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Crime Guard 350i5

Car keyless entry and security system

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Our take on the Crime Guard 350i5

The Crime Guard 350i5 keyless entry and security system keeps your car and its contents safe, bringing you peace of mind and convenience. The system features: a dual-zone shock sensor that detects violations around your car's interior and exterior; a powerful siren that warns of an intrusion; siren and horn-honk output; a starter interrupt feature which shuts down ignition during unauthorized use.

We offer vehicle-specific interfaces that you'll need to complete your car security installation. Please identify your vehicle as we review every order to make sure you've got everything you need.

The Crime Guard 350i5 keyless entry and security system keeps your car and its contents safe, bringing you peace of mind and convenience. The system features:

  • a dual-zone shock sensor that detects violations around your car's interior and exterior;
  • a powerful siren that warns of an intrusion;
  • siren and horn-honk output;
  • a starter interrupt feature which shuts down ignition during unauthorized use.

The 350i5 also features an override switch for valet parking, while the silent arming and disarming feature lets you secure your car without disturbing your neighbors. Expand your protection by adding optional sensors to the two auxiliary channels. Ignition-activated doorlocks, carjacking protection, and automatic/last-door rearming provide additional reassurance.

Important Note: You may need extra relays to install this product in your vehicle. If you know how to use a multimeter and have experience working with your vehicle's electrical system, you should be able to install this car security equipment. If you're unfamiliar with installing car security equipment, please call 1-888-955-6000 to discuss your purchase with one of our Advisors.

Been installing alarms for 13 years and this one works fine. Wiring diagram could use a little more detail on door pin switch types. Programming of features a little fuzzy on the auto-rearming feature. All in all a good alarm.


What's in the Box:

  • Alarm control module (with attached 11" antenna)
  • Two 4-button remote transmitters with 1-1/2" key chain
  • AU-84TM Dual Zone shock sensor
  • AU-77MP siren (with two attached 14" wires)
  • Blue LED indicator with attached blue/red wires and 2-pin plug
  • Self-adhesive Valet/Override button with attached 46" black/gray wires and 2-pin plug)
  • 47" 4-pin harness (red/green/blue/black) with plugs on both ends
  • 29" 2-pin harness (blue/green) with plug on one end
  • 29" 9-pin harness with plug on one end
  • 80" 4-pin power/ground/siren/lights harness with in-line 10A and 15A fuses and plug on one end
  • LD-12P Starter kill relay with attached 13" orange/red/white wires
  • Installation and Operation Instructions

Product Highlights:

  • automotive keyless entry and security system
  • two 4-button extended range transmitters
  • dual-stage impact sensor — chirps when the vehicle's bumped and sets off the alarm with further violations
  • Psycho Siren
  • starter interrupt
  • 2 auxiliary channels
  • anti-carjacking protection
  • automatic and last-door arming
  • ignition-activated doorlocks
  • 2-digit pin code (valet) override
  • silent arm and disarm
  • 14 programmable features
  • warranty: lifetime
  • Our 60-day money-back guarantee

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Door Lock Outputs: The Crime Guard 350i5 car alarm requires no additional relays for negative trigger vehicle door locking systems. Two relays (such as 120E5000) are required for positive trigger and 5-wire reversal (rest at ground) systems.

Programmable Door Lock Pulse: The alarm brain contains a jumper that allows you to set the duration of the lock/unlock pulse. With the jumper on (default), the lock/unlock pulse is 0.8 seconds. With the jumper removed, the length of the pulse is 4 seconds.

LED Status Indicator: The alarm comes with a bright blue LED to indicate the status of the alarm system, and which zones may have been violated. After the vehicle's ignition is turned on, the LED will indicate the number of transmitters that are programmed to operate the alarm (Automatic Transmitter Verification). The LED should be placed in plain view to indicate the presence of an alarm system to potential thieves, as well as provide status indications to the user from outside the vehicle.

