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Parrot 3200 LS-COLOR

Car kit for Bluetooth® cell phones — includes color LCD display

6 Reviews

Item # 333CK3200L

This item is no longer available.

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Our take on the Parrot 3200 LS-COLOR

We carry cell phone kit harnesses that allow plug-in connection of Parrot's Bluetooth car kits in a wide variety of vehicles.

Want hands-free phone operation and control over your phone's features when behind the wheel? Parrot's 3200 LS-COLOR Bluetooth cell phone car kit connects to your car's stereo system so you can take calls from your Bluetooth phone through your car's speakers. A color LCD screen mounted on your dash displays caller information and allows access to your phone's menu functions.

Control your phone while driving
The 3200 control panel installs beneath the dashboard, so all you see is the small dash-mounted color LCD screen/keypad and an external microphone. Once your car's engine starts, the kit connects automatically to your Bluetooth phone. If your phone uses voice-recognition tags, just say a name into the included microphone and the 3200 takes care of the dialing. The 3200 works with up to five Bluetooth devices at one time.

You control your phone's menu functions with the dash-mounted color LCD screen and 3-button keypad. The keypad and voice prompts guide you easily through functions from dialing to voicemail while you keep your eyes on the road. You can change the volume with the press of a button.

Enhanced display gives you all the info you need
Parrot's color LCD screen displays valuable information from your phone, including Caller ID, last calls received and dialed, plus dialing with numbers. You can even see your phone's signal strength.

You can choose from a number of different colors and wallpapers for the screen. If your Bluetooth phone allows caller photo display, you'll see those images on the 3200's screen as well. Upload your own backgrounds using Bluetooth from a compatible computer or phone for a more personal view.

Easy conversation
With select phones, the voice recognition software remembers up to 150 names from your phone's address book for dialing. Noise reduction on the external microphone lets you carry on a conversation in a normal tone — no need to shout, even in heavy traffic. Most importantly, the 3200 mutes your car's radio at the onset of an incoming call, ensuring clear sound over your car's speakers.

The Parrot 3200 works with all Bluetooth cell phones and connects to most factory and aftermarket car stereo systems — a vehicle-specific harness is required in most cases.

Note: Compatibility of this device may vary, depending on your phone and service provider.

Note: Crutchfield carries cell phone kit harnesses that allow easy, plug-in connection of Parrot's Bluetooth car kits in a wide variety of vehicles. You may have to drill one or more holes into the dash or remove and remount the dashboard face to make the component connections completely free from visible wires, but hiding the wires is not necessary to operate the system.

Product Highlights:

  • Bluetooth car kit includes microphone, dash-mounted color LCD screen/keypad, and control unit for hands-free cell phone use
  • compatible with all Bluetooth phones
  • works with most factory or aftermarket car stereo systems (requires vehicle-specific harness — not included)
  • automatically mutes your car stereo for phone calls
  • works with up to five Bluetooth phones or devices
  • dash-mounted color LCD screen with 3-button keypad controls all phone menu functions
  • last calls received, dialed, and Caller ID (with picture), and phone signal strength visible on LCD screen
  • voice-recognition software stores up to 150 names for hands-free dialing (only works with certain phones)
  • allows uploading of custom wallpapers and images
  • noise reduction and echo cancellation technology for clear voice transmission
  • dimensions: 2-3/8"W x 3"H x 1-3/16"D (screen/keypad); 4-1/8"W x 13/16"H x 2-11/16"D (control box)
  • warranty: 1 year
  • Our 60-day money-back guarantee

This thing does it all. Voice dialng by name or number. LCD screen. Automatically syncs your phone book. This is by far the best on the market. Get the wiring harness from Crutchfield and the install takes about 30 mins.

Corey, Palm Beach Gardens, FL

What's in the Box:

  • Electronic control unit
  • LCD screen with attached 6.5' cable
  • Microphone with attached 9.5' cable
  • Foot (for mounting the LCD screen)
  • Visor mount (for microphone)
  • Small vent mount (for microphone)
  • Dash mount (has attached self-adhesive pad)
  • Self-adhesive hook-and-loop fastener
  • Power supply/Mute cable
  • User guide
  • Parrot Magazine

Parrot 3200 LS-COLOR Reviews

Average Customer Review(s):

(6 Reviews)

Get this kit

Corey from Palm Beach Gardens, FL on 6/30/2009

This thing does it all. Voice dialng by name or number. LCD screen. Automatically syncs your phone book. This is by far the best on the market. Get the wiring harness from Crutchfield and the install takes about 30 mins.



Awesome product!

brad from Dothan, AL on 2/10/2009

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

This thing is worth the money! Installation is a breeze with the wiring harness adapter to the factory stereo on my 2008 Toyota Tacoma. I mounted mine on a pro-fit mount and it looks great!



Works Perfect

Brian from Las Vegas, NV on 1/27/2009

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I purchased this product for my wife who has a hard time answering her phone in her car. This is no longer a problem with this device. The auto answer feature is a godsend for her. She is no longer scrambling to find her phone while driving, thank god!! The initial setup was incredibly simple. It is very user friendly. The only need for the instructions was to link the phone to the unit. Beyond that all the options were simple to setup without the need for the manual. It automatically links your phone to the unit as soon as you get in your vehicle so once it's setup, your good to go.



