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Samsung Connect Home Wi-Fi® Router 3-Pack

High-performance mesh Wi-Fi system and SmartThings hub (3-pack)

45 Reviews | 3 questions - 3 answers

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Our take on the Samsung Connect Home Wi-Fi® Router 3-Pack

Connect the three included Samsung Connect Home modules in this package to provide up to 4,500 feet of strong, fast dual-band Wi-Fi for your home. Each module also functions as a SmartThings hub, so you can control your smart home devices from a single app.

The free Samsung Connect app lets you use your router to control SmartThings devices throughout your home.

The free Samsung Connect app lets you use your router to control SmartThings devices throughout your home.

A smart router network for your Smart Home

Connect the three included Samsung Connect Home modules in this package to provide up to 4,500 feet of strong, fast dual-band Wi-Fi for your home. Each module also functions as a SmartThings hub, so you can control your smart home devices from a single app.

Do-it-all app

Download the free Samsung Connect app to help you set up your router, and then you'll keep finding more uses for it. 

The app will help you locate and connect to Wi-Fi-enabled Samsung devices on your network, along with hundreds of other smart home products. The list includes TVs, appliances, speakers, door locks, thermostats, cameras, and more. You can schedule daily tasks, set up alerts, and issue instant remote commands, even when you're not at home.

Product Highlights:

  • each router node covers up to 1,500 square feet with strong, fast Wi-Fi
  • SmartThings hub functionality lets you control compatible devices with your phone, tablet, or voice
  • Each module: AC1300 dual-band Wi-Fi (400 + 866 Mbps)
    • up to 400 Mbps on 802.11n band
    • up to 866 Mbps on 802.11ac band
  • free Samsung Connect app offers easy setup and control options
  • connect up to two additional nodes to expand coverage
  • 710 MHz quad core processor
  • 512MB of RAM and 4GB of flash memory
  • warranty: 1 year
  • Our 60-day money-back guarantee

What's in the Box:

  • 3 Smart WiFi router/hubs
  • 3 AC power adapters (attached 5.5' DC cords)
  • 59" Ethernet cable
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Setup Card

The Samsung Connect Home is easy to set up and start using. WiFi is now faster, easier to use, and we haven't had to troubleshoot with any of our devices since hooking them up through this system!

Corey, Billings, MT


Samsung Connect Home Wi-Fi® Router 3-Pack Reviews

Average Customer Review(s):

(45 Reviews)

Samsung Connect Home Wi-Fi® Router 3-Pack

Lester from Lexington, KY on 7/26/2018

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I have tried a few wireless routers and they never seem to work, they still dropped my signal. this one worked great , i am covering 2,600 square feet and have no problems. and what can you say about crutchfield they are always friendly and knowledgeable which makes it a pleasure to do business with them.

Pros: strong signal

Cons: none that i can see

Consistent, fast connection but a frustrating setup process

Stephen from Monroe, GA on 7/9/2018

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I wish I could give 3.5 stars. The set up was a frustrating process, requiring me to call Samsung support and spend about one hour on the phone with them. The support person was great, and I really appreciated him; however, this was not the simple setup that many others described. It seemed to center around the need for me to register & create an account with Samsung before the router would connect me to the internet, which I don't like. Sometime in the past, I guess my email got registered for another product and somewhere the Samsung gods did not want to let it connect. I am sure that many of these systems require an account registration, but I still do not like it. It may persuade me to return it after a few weeks. I do not like products that require the download of their apps as a means of marketing. As for connection, I cannot complain. It has been solid & fast, nothing has dropped in the last week of use. Connected to it are: 5 phones, 2 tablets, 5 laptops, 2 Google minis, 1 ps4, 2 wireless bluray players, & 1 desktop PC. I cannot attest to the range yet since the house I am temporarily living in is small; I purchased this for the house we are planning to move into in about a month which is much bigger with very old, solid construction where signals have difficulty passing through. The range of the three units seem to be as advertised, but they are much closer than they would normally be. If there are negative coverage issues there I will update the r

Pros: Very fast, consistent connection over about twenty devices.

Cons: Frustrating setup process that requires a different app than what is in the instructions. Requires registration of your email with Samsung.

Samsung Connect Home Wi-Fi® Router 3-Pack

Jim from Woodbridge, VA on 7/9/2018

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

A GREAT product. Easy to set up using an Android S9, Presently using it as a mesh router only, but will add smart things with time. Performance is exemplary. Am seeing quadrupled internet speeds (80MBS) in my previous problem area. Is definitely a top price-vs-performance product, especially comparing it to the "big name" mesh routers on the market.



Samsung Connect Home Wi-Fi® Router 3-Pack

Guest from FL on 10/29/2017

I was very excited to get to try Samsung Connect Home Smart Wi-Fi system. The packaging for the Connect Home system has very clean and elegant look. The units are small and sleek with no annoying antennas. You can place them in the plain sight without sacrificing the decor of the room. The wiring is also thin and sleek. I followed the quick start guide and proceeded to attempt to setup this router system. I tried to hook up Connect Home to my modem Arris Surfboard SB6190. I was able to see Connect Wi-Fi hub with Samsung Connect on my phone. Unfortunately, I was unable to log in to Wi-Fi hub to set it up. I kept receiving a network server error at 37% on the setup every time. After several failed attempts of the app trying to locate the hardware I placed the call to Samsung customer service and after few attempts to make it work, was transferred to Samsung Connect Lead technician. Samsung then followed up with email to help me to set up these devices. It took a lot of time to make it work, this is the reason I'm giving it only 4 stars. The range coverage is good. Our house is 3,850 square feet. Single Home Pro covers up to 1,500 square feet and the three pack Samsung Connect Home Smart Wi-Fi system is ideal for homes up to 4,500 square feet. So this is the perfect choice to get consistent signal throughout the whole house. Samsung Connect Home is the whole-home Wi-Fi system that works as a hub, making it compatible with other Smart devices.



easy setup, blazing speeds

Michael from OHIO on 10/15/2017

This mesh router system was very easy to setup. The mobile app used to set it up walks you through each step. This allows you to get set up and online very quickly. I was coming from a very powerful competitive router and say this setup process was hands down easier by far. Along with setup is the speed. My other router was getting 80mb/s of my 100mb/s connection. However, once I connected to the Samsung Connect home my speeds were at, and most times more, than 100mb/s. With my other router was having connection issues at the edges of my house. With Samsung Connect home, problem solved. I compared ranges and while the other router had a longer range as a single unit, once I had the combined force of all 3 Samsung Connect Home routers, my house and then some was covered. Now the drawbacks. There is only one outgoing Ethernet on each hub so if you have to hardwire more than one device a bridge device is needed. But with everything going wifi, it will not be a problem for 90% of people. The other drawback I saw was it is very difficult for port forwarding. Not impossible, but not very easy/clear. Again, not a problem for 90% of people. All in all, this is a great system. It can get you started covering your home in all its wifi goodness. As an added bonus, you also get the Samsung smart hub features, however I did not have any smart devices to connect. The setup is easy, the speeds are blazing and the coverage is tremendous. If you are in the market



my Wi-Fi has never been so awesome

Guest from Katy, TX on 10/9/2017

I love, love this product by Samsung, I have the Connect Home Mesh 3 pack and it was so easy to install and set up. I have Wi-Fi through my cable and it was so hard for it to cover my house in certain areas the Wi-Fi would disconnect and it was loading very slow I was so unhappy until I got the chance to try the Samsung Connect Home when I installed it I was taking my phone around the house and checking if the Wi-Fi got disconnected I went out in the garage and the front of my house and other areas and never had any problems, I was so happy and excited that this really works and no more disconnect I have also been able to watch videos online and download apps a lot faster with this system, I have also tested this at my sisters house and she was amazed at the speed of the Wi-Fi she actually bought the system on the Samsung website and loves it. I have tested products for years and have never had the best experience of a lifetime like I do with this product, I could never be so happy and amazed like I am now, I will never use another Wi-Fi booster again.



