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Alpine NVE-N852A

DVD-ROM GPS Navigation System
With 2.0 Software Package

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Item # 500N852A

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Our take on the Alpine NVE-N852A

Alpine's PowerNav™ systems are the culmination of 20 years of navigation research and development — and nobody does it better! The NVE-N852A navigation system makes it easy to find your way, with an 8.5 gigabyte DVD-ROM drive that holds over six million points of interest (including businesses, airports, restaurants, and ATMs).

Alpine's PowerNav™ systems are the culmination of 20 years of navigation research and development — and nobody does it better! The NVE-N852A navigation system makes it easy to find your way, with an 8.5 gigabyte DVD-ROM drive that holds over six million points of interest (including businesses, airports, restaurants, and ATMs).

Just enter an address, business phone number, or business name, and let the NVE-N852A do the rest. It finds your destination quickly, and gives you turn-by-turn instructions with CD-quality voice guidance. If you miss a turn, the system recalculates instantly to get you back on course. Alpine's "Graphical User Interface for Drivers" offers intuitive, easy-to-read screens and menus on your monitor — the simplified arrow display guides you through the most complex intersections.

The two map DVD-ROMs (updated 2.0 version) cover the entire lower 48 states (with portions of Canada). You can store up to 99 entries in the personal address book for instant retrieval. The video cable connects to select Alpine video monitors or mobile multimedia stations. A wireless audio/video remote control is included for convenient system operation.

Note: This receiver will not play DVD movies. It will only play compatible DVD-ROM map discs.

  • mobile DVD-ROM drive
  • two DVD-ROMs (USA East and USA West, 2.0 version) cover the lower 48 states and portions of Canada (with a database of over 6 million points of interest)
  • 12-channel GPS receiver
  • GPS antenna with 16-foot cable
  • built-in gyro sensor
  • vehicle speed sensor input
  • video output for connection to monitor
  • CD-quality voice guidance
  • stores up to 99 personal address book entries
  • instant route calculation (reroutes you within seconds if you miss a turn)
  • wireless remote control
  • dimensions: 7-3/4"W x 2"H x 8-15/16"D (navigation unit); 1-5/8"W x 9/16"H x 2"D (GPS antenna)
  • 1-year warranty

What's in the Box:

  • DVD-ROM GPS Navigation unit
  • 2 Smart Map Pro DVD-ROMs Version 2.0 (1 USA West DVD-ROM and 1 USA East DVD-ROM)
  • RUE-4136 Wireless remote control
  • 1 Plastic remote control holder
  • 2 "AAA" batteries
  • GPS antenna with attached 16' cord
  • 1 Antenna mounting plate
  • 3 Self-adhesive cable clamps
  • 19.5' RGB extension cable (has 13-pin male connector on each end)
  • 8' Power harness
  • 14.5' Power harness extension
  • 4" Parking brake auxiliary cord
  • 2 Red solderless connectors
  • 2 Floor bases
  • 2 Brackets
  • 1 Piece of Velcro tape (for mounting the remote control holder)
  • Four 1/2" self-tapping screws (for mounting the remote control holder)
  • 2 Velcro fasteners
  • Four M6x50 hex bolts
  • Four M5x15 self-tapping screws
  • Four M5x8 machine screws (each screw has one flat washer and one lock washer)
  • 4 Wing nuts
  • Four M6 hex nuts
  • 4 Spring washers
  • Guide for Installation and Connections
  • Hardware Manual
  • Smart Map Pro Owner's Manual
  • Smart Map Pro Supplementary Information
  • Warranty sheet
  • 2 Customer Care Registration cards
  • Navigation Installation Registration sheet
  • "Reference to the stored areas in the discs" sheet
  • Caution sheet

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Display Compatibility: The NVE-N852A navigation system requires an optional display. For a simple, dedicated navigation display, the NVE-N852A can be connected to one of the following Alpine monitors: TME-M580, TME-M760, or TME-M790. Or, for a full-blown system, you can connect the NVE-N852A to any of the following Alpine Mobile Multimedia Stations: CVA-1003, CVA-1006, IVA-C801, or IVA-D900. 

Note: The optional KCE-021N adapter converts the multi-pin plug on the NVE-N852N's rear panel, allowing you to send an audio/video signal from the NVE-N852N to a non-Alpine monitor or in-dash video receiver.

Disc Compatibility: The NVE-N852A is compatible with DVD-ROM navigation map discs only and cannot play standard video DVDs.

