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Alpine PDX-1.1000

Mono subwoofer amplifier
1000 watts RMS x 1

15 Reviews

Item # 500PDX1100

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Our take on the Alpine PDX-1.1000

The PDX-1.1000 mono amplifier supplies a stunning 1,000 watts of sub-cranking power from an amazingly compact body, plenty of power for the most sub systems. Beefy internal components and clever engineering keep the power output strong and the noise low for superb fidelity and control. The adjustable frequency filter tailors the amp's output to your specific system.

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Cool and Compact Amps

Sometimes size doesn't matter. Alpine packs Class-D amplifier technology into their PDX amplifiers for awesome power from a compact frame. These small-but-mighty amps free up valuable space and run so cool they can be stacked together for a sweet multi-amp setup.

stackable up to 3 high

Heavy duty, clean power

The PDX-1.1000 mono amplifier supplies a stunning 1,000 watts of sub-cranking power from an amazingly compact body, plenty of power for the most sub systems. Beefy internal components and clever engineering keep the power output strong and the noise low for superb fidelity and control. The adjustable frequency filter tailors the amp's output to your specific system.

High-quality connections

gold-plated connections

Front-mounted controls make post-installation adjustments a snap. Gold-plated RCA inputs, outputs, and power connections resist corrosion and signal degradation. Nifty speaker wire plugs ensure a tight connection and guarantee that your speakers work in unison.

Confused about impedance? Check out our article on matching subs and amps.

Note: Sorry, Crutchfield cannot ship Alpine products to Guam or Puerto Rico.

Product Highlights:

  • mono subwoofer amplifier
  • 1,000 watts RMS x 1 at 4 ohms (1,000 watts RMS x 1 at 2 ohms)
  • variable low-pass filter (50-200 Hz, 24 dB/octave)
  • Class-D amplifier design
  • stackable installation design with front-panel controls
  • quick-connect speaker connectors
  • preamp-level inputs and outputs
  • MOSFET power and output stages
  • CEA-2006 compliant
  • fuse rating: 20A x 4
  • 4-gauge amp wiring kit with 80-amp fuse recommended — wiring and hardware not included with amplifier
  • 10-3/16"W x 2-1/2"H x 8-7/8"D
  • warranty: 1 year
  • Our 60-day money-back guarantee

I am using this amp to power a single Boston SPG555PS and the best description is WOW! I am astonished at the level of control this amp exhibits, very powerful and surprisingly musical. I would highly recomend it for a power hungry woofer!

ppod, Cleveland, OH

What's in the Box:

  • Mono amplifier with four 20-amp blade fuses installed
  • 2 Speaker quick connect terminals
  • 4 Joint caps (for stacking multiple amps)
  • Four 1-1/2" Self-tapping screws
  • Four M4 x 36mm Machine screws
  • Eight M2.6 x 14mm Machine screws (with lock washers attached)
  • 2mm Allen wrench
  • 4mm Allen wrench
  • Owners Manual (English/French/Spanish)
  • Customer Care Registration/Survey
  • Warranty sheet
  • Specification verification certificate

Alpine PDX-1.1000 Reviews

Average Customer Review(s):

(15 Reviews)

Eehh it's alright

Louie from Glendale az. on 8/27/2014

It's ok but not the wow factor I was looking for. Maybe it's my subs, I got two L5 subs being pushed by this amp. Not all that. I had two type a 12's in my Silverado with two mrp-m500's (2-500watt rms) and they hit way harder than this amp does. Only got this amp cause my wife was complaining that my system was better than hers. Lol and it was and is still better. Replaced her kicker 750.1 mono amp with this pdx 1.1000. Maybe I'll look for some different subs. Maybe I still need a bigger amp. Does look good and was easy to install.

Pros: Small and easy install

Cons: Didn't wow me.

Great Amp

Dome_RBC from San Jose, Ca. on 10/25/2009

I have this PDX-1000 amp wired to two Alpine Type-X 12's and it hits so hard you could easily damage your ears at 75% volume. I've got two tickets so far for noise violations and had to use epoxy to keep the rearview mirror attached. The subs are mounted in single ported boxes, and I had to upgrade the alternator to 120 amps and add a Tsunami 2-farad cap and 4- gauge wire kit. I could max out the subs with another PDX-1000 but I don't want to go deaf!



