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Rockford Fosgate P2D2-12

Punch P2 12" subwoofer with dual 2-ohm voice coils

27 Reviews | 6 questions - 7 answers

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Our take on the Rockford Fosgate P2D2-12

Standout performance

Rockford Fosgate showcases their fanatical commitment to sonic excellence in the Punch Series of speakers, amps, and subs. If you like to listen to potent, powerful music — and feel it too — Punch components will give you impressive sound that'll stand out in a crowd.

Cutaway view

Bulletproof bass

Engineers at Rockford Fosgate designed the P2D2-12 12" subwoofer to dish out the kind of powerful low end you crave in your ride. Its responsive paper cone is reinforced with the same Kevlar® fibers used in bulletproof vests so you get the best of both worlds — warm bass that's exceptionally hard-hitting. Rockford Fosgate uses a new technique to attach the oversized rubber surround to the cone that increases available cone area up to 25%, so this sub can push more air for even bigger bass.

Made for heavy excursion

This P2 sub features an extended pole piece and bumped backplate that leaves more room for heavy excursion, so it'll hit deeper lows without "bottoming out." Special venting keeps the copper-clad aluminum voice coils cool through heavy use for consistent bass performance over time.

The dual 2-ohm voice coils allow you to wire the sub for 1-ohm impedance to get maximum power output, or for 4-ohm impedance if you're using multiple subs. The P2D2-12 sub works equally well in a sealed or ported enclosure, so you can choose the kind of bass you want for your system.

To drive this single subwoofer, we recommend a mono amplifier rated between 300 and 600 watts RMS at 4 ohms. For more information, please refer to our article on How to Match Subwoofers and Amplifiers.

Product Highlights:

  • 12" subwoofer with dual 2-ohm voice coils
  • Kevlar® reinforced paper cone
  • Santoprene surround
  • hybrid StampCast basket provides strength while minimizing weight and resonance
  • power range: 150-400 watts RMS (800 watts peak power)
  • frequency response: 26-250 Hz
  • sensitivity: 86 dB
  • top-mount depth: 6-3/8"
  • sealed box volume: 0.70-1.80 cubic feet
  • ported box volume: 1.79 cubic feet
  • warranty: 1 year
  • Our 60-day money-back guarantee

I love this sub! One single 12 in a ported box sounds amazing! Bass drops give me chills every time.

Carlos, Frederick MD

What's in the Box:

  • One 12" Dual 2-ohm voice coil subwoofer
  • Trim ring
  • Eight 1-1/8" Allen head screws
  • 4mm Allen head bit
  • Installation/Operation manual (English/ French/ Spanish/ German)

Scratch & Dent items may be missing non-essential accessories. In some cases the manufacturer's accessories have been replaced with generic equivalents.


Rockford Fosgate P2D2-12 Reviews

Average Customer Review(s):

(27 Reviews)

Super Bass!

Carlos from Frederick MD on 10/31/2017

2004 Acura 3.2TL
Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I love this sub! One single 12 in a ported box sounds amazing! Bass drops give me chills every time.

Pros: Heavy hitting bass, looks great, sounds amazing!

Cons: No cons!

Pounding Bass!

Jacob from Brookings, SD on 10/31/2017

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

This sub woofer is amazing, it hits super clean and super clear definitely recommend this one


Cons: Does not bump as hard as I wanted it to but its only one and I have my expectations way to high haha

12" fosgate

Deb from San Bruno on 9/6/2017

2007 Pontiac Grand Prix
Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I can't imagine how much more beat I can possibly afford to hear, these are pound status for real. .



Rockford Fosgate P2D2-12

Anonymous from Paducah, KY on 5/4/2017

2006 Chevrolet Cobalt
Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

If your looking for a sub that will not disappoint, stop looking because you found it.

Pros: Clean bass at deep low and amazing response.

Cons: None

You will not be disappointed

Albert from Conway, AR on 4/8/2017

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Right out of the box you know that you have a quality subwoofer. I am using these subs in my 2008 Jeep Wrangler Sahara to add to the factory sub. I purchased 2 Rockford Fosgate P2D2-12 subs and mounted them in the Sound OrdnanceT Bass Bunker sealed enclosure. I have the dual 2-ohm voice coils wired for 4-ohm impedance on each sub. The subs are connected to a Rockford Fosgate R1200-1D amplifier in a 2 ohm load configuration. The subs have excellent sound; I have tested them with all kinds of music, from Latin drum beats, modern rock, country, and electronic digital bass to classical. At low volume, these subs let you hear the bass in the same way as if listening to a live performance. Turn it up and you will hear thunder-like bass a block away. I am yet to turn the volume up to max, the sound produced is so clean and deep that you can feel the air in your lungs vibrate. You will not be disappointed, in my humble opinion, these are competition class subwoofers that define the word "bass".

