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Harman Kardon Adapt

Universal wireless audio adapter

6 Reviews | 5 questions - 12 answers

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Our take on the Harman Kardon Adapt

If you've got a killer home theater system that's missing wireless music streaming, there's a simple fix: the Harman Kardon Adapt. This compact device adds Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to your existing stereo or home theater setup, so you can stream music wirelessly with your smartphone or tablet. Just connect it to your receiver or amp, plug in the power cord, download the free app, and you'll open up a whole new world of music choices in your home theater.

Harman Kardon Adapt

The Harman Kardon Adapt lets you add wireless music playback to your existing stereo or home theater system. It can also stream music to Harman Kardon Omni wireless speakers.

Add Bluetooth® and Wi-Fi® to your stereo

If you've got a killer home theater system that's missing wireless music streaming, there's a simple fix: the Harman Kardon Adapt. This compact device adds Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to your existing stereo or home theater setup, so you can stream music wirelessly with your smartphone or tablet. Just connect it to your receiver or amp, plug in the power cord, download the free app, and you'll open up a whole new world of music choices in your home theater.

Music throughout your home

The Adapt isn't just about adding more music to your current system. It can also link up with Harman Kardon's Omni speakers, to create a whole-home music system. Add an Omni 10 to your kitchen so you can keep listening while you grab a snack. Or play a different song in each room.

Easy wireless setup and operation

The Adapt works with your existing home Wi-Fi network, so it's easy to set up in just a few minutes. Once you're connected, you can stream music wirelessly using your smartphone or tablet. Send tunes to your stereo system and to Harman Kardon Omni speakers throughout your home. You can even stream 24-bit/96kHz high-resolution music for better-than-CD sound.

Harman Kardon Adapt

The compact Adapt offers Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity for wireless music listening.

Stream audio from any app with Bluetooth®

In addition to Wi-Fi connectivity, the Adapt offers Bluetooth, which lets you stream audio from any app on your phone or tablet. Any song you can play on your device can be played wirelessly through your stereo using this compact adapter. Have apps for Spotify®, Pandora®, Google Play, and other music services? Stream them all via Bluetooth, with no restrictions. You can even stream from YouTube™ or audio from a video game — there are practically no limits. You can also send that Bluetooth stream to other Harman Kardon Omni speakers and components.

Easy control with your phone or tablet

Your smartphone or tablet isn't just your music source — it's also the remote. Download the free Harman Kardon Controller app to your Apple or Android device. Then, you can choose songs stored on your device, control music playback and volume, and group compatible HK speakers and components together for playing in multiple rooms. The app's colorful, intuitive interface makes multi-room music easy and enjoyable.

Add music to another room... without touching your smartphone

On the top of the Adapt, there's a large button with a slash. That's the "Link" button, and it offers some very cool features. Let's say you're listening to music in the kitchen on an Omni 10 speaker. As you move into the living room, you want the music to follow you. Simply press the Link button on the Adapt, and your stereo system will pick up the same music stream in perfect synchronization. Press and hold the Link button to engage party mode, so the same song plays on your entire Harman Kardon system of products.

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Design your whole-home music system with the Adapt and these other members of the Omni wireless family:

Looking for a compact speaker? Check out the Harman Kardon Omni 10.

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Product Highlights:

  • adds wireless music playback to your existing stereo or home theater system
  • built-in Wi-Fi allows connection to your wireless home network and wireless communication with other Harman Kardon Omni devices
  • Bluetooth connectivity allows you to stream music and audio from any app on your smartphone or tablet
  • send Bluetooth streams to a single speaker or multiple speakers from your device
  • free Harman Kardon Controller app for Apple and Android devices offers easy Wi-Fi control, settings adjustments, and music selection and playback
  • multi-zone synchronous playback (same music plays in multiple zones simultaneously) or multi-stream playback (music individually selected for each player) for up to six Omni devices on a network
  • "Link" button lets you start playing music in a second room or activate "party mode" to stream to all rooms
  • easy wireless setup using your smartphone or tablet
  • file compatibility for Wi-Fi streaming from a smartphone or tablet: MP3, M4A, AAC, WAV; Android devices can also play FLAC, WMA, and OGG Vorbis
  • supports playback of high-resolution digital files (up to 24-bit/96kHz)
  • 3.5mm input for connecting a computer, TV, iPod, or other device; music can be streamed to other Omni devices
  • 3.5mm output for connection to a receiver or amplifier
  • top-panel playback (play/pause) buttons
  • AC adapter included
  • 4-5/8"W x 1-3/16"H x 3-3/8"D
  • warranty: 1 year
  • Our 60-day money-back guarantee
  • requires high-speed Internet, Wi-Fi router and an Apple or Android smartphone or tablet