Valet Switch: The Valet Switch is a small black push-button (0.58" diameter, 0.454" height) with three main functions:

  • Valet Mode: turns off the security operation of the system, including the Last Door Arming feature (if used).
  • Emergency Override: used in conjunction with the vehicle's ignition key, to disarm the security system, in the event the transmitter is lost or becomes inoperable.
  • Programming: used in procedures for programming operational features and for programming transmitters to operate the system.

Starter Disable Relay: The 350i5 includes a starter disable relay. When the starter kill feature is activated, you will not be able to start the vehicle once the alarm has been armed. When the alarm is disarmed, the starter disable will be deactivated so you can start the vehicle.

AU-77MP Multi-tone "Psyren": The included "psycho siren" emits two tones simultaneously, making it sound like two different sirens going off at the same time. The compact size of the siren allows placement flexibility. Dimensions: W=3.39", H=2.98", D=2.774"

AU-84TM Shock Sensor: The 350i5 comes with a piezo-element Dual Zone Shock Sensor with adjustable sensitivity. The initial zone is a pre-warn stage which, when triggered by a light bump, will cause the alarm to emit a series of chirps. The second zone which is triggered by a more severe impact will cause the alarm to emit a full siren alert. Dimensions: W=1.508" (2.137" w/tabs), H=1.028", D=2.016"

Anti-Carjacking Protection: The 350i5 is equipped with three separate Anti-Carjacking protection features, whose operation may be selectively activated by the ignition, by an open door (while the engine is running), or by the transmitter. All three are programmable and must be turned on to operate. Once activated, a sequence begins that, if not manually canceled, will eventually end in the full alarm sounding:

Elapsed Time After Activation Alarm Reaction
0-20 seconds No signs
21-30 seconds LED blinks slowly
31-45 seconds LED blinks rapidly; siren/horn chirps once every 2 seconds
46-60 seconds LED blinks rapidly; siren/horn chirps once per second
At 61 seconds Alarm triggers with siren/horn and flashing lights

Transmitter Protection: One of the most vulnerable area of a remotely controlled system is the transmitter (remote). The system has three security safeguards for the transmitters:

  • Code Jumping: The system's Code Jumping feature randomly changes the code each time the transmitter sends a signal, rendering "code grabbing" devices useless.
  • Automatic Transmitter Verification (ATV): The system's Automatic Transmitter Verification shows the total number of transmitters which can operate the system by flashing the Status Light with this number for 90 seconds every time the ignition key is turned on.
  • Unauthorized Transmitter Alert: This system warns you whenever a new transmitter has been coded to operate alarm. For the first 48 hours after the programming mode has been accessed or the main power has been disconnected, the siren will emit a series of chirps each time the car is started and the ATV visual display increases to 90 seconds. If the Automatic Transmitter Verification indicates more than the usual number of transmitters are coded, you know that someone (a mechanic, valet, etc.) has managed to code an additional transmitter to the system, and you should recode your transmitters to prevent a potential thief from disarming the system. The alarm is capable of learning the codes for up to four remotes.

Remotes: Two 4-button remotes are included with the system. The remotes include random code encryption, which renders code grabbing devices useless by changing each signal sent by the remotes. Each remote has a range of up to approximately 1000 feet. The remotes have the following functions:

  • "Lock" button:
    • arms system and locks doors (if connected)
    • press and hold for 3 seconds to activate the panic mode (siren sounds/parking lights flash)
  • "Unlock" button:
    • disarms system and unlocks doors (if connected)
  • ( · · ) button:
    • pressing twice within 3 seconds will silent arm alarm
    • pressing twice within 3 seconds will silent disarm alarm
    • press and hold for 3 seconds to activate the auxiliary channel output (typically used to for trunk release operation)
  • ( · · · ) button:  
    • press and hold for 3 seconds to activate the 3rd channel remote output (typically used to trigger a remote car starter or window roll-up module)
    • with ignition on, press and hold for 3 seconds to activate remote anti-carjack feature
  • 2-Button Combinations:
    • Lock + ( · · ): Shock Sensor and Prewarn Bypass

