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Alpine INE-W927HD

Navigation receiver

31 Reviews | 5 questions - 26 answers

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Our take on the Alpine INE-W927HD

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Everything you love on a beautiful 7" display

Make every trip a ride with your favorites. Alpine's INE-W927HD navigation receiver features a high-resolution 7" touchscreen display that offers convenient access to your eight most frequently used features — such as audio sources, phone settings, and navigation commands — without pecking through multiple menus. And you'll enjoy reliable guidance with turn-by-turn directions, including realistic 3D maps that give you a little peace of mind in unfamiliar areas. A packed feature set rounds out this trusty travel companion.

Alpine INEW-927HD navigation receiver

The Alpine INEW-927HD's "favorites" screen makes it easy to find your most-used functions.

More than just a pretty face

Alpine's navigation features start with detailed NAVTEQ maps for the U.S., Canada, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands, along with spoken directions with actual street names announced at turns. As you approach your next maneuver, the map automatically zooms to give you a better view of your next turn. You can even change the display to show 3D terrain views or to incorporate 3D representations of buildings and landmarks. Lane guidance and junction view provide additional assurance for complicated interchanges. The INE-W927HD even displays navigation and audio/visual screens simultaneously side by side, so you can keep up with what's playing over your stereo as you follow directions.

Alpine INEW-927HD navigation receiver

Alpine also gives you free lifetime traffic updates in select areas, so you can see how congestion looks along your route and find a better alternate path quickly.

Handy Bluetooth® and smartphone features

Want to drive more safely? The INE-W927HD's built-in Bluetooth lets you talk hands-free through your compatible phone. Pairing is simple, and you can control phone functions through the receiver's display, including accessing your favorite contacts. Alpine's external microphone with noise cancellation lets your callers hear you loud and clear. If you've got music on your smartphone or other Bluetooth device, you can stream it to the receiver wirelessly.

The INE-W927HD works with Pandora® Internet radio streaming for Android™ and BlackBerry® devices, so you can enjoy skipping songs, thumbs up/thumbs down, and other functions without the need for any wires. Pandora works through a wired connection to your iPhone® or iPod®.

If you've got an iPod or iPhone, you'll enjoy control of the iPod functions through the receiver, including rapid search functions.  And it'll even work with the iPhone 5, except for its video features.

HD Radio™ and excellent sound options, too

A built-in HD Radio tuner gives you crystal-clear digital AM/FM radio sound quality, showing you station and song info from participating stations. If you're a satellite radio fan, the receiver's ready to add SiriusXM programming with your subscription and an optional tuner. The 24-bit digital-to-analog converter in the INE-W927HD provides excellent sonic reproduction for all your CDs and digital media sources, while the Time Correction feature lets you focus the stereo image for the driver's seat. Plus, you can customize the sound for your vehicle, including upholstery type, number of speakers, and speaker locations, for the optimum tuning settings.

Siri® Eyes Free for non-distracting operation

Got an iPhone with Siri? This receiver supports Siri Eyes Free, which means you can ask Siri to make calls, select and play music, compose and hear text messages, read notifications, even use maps and get directions — all commanded by your voice through your Alpine receiver, without any visual distractions from your Apple® device. You may need to download a firmware update from Alpine's website to enable Siri Eyes Free through your receiver.

Want to keep your steering wheel controls?

In most vehicles, you can use an adapter (not included) to connect your vehicle's steering wheel controls to this Alpine stereo. Connect a few wires, then program the adapter for your particular car and the INE-W927HD, and you'll retain the convenience of your steering wheel controls. Check the "Accessories" tab for compatible adapters.

Bluetooth note: Use of this receiver's Bluetooth features will depend upon your phone's Bluetooth capabilities. Learn more in our article explaining Bluetooth profiles.

iPod note: If you're going to use your iPod with this receiver, be sure to check "Details" for specific iPod model compatibility.

Product Highlights:

    General features:
    • DVD/CD receiver with 7" touchscreen and AM/FM tuner
    • fits double-DIN (4" tall) dash openings
    • internal amp (18 watts RMS CEA-2006/50 peak x 4 channels)
    • built-in Bluetooth for hands-free calling and audio streaming
    • built-in HD Radio tuner with iTunes® tagging
    Navigation features:
    • maps of United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands, plus 6 million points of interest
    • free lifetime NAVTEQ traffic information
    • text-to-speech announces actual street names at turns
    • lane guidance and junction view
    • 3D representations of landmarks and buildings
    Connectivity features:
    • iPhone: Pandora control through USB connection
    • Android and BlackBerry: Pandora control through Bluetooth
    • iPod: optional Alpine KCU-461iV cable required for full access to audio/video content
    • supports Siri Eyes Free mode (firmware update may be required)
    Audio/video features:
    • compatible with SXV200 SiriusXM satellite radio tuner
    • inputs: rear USB input, rear A/V input, rear camera input
    • outputs: rear A/V output, 6-channel preamp outputs (4-volt front, rear, subwoofer)
    Other information:

    What's in the Box:

    • Double-DIN multimedia navigation receiver with 7" widescreen LCD monitor
    • Sleeve (installed)
    • Trim ring (installed)
    • Wiring harness (has in-line 15A fuse and fuse holder)
    • Pre-amp/AV harness
    • Camera/SWC harness
    • Bluetooth microphone (with attached 13' cable terminated by a 3.5mm connector)
    • Visor clip
    • 5' USB extension cable (female USB type-A port on one end and male USB type-A plug on the other)
    • 11" iPod A/V cable (with a Apple dock connector on one end and a USB type-A/3.5mm connector on other end)
    • 5' A/V minijack extension cable (with a male 3.5mm connector on one end and a female 3.5mm connector on other end)
    • GPS Antenna (with attached 16.5' cable)
    • Waterproof antenna pad
    • 5 Self-adhesive cable clips
    • Self-adhesive antenna mounting plate
    • 2 Removal keys
    • 8 Pan-head machine screws (M5x8mm)
    • 6 Countersunk machine screws (M5x8mm)
    • Owner's manual CD-ROM (En/ Fr/ Sp)
    • 2 Quick Reference Guides (En/ Fr/ Sp)
    • Online Product Registration note
    • NAVTEQ Maps Registration Card
    • CD-ROM requirements/ instructions
    • Revision note

    I installation my Alpine-INE-W927 Is beutiful sound in my car.

    Francisco, Miami Springs Florida


    Alpine INE-W927HD Reviews

    Average Customer Review(s):

    (31 Reviews)

    Horrible software/firmware/nav support

    na5m from Carmichael, CA on 1/6/2017

    Don't buy this unit. Software / Firmware / Navigation Map support is abysmal. 'Nuff said.

    Pros: Cheap, but not your hard earned money or your dollars.

    Cons: Terrible soft/firm ware after-purchase support. Dated looking /performing user interface. Slow to boot up. Updating navigation is a nightmare.


    Gunter from New York on 3/27/2015

    This unit is awesome. I have this coupled with the steering wheel remote, Alpine HCE-C212F front cam and the HCE-C200R for the rear. The front cam has 3 angle views and the rear cam has 4 different angle views. Simply astounding. The sound of the unit is great, you can customize the different style of sound based on your car type, speaker arrangements, etc. The GPS works great and has 3D buildings and what not in urban areas, and accuracy of the location finder is pretty good. The bluetooth handsfree microphone works great and is very responsive. Calls are clear and the other person can hear you very well. DVD Player and CD Player are nice. Very clear and high definition screen. Overall this unit is by far the best unit I ever had. I had the AVIC D3 and a Kenwood unit, this thing blows them away.

    Pros: Features, 3D GPS, Front and Rear Cams, Remotes, Sound, DVD Player, Navigation

    Cons: A little slow cause of the high resolution graphics

    Alpine INE-W927HD

    Francisco from Miami Springs Florida on 8/12/2014

    2007 Honda Ridgeline
    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    I installation my Alpine-INE-W927 Is beutiful sound in my car.



    Navigation stereo

    David from Gonzales, la on 7/19/2014

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    This stereo was not all that. Not for the price. Complicated, plain exterior, not user friendly. OEM is the look these days, I wish audio companies would make something close to looking like it belongs in a high end vehicle not a drifter or fist pumping car.

    Pros: Cool graphics.

    Cons: Not user friendly. Too expensive.

    Not as good as it should be

    Lord Helmet from Denver, CO on 4/11/2014

    I rated this unit 2 stars mostly because of it's features and it's overall great appearance. That said, there are some things about this unit that I really, REALLY hate that are deserving of 1 star. I have lived with it for 3mos and I will continue to do so. That is of course, after it is replaced under warranty since the screen went wacky in it. I understand that it's a machine and likely made mostly in China so I will not get upset with unit itself for being faulty and I will not hold that against it. Especially since when the screen went out it was stuck on BT audio so it was easy for me to keep playing tunes even though I could not select a source on the touch screen. Phone calls still worked as well. What I REALLY hate about it is being locked out of the sound parameters while in motion w/o the e-brake on. Everyone knows that road noise is a car-audio system's worst enemy so that fact that Alpine has designed a user interface to lock out said user during the vehicles motion is completely counter-intuitive. What sounds great in my driveway does not sound great at 75mph. Also, I should be able to select the rear facing camera without having put put the vehicle in reverse. I could select other cams but not the rear facing one. Would be great for towing. Finally, I have a Saab 97x (Trailblazer-like) that was equipped with a Bose system. All I had was the head unit replaced and the install shop wired it into the factory bose amp. Sounds worse than my factory HU.

    Pros: Looks great Extensive features

    Cons: Locked out of sound parameters unless parked w/e-brake Rear-facing camera cannot be selected unless in reverse. (would be a great option to check on your trailer from time to time) I expected an expensive HIU to be superior. But it just isn't.

    Not Bad!

    SMz Alpine from San Diego, CA on 3/8/2014

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Much better than the Kenwood! faster response, GPS Navi can compete with Garmin...

