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Parrot Zik

Bluetooth® noise-canceling headphones

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Our take on the Parrot Zik

You may not be familiar with Parrot, a French company that has quickly become a leader in wireless technology for cars. Now they have used their Bluetooth expertise to create a uniquely powerful set of headphones that have us very excited. The Parrot Zik are as stylish as they are versatile, offering more features than just about any headphone we've seen.

Smart 'phones for your smartphone

You may not be familiar with Parrot, a French company that has quickly become a leader in wireless technology for cars. Now they have used their Bluetooth expertise to create a uniquely powerful set of headphones that have us very excited. The Parrot Zik are as stylish as they are versatile, offering more features than just about any headphone we've seen.

Parrot Zik Bluetooth, noise-canceling headphones

The earcup is a touch panel

Naturally, the Zik offers wireless connection with your compatible Bluetooth phone for simple hands-free calls and music streaming. What makes the Zik unique is how you control those functions. The right earcup features a touch panel — no buttons, dials or knobs — so you can answer calls or skip tracks with the swipe of a finger. The touch panel offers the same functionality as an in-line remote, except with the same intuitive ease as your smartphone's touchscreen.

Sure, we'll take active noise-cancelation too

Bluetooth headphones need built-in microphones for phone calls. So why not use them to cancel out external noise as well? That's what Parrot does with the Zik, further enhancing the versatility of these smart headphones. Take them on the plane to minimize engine noise or to the office to block out your coworkers' conversations so you can focus on the job. You can use the noise-canceling and Bluetooth functions simultaneously, independently, or not at all. So if you're ever stuck with a drained battery, just plug in the supplied cable to enjoy passive listening, no battery required. Although, the included USB cable makes recharging a snap with any computer.

Parrot Zik Bluetooth, noise-cancling headphones

The Parrot Zik's right earcup features a touch panel for simple swipe and touch control of music and call functions.

Get the sound just right with the Parrot Audio Suite

Sure these headphones perform a lot of tasks. But what about sound quality? The Zik leaves that up to you, with a host of options for customizing the sound to your own taste. Download the free Parrot Audio Suite app for Apple and Android™ and use it to tweak the Zik's configuration. You'll definitely want to try the Concert Hall Effect, which lets you control Parrot's digital sound processor to simulate various listening environments, the kind of technology usually reserved for A/V surround receivers. The app also includes graphic EQ, so you can bump up the bass or tone down the high frequencies.

Oh, there's one more thing…

Actually, there are several more interesting things about these headphones: touch pairing with NFC-compatible devices; a jawbone sensor for enhanced voice clarity; and a motion sensor that pauses your music or transfers calls to your mobile phone when you remove the headphones. With so many features and such sharp looks, the Parrot Zik might just be a bargain.

Product Highlights:

  • Bluetooth 2.1 connectivity for wireless phone calls and music playback
  • streams audio via A2DP from compatible mobile phones and music players
  • touch panel on earcup for swipe control of music playback and call functions
  • built-in motion detector pauses music or switches call to your smartphone when you remove headphones
  • active noise-cancelation blocks out external noise
  • built-in microphones on earcups for clear phone conversations
  • built-in sensor captures jawbone vibration to enhance voice quality for phone calls
  • free Parrot Audio Suite for Apple and Android allows mobile device to adjust settings and customize sound (firmware update required)
  • battery life:
    • with all features activated: 6 hours
    • with active noise-canceling only: 18 hours
    • standby mode: 24 hours
  • passive listening available with included cable (Bluetooth, noise cancelation and touch panel functions require unit to be powered on)
  • frequency response: 10-20,000 Hz
  • sensitivity: 110 dB
  • impedance: 32 ohms
  • weight: 11.46 oz.
  • warranty: 1 year
  • Our 60-day money-back guarantee
Supplied Accessories:
  • 51" miniplug cable included for wired listening
  • rechargeable lithium-ion battery (removable)
  • micro USB cable included for charging battery and updating firmware
  • protective pouch

