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Alpine MRD-M301

Mono subwoofer amp
175 watts RMS x 1

10 Reviews

Item # 500MRDM301

This item is no longer available.

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Our take on the Alpine MRD-M301

Do you measure your music in dBs? Then pound your sound into submission with a hard-hitting, state-of-the-art AccuClass-D mono amplifier from Alpine!

Want big bass? Look at our Subwoofers Do you measure your music in dBs? Then pound your sound into submission with a hard-hitting, state-of-the-art AccuClass-D mono amplifier from Alpine!

The MRD-M301 amplifier owes its responsive power output (350 watts with a 2-ohm load) and clean signal response to lightning-fast MOSFET power supplies. The built-in Bass Engine™ digital signal processor allows you to shape your own custom sound with a level of fine-tuning previously found only in Alpine receivers. With Bass Engine, you can:

  • adjust the subsonic filter from 15-50 Hz (in 5 Hz steps) to eliminate ultra-low bass which your sub wastes energy trying to reproduce;
  • use the digital parametric EQ (which allows you to control the width of the equalization curve, as well as the center point) to improve overall sound;
  • fine tune time correction, phase, and 3-level bass compensation to maximize the quality of your bass.

As if that weren't enough sound-shaping power, the Bass Compensator feature enhances low-end definition with Alpine's exclusive MediaXpander techology — used in their receivers to optimize playback of compressed media files. The MRD-M301 also has speaker-level inputs so you can easily use it with any car stereo.

  • 175 watts RMS x 1 at 4 ohms (CEA-2006 Compliant)
  • 350 watts RMS x 1 at 2 ohms
  • 2-ohm stable
  • MOSFET power supplies
  • Bass Engine® features:
    • low-pass digital crossover, 30-200 Hz, 12 or 24 dB/octave
    • variable subsonic filter (15-50 Hz in 5 Hz steps)
    • parametric EQ variable from 30-160 Hz
    • Bass Compensator enhances low-end definition
  • top-mounted controls with digital readout and cover
  • speaker- and preamp-level inputs
  • gold-plated terminals
  • requires 8-gauge power and ground leads — wiring and hardware not included with amplifier
  • 9-9/16"W x 2-9/16"H x 10-5/8"D
  • warranty: 1 year

I got this hooked up to my 12" and I have to drop the level down 12dB cuz if I don't it rattles my truck. I could easily run two 12" off this without having to put a bass boost up. I'm probably gonna get two 10" with a double ported box cuz I'm not worried about having to crank it.

TJ, Dallas, Texas

What's in the Box:

  • Mono amplifier
  • Terminal cover
  • Speaker-level input connector (has 2 male gold-plated RCA plugs on one end and bare wire on the other end)
  • 2 Allen head bolts to mount terminal cover
  • 2mm Allen wrench
  • 4 Phillips/Hex-head self-tapping screws (M4 x 20mm)
  • Manual
  • Customer Care Registration/Survey
  • Warranty sheet
  • Verification Certificate
  • Manual correction sheet

Alpine MRD-M301 Reviews

Average Customer Review(s):

(10 Reviews)


Tipking from Ellenwood, GA on 9/8/2008

I bought 2 of these 4 years ago and they are tough and powerful. I have blown JL, Infinity Kappas and Kickers with these amps. They are both rated at close to 400 RMS @ 2ohms so if you are lucky enough to find one of these you will need 400 watt subs with them. The digital crossovers are awesome so you can tune you sub easily and it's a small amp that doesn't get hot. 500 mile road trips with no overheating. Now I power 2 SR 10 in a sealed downfire enclosure and they are still strong as ever. It took 4 years to review them so a 5 Star rating is a must. Good job Alpine!!!!!



Dios mio!

Danimal from Minneapolis, MN on 7/3/2005

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

This amp just pounds. I have it hooked up to a 12" Infinity Perfect DVC Sub in a 1 cu. ft. sealed box in my trunk and the sound that thing puts out is absolutely amazing. Controls are extensive (and all digital), I used just about everything except gain & the subsonic filter (they seem to add noise). But the adjustable EQ, Bass Compensation and Low Pass Filter add clean bass where you want it. Doesn't seem to draw much power - the headlights never dim - for how much it puts out (it's tested at 375w RMS @ 2 Ohms.) The Crutchfield Advisors were really helpful - the only thing I couldn't get to work was the auto-input level sensor (but I don't care about that it sounds awesome anyways.) I would absolutely recommend this amp for anyone looking for sweet Alpine sound, especially at this price.