    Pros: Very responsive, backup camera quick, Bluetooth quick, GPS pretty!

    Cons: Expensive, GPS Warning Alert!

    Great buy

    Mike from Los Angeles on 3/7/2014

    Does everything as advertised. Display is sharp and it's easy to use. I love the sound settings for my eq as well.

    Pros: Everything listed in owners manual.

    Cons: Backup cam has about a 3-5 second delay upon initializing after putting it in reverse.

    Overall Happy

    Mark from Baton Rouge, LA on 2/18/2014

    A nice unit with cool features and good sound. Looks good, sounds good, works...well. Some aspects can be a bit tricky to learn (I had some difficulty remembering the process of saving addresses to favorites, but got the hang of it after a few tries.) a few connectivity issues with the USB docking plug even with brand new phone and iPod. I've simply resorted to using the Bluetooth and AUX rather than fighting it. My review refers only to iPhone/iPod use, not Android OS devices.

    Pros: Clean, good sound, good Nav, plenty of sound control options for the person who knows how to manipulate them proper.

    Cons: USB connectivity issues, no album art via Bluetooth streaming (Pandora/ITunes)

    Very nice receiver

    Clint from Texas on 1/23/2014

    2010 Toyota Tundra
    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Love the display, and the clean sound this produces and love all the features, however so far no luck updating it through the usb plug and also not to happy with the whole, press brake, set parking brake, release brake then you can finally do some settings on radio, I understand that they are just to protect you and keep you from driving while setting it, but I think they might have went a little overboard with it.

    Pros: Good sound, great apps, high amp outputs, sub outs and multiple video ins and outs. also love the option of adding a front camera, witch I think I will purchase next with all my reward points.

    Cons: Hard to get to the settings.

    Alpine INE-W927HD

    Anonymous from Marion, AR on 1/14/2014

    2010 Chevrolet Malibu
    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Great radio. Runs smoothly, and sounds great. Owners manual leaves more to be desired than anything else I've purchased recently. Manufacturers need to get back to making full length, detailed owners manuals instead of the now common practice of only putting the VERY elementary basics in it, and leaving out anything that requires pressing more than one button to accomplish.

    Pros: Great Sound, Runs smooth, Easy to work

    Cons: Immensely lacking owners manual.

    Too many issues

    Trever from Woodbridge va on 12/22/2013

    I was excited to get this unit only to be baffled by the connectivity issues with the Bluetooth,I use an iphone5s - it stays on for a few minutes then just disconnects. DVD playback has several Issues as well. Seems more like it plays the movies when it wants to,I had an external Sirius radio until I got this - and now I wish I had just left it in. The search function is time consuming And now all the channels are on the XM side of the merger- I'm just not as satisfied as I thought I would be and will Be returning this unit at the end of the week. Hopefully it works better for you guys than it did for me. I'm totally bummed.

    Pros: Huge 8" display

    Cons: Almost every feature has failed so far.

    USB playback issues

    Rfam from FV, CA on 12/18/2013

    Looks nice, nav works well, hands free works well, and movie play back (wife & kids) is great, but USB playback has issues. I bought this HU instead of comparable Kenwood just for the random playback of songs from a USB stick. However, I am having playback issues despite different USB sticks, song sets, folder structures, file formats (.aac and .mp3), etc. I have music organized Artist Folders/Album Folders/Song Files with about 70 Artists, 140 Albums, and 1400 songs. Issues are: 1) "???No Data???" error, which hangs unit (at least once a week), and only plugging in a different USB stick will un-hang it. 2) HU only loads about 500 of my 1400 songs, however it will load all 1400 songs if I unplug & re-plug the USB stick. 3) It forgets random play mode (about 1 in 4 times I jump in the car). 4) It won't skip to previous song in random play whether using shuffle all songs or a playlist. It has a slick nav search that presents only possible letters, but not for contact searches - would have been nice! I used to have a Garmin Nuvi that played back all my songs randomly and flawlessly. Every time I got in the car, my tunes were playing without me touching a thing. All in all, I like the 927, but find it funny that a GPS company can kick butt on a Stereo company when it comes to song playback - go figure!

    Pros: good nav, hands free, and movie playback

    Cons: problematic (dare I say horrible!) USB playback, still needs some refinement, price

    Alpine radio

    Natalie from Elyria, OH on 10/17/2013

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    This is a super awesome radio. It was tricky to install but the van was modified with special equipment for driving from a wheelchair. The customer service from crutch field was worth the extra money I paid for the radio

    Pros: Worth it to pay a little more from crutchfield

    Cons: Tricky to install

    Alpine rocks

    Michael U. from Sarasota, fl 34231 on 10/16/2013

    1998 Lincoln Mark VIII
    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Everything thing works perfect! Fit nice easy to hook up.

    Pros: I love the Bluetooth feature makes it nice no extra wire laying around.

    Cons: Doesn't come with a remote.

    Solid but lacking in features which is disappointing

    MidTex from Midland, TX on 9/30/2013

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Let me state up front that Crutchfield customer server is absolutely fantastic.... I am on my 4th navigation unit trying to find the "perfect" one. The previous three (1 Clarion and 2 Kenwood) all had issues that I found unacceptable. This Alpine unit is performing fine, but for the same price, it is noticeably lacking in features compared to the Kenwood DNX-890HD (which I had problems with). I'm disappointed but really don't think there's anything out there I will be happy with. My wife's 2008 Armada factory nav/entertainment is more sorted and feature-rich than this (which is sad).

    Pros: Good sound quality, reasonably fast, good iPhone support, ability to turn off Bluetooth streaming audio while leaving Bluetooth connection active for phone. Presets to save EQ and crossover preferences.

    Cons: Lacking features such as customizable EQ settings for each input and you can't alter setup (not even EQ!) without stopping vehicle and setting parking brake twice while foot on brake to unlock and then you must drill down through several menus to get there. Doesn't even support "Loudness" contours. In navigation you're unable to change audio volume except through menus and while it supports speed limit warnings, it doesn't display your speed. Strong echo heard by callers.

    Okay, but

    Mik from Toronto, Canada on 9/24/2013

    I got this unit to replace my Eclipse AVN-5510. I loved my Eclipse--great sound, very quick and responsive Navigation, intuitive and simple interface--but I didn't have built-in Bluetooth. The Alpine had some nice features, like HD radio, better iPod integration, a higher-resolution screen, NAVTEQ traffic...some bells & whistles I was looking for. I'm hooked up to an Alpine amp, plus Type R components all around. At the end of the day, I enjoy this unit...but I miss my Eclipse. Much easier to navigate, much quicker and responsive interface, and physical keys on the screen bezel for the most common functions.

    Pros: * Excellent sound quality. The i-Personalize setup (where you enter sound field and time correction ) does a great job of making the stereo image envelope you. * Feature-set: it has almost everything you need, unless you want apps control. Go to Pioneer for that. * OEM look: No gimicky large fonts, can't colour change your backgrounds...keeps it OEM looking. (Note: you CAN change the startup screen from the Alpine. Google around for it.) * Good BT integration.

    Cons: * It's impossible to operate this unit blindly while you are driving. My Eclipse had physical controls for tune/track UP and DOWN. Not so with this Alpine. Try and hit the tune up button on the touchscreen and if you don't hit it dead on, it won't change the station or track. I got the Alpine remote to be able to get tactile feedback while operating this unit. * Navigation: Everything is hidden many menus deep, and scrolling on the screen is not sensitive, and sluggish as well.

    Love this GPS

    Todd from Newnan, GA on 8/15/2013

    2011 Toyota Sienna
    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Most things about this GPS are great, Sound quality is great, display is easy to use, volume control with the Sienna install kit is slow to respond. It's as if the processor for the steering wheel integration takes an additional half second to decide how to send the signal. Not a deal breaker but a minor inconvience. Movies are great quality, along with my custom speaker install I now have a mobile theater and each rear seat has its own 9" headrest screen. I wish you could dual zone, listen to radio up front, and movies in the rear. Maybe I just haven't found the option yet. Install looks nearly OEM, very important to me, using the Sienna install kit.

    Pros: Sound quality, screen quality, interface

    Cons: Lack of dual zone, steering wheel control integration.

    Satisfied customer

    Ryan from Lexington, KY on 7/29/2013

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Product is great! Alpine did their homework on this one. Easy to use and many many options. Solid! Cant ask for anything more.



    Very nice unit

    FJ from NC on 7/27/2013

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Replaced the factory unit in a FJ Cruiser. Nav works very well. Sound is excellent. No complaints. No issues with the install. Not too complex to operate.



    Looks good, but.

    Okme2 from California on 6/19/2013

    All alpine system, pro install. Everything is type R, with a V9 amp, custom 10"box and this head. The touch screen isn't as good as the phone screens you are used to. Especially when the car (screen) is moving over pot holes. DSP The DSP was touted as a selling point, but its way over compressed and screams the highs at you at all volumes. After 3 weeks, I've just turned it off completely. Navigation The navi was also a supposed selling point. Big mistake. It's trash. Took two trips into San Francisco and it failed both times. Either it had no data on major streets (mission blvd) or no data on established businesses. Entering the data is a pain in the butt too. It is not at all intuitive or natural. Even the simplest iPhone navi beats this. Add to that the screen is moving with the vehicle and you can see its not good. Recognizing my phone on bluetooth is also hit or miss. Sometimes I'm using pandora, but it won't see it as a pandora app. So no track data, no up/down votes. Even plugged in, it won't connect and I have to unplug and plug a few times. Again, my iPhone is better in every aspect to this unit. The screen is nice and well lit, but is far far far from polished in its user interface design. I'm taking it back tomorrow to see if I can change it out for something much simpler and more effective.

    Pros: Well lit screen.

    Cons: DSP or what alpine calls. MX or media expander. Poor user interface. Poor connectivity on Bluetooth/pandora. Abysmal navigation. (Garbage) Poor EQ.

