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Soundstream VR-732B

DVD receiver

24 Reviews | 17 questions - 40 answers

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Item # 530VR732B

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Our take on the Soundstream VR-732B

Installation Note: Soundstream's VR-732B requires adequate clearance for its oversized display when mounted in your vehicle's dashboard (see Details). Please call us at 1-888-955-6000 if you require assistance in determining if it will work in your vehicle.

Big screen for a small opening

You'd like the touchscreen controls a larger DVD receiver offers, but you can't get that larger chassis in your vehicle's dash. Soundstream's VR-732B DVD receiver solves that problem. You'll get a detachable 7" touchscreen display on the body of a smaller single-DIN (2" tall) radio, so it can fit a wide variety of vehicles. Along with its cool display, the VR-732B offers solid power, DVD and CD playback, a USB port, an SD card slot, and Bluetooth for wireless audio and hands-free calling.

Soundstream VR-732B DVD receiver

Bluetooth® is built in

You'll enjoy crystal-clear hands-free phone calls and great-sounding audio streaming using the VR-732B's built-in Bluetooth technology. Your phone book info transfers in moments, so you can quickly make calls and identify incoming callers. And you'll be able to control your streaming music from the receiver, without having to use your phone to change tracks.

Soundstream built in a sensitive built-in Bluetooth microphone for your calls, located closer to the driver on the upper left corner of the receiver's faceplate.

Lots of media

Soundstream equipped this receiver with a USB port and SD™ card slot for plugging in storage devices with up to 32 GB of capacity, so you should never be at a loss for your MP3 music or MP4, AVI, and DivX video. And of course it plays CDs and DVDs, along with just about any kind of recordable disc. If you've got a gaming console or other A/V sources, plug them into the front A/V input. When you're ready for some video entertainment, set the brake and enjoy video from DVDs, USB devices, or SD cards.

Soundstream VR-732B DVD receiver

Expand and control your system

Once you've picked your music, you can tweak it with the five EQ presets. You'll appreciate the five preamp outputs if you're adding amps to your system.

Color-coded icons on the touchscreen let you quickly set up the receiver, and then provide you access to your music and video — no more clumsy flicking through layered menus to find your source.

Want to keep your steering wheel audio controls?

In most cars, you'll need an adapter to retain those controls with a new car stereo. Check “Details” for more information, and the "Accessories" tab for compatible adapters. If you're not sure if you need an adapter, call, chat, or email an Advisor for help determining what you'll need for your vehicle.

Bluetooth note: Use of this receiver's Bluetooth features will depend upon your phone's Bluetooth capabilities. Learn more in our article explaining Bluetooth profiles.

Product Highlights:

    General Features:
    • DVD/CD receiver with AM/FM tuner
    • built-in internal amp (14 watts RMS/52 peak x 4 channels)
    • motorized 7" detachable touchscreen display
    • fits single-DIN dash openings
    • remote control
    Smartphone Features:
    • built-in Bluetooth for hands-free calling and audio streaming
    Audio/video Features:
    • plays CDs, DVDs, USB memory devices (no iPod control), and SD cards (see Details for full capabilities)
    • bass and treble controls with 5 preset EQ curves
    • bass boost
    • low-pass filter at 80 Hz
    • subwoofer level control
    • inputs: front USB input, front A/V input, front SD card slot, rear-view camera input
    • outputs: rear video output, 5-channel preamp outputs (2-volt front, rear, mono subwoofer)
    Other Information:

    5 stars for each category!

    Anonymous, Illinois

    What's in the Box:

    • Multimedia receiver (2 transport screws)
    • Detachable touchscreen monitor
    • 2 Sleeves (one installed)
    • 2 Trim rings (one installed)
    • Wiring harness
    • Preamp/AV harness
    • Remote control (CR2025 3V battery installed)
    • Carrying case
    • 4 Pan-head screws
    • Rear-mount bolt
    • Metal backstrap
    • 2 Radio removal tools
    • Owner's Manual
    • Bluetooth Connection Instructions
    • Supplemental Toubleshooting Information
    • "CAUTIONS" note
    • Product Registration Card

    Soundstream VR-732B Reviews

    Average Customer Review(s):

    (24 Reviews)

    Pieice of Junk

    Lenape from El Dorado Hills, CA on 4/25/2016

    1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee

    Don't buy this unit, I have shipped the unit back to the manufacturer 3 times and on the last time I asked for a new unit due to all the issues it was having. After contacting the CEO and requesting a new unit, it was mailed to me. After installing the new unit it only lasted one week before this unit went bad too.