Pros: Clean strong bass, plenty of sound.

Cons: None.

Rockford Fosgate P2D2-12

Anonymous from Rome, GA on 4/2/2017

2003 Chevrolet Silverado 1500
Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Very nice subwoofer vibrates my whole cab in my truck



Rockford Fosgate P2D2-12

Jonathan from Bunker Hill, WV on 3/25/2017

2000 Honda Civic
Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Hands down best sub for the money. It performs like a sub way our of its price range. Easy installation and super easy to wire the voice coils. Highly recommend this.



Rockford Fosgate P2D2-12

Anonymous from 13655 on 3/9/2017

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Great bang for the buck !



Great buy !!!!

Gabe from Hollister ca on 1/12/2017

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Love it sounds really good buy



Loud and Awesome!

GE from Lexington, NC on 11/8/2016

2004 Chevrolet Tahoe
Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Ok so I previously had 3 JL w1's. These Rockfords hit so much harder it's crazy. I've always been a fan of rockford and took advantage of the sale that had on these subs. So glad I did. I definitely recommend these to anyone who loves had hitting bass. Great product

Pros: Very nice looking sub, super loud and made by rockford fosgate. Can't go wrong with that

Cons: Non, zip, nada, zero

Rockford Fosgate P2D2-12

Anonymous from Chattanooga, TN on 9/9/2016

2002 Ford Explorer
Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

So far so good these subs hit much harder then the jl w0's that I had before

Pros: Really deep base

Cons: Na

Rockford Fosgate P2D2

Justin from Morriscounty, Nj on 8/4/2016

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Great quality sound! No complains at all. The lows are good and it is very cool looking

Pros: Great sound Looks cool Solid metal outer ring Easy install

Cons: None

Too Loud!

Andrew from Louisville, KY on 5/17/2016

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I installed four of these in a sealed box powered by two 500 watt RMS Kenwood amps, with 40sq ft of sound deadening. All I can say is that I seriously overdid it! Too much bass - even sealed and powered by underwhelming amps. Subs play the low notes with authority, but the higher (bass) notes aren't as crisp and the "kick" bass isn't as impressive.

Pros: Ridiculous lows, not much power needed, tight bass.

Cons: A bit pricey for what they are, low Xmax (8.5mm), high bass notes (65+) aren't very crisp of clean.

Fantastic Results

DzJeep from Townsend, GA on 5/5/2016

1998 Jeep Wrangler
Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Creating a system that will harness sound quality without sacrificing space in a Jeep Wrangler is a very daunting task! After weeks of research and some assistance from Chip (Crutchfield advisor), we found what would work with my current set-up. This RF P2D2 compliments the rest of my system very well! The bass isn't lost even with the top down and that was very important to me. Using this sub actually rounded out my system and balanced everything out! I have received many compliments about how this sub sounds in such a small space. My sealed box has enough space to accommodate the required specs of the sub and it responds very well without falling flat on it's face! I am extremely happy with the results coming out of the sub and couldn't be happier with the assistance that Chip provided. The product was shipped fast and communication is top notch! I wouldn't recommend going anywhere else because you simply cannot get this kind of assistance any where else and they do it for FREE! I would strongly recommend using this sub to anyone that doesn't want to take up a huge amount of space and still retain a killer amount of bass without being a "Pro"! Thanks to Crutchfield for guiding me in the right direction and for supplying me with a great choice! I'm a very happy Customer! ~Dan

Pros: Doesn't take up a ton of space to sound good Easy wiring diagrams and recommended settings

Cons: No-Full face grill to cover the sub. Being in a Jeep exposes the sub to anything tossed in any given space available when the top is down!

