640 x 480).
  • AEB (Auto Exposure Bracketing): Takes three pictures in a series in different exposures - standard exposure, under exposure, and over exposure.

Self-Timer: The Samsung WB150F offers three self-timer functions:

  • 10 Sec Self-Timer: Pressing the shutter button will allows an interval of 10 seconds before the image is taken.
  • 2 Sec Self-Timer: Pressing the shutter button will allows an interval of 2 seconds before the image is taken.
  • Double Self-Timer: A picture will be taken after about 10 seconds and 2 seconds later a second picture will be taken.

Recording Mode: The WB150F offers various recording modes to choose from to match your shooting preference:

  • Smart Auto: The camera automatically chooses the appropriate camera settings based on a detected type of scene. It will automatically select one of the 16 scene modes which best suits the environment you are shooting in.
  • Program: Select this mode to manual configure all functions of the camera, except the aperture value and shutter speed.
  • Aperture Priority: The camera selects a shutter speed based on the aperture value you have set manually.
  • Shutter Priority: The camera selects an aperture value based on the shutter speed you have set manually.
  • Manual: Adjust various camera settings including shutter speed and aperture value.
  • Movie Mode: While shooting a movie, you can customize the settings.
  • Scene Modes: The WB150F's various scenes modes automatically configures the camera's optimal settings for a variety of shooting situations.
    • Beauty Shot: Capture a portrait with options to hide facial imperfections
    • Night: Capture scenes at night or in low lighting (tripod recommended)
    • Landscape: to take pictures of distant scenery
    • Sunset: for taking pictures of sunsets
    • Dawn: daybreak scenes
    • Backlight: portrait without shadows caused by backlight
    • Beach & Snow: for ocean, lake, beach, and snowscape scenes
    • Text: use this mode to shoot a document
  • Live Panorama Mode: You can capture a wide panoramic scene in a single photo.

Exposure Compensation: This camera automatically adjusts the exposure according the ambient light conditions. You can also select the exposure value from +2.0EV to -2.0EV in steps of 1/3EV.

Metering Mode: If you cannot obtain suitable exposure conditions, you can change the camera's metering method to take brighter pictures. You can choose from 3 modes:

  • Multi: Exposure will be calculated based on an average of the available light in the image area. This is suitable for general use.
  • Spot: Only the rectangular area in the center of the LCD monitor will be metered for light. This is suitable when the subject in the center is exposed correctly, regardless of the back lighting.
  • Center Weighted: Exposure will be calculated based on an average of the available light in the image area. However, the calculation will be biased towards the center of the image area. This is suitable for taking a picture of small objects like a flower or insects.

Built-in Flash: The Samsung digital camera features a built-in flash with a variable range based on the auto focus mode. The flash has a range of 11.81" to 11.48' (W) and 19.69" to 6.23' (T). You can choose from the following flash modes:

  • Auto Flash: If the subject or background is dark, the camera flash will operate automatically.
  • Fill In Flash: The flash fires regardless of the available light. The intensity of the flash will be automatically controlled to suit the prevailing condition.
  • Slow Sync: The flash operates with a slow shutter speed to obtain a balanced correct exposure.
  • Red-Eye Reduction: The flash fires when the subject or background is dark. When a shot with "red-eye" is detected, this mode will reduce the red-eyed effect automatically.
  • Red-Eye Fix: The flash fires when the subject or background is dark, and the camera corrects red eyes through its advanced software analysis
  • Flash Off: The flash does not fire.

White Balance: The white balance control allows you to adjust the colors to appear more natural. The camera has seven white balance modes.

  • Auto WB: The camera automatically selects the appropriate white balance settings, depending on the prevailing lighting conditions.
  • Daylight: For taking images outside.
  • Cloudy: For taking images under a cloudy and overcast sky.
  • Fluorescent H: For shooting under daylight fluorescent type of three-way fluorescent lighting.
  • Fluorescent L: Shooting under white fluorescent lighting.
  • Tungsten: For shooting under tungsten (standard light bulb) lighting.
  • Color Temp: Allows you to adjust the color temp between 3000 K and 10000 K.
  • Custom Set: Allows you to set the white balance according to the shooting condition.

ISO Sensitivity: You can select the ISO sensitivity when taking pictures. The speed or specific light-sensitivity of a camera is rated by ISO numbers. A higher ISO setting allows for faster shutter speed, so you can take photos indoors or in low light without the need for a flash. The camera features the following ISO settings - Auto, 80, 100, 200, 400, 800, 1600, and 3200.

Built-in Wi-Fi

Instant Sharing: When you are connected to a WLAN, you can instantly upload photos and videos to social networks like Facebook, or email them directly from the camera.

Auto Backup: The Auto Backup feature allows you to wirelessly transfer and store your photos and videos on your PC with the touch of a button. The supplied Intelli-studio software (Windows OS only) must be installed on your PC in order to take advantage of this feature.