    Easily met and exceeded my expectations!!

    Daniel from United States on 6/17/2013

    2004 GMC Sierra 1500
    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    I recently purchased this head unit as an open box product from crutchfield about a month ago! I am what you would call a do it yourself-er ( I have done about 10-15) car audio/ head unit installations before and this was no problem whatsoever!! The unit itself is very nice! Everyone who gets into my truck is in awe! They love the in dash gps and dvd system, as do I! I would recommend this product to anyone! Alpine makes some of the best stuff!!! Worth every penny!

    Pros: I really like this whole unit! I've played with all the other brands and alpines are by far my favorite!

    Cons: I only have one thing I am not entirely pleased with.. NO iphone 5 integration..


    Jason T. from North port, fl. on 5/18/2013

    2006 Ford F-250 Super Duty
    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Awesome head unit. Everything you really need in one box. Even the iPod adapter with video. Replacing the original W200 from 2006. It's like coming out of the Stone Age

    Pros: Love the new advancement in Bluetooth technology. Everything in one unit Watch video & movies from iPod

    Cons: GPS a little blah. Needs an update It's a bit pricey. But I spent more on my old alpine for all the add ons.

    good alpine unit

    Jon from Nor Cal on 5/1/2013

    2008 Toyota FJ Cruiser
    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    love the unit and this is my 3rd alpine head unit, only compplaint is that the touch screen ability lacks a lot than my previous model the w505 and the ability to see the next 6 or so upcoming songs, other than that i love it

    Pros: user friendly,great navi, great display

    Cons: touchscreen

    So far, I love it.!!

    Ed from Chantily, VA on 4/24/2013

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    For a novice, the instructions are really vague. Installation time could be reduced by half with easy to read/understand the instructions. The sound, grafics and overall quality appear to be top notch, connecting accessories ( rear camera) werre (are) confusing to say the least, and at this point, I have to say Crutchfield tech. help was of little help (it was as if I had to lead them along...i.e. do I connect this wire to this wire??? Yea, just plug it in.... I think I finally figured it out on my own. After three days, it's still not installed, but I have faith. Bottom line...with accessories, there are too many parts, too many contridicting instructions and poor in istructions ( if you decide to add a rear facing camera).

    Pros: Great sound, Good grafics and a nice look to my old ford.

    Cons: If you install these things everyday you probably will not have difficulty....if on the other hand, you are a do it "yourselfer"......get some help!


    Stef from Lynchburg ,Va on 4/9/2013

    A superb unit. Beautiful in my dash.

    Pros: The best screen even in mid day sun.

    Cons: Loading mp3's from flash drive is a little slow, but it is a 32 gig drive.

    Disappointed AGAIN!

    Mustangman6799 from Richland, WA on 3/29/2013

    2000 Ford F-250 Super Duty
    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    I have a diesel engine that's very loud. I installed Hushmat everywhere, still loud. Engine noise renders hands-free calling COMPLETELY unusable. I had a comparatively inexpensive Kenwood deck that I tried out and the hands-free calling worked flawlessly. My callers didn't even know I was driving. Unit is INCREDIBLY SLOW! HATE that part. Feels like you're trying to breathe through a straw. So slow you push buttons twice 'cause you think your touch didn't register so you have to hit back and do it again. SUCKS. I'm sending it back. The navigation works pretty well- I have been told to go down 1-way streets the wrong way a couple of times, but so far, all of the destinations I've tried to get to have worked properly. The "Speed limit is __" is incorrect 60% of the time. Bluetooth Pandora with Android is spectacular. I rarely have an issue. I have remote start so, if I leave my bluetooth turned on with my phone, the deck automatically opens Pandora and is playing by the time I get into my truck. I like the unit overall, not too bad to install but it does take a lot of time. Disappointed that for this price, it doesn't come with SatRadio preinstalled. Like I have unlimited space to keep adding accessories... Come on guys- this much for a flippin' radio and I have to buy another thing for Sat? Enough power to use stock speakers w/o amp.

    Pros: Excellent with Pandora. Beautiful screen, possibly HD? Nav works pretty well. Great sound. Capable to do pretty much whatever you'd want.

    Cons: Incredibly slow. Hands-free calling no workey when you have a loud motor. Must buy a sat adapter for XM. So sslllllooooowwww. Spendy spendy spendy and so slow, it's not worth the price. If it were $500, I'd be better with the negative points. I think the other reviews are not written by actual customers.

    Amazing fully functional GPS/NAV/XM in-dash receiver

    Josh from Burrillville Rhode Island on 3/21/2013

    I purchased and had the unit installed about three weeks ago and I have nothing but great things to say about it. The Double Din install kit for my Infiniti i30 is perfect and looks like it came right out of the factory. Having installed all the adapters such as steering wheel controls, XM tuner and iPod adapter it does everything I could want and more. The hands-free calling is excellent and the microphone is barley visable depending on where you place it. The display is amazing and having the ability to tilt the screen depending on the sun ensures great visibility in all conditions. The GPS is phenomenal, which surprised me as I was a long time Garmin user. Having the ability to fully customize the presets, background colors and stereo specifications makes this the perfect unit for anyone looking for an all inclusive GPS/CD/DVD/XM in dash receiver. I could not be happier with my decision and recommend this unit to everyone.

    Pros: Amazing display, great navigation, excellent sound quality, seamless install, wonderful hands-free calling ability, great DVD picture quality and sound and ease of use with a great UI.

    Cons: Bluetooth Pandora with my galaxy s3 does not work. I have to use my custom auxillary that was installed in order make it work.

    Alpine W927HD

    EZTREY from Nebraska on 3/17/2013

    2006 Dodge Charger

    I don't review many products but I couldn't let this one slide! Either get Alpine or save your money until you can. Worth every penny and every other else is chasing this unit. If you haven't done your research start right here. Then you won't have too waste time doing anymore. Unbelievable that's all I have left to say!

    Pros: Everything! Top of the line!

    Cons: I'll bet you can't find one! Especially if you own this one!

    Amazing Unit!!!

    David H from Port Saint Lucie FL, on 2/16/2013

    2008 Honda Accord
    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    I replaced my pioneer Avh-x5500bhs because it was nothing but a headache from day one to this Alpine INEw927hd and i can't be happier this head unit is nothig but top notch a little pricey but iys worth it!!!

    Pros: Easy to use, great screen colors and the sound is amazing!!!!!!!

    Cons: None yet!!!!!!!


    Ken from Bedford In on 2/10/2013

    I replaced this unit from a stock Scion touch screen Pioneer And really like the Alpine's features. Sound q is amazing with stock speakers using the iPod (applelossless format). I plan in the near future to upgrade the speakers to Dynaudio 2 way, Arc audio Ds8 and over 1200 total watts alpine amps with a 10 inch Jl audio w6 sub (active 3 way). Navi is great, works well with Samsung Galaxy 3. Pandora is weak in sound q. And have not been able voice dial at all. Dvd sound and picure q is also great.

    Pros: ease of use, Features, Sound Q. Rear camera upgrade. Very strong built in amps (clean with great dynamics)

    Cons: Pandora sound q, Voice dial, limited Hd fm stations in area.

    Great Unit

    William from Massapequa Park, NY on 2/8/2013

    2011 Jeep Liberty
    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    This Alpine head unit is amazing. The GPS is very good, has a great UI. Phone functionality is top notch. I have an iPhone 5 and works perfectly with it connected by USB. The only thing I would like is better Siri functionality. The Radio works great. HD radio works flawlessly. And now the sound quality. I upgraded my entire car to be Polk DXi's so my car had a 6 speaker system that wasn't being fully utilized with the factory radio. I assumed Id need an amp but now I dont think I do. The head unit powers them very nicely. No distortion at all. And I plan on getting the Alpine Power Pack and I feel like thats all I'll need to make this system perfect to my liking. Im not a heavy bass guy so the speakers with more power work fine for me.

    Pros: HD Radio, Good GPS, Sound Quality, iPhone 5 compatibility.

    Cons: No Siri integration or good support.


    Hands-on research

    Features and Specs

    AUX Input No
    Audio/video Input RCA (rear)
    USB Input Rear
    CarPlay No
    Android Auto No
    Siri Control No
    Android Control Yes
    Memory Card Slot USB memory
    Bluetooth Compatible Built-in
    Satellite Radio Ready SiriusXM
    HD Radio Built-in
    Navigation Yes
    iPod Compatibility
    Full size Classic/5Gen
    Nano 7/6/5/4/3/2/1
    Touch 5/4/3/2/1
    iPhone 5S/5C/5/4S/4/3GS/3G/2G
    RMS Power (CTA-2006) 18 watts
    RMS Power (Manufacturer) ---
    Peak Output 50 watts
    RMS Power Bandwidth 20-20kHz
    Preamp Outputs 6-channel
    Sub Preamp Outputs Yes
    Switchable Rear Preamp Outputs No
    Video Screen Yes
    Preamp Voltage 4 volts
    Display Color
    Key Button Color White
    EQ Bands 9
    Wireless Remote Optional
    Steering Wheel Control Compatible Adapter required
    Parts Warranty 1 Year
    Labor Warranty 1 Year
    FM Sensitivity 9.3 dBf
    European Tuning No
    Seek/Scan Seek
    Radio Data System Yes

    Product Research

    Touchscreen Display
    Onboard Navigation
    HD+Pandora+SiriusXM Radio
    Disc & USB Playback
    Built-in Bluetooth
    iPod/iPhone Integration
    Audio Section
    AV Connection
    Remote Control

    Touchscreen Display

    Motorized 7" Touchscreen Display: The INE-W927HD has a 7" WVGA (1.15 million-pixel) touchscreen LCD monitor (with 16:9 aspect ratio) that serves as a video monitor, information display, and system controller. The INE-W927HD's touchscreen monitor provides a more balanced picture, not over-emphasizing dark or light areas, so movies are seen with greater clarity. All of the graphics are crisp and clean for your viewing pleasure. For better visibility you can adjust the monitor's angle; choose flat or one of five settings angled upward. The monitor electronically slides down for loading or ejecting a disc.