Works well

Don from Erie, PA on 10/8/2017

Out of the box setup was a breeze. Coverage was great, going through walls and windows that were previously an issue. Speed of units is great. 1 problem that is an issue is an intermitted internet connection, after talking to Samsung found out it is an isolated issue with some hardware and they addressed the issue. Hue light bridge also works very cool from phone with Samsung connect home. With all the features to be able to control bandwidth of devices, turn devices on/off, limit time of day are very appreciated controls with a house of 6 kids. Overall, I would recommend this system to anyone.

Pros: Great coverage, speed is very good, setup is a snap, controls other items like hue bridge

Cons: Unit a bit flaky at first but they updated it and now works fine

Easy to use extender. Need more work for other features

Jit from Blacksburg, VA on 10/6/2017

The 3 pack is meant to eliminate the "dead" spots in wifi by extending its range with each hub acting as a repeater. To this effect, this works extremely well and setting up using the Samsung Connect App in a Samsung Galaxy S7 phone was a breeze. Adding additional hubs is simply a matter of plugging in the new hub to the outlet and using the app to add it to the network. This is a great product if you are using it to extend the range of your wifi. Unfortunately, the Samsung Connect App pales in comparison to the Smartthings app. There are also issues with smartthing things losing connectivity (which was not a problem with the regular smartthings hub). I would not recommend it right now to be used as a smart things hub, but as a wifi extender, it is great!

Pros: - Extremely easy to set up - Simple, minimilistic design

Cons: - Samsung connect app not as feature rich as SmartThings app - Occasional loss of connectivity on attached SmartThing items - No "admin" login for "advanced" features / tuning

Not the Product for Me

Sara from La Habra, Ca on 10/4/2017

I wanted the Samsung Connect Home 3 pack to help with my horrible wifi coverage in my home. I have tried everything, moving the wifi, changing to a newer modem/router, having the internet company come out multiple times, and purchased an extender all with no luck of having strong wifi from one end of my home to the other. I placed one of the Samsung connect next to my modem, one in my den, and one down the hall in a bedroom. My wifi actually got worse once these were connected and my children could not connect to the internet using wifi at all. I was able to but sometimes it was so slow that I would turn on my LTE just to get a webpage to load. This product would be great for a smart home but the only other Samsung item I have is a fridge and I don't need to communicate with that! If I had smart light bulbs and a Samsung TV this would be a better fit for me.



Software needs work

Guest from Denver, CO on 10/3/2017

I was excited to test out this product; I have been interested in trying out mesh Wi-Fi for a while now. Sadly, the device has fallen short for my liking. The app is very limited on what can be configured; I could not find any way to change my subnet which would require significant reconfiguration of my network. At first, I did not think port forwarding was even an option but it is hidden in an odd location. No ability to have separate 5GHz and 2.4GHz SSIDs either. On the bright side, setup is extremely easy when the phone app behaves. With some further development for us power users I can see this being a great device, it just is not there yet. My wife and I did both encounter some strange connection issues too requiring us to cycle Wi-Fi on our phones. We did not notice any other devices encountering this issue while testing the device though. I would recommend this to users who just want a simple setup and go device. Power users should probably wait to see if the software improves at all before purchasing.



Samsung Connect

Tina from MI on 10/1/2017

First, I would like to say thank you for allowing me to test your new Samsung Connect Home 3-pack Smart Wi-Fi System. Upon unpacking the system, I was immediately impressed. The system has a very sleek design, no antennas, one power cord, one power port, and only two Ethernet ports. One Ethernet port is marked (IN) and the other marked (OUT). It was almost as simply as: Plug the hubs in, connect them to your existing modem, and then connect the Samsung Connect system via the mobile app from the apple store or google play store to your home network. But I did say almost. The installation of the Samsung Connect system was very simply, but the app was somewhat difficult. There were no clear instructions how to navigate the app in order to connect the second and third hubs as extenders instead of hubs. But once connected the Samsung Connect system worked perfectly. My home has a ton of mobile devices, tablets, and PC's. I must stay the Samsung Connect system took on the task with ease. The system allows you to connect anything that is compatible with the Samsung Connect system such as your home security system, lighting, security camera, televisions, heating / cooling system, and many more. I have to purchase additional SmartThings plugs to connect more items in my home. I am extremely impressed at the coverage of the Samsung Connect Wi-Fi system. I placed a hub on each level of my home and we haven't had one lag in the signal since connecting them.

Pros: The connectivity It's Smart

Cons: The size of the HUB

Smart Monitoring Wifi with best range

Satya from Charlotte, NC on 9/29/2017

I have been using the Samsung Connect home for the past 4 weeks. The packaging is sleek and well-packed, but would have preferred the interior boxes for each Router/Sub-Router also had stickers/pictures than just white colored box. The setup was easy, and instructions covered how to setup the router and was able to set up using Samsung Connect app, but setting up sub-routers/Extenders took lot more effort. Instructions were followed to-point but still took about 6 hours to setup sub-routers. I was asked to connect the sub-router via Ethernet to Modem, but already had the main router setup. Once setup, the Connect Home worked perfectly. Can check the IP Addresses of the routers/devices connected to routers and can rename all devices. Nice option to turn OFF the LED indicators. Also awesome feature to be able to Reboot/Reset within the app rather than having to reset/Reboot manually. Another good feature is that there is an option to create Guest Network with/Without Password which can be turned ON/OFF as needed. All devices connected currently/in Past are listed under Devices. Also there is an option to Restrict the Usage/Give Highest Priority. Also best feature is, the SmartThings Hub that can be setup and all the Smart Home devices can be connected to the hub. Was able to cover the entire 4500 sqft home with the 3-pack set with full signal at every corner/edge and even able to use wifi in backyard.