DVD Navigation Maps: The supplied DVD-ROMs cover the entire continental United States, with portions of Canada.

Automatic Route Calculation: The navigation system displays and tracks your vehicle's position and movement via a moving map display. When you input a destination, the navigation system quickly calculates a route and guides you with pictorial displays and voice prompts.

Map Guidance Displays: Once the route has been calculated and driving begins, the Basic Guidance Display automatically appears. Pressing the MP/RG button on the remote allows you to select the Detailed Map Display for more information. When you approach an intersection, the Zoomed Intersection Map of that intersection is displayed. 

Destination Input: The Destination Menu gives you many different ways to choose your destination:

  • Address: you can input your destination's address by street and city
  • Intersection: you can enter the intersection of two streets and make it your destination
  • Point of Interest: you can enter a Point of Interest in one of three ways: by place name, place type, or phone number
  • Recent Destination: if your destination is one of the twenty most recent route calculations, you can recall that destination
  • Address Book: if a location has already been placed into your personal address book, you can recall the location for use as a destination
  • Directly from the Map Display: allows selection of a new destination directly from a street segment or Point of Interest icon on the Detailed Map Display
  • Origin of the Route: guides you to the starting point of your last calculated route, allowing you to set a return route

Address Book: Up to 99 addresses can be stored alphabetically in the Address Book.

Waypoints: You can set up to 5 waypoints from your current location to the current destination.

Local Places: The navigation system can display up to 7 types of Points of Interest in an area six miles around the cursor position when you scroll the map. These include ATMs, banks, gas stations, grocery stores, hotels, parking lots, and restaurants.

Today's Plan Function: Today's Plan will calculate the most efficient travel order for multiple destinations. Up to 8 destinations can be stored in Today's Plan. This function has two settings, Auto and Manual. The Manual setting will route you to each destination in the order that they were entered. The Auto setting will route you to each destination in the most efficient travel order.

Setting Current Position: This function allows you to correct any error in the position or direction of your vehicle icon in the display.

Displaying the Entire Route: The navigation system allows you to view the entire route so you can verify if the route calculation is correct.

Route Calculation Method: Depending on the time of day, you may want to alter the way the system calculates the route. You can choose from the following route calculation methods:

  • Quickest: calculates the most efficient way to arrive at your destination
  • Maximize Freeways: calculates a route that makes most efficient use of freeways
  • Minimize Freeways: calculates a route that uses mostly surface streets
  • Minimize Toll Roads: calculates a route that minimizes the number of toll roads

Off-route Recalculation: If you deviate from the suggested route, the system can recalculate a route to get you back on the way to your destination. You can choose to have the system automatically recalculate the route or await confirmation before recalculating the route.

Detour Function: If during a route you require the system to detour around an obstacle, you may use the Detour button to automatically recalculate a new route.

Plan Function: While en route to your first destination in Today's Plan, you may change the first destination.

Map Screen Orientation: You can select one of the following map screen orientations:

  • North Up: the map display is positioned so that north is always at the top of the screen. The Present Vehicle Position icon will rotate on the map.
  • Heading Up: the Present Vehicle Position icon can be positioned so that its current direction is always pointing to the top of the screen. In this case, the icon remains frozen in the center of the display while the map rotates with each turn.

Estimated Time Display: When the system calculates a route, it also estimates the time it will take to arrive at the destination. It will display this estimate as the arrival time, or the time remaining to reach the destination.

Assumed Speed: You can fine tune the parameters that influence the calculation of travel time. If you are a slower or faster driver, the assumed speed setting can be adjusted accordingly.

Adjustable Voice Guidance Type/Frequency: The system allows you to choose the type or frequency of audible prompts you receive as you are guided along your route. When set to the Minimum mode, the system will emit tones only when approaching upcoming maneuvers. When set to the Normal mode, the system will emit tones and voice instructions when approaching upcoming maneuvers.

Audio Interrupt: The Audio Interrupt function allows the navigation system to mute a compatible radio while voice prompts are being played. Note: For this feature to work, the pink mute wire of this unit must be connected to the cellular mute wire of your head unit.

Recalibration: If you install the navigation system into a different vehicle or replace the tires on your current vehicle, the system is automatically recalibrated.

Backup: The navigation system will automatically back up your new settings when the ignition switch is turned off. Using the menu system, you can manually back up the settings.

Mounting: Using the supplied hardware, the NVE-N852A  can be mounted on the floor or under the rear deck of your vehicle. The unit can be mounted up to 30 degrees from horizontal.

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