    Start Up Time: The Alpine INE-W927HD has a start up time of approximately 13.1 seconds from Off to the "Attention" screen. Once the "Attention" screen appears, you can tap the "Accept" button on the head unit's touchscreen to go instantly to the Navigation screen or press the "Power/Source" hard-key to access the Source menu.

    Dual Screen: The Alpine INE-W927HD lets you display the Navigation and Audio/Visual screens simultaneously, side-by-side. You can switch the right and left screens using simple drag & drop touchscreen commands.

    My Favorite Shortcut Screen: Frequently used functions can be customized to one screen for your convenience. Up to 8 shortcut icons can be registered to the "My Favorites" screen. Your settings are kept as a personal profile linked to your phone via Bluetooth. The INE-W927HD loads your system preferences when your phone is connected, so you can quickly access the things you use the most by simply pressing the "Star" button. You can choose from the following My Favorite shortcut icons.

    • Current Position: Registers your current position in My Favorites.
    • Current Source: Registers the audio source currently play in My Favorites.
    • Navigation: Registers the destination search category or nearby place search category in My Favorites.
    • Phone: Lets you register phone numbers stored in your phonebook in My Favorites for shortcut dialing.
    • Audio/Visual: Lets you switch sources directly from HD Radio, SiriusXM (optional), Disc, USB/iPod, Pandora, Bluetooth, or AUX In.

    Display Settings: The Alpine INE-W927HD offers the following settings to customize the head unit's LCD touchscreen monitor.

    • Display Modes: You can select one of the following display modes:
      • Wide: Evenly stretches a 4:3 picture horizontally to fit the widescreen monitor.
      • Cinema: Displays a 4:3 picture by stretching out the picture horizontally and vertically; good for displaying a cinema-type picture with a 16:9 ratio.
      • Normal: Displays a 4:3 picture at the center of the screen with a vertical black band at each side.
    • Visual EQ Mode: You can select one of the following preset modes suitable for the subject image:
      • Off (Flat): Initial setting.
      • Night Mode: Suitable for movies in which dark scenes frequently appear.
      • Soft: Suitable for animated films.
      • Sharp: Suitable for old movies where images are not clearly shown.
      • Contrast: Suitable for recent movies.
      • User Memory (P-1, P-2): Change and save Brightness, Color, Tint, Contrast, and Sharpness settings in the two user memories.
    • Display Colors: You can choose from five different background colors for the display; Black, Blue, Red, Green, or Amber.
    • Backlight/Illumination Control: You adjust the brightness of the LCD backlight from -15 to +15. You can then select one of the following modes for the LCD's fluorescent backlight.
      • Auto: Adjusts the brightness of the background illumination based on the ambient light in your vehicle.
      • On: Keeps the background illumination of the monitor dark (always dimmed, the degree to which the backlight is dimmed is adjustable).
      • Off: Keeps the background illumination of the monitor bright (no dimming).
    Note: You can also turn the touchscreen completely off at night, if the display is too bright when simply listening to audio and have no need for a monitor display.

    Auto Time Synchronization: Once you have launched and accepted navigation mode, the unit's clock syncs up with the internal navigation system, so it automatically adjusts to your time based on your location. Whether you are in Hawaii or New York, the INE-W927HD will adjust and display the appropriate time.

    Front Panel Controls: In addition to the touchscreen controls, the unit includes frequently used buttons along the bottom-edge of the screen. You can adjust the brightness of the button lighting at night from -2 to +2.

    Video Lock-out Feature: For safety and legal reasons, the INE-W927HD features a video lock-out feature to prevent the driver from viewing a video source while the vehicle is in motion. To watch a video source, the vehicle must be parked with the ignition in the ACC or ON position. The vehicle's parking brake must be engaged, disengaged, and engaged again while the foot brake is held in. This also pertains to the receiver's System, Audio, & Navigation Setup Menus.

    2-DIN Chassis: The Alpine INE-W927HD has a 2-DIN chassis (also known as Double DIN), and will fit in many vehicles with a large dash opening. The unit can be ISO-mounted using factory brackets, or Euro-mounted using the supplied mounting sleeve. As always, please consult Crutchfield's Outfit My Car to verify fit with your vehicle.

    Onboard Navigation

    NAVTEQ Map Data: The INE-W927HD offers reliable navigation with preloaded NAVTEQ map data of the United States and Canada, including Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands. The map database provides approximately 6 million points-of-interest (POIs) in various categories throughout the coverage area. The unit's map data is stored on the head unit's built-in flash memory.

    Note: Car navigation maps are frequently updated. While this database was judged to be as accurate as possible at the time of its release, a map database can never be 100% accurate. Road information that is maintained in the map databases, such as turn restrictions or road names may change over time.

    Future Updates: Future Map and Software updates will be available from Alpine and are input using the unit's hidden SD-card slot and additional SD-card (sold separately). The SD-card slot is located behind the electronic slide-down touchscreen. The SD-card slot is only used for navigation updates. Visit for latest map & navigation software updates.

    OnPoint Plus GPS: The INE-W927HD uses Alpine's OnPoint Plus Advanced GPS Positioning. This ensures that your vehicle stays accurately positioned on the map even in areas where it's difficult to receive GPS reception, such as in a tunnel or around tall buildings. OnPoint Plus simultaneously uses three technologies - satellite linked positioning data, gyro sensor technology (to determine the vehicle's direction), and accelerometer technology (to gauge the vehicle's speed) - resulting in continuous coverage of the location of your vehicle. For greater accuracy, an optional connection for speed pulse connectivity to the vehicle is available.

    GPS Antenna: The INE-W927HD comes supplied with a GPS antenna that features a magnetic base and an attached 16' cable terminated by a proprietary plug which connects to GPS-ANT input on the back of the head unit. The unit also comes supplied with a self-adhesive magnetic base if you are having trouble finding a flat metal surface to mount the antenna. The GPS antenna only measures 1.0625" (w) x 0.5" (h) x 1.1875" (d).

    On-Screen Map: As you travel, the INE-W927HD guides you to your destination via its on-screen map. The unit's on-screen map shows your vehicle's current position (a blue arrow by default), the recommended route (an orange line), the surrounding map area, and your destination as a checkered flag. The on-screen map shows streets in a way that is similar to how the paper road maps show them. Their width and colors correspond to their importance; you can easily tell a freeway from a small street. Road segments affected by traffic events are displayed with an alternate color on the map, and small symbols above the road show the nature of the event. When navigating a route, the top section of the map screen shows information about the next route event (maneuver) and the next street or the next city/town. Both the type of the event (turn, traffic circle, exiting freeway, etc.) and its distance from the current position are displayed. When approaching a turn, the map screen will zoom in and raise the view angle to let you easily recognize your maneuver at the next junction. If the next turn is at a distance, it will zoom out and lower the view angle to be flat so you can see the road in front of you. Two data fields on the left of the screen shows the distance you need to travel on the route before reaching your final destination and the time needed to reach your final destination of the route based on information available for the remaining segments of the route. You can adjust the following map settings.

    • Map Views (2D/3D): The INE-W927HD provides three Map Views, choose from North Up (North is always at the top of the display; this makes it easy to determine your current heading with respect to the map), Heading Up (current direction is always pointing to the top of the display; this makes it easy to see the direction of the next turn on the map), or 3D View (more realistic perspective by tilting the map and displaying it with a horizon line; streets are displayed as you approach them instead of from a birds-eye view).
    • Map Color: The navigation map screen uses different color themes (Day/Night) during the day and during the night for both the map and the menu screen. Daytime colors are similar to paper road maps, and the menus are bright. The night color themes use dark colors for large objects to keep the average brightness of the screen low. You can also set the navigation unit to switch between daytime and night color modes automatically based on the current time and GPS position.

    3D Object Types: The INE-W927HD's navigation software supports the following 3D object types.

    • 3D Terrain: 3D terrain map data shows changes in terrain, elevations or depressions in the land when you view the map in 2D, and use it to plot the route map in 3D when you navigate. Hills and mountains are shown in the background of the 3D map.
    • Elevated Roads: Complex intersections and vertically isolated roads (such as overpasses or bridges) are displayed in 3D.
    • 3D Landmarks: Landmarks are 3D artistic or block representations of prominent or well-known objects.
    • 3D Buildings: 3D block representation of full city building data containing actual building size and position on the map.

    Lane Information & Signposts: The INE-W927HD's navigation map offers helpful lane information & signpost guidance, along with junction & tunnel views.

    • Lane Information: When navigation on multilane roads, it is important to take the appropriate lane in order to follow the recommended route. If lane information is available in the map data, the map screen will display the lanes and their directions using small arrows at the bottom of the map. High lighted arrows represent the lanes you need to take.
    • Signposts: Where additional information is available, signposts substitute arrows. Signposts are displayed at the top of the map. The color and style of the signposts are similar to the real ones you can see above the road or by the roadside, They show the available destinations and the number of the road the lane leads to.
    • Junction View: If you are approaching a freeway exit or a complex intersection and the needed information exists, the map is replaced with a 3D view of the junction. The lanes you need to take are displayed with arrows. Signposts can also be present, if information is available.
    • Tunnel View: When entering a tunnel, the map is replaced with a generic tunnel image so that surface roads and buildings cannot distract you.

    Voice Guidance/Text to Speech: In addition to graphical on-screen directions and maps, the INE-W927HD provides voice guidance and turn-by-turn directions, capable of text-to-speech (TTS), announcing the street names along with the turn directions. With turn-by-turn instructions delivered by Text-to-Speech (TTS) technology, street names, freeway numbers and freeway exit names are announced clearly through your vehicle's audio system. Directions are available in English, Spanish, or French.