Pros: Easy Setup Connect Hub Network Priority and blocking

Cons: Setup sub-routers - long time occasional sub-routers disconnect

Samsung Connect Home Wi-Fi® Router 3-Pack

Laurel from Warner Robins, Ga on 9/29/2017

As a family of 4 who always seem to be connected to the internet (for everything), this Wi-Fi extender makes our lives so much easier. The set up took all of 10 minutes and we were getting our house and our gadgets connected. All 4 of us have tablets and smartphones that are connected as well as multiple gaming systems and desktops, this extender made it easier and faster than ever to keep everyone up and running at all times. We were even able to extend out to our second garage! That makes my workouts so much easier because I can distract myself with a video, lol. I love this product and highly suggest it for other connected families.



Samsung Connect Home Wi-Fi® Router 3-Pack

Crutchfield customer from Half Moon Bay, CA on 9/29/2017

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

The installation was a bit tricky but once I was able to make the right connections it works very well.



A Mesh Network System for Better Wi-Fi Signal

Kenneth from North Las Vegas, NV on 9/27/2017

Our lot is home to 2 houses - one large 3 bedroom, 3 bath home that's about 2300 square feet, and a 1 bedroom, 1 bath casita. The 2 are about 20 feet apart at their closest and this has presented some problems with network connectivity. We use cable broadband 100Mb/s service and we are frequent streamers with Netflix, Prime, KODI, and On-Demand used daily. Our existing router, being located about dead center of our homes, still would only give 3-4 bars of signal to roughly half of our devices. We decided to invest in Samsung's Connect Home System which comes with 3 hubs. I connected the main one via Cat 6 cable to our ASUS router and located it as high in the room as possible. I installed the second hub inside the casita and then the third hub installed in a bedroom of the large house, farthest from the room where our service is located. Installation of this system involved downloading an app to my smartphone, which detected each hub as I installed them. This process was very easy and required no networking skill. Start to finish it took me about 20 minutes to install all 3 hubs. I tested the system at many different spots in both houses, using multiple devices at each spot. The signal was maxed at 5 bars no matter the device or location, including our front and back yards. We have been using this system now for about 3 weeks and it has functioned flawlessly for us, even when relatives visited. I am quite pleased with the System and it works very well for us.

Pros: Easy to set up Strong signal Easy maintenance through app

Cons: none

Good coverage but lacking in some areas

Evan from Vanderbilt, MI on 9/27/2017

Samsung Wi-Fi provides decent coverage with a smooth setup process that anyone can do. Out of the box there are three identical hubs that you place around your house. Each hub covers 40 feet and you should place them where they will overlap each other to carry the signal from one hub to the next. Pros: -Easy setup. Just plug in your hubs with the first connecting directly to your modem. Setup is fast and easy through the Samsung Connect app (Android/iOS) which will guide you through the setup process. -Decent coverage with ONE SSID. This is a big benefit to those who don't like having a half dozen SSID's for their range extenders and routers. Each hub has the same SSID and devices will connect to the nearest hub. -Both 2.4GHZ and 5GHZ support (with one SSID). Cons: -Unfortunately, I noticed while switching rooms with my smartphone, I would lose connection. Sometimes it would automatically connect again and other times I would have to manually reconnect. This, I believe is due to the Wi-Fi system having three hubs. My phone would disconnect when I moved further from the original hub and connect itself again to the nearest hub. -Very basic network settings (change password/SSID, DNS settings, IP settings, network mode, and a couple others). I didn't see any kind of options for port forwarding or firewall settings. Although my modem also handles these, they really should be a part of the router settings. Overall, I think this is a g

Pros: -Easy setup. Just plug in your hubs with the first connecting directly to your modem. Setup is fast and easy through the Samsung Connect app (Android/iOS) which will guide you through the setup process. -Decent coverage with ONE SSID. This is a big benefit to those who don't like having a half dozen SSID's for their range extenders and routers. Each hub has the same SSID and devices will connect to the nearest hub. -Both 2.4GHZ and 5GHZ support (with one SSID).

Cons: -Unfortunately, I noticed while switching rooms with my smartphone, I would lose connection. Sometimes it would automatically connect again and other times I would have to manually reconnect. This, I believe is due to the Wi-Fi system having three hubs. My phone would disconnect when I moved further from the original hub and connect itself again to the nearest hub. -Very basic network settings (change password/SSID, DNS settings, IP settings, network mode, and a couple others). I didn't see a

A Truly Smart Network!

Chris from North Hollywood, CA on 9/27/2017

In today's connected world, few things are more frustrating than a dead spot. While we are still forced to accept buffering videos or dropped Wi-Fi calls on 4G, the least we can expect in our own homes is comprehensive Wi-Fi coverage. Until recently, there were few options to fix a poor home Wi-Fi signal, most of which introduced their own frustrations, such as frequent signal drops and throttled speeds. Thankfully, over the last couple of years, with the introduction of Wi-Fi mesh routers, consumers finally have the option to place routers around the house, providing true comprehensive Wi-Fi coverage. In bringing their own solution to the market, Samsung, as you might expect, haven't simply created a 'me too' Wi-Fi-mesh kit, but one that also doubles up as a SmartThings hub, enabling a truly 'smart' home. Before we jump ahead of ourselves, setting up Connect Home's mesh is incredibly easy - simply place each 'node' a different locations within your home and set up using the Samsung Connect smartphone app. From the get-go, you can control and monitor each individual node, for strength of both speed and signal, directly from the app. From a SmartThings perspective, you can begin with simple devices, such as 'smart outlets' that allow you to switch on and off devices from the wall using your app. If, like me, you've just bought your first SmartThings device, you'll find yourself scouring the internet for more SmartThings to add to your collection.

Pros: - SmartThings built-in to the router is a stroke of genius - Incredibly simple to set up - A true enabler to a fully smart home

Cons: - not cheap - if you're not bought any smart device yet, you'll take a while to build your collection

The future is here

Shuang from TX on 9/27/2017

This is a big jump in technology and although few people can fully utilize this setup at the beginning it gives you the opportunity to really expand your smart home. The setup was incredibly easy and instantly brought wireless internet to areas of my home that my previous router could not. Although the main advantage would be to spread wife throughout a extensive area, I have a typical two story home with 3400 sq ft, but the amount of insulation/housing between my upstairs router and my bedroom was enough to block a reliable connection. Once I set this up, I instantly was able to connect my entire upstairs to the furthest reaches of my downstairs bedroom. In addition, placing the third connect in the garage allowed me to extend range to my front yard which allows me to control my smart lights I use for external lighting. As a wireless router/extender this works absolutely perfectly. In regards to connecting to other smart things, the system had no problems working with both my upstairs and downstairs thermostat, my smart samsung TV, my philips hue. I especially enjoy the preset commands goodnight, goodmorning, going out, coming home that automatically adjusts everything to fit the specific situation. This is a big leap into the future and certainly a splurge in regards to initial cost and furthermore to buy gadgets that can utilize the system.