What's in the Box:

  • Wireless HD adapter
  • USB/AC power supply
  • 4' USB charging cable
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Important Safety Instructions

Harman Kardon Adapt Reviews

Average Customer Review(s):

(6 Reviews)

Harman Kardon Adapt

Ken from Rogers, AR on 1/29/2017

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Wow, talk about a nightmare. I purchased this so I could set-up some external speakers from my TV. You see my 94 year old father lives with us. He has to have the TV cranked all of the way up to hear it. He doesn't want to wear headphones either so I purchased this unit with two of the Omni 10 speakers. Hooking up this thing was a nightmare (mind you I spent 10 years as a senior network engineer for an extremely large company). The documentation is a joke. When I did finally get it hooked up, it only played out one speaker. I got online with the manufacture and received a more documented instruction. I will give that a try. I am a big Pandora fan - guess what, Pandora doesn't work with HK products.



Crutchfield response on 1/31/2017 Ken, whenever you are not completely satisfied with anything you purchase from Crutchfield, please contact our Customer Support team. Purchases from Crutchfield can be returned or exchanged within 60 days of the purchase.

User Friendliness Needs Improvement

Richard from Altamonte Springs, Fl on 12/10/2016

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

This is a small unit which claims to allow streaming from digital device into your analog receiver and play through,the speaker. The instructions which come with the product may be the worst I have ever seen. Also, though slightly better, there is a confusing online manual. I am an engineer and I struggled with setup of this product for a good part of the night, and finall-y got it working. I still find its use less valuable than I thought since it streams only certain music sources from the web, but does that reasonably well. This is a useful project for enhancing your old receiver but needs more user friendly improvement.

Pros: Useful for streaming

Cons: Not user friendly setup

Good alternative to Sonos

MattFromReston from Reston, VA on 11/23/2015

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I am giving this 5 stars because it is a way cheaper than Sonos for streaming music from a CD player and it works well from what I can tell. The 3.5mm jacks are OK, but I think RCA jacks would provide better connection quality? Of course this would make the unit bigger which would not be an issue for me. Also an on-off switch would be nice instead of just plugging in USB cable. The Controller app really needs work to serve up the music files intelligently. The volume and system control work well, but needs a master mute so I can grab the phone and be bothered by a yet another telemarketer.

Pros: Easy to use and set up - especially Bluetooth. Better sound quality than I expected.

Cons: Only 3.5mm jacks. I think RCA jacks would provide better connection quality? Controller app has some issues. Controller app needs master mute function.


Anonymous from Monroe VA on 10/14/2015

could not get connected to wifi, but the bluetooth did work. sounded ok but not great. app was very very slow.

Pros: half of it worked

Cons: app needs a lot of work

Best way to connect a receiver to wireless audio network

RandFan from New Jersey on 8/24/2015

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I shopped around for a long time for a wireless audio solution for my home; I went with the Harman Kardon system for a few reasons, the first being sound quality and the second being the HK Adapt. In particular, the HK Adapt's price. It's much less expensive than the Sonos equivalent, like half for nearly the same functionality. I just wanted to connect my existing receiver to sync with the rest of my wireless speakers in my home to play the same music everywhere. The HK Adapt does the job beautifully and at half the price of Sonos!

Pros: Great functionality and connectivity, at half the price of the Sonos and Denon equivalent.

Cons: Application needs to be improved in the next release, it's usable, does not cut out, and is not terrible, but there is room for improvement.


Anonymous from Washington on 7/19/2015

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

The adapt is a must have with the omni 20 and omni 10. The adapt will is the perfect way to Ty all your audio systems to gather, stero, iPad, iPhone, etc. if you buy any omni speaker you need to buy the adapt with it. Instructions need to be a lot better writing for the average user.

Pros: N/a

Cons: N/a


Hands-on research

Product Research


Omni Wireless Adapt: The Harman/Kardon Wireless HD Adapt is part of Harman/Kardon's wireless HD audio system. This wireless adapter is a simple, easy, and fast way to bring wireless audio to your existing home entertainment system that features a free aux input.

Harman/Kardon Wireless HD Audio System: The Harman/Kardon wireless HD audio system is a premium suite of audio products designed to wirelessly fill your home with beautiful, high-definition sound. Start with any combination of the Adapt, Omni 20, or Omni 10 units and expand your system at any time to create seamless multi-room audio using your home wireless network and the Harman/Kardon Controller App.

Built-in WiFi + BlackFire: The  Harman/Kardon Adapt and wireless HD audio system features built-in WiFi for a wireless connection to your home's network router. The system's built-in WiFi employs a special BlackFire protocol, which allows it to handle up to 24-bit/96kHz high resolution music files with ease. The Adapt offers a WPS button for simple one-button setup to your wireless network router which also supports WPS. If your router doesn't support WPS, then  you can us the Harman/Kardon Controller app on your Apple iOS or Android device to setup a wireless network connection between the H/K wireless HD audio system and your WiFi router.