What's in the Box:

  • Bluetooth noise-canceling headphones
  • Lithium-Ion battery (3.7V/800mAh)
  • 51" Audio cable (with straight 3.5mm miniplug on one end and an angled 3.5mm miniplug on the other end)
  • 40" USB charging cable (with Type A USB on one end and a microUSB on the other end)
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Black cloth pouch

Featured Video:

Bring your iPad and iPhone to a new level with these ear cans. Wireless, touch control, noise cancellation, Blue Tooth, what more could you ask for.?..oh... and Great Sound. The free app is easy to use and spot on!

Guruvey, Chesapeake, VA


Parrot Zik Reviews

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Sharon from Louisville, KY on 10/28/2014

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I was a little reluctant to spend that kind of money just for the "pleasure" of listening to Music. However I was pleasantly surprised and very satisfied upon trying these. The noise cancelling aspect is amazing, virtually all sounds, even at very close range, are negated. These phones are very comfortable on my head. The controls are entirely located on the right side headpiece: volume, change the track, on/off...and when I take them off, the music stops/pauses. I never use the word "cool," but these did stimulate that word to come into my mind. My impression has been that even for the price that these command, the investment was worth it! And I thank my spouse for the Gift !! Plus, the free App I downloaded to my phone provides further control of sound with the equalizer control and the info of reporting the amount of battery charge (on the phone) that remains. Plus, and this is indeed a major Plus, picking up on the Bluetooth connection is super quick and immediate, much superior to other Bluetooth headphones I have owned.

Pros: Comfort, ease of Bluetooth connection, quality of sound, advantages added by the phone App (eg, equalizer and battery charge left), controls on headphone so all capabilities go with me wherever I go (as long as I have the phone within about 25', usually kept in my pocket).

Cons: NONE up to this point.

Perfect for iPad and iPhone

Guruvey from Chesapeake, VA on 6/25/2014

Bring your iPad and iPhone to a new level with these ear cans. Wireless, touch control, noise cancellation, Blue Tooth, what more could you ask for.?..oh... and Great Sound. The free app is easy to use and spot on!

Pros: Wireless, noise cancellation, quality material, great sound!

Cons: These are not the headphones for jogging or moving about.

Head phones

Anonymous from Lindenwold, new jersey on 6/2/2014

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Great set of head phones

Pros: Works great with my Mac and iPhone

Cons: Need a hard case for it and a second battery with a wall charger that should come with it

Parrot Zik

Anonymous from Belleville, NJ on 8/31/2013

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Everything is Great!!!! You won't regret buying them...

Pros: Best headphones ever

Cons: Zero

Fits the Bill (a pun, Parrot, Bill, get it?)

AJ from VA on 6/23/2013

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

3.5 stars for RX side noise reduction overall, five for low freq. As with most active NR the high freq noise reduction is not too great. I'd not use these on a flight line without more testing. Other "con" may be Bluetooth/Apple issue: dead spots or holes in audio occasionally, may also be related to the touchy "pause when removed" feature of the HS: when wearing these while mowing grass I can hear the mower, but all the low engine noise is gone, the higher freq stuff is reduced partially by the great around-the-ear/full earmuff design. But... I think the mower bouncing over ruts causes issues with the link/pause feature. I have the HS as tight on my head as I can get it. While the Apple app based graphic eq is nice, it needs a couple more bands or something... I get over bright sound and still working on the perfect eq, even for a quiet room. Maybe two-three user/custom settings would be better than one, don't need five preprogrammed settings. For phone use adding a better boom/noise cancelling mike would help. The existing mike(s) do work in a noisy telecom (fan noise) environment, I tried it! Very comfortable fit! Great leather/leather-like headband cushion. ***** Bass sound is fantastic, overall sound great. **** Value added app **** features/control including right ear touchpad ***** RX side low/mid freq nr **** RX side high freq nr *** TX side nr ***

Pros: see above

Cons: see above

Parrot Zik

Anonymous from Winsted ct on 5/27/2013

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

These things are simply awesome . I couldn't have hoped for more

Pros: Fit on my ears is perfect

Cons: None

Very Nice Headphones

Lmwest from Charleston, SC on 5/9/2013

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

These are very nice headphones that sound incredible. The software app for them really allows you to customize them as you like. I do like the freedom of them being Bluetooth. That said, you don't have a tremendous range away from the source. The swipe controls are great and work very well.