    Pros: Non

    Cons: Everything

    An acceptable solution

    Skylar from la conner, WA on 3/12/2016

    1987 Porsche 944 Turbo
    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    I wanted a double-din unit but only had room for a single din head unit. This fits my Porsche 944 1986+ perfectly. The quality is excellent for the price point. I was really hoping I could find an higher quality brand with the same specs but wasn't able to. The sound quality is good but not up to par with Alpine or Pioneer. If you are buying specifically for the 944 application the screen fits snug into the center console and doesn't leave any gap. This is good for appearances but does block the USB and AUX ports, you'll have to do without them. This is not an issue for me as I plan to run bluetooth most of the time or use the SD card slot.

    Pros: Fit my application and needs perfectly. One of the only style units with this specific single din/double din screen configuration.

    Cons: Lacks the "quality" and "finer finishing" of a more expensive brand.

    Great radio

    Eric W from Covington, GA on 2/16/2016

    2001 Ford F-150
    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Great radio. Installed in to my 2001 F-150 and have had no issues from it. It does slightly cover my hvac control but this is not a major issue for me. Bluetooth works great. Only issue with the Bluetooth is when stream music it can be alittle staticy. DVD quality is great. The aux port in the front is actually and AV in port. You can still use as an aux port but the radio screen will show a no signal screen. When using functions other than radio, if you hit the home button the function will stop. You can go back into it and resume where you left off though. I would recommend if you are on a budget but want a good radio this is a good choice.

    Pros: Hands free calling, back up camera capable, screen quality.

    Cons: Static when streaming Using Bluetooth. Aux port in the front is an AV in port(still works as an aux port)

    Very Disappointed. Did Not Fit.

    David from Tennessee on 11/14/2015

    2003 Ford Crown Victoria
    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    I purchased this product to put in a 2003 Ford Crown Victoria P71. The website said it would fit my vehicle and the Crutchfield representative over the phone also assured me that it would fit my vehicle. Needless to say I wasted my time trying to install this in my car considering it was not a direct fit. I was highly disappointed that it would not fit. So I had to ship this Soundstream VR 732 b back and go with a standard single din that would fit my car. Just a heads up for anyone trying to put this specific product in their Crown Victoria, Grand Marquis etc... This unit will not fit as the site says, in order to make it fit you would have to do some form of modification. For example cutting or grinding on part of the dash for the screen to attach to the unit and still clear the dash. I ended up going with the Soundstream VR 345B which so far is working well. Only had it in the car for about a week.

    Pros: None

    Cons: Did not fit my vehicle like Crutchfield assured me that it would.

    I L-O-V-E it!!!

    Anonymous from Illinois on 8/13/2015

    1999 Saab 9-3
    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    5 stars for each category!

    Pros: It has more features than I thought it would. It exceeded my expectations!

    Cons: Putting the panel on and taking it off was difficult for me.

    Piece of junk

    Lee S from Indiana on 7/10/2015

    2002 Chevrolet Avalanche
    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Bought this unit a year ago... within 3-6 months the screen went south. You can see the display, but not able to use touchscreen. Called Crutchfield, and they told me it was a manufacturer issue. Crutchfield told me to use the remote that came with it... When I call Manufacturer, I always go to a voicemail for this model. The manufacturer never calls me back. This past weekend I had a McDonalds cup spill out in my truck, and now the remote doesn't work... So the system is worthless. Went back to stock. Very unhappy Crutchfield. Handsfree gets lots of people saying they can't hear me. Can only have 6 preset stations even though the remote looks like you can have 10. I have an 02 Avalanche, and the screen covers my HVAC controls.. I can't see what I am turning on, but they are still usable. Just have to learn which controls do what. 1 year later the radio is unusable unless I want to listen to 1 station on the radio or want to put in a cd and let it play in its' entirety.