Smartphone Options: The camera can connect to some smartphones that support the MobileLink feature via a wireless network and send photos or videos. You can also use your smartphone as a remote shutter release.

Note: MobileLink and the Remote Viewfinder features are supported by Galaxy S smartphones with the Android 2.2 OS or higher, and by the 7" and 10.1" Galaxy Tab. These features may be supported by other devices with Android 2.2 or higher, but Samsung makes no guarantee of its functionality.

SkyDrive: You can upload your photos to the SkyDrive cloud server.

TV Link: TV Link is a technology for sharing media files between a camera and a TV connected to the same AP device. You can view your photos or videos on a TV Link-enabled HDTV.

Play, Print, and Edit Features

Quick View: If you enable the Quick View function before capturing an image, you can view the image you just captured on the camera's LCD monitor.

Smart Album: Recorded content can be categorized by date, face list, file type, or all, and you can filter playback to these categories.

Thumbnail Playback: You can view multiple pictures (12 or 24) on the LCD monitor at once.

Slide Show: Images can be displayed continuously, at intervals of 1, 3, 5, or 10 seconds, with various slide-show effects on the camera's LCD monitor. The camera offer pre-recorded background music to play along with your still image slide show.

Image Zoom: A single image can be zoomed in for a closer look. Once the image is zoomed in, you can pan around to different areas of the image.

Movie Playback: You can playback a movie clip on the camera's LCD monitor. The camera offers basic playback functions such as Play, Pause, Scan backward, and Scan Forward. You can also adjust the volume level of the playback audio.

Edit: The Samsung WB150F digital camera offers various editing features so you can manipulate your pictures right from the camera once they have been recorded.

  • Resize: You can change the resolution (size) of a pictures taken to a smaller size.
  • Crop Portraits: You can extract and save close-up portraits automatically from landscape shot.
  • Image Rotation: You can rotate and image 360-degrees in 90-degree increments.
  • Smart Filter: It is possible to add various effects to your recorded images, such as Miniature, Vignetting, Ink Painting, Oil Painting, Cartoon, Cross Filter, Sketch, Soft Focus, Fish-eye, Old Film, Half-Tone Dot, Classic, Retro, and Zooming shot.
  • Image Adjust: You can adjust the following elements of a recorded image:
    • ACB (Auto Contrast Balance): You can automatically adjust the brightness of the dark area of a recorded image, caused by under exposure to the light source.
    • Red-Eye Fix: The red-eye effect can be removed from a captured image.
    • Face Retouch: You can make the skin in a recorded image appear more clear and beautiful.
    • Brightness
    • Contrast
    • Saturation

Protecting Images: This is used to protect specific shots from being accidentally erased.

PictBridge (1.0) Printing Capability: Using the supplied USB cable, you can connect this camera directly to a PictBridge compliant printer. PictBridge is a new standard that allows you to connect a PictBridge compliant camera directly to a PictBridge compliant printer and make prints, regardless of brand.


A/V-USB: The Samsung WB150F features a single proprietary connection which allows you to connect the camera to your computer or your TV. Using the supplied USB cable, you can connect the camera to your computer to transfer photos and videos. To connect to your TV, you'll need an optional A/V cable. The video output can be set to NTSC or PAL.

Battery Information

Rechargeable Li-ion Battery: The Samsung WB150F comes supplied with a rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery (SLB-10A) which provides up to 270 still image shots or 110 minutes of movie recording. The supplied AC adapter and USB cable charges the Lithium-Ion battery in approximately 240 minutes. Charging via your computer's USB takes longer.

Auto Power Off: This function switches the camera off after a set amount of time (of no operation) in order to prevent unnecessary battery drainage. The camera can be set to turn off after 1, 3, 5, or 10 minutes of no operation.

Supplied Software

Supplied Software: The Samsung WB150F comes with Intelli-Studio and PC Auto Backup software, as well as the full User Manual, on CD-ROM. Intelli-Studio is compatible only with Windows XP (SP2), Windows Vista, and Windows 7. It does not work with Macintosh computers. With Intelli-Studio, you can transfer files to your computer, edit them, and upload them to the web.

Macintosh: When you connect the camera to a Macintosh computer via USB, the computer will automatically recognize the device. You can transfer files directly from the camera to the computer without installing any programs. The camera supports Mac OS X 10.4 or later.

Our Product Research Team

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Staff Reviews

Product reviews from the Crutchfield Labs

Impressive display

Written by Ralph Graves, Staff Writer - Creative, on 6/28/2012 4:13:00 PM

When I first fired the WB850F up, I was immediately struck by the quality of the display. It's very crisp with plenty of detail, making it easy to compose shots.

I also like the no-nonsense aspect of this camera. Sure, it has some artistic effects you can add before uploading to your favorite social media site. But they're not over the top and a very small part of the camera's feature set.

I'd say this was a point-and-shoot for someone who's a little more serious about their photography than the average person. It has all the tools you need to take your pictures a little bit further, and still has all the automatic settings you need to snap great shots without thinking.

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