Pros: Sound, flexibility due to app, functionality of controls, they fit very well and are not terribly heavy.

Cons: Battery life. As many others have said, the battery does not last well. I need to buy an extra battery to have on hand for longer trips.

Great headphones with some iannoyance

Timothy from Bremerton, wa on 4/7/2013

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Great sound, the build quality is top notch. Comfort is good but could have used a bit more ear room, and I have small ears. The tops of my ears would hurt after a couple of hours use. I did find the touch controls a bit to sensitive. When you go to adjust the phones on your head the headphones will pause the music/movie, I find this a constant irritant. You should be able to adjust the sensitivity to touch. Also a dedicated button to the noise reduction would be greatly apricitated. Over all I have few regrets in my selection of purchase.

Pros: Build quality, coolness, sound, replaceable battery

Cons: Touch sensitivity, hiss with noise reduction on. No hard case for storage.

Oh My God, Do not buy these headphones !!

Opa from Kernersville NC on 3/10/2013

Listen to me...!!! These things are Ear Crack!! Do not buy these if you do not have any self restraint! If you cannot restrict yourself to two hours of listening time DO NOT BUY THESE! If you are a grown mature man and you are at all adverse to weeping in front of your wife or in the public Do Not Buy These! If you are at all reticent to weeping in general Do Not Buy These!! You have been warned. 57 year old former Top Secret Hippie.

Pros: The perfect compliment to a good buzz

Cons: Makes you wish for your youth. Kernersville NC

Cool Headphones

StevenB from PA on 3/8/2013

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I have been able to compare these to the Bose 15 which my wife has. The Parrot's have better sound, fuller, richer. The Bose have slightly better noise cancelling, and the Bose are much lighter, but the Parrots seem more durable and sturdier and just as comfortable as the Bose

Pros: Style, Bluetooth freedom/wireless, sound quality, control app

Cons: A little heavy, but not onjectionably so

Depends on where you use it

Fabio F. from Brooklyn, NY on 1/27/2013

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I really wanted to like these headphones. They are absolutely stunning and very comfortable, the Bluetooth works well and so do the swiping controls. These would have been my first wireless headphones and not having a tether is really liberating. The sound is very good, as is the soundstage, and the audio controls (via a downloadable app) give you a lot of flexibility. As others have said, without power they sound mediocre at best but that was not a concern for me. For me the problem was with sound isolation. These headphones would primarily be used in the NYC subway, and while it can isolate most of the higher frequency white noise, a significant amount of the lower frequencies pass right through. On a $200 headset I wouldn't have faulted it, but for this price I expected close to perfection so I ended up returning them. Another thing that people reading this review may care about is sound leaking. These headphones do leak a bit. Not a lot but others would definitely notice in a library or other quiet setting.

Pros: Design Comfort Sound

Cons: Price Lackluster noise cancellation

These are very good!

u3rick from Orting WA on 12/19/2012

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

The whole experience has been great! I love the head phones!! Remember you get what you pay for, so don't let the price scare you!!

Pros: Wireless, Comfortable, Well made, Very cool, Range from my phone is very good, The App is also very cool.

Cons: Battery last 4 hours which is great.... but it could last longer .... its the only con I could find!