    Pros: It's a radio...

    Cons: Read above... piece of junk.

    pretty cool

    soundstream from Oklahoma on 6/11/2015

    1999 Saab 9-3
    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    this thing is awesome. a small display can have all the stuff that we need and can't believe it also has a DVD player. it's more than i expect!

    Pros: hand free. steering wheel control.

    Cons: the only problem is when i play music with my blue tooth and it can't setting the display. you can not do it at the same time. i holp they will change that.

    good entry level

    speakerman from Nebraska on 6/9/2015

    2002 Saturn VUE
    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    overall a very good entry level touch screen multi function receiver. I purchased for my mom which is 64 and is not good with techy stuff butt was easy for her to get around and good display for her to see.

    Pros: great upgrade for the older factory radio. easy to plug and play

    Cons: no cup holder lol

    inexpensive but

    V from Maryland on 5/13/2015

    2002 Ford F-350
    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Installation was straightforward, and it performed all the advertized functions. I mainly bought it for blue-tooth phone and the ability to play my music collection from a memory card. While it is not an audiophile component by any stretch of the imagination it does sound better than the factory stereo and I have not had any complaints about voice quality of phone calls. It does take awhile to pair, but once connected seems to keep the connection. The user interface is not very refined and moving through some of the menus interrupts the current play list or program. A few program updates and menu refinements could make this unit a great value, but I'll be replacing mine soon with something that has a better user interface.

    Pros: Good sound for the price. A lot of features. Functional hands-free phone. It is a fair option to update a 10-15 year old factory radio.

    Cons: Listening from a memory card - when turned off it forgets the random setting and occasionally even forgets the last track played. In order to get back into random mode you have to push the random button twice. Doesn't seem like a big deal, but iPod has been able to pickup where it left off for years. The user interface is clunky and not optimized for my needs. Some menu selections interrupt the current program material. The color theme is not very pleasing.

    Great value!

    Anonymous from Napoleon, Ohio on 4/22/2015

    1996 Ford Mustang
    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Bought this unit to replace a dated unit in my 1996 mustang. I've installed plenty of radios before and this one was a breeze to install. All the wires are clearly marked and the mounting hardware fit flawlessly. It works as advertised. Touch screen is clear and easy to navigate. Bluetooth paired easily and worked good. I was able to change songs with the touch screen while connected to my phone. The CD player worked great and played my recorded disks which was a problem with the unit I replaced. The DVD player also worked great and had a very nice picture. In all I would definitely recommend this unit and am thinking about buying another one for a different car I own.

    Pros: Large screen, Bluetooth functionality, coolness!

    Cons: If I had any gripes at this point it would be that there is a little sound quality issue while listening to music while connected in Bluetooth. But for the money it's not a huge issue for me.

    Great Radio

    Your Best Friend Crutchfield from Myakka City Florida on 4/19/2015

    2004 Ford Mustang
    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    It's great! It has great attributes awesome sound and it just looks awesome

    Pros: Everything

    Cons: Nothing

    great player update

    pops from Wisconsin on 4/11/2015

    2006 Kia Spectra
    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    I now have checked out all the functions of this unit and they work just find, but I'm going to reprogram my sd card cause it I can't find how to get into the other folders.

    Pros: Easy setup, Sounds great

    Cons: The kit from Metra is off on the cover for the units face that extends out of the frame, I had to dremel it down a bit.

    soundsream does it bestt

    pops from Wisconsin on 3/31/2015

    So far I've haven't any complaints but I yet to ry all the modes out, just aux in and usb still need to find out how they work.

    Pros: no problems so far back up camera has a better picture than my old unit. need o check out dvd player.

