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Alpine SWR-1542D

Type-R 15" subwoofer with dual 4-ohm voice coils

22 Reviews

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Our take on the Alpine SWR-1542D

Big and bad and built for heavy-duty sound, Alpine's SWR-1542D 15" subwoofer delivers impact bass that you can hear and feel. Alpine has taken the best features from its previous SWR Series subs and added the hottest technology for ground-pounding power and superb accuracy.

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Big and bad and built for heavy-duty sound, Alpine's SWR-1542D 15" subwoofer delivers impact bass that you can hear and feel. Alpine has taken the best features from its previous SWR Series subs and added the hottest technology for ground-pounding power and superb accuracy.

The pulp cone has been reinforced with Kevlar® (the material used in bulletproof vests) for extra rigidity, so it won't buckle under hard play. A rubber surround helps to maximize cone travel for deep bass, while standing up to the decay that can destroy a speaker. Air vents help the sub shed heat quickly for efficient operation and better power handling.

The two 2" voice coils handle lots of power while offering system wiring flexibility. The tinsel leads are virtually unbreakable — they're woven into the spiders. An aluminum diecast frame provides a secure, non-resonant housing. The SWR-1542D is designed for use in sealed or ported enclosures.

Note: If you are wiring this DVC sub for lower impedance, make sure that your amp is compatible. Most car amplifiers are stable down to 2 ohms in standard mode, or 4 ohms in bridged operation.

Priced per speaker

Note: Sorry, Crutchfield cannot ship Alpine products to Guam or Puerto Rico.

Product Highlights:

  • 15" subwoofer with dual 4-ohm voice coils
  • Kevlar-reinforced pulp cone with Santoprene rubber surround
  • cast aluminum frame with perimeter venting
  • power range: 400-750 watts RMS (2000 watts peak power)
  • frequency response: 20-400 Hz
  • sensitivity: 87 dB
  • mounting depth: 9-5/16"
  • sealed box volume: 1.3-2.5 cu. ft.
  • ported box volume: 1.5-3.0 cu. ft.
  • Recommended Q-Logic Box Type: 1, 2
  • warranty: 1 year
  • Our 60-day money-back guarantee

Great sound,quality equipment, with a great look

David K, Alaska

What's in the Box:

  • 15" Subwoofer
  • Rubber concealing ring
  • Two 3" jumper cables (each cable has a banana plug on each end)
  • Type-R Subwoofer Application Guide (English/French)
  • Warranty card
  • Customer Care Registration card
  • "Important Notice! Please Read First Before Installation" sheet

Alpine SWR-1542D Reviews

Average Customer Review(s):

(22 Reviews)


David K from Alaska on 12/3/2015

Great sound,quality equipment, with a great look

Pros: Great sound,low clear bass, with a great look

Cons: None

Alpine SWR-1542D

Ben from Detroit; Michigan on 3/23/2014

Awesome sub, performs great

Pros: All of the above

Cons: None

Can't get know better wow wow

Nick from Milwaukee WI on 2/23/2013

This sub hits hard I have one in my car and its sounds like 4 12's I have that alpine Mrx-m110 and they are the best match to have together I'm thinking about getting one more and one more amp that will sound super great. The low bass is so deep your eyes will jump at the light from the bass if you are thinking about getting one or two get them

Pros: Lot of power very low bass and strong

Cons: There are none

real bass

builderbob from south Elgin il on 1/26/2013

I have 2 of these bad boys and they tickle your nose hairs. I have them in a ported box in a Chevy blazer. The amp is 2500w running at 2 ohms. I haven't had them turned all the way up cuz I don't want to blow my ear drums. these subs will rock your socks off.

Pros: everything

Cons: none

worth every penny

will g from southside louisville ky on 12/30/2012

5 stars all the way amazing deep clear bass ported box is the way to go with this sub i have it at 2 ohms on a alpine mrd-m1000 amp and a 3 f cap in my 03 grand am gt absolutely destroys anything else ive ever owned i upgraded to this from a mtx 9500 15 which to be fair was just as loud but the sound quality in the alpine is wayy better and a lot cheaper

Pros: Deep clear bass very underrated wattage

Cons: A bit pricey but still alot better than the price on a mtx 9500 or even more on a sundown or re sub that sounds a tad bit better

SWR-1522d + PDX-M6 = Heaven.