My impression

Ralph R. from Vancouver, WA on 11/10/2012

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I was looking for premium, active noise canceling, Bluetooth headphones and the Zik is just about the only unit on the market that fills all these requirements. Ordering from Crutchfield is quick and painless. I got plenty of e-mail updates at each step of the process, even one letting me know that the item had been delivered (and was perhaps sitting on a doorstep at my house). 5 stars for service from Crutchfield.

Pros: The Zik is extremely well made from quality materials. I have no doubts that this item will last many years. The stems are made from brushed metal, not plastic, and it takes a goodly amount of force to adjust them for your head size (a good thing). The battery is easily accessed and removed. They are very comfortable to wear for extended sessions and the sound is, as you would expect, superb. The touch sensitive right ear cup is great. The audio connector cord is cloth covered and should last

Cons: The padding on the headpiece is adequate but being a little wider (more surface contact area) would be a nice improvement. As you would expect with active noise canceling the battery life is only a few hours so you will want an extra one. Not being a design expert I can still ask, "If you have one in the left cup why isn't there one in the right cup also?" The Zik would benefit GREATLY from having a simple way to unpair and to be able to pair up with several other things.


Hands-on research

Features and Specs

Fit Style Over-the-ear
Earcup Type Closed
Earcup Width x Height 2.929" x 3.7"
Noise-canceling Yes
Bluetooth Yes
Mic For Taking Calls Yes
iPhone Control ---
Lightning Connector No
Android Control ---
Frequency Response 10-20k Hz
Sensitivity 110 dB
Impedance 32 Ohms
Weight 11.46 ounces
Cord Length 51"
1/4-inch Adapter Included No
Volume Control Yes
Parts Warranty 1 Year
Labor Warranty 1 Year

Product Research


Overview: The Parrot Zik headphones have built-in Bluetooth and noise-canceling technology. An advanced capacitive touch control panel on the outside of the earcups let you change music tracks, raise and lower volume, and answer and disconnect phone calls. The Zik comes with a rechargeable battery to power the Active Noise Cancellation (ANC). A special Parrot app on your smartphone lets you fine tune the sound of your headphones. The headphones include an audio cable with a 3.5mm plug, as well as a microUSB charging cable. A plush cloth pouch lets you store your headphones and cables when not in use.

Bluetooth: The Parrot Zik is equipped with Bluetooth 2.1, allowing you to wirelessly carry on telephone conversations on your Bluetooth mobile phone as well as listen to music on Bluetooth audio players. The headphones have NFC (Near Field Communications) technology that allows you to quickly pair NFC-equipped smartphones by touching them to the left earcup. The Zik cannot pair more than one device simultaneously.

Touch Control: The outer surface of the right earcup contains an advanced capacitive touch sensitive panel with intuitive controls. To raise and lower the volume, you simply slide your finger vertically along the panel. To change the music track, just slide your finger forward (next track) or backward (previous track) along the panel. A similar side-to-side motion lets you switch between two active calls when in telephone mode. A simple tap of the panel lets you answer or hang up a call; touching and holding the panel rejects an incoming call. A built-in motion detector can also tell when you put on and take off the headphones, and can help control music playback. While listening to music, you can pause playback by simply taking the headphones off your ears. (Tapping the panel also pauses playback.) You can place the headphones back on your head to start the music playing again.

Active Noise Cancellation (ANC): Equipped with two internal, two external microphones, and a bone conduction sensor, the Parrot Zik's Active Noise Cancellation technology can reduce ambient noise by up to 25dB. ANC cancels out nearly all external noise so your calls and music are crystal clear.

Battery: The Parrot Zik is powered by a 3.7-volt, 800mAh Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery. The battery is charged via USB with the supplied microUSB cable. A fully-charged battery can give you approximately 6 hours of battery life with all features activated, 18 hours with ANC only, and about 24 hours of standby time. Even if the battery is exhausted, you can still listen to your music with the supplied 51" audio cable.