    Cons: none so far

    Soundstream VR-732B

    Anonymous from Minnesota on 12/25/2014

    2004 Dodge Ram 1500
    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Amazing! Looks get in my truck. Thanks Crutchfield!



    Soundstream VR-732B

    Matt from New York on 12/22/2014

    2002 Ford F-150
    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Great picture. Easy to use/figure out.

    Pros: Big screen in a single DIN unit.

    Cons: Can be a tricky install depending on your application.

    Soundstream VR-732B

    Big Ronnell from Kansas City mo on 12/12/2014

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    This cd/DVD player is a bang for your buck easy to install, installed it in a 05 Cadillac Deville pretty nice sound Quality with the Bose speakers, DVD picture decent quality Bluetooth works flawless

    Pros: USB,sd card slot, Bluetooth, 7inch detachable screen easy to install

    Cons: Can't upload screen savers, pretty basic

    Soundstream VR-732B

    Norvel from forestville md 29747 on 9/30/2014

    2000 Chevrolet Suburban
    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    I give it a 9 out of 10

    Pros: Shows a great picture

    Cons: The face hangs over the heat control.switch

    great product

    Brad from Crane MO on 9/21/2014

    2002 GMC Sierra 2500
    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Super easy to use Bluetooth works great parking brake easy to bypass so you can play DVDs anytime. Love this unit. Plays songs from my smart phone via Bluetooth perfectly

    Pros: great value easy to use and set up

    Cons: installed in a 2002 GMC 2500 and it sucked. Got it installed and love it but be prepared to trim and cut. Doesn't fit like the web site says. It requires some creative engineering


    Rocky from Chuckey, TN on 8/4/2014

    2000 Buick Century
    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    I thought this would be awesome. It has good ratings and cool features with an awesome price. The downside for me is the Bluetooth connection is slow and produces a ton of static. Therefore its useless for music, and I have to use an auxillary cable. I could've gotten that function for a lot cheaper. The a/v input leaves me with a screen with a lot of noise and high pitched whine in the sound. So that's useless. The dvd player is too. It'll drain your battery if your car isn't running. The radio isn't too easy to control. They way you have to switch from station to station takes forever. And even though Crutchfield said it would fit in my car without any modification, the area around it had to be trimmed a bit to fit it in.

    Pros: Good audio for the radio and input through auxillary cable. Simple and intuitive interface.

    Cons: Slow and noisey Bluetooth. Bad av input. No visualiser of any sort. Kills battery. Slow radio controls.

    Crutchfield response on 8/5/2014 We forwarded this review to our Technical Support team for follow-up. Lifetime tech support comes with every Crutchfield purchase.

    Soundstream VR-732B

    Devin from Hartley, IA on 7/6/2014

    1998 Pontiac Bonneville
    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    The flip down screen is a solid idea. The flip up wouldn't work in my car so I gave this a shot and I like it! The goods definitely outweigh the bads with this radio. There are some issues. One thing that really bugs me is the power antenna. No matter what, if I'm listening to the radio or a CD or Bluetooth, my antenna is up and I don't really like that. And my only other issue is the interface of the radio. The LCD screen could be sharper and some personalization settings with some different colors or layouts would make this radio a 10/10.



    Sound stream

    Carol from Wasilla Alaska on 7/4/2014

    2001 Chevrolet Silverado 1500
    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Best stereo I've ever owned, easy to use big screen for me to see while driving, handsfree phone is awesome

    Pros: Easy to use

    Cons: Can't think of one

    Did what I wanted.

    Lars from West Jordan, UT on 7/2/2014

    2002 Ford F-150
    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Basically this radio works great. There are some quirks about the interface that I think could have been worked out better but overall it's a good machine. I bought it mainly to be an inexpensive view screen for the backup camera I wanted to install. Got a kid and I back up into the driveway a lot. It works great for this application.

    Pros: Large interface buttons for most applications. Wiring well defined and labelled. Bright screen. Easy to use. Excellent price. I was able to install this and a backup camera for about $300. Another retailer wanted about $650 for something similar. Installation was really pretty simple. My first car stereo install and it only took me about 2 hours including crawling under my car to run the backup cam.