JRay from Cincinnati on 5/10/2011

i have the dual 2 ohm and i have to say, even with it wired at 4 ohms and running on a pdx-m6 (600-700 watts) this monster of a speaker will bust eardrums, flex my roof, and i've seen the wheels vibrate too. The only reason i gave it 4 stars is because now i need another sub for the high bass, like a type E. But this beast is outstanding. Make sure you get a ported box built to alpine's specifications and you won't regret it for a second.



good but beware

m dot c from pittsburgh on 2/20/2011

great low bass a lil rough for drum rolls and such. love the speakers but i blew one voice coil and the other one the rubber came unsealed and according to alpine and crutchfield repair is not an option so $ down the drain :( be carefull



Alpine SWR-1542D

bass god from Richmond, ca on 12/15/2010

These subs hit hard and sound crystal clear!!!




Josh from Tawas City, MI on 12/11/2010

This sub is awesome. I have it in a Chevy Venture mini-van in a 3.4 cubic foot ported box powered by a Hifonics BXI-1210d running 900 watts rms, and let me tell you this thing pounds!! I've never seen mirrors move that much and I'm constantly readjusting my windshield mirror. It gets a little hot running that many watts but it can take it. I'm definately going to get another one.



100% satisfied

BoxKing from Kearney, NE on 7/17/2010

recently purchased one of these. and i can honeslty say that in my opinion. a ported box is the way to go with this bad boy. great product. smoothe low bass.




Anthony from Texas on 12/31/2009

This sub is sweet!!!!!!!! For the other reviews that said to put it in a large sealed box, I disagree. I had it in a 2.5 sealed box and then I put it in a 1.7 sealed box. It likes the 1.7 soooooo much better. It hits soooooo hard. Plus, with the smaller box you get more space in your trunk or wherever +++++++ I can't speak for the ported or vented boxes, but I hope this helps those putting it in a sealed box. Enjoy! I certainly am..... :)



i would like another one!

isaac from riverfalls wisconsin on 11/11/2009

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

very pleased with this sub. i have it installed in a 97' honda crv and it flexes the roof like crazy. it is in a ported box (recommended). it is matched up a alpine v-power 1000w rms amp... the combination is superb. im almost certain that its is the loudest in town... on a friday night cruising through main street you will be certain to set off a few car alarms... thanks alpine . thanks Crutchfield



One of the Best budget loud subs you can get

ProjectPechkin from Denver, Colorado on 8/15/2009

Having testing this alpine type r, I am very surprised at alpines recommended box size. They recommend an enclosure about 60% smaller then needed. This sub will handle more then rated RMS handling, which is always a plus. I found that this box design yielded the loudest output, which was very impressive for a single 15"! 4.4 cubic ft tuned @ 35Hz w/ about 60-70 sq inches of port area. In a sealed box they performed the loudest in a 2.8 cubic foot box, but the output was significatly weaker. (1/3 that of the ported) This sub was meant to be ported, and delivers the best bass per dollar you can find. It isn't a very SQ oriented sub (If you want one try a type x), but it sure does slam! 5 Stars to Alpine



Sweet 15

tower from Houston, TX on 11/21/2008

So far the best 15" sub I've used. Impressive power handling, and double-surround for long excursion. Put this thing on an amp 600-800W RMS and it will definitely impress. Hits the extremely low notes better than most.



Alpine SWR-1542D

Spin from Iowa on 2/2/2008

I have one of these in my 96 Isuzu running off a Kenwood KAC-9103D bridged at 1 ohm with a 2f cap pushin 1800w peak and let me tell you, wow. Lows are perfect, very clear. I'd recommend a sealed box if you've got an SUV, but a ported will blow your mind (and your trunk) in any car. Much love Alpine!