Design: The Zik headphones have an around-the-ear design, closed back, and soft, plush leatherette ear pads. The aluminum alloy head rails let the earcups swivel out to store flat. The strong neodymium drivers can provide plenty of power behind your music.

Parrot Audio Suite App: The Parrot Audio Suite is a free downloadable application for Android and iPhone/iPod, dedicated to the Parrot Zik. The app allows you to easily configure your music/phone interface with the following pages:

  • Active Noise Canceling: You can switch on or off the ANC directly through the Zik menu.
  • Parrot Concert Hall: The Concert Hall audio effect allows you to simulate a musical sound field. You can select one of four zones (Silent Room, Living Room, Jazz Club, Concert Hall) to configure the perceived depth of sound. You can also adjust the orientation of the virtual loudspeakers for different effects.
  • Equalizer: The app's 7-band parametric equalizer has 7 presets (Flat, Pop, Club, Punchy, Deep, Crystal, and User) so you can adjust the frequencies to the style of music you're listening to. You can adjust each band (60 Hz, 150 Hz, 400 Hz, 1 kHz, 2.4 kHz, 6 kHz, and 15 kHz) from -12dB to +12dB, and save it under the User preset.
  • System: The system page displays the current user name of the app, the device's current software version, any available firmware updates, and the application version.
  • Battery Level: You can quickly check the level of the Zik's battery, and whether or not it is charging.
  • Helpdesk: The helpdesk lets you troubleshoot the performance of the headphones, as well as direct you to a dedicated page on music playback, telephone performance, and instructions on the Parrot Audio Suite.


  • Frequency Response: 10Hz to 20kHz
  • Sound Pressure Level: 110dB
  • Impedance: 32 ohms
  • Dimensions: Earcups: Width=2.929", Height=3.7", Depth=1.655"
  • Weight: 11.46 ounces

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Q & A

Customer Q&A

1 question already asked

I"ve paired mine to a older ipod with a seperate bluetooth transmitter. I don't see why you can't provided you have a bluetooth connector for the ziks. I don't have a wifi tv but if you can pair them to the tv it should work. Theorectically. [ CALVIN  Nov 13, 2014 ]
That's a great question and one that occurred to me as well. Since I haven't tried it yet, I do not know. But I will check it out tomorrow (Friday) after work, should be early afternoon, and then comment further. Thanks [ Annetta  Nov 13, 2014 ]
If the transmitter is connected to the audio it may work. I have not used the headphones for that application. Overall, they are great headphones though! [ BRYAN  Nov 13, 2014 ]
I have not tried , but if your tv can search for Bluetooth devices, then it can pair. It will pair with my laptop and of course my phone. Great Headphones.....use them 5 hours a day [ RYAN  Nov 13, 2014 ]
Yes you can Connect to any Bluetooth Device [ ANTHONY  Nov 13, 2014 ]
I've easily paired my Zik headphones with my iPad, my iPhone, and my computers. I haven't had any problems and the sound quality is great. Although I don't have a bluetooth transmitter I would expect that to work as well. [ Alan  Nov 13, 2014 ]
Yes you should be able connect a transmitter to your a/v receiver or headphone jack. With a a/v receiver you would be able to use an eq if needed. [ DANIEL J  Nov 13, 2014 ]
You can, though it's not always perfect. First of all, you'll need to make sure your TV has bluetooth, which you can find out online. Assuming your TV or computer do have blutooth, you'd be able to pair the headphones with them as you would with anything else. The only drawback is that there is sometimes (not always) a slight lag time between when someone is speaking on the screen, and the signal being processed by the headphones. It's a small lag (maybe 1/3 a second) but it is noticeable. With that said, I still use mine to watch TV, and they're hands down the best headphones I've ever warn or tested. [ ANN  Nov 13, 2014 ]
I've had no problem pairing with different devices but have not tried to pair with a tv that way. [ STEVEN I  Nov 13, 2014 ]
i don't know. sorry [ DONALD K  Nov 13, 2014 ]