    Cons: First con is the adapter that Crutchfield sent me. It fit in it but it didn't fit. Basically the base of the receiver fit. But the screen didn't. I had to cut away a lot of the thing to get it to actually function. Second, the dimmer line doesn't work. If you buy this don't connect the dimmer wire at all. It causes the receiver to reboot, especially if using SD card loaded music. Last, this is specific to my truck. I had to make the thing stick out to function properly. Not a real con though.

    Dodge Ram VR732b

    Big Ram from Beavercreek, OH on 6/10/2014

    2007 Dodge Ram 1500
    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    I used this unit to replace a stolen stereo (try riding around with no tunes for a while). It looks good, installed easily, and worked well. The sound is solid, and the touchscreen works well. The SD works, and the phone /BT features were solid.

    Pros: good looks, clean install, 1 din install, 7 inch screen


    Soundstream VR-732B

    Landy from Dearborn, MI on 5/24/2014

    2007 Honda CRV EX
    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Great Product would purchase again for 2nd car.




    Hands-on research

    Features and Specs

    AUX Input Mini (front)
    Audio/video Input Mini (front)
    USB Input Side
    CarPlay No
    Android Auto No
    Siri Control No
    Android Control Yes
    Memory Card Slot USB, SD
    Bluetooth Compatible Built-in
    Satellite Radio Ready No
    HD Radio No
    Navigation No
    iPod Compatibility
    Full size N/A
    Nano N/A
    Touch N/A
    iPhone N/A
    RMS Power (CTA-2006) N/A
    RMS Power (Manufacturer) ---
    Peak Output 52 watts
    RMS Power Bandwidth 20-20kHz
    Preamp Outputs 5-channel
    Sub Preamp Outputs Yes
    Switchable Rear Preamp Outputs No
    Video Screen Yes
    Preamp Voltage 2 volts
    Display Color
    Key Button Color N/C
    EQ Bands None
    Wireless Remote Yes
    Steering Wheel Control Compatible No
    Parts Warranty 1 Year
    Labor Warranty 1 Year
    FM Sensitivity 10 dBf
    European Tuning Yes
    Seek/Scan Seek
    Radio Data System No

    Product Research

    Touchscreen & Remote Features
    Multimedia Playback
    Audio & Tuner Section
    AV Connections

    Touchscreen + Remote Features

    7" Motorized Touchscreen Display: The Soundstream VR-732B features a motorized 7" LCD monitor (800 x 480) with LED backlighting and iGlass touchscreen technology. iGlass touchscreen technology offers more precise control, greater clarity, and less glare. This unit's touchscreen controls with interactive video graphics make menu navigation easy. The monitor electronically slides out for loading or ejecting a disc, and allows you to adjust the viewing angle (1-4) of the screen.

    Note: The motorized LCD monitor measures 7.3125" (w) x 4.5" (h). It extends 2.375" below the bottom of the head unit's chassis and does not retract inside of the unit. This type of design may interfere with your vehicle's instrument panel. As always, please consult Crutchfield's Outfit My Car and talk to one of our Sales Advisors to verify fit with your vehicle.

    Detachable LCD Monitor: The unit's LCD touchscreen monitor is detachable to deter theft, and comes with a padded carrying case for added protection.

    Hard-Key Controls: There are also push-button controls along the side-panel of the detachable touchscreen monitor. The controls included a 3-way rotary dial and 4 push-buttons (Eject, Home, Set, EQ).

    Dimmer: You can adjust the unit's LCD monitor brightness in 4 steps, including Off.

    Parking Brake Detection: For safety reasons, you cannot view a video source on the built-in monitor as long as the vehicle is in motion. In order to display video, the pink wire of the included harness must be hardwired into the vehicle's parking brake light circuit, and the vehicle's parking brake must be engaged. Video on the LCD monitor can only be displayed when this unit's Parking Brake wire (pink) senses that the parking brake has been engaged in the vehicle.

    Remote Control: The Soundstream VR-732B includes an IR remote control for wireless operation of the multimedia unit.