Great Amp

Bachman101 from Roanoke, VA on 3/4/2009

I just bought this amp recently to power two Alpine Type R's and honestly this is rediculous bass. i had my friends RF p1000bd amp pushing them before i got this amp just to test it and this amp hits louder and a heck of a lot cleaner than the RF. I was bassing for about 2 and a half hours after i got this amp and hooked it up, and after reading the reviews here i was worried how hot it was going to be and after touching it, it wasnt even warm. This amp is awesome for pushing 1000 RMS at 4 ohms. definitly a great buy. ALPINE ALL THE WAY



Alpine PDX-1.1000

erik from Sacramento, CA on 1/29/2009

Honestly i was pretty unimpressed with this amp and subs. I bought 2 of them, the alpine pdx 1000, and hooked them up to 2 alpine type X 12's. Spent $4,000. I used to have 2 fosgate T1 subs hooked up to a bd 1000 fosgate amp, and they hit twice as hard, for a third of the cost. Granted the alpine is a bit clearer in sound quality, but u sacrifice most of the bass. I would rather have my Fosgate's back. I think even my boat hits about as hard as the alpines and I only have a cheap flea market Audiobahn 12 in it with like 400 watts. Unless you are going for 150% optimal sound clarity, and have a ridiculous amount of money to blow, I would buy Fosgates, they hit harder and up until this Alpine system , I only bought Fosgate. If you want a system that sounds good and hits hard, buy the Fosgate Titanium series subs and a Fosgate amp. I dont work for Fosgate, nor really care to promote it, I just know what sounds good from experience.



fairly loud

Kaleb from iowa on 7/2/2008

i purchased this amp to power 2 kicker L7s, It is fairly loud for the price and footprint, but i expected more. After listening to music for about an hour the outside of the amp is 2 hot to touch, not sure the temp of inside. i am not sure how these amps can be stackable or hidden in small concealed compartments when it runs this hot after only an hour.



Could be better, but for size and price very nice

Rob from San Antonio on 6/8/2008

Overall a nice amp. Requires lots of clean power (obviously) and produces a decent sound stage. Not the best for SPL or SQ but a great middle of the road solution. i love the size . . . . don't be fooled these do get hot- VERY. Make sure you have plenty of room for cooling. Also, you have to turn the gain way up to get the power you want. I am greatly concerned that I may be overdriving the amp. As you can see in other reviews below, this seems to be a common issue. Most amps (including this one) will go thermal if you have your gain set to high. Great amp if space is a concern. I also like that you can get same output at 2 or 4 ohm loads.



two amps and two subs

Archery tech from Daytona Beach, FL on 5/28/2008

i've got 2 of these insane amps hooked up to 2 alpine type X 12's and they quake. the only downside is that they do get hot, and are very power hungry. they somehow manage to dim my lights even with 2 optima yellow tops trying to keep up. they are exelent for power hungry subs, but make sure your subs can handle it. i blew two kicker L7 10's before going to the alpine 12's. i will never go back to anything but alpine now!




ppod from Cleveland, OH on 4/26/2008

I am using this amp to power a single Boston SPG555PS and the best description is WOW! I am astonished at the level of control this amp exhibits, very powerful and surprisingly musical. I would highly recomend it for a power hungry woofer!



Great job Alpine

Josh from St. Louis on 4/10/2008

Have 2 of these, each one dedicated to a Boston just can not beat them for the power they are pushing and the small footprint they take up...and they just look COOL. I went for a concealed install and the PDX line of amps was just what I needed. I also have a PDX 4x150 powering 2 pair of Boston Pro60s....but that's another review! If you don't mind the heat these things produce and the fact that their built in sub crossover doesn't go quite low enough, then run out and get yourself one or two of these!! The only other problem I have run into with these things is giving them "too hot" of an input signal. If you are having problems with them cutting out on you, check the voltage on your input side, it might be just a bit too high. I



Good amp but...

Samyson from California on 11/30/2007

This amp packs a punch. With a birth sheet stating 1250w rms, I thought I was going to blow my IDMAX out of it's box. Sounds great, but I like playing my bass loud and hard. The amp does cut out from time to time, but all I would have to do is turn off my HU and power it back up again. Small annoyance. One thing I have to point out is that the lowest this amp goes is 20hz, which I have noticed that it doesn't hit as low on certain songs as my old amp does. Other than me turning it up too much and it doesn't hit the lowest frequencies, this is still a great amp that packs a ton of punch. The PDX series do get hot, but that doesn't affect its performance. If you are looking to spend the $800 for this amp, might want to look into the JL slash 1000/1 amp as well. Hard to beat the power that this amp is producing it such a tiny package.



Alpine PDX-1.1000

T-RAY from Summerdale, AL on 9/23/2007

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

WOW!! The best way to describe this amp is UNIQUE!!Not only does it have the same power at 4ohms at 2, but the size and layout are insane for the power it pushes! I have one of these babies hooked up to an Alpine typeX and WOW!! No distortion no matter how loud i turn it up! My seat now has a built it back massager, only regret is only massage for so long before my ears start hurting! It does get very hot though, but I do have it stacked on a PDX-4.100 which is actually rmsing at 130 per channel! I have no regrets on the amp itself! If you want power, quality, and space saving, this is the best amp you could ever buy! Alpine RULES!!!