Can't ask for more

ddcyr3 from Maine on 5/7/2005

This amp is just awesome. I have it powering an Infinity Kappa 12 dvc at 2 ohm, and it is soooo loud in my vw passat. And clear, no distortion whatso ever. 8 gauge amp kit, and on stock battery, no cap, no dimming what so ever, draws very little. The amp is rated for 350rms at 2 ohm, when i got it, they had tested it at the factory and it actually put out 390rms. The features are exactly what you want, and i have had numerous comments on this amp, mainly because of the display. AWESOME, worth every dollar.



Excellent Quality

Mark from Petersburg, VA on 3/31/2005

This amp is great for powering 1 speaker to fill in the lows you've been missing. For 2 speakers, I'd recommend going for a higher powered version like the mrd-m501 or m1000 models. This amp will help make your sub produce clean bass that thumps. I love the digital display that can show voltage, amps drawn, and temperature. Everything is controlled digitally once the signal reaches the amp and with many options for optimal sound quality, this amp is a great value.



Can I Get A Yeah

TJ from Dallas, Texas on 3/25/2005

I got this hooked up to my 12" and I have to drop the level down 12dB cuz if I don't it rattles my truck. I could easily run two 12" off this without having to put a bass boost up. I'm probably gonna get two 10" with a double ported box cuz I'm not worried about having to crank it.



Alpine MRD-M301

nikeofnargothrond from Morristown, TN on 3/23/2005

Clear amp with all the trimmings! My M301 is hooked up to one small 8" sub in a custom enclosure and it sounds as good as any 12" I have ever owned! Sharp, compact, sleek design allow this amp to be mounted almost anywhere in your vehicle. You can't go wrong with this amp. A definite addition to any system.



Great Deal for a Great AMP

Jeff from Phoenix, AZ on 3/16/2005

This is the cleanest AMP I have used, great power and multiple digital settings. AMP is fully digital.



Great amp....Very impressed....

KCCANE from Cypress, CA on 3/10/2005

I bought this amp after my XTANT went dead. I love this amp. The digital display is nice but I'm more about sound quality. This amp is clean and pushes over 350rms at 2ohms. I recieved a "Verification Certificate" from alpine stating that this amp was tested at 386.4 RMS (2ohms which I am running)! I have this amp pushing my 10inch Infinity Kappa Sub. All I can say is you will not be dissapointed with this amp. It's very clean, crisp, nice looking (digital display that displays different info including the temp.), and pushes over the RMS advertised. At the price it's at now (199), it's a great buy. I highly recommend this amp.



Alpine MRD-M301

vwdaddy122869 from Schenectady, NY on 3/10/2005

i use this amp to power (2) Infinity Kappa 120.3dvc 12's. it hits pretty hard, and is definitely underrated for its power



V12 power baby

todd from west fargo,ND on 3/1/2005

dont let the amp rating fool you.or the signal to noise ratio.these amps are CEA compliant.when i got mine my test card actually showed power output at 403 watts rms at 2 ohm load.I use this amp to drive a 12" type r alpine sub in small sealed box about 1.0 cubic feet.and let me tell you it thumps reallly loud.also this amp has electronic controls that alow you to configure your bass to almost any liking.get you cant go wrong at this price.




Hands-on research

Product Research

Inputs and Outputs Notes


V12 AccuClass-D Mono Amplifier: The V12 AccuClass-D amplifier design allows it to deliver massive power without correspondingly huge current draw. This amplifier's true digital design keeps the signal purer and makes the amp extremely efficient. V12 AccuClass-D amps use digital signal processing to provide time correction and other sophisticated controls, all controlled through the Alpine Digital Control Center located under the top-mounted access panel.

Hood: The amplifier has a hinged brushed aluminum hood that flips up to reveal the control panel and LCD display. The control panel consists of six buttons: Display, Mode (up), Mode (down), Enter, <, and >. These buttons are used to navigate the menu that includes all the adjustments on the amp (input level, crossover, EQ, time correction, phase, etc). When closed, the LCD display is visible through the smoked plastic window. Two Allen-head screws (supplied) secure the hood in the closed position.

Display Control: The MRD-M301 features a 5-digit information display that allows you to check the operational status of the amplifier. By pressing the Display button, you can cycle through the following readouts: Voltage (supply), Current (draw), Internal Temperature (Fahrenheit), and Internal Temperature (Celsius).

Terminal Cover: The amplifier is equipped with a silver brushed aluminum terminal cover that can be attached to the front panel to improve appearance after the amplifier has been installed. The terminal cover hides power, signal and speaker wires, and secures to the amplifier via two Allen-head screws (supplied).

Verification Certificate: The amplifier comes with a certificate that informs you of the total RMS output of the particular amplifier. It lists the model number, serial number, test date, and the test conditions (voltage, impedance).