    Multimedia Playback

    Disc Compatibility: The touchscreen monitor electronically slides down for loading and ejecting discs. The Soundstream VR-732B supports playback of DVD-Video, DVD-R/RW, CD-Audio and CD-R/RW discs. The unit can play back MP3 music files and MP4/AVI/DivX video files recorded onto a compatible DVD-R/RW or CD-R/RW disc.

    SD-Card Slot: The Soundstream VR-732B is fitted with a SD-card slot located on the top-panel of the detachable touchscreen monitor that will accept SD/SDHC memory cards (up to 32GB). The unit supports playback of MP3 music files, MP4/AVI/DivX video files, and JPEG photo files stored on a compatible SD/SDHC memory card.

    USB 2.0 Port: The Soundstream VR-732B is fitted with a USB (type-A) 2.0 port located on the side-panel of the detachable touchscreen monitor for connection of a USB mass storage class device; such as your Android smartphone (Froyo/Gingerbread OS only), digital audio player, or thumbdrive. The unit supports playback of MP3 music files, MP4/AVI/DivX video files, and JPEG photo files stored on a compatible USB MSC device (up to 32GB).

    Note: This unit's USB port is not compatible with Apple iPod/iPhone/iPad.

    Bluetooth Technology: The Soundstream VR-732B features built-in Bluetooth (Ver 2.0) Technology. With built-in Bluetooth, you can wirelessly connect your Bluetooth capable mobile phone to listen to calls through your car's audio system. You can also stream audio from a Bluetooth enabled audio player.  In order to use Bluetooth wireless technology, your phone must also be Bluetooth compatible and be able to interpret certain profiles. This unit is compatible with the following Bluetooth Profiles - HFP (Hands Free Profile), PBAB (Phone Book Access Profile), A2DP (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile), & AVRCP (Audio/Video Remote Control Profile).

    • Hands-free Communication w/ Integrated Mic: The VR-732B supports wireless hands-free communication for your Bluetooth enabled mobile phone. The VR-732B allows you to carry on a phone conversation from your Bluetooth enabled mobile phone using the head unit's integrated front-panel microphone and your car audio speakers. The VR-732B allows you to answer the call manually from the head unit or automatically. Incoming phone call information will be displayed on the unit's LCD monitor. You can make a call from the VR-732B using the unit's on-screen keypad (0-9), your transferred Phone Book, or a call history data log of dialed and received calls. Your car audio speakers will mute automatically during a call. During a conversation, you can switch between the Private Mode (talking directly on your cell phone) and the Hands Free Mode. 
    • Audio Streaming: The Soundstream VR-732B also allows you to play back stored music and streamed music from your Bluetooth enabled phone, PDA, or personal music player using a Bluetooth connection. You can control (Play/Pause/Skip) the music stored on your Bluetooth audio player from the VR-732B. This unit does not display song/artist information from Bluetooth audio devices.

    Note: Before using the unit's Bluetooth functions, you must pair your Bluetooth enabled mobile phone or audio device to the VR-732B.  Due to the differences in Bluetooth technology, some mobile devices may be incompatible, function improperly, or may not support all features when used with the VR-732B.

    Audio & Tuner Section

    MOSFET Amplifier: The Soundstream VR-732B is equipped with a 14W x 4-channel (RMS)/52W x 4-channel (Peak) MOSFET amplifier.

    5ch/2V Preamp Outputs + Sub Control: The VR-732B features front, rear and subwoofer 2.0-volt preamp outputs. The front and rear speaker preamp outputs are balance and fade adjustable. The mono-subwoofer preamp output is non-fading. The receiver features a built-in Low Pass Crossover (80Hz) for subwoofer preamp output. You can independently control the subwoofer preamp output level (0-15).

    Equalizer: Five EQ curves are preset into memory, allowing you to recall the best preset EQ curve (User, Pop, Classic, Rock, Jazz) for different types of music. The User mode allows you to independently adjust the Bass & Treble from -9 to +9.