HD Audio Streaming: Unlike many other wireless streaming systems that only support standard-definition music streaming, the H/K Adapt and wireless HD audio system supports up to 24-bit/96kHz high-definition audio streaming for a superior audio experience; higher resolution than even CD (16-bit/44.1kHz). The H/K wireless HD audio system supports music files such as MP3, WMA, AAC, FLAC, and WAV.

Variety of Sources: With the H/K wireless HD audio system, you can listen to a wide variety of music sources through the Adapt and other wireless HD audio speakers throughout your home. You'll be able to access music stored on your smartphone or tablet, listen to integrated online music services, stream Bluetooth audio, and connect an aux device.

  • Music Library On Your Mobile Device: Using the Harman/Kardon Controller app, you can stream your stored music library on your Apple iPod/iPhone/iPad (6.0+) or Android (3.0+) smartphone/tablet to the Adapt and the rest of your H/K wireless HD audio system.
  • Integrated Online Music Services: The Adapt and H/K wireless HD audio system offers the following built-in online music services - Deezer (coming soon to US) and MixRadio; more services will be available in the future.
  • Bluetooth Music Streaming: The Adapt also offers built-in Bluetooth technology for point-to-point wireless audio streaming of stored music and music apps on your Bluetooth-enabled devices; such as your Apple iPod/iPhone/iPad, Android smartphone/tablet, Windows PC, Mac computer, Blackberry, and more. The Adapt can even re-stream the same song being played via Bluetooth to the rest of your Harman/Kardon wireless HD audio system through its WiFi network connection.
  • Aux Input: In addition to wireless connectivity, the H/K Adapt offers a 3.5mm auxiliary input for a wired connection of audio devices which feature a headphone jack or analog output. The Adapt can even re-stream the same song being played through the auxiliary input to the rest of your Harman/Kardon wireless HD audio system through its WiFi network connection.

Stereo Minijack Output: The ​Harman/Kardon wireless HD Adapt features a stereo minijack (3.5mm) output to connect the wireless device to a free aux input on your existing home audio system.

Speaker & Room Setup: The ​Harman/Kardon wireless HD audio system supports up to six adapters and/or speakers around your home which can be played individually, or linked together.

  • Speaker Configuration: You can configure up to six wireless HD components in six different rooms. You can even pair Harman Kardon Adapts together to be used as part of a 2ch stereo or 6ch speaker system with connected powered speakers.
  • Group Rooms: You are able to conveniently group multiple H/K wireless HD products and rooms into a single playback zone (group). When you stream music to a zone or group, all speakers and rooms in that zone  (group) will play together.

Harman/Kardon Controller App: Download the Harman/Kardon Controller app (from the Apple App Store or GooglePlay Store) onto your Apple iOS (6.0+) or Android (3.0+) device to control the Adapt and the rest of your Harman/Kardon wireless HD audio system from your smartphone or tablet. The H/K Controller app provides an easy-to-use interface for streaming all your music to your system. You'll be able to choose what music is being streamed and where it is being played. From the app, you can stream different songs in each room, group rooms together, or activate Party Mode and play the same track throughout every H/K wireless HD speaker in your home. You'll have access to music stored on your smartphone and built-in music apps with the H/K Controller app. The app will allow you to browse music by artist, song, album, genre, etc.; plus view song and artist information with album art.

Playback Controls + Playlists: Play/Pause functions can be done directly from the wireless HD Adapter's top-panel controls or from the app on your smartphone/tablet device. The H/K Controller app also lets you skip to beginning of the next song. You can even create your own playlist from your mobile device's music library for each Harman/Kardon wireless HD audio Adapt & speaker in your system setup using the H/K Controller app on your smartphone or tablet.

Link Button & Party Mode: The Link button on the top of every Harman/Kardon wireless HD  adapter lets you take your music from room to room with a single touch. Say you're listening through the Adapt in one room and you walk into another room with another Harman/Kardon wireless HD audio speaker or adapter. Just press the Link button on top of the unit and your music follows you from room to room. And if you want to fill your entire home with sound, just press and hold the Link button to activate "Party Mode" to play the same song through every Harman/Kardon wireless HD speaker & adapter throughout your home. These same functions can also be done through the H/K Controller app on your smartphone or tablet.

Table-Top Mounting: The H/K Adapt is designed to be placed on a flat surface; such as a table, desk, shelf, or piece of AV furniture.