Thanks Samsung! Finally...great wi-fi coverage

Gary from Charlotte, NC on 9/26/2017

I have spent a lot of money on high-end routers over the years , only to be disappointed by dead spots in my home, and Wi-Fi speeds that weren't worth the money I was paying for top tier internet from a major local provider. I was thrilled when I was offered a chance to try the Samsung Home Connect 3. I installed 2 of the hubs downstairs, and one upstairs. It was easy to set everything up using the Samsung mobile app I downloaded to my phone. The consistent Wi-Fi speed (around 100 mbps) and full home coverage is outstanding! For years I was blaming my internet provider for slow speeds and a lousy connection, but it turns out that my expensive routers were to blame. The only downside, and I suspect that Samsung will remedy this quickly, is that they did not include a WPS button on any of the hubs, and there's nothing in the mobile app either. I talked with Samsung support, and this is something that will be looked at for a future software update. Samsung has a winner in this product!

Pros: Easy Setup Solid Wi-Fi performance

Cons: No WPS button on router or in app Only one Ethernet connection on each hub, but since there are 3-hubs, you do have 3-places for Ethernet connections

So Much WiFi!

Michelle from PA on 9/26/2017

From unboxing to set-up the Samsung Connect Home 3-pack was a breeze! With strategic placement I now have WiFi not only throughout my home but in my back yard as well! As I began to explore the Connect Home I also realized it can not just fix my WiFi issues but also some wired ones! In my bedroom, far from a wired connection, I have a bluray player that needs an Ethernet connection to get all the features. Samsung Connect Home to the rescue!! I simply set one up in my room and plugged the the Ethernet cable straight from the player to the Connect Home! With the Samsung Connect Home App on my phone I can also control all of my smart home devices! I still have a lot to explore in the Samsung Connect Home App. but I am sure I am in for all kinds of neat surprises!

Pros: Wifi Everywhere you want it Access to LAN plug in away from Modem


A breeze to set up!

Hassan from Skokie, IL on 9/26/2017

The Samsung connect home mesh came in very simple packaging. Inside, there were 3 separate boxes, each containing a unit and a power source, with 1 of the boxes also including an Ethernet cable. The instruction given seemed unbelievably simple and I was ready for some trouble shooting. I plugged each one of the hubs in, and downloaded the "smart things" app on my phone. The app automatically detected everything, asked me to set up a password for my network. From there, everything was good to go! The smart things app gives added functionality such as resetting your network and controlling your smart accessories (lights etc.). The app works flawlessly on my Samsung, but on iOS, it seems to be a hit or miss though

Pros: Very easy to set-up. User friendly app gives added functionality and convenience Easy on the eyes

Cons: Over priced. The app on iOS devices is not as functional. Designed to work best with only a Samsung phone

Smart home hub comes with the best WiFi coverage

Fabio from Miami, FL on 9/26/2017

Setting up these decent looking 3 routers was relatively quick and easy with the app downloaded from Play Store. I have purchased almost most of the WiFi router that has come out over the past 5 years from numerous manufacturers and am now so happy that they got it right. The "mesh networking" allows me to receive WiFi signal all over my >4,000 ft² home. Now, the best part was that it had SmartThings Smart home hub function built in!!! I had a few connected gadgets installed here and there throughout my place over the years, like Philips Hue light bulbs, security cameras, Ring door bell and z wave door locks. Those are now ALL! connected to one of this router hub and are all shown up in a single app called Samsung connect. That was cool. I was able to install these without manual instructions. Now, with the new software update, it now supports additional advanced WiFi configuration settings! and I can notice more stable network with increased throughput. Also Samsung Connect app seems to have more features, too. Fast and reliable speed This small router is fast and has reliable speed.2.4 and 5 GHZ besides 4x4 MU-MIMO makes internet fast and stable. The fact of having smart devices connected through one router and is crucial, I got my Arlo security cameras connected to this hub and performed well with zero issues. I recommend it for people lookin for a router and hub for smart devices as well. smartphone app is easy to navigate and setup t

Pros: - Setting up these decent looking 3 routers was relatively quick and easy - Build in app downloaded from Play Store / app store - Allows to receive WiFi signal all over my >4,000 ft² home. - had SmartThings Smart home hub function built in - Party connection - Now, with the new software update, it now supports additional advanced WiFi configuration settings - Fast and reliable speed - Easy to install

Cons: - Price

Make House Smart Again

Hong L. from Jersey City, NJ on 9/26/2017

My Verizon Fios router is in my living room had signal problem for my bedrooms upstairs and basement. I only knew there were wifi extender, but now there are routers with smart home capability. Samsung seems to invest a lot in smart home appliances and mobile. Set up was intuitive just plug in nice "CAT6 Flat cable" to internet. You can set up Samsung connect app both in iOS for my wife's iPhone and android for my Galaxy S8. You can set up basically all of the sensors and smart home enabled devices. I was able to set up with my QLED TV, Logitech Harmony, Temperature sensor, and motion sensor. Neat Thing about connect home is that you can create rule for your habit. For example, I set up rule called "intruder" for motion sensor to give me notification if there is movement during week day form 9am to 5 pm. It will directly send notification to my cell phone. I also set up rule "Hot" to start my air conditioner through Nest. It will start air conditioner when temperature goes above 75 degree when I go to sleep. Another good use is that I can monitor status of my house from outside using my phone. More smart bulbs and sensors you get you will be able to check the status of home. I never knew that smart hub will make life so much easier. Now I am on look out to adopt more smart capable devices. Not to mention my wifi coverage and strength is improved and leave no dead spot in my house. I can definitely recommend Samsung connect home and Value choice.



An Average Product

Brian from Lebanon, PA on 9/25/2017

I received a Connect Home Smart System to try out and review. Overall, I would say that I was happy with the product, although some in my family were less enthusiastic. First of all, I should preface this review by saying that I do not have anything in my house that can be hooked up to a Smart Network. I think this is the primary use for this product, so unfortunately I am unable to review it in that regard. However, it is promoted as a Wi-Fi extender and it is in this use that I can give an accurate review. As far as setup is concerned, I found this to be relatively easy. You have to use an app that you download in order to complete the setup, and while the app has nearly unanimous bad reviews I had no problem with it. I set up the entire 3 pack in about 5 minutes. In my home I tend to have slower spots in areas of my basement and outside of my back door, so I strategically place the devices in areas nearby. Since installing, I have not experienced any weak spots or dropped signals. However, my wife has and my son was completely unable to connect his tablet to the network. So, in it's primary function, this product seems to have mixed results. I gave the product 3 out of 5 stars because of this. I wish I had smart devices to connect to the products, because I would have liked to be able to review all features of it. I probably would not purchase the product, especially for the price that it is sold for.



Boost for our home WiFi!

Corey from Billings, MT on 9/25/2017

The Samsung Connect Home is easy to set up and start using. WiFi is now faster, easier to use, and we haven't had to troubleshoot with any of our devices since hooking them up through this system!

Pros: Fast, Easy to Connect, Small, Intuitive


Wonderful and easy to set up

Munif from Santa Clarita, CA on 9/25/2017

Best product in the whole class. Elegant, practical and easy to set up. It took me less than 10 minutes to setup the whole system to cover my 2 storey house and the backyard using Samsung S7. Adding Samsung SmartThings is a breeze, I added motion detector and smart Outlet in less than few minutes, planning to add a monitor soon. Now I have the fastest wifi internet all over the house and can control few things from basically anywhere, now my son is walking in the backyard with his ipad enjoying Youtube cartoon movies.