M dot C from SHARON, PA on 1/18/2008

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)




Crazy Mad Low Bass

Joshaua from Midwest, I kno u here me. on 1/15/2008

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Hits HARD..Slams..Shakes.. and the low 20-50 subsonic bass is just sweet!! <BR><BR> I only have one mounted in a Big sealed box powered by a Sony XM-D9001GTR good wires,a cap & big amp will be needed to make this sub pound.. it can handle alot! That combo makes my voice sound like a big fan was in my Suv when i try to talk to anyone thats with me... it shakes everything that hard!! Back wiper dances. I would get another one... but my pathfinder glass would shatter!! <BR><BR> I have installed many car audio systems..Advanced car audio certified.<BR> THIS IS THE SUB YOU WANT!!!



Alpine SWR-1542D

tragg from Rock Falls IL on 5/14/2007

Yeah i got 1 type r 15 in tha trunk of my impala it slams way harder than the 2 12 inch sony explodes i had i was going to buy another type r but it mite not be necessary my 850 watt mtx amp underpowers the sub ill need a new amp before i get another sub....i had a small ported box the first week or so when i upgraded size on my box it hits amazing and it sounds really clean.



One word: incredible

Craig from Houston, Texas on 5/7/2007

I have 2 of these in the back of my 1986 Volvo 240DL Station Wagon. These hit so hard. They blow my mind. I have them running at 600RMS each and they do far more than fine they perform perfectly. I am using 2 Profile AP1200 600 x 1 bridged amps. I have to get a compositor soon because my head lights are dimming. But they sound incredible. I have them each in there own box so they dont interfere with each other. They produce perfect deep bass that you can not get anywhere else. These are the Top of the line 15" subs you can get. <BR>That is why i give them 5 stars. <BR>Thank you Alpine.




Brad from Lansing, MI on 9/19/2006

At first glance, this is a very big sub. I took it out of the box and was very surprised at the size of the speaker. I did not think it was going to be that big. The pictures just don't do it justice. I have been through many systems from MTX (thunder 4500 12x2), Rockford Fosgate (T112d4x1), Infinity (Perfect 12.4dx2), Kicker (CVR12x4) and a Pioneer TS-W3004SPL. All of these were used in custom built boxes in the same 1998 Cutlass. The MTX's weren't bad, but didn't hit as low as I wanted, the Rockford Fosgate T112d4 was very nice, but I just got tired of the same thing, the infinity's were very clear and hit pretty well, but like the MTX'x, did not hit low enough. The Kicker CVR12's were alright...very punchy, but just didn't hit like I expected from kicker. The Pioneer TS-W3004SPL was awesome. It hit harder than any of my other systems and was just as clear as the Infinity's, but I had just never owned a 15" subwoofer, so I had to try one out. I had heard a lot about Alpine and how great the 12" type-r was, so I figured I would try out the 15". I first used it in a custom built 1.7 cubic foot box, but it did not even hit as hard or as low as the T112d4 or the TS-W3004SPL, so I had to get a ported box. I had it custom made at 2.9 cubic feet and there was a huge difference. The speaker went from being alright to being great. With my amp (Kicker ZX750.1) adjusted right, this sub came to life. It shakes my car like no other sub I have ever had. It hit lows that I had never had before from any other sub and it is able to shake things off the shelf of my bedroom inside the house. This sub is amazing. It is crystal clear and sounds great! Great job Alpine.



real low

fabian from midland,tx on 9/10/2006

i bought two of these with two refurbished kenwood 850 and it just rattles the trunk so bad to the point thats all you hear when you step out side the car but inside i got parts falling off these are great makes the house shake from 30 feet away highly recomend it



Alpine SWR-1542D

Rob from Joliet, IL on 5/2/2006

Awsome hits hard sounds great recommend that you purchase the 15" before the 12" vary big difference in the sound quality




Hands-on research

Product Research

Enclosure Compatibility


Kevlar Reinforced Pulp Cone: This Alpine Type-R subwoofer has a Kevlar reinforced pulp cone. Kevlar adds strength and tear resistance to the woofer cone while maintaining the benefits of a pulp cone design. There is also an oversized inverted dust cap of the same material, which increases rigidity and virtually eliminates distortion at extreme volume levels.