    X-Bass + Loudness: The X-Bass function boosts the head unit's bass output. The Loudness function enhances low and high frequencies to make the sound clearer lower volumes.

    Key Beep: The in-dash head unit provides an audible beep to confirm button operation. This function can be turned On or Off.

    AM/FM Tuner: The Soundstream VR-732B is equipped with an AM/FM tuner with manual, preset, and seek tuning. The VR-732B lets you store up to 18 FM and 12 AM preset stations. These presets can be stored manually or automatically.  The unit's tuner also is equipped with a Seek mode that when used with the Local function, only allows radio stations with a strong local radio signals to be played. If an analog FM stereo broadcast is hard to receive, you can manually switch the tuner to Mono operation.

    Note: The tuner features selectable North America and European tuning.

    AV Connection

    Aux Input: The unit features a 3.5mm audio/video input on the side-panel of the detachable touchscreen monitor for connecting a temporary external A/V source, such as a MP3 player or game console.

    Video Output: The multimedia head unit features a rear-panel composite video output for integration of a ceiling-mounted or headrest entertainment system in your vehicle.

    Rear-View Camera Input: The Camera Input consists of a Composite video RCA jack for connecting an optional rear-view back-up camera (sold separately). This RCA input enables you to connect a rear-view camera to display the area behind your vehicle. The increased view encourages and facilitates safer driving. When an optional rearview camera is connected to this unit, the rear view image is displayed on the screen when your vehicle is placed in reverse gear (orange/black wire of harness must be connected to reverse light wire of vehicle). Automatic video switching takes approximately 2.0 seconds.

    Our Product Research Team

    At Crutchfield, you'll get detailed, accurate information that's hard to find elsewhere. That's because we have our own in-house Product Research team. They verify what’s in the box, check the owner's manual, and record dimensions, features and specs. We stay on top of new products and technologies to help people make informed choices.