Pros: very easy to set up, less than 10 minutes elegant design fast and reliable connection all the time. great extended range

Cons: none

Great for range extension

Scott from TN on 9/25/2017

Setup and Installation: This product is very simply packaged and all setup is done via the mobile app. I have a unique setup in my house with a DSL modem/router combo and another router behind it. Even with this advanced situation, I found setup to go quite well. The mobile app automatically detected each hub once it was plugged in and configuration of the network name and password was very easy. I do not have many smart home devices set up currently, but the few I do were easily added through the integrated smart things hub. Performance - I'm living in a very large (>5000 sq ft home) and this product really extends the range of my wireless signal. I previously had a single router and a range extender and I find the mesh network this creates to be far superior. Drawbacks- There is no advanced configuration like many high-end routers have. This may be a benefit for many users, but I find myself requiring advanced options like assigning static IPs and port forwarding. Also, per a conversation with Samsung tech support, there is currently an issue with intermittent drops in wireless signal between the connect home hubs and Samsung galaxy phones. This is currently being looked into. Overall I find this device to perform very well in a large home environment and recommend a mesh network like the Connect Home over traditional range extenders. There are a few bugs to be worked out, however.

Pros: -Great range extension

Cons: -Lack of advanced configuration

Decent Wifi, Not for Advanced Users

RichardS. from Chesapeake, VA on 9/25/2017

Unfortunately I don't have any smart devices to test, so I'll be reviewing this solely as a wireless router. PROs 1. It's super easy to set up. 2. The 3-pack provides far more coverage than is needed to saturate my 1600 sqft 2 story townhome. 3. The app is well designed and easy to use to manage your network. 4. The hubs look nice, as Samsung products typically do, though a black option would be preferred. 5. The network has been rock solid since I've had it up and running. No downtime and no connectivity issues. CONs 1. There are very few advanced options available. You can set up your SSID (Name), password, guest network, and that's about it. No way to give the 5Ghz network a different SSID or prefer it in any way. No port forwarding or firewall rules. Pretty limited. 2. No web interface either. It all has to be done through the app. 3. The device also only has one input port and one output port, compared to the normal 4 outputs that you'll find on a typical router so if this is your primary router and you want multiple devices hardwired, you'll need to invest in a separate ethernet switch. Overall I'd say I'm happy with it. It is lacking features and will likely disappoint power users. At the same time it's super easy to use and seems solid so it will likely work just fine for the majority of the folks who buy it. I'm running it side-by-side with another wireless network and have all the features I need there so it's easier for

Pros: Easy Setup Solid signal Excellent coverage

Cons: No advanced features No way to prefer 5Ghz connection Speeds aren't great

Whole home connected

Ryan from Colorado Springs, CO on 9/25/2017

I've struggled for years to not have dead spots or lagging areas in my home. I never thought of using a system like this. Boy, do I wish I would have thought of this sooner. The Connect Home was very easy and effortless to set up. Within a matter of minutes I was up and running with all 3 devices connected. I now have much more flexibility through my home when it comes to connectivity and reliability. I have a strong signal through my home for streaming and typical browsing. We have been able to use multiple devices without noticeable lag in connectivity. I have not taken advantage of the flexibility with smart home connectivity, but look forward to doing so in the near future.



Samsung Connect Home 3-Pack Wi-Fi Router

Guest from San Diego, CA on 9/25/2017

I've been using the Wink for a year and half now and love the convenient that it allows me to operate all the smart device inside and outside my house. The setup was super easy. I followed the instructions and was able to set it up on 5 minutes. I connected all my smart lightbulbs and smart switch as well as used Amazon Echo. Samsung Connect allows me to control the TV and all of my other Samsung device. It was easy to control everything from my phone. One of the things I didn't like was the fact there was only one port on each of the device. I know everything is WiFi now, but Ethernet connection can still be helpful for certain device. I noticed that my wifi has been stable throughout my 2500 SF, 2 story house. I get 4 bars everywhere on my house. We do a lot of outdoor movies with my portable projector and I love how I am able to get WiFi connection even in my backyard. It's very convenient to be able to stream a movie without it buffering every few minutes. I highly recommend using the 3 pack of you have a large home especially if you have 2 story. The signal quality is unmatched. The price is a little high, but the quality and look of the device scream Samsung. I love it!



Samsung Never Fails

Guest from New York, NY on 9/23/2017

Samsung Home Mesh 3 pack have solved my problems, no more buffering or dead spots. I finally have Wi-Fi that extends through my whole house with faster speed. The setup was very easy with my Samsung Galaxy 8. The routers are very compact and easy to hide. You can controls all your smart things devices through the Samsung Connect app. The Smart hub is a great investment.....



Highly Recommended

TeeTee41 from Central Islip, NY on 9/23/2017

I was extremely excited to receive the Samsung Connect Home Wi-Fi 3 pack System because my wifi has some issues & I thought this could be what I need. So upon unpacking the box everything was simple & to the point, an easy install which I loved. So after all the plug in & adapt that I had to download the Samsung Connect App, this is where my issues began, the app would never sign me in, always says processing than an error message so after uninstalling & reinstalling, 2 days passed & I called Samsung customer service & they were quick with the answering & getting me into the app (for some reason I had to turn off my phone data & only use wifi) to be able to access the app. To make a long story short...Once I got in, I was up & running & I definitely noticed a significant difference with the Samsung Connect Wifi System, it has transformed my households wifi issues into non existent past tense. I truly enjoy the speed without the cutting off & on or stalling. This system is a life saver, I highly recommend!!! Thumbs Up!!!

Pros: Faster speed & loading

Cons: Had issues with Samsung Connect App

Samsung Connect Home Wi-Fi® Router 3-Pack

Maureen from West Des Moines, IA on 9/22/2017

We have a large house 9,000 square feet with heated floors so concrete between the floors. We have struggle with internet connects that support the whole house, I was very excited to try this product. It was easy to setup, took 10 minutes tops. I noticed big improvement in internet speed - we had several extenders which tended to slow down the internet speed, so improved speed was great. The reason that I could not give it more stars is that it does crash periodically, it usually recovers quickly but can be frustrating when our devices try to connect to our online printer or neighbor's WiFi. We are not giving up on it as I know we have a challenging house to provide perfect coverage. Overall a definite improvement over our old router + multiple extenders.