    NAVTEQ Traffic: NAVTEQ Traffic receives traffic information that is broadcast over the FM Radio Data System. The free FM TMC subscription activates automatically after the navigation system acquires satellite signals while receiving traffic signals from the service provider. NAVTEQ Traffic provides real-time traffic data for over 90 major cities in North America, including the United States and Canada. If traffic is congested up ahead or there is a road closure, the navigation system will automatically re-navigate the route to show you how to get to your destination, quickly and easily. To fine-tune this recalculation, you can set the minimum delay that can trigger a route recalculation, or you can instruct the software to have you confirm the new recommended route before it takes effect. Road segments affected by traffic events are displayed with an alternate color on the map, and small symbols above the road show the nature of the event.

    Note: NAVTEQ includes a lifetime service subscription. Because NAVTEQ traffic is subsidized by unobtrusive pop-up advertising, no subscription is necessary.

    Where Am I?: This screen contains information about the current position (or approximately the last known position if GPS reception is not available) and a button to search for POIs nearby.

    Setting A Destination: The Alpine INE-W927HD offers several ways to select a destination:

    Destination Search Description
    Browse Map Tap a point on the map as your destination.
    Home Save your home address so you can quickly navigate to your house from anywhere.
    Address You can find an address by entering the exact address (including house number), the center of a city/town, an intersection, the midpoint of a street, or zip code.
    Places (POI) Select from approximately 6 million Point-of-Interests (POIs); search POIs by name, preset, or category around your current location, destination, route, or specific city.
    Address Book Save frequented locations in the unit's address book to quickly add as a destination.
    History Destinations you have set previously appear in the History search.
    Free-Form Search

    A quick way to search for an address, a Place, an Address Book entry, or a History item is to use the free-form search. Simply enter a street address (just the street name or both the street and the house number), the name of a Place, a previous destination or an Address Book entry from this one search screen.

    Coordinates Enter Latitude and Longitude coordinates as your destination.
    Geotaggs You can also set the location stored in a picture (on a microSD card) as your destination.

    Vehicle Profile: You can create a vehicle profile for your car, truck, or SUV. Enter the following parameters for your vehicle - Fuel Consumption (avg. fuel consumption of your vehicle in city and rural areas), Engine Type (engine and fuel type), Fuel Price (avg. fuel price for travel cost calculation), Max Speed (max speed you travel).

    Route Calculation: The unit's navigation software calculates your route based on the following selections.

    • Vehicle Types: You can select what type of vehicle you are driving, so the navigation unit can determine the best route based on your vehicle type (Car, Truck, Emergency, Bus, or Taxi).
    • Route Methods: You can choose which route method (Fastest, Shortest, Green, or Easy) the navigation unit should use when calculating your route.
      • Fast: Gives a quick route if you can travel at or near the speed limit on all roads. Usually the best selection for fast and normal cars.
      • Short: Gives a route that has the smallest total distance of all possible routes. It can be practical for slow vehicles.
      • Green: Gives a quick and fuel efficient route based on the fuel consumption data given in Route settings. Travel cost and CO2 emission calculations are estimations only. They cannot take elevations, curves and traffic conditions into account.
      • Easy: Results in a route with fewer turns and no difficult maneuvers. With this option, you can make your software to take, for example, the freeway instead of a series of smaller roads or streets.
    • Avoidances: You can tell the navigation unit to avoid certain types of roads along your calculated route, such as Highways, Tolls, Carpool/HOV, Unpaved Roads, and/or Ferries.

    Modifying Your Route: When navigation is already started, there are several ways to modify the active route. Options include:

    • Add Waypoint: If you already have a recommended route and you select a new destination, the unit will ask you whether to start a new route, add a new waypoint (intermediate destination) to the route or append the newly selected destination at the end of the current route.
    • New Starting Position: For normal navigation, all routes are planned from the current position. In order to check future routes, simulate them or see their length in time and distance, you can turn off the GPS receiver. Then you can set the starting point of the route to a different location than the current GPS position.
    • Edit Destination: You can edit the route by modifying the list of destinations. You can add or remove destinations, modify the start position or reorder the list.
    • Cancel Route: You can cancel the active route and delete its destination and all its waypoints.
    • Route Alternatives: To recalculate the active route with a different route planning method, you can modify the unit's Route settings.

    Route Review: The INE-W927HD lets you review your route's instructions and simulate the drive.

    • Itinerary: The Itinerary page displays turn-by-turn instructions for your entire route and the distance between turns.
    • Route Simulation: You can preview all the route information and simulate travel along a projected route.

    Warnings & Alerts: The INE-W927HD's navigation software provides the following warnings & alerts.

    • Alert Points: You can save any map location as an alert point (for example a speed camera or a railroad crossing).
    • Speed Limit Warnings: Maps may contain information about the speed limits of the road segments. The navigation head unit is able to warn you if you exceed the current limit. This information may not be available in all areas, or may not be fully correct for all roads in the map. Speed warning can be fine-tuned in Sound and Warning settings.

    Automatic Route Recalculation: The unit will automatically recalculate your route if you stray from the navigation unit's previously calculated route.

    Off-Road Navigation: The difference between the on-road and off-road modes is the navigation itself. When you are on the Map screen with an off-road route, your position and heading is not aligned with the nearest road and there is no turn by turn navigation; just a recommended direction. You see a straight line drawn between your current position and the next destination to reach. The Turn Preview field in the top left corner shows an arrow with your bearing and the distance of the next destination.

    HD+Pandora+SiriusXM Radio

    HD Radio: With the built-in HD Radio tuner, you can receive digital AM/FM broadcasts from local stations where available. HD Radio lets you listen to the radio with the same fidelity as your digital music. HD Radio features high quality audio, FM multi-casting, and data services. With HD Radio, your FM stations offer near CD-quality sound, AM stations provide FM-like sound, and there is crystal-clear reception with no audio distortion. Best of all, HD Radio is 100% subscription free. The unit's tuner also supports analog AM/FM broadcasts.

    • Multicasting: Multicasting is the ability to broadcast multiple program streams over a single AM/FM frequency. this increases the amount and diversity of content choices. A maximum of eight multicast station channels (HD1-HD8) can be selected on this unit.
    • Station Text: AM/FM digital stations can offer text and data such as artist names and song titles. The built-in HD Radio tuner displays song title, artist and station information on the touchscreen monitor of the Alpine INE-W927HD.
    • RDS: The RDS (Radio Data System) is a radio information system. The RDS allows you to receive a variety of information such as traffic information, station names, and song information from standard analog FM radio stations.
    • iTunes Tagging: It is possible to save the song's information (tag) from and HD Radio broadcasting station to your USB-direct connected iPod/iPhone. The songs will show up in a playlist called "Tagged" in iTunes the next time you sync your iPod/iPhone. Then you can directly buy the songs you want from the iTunes Music Store. You can "tag" up to 50 songs. Your iPod/iPhone must have at least 50MB of free space to "tag" and transfer songs. iTunes 7.4 or later is required to purchase "tagged" songs.
    • Preset Tuning: The built-in tuner provides 12 FM and 6 AM preset stations. The unit's tuner can automatically seek and store six strong stations in a selected band in order of signal strength. Sub-program services of multicast stations are not included in the automatic memory search.
    • Digital MC: The Digital MC setting uses a Hybrid method of auto-switching analog and digital on the main channel, and uses all-digital for sub-channels. Alpine's solution keeps you on the channel you desire, resulting in a better overall HD Radio experience.
    • Local/Distance Tuning: Local seek tuning lets you tune in only those radio stations with sufficiently strong signals for good reception. Distance seek tuning allows both strong and weak stations to be tuned.
    Note: HD Radio is the system for digital AM and FM broadcasting in the U.S. More than 2,000 radio stations are broadcasting their primary signals in digital HD Radio technology, as a free service. Go to to check for HD Radio stations in your area.

    Pandora Internet Radio App (for iPhone/Android/Blackberry): The free Pandora App (either from iTunes Apps/Google Play/BlackBerry App World) lets you play music from the Pandora music service through the Alpine INE-W927HD using your USB-connected Apple iPhone (iOS 5.0+) or Bluetooth paired Android/Blackberry smartphone. Your Apple iPhone must be connected to the INE-W927HD via the appropriate Alpine iPod connector cable (500KCU461V or 500KCU445I, sold separately) or the Dock-/Lightning-cable that came with your iPhone. Your Android or Blackberry smartphone must support A2DP/AVRCP/SPP Bluetooth profiles and be paired with the Alpine receiver. Your iPhone, Android, or Blackberry smartphone will also need an active Data Plan account with connection to the Internet via 3G, EDGE, or WiFi. The INE-W927HD provides control over the Pandora music service and displays Artist, Album, and Song information.

    • Station List: You can select Pandora stations from your Station List by date or alphabetically (A-Z).
    • New Station: Based on a currently playing track or artist, you can create a new station and save it to your Pandora account.
    • QuickMix: QuickMix allows you to listen to songs played on one or more Pandora stations in your Station List randomly. You will need to edit your QuickMix station selections on the phone before connection.
    • Skip Songs: You can skip song tracks within a station. You cannot skip back to a previous song. Pandora limits the number of skips allowed.
    • Thumbs Up/Down: You can give songs a thumbs up or thumbs down to help Pandora personalize stations to suit your preferences.
    • Bookmarking: The song or artist currently being played can be bookmarked & stored in your Pandora account.
    Note: Access to these online service will depend on the availability of a cellular and/or WiFi network for purposes of allowing your iPhone or smartphone to connect to the Internet. Pandora is not supported in Canada and only available in the United States.