Big bang for your buck

Big Mike from Chicago on 4/27/2016

2015 Chrysler 300
Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

These speakers are amazing, they hit so hard, make sure to get a ported box so you don't run the risk of damaging the speakers because they kick a lot of air, I'm very satisfied with the way these speakers perform, very powerful and can handle constant power,

Pros: Great made speakers

Cons: Recommend a ported box for best performance

Rockford Fosgate P2D2-12

Ronald P from Lake Charles,La on 3/23/2016

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I wasn't a fan on rockfosgate before I bought these. I previously owned a pair of diamond audio D3 12's, so I figured there wasn't any better than the diamond. Then I was told about the P2 12's and read the reviews and I was like maybe I will give it a shot. So I ordered me a pair, soon as I installed them I was like wow, oh my goodness these are a good quality sounding speakers. On top of that I couldn't beat the price with a broom stick lol.



great sound

kerry from flintville, TN on 2/15/2016

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

sounds great, good quality

Pros: great price, quality build


great range and performance

Anonymous from Arkanesas on 1/18/2016

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Sounds great! Make sure the box specs are right and you will have no worries.




Dway from North Carolina on 1/18/2016

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

This sub is simply amazing!! Goes great with my new system and hits extremely hard for just a single subwoofer. I would advise anyone who is just looking for some better sound quality in their vehicle to highly consider this line of sub.

Pros: Sounds amazing Hits extremely hard Amazing design and quality


P2D2-12 are great subwoofers

John J from Illinois on 1/9/2016

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I am very pleased with these subs. They have plenty of potential as I upgrade my system. So far they are performing great and I have no complaint.

Pros: Well made, great looking, sound great

Cons: None

Rockford Fosgate P2D2-12

Anonymous from Massachusetts on 8/18/2015

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Nice subwoofers with lots a power!!!

Pros: Price, bump

Cons: None


vip from hawaii on 2/7/2015

Bought this sub couple days ago. Glad i went. Rockford route because these subs hit really low and deep. Using it with a 500.1 rf amp and it sounds perfect. 1 year warranty also :)



Rockford is the best

Anonymous from Norwich, ND on 12/18/2013

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

One of the best subs out there! I had MTX dual subs before and just one P2 sounds a lot better!! The bass hits real hard!! I have this in a 2013 f150XLT

Pros: Hits hard and deep

Cons: None

best sub i ever owed

trezzz from charlotte ,nc on 7/26/2013

I got 2 12s dvc. P2s. In my acura legend...oh my....these subs really come to life...i only have. My kenwood deck on 20 vol...and i have to turn it down....these punch i know. What the p3s sound like

Pros: Excellent. Sub that demands more power..

Cons: No cons...just add more power

nice sub

D-whizzie from Ar on 5/25/2013

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Great sub make sure to give this enough power and no distortion.

Pros: Plenty of power handling, great sound quality.

Cons: Doesn't handle distortion well and easily overheats in a sealed enclosure.

keeps impressing

chris r from cheney , wa on 4/27/2012

I just bought these subs today and they sound amazing, they hit low and deep, i have two running in a ported box with a alpine mrp500 and they hit very very hard you wont be disappointed with these subs, i returned my 12 jl w3 for this and these blow it out of the water could not ask for more very pleased wont regret it

Pros: everything

Cons: nothing


octavius from richmond, va on 6/19/2011

I have a 1000 watt BA GT2300 on this 400 watt sub... and it takes everybit of it. Now the amp is all the way down but the extension keeps begging for more. I've blown alot of woofers but this speaker takes the abuse without sacrificing sound qaulity...their very underated. I'm a JL fan also, but you would have to buy a 500 dollar W6 to get to this level seriuosly. I'm buying 2 p3 10's in the near future and turn that gain up...Rockford for subs-JL for amps!!!




Hands-on research

Product Research

Enclosure Compatibility


Overview: The Rockford Fosgate Punch P2D2-12 is a 12-inch subwoofer with dual 2Ω voice coils. The sub features a StampCast steel frame, quick-release compression terminals, a Kevlar fiber reinforced paper cone, and Santoprene surround. An anodized aluminum voice coil former and spider venting help keep the subwoofer cool.

Dual 2Ω Voice Coils: The dual 2Ω voice coils offer wiring flexibility; when wired in parallel the woofer presents a 1Ω load, when wired in series the woofer presents a 4Ω mono load.

Steel Basket: The P2D2-12 subwoofer features a StampCast steel basket for added rigidity.

Compression Terminals: The P2D2-12 features spring post terminals which accommodate speaker wire up to 10 gauge.

CEA-2031 Compliant: Power handling on the P2D2-12 subwoofer conforms to CEA-2031 industry standards. This means the subwoofer has the capacity to handle power under continuous demand, not instantaneous power handling, that over time, can damage voice coils.

FlexFit Basket: The Flex Fit frame utilizes slots (where possible) instead of single screw sized holes; allowing slight adjustment of the speaker when mounted.