Pros: Easy setup for people who are not in the technology business & improved internet speed

Cons: Crashes periodically

Samsung Connect Home Wi-Fi® Router 3-Pack

Mary from Cornelius, NC on 9/22/2017

This product is very simply packaged and all setup is done via the mobile app Samsung Connect. You must first download the app. Then open the app and add the Samsung Connect Home to your internet modem. There is a quick start guide for you in the box with the hubs. The directions are easy to follow. The mobile app automatically detected each hub once it was plugged in and configuration to my network name and password were very easy. I do not have many smart home devices set up currently, but the few I do, were easily added through the integrated smartthings hub. The Samsung Connect Home 3 pack has given me much better range than I had. I was hoping to be able to use the Samsung Connect Home outside, and it's working great! I spend a lot of mornings on my back patio. I've had many devices hooked up to my modem before, and would have problems. Now I can add several devices without some being kicked off. So far so good. I really like the design, they're small, and very unobtrusive. They can be easily hidden from view. There is an LED light, but it's not overwhelming. I now have much more flexibility through my home when it comes to connectivity and reliability. I have a strong signal through my home for streaming and typical browsing. My home is approx. 3000 sq ft. I would absolutely recommend this product to mid/large size home owners who are not happy with their current modem and do not want to deal with a wifi extender which puts out a separate signal. Overall the Samsung



More than I anticipated.

Liz from Los Angeles, CA on 9/22/2017

As a Samsung house looking to go more "Smart" this set has been a godsend. I wasn't aware when I go it that it was also a Smart Things hub, so I saved in not having to buy that as a separate device. We just built our 2600 sq ft home and were very excited to get all our "smart" devices going. We found that they all wanted to be driven by different hubs and that our connection speeds were dropping greatly on the edges of the house and upstairs. This was easy to unpack, easy to install (my Galaxy S7 edge, already had the app installed) and getting it connected and providing the best coverage was a snap! If you are going "Smart" at home or need better wireless coverage at home this Home Mesh set is just the thing you need to get going.



Easy, Fast, Good

Lorraine from Collegeville PA on 9/22/2017

I'm no computer expert. I may work with computers for my job but on my own, I'm not so great. That's what shocked me so much about the Samsung Connect Home AC1300 Smart Wi-Fi System 3-Pack. I installed it myself, downloaded the app on my phone and I was up and running. Its really that easy. First thing I checked was the Wi-Fi dead zones in my house. They are gone. I went outside and I was still connected. I am thrilled. I was expecting a battle to get this to work with my lack of skills. It didn't give me any issues. I can't wait to send my old unreliable rental equipment back to Verizon. I will save money on renting that box that doesn't extend my wireless connection to my bedroom. I also saw I can connect my smart security lighting and Alexa. I'm looking into smart lighting for inside my home and other smart appliances to connect even more. Now that my signal is strong enough and equal through out the entire house I cant wait to see what else it does. I recommend the Samsung Connect Home Pro highly. Compared to what I had this is an enormous leap forward. I can't wait to see what else I can do.

Pros: Inexpensive, Lightweight, strong signal, even coverage in my house, easy to install, works with smart lighting, works with alexa

Cons: I haven't figured out all I can do with it

An impressive first step in network simplification

Curtis from Texas on 9/22/2017

-I really have to tip my hat to Samsung for creating a mesh-network setup that is as easy as the 3-pack Home Connect. When using this with other Samsung devices (i.e. Samsung Galaxy S8+), setup is almost too simple. You start by plugging in the device, and utilizing the Samsung Connect app through the phone, it auto detects the "hub" and begins the process of creating a new home network. Naming, and securing the network is also something that is setup with relative ease, and I do really enjoy the fact that you can dind the network password/passcode by simply pulling up the samsung connect app (very useful for those who have a 12-14 digit key that they do not change). -I will point out, that for those with a more complex network setup, this system may not be for you. An example of this, is that I could not locate a way to properly setup DMZ on any wireless device. Additionally, you cannot hard set a signal (i.e. 5ghz versus 2ghz), so you may experience issues where a device is not able to be found on the network, as it's put itself in a channel that it outside the device spectrum. I will call out that those with a complex network setup may not find this ideal as a true replacement, and may need to also look into the Pro hub if higher bandwidth is a priority. -In closing, I think Samsung has really nailed it on the head when it comes to user friendly networking. Overall, I truthfully couldn't be more pleased with this product.



Really wanted it to work

Sue from Smithfield, VA on 9/21/2017

I had high hopes of the Samsung Connect Home Wi-Fi 3 Pack strengthening our home's signal to allow for internet use everywhere in the house including a room above the garage. I enlisted a friend's help to set them up because he is very tech savvy. The setup seems extremely easy and only takes a matter of seconds to do. The issue I'm having is with using the app to get connected. It always gets stuck at 17% and won't get past that point. My friend called the tech support line listed on the paperwork and was passed around to several agents who were all nice and they tried to help but nothing worked. Finally the last agent said he would send out an email with further solutions to follow while trying to connect but as my friend tried to explain, I live in a rural area and using data inside the house never works. I can't use my cable internet connection for this process because it has to be disconnected for these units to be setup initially. We have spent many hours trying to make this work but unfortunately it would require the use of cellular data from a carrier (even tried other carriers by asking more friends to come over to try connecting it using their cell phone carriers). I think this would greatly benefit my Wi-Fi coverage in the house if only I could overcome the cellular data issue.



Samsung Connect Home Wi-Fi® Router 3-Pack

Chris from Buffalo, NY on 9/20/2017

First off the devices are a great size. Easy on the eye if you want them out and easy to hide if you don't. Install went very smoothly using Samsung Galaxy S7. Once up and running, definitely found better connectivity throughout the house. We have a 2 story with a basement and tried putting one in each floor. Current router is in the living room, so installed the main there. Then one of the satellite devices on the master bedroom and one in the basement. Noticed the biggest difference in responsiveness in the bedroom. Browsing and playing games were much better. Biggest complaint is the lack of ports. I have an Xbox one and smart tv in the living room and while we were able to keep those connected, they weren't technically on the same network as our mobile devices. Therefore, when my phone was connected to the mesh, I couldn't control the tv/Xbox. Perhaps an Ethernet switch would work, but don't currently have one to test. Having 3 available ports on the main device would have been better, even if size would have had to increase. Overall, good product for those dealing with large homes and simple network connectivity.



Expanded coverage and some boost in speed

Stan from Athens, WV on 9/20/2017

I've been happy with this product. Did get expanded coverage and a slight boost in speed for the computer, but a big boost in speed for my iPhone. One thing you do need to be aware of is that you have to have at least an iPhone 5s to download the app. Setup is pretty straight forward, but did take a lot longer than I expected. Have had zero connectivity problems.

Pros: Nice looking, now have whole house coverage as well as outside, nice packaging with minimal waste, some speed improvement

Cons: at least an iPhone 5s

So easy my Parents could install it

Magik from Vancouver, WA on 9/19/2017

I am very impressed with the Samsung Connect Home Smart Wi-Fi System - 3 pack. I own a 2400sq ft 2 story with basement house and a 600 sq ft stand alone studio and everything is covered with wi-fi now. There have been no gaps and seamless switching during movement of my devices. Installation was as easy as plug, plug and start phone app. I have never had such an easy tech setup in my 34 years of computers. Previous to this system I have had blackout areas, dead spots and dropouts frequently. None of those have occurred since installation. Wow! This system has facilitated fast internet download and upload transfer from my Gigabit internet service and has seamlessly interfaced with my home devices that were compatible. It has also extended coverage to my entire house, lounging patio, office and yard. I have experienced no negatives with this setup. I am, uniquely, 100% satisfied which is rare in my experience. I would recommend this to everybody I know.

