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Hella TC-400

Tire pressure/temperature monitor system

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Item # 529TC400

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Our take on the Hella TC-400

Maintaining correct tire pressure saves you fuel, protects against tire wear, and guards against dangerous loss of traction. Keep track of your tires in real time with Hella's TC-400 tire pressure/temperature monitor system.

Maintaining correct tire pressure saves you fuel, protects against tire wear, and guards against dangerous loss of traction. Keep track of your tires in real time with Hella's TC-400 tire pressure/temperature monitor system.

The TC-400's four sensors transmit the tire data to the cockpit display, saving your hands from getting dirty every time you want to check your tires. You can change the display's background color to match your car's lighting. This kit comes with everything you need to monitor your car's four tires.

Note: The remote sensors replace the valve stems in your vehicle's wheels. Proper installation, tire replacement, and wheel balancing should be performed by a professional mechanic.

Product Highlights:

  • tire pressure monitor system
  • 4 wireless in-wheel sensors
  • display with choice of 7 background colors
  • warning buzzer and graphics
  • 2-stage low pressure alerts, fast leak alert, high-pressure and -temperature alerts
  • warranty: 1 year
  • Our 60-day money-back guarantee

What's in the Box:

  • Tire pressure monitoring module receiver
  • Tire pressure monitoring LCD display with attached 8' power/ground/data wires
  • 4 Tire pressure gauge wheel sensors with installed screw-on caps
  • Metal display mount
  • 6.5' Power harness with 3-pin connector
  • 5-Amp in-line fuse with a 5.5" power wire lead on each end
  • 16" Flexible antenna with SMB-connector
  • 4-Pin connector
  • 2 Large mounting screws
  • 1 Small mounting screw
  • 1.75" strip of double-sided tape
  • Twenty-four 3.75" wire-ties
  • Three 17" wire-ties
  • 2.75"x2.0"double-sided tape pad
  • CD-ROM Instruction manual

Hands-on research

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Overview: The Hella TC-400 is a fully active radio-controlled system for permanent monitoring of tire pressure and temperature. Hella's TC-400 monitors your tire pressure so you can avoid unnecessary fuel consumption, tire, wear, dangerous aquaplaning and lack of traction due to under or over inflated tires. By monitoring your tire pressure while driving, the TC-400 prevents wasted time, money and effort on manual tire pressure check-ups while keeping your hands clean and on the wheel.

Note: The tire pressure system needs to be professionally installed.

Wheel Sensors: The system comes with four wheel sensors that attach to your tire's inner valve that permanently transmit pressure and temperature by radio frequency to the center module receiver which in turn forwards this data to the LCD display unit inside the vehicle. You can add up to three additional sensors giving you a total of seven tire sensors, including one for your spare. All the wheel sensors are pre-programmed and labeled at the factory for a specific wheel location which is used for the first install on your vehicle. Positions are indicated on a label attached to the front of the sensor body (LF, RF, RR and LR). In case of change in wheel location due to tire rotation or spare tire replacement on your vehicle you can use the provided display unit to update the system.

LCD Display: The TC-400 features an LCD display with adjustable background color, allowing you to optimally match the unit's display to your vehicle-specific instrument lighting. You can choose from Blue, Red, Green, Orange, Light Orange, White or Light Blue. The LCD display allows setup of the TC400 Tire Pressure System such as recommended tire pressure and wheel location. It also provides information warnings due to over or under inflation tire pressure. The display comes with a metal mounting bracket that can be attached to a flat surface inside your vehicle by either the supplied two-sided tape or the two supplied mounting screws. You can also choose to mount the LCD display directly to a flat surface inside the vehicle without the bracket using the supplied double-sided tape. The LCD display measures 3.949" wide x 1.577" tall x 0.748" deep. The mounting bracket increases the LCD display's depth to 1.503" and the height to 1.952".

Warning Alerts: The Hella TC-400 provides warning information that displays in yellow on the unit's LCD display to inform you of tire or system malfunction. A buzzer is also activated during an Alert. The buzzer will repeat and sound again for the duration that the problem has not been fixed. The system features the following Warning Alerts.

  • Under Inflation Alerts: The TC-400 system is equipped with a 2-stage warning system for under inflation once you have confirmed your factory recommended tire pressure levels. The first warning stage can be adjusted to alert you when your tire pressure drops from 10% to 40% of the factory recommended level. The second warning stage can be adjusted to alert you when your tire pressure level drops from 20% to 50%. of the factory recommended level.
  • Fast Leakage Alert: The TC-400 alerts you if one of your tires looses more than 3PSI within 1 minute.
  • High Pressure Alert: This warning alerts you when your tire pressure goes above 52 PSI.
  • High Temperature Alert: The High Temperature Alert warns you when your tire's temperature goes above 185-degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Signal Loss: If the system does not receive a sensor's signal for more than 10 minutes it will show and Antenna icon on the LCD display to inform you of the malfunction.

Hide Away Module: The TC-400 utilizes a hide-away module that calculates the tire pressure and temperature from the wheel sensors by RF and then transmits this data to the LCD display unit. The hide-away unit measures 3.68" wide x 3.741" deep x 1.225" tall. The module features a 3-pin port for the connection of the units 6.5' power harness and 4-pin port for connection the LCD display's power, ground and data wires. It is also equipped with a single SMB port for the connection of the supplied 16" flexible antenna which provides RF data communication between the installed wheel sensors and the module.

CD-ROM Instruction Manual: The TC-400's instruction manual is loaded on a supplied CD-ROM. To read the file you must have the Adobe Acrobat Reader software installed on your computer.

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