Joey from Reserve, NM on 7/31/2007

WOW, this amp has a great look and even better power. I have this bad boy hooked up to two 12" dual voice coil 4-ohm Alpine Type R's and DANG. This amp will take all the power you can throw at it. This amp was a great upgrade from the week amplifier I had before which was pushing about 460 watts to each speaker but it seemed more like 300 watts. The day I installed this amplifier I went for at test drive and my lights were flashing, I had a cop follow me home, another cop call my house about three noise complaints he had just recieved and another cop later tell my brothers that he thought his house was going to fall down when I drove by that night, so if you are not impressed than something is seriously wrong with you. This amp is the real deal, I am saving up to eventually buy another. Also, I am now building an all alpine system and I love it, so hats off to Alpine for there great subs and amplifiers. The only suggestion I have is that you will want to invest in buying a 4 or 5 farad capacitator because this amp is powerful. I highly suggest this amp to anybody who is looking for some serious bass that will take the breath out of your chest.




DAN from KALAMAZOO, MI on 4/1/2007

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

This has got to be the best built amp on the market; it is so tiny, efficient, classy, powerful &amp; nicely laid out. Best amp I have ever had, better than my GS Redline by Autotek back in H.S.. <BR><BR>Only requires 4 gauge power wire. Ahead of it's time, stacking is nice if you want more than 1 of these.. Fit &amp; finish is incredible. We will see a lot of copy cats of this amp. <BR><BR>Alpine has nice staff as well. I talked to 2 different people there and they were very willing to help.



Small footprint, Big power.

mike from ottawa, illinois on 8/2/2006

Huge power, well over 1000 watts. Power is the same @ 4 or 2 ohm load. Very well built. Alpine's best amp ever.



packs a punch

tony from houston tx on 6/16/2006

i bought this amp from car toys and they tested it and it ran at 1147 rms!! the best alpine mono amp ever at a fraction of the size. this baby won't dissapoint, but truth be told it does get a little hot. nothing serious but a factor for some.... i have three pdx amps in my trunk so that's prolly why they get a lil hot.




Hands-on research

Product Research



PDX Amplifier Design: Class-D amplifiers boast higher efficiency, produce much less heat, and draw less current than traditional Class-AB amps. The PDX series is Alpine's totally new super-efficient power density design of full range class-D amps. They combine MOSFET power supplies, MOSFET final outputs, and a thermal management processor, along with a 4-Layer Glass Epoxy PC Board to create a high-end sound quality without the bulky heat sinks required by most amps with this much power.

STAR Topology: Alpine's unique STAR (Signal Transit for Accurate Response) Circuit PCB design provides a single common ground for all amp sub-blocks, preventing ground interference and minimizing internal noise.

Subsonic Filter: Also called an infrasonic filter, a subsonic filter cuts off extremely low bass (below the range of human hearing) that many speakers cannot effectively reproduce, thereby making the amp's power supply and output devices, and the speaker, more efficient.

Terminal Layout: For wiring convenience all the inputs and outputs on the amp are on one side.

Verification Certificate: The amplifier comes with a certificate that lists the RMS power output of the individual amplifier. It also lists the model number, serial number, test date, and the test conditions (14.4 volts, 4 ohms).

Speaker Connecters: The PDX series amps use a new Speaker Quick Connect plug to attach the speaker wires to the amp. Bare speaker wire, up to 8 gauge, is held in place by a set screw, the Quick Connect plug then plugs into the amp. Like an RCA jack, the Quick Connect plug uses a center positive layout, so it fits two ways and both maintain correct polarity. The two speaker terminals are shorted together, so if you're only using one sub you can connect to either terminal.

Line Level Output: In addition to the line inputs, the PDX-1.1000 has non-fading left and right female RCA outputs for extra system flexibility.

Stack Amps: Because the PDX series design generates so little heat, up to three amps can be stacked and bolted together. All three amps in the series, PDX-2.150, PDX-4.150, and PDX-1.1000 share the same footprint, so they can be stacked together.

Notes: When stacking multiple amplifiers, do not install vertically or at an incline. Any stack installation other than parallel to the vehicle floor, invalidates the warranty.

LED: The top mounted LED Power/Status indicator glows blue when operating normally and red when one of the protection circuits engages.

Protection Circuits: This amplifier includes protection circuits to prevent damage due to the following conditions:

  • ambient temperature too high
  • supply current too high
  • short to ground
  • over voltage


Controls (front of unit): Once set, the controls are covered by a door.

  • Crossover Frequency: rotary control to select the low pass crossover frequency, variable from 50 to 200Hz, 24 dB/octave
  • Gain Control: rotary control to set the amplifier's gain according the level of the incoming signal, continuously variable from 0.2V to 4.0V
  • Gain Range: select 0.1-1.0 volt or 1.0-8.0 volt range for the rotary control
  • Subsonic Filter: off, 15 Hz, or 30 Hz


Inputs and Outputs (rear of unit):

  • Power and Ground terminals: power and ground terminals are gold plated set screw terminals, will accept up to 4 gauge bare wire, Alpine recommends 6 gauge wire minimum
  • Remote Turn-on terminal: gold plated set screw terminal, will accept up to 10 gauge bare wire
  • Speaker terminals: each speaker output uses Alpine's Speaker Quick Connect plug
  • Line Level Input: Left and right female RCA jacks, gold plated
  • Line Level Output: Left and right female RCA jacks, gold plated

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