    SiriusXM Ready: The Alpine INE-W927HD comes ready for SiriusXM programming with access to XM and Sirius Satellite Radio stations. Thanks to its proprietary SiriusXM Connect port, you can add the optional SXV200V1 SiriusXM Connect tuner and receive more than 150 channels of exclusive programming directly from SiriusXM, via the "SiriusXM All Access" package (subscription required). Visit for a complete list of subscription options and channel guide. Additional features of the SXV200 SiriusXM Connect tuner include:

    • Text Display: Text information, such as the channel name, artist name, feature and song/program title is displayed on the in-dash navigation receiver.
    • Search Function: You can search for SiriusXM programming content by Category or by Channel.
    • SiriusXM Presets: Feature 3 Satellite Radio preset bands. You can store 6 SiriusXM stations to each preset band (a total of 18).
    • Jump Recall: You can save your absolute favorite radio station and access it with the press of a single button for easy recall.
    • Instant Replay: Supports the SiriusXM Instant Replay function, so you can pause, rewind, and replay up to 30 minutes of live content. Listen to your favorite programming over again.
    • Game Alert: GameAlert will display an on-screen message if your favorite teams' games are being broadcast. Jump to that station with the push of a button so you can listen to the game play by play. You can also get the latest score updates while you are listening to other stations.
    • Song/Artist Alert: With Song/Artist Alert you can get notified when your favorite songs or artists are being broadcast on any SiriusXM station. With the push of a button, you can jump right to that broadcast and catch the songs you want to listen to.
    • iTunes Tagging: The iTunes Tagging feature lets you Tag songs (up to 50) you hear on SiriusXM and stores the info on your iPod/iPhone. The next time you connect your iPod/iPhone to iTunes, you will be able to preview your selections and then purchase and download them directly from iTunes.
    • Parental Lock: This function restricts the listening of channels for children of certain age levels and is protected by a 4-digit "lock-code".
    Note: A separate SiriusXM Satellite Radio subscription is required (operates on the XM Network). However, you can easily add this SiriusXM tuner to an existing Sirius or XM account for a Multi-Radio Discount Plan.

    Disc & USB Playback

    Compatible Discs: The Alpine INE-W927HD will play back DVD Video, DVD-R/RW, DVD+R/RW, CD, and CD-R/RW discs (12cm only). It will also support two-layer DVD discs. This unit can play MP3/WMA/AAC music files and DivX video files recorded onto CD-R/RW, DVD-R/RW, or DVD+R/RW discs. The unit has a front-loading disc-slot to make loading your disc easier because there is no panel to slide or fold-down.

    Rear-Panel USB Port: The head unit's rear-panel USB (type-A) port allows you to connect a USB Mass Storage Class (MSC) device; such as select Android smartphones (Froyo/Gingerbread OS only), portable digital audio players, or USB thumbdrives. A 5' USB extension cable is included. The USB port enables audio/video playback & control of MP3/WMA/AAC music files and DivX video files stored on your portable USB MSC/MTP device through the Alpine INE-W927HD. USB portable audio players that can be charged via USB will be charged when plugged into the navigation receiver's USB port (max. 1A), and the vehicle's ignition switch is set to ACC or On. The USB port is also used to update the head unit's software, via downloadable software & map updates from the Alpine website.

    Media File Playback: The Alpine INE-W927HD supports the following types of MP3/WMA/AAC music files and DivX video files recorded onto disc or loaded onto a USB device.

    Media Type Disc (CD-R/RW, DVD-R/RW, DVD+R/RW) USB (MSC/MTP)
    File System ISO 9660 Level 1/2 or Joliet FAT 12/16/32
    Playable File Types Audio MP3: bit rate of 8-320kbps; sampling rate of 8-48kHz
    WMA: bit rate of 64-256kbps; sampling rate of 32-48kHz
    AAC: bit rate of 32-384kbps; sampling rate of 16-96kHz
    MP3: bit rate of 8-320kbps; sampling rate of 8-48kHz
    WMA: bit rate of 5-384kbps; sampling rate of 8-48kHz
    AAC: bit rate of 48-238kbps; sampling rate of 8-48kHz
    Video DivX (versions 3/4/5/6): optimum resolution of 96-720 (h) x 96-576 (v)
    Max # of Files/Folders 2,000 files/200 folders 1,000 files/folders
    Tags  ID3 tags (v1, v2), WMA tags, AAC tags

    Playback Modes: The Alpine INE-W927HD offers various playback modes for disc and USB playback.

    • Pre-stop Function: When the Pre-stop function is used, the position at which playback is stopped is stored in the memory, and playback resumes from that position.
    • Repeat: Select between three modes; File (repeats playback of current track/file/chapter), Group (repeats only files in current folder), All (repeats all tracks/files).
    • Random (MIX): Select between two modes: All (all tracks/files on disc are played in random order), Group (only files in current folder are played back in random order).
    • Slow Motion Playback: When a DVD is in the pause mode, you may move forward through the program being played one step (frame) at a time or in slow motion (1/16 or 1/2 speed), forward or backward. No audio is played during slow motion playback.

    Search Modes: The Alpine INE-W927HD offers various search modes for disc and USB playback.

    • Text/File/Folder Quick Search: When you are playing a disc with CD Text, ID3, AAC, or WMA tags, you can easily search for a track, file, or folder by its title. Once you have activated the search mode, you can use the touchscreen to quickly scan through the titles to locate the desired track. For discs without CD Text, ID3, AAC, or WMA tags, searches are made using the track numbers associated with each song.
    • Direct Search: Use this function to move directly to the beginning of the a chapter or track on a disc.
    • Skip (Next/Previous): During playback you can skip to the next or previous track, title, or chapter.
    • Fast-Forward/Fast-Reverse: You can view a DVD in various speeds in either direction by touching and holding the fast-forward or fast-reverse button on the touch screen. You can select from 2x, 4x, or 8x, speeds.
    • Frame-by-Frame: You can advance the motion picture by one frame at a time. No sound is output

    Auto Reload: When a disc is ejected and left sticking out of the disc slot for 20 seconds, the unit automatically reloads the CD to protect if from damage.

    Parental Lock: Parental Lock allows you to restrict the playback of DVDs that are unsuitable for younger viewers. You can select a parental lock rating from 1-8, which is protected by a 4-digit password.

    Angle Mounting: For proper disc playback, Alpine recommends mounting the INE-W927HD no more that 30° above horizontal.

    Built-in Bluetooth

    Bluetooth Technology (powered by Parrot): The Alpine INE-W927HD features built-in Bluetooth technology (v2.1+EDR), powered by Parrot. Parrot is the global leader in wireless devices for mobile phones, for expanded compatibility for many Bluetooth wireless technology enabled cell phones. The head unit's built-in Bluetooth allows you to make and receive phone calls wirelessly through the receiver; as well as stream music wirelessly from your smartphone to the head unit.  In order to use Bluetooth wireless technology, your phone must also be Bluetooth compatible and be able to interpret certain profiles. This unit is compatible with the following Bluetooth Profiles:

    • Hands-Free Communication: HFP (Hands Free Profile), HSP (Head Set Profile), OPP (Object Push Profile), PBAB (Phone Book Access Profile).
    • Audio Streaming: A2DP (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile), AVRCP (Audio/Video Remote Control Profile).

    Note: Due to the differences in Bluetooth technology, some Bluetooth enabled devices may be incompatible, function improperly, or may not support all features when used with the Alpine INE-W927HD. Parrot software updates provide support for future phones.

    Pairing: Your Bluetooth enabled mobile phone or digital audio player must be paired with the INE-W927HD before hands-free & wireless operation. You can register up to 10 Bluetooth enabled devices with the Alpine head unit. You can keep 2 phones connected at all times (only one can be used during a call).

    Note: Since the INE-W927HD can register up to two Bluetooth users at one time, each user can configure their own preferred settings. Once their respective Bluetooth devices have been registered to the unit and their initial settings have been saved, each user can be indentified automatically by the head unit simply be their Bluetooth enabled mobile phone.

    Hands-Free Communication w/ External Mic: The Alpine INE-W927HD supports wireless hands-free communication (HFP/HSP/OPP/PBAB) for your Bluetooth enabled mobile phone. Incoming calls are announced by a caller ring tone through your vehicle's speakers (music will be muted) & a Caller ID message across your Alpine head unit's touchscreen display. The INE-W927HD allows you to carry on a phone conversation from your Bluetooth enabled mobile phone using the head unit's external microphone and your car audio speakers. During a conversation you can adjust the volume, as well as switch between the Private Mode (talking directly on your cell phone) and the Hands Free Mode.

    • Receiving Calls: The Alpine INE-W927HD provides several ways to answer your phone calls without picking up your mobile phone.
      • Manual Answer: Manually answer an incoming call by pressing the "Phone" button on your Alpine head unit.
      • Automatic Answer: Set the Alpine head unit to answer the incoming call automatically; when a call is received, it is answered automatically after approximately 5 seconds.
      • Call Waiting: If a second call is received during a current call, you can have the first caller wait momentarily while you take the second call. When you are finished with one call, you can switch to the other.
    • Making Calls: The Alpine INE-W927HD also provides a variety of functions for placing a phone call without using your mobile phone. The INE-W927HD features full phone book access, call history, and shortcut dialing with compatible phones.
      • Phonebook (with ABC search): Up to 1,000 entries (5 telephone numbers for each name) can be downloaded from your compatible mobile phone. You can select the first 3 call letters (ABC) to search for a desired name in your phonebook.
      • Shortcut Dialing: You can assign up to 4 phone numbers for one-touch dialing to make a call easily.
      • Call History: The 60 previously dialed, received, or missed numbers can be retrieved and dialed from memory.
    Note: The included external microphone comes with a sun-visor clip to mount it in your vehicle. (with visor-clip). The mic is tuned and engineered to reduce noise interference and feedback. The external microphone measures 0.5625" (diameter) x 1.0" (deep); and features an attached 13' cable terminated by a right-angle male 3.5mm connector.