    Q & A

    Customer Q&A

    17 questions already asked

    Thanks for your question. Unfortunately this receiver is not Satellite Radio Ready. [ Kenny  Feb 13, 2016 ]  Staff
    It comes with a wire harness type thing where you plug into the back of the head unit and you will have the female RCA ports for your the RCA's to go to you amp for your front speakers and your rear speakers. [ MICHAEL ANTHONY  Jan 29, 2016 ]
    YEs [ O  Jan 15, 2016 ]
    Yes with the preamp RCA jack on the back. That way when to turn your ignition switch to accessory or on it all powers up, and connect your subwoofer to your amp. [ Christopher  Jan 15, 2016 ]
    For details on fit or installation please contact an Advisor by phone (1-800-324-9695) or online chat. They will be able to pull up your vehicle and give you the details on if this will fit and what you will need for an installation in your vehicle. [ Jeff  Dec 15, 2015 ]  Staff
    For details on fit or installation please contact an Advisor by phone (1-800-324-9695) or online chat. They will be able to pull up your vehicle and give you the details on if this will fit and what you will need for an installation in your vehicle. [ Krissy  Oct 23, 2015 ]  Staff
    For details on fit or installation please contact an Advisor by phone (1-800-324-9695) or online chat. They will be able to pull up your vehicle and give you the details on if this will fit and what you will need for an installation in your vehicle. [ Krissy  Sep 08, 2015 ]  Staff
    It has an input cable for it, but I don't know the compatabilities of different manufacturers. [ BRIAN ANTHONY  Aug 24, 2015 ]
    The VR-732B does have a rear view camera input. [ Seth  Aug 23, 2015 ]
    YEp. [ Peter Alan  Aug 23, 2015 ]
    Not sure about a roku. The USB and SD card are finicky about what formats they will play. I couldn't get it to work right. In the end I just got Google play music on my phone and stream it via bluetooth. Way easier. [ Calhoun  Aug 18, 2015 ]
    Sorry, but I do not know [ Scott  Aug 18, 2015 ]
    I plugged one in this weekend and it would charge while plugged into usb. [ Scott  Aug 10, 2015 ]
    Yes, the USB port has power [ Kurt  Aug 08, 2015 ]
    It charges my S5 so I would think that yes it would. [ S  Aug 08, 2015 ]
    No [ O  Aug 08, 2015 ]
    Yes [ Ravi  Aug 08, 2015 ]
    Yes, it will. I don't remember it being able to use the hd though. [ dale  Aug 08, 2015 ]
    no [ Paul H.  Jun 30, 2015 ]
    No. I got this system and the monitor broke. When trying to get it replaced I was on back order for over a month. Look into a clarion system. A lot better [ Colin  Jun 30, 2015 ]
    No, it does not. You can control the phone, but it doesn't display any music data. (at least with win8.1) It does display call information [ Kurt  Jun 29, 2015 ]
    No, just device name. [ Ravi  Jun 29, 2015 ]
    IT will display all info about it that you have on your phone,iPod etc. [ steven michael  Jun 28, 2015 ]
    No [ Christian  Jun 28, 2015 ]
    No, unfortunately not. It shows your devices name but no song info. Other than that I really like this unit for the price. [ Jay  Jun 28, 2015 ]
    Short answer: No I believe if you get the non Bluetooth version there is something called smart control for your phone, that might let you see your phone screen on the receiver display... This unit has a composite video in, so if your phone has some kind of video out you can connect it that way... [ Paul H.  May 22, 2015 ]
    no [ Vernon  May 14, 2015 ]
    Paired via Bluetooth it will play your tunes and answer your phone but won't display your GPS screen. There is a way to hard wire video to it e.g. a rear cam and you may be able to display your phone GPS that way but I don't have the instructions in front of me. As you can see from the pic on the web site it has an AV in. If you can get AV out from you phone it will display it, I doubt this is doable on this unit. Aside from that, it installed nicely in my 93 Jeep Cherokee. You need to look closely at your install location. The screen needs to be able to flip up and down freely. [ O  May 13, 2015 ]
    No, it can only stream audio from phone for music and phone calls. [ Ravi  May 13, 2015 ]
    If your phone has a video out option that will plug into an RCA line, maybe [ Kurt  May 13, 2015 ]
    No. You'll be a bit dissapointed. [ JEANNIE  May 13, 2015 ]
    Not that I know of. [ ANTHONY  May 13, 2015 ]
    No, when you are in blue tooth mode you look at a default phone screen. [ dale  May 13, 2015 ]
    For details on fit or installation please contact an Advisor by phone (1-800-324-9695) or online chat. They will be able to pull up your vehicle and give you the details on if this will fit and what you will need for an installation in your vehicle. [ Jeff  Dec 04, 2014 ]  Staff
    For details on fit or installation please contact an Advisor by phone (1-800-324-9695) or online chat. They will be able to pull up your vehicle and give you the details on if this will fit and what you will need for an installation in your vehicle. [ Krissy  Jun 04, 2014 ]  Staff
    No but Its a great unit. Installed in my 93 Grand Cherokee easypeze working fine for more than a year now. [ O  Aug 08, 2015 ]
    Yes it can I've had this head unit for a while now and as long as you pair the phone through Bluetooth to the reciever it works like a charm every time. I just get into my car, it pairs up automatically and I can make calls and play music from my phone wirelessly. If your think about getting it, GET IT! You won't regret it. [ wilson  May 21, 2014 ]
    I forwarded your question to an Advisor and they responded with the following: We do not have a flip down or hang down screen receiver that has navigation abilities. If you would like to discuss further you can contact an Advisor directly by phone (1-800-324-9695) or online chat. [ Krissy  Apr 23, 2014 ]  Staff
    For details on fit or installation please contact an Advisor by phone (1-800-324-9695) or online chat. They will be able to pull up your vehicle and give you the details on if this will fit and what you will need for an installation in your vehicle. [ Krissy  Apr 21, 2014 ]  Staff
    I forwarded your question to an Advisor and they responded with the following: No this radio does not ave navigation capability, and you can't add it. If you would like to discuss further you can contact an Advisor directly by phone (1-800-324-9695) or online chat. [ Krissy  Apr 22, 2014 ]  Staff