Dome Light Turn-on: The alarm has an output that is dedicated to dome light supervision operation. A relay will be needed to control a negative or positive trigger dome light. When the alarm is disarmed, the dome light supervision feature turns on the dome light for 30 seconds, or until the ignition is turned on. The dome light supervision feature helps you locate your vehicle at night, and it allows you to see an intruder hiding inside the vehicle before you open the door. If you desire, you can configure the alarm to operate a different accessory such as a window roll-up module with this output.

Safety Disarm Feature: When the alarm is triggered and in a full warning condition, the safety disarm feature allows you to disarm the alarm without unlocking the doors of the vehicle. This feature allows the vehicle to remain secure, even though an activated system has been disarmed. The Safety Disarm Feature is particularly useful when the vehicle is exposed to conditions, such as storms, trains or animals, which may cause false triggers.

Remote Outputs: The 350i5 has two remote outputs (2nd and 3rd channels). The 2nd channel output is typically used to operate your vehicle's power trunk release. You can also use it to operate a remote car starter or window roll-up module. The 3rd channel can also be used to trigger a remote starter or window roll-up module. It can be configured to provide a momentary output or a longer output, depending upon the connected accessory.

Alarm Condition Recall Memory: If the system enters an alarm condition, the LED will begin to flash in sequence to indicate which zone caused the trigger; the recall memory circuit can store two consecutive zone violations (if there has been more than two zones violated, the memory will recall the two most recent violations). The LED will flash twice then pause for a hood or trunk violation, three times then pause for a door violation and four times then pause for a sensor violation.

Programmable Features: The following programmable features are easily programmed using only the ignition, valet button, and a transmitter:

  • Auto Rearm: Allows the alarm to rearm itself if it is disarmed and a vehicle door is not opened
  • Last Door Arming: Configures the alarm to automatically arm itself 30 seconds after the last door is closed with the ignition "Off". Auto Rearm allows the alarm to rearm if a vehicle door is not opened after the alarm is disarmed.
  • Doors Lock with Last Door Arming: Adds the automatic door locking of the vehicle's doors to the previous feature.
  • Double Pulse Unlock: Sets alarm to give 2 unlock pulses upon disarm for cars that require it.
  • Immobilizer Mode: If this mode is programmed "On", the starter interrupt will remain engaged after the alarm is disarmed until the vehicle's ignition is turned On and you press and release the Valet button. Upon disarming the Immobilizer mode, ignition activated anti-carjacking will be automatically canceled (of programmed on).
  • Siren/Horn: This feature configures the alarm's Brown/White horn-honk output wire. The wire can be configured to honk the horn in addition to the Brown wire operating the siren, or take over all of the siren's functions so that no siren is necessary.
  • Shock Sensor False Alarm Bypass: This feature will temporarily turn off the shock sensor and pre-warn zone if the pre-warn is triggered 10 times or the instant trigger zone is triggered 5 times while the alarm is armed. The bypassed zones will be reinstated with next alarm arming.
  • Dome Light Delay Bypass: This feature will turn off the three chirp open zone warning when arming the alarm with the remote control. This is for use in vehicles that keep the dome light illuminated after the doors have been closed.
  • Ignition Activated Anti-Carjacking: This feature turns the alarm's Ignition Anti-Carjacking feature on or off.
  • Remote and Door Activated Anti-Carjacking: This feature turns both the alarm's Remote Control and Open Door activated Anti-Carjacking features on or off.
  • Dome Light or Window Roll-up: Configures the alarm's black/white wire to operate the dome light or window roll-up module or other accessory.
  • 3rd Channel Output: Configures the alarm's pink wire to operate an accessory or window roll-up module.

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