    Text Message Alert: The INE-W927HD can give you a notification on the display with a blinking mail icon indicator for 30 seconds while receiving a text message on your Bluetooth-enabled phone. The mail icon indicator will remain on if there is an unread message on a connected mobile phone. You must still read or create a text message from your mobile smartphone.

    Audio Streaming (w/ Metadata Display): The Alpine INE-W927HD can stream music from you Bluetooth A2DP/AVRCP mobile device. Not only can it control & stream your music through Bluetooth, it can process your music using its built-in DSP Sound Expansion to ensure you get the best sound. Basic playback functions include; Play, Pause, Fast Forward/Rewind, Previous/Next, & Random/Repeat. The head unit will also display your stored music's song information; such as Artist name & Song/Album title. The INE-W927HD also supports audio streaming of music apps on your Bluetooth-enabled smartphone, but without control or metadata. You will continue to use your Bluetooth enabled smartphone to view and control streaming music apps.

    Note: When an incoming call or outgoing call is in progress from your Bluetooth enabled mobile phone, audio streaming will be paused so you can take your call. Once the call is finished, your streaming music will resume.

    Bluetooth Adjustments: You can emphasize or weaken the volume level of the phone caller, the ring tone, and the microphone input to fit your own preference. You can also select which car speaker outputs the audio from your Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone/device. You can select All, Front-Left, Front-Right, or Front-Left/Right.

    iPod/iPhone Integration

    iPod AV Playback w/ DAC Bypass: The Alpine navigation head unit supports direct connection of your 30-pin or Lightning-connector through its rear-panel USB port and 3.5mm video input. The INE-W927HD supports audio/video playback, music navigation, information display, and charging of select Apple devices. The Alpine INE-W927HD's USB connection allows your iPod/iPhone's music library to be loaded instantly to the Alpine head unit and sound quality to be maximized through the head unit's 24-bit D/A converter (bypassing iPod/iPhone DAC), allowing for a Signal to Noise ratio up to 100dB. 

    • 30-Pin Dock Connector: Using Alpine's proprietary KCU-461iV iPod video cable (500KCU461V, sold separately), you can enjoy audio playback of your stored music and music apps on your iPod/iPhone; plus video playback of your stored movies and video apps on your iPod/iPhone through the Alpine INE-W927HD. Video can only be displayed while the vehicle is in park with the parking brake engaged. If you only desire audio playback, you can use Alpine's dock connector-to-USB cable (500KCU445I, sold separately) or the dock connector-to-USB cable that comes with your Apple device to connect your iPod/iPhone to the INE-W927HD.
    • Lightning Connector: If you have a newer iPod/iPhone with the Lightning-connector, you can use the Lightning-to-USB cable that came with your Apple device to connect your iPod/iPhone to the Alpine INE-W927HD for audio playback only. Video playback is not supported.
    Note:  Access to your iPhone's downloaded applications will depend on the availability of a cellular and/or WiFi network for purposes of allowing your iPhone to connect to the Internet.

    iPod/iPhone Control: You can control your connected iPod/iPhone from the head unit's touchscreen. The Alpine INE-W927HD lets you navigate your iPod/iPhone's music library by Playlist, Artist, Album, Song, Genre, Composer, Podcast, or Audiobook; and your video library by Video Playlist, Movie, Music Video, TV Show, Video Podcast, or Rented Movie. You can then search each category alphabetically (A-Z). The head unit also offers three Shuffle playback functions (All/Album/Category) and Repeat playback function (song). In addition, you can control basic playback functions (such as Play/Pause, FF/RW, Previous/Next Track) of select movie and video apps. Not all apps will be compatible. Older iPod/iPhone device's will be locked during connection, but Apple devices w/ iOS 6.0+ will stay unlocked.

    Music Information: The Alpine in-dash navigation receiver will display your iPod/iPhone's stored music file information; such as Track number, Elapsed playing time, Artist name, Song/Album title, as well as Album Art. The unit will also display song/artist information and station identification from select music apps.

    1A Charging: The head unit's USB connection provides 1A of current to power and charge your connected iPod/iPhone when your vehicle's ignition switch is set to the 'ACC' or 'On' position (if your iPod/iPhone has no initial battery charge, then the unit will not recognize it).

    iPod Compatibility Chart: The Alpine INE-W927HD is "Made for iPod/iPhone" compatible and supports the following iPod/iPhone model features (as of 9/24/2013):

    Apple Device Generation Tested Version Media Type Control Type Display Type Bluetooth Charge
    Audio Video Head Unit iPod/iPhone Pandora App Album Art Song/Artist Text Track Info Phone Audio
    iPhone 2G 3.1.3 Y Y Y N N Y Y Y Y N Y
    3G 4.2.1 Y Y Y N N Y Y Y Y Y Y
    3GS 5.1.1 Y Y Y N Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
    4 7.0 Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
    4S 7.0 Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
    5 7.0 Y N Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
    5C 7.0 Y N Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
    5S 7.0 Y N Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
    touch 1st 2.2.1 Y Y Y N N Y Y Y N N Y
    2nd 4.2.1 Y Y Y N N Y Y Y N Y Y
    3rd 5.1.1 Y Y Y N N Y Y Y N Y Y
    4th 6.1.3 Y Y Y Y N Y Y Y N Y Y
    5th 7.0 Y N Y Y N Y Y Y N Y Y
    nano 1st 1.3.1 Y N Y N N Y Y Y N N Y
    2nd 1.1.3 Y N Y N N Y Y Y N N Y
    3rd 1.1.3 Y Y Y N N Y Y Y N N Y
    4th 1.0.4 Y Y Y N N Y Y Y N N Y
    5th 1.0.2 Y Y Y N N Y Y Y N N Y
    6th 1.2 PC Y N Y N N Y Y Y N N Y
    7th 1.02 PC Y N Y N N Y Y Y N Y Y
    classic 80GB 1.1.2 Y Y Y N N Y Y Y N N Y
    120GB 2.0.1 Y Y Y N N Y Y Y N N Y
    160GB 2.0.4 Y Y Y N N Y Y Y N N Y
    video 5th 1.3 Y N Y N N Y Y Y N N Y
    iPad 1 5.1.1 Y Y Y N Y Y Y Y N Y N
    2 7.0 Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y N Y N
    3 7.0 Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y N Y N
    4 7.0 Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y N Y N
    mini 7.0 Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y N Y Y
    Note: Apple iPod/iPhone software updates may change functionality results. If you download a newer software version, you may need to reset the head unit and your iPod/iPhone to regain functionality. If this doesn't work, you may need to wait until a newer software update is available.

    Audio Section

    24-Bit DAC: The Alpine INE-W927HD utilizes a Burr-Brown 24-bit Digital to Analog Converter to ensure accurate audio reproduction.

    CEA-2006 Compliant: The specifications given by Alpine for the built-in amplifier comply with the CEA-2006 mobile amplifier power testing and measurement standards from the CEA (Consumer Electronics Association). All manufacturers who comply with the standard can display the CEA-2006 logo on their product.

    • CEA-2006 Power Rating: 18 watts x 4 channels (at 4 ohms, 20-20kHz, 1% THD)
    • Max Power Output: 50 watts x 4 channels

    Note: Add the KTP-445A (500KTP445A, sold separately) Head Unit Power Pack to deliver 45 watts x 4-channel RMS of power. The KTP-445A is compact enough to install behind the Alpine receiver. It plugs in-line with the head unit's wiring harness, so you don't even need additional wires.

    6ch/4V Preouts with Subwoofer Output Control: The INE-W927HD has three sets of 4-Volt RCA pre-outs (Front/Rear/Sub) for connection of external amplifiers. The unit's front and rear preamp output can be faded (front/rear), while the subwoofer preamp output is non-fading. The subwoofer output level can be adjusted differently from the main volume setting (0-15); so even at low volume settings the subwoofer is still audible. The subwoofer output phase can be set to Normal (0°) or Reverse (180°).

    High-Pass & Low-Pass Crossovers: This unit is equipped with active high-pass and low-pass crossovers which limit the frequencies delivered to the speaker and line-level outputs. Each speaker channel is controlled independently, so each speaker pair can be driven by the frequencies for which have they been optimally designed. The crossover adjusts the HFP (high pass filter) or LPF (low pass filter) frequency point of each speaker pair, and also the slope (how fast the filter rolls off the highs or lows).

    • High Pass Filter: The Alpine head unit is equipped with a high-pass filter for its speaker-level output and front/rear-channel preamp outputs. You can set the unit's high-pass filter center frequency point to 20Hz, 25Hz, 31.5Hz, 40Hz, 50Hz, 63Hz, 80Hz, 100Hz, 125Hz, 160Hz, 200Hz, or Off (through). The slope of the high pass filter can be set to 6, 12, 18, or 24 dB/oct.
    • Low Pass Filter: The unit's subwoofer output low-pass filter can be set to 20Hz, 25Hz, 31.5Hz, 40Hz, 50Hz, 63Hz, 80Hz, 100Hz, 125Hz, 160Hz, 200Hz, or Off (through). The slope of the low pass filter can be set to 6, 12, 18, or 24 dB/oct.

    i-Personalize Setup: Tailor your vehicle's sound setting parameters through the INE-W927HD's built-in i-Personalize feature. Choose your vehicle type, upholstery type, number of speakers, and speaker locations; and the INE-W927HD will calculate and apply the optimal sound settings for your vehicle.

    • Vehicle Type: Sedan, Couple, Hatchback, Mini Van, Small SUV, Large SUV, 2DR Truck, 4DR Truck.
    • Listening Position: Driver seat or All seats
    • Front Speaker Size: Small (3-4"), Medium (5-6.5"), Large (6x9")
    • Tweeter: Yes or No
    • Rear Speaker Position: Rear Deck or Rear Door panel
    • Subwoofer: Yes or No
    • Car Seat Material: Leather, Fabric, Half Leather (seats are both made of leather and fabric).
    Note: An online version of i-Personalize is available for even more detailed time-correction and sound tuning. Once your adjustments are made online, you can download the parameters to a USB drive and transfer the settings to the INE-W927HD.