HAMRS: The woofer features a High Amplitude Multi Roll Surround (HAMRS), made of injection molded Santoprene, that allows for an incredible amount of linear excursion and greater SPL.

Mirrored Progressive Nomex Spiders: This subwoofer has twin mirrored progressive Nomex spiders for added stability and mechanical durability. The custom progressive rolls gives the woofer a longer, more linear stroke with maximum centering and restoring force. Special edge control design and Nomex construction provide excellent tear resistance, strength and long-term reliability. The woofer has integrated tinsel speaker leads that are woven into the spiders for the one-sided terminal layout.

Cast Aluminum Frame: The woofer is mounted to a custom cast aluminum frame for added strength. This high mass frame also dissipates heat quickly to make it an integral part of the woofer's thermal management system.

Heat Transfer Plate: This subwoofer contains an integrated heat transfer plate that is thermally coupled to the voice coil. This plate pulls heat away from the voice coil and transfers it to the cast aluminum frame, achieving up to 20% additional power handling, and better reliability.

Magnetically Optimized Motor Structure: Through Alpine's advanced magnetic circuit design, this woofer offers better sound quality, and a higher sensitivity and power handling capability:

  • Compound Radius Curve Pole Geometry: This patent-pending design intensifies the magnetic field for higher SPL and lower distortion. The magnetic field is balanced over a wider area for better control at high excursion.
  • Extra Length Extended Pole: The extra long pole piece provides additional surface to capture radiated heat for additional power handling.
  • Extra Thick Top Plate: The extra thick top plate keeps more windings in the magnetic gap for better control.
  • Dual Stacked Magnets: The dual stacked magnets provide the powerful magnetic energy and extra depth for high SPL and maximum control.
  • Bumped Back Plate: This "bottomless" design provides extra room for longer cone excursions.
  • Optimally Saturated Pole: The optimally saturated pole reduces magnetically induced heat by eliminating eddy currents throughout the voice coil stroke, and evens flux distribution to eliminate "hot spots."

Multi-Stage Ventilation System: The SWR-1542D has a multi-stage ventilation system with the following features:

  • Cone/Voice Coil Junction Venting: The unique parabolic cone and voice coil attachment piece help to pull cool air into the motor structure.
  • Spider Plateau/Leg Vent System: Two vertical slits are cut into each of the five "legs" of the basket below the spider to allow cool air to flow in and heated air to flow out.
  • Dual Flare Pole Vent: Another part of the thermal management system is the unique dual flare design of the pole vent. This maximizes the flow of cooler air to the voice coil, and results in better power handling.

Dual Voice Coils: For increased system flexibility, the woofer has two 4-ohm voice coils. When the voice coils are wired in parallel with each other, the woofer presents a 2-ohm mono load. When the voice coils are wired in series with each other, the woofer presents an 8-ohm mono load. In addition, each coil may be connected to a different amplifier channel and each channel will see a 2-ohm load.

Power Handling: This woofer has a total RMS power rating of 750 watts and a total peak power rating of 2000 watts. Each voice coil carries an RMS power rating of 375 watts and a peak power rating of 1000 watts.

Push Terminals: The push terminals are all located on one side of the woofer. The terminals will accept bare wire, pin connectors, banana connectors, and dual banana connectors.

Jumpers: The woofer is equipped with two voice coil connection jumpers. These jumpers allow you to wire the voice coils in parallel (for a 2-ohm load) or series (for an 8-ohm load).

Enclosure Compatibility

Recommended Sealed Box Volume: The sealed box sizes recommended by Alpine range from 1.3 cu/ft to 2.5 cu/ft. Within this range, the ideal size recommended by Alpine is 1.75 cu/ft, so this is the enclosure recommended by Crutchfield.

Recommended Vented Box Volume: The vented box sizes recommended by Alpine range from 1.5 cu/ft to 3.0 cu/ft. Within this range, the ideal size recommended by Alpine is 2.9 cu/ft, so this is the enclosure recommended by Crutchfield. A slot port with the following dimensions should be used with the 2.9 cu/ft enclosure: W=15", H=1.5", L=27". If you cannot use a slot port in your enclosure, you will need a port tube with the following dimensions: Diameter=3", Length=8.5".

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