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Crime Guard Echo-2

Extended-range remote control/pager — compatible with Crime Guard i4, i5 (except 350i5), and i6 Series alarms

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Our take on the Crime Guard Echo-2

Enjoy peace of mind with Crime Guard's Echo-2 system controller — it lets you keep tabs on your vehicle even when it's out of sight. When connected to an i4 Series Crime Guard alarm, this pager/extended range remote control will relay information to you regarding your car's security status.

Enjoy peace of mind with Crime Guard's Echo-2 system controller — it lets you keep tabs on your vehicle even when it's out of sight. When connected to an i4 Series Crime Guard alarm, this pager/extended range remote control will relay information to you regarding your car's security status.

If the alarm on your car is triggered, the Echo-2 notifies you by audible or silent (vibrating) alert. Just take a look at the illuminated LCD screen on the remote — an image of your vehicle indicates visually which zone has been violated. The remote also handles all the functions of your original Crime Guard remote, including lock/unlock, arm/disarm, valet mode, remote start (if equipped), panic button, and second channel output. You can even personalize the remote's LCD screen to show a passenger car, pickup truck, or SUV.

Installation of the Echo-2 is simple. Just plug the included cable into an i4, i5 (except 350i5), or i6 Series Crime Guard alarm system, mount the control module, and you're ready to go! Programming the remote only takes a few pushes of the buttons. If you're uncertain about whether or not the Crime Guard alarm you have (or are thinking about buying) is compatible with the Echo-2, please call 1-888-955-6000 to discuss your purchase with one of our trained Sales Advisors.

Product Highlights:

  • extended-range pager/remote
  • illuminated LCD screen displays alarm status
  • selectable audible or vibrating alert
  • controls all functions of Crime Guard i4 Series alarms
  • easy, plug-in connection to compatible Crime Guard alarms
  • requires one "AAA" battery (supplied)
  • dimensions: 3-1/8"W x 1-1/2"H x 3/4"D (remote); 3-1/4"W x 1-3/8"H x 1/2"D (control module)
  • warranty: lifetime
  • Our 60-day money-back guarantee

This product is very handy. When I go to a shopping center i know exactly whats going on with my car. Installation was a snap, and the remote works great. Very good buy, and for the money, its totally worth it.

Spencer, Lynchburg, VA

What's in the Box:

  • Base transmitter/receiver unit
  • Remote transceiver
  • "AAA" battery
  • 8' Flat wiring harness (with one 7-pin connector on one end and one 5-pin and two 2-pin connectors on the other end)
  • Operation and Installation Guide

Crime Guard Echo-2 Reviews

Average Customer Review(s):

(5 Reviews)


KC from Nevada on 6/2/2008

An acceptable, handy and reasonably priced product with limited range and an instruction manual that is not at all easy to understand.



not exceptional

Jacob from DC on 3/25/2008

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I have had this for a couple months. I tried several positions on my windshield and dash to test reception and it wasn't great. I could get reception within about 5-700 feet (according to google earth). Another brand works up to a mile away which my friend at work proved to me. Other than that, I am happy with the fact that I can see if I remembered to lock my doors and if the trunk is closed. My trunk used to like to open with the slightest touch to the button on the OEM FOB. Three stars because it works but it isn't the best I could have asked for.



Crime Guard Echo-2

Spencer from Lynchburg, VA on 7/15/2006

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

This product is very handy. When I go to a shopping center i know exactly whats going on with my car. Installation was a snap, and the remote works great. Very good buy, and for the money, its totally worth it.



excelent product

aris from simi valley ,CA on 2/21/2006

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I had this since june 2005,this stuff work well.So if you want peace of mind,get this stuff.Because you dont have to go to you car if you alarm goes off.And also you can addjust the sens.of the alrm.(be understand couse my english not realy good).This stuff beautiful.



excellent buy

Larry from San Bernardino, CA on 7/28/2005

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Pros:<BR>No more walking out to the car to see what was triggered on my car.<BR><BR>I'll always know when my alarm is going off now, even when I'm sleep because I have the tranceiver right next to me and I'll here it beeping.<BR><BR>When I walk away from my car, I don't have to ask myself or my other half if I locked my car, because I can just look at the display on the transceiver.<BR><BR>Cons:<BR>The base for the transceiver has to be mounted to the winshield for best reception. (recommendation: stash it under the dash and try it out to see if you like its range and if not, then mount it on the winshield, in the bottom left or right hand corner for lowest visability.)<BR><BR>For me the con is a very minor, because I want the best reception at all cost.