Bass Engine DSP: The MRD-M301 uses digital signal processing to offer several sophisticated Bass Engine controls without signal loss or sound degradation. The Bass Engine features include:

  • Digital Time Correction: Time correction allows you to time align this amp with others in the system. This is particularly useful to maximize SPL if there are multiple subs and sub amps. The adjustment range runs from 0-10ms in 0.1ms steps.
  • Digital Parametric Equalizer: A fully adjustable parametric EQ is built into this amp. The center frequency is adjustable from 30 to 160Hz in 1/12 octave steps. The Q value of the EQ curve is selectable between 0.5, 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5. The EQ level is adjustable from -12dB to +12dB in 1dB steps.
  • Built-in Variable Crossover: The built-in low-pass crossover is adjustable from 30 to 200Hz in 1/12 octave steps with a selectable slope of 12dB/octave or 24dB/octave.
  • Subsonic Filter: The subsonic filter is used to filter out low frequencies that you cannot hear but can "rob" power from the amplifier. The crossover point is variable between 15Hz and 50Hz in 5Hz steps, and can be switched on or off.
  • Bass Compensation: The Bass Compensation circuit is used to enhance low-end bass definition. When engaged, the Bass Compensation circuit provides bass with sharp auditory impact, even with a small diameter woofer. Once turned on, you can select the Bass Compensation level that best suits your desired results: Bass Comp 1, Bass Comp 2 or Bass Comp 3.
  • Phase Control: The phase is selectable between 0 and 180 degrees.
  • Gain Factor: Gain Factor is a unique and patent-pending digital processing technology that allows more audible power to be delivered even when pushing the amplifier to its limit. Unlike all analog compensation techniques, Gain Factor interpolates and modifies the signal at the individual digital data level, enhancing smaller signals more and larger signals less without driving the amplifier into hard clipping. The result is more clean power, sooner on the volume knob. You can select a gain factor of 0dB, +6dB or +9dB.

Multi-Amp Installation: Because the above Bass Engine adjustments are all digital and discrete, two of these amplifiers can be used to power the two voice coils of a DVC woofer. Note: Technically this is true of any amp, but with analog adjustments an oscilloscope is needed to ensure the outputs are identical.

Amplifier ID: Alpine's RUX-4280 Remote Amplifier Control Center (RACC) will control up to eight V12 AccuClass-D amplifiers. For this reason each amp needs its own ID when more than one amp and the RACC are used.

Optional Remote Level Control: This amplifier's level can be controlled remotely with the optional RUX-4180 Subwoofer Level Control. Note: The RUX-4180 can only control one amplifier. For multiple amplifiers, the RUX-4280 Remote Amplifier Control Center should be used.

Turn On Delay: The amp's turn-on time is adjustable from 0 to 2 seconds in 0.2 second steps. This is useful for eliminating the loud "thump" that occurs when multiple amplifiers are turned on simultaneously.

Output Disable Mode: The Output Disable Mode turns off the power output of the amp while leaving the control functions active. This should be used when adjusting the DSP function. Only the power of the DSP circuit is on and in the current saving state. After making adjustments, the output disable mode should be turned off.

Memory: The settings on the amp can be stored in one of two memory slots to make it easy to return to your preferred values.

3-Way Protection Circuitry: This amplifier has a 3-way protection circuitry to guard against accidents and undesired operations. It includes protection for Short circuit, Over-voltage, and Thermal overload. When the amplifier goes into protection mode, the LCD display will show a Error code explaining the cause of the failure.

Inputs and Outputs Notes

Wire Terminals: The battery, ground, remote, and speaker output terminals all feature combination gold-plated screw terminals which can accept a ring or spade connector up to 5/16" wide (.3125") or directly accept up to 8 gauge bare wire. A Phillips-head or flat-head screwdriver is required to loosen/tighten the terminal screws.

Line Level/Speaker Level Input: The amplifier includes a pair gold-plated RCA stereo line input jacks. For a speaker level input, you must use the supplied harness. The harness has a pair of male gold-plated RCA plugs on one end, a resistor circuit in the middle, and bare wire on the other end.

Controller: The amp has a 7-pin female DIN jack for connection to the RUX-4280 Remote Amplifier Control Center (RACC) or the RUX-4180 Subwoofer Level Control.


RMS Power Rating (measured at 14.4V):

  • Into a 4-Ohm Load: 175 watts x 1
  • Into a 2-Ohm Load: 350 watts x 1

RMS Power Rating (measured at 12.0V):

  • Into a 4-Ohm Load: 150 watts x 1
  • Into a 2-Ohm Load: 250 watts x 1

Note: Minimum impedance is 2 Ohms.

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