    Built-in Equalizer: The Alpine head unit is equipped with a Preset EQ and 9-Band Parametric EQ.

    • Equalizer Presets (Bass Max EQ): 10 typical equalizer settings are preset at the factory for a variety of music source material. Choose from Flat, Pops, Rock, News, Jazz, Electrical Dance, Hip Hop, Easy Listening, Country, and Classical.
    • 9-Band Parametric EQ: You can adjust the head unit's 9-Band Parametric Equalizer to create a response curve more appealing to your personal taste. Band 1 (20Hz-100Hz), Band 2 (63Hz-325Hz), Band 3 (125Hz-500Hz), Band 4 (250Hz-1kHz), Band 5 (500Hz-2kHz), Band 6 (1kHz-4kHz), Band 7 (2kHz-7.2kHz), Band 8 (5.8 kHz-12kHz), Band 9 (9kHz-20kHz). Bandwidth Q (1, 2, or 3). Levels (-7 to + 7).

    Audio Enhancements: The INE-W927HD provides Time Correction, Media Xpander Pro, and Source Volume Level to enhance your listening experience in the vehicle.

    • Time Correction: This unit is able to delay the audio signal to the speakers closest to the listener with its built-in Time Correction feature. This effectively creates a perception of increased distance for those speakers. Time Correction allows the listener to be placed at an equal distance between the left and right speakers for optimum staging. You can adjust the distance (0-336.6cm) or time delay (0.0-9.9msec) of each speaker and subwoofer to the listener.
    • Media Xpander Pro: Alpine's exclusive Media Xpander Pro is engineered to bring out the musical details lost in compressed media, and it is adjustable per source to get the most out of your digital audio media. The Media Expander Pro makes vocals or instruments sound distinct regardless of the music source. The FM radio, CD, USB memory, iPhone/iPod, and Bluetooth Audio will be able to reproduce the music more clearly even in vehicles with a lot of road noise.
    • Source Volume Level: The output level (+/-14dB) of each source can be individually adjusted. For example, if the Tuner level sounds lower than CD, its output can be adjusted without affecting the other sources.

    IMPRINT Sound Upgradeable: The INE-W927HD is IMPRINT ready. Simply add the Alpine IMPRINT PXA-H800 audio processor (sold separately) and the Alpine RUX-C800 controller (sold separately) for automatic sound tuning or powerful manual tuning options. IMPRINT automatically measures the entire listening area, capturing time domain and frequency response information from each listening location to process and improve the sound at every seat in your vehicle. Precise control and corrections yield enhanced sound so you can enjoy an optimal listening experience. The IMPRINT audio processor allows you to customize your crossover adjustments so you can control where you send your high and low frequencies. It also provide detailed equalizer adjustments.

    Note: The INE-W927HD is not compatible with the IMPRINT PXA-H100 processor.

    Beep Guide: This function will give audible feedback with varying tones depending upon the button pressed. The volume of this feature can be set from 0-7.

    AV Connection

    Audio/Video Input: The INE-W927HD is fitted with one rear-panel audio/video input which consists of a composite video jack and stereo RCA jacks to connect an external AV source.

    Audio/Video Output: Rear-panel stereo RCA jacks and a composite video jack are provided for feeding an A/V signal to an optional video monitor for rear seat entertainment. The rear zone signals are passed by RCA composite video and stereo RCA preamp audio connections. The same audio/video signal will be displayed on the unit's integrated monitor and the optional video monitor. You can select the aspect ratio of any back seat monitor(s); choose from 4:3 Letter Box, 4:3 Pan and Scan, 16:9 Widescreen.

    Rear Camera Input: A composite video input is available so the input can be used with almost any rearview camera (such as the 500HCEC115, sold separately). A proprietary rearview camera input on the rear panel is designed for use with the Alpine HCE-C117D camera (500HCC117D, sold separately).  Or, you can use both camera inputs to connect front- and rear-view cameras (front-view cameras include the 500HCEC212F, sold separately). The INE-W927HD is also compatible with Alpine's multi-view cameras (such as the 500HCEC210, sold separately). With a multi-view camera connected, you can select between a Rear, Panorama, Corner, or Ground view when backing up. The rear-view camera function also provides three on-screen guidelines to assist you when backing up your vehicle. If a rear-view camera is connected, you should also connect the unit's reverse lead wire (Orange/white) to your vehicle's back-up lamp circuit. When properly connected, the image from the rear-view camera automatically appears on the monitor when the vehicle is shifted into reverse. Automatic video switching takes approximately 0.7 seconds. Audio from your music source will continue playing, while the back-up camera is displayed.

    Remote Control

    Optional Wireless Remote: The Alpine INE-W927HD is wireless remote control ready. Simply add on the Alpine RUE-4190 IR remote (500RUE4190, sold separately) to make it even easier to control the head unit's basic tuner & disc functions. The remote does not offer navigation control.

    Steering Wheel Remote Compatibility: The head unit features an OEM steering wheel remote control input on the rear of the unit that lets you keep your vehicle's factory radio steering wheel remote controls when used with an optional steering wheel audio control adapter (sold separately). Please consult Crutchfield's Outfit My Car to see if your vehicle is compatible.

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    Q & A

    Customer Q&A

    5 questions already asked

    Dynamic range 95db. Image rejection 60db. Signal to noise 70db. [ AMER  Aug 16, 2014 ]
    I don't know what db means, I can tell you it's the best stereo I've ever owed. [ DENNIS  Aug 04, 2014 ]
    I have a Samsung Galaxy S4. This unit will not read Android 4.0 or higher. I do not know if they have put out a firmware update to fix that. [ JUSTIN  Apr 03, 2014 ]
    The display flips down and it is behind it. [ RICARDO M  Mar 31, 2014 ]
    There's a eject button u push and screen flips down and u can put a dvd or a cd [ DAVID  Mar 31, 2014 ]
    The screen slides down and its behind the display. [ RYAN M  Mar 31, 2014 ]
    Behind the display [ TODD  Mar 31, 2014 ]
    You push the eject button and the face slides out and down exposing the slot. [ DEAN  Mar 31, 2014 ]
    The faceplate is motorized and flips up to reveal the CD/DVD port [ Northside  Mar 31, 2014 ]
    Behind the front screen, open the screen and you will find it there at the top. [ MICHAEL D  Mar 31, 2014 ]
    The CD slot and Navigation SD card slot are both hidden by the display unit itself. There are numerous ways to get the slots to display. You can navigate to the CD function under audio and use menus to have the unit move the display to reveal it or you can use the eject function on the controls on the head unit, this brings up the tilt screen/eject CD menu. On screen when you utilize this method there will be a button you can push to open the CD/eject whatever is in there (if anything.) [ AARON  Mar 31, 2014 ]
    Behind the screen. When u press the eject button the screen folds out. [ TIMOTHY D  Mar 31, 2014 ]
    Mike, It's behind the face at the very top. You have to push the button on the front button of face two to the right of the star. It'll then bring up a screen and you select the cd open on left and the whole face slides down. Hope this helps. [ DAVID E  Mar 31, 2014 ]
    Behind display [ JASON  Mar 31, 2014 ]
    The face is motorized and folds down. The CD slot is behind it. [ GEORGE H  Mar 31, 2014 ]
    Behind the face plate. [ ANDY  Mar 31, 2014 ]
    Yes, you do need to get a sirius tuner to hook to the back of the radio which is sold separately. And add a subscription to it. [ DAVID  Feb 22, 2014 ]
    As I understand it, you can transfer your subscription with sirius. [ TODD  Feb 22, 2014 ]
    If you already have a Sirius Radio subscription, it should be able to work. I don't have a sirius radio subscription though so how easy it is to setup on this nav I am not sure. [ AARON  Feb 21, 2014 ]
    You will have to call Sirius and transfer your account to the new radio. Each radio has a unique ID number. [ ANDY  Feb 21, 2014 ]
    Not sure about the steering wheel controls since my vehicle is not equipped that way. I have had the unit about 6 months and am thrilled with it. Everything works without issue. The GPS is excellent on a number of trips to SC, PA, NYC, Ohio, etc. The lane graphics are nice. The Bluetooth with my iphone is fine--good voice quality. The iPod features as far as music go work without issue. I have not tried the video feature...... Overall, no issues with this unit. [ Northside  Dec 12, 2013 ]
    You will most likely need to buy an additional adapter to utilize steering wheel controls. I had to, but I chose to buy mine from the start and it works just fine. As for playing video from the iphone/ipod, so long as you are connected via the provided USB 30 pin connector and aux cable provided, then yes, it will be able to output video. I'll also add, much to my disappointment for some of my older mp3 players; This unit has no 3.5 mm auxiliary connection of any sort. The 3.5 mm connection in the rear is strictly for the video functionality of a connected ipohne/ipod. Hope this helps you Keith. [ AARON  Dec 12, 2013 ]
    Yes and Yes However video is not compatible with iPhone 5 [ HASSAN  Dec 11, 2013 ]
    It says you can hook it up to the steering wheel but I think there is another adapter you might have to buy. On the video I have never tried that. I plug my Ipod into it and just put it in the glove box. It works great like that. I will have to try the video and see if that works. [ MARTY  Dec 11, 2013 ]
    I have a 2008 Honda Accord coupe and I got a aftermarket steering wheel control adapter Axxess Aswc so i can use my steering controls like normal, and it does play video with the ipod and iPhone cable that comes with the head unit but only the ipod and iPhone 4 and 4 not the iPhone 5 but I think you can buy the cables now to play video threw the iPhone 5 but I think it's like $120 for the cable!! I hope this helps!! [ DAVID  Dec 11, 2013 ]
    Yes and yes. You will have to purchase a separate piece for the steering wheel controls though. I think it is $70-80. [ RYAN M  Dec 11, 2013 ]