Hands-on research

Product Research


Product Overview: The Echo-2 is a modular two-way remote controller/pager transceiver designed for use with compatible Omega vehicle security systems, including the Crime Guard i4, i5 (except 350i5), and i6 series. The Echo-2 can be used with existing 1-way remotes supplied with the alarms. The remote transceiver has a 1-1/4" LCD screen which indicates the current status of your vehicle. It operates on one "AAA" battery (supplied). Note: Echo-2 is not compatible with previous Crime Guard alarm systems, such as "i", "i2", or "i3" systems.

Operating Range: The Echo-2's powerful transceiver has an extended operating range of approximately 1,500 feet.

LCD Screen: The remote transceiver's backlit LCD screen has various icons which indicate the security system's status. You can select the type of vehicle icon used in the LCD screen: passenger car, pickup truck, or an SUV/Van. When the remote transceiver is used to operate the system, it receives back a signal which causes it to display the appropriate icon, in addition to chirping (emulating the siren). The LCD screen displays the following icons:

  • Alert Icons: The following icons appear when the alarm is in the alert mode:
    • Hood/Trunk: This icon indicates this zone on the vehicle has been violated.
    • Crossed-out Key: This icon appears if the system aborts a remote start attempt because of a violated safety circuit.
    • Carjack: This icon indicates if the carjack operation has been activated by any of three methods.
    • Hammer and Impact: The impact icon appears briefly (and the remote chirps three times) to indicate the shock sensor has detected a light impact causing the system to prewarn. The full hammer & impact icon appears continually if the sensor detects a harder impact or breaking glass.
    • Door: The door icon indicates the system has been activated via the door detection circuit.
    • Start: The start icon confirms remote starting, and puffs of smoke periodically appear behind the vehicle icon to indicate the engine is running.
    • Numeric Icons: The 2 or 3 icons appear to confirm the use of the 2nd or 3rd output channel on the alarm system.
    • Mute: The vibrating Mute indicates the chirps or melodies have been turned off.
  • Digital Clock: The clock has a 12-hour display with an AM and PM indication. The digital readout also shows how many Echo transceivers and one-way transmitters can operate the system.
  • Disarm/Arm: The remote indicates whether the status of the alarm system: Armed or Disarmed. (Neither icon appears in Valet mode.)
  • Locked/Unlocked Padlock: The icon reflects the true locked or unlocked status of the doors.
  • Valet: The Valet icon replaces the Armed or Disarmed icons, and a musical tone occurs when placing the system into Alarm Valet Mode.
  • Battery Low: This icon appears when the transceiver's battery needs to be changed.

User-Programmable Features: The Echo transceiver has several user-programmable features:

  • Chirp/Mute: You can turn chirps on or off, or set to vibrate.
  • Vehicle Type: Select the vehicle icon for the LCD--passenger car, pickup truck, or van/SUV.
  • Time Adjust: You can adjust the time on the built-in clock.
  • Start/Stop Melody: You can select any of the 5 available Start melodies when using a remote starter. You can also select any of the 5 melodies that play when the remote start engine run period ends.

Controls: The Echo 2 has the same 4 operational buttons as the standard Crime Guard remote transmitter, plus a 5th button. You can find the following buttons on the remote transceiver:

  • Lock: Allows you to arm the system and lock the vehicle's doors
  • Unlock: Allows you to disarm the system and unlock the vehicle's doors.
  • 2 Button: For operating the 2nd channel output (typically a remote trunk release)
  • 3 Button: For operating the remote panic or the 3rd channel output (typically for remote start)
  • P Button: This 5th button, not found on standard remotes, is the Programming button. You can turn the LCD backlight on for 10 seconds, or change the custom features found on the Echo.

Installation: The base transmitter/receiver can be mounted directly to an interior glass surface via the attached adhesive pad for the best operating range. The supplied harness connects from the base transmitter/receiver to the Echo port on the side of the alarm system control module (alarm brain), as well as the LED and Valet Switch plugs.


  • Base Transmitter/Receiver: W=1.358", H=3.268", D=0.654"
  • Remote Transmitter/Receiver: W=1.433", H=3.292", D=0.75"

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