Trim Ring: To improve the cosmetic look, a decorative trim ring is included that mounts over the flange of the woofer. When using the cast aluminum trim ring the woofer is first mounted with four screws, then the ring is placed on top of the woofer, aligning the final four holes of the woofer with ring. The other four screws are used for these holes to mount the ring and woofer to the enclosure. Without the trim ring the mounting height of the woofer is just over 7/8 of an inch, with the trim ring it's approximately 1-1/16 inches. The diameter of the trim ring is 13-5/16 inches.

Enclosure Compatibility

Sealed Box: Rockford recommends a sealed enclosure with an optimum internal volume of 1.02 cubic feet (from 0.7 to 1.8 cubic feet is acceptable). Sealed enclosures provide the most control over a woofer, will handle a lot of power, and provide accurate sonic reproduction, making them suitable to all types of music.

Ported Box: Rockford recommends a ported enclosure with an internal volume of 1.79 cubic feet using one 4" diameter x 10" long port; this yields a tuning frequency of 40 Hz. Ported (or vented) enclosures typically provide better overall efficiency than sealed so they are suitable for use with smaller amplifiers, giving you more bass output from less power. However, this efficiency comes at the expense of very low frequency output (below 34 Hz).

Our Product Research Team

At Crutchfield, you'll get detailed, accurate information that's hard to find elsewhere. That's because we have our own in-house Product Research team. They verify what’s in the box, check the owner's manual, and record dimensions, features and specs. We stay on top of new products and technologies to help people make informed choices.

Q & A

Customer Q&A

Crutchfield asked  
Why did you buy this?

Have always had a good experience with Rockfod Fosgate product and the price was a plus. [ HECTOR  Jun 06, 2017 ]
Read the reviews on the heavy bass these offered. I couldnt give up the price [ Omar  Nov 28, 2016 ]
I've shopped here several times in the past and the service and truly EXPERT advise is unmatched anywhere else ! Will never trust any other website as I trust Crutchfield, Sincerely, Bryan S. [ BRYAN  Oct 31, 2016 ]
good brand [ Eddie  Aug 08, 2016 ]
My buddy has one of these, I liked them. [ Alexander  Jul 05, 2016 ]
I knew these punch would be perfect. Ive had a RF Power for a whole now. My speakers didn't match but it still sounded great. The P2 makes it sound even better. [ SAMUEL  Jun 17, 2016 ]
Fosgate Fan for years. [ SCOTT  Apr 03, 2016 ]
I bought these for the boat, they sound awesome. [ Jeremy  Mar 14, 2016 ]
great product and a person should have no worries when buying a speaker and that is why I chose it. [ John  Dec 26, 2015 ]

6 questions already asked

Tech Support is included with your purchase from Crutchfield, feel free to contact our Tech Support team. They can walk you through the specs. Our toll-free Tech Support number is printed on your invoice, and is also available under the "My Orders" tab in the "My Account" section of our website. [ Kenny  Mar 04, 2017 ]  Staff
Thanks for your question. For information on selecting the best amp for your subs I would recommend reaching out to an Advisor by phone (1-800-324-9695) or online chat. They will be able to help determine the differences between the amp models and help you make the best choice for your system. [ Kenny  Dec 21, 2015 ]  Staff
I'm running a punch 500/2 bridged on one , it says 400 watts rms and I'm giving it to it and then some! Big bass , nice sound [ Kyle  Oct 05, 2015 ]
Rms is 400 watts peak is 800 watts [ Uche  Oct 05, 2015 ]
Scratch & dent are open-box items that have minor cosmetic damage. They may be missing non-essential accessories. In some cases the manufacturer's accessories have been replaced with generic equivalents. The manufacturer's warranty applies. You can get an idea about typical cosmetic damage here: [ Krissy  Aug 19, 2015 ]  Staff
Thanks for your question. For information on selecting the best amp for your subs I would recommend reaching out to an Advisor by phone (1-800-324-9695) or online chat. They will be able to help determine the differences between the amp models and help you make the best choice for your system. [ Krissy  Mar 03, 2015 ]  Staff
I forwarded your question to an Advisor and they responded with the following: The Rockford Fosgate P2D2-12 can be wired to 1 ohm since it's a 2-ohm dual voice coils. You'll need to wire the subwoofer in parallel in order to achieve a 1 ohm impedance meaning you'll take the negatives and wire those together and the same with the positive. If you would like to discuss further you can contact an Advisor directly by phone (1-800-324-9695) or online chat. [ Krissy  May 29, 2014 ]  Staff