AC Power + Auto Standby: The H/K Adapt has been designed for use with 100-240 volt, 50/60 Hz AC current, using the included USB/AC power adapter. To conserve electricity, the Adapt will automatically enter Standby mode after approximately 10 minutes, if no audio is playing and no buttons are pressed.

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Crutchfield asked  
Why did you buy this?

My plan is to run the output of my stereo (headphone or rca) into the input of this device. That should send my audio over the wifi network to an Omi 10 located far away. [ ashley  Oct 27, 2016 ]
price and reviews [ Hunter  Mar 24, 2016 ]

5 questions already asked

You can configure up to six Harman/Kardon wireless HD components in six different rooms of your home. For more details or to discuss further please contact an Advisor directly by phone (888.955.6000) or online chat. Thanks! [ Larry  Jan 02, 2018 ]  Staff
It should be compatible with any receiver since it uses 1/4 headphone to RCA connectors. RCA connectors are universal connector types on most receivers. [ THOMAS  Oct 04, 2016 ]
The Adapt can connect to an unused auxiliary input through your RCA jacks. (This will work an any receiver/preamp) What you need is a 1/4 inch stereo jack to RCA female plug adapters like this: I would not spend big bucks on cables if you just listen to mp3s. Otherwise, cables are worth the investment. [ MATTHEW  Oct 04, 2016 ]
It should be compatible, I'm currently using it with an Onkyo receiver. It must be plugged in to an AUX INPUT, the headphone jack is an OUTPUT. [ GUILLERMO  Oct 04, 2016 ]
I use a 1/4"-to-minijack cable between my receiver (not an HK 3485, but that shouldn't make any difference) and the Adapt. [ MARK  Oct 04, 2016 ]
And its a lot cheaper than Sonos!!!!! [ MATTHEW  Oct 04, 2016 ]
Depends on your TV. If your TV has a headphone output, that's probably an 1/8 inch phono jack, and all you would need is a male-male cable to connect to the 1/8 inch phono jack input on the Adapt. If your TV has RCA jacks for the audio output, you'll need a adapter, but that's just a couple of dollars. [ Scott  Dec 28, 2015 ]
I am not an expert with surround sound. So, I am going to keep things simple and assume you have a TV on one side of the room and want to get the sound from the TV as an input into your AV receiver/amp on the other side of the room. My config is not like this, but I believe it may be possible to have two HK Adapts: one to send from the TV and one to plug into the receiver and then use the "Party mode" or "Link" feature to sync them. Based on my assumptions I can think of at least four issues you need to be aware of: 1) Your TV will need RCA jacks or a 3.5 mm composite for audio output. The Adapt only takes a 3.5mm jack as input and output. T3e folks at Crutchfield can help you figure out which cables you need. 2) The headphone jack could work as an imput, but it will be subject to volume control on your TV. This could be an issue, which leads me to.... 3) There will be a slight delay between the sound coming out of your TV and the sound coming out of your AV system. This is due to network traffic. The solution here is to not use the sound on your TV. 4) If you have other HK products or going to purchase them in the future, the party mode might well "hijack" those other devices on the fly so you may have to work with setting up zones or something. Good luck! Let us know how it turns out. [ MATTHEW  Dec 17, 2015 ]
If your TV has some audio out you need a cable that fits that output on one end and has a 3.5 mm on the other end to go in the adapt. (This isn't normal, normally you connect to an amp.) However (a) I don't recommend for video because there's a lag so that video and audio won't be in sync (b) it's not real surround sound. While you can pair speakers as L/R there's no front back and no center. [ Andrew  Dec 16, 2015 ]
If you have a two zone receiver like Yamaha R-S500 you can use the rec-out / zone 2 outputs to route the output of the receiver back through the Adapt and then into the line 3 or some other unused source.. Kludgey? For sure yes! But at least now I can broadcast and use my speakers at the same time. And when I want to just enjoy the speakers I can set the main source appropriately. [ MATTHEW  Dec 17, 2015 ]
I only have one adapt, but I have 3 speakers. I don't see why there would be a problem, streaming to 2 adapts should be similar to streaming to 2 speakers. The only problem is streaming FROM an adapt. In this case the sound coming from your stereo is out of sync with the HK speakers. Hence the adapt is only useful for broadcasting if (a) you are not also playing the sound on your stero/receiver speakers (ii) your rooms are sonically separated so you can't hear the lack of sync. Personally I never use my adapt to broadcast as a result. [ Andrew  Aug 27, 2015 ]
I forwarded your question to an Advisor and they responded with the following: The Harman Kardon device is designed to be connected to your existing stereo system, however, it will only send music to Harman Kardon Omni devices. You can use up to 6 devices: or If you would like to discuss further you can contact an Advisor directly by phone (1-800-324-9695) or online chat. [ Krissy  Dec 21, 2014 ]  Staff