Pros: Easy Setup Seamless switching Great range Fast

Cons: None

The easiest way to get connected!

Jose Luis from San Antonio, TX on 9/18/2017

Once unboxed, all my house was connected in less than 15 minutes. First step get connected to my modem: just connected Samsung Connect Home to my modem with the Ethernet cable, plugged into the outlet with the power adapter, download the Samsung Connect App and follow the on-screen instructions. Just 5 minutes! Second step connect a wi-fi hub: just connected the wi-fi hub to the ac/dc adapter, launched the Samsung Connect App and connected the hub to the app. 3 minutes! Third step connect the last wi-fi hub: connected the wi-fi hub to the ac/dc adapter, launched the Samsung Connect App and connected the hub to the app. 3 minutes! Walked around my house (inside/outside) testing wi-fi signal strength and speed and just enjoyed my powerful connection. In 3 words "Beautiful, powerful and inadvertent" Thank you Samsung!



Really Easy Home Automation with Extended Range

Jason from DC on 9/16/2017

I played with a few early home automation solutions a few years back, but I always ran into the same issues: 1) It took forever to set up, 2) it had limited functionality because every device had its own hub/system, and 3) it was limited to the areas of the house closest to the wifi router and if you strayed too far away, you wouldn't be able to use it all of the time. This system solves every single one of those issues. This was the first system I have used that integrated almost all of the devices I already have - Alexa, my Sonus speaker, my Kwikset deadbolt, and my GE lights. The only thing I can't connect is my Nest thermostat and the Nest Cameras. The wifi isn't the fastest (especially when making the jump to the extended hubs), but it is consistent and strong enough to use the devices connected through it. The range extenders are critical when dealing with a home spread over multiple levels and with a bunch of walls in between. It's so easy, I'm getting my parents one. If that isn't a vote of confidence, I don't know what is!

Pros: - Easy to set up - Large list of compatible devices from many manufacturers - Range to reach the whole house

Cons: - Wifi speeds won't melt your face off, especially at long distances - Doesn't connect to Nest devices (but no one other than google does)

Connected Home. Happy Family!

Ed from Milwaukee, WI on 9/15/2017

We've had the Samsung ConnectHome 3-pack for a week now. Samsung has once again delivered an amazing product! I've tried other wifi extenders, with long and confusing setups. The Samsung Connect Home was up and running within 5 minutes. Download the Connect App and create your wifi mesh. I have an old 2 story house with lath and plaster walls, and now I don't have a dead spot anywhere, which makes the family really happy. I even placed a router in my detached garage (50ft from main hub). For the first time I can sit on my deck with my laptop and a cold beverage and surf the web. Awesome! Family approved and highly recommended!

Pros: Easy Setup No more dead spots


Great WiFi System with Bonus Smart Hub

Ken from Paso Robles, CA on 8/22/2017

Recently purchased Samsung Connect Home system to replace a Netgear AC1200 router that I was very unhappy with. Setup was a breeze. From opening the box to complete setup of the hub and two satellites in about 15 minutes. I now have our full internet speed throughout the house and guest house, whereas the previous router suffered significant dropoff. As an added bonus, the three small white Samsung units look much better than the big old router with those ridiculous antennae. I was originally going to go with either the Google WiFi system or TP-link. Purchased the Samsung Connect Home on a whim after seeing it had the integrated SmartThings hub. Also figured I couldn't go wrong with the Samsung brand, as they've stood behind other products I've purchased in the past. I can't speak to the performance of the smart home hub, as I don't yet have any smart devices to connect, but I like that I now have that capability without having to add another box. I highly recommend this product to replace your unsightly and underperforming router, especially if you're experiencing speed dropoff at the far reaches of your home.

Pros: Easy Setup, great WiFi coverage throughout the house, better looking than a classic router, WiFi and smart device control in one box

Cons: Not much documentation in the box, App seems a little basic, pricier than a high end router


Hands-on research

Product Research


Samsung Connect Home: The Samsung Connect Home Smart WiFi 3-Pack (ET-WV520K) is the easiest way to turn your home into a smart home because its a WiFi router and a SmartThings hub all in one with the ability to manage your WiFi settings and smart devices from the palm of your hand through the Samsung Connect App for Apple iOS & Android. Samsung Connect lets you easily control, monitor, and automate your home from anywhere through the Samsung Connect App.

4500 sq/ft Coverage: If you live in a medium to larger home (up to 4500 sq/ft), the Connect Home 3-Pack is the perfect solution for corner-to-corner network coverage throughout your home. You can also link additional Connect Home Singles (total of 5) to create a proprietary WiFi mesh network for greater coverage (up to 7,500 sq/ft).

710MHz Quad-Core Processor: The Samsung Connect Home Smart WiFi 3-Pack (ET-WV520K) incorporates a 710MHz Quad-Core processor with 512MB RAM & 4 GB Flash memory. Its capable of handling multiple simultaneous data streams, which results in improved WiFi performance and faster WiFi speeds to more devices.

2x2 MU-MIMO/WiFi AC1300: The Samsung Connect Home Smart WiFi 3-Pack is equipped with a 2x2 MIMO/WiFi AC1300 router for speeds up to 866 Mbps @ 5 GHz + 400 Mbps @ 2.4 GHz.

  • 802.11 AC: The Samsung Connect Home router supports the following WiFi standards - 802.11a, 802.11b, 802.11g, 802.11n, and 802.11ac. AC WiFi delivers exceptional speed and performance, and is 3x faster than Wireless-N.
  • Dual-Band (2.4GHz + 5GHz): The Samsung Connect Home WiFi router offers two dedicated WiFi bands that deliver combined speeds of up to 1.3 Gbps. The 2.4GHz band offers optimal speeds up to 450Mbps for older Wireless-N & G devices, while the 5GHz band offers faster speeds up to 866Mbps for newer Wireless-AC devices.
  • MU-MIMO (Multi-User, Multiple-Input, Multiple-Output): With MU-MIMO (Multi-User, Multiple-Input, Multiple-Output) technology, the Samsung Connect Home Smart WiFi router sends WiFi to multiple devices at the same time and same speed (up to 2x the speed of a non-MU-MIMO router) - without experiencing lag or buffering.

Gigabit Wired: Each Samsung Connect Home Smart WiFi router is fitted with two 10/100/1000 (1 WAN / 1 LAN) Gigabit Ethernet ports. The WAN port is used to connect your Internet modem, while the LAN port is used to connect your local network device.

Note: One of the router/hubs from the Samsung Connect Home Smart WiFi 3-Pack (ET-WV520K) must be plugged into your home's Internet modem via Ethernet. The dditional router/hubs (sold separately) can then be wirelessly connected throughout your home.