Parrott 3200 ls

Pug from boise, idaho on 1/3/2009

My son had purchased the Parott 3200LS a few years back and used it in his car and loved it. He sold the car and removed the Parrott. His new car had a built in system so he gave me the Parrott. I needed a wiring harness to fit my Acura so I called Crutchfield and the very knowledgeable agent asked me a few questions and said I needed such and such harness and sent it to me. The harness arrived along with a very good photo installation guide showing how to dismantle the Acura dash and install the Parrott. The instructions were great and installation went through without a problem. I paired both my and my wifes cell phones and the Parrott automatically downloaded both of our phone books. It is simple to operate and works absolutely wonderful. The sound incoming and outgoing is first class. I found the Parrott to be a wonderful accessory for the car and I really appreciate how Crutchfield supplied a wiring harness and great instructions.



Parrot 3200 LS-COLOR

Devin from Burlingame, CA on 1/17/2008

Easy setup, user friendly interface, good quality, and fair pricing.



Parrot 3200 LS-color

Mike from Calif city, California on 1/6/2008

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Just wanna say anyone in california getting this device, you will be really happy, ( and you will need it to avoid a ticket cause of the no cell phone rule while driving going into affect July 1, 2008 ) I had it installed in about 45 minutes, ( I am a mechanic , so i had that going for me ) I installed it in a 2004 Dodge ram 2500 with the oem stereo system. I only ran into two problems and they were minor. First problem finding a place to put the parrot where it was visible to me while driving. The ole dodge just doesnt have room for any extra added devices on the dash. So what i did was mount the mounting bracket in the empty tray below the A/C controls so it would face the driver seat. This might be a bit low for some but its the only place i could find where the wires would be concealed without cutting up trim panel. The second problem was the wire harness i got to attach the unit to oem stereo, it cut out my left rear speaker ( Quad cab ) But after about 3 minutes figured it out, bad wire in harness. Called up Crutchfield tech ( John ) and he had me another harness enroute to home before i could say another word. You will be extremely happy with the unit, it has great sound on both ends of the phone lines. The bluetooth pairing up of a verizon LG phone was a breeze! The menu is very user friendly you will be up and running hands free in a matter of 4 minutes after the install! I dont usually take the time to write reviews but in this case its worth it. The parrot is a great unit and the support ya get at CF is above and beyond the call of duty. You Guys and Gals are the best thanks very much!! Mike




Hands-on research

Product Research



Overview: The 3200 LS Car Kit connects to your factory stereo system so you can take calls from your Bluetooth phone through your car's speakers. The kit includes an electronic control unit, color LCD screen, and separate microphone, and installation requires a vehicle-specific adapter.

Vehicle Compatibility: The 3200 LS car kit is compatible with select vehicle factory systems. Installation requires a vehicle-specific adapter. To verify compatibility with your vehicle, please use the Crutchfield Car Selector.

Mobile Phone Compatibility: The 3200 LS is compatible with most Bluetooth mobile phones on the market including the Apple iPhone and iPhone 3G. The kit allows you to register up to five different mobile phones. Please visit the following website for specific Bluetooth mobile phone compatibility listings.

Microphone: The microphone features echo cancellation technology and background noise reduction, allowing conversations to remain clear despite noise in the vehicle.

Color LCD Screen: The display of the 3200 LS provides information such as caller ID (caller's name and image), carrier signal strength, or last calls received. The LCD screen also includes the Answer and Hang Up buttons, and the central button, which allows you to adjust the call volume and access the kit's menu system.

Wallpaper: The unit allows you to display stored wallpaper images.

Phonebook: Select phones automatically transfer their phonebook contacts to the kit. If photos are stored and sent with your phone contacts, they can be displayed on the screen.

Voice Recognition: Thanks to the voice recognition feature, you can say a name and the 3200 LS will automatically dial the person's number. You can store up to 150 names in memory.

Note: This function is only available on certain phones.

Magic Words: Magic words are keywords used to accept an incoming call or end a call, as well as activate the voice recognition feature without taking your hands off the wheel.

Optional Speaker: The optional CK-70003S speaker kit allows you to enjoy hands-free convenience, without having to splice into your car's speaker wiring harness. The speaker has a proprietary rectangular 8-pin (2 pins present) connector that plugs into the supplied wiring.


Optional Adapter Required: To install the 3200 LS car kit, you will need an optional adapter specific to your vehicle. The adapter plugs into the power/mute cable and interfaces with your vehicle's factory wiring.

Installation Location: The electronic control unit mounts under your vehicle's dash and the LCD screen is mounted to the dash surface. The supplied hardware allow you to mount the microphone on a vent, visor, or on the dash.

Power/Mute Cable: The power/mute cable has a 24-pin Molex plug on one end that connects to the electronic control unit. The other end of the cable has a 9" T-section, which plugs into the optional adapter and interfaces with the factory system, and an 8-pin rectangular male connector and 8-pin rectangular female connector that plug into the optional adapter and interface with the factory system.


Front Panel of Electronic Control Unit:

  • Power/Mute Cable: 24-pin jack for use with the supplied power/mute cable
  • LCD Screen: 6-pin jack for use with the supplied LCD screen

Left Side of LCD Screen:

  • Microphone: minijack for use with the supplied microphone


Electronic Control Unit: W=4.089", H=0.783", D=2.667"

LCD Screen: W=2.327", H=2.935", D=1.175"

Microphone: W=0.551", H=0.552", D=1.091"

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