Network Device Control: In addition to being a Smart WiFi Router, the Samsung Connect Home Smart WiFi 3-Pack (ET-WV520K) is also a Smart Hub with SmartThings & Internet of Things (IoT) compatibility. With 100+ compatible smart devices and appliances, Samsung Connect turns your home into a smart home. The Samsung Connect will scan your network, recognizes your compatible devices, and then syncs them all together. Plus, you can control them all from the Samsung Connect App for Apple iOS or Android.

  • SmartThings: With SmartThings hub functionality, the Connect Home allows you to connect and control SmartThings compatible devices - including a Multipurpose Sensor, a Motion Sensor, a Arrival Sensor, a Water Leak Sensor, and a Smart Outlet.
  • Samsung Electronics & Appliances: The Samsung Connect Home is also compatible with a number of Samsung electronics and appliances that are network enabled - from TVs (2017 UHD/SUHD/QLED models) and soundbars (Sound+ series only) to refrigerators and washer/dryer machines.
  • Internet of Things (IoT): In addition to being compatible with SmartThings and other Samsung network-enabled products, Samsung Connect Home is compatible with a number of third-party network devices that support Internet of Things (IoT) through Z-Wave, zigbee, LAN, or Cloud-to-Cloud; including locks (from Kwikset & Schlage), thermostats (from Honeywell), wireless music systems (such as Bose SoundTouch), cameras (such as Netgear Arlo), lightbulbs (such as Philips Hue), and more. 
Note: To see if your device is compatible, look for the "Download Samsung Connect" label, or download the Samsung Connect app on your mobile device and check out the catalog of all supported devices.

Samsung Connect App: With Samsung Connect App (for Apple iOS 10.0+ & Android OS 5.0+), you can connect and control multiple devices quicker and easier from  your Apple iPod touch/iPhone/iPad or Android smartphone/tablet. No matter where you are, you can monitor and control smart devices, home appliances, TVs, and speakers registered on the same network. Use the Samsung Connect App to make your life easier, safer, and more comfortable. Easily control your registered devices from anywhere and create rules based on your routine.

  • Simple & secure setup through the Samsung Connect App.
  • Connect and control smart devices through WiFi (Connect Home) or Bluetooth 4.1 (Quick Connect)
  • Remotely control and check status of devices registered on the same WiFi network.
  • Group multiple devices into a Mode and operate them simultaneously.
  • Configure the settings of devices, including the time and operating conditions to operate them automatically.
  • Devices can be used together by inviting others to the place where the device is registered.
  • The notification feature allows you to receive status information about your device.
Note: You will need to create a Samsung account to use the Samsung Connect App.

Voice Control for Android (Coming Soon): Via a network firmware update (no ETA), the Samsung Connect Home will support voice commands using Bixby through the Samsung Connect App and the microphone on your Android device (not compatible with Apple iOS). Wake up Bixby by saying "Hi Bixby." Bixby will be the fastest way to control your connected devices. It will know all your custom devices, so all you have to do is ask.

Simple & Secure: With Samsung Connect Home, your WiFi network will be safe and secure so you'll have peace of mind. Plus, you can setup in minutes with easy-to-follow directions on the Samsung Connect app for Apple iOS & Android.

Network Settings: With Samsung Connect Home, you can instantly view all your network information, including the network name and password, from the Samsung Connect App on your Apple iOS or Android device.

View & Manage Devices: With Samsung Connect Home, managing your network devices around the house has never been easier. When you have multiple devices connected to the WiFi router/hub, you can manage all of them via the Samsung Connect app on your Apple iOS or Android device. Set usage time for your children to block them from accessing the web late at night. To boost the network speed for your device, enable the Highest bandwidth priority option.

Control Commands: From the Samsung Connect App, you can easily control your devices whether you're at home or away from the house. Do things like turn on your lights or turn down the thermostat from the app. You can even set up custom modes that control multiple products or a location with a single command. To control devices by location, such as your home or office, create a location and assign registered devices to it. You can also set a mode to control multiple devices at the same time.

Customized Rules: In addition, you can create rules that your connected devices perform automatically. These rules assign triggers to your devices based on your schedule, sensors, weather and more. Below is a only a few examples of the Rules you can set to make your life easier & safer.

  • If you want to start your day with music every morning, connect speakers to the Samsung Connect app and create a rule to play your favorite music when you wake up.
  • If you want to ensure that the office is cool when you arrive on a hot summer's day, turn on the connected air conditioner via the Samsung Connect app 10 minutes before you arrive.
  • If you want to come home to a clean house, turn on the connected robot vacuum cleaner via the Samsung Connect app 30 minutes before you get home.
  • If you want to improve your home security, create a rule for motion sensors to operate at bedtime and activate the notification feature. When the motion sensors detect unexpected movements, they will notify you.

Notifications & Alerts: The Samsung Connect Home App lets you receive notifications & alerts so you know when a task has been completed or something has happened. For example - get notifications when your washer and dryer finish their cycles, get notified when someone arrives at your front door, and/or get an alert if your smoke detector goes off.

Firmware & Software Updates: The Samsung Connect Home Smart WiFi 3-Pack system will automatically receive firmware & software updates over its network/internet connection.

Manual Reset: If your installation is not going so smoothly or your WiFi seems awfully slow, try resetting the Connect Home router/hubs. Get a paper clip or anything with a thin tip and gently push the reset button located at the back of the Connect Home until the green indicator light turns off,

Mounting Options: Each of the router/hubs of the Samsung Connect Home Smart WiFi 3-Pack (ET-WV520K) are designed to be simply placed on top of a flat surface - such as a table, desk, shelf or piece of AV furniture. They should be placed out in the open (and not inside a cabinet or compartment) for best wireless performance.

AC Power Requirements: Each of the router/hubs of the Samsung Connect Home Smart WiFi 3-Pack comes with an external power adapter (100-240V~50/60Hz) which must be plugged into an AC wall outlet or surge protector (sold separately).

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Good reviews across the internet and has 3 nodes - Basement, main floor, and second floor! [ Steven  Nov 15, 2017 ]
Smartthings integration and wifi expansion at home. [ SAMUEL  Aug 20, 2017 ]

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The Samsung Connect Home Smart WiFi 3-Pack creates a proprietary WiFi mesh network using the three individual 2x2 MIMO/WiFi AC1300 routers. You can use additional Connect Home Singles (total of 5) for greater coverage (up to 7,500 sq/ft); but it doesn't appear you can use routers from a different manufacturer. For more details or to discuss further, please contact an Advisor directly by phone (888.955.6000) or online chat. Thanks! [ Larry  Jul 02, 2018 ]  Staff
This one does not do any port restricting or forwarding to support pinholing. I recommend calling an advisor on 1-800-324-9695 for a recommendation on one that does My Bio: [ Paul  Jul 02, 2018 ]  Staff
It does not offer the ability to control devices via Infrared but it can control networkable devices connected to the Wi-Fi. So, it can control a Samsung networked TV but it will not control the cable box/DVR. [ Ryan  Oct 18, 2017 ]  Staff