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Roku HD1000

Network-capable digital media player for HDTVs

Item # 593HD1000

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Our take on the Roku HD1000

Turn your high-definition TV into a work of art with Roku's HD1000! This versatile digital media player displays digital pictures on your television in glowing high-resolution detail. Front-panel memory card slots give you quick, easy access to photos you've snapped with a digital camera: pop in your card, sit back, and enjoy a slideshow of that recent family vacation on a big screen!

Turn your high-definition TV into a work of art with Roku's HD1000! This versatile digital media player displays digital pictures on your television in glowing high-resolution detail. Front-panel memory card slots give you quick, easy access to photos you've snapped with a digital camera: pop in your card, sit back, and enjoy a slideshow of that recent family vacation on a big screen!

What's more, Roku's optional Art Packs on CompactFlash® cards (see "Accessories") let you use the HD1000 to view classical paintings, nature scenes, or aquarium images — they even include some high-definition motion video clips! It's a perfect way to transform your wall-mounted flat-panel TV into a real conversation piece at your next party.

The Roku also plays your MP3 music files, so you can listen to your PC tunes on your home audio system. It can read the files directly off a memory card, or you can connect the player to your wired or wireless home network — you'll get convenient access to photos and digital music stored on your computer, right from your living room. The included remote control makes browsing your files even easier.

Another nice touch is the HD1000's screen-saver mode: when the player senses that your TV has been displaying a non-moving image for a certain length of time, it generates moving graphics to help protect your TV screen from image burn-in. Pass-through connections let you use the screen-saver mode with other types of video gear, such as a video game console, TiVo® digital recorder, or DVD player. A great feature for plasma TV owners!


  • high-definition photo playback (JPEG)
  • built-in memory card slots accept CompactFlash, Secure Digital®, MultiMediaCard®, Memory Stick® (including Memory Stick PRO), and SmartMedia®
  • picture zoom
  • screen-saver mode with adjustable settings, for preventing image burn-in
  • playback for digital audio files (MP3, WAV, and AIFF)
  • HD-quality motion video playback (with optional Roku LiveArt™ Art Packs)
  • remote control
  • 1 A/V output (composite, S-video, and 1080i/720p/480p/480i component)
  • analog RGB output — D-sub 15-pin connector (1080i/720p/480p)
  • audio/video pass-through input (S-video and component)
  • coaxial digital audio output
  • Ethernet port for connection to a home network
  • USB (1.1) port for use with compatible wireless network adapters
  • RS-232 control input
  • 17"W x 1-3/4"H x 10-3/8"D
  • warranty: 1 year

Computer Requirements (for using the HD1000 with a home network):

  • For PC: Microsoft® Windows® 98, 2000, Me, or XP (Home or Professional) with file sharing enabled
  • For Mac®: OS 10.2 or later (10.2.6 recommended) with Windows Sharing (SMB) enabled
  • wired Ethernet home network or wireless network with supported adapter

What's in the Box:

  • HD1000 High-definition media player
  • Wireless remote control
  • 2 "AAA" batteries
  • 6' AC cord
  • 5' Component video cable (with gold-plated RCA plugs)
  • 5' Audio patch cable (with gold-plated RCA plugs)
  • User Guide
  • Warranty/Safety & Software License Legal Disclosure
  • Important User Information sheet
  • On-line Product Registration card (with free offer)

Hands-on research

Product Research

Controls and Connections


Product Overview: The Roku HD1000 is a high-definition digital media player. Memory card slots on the front panel allow you to view your digital photos in High Definition on your HD-compatible TV or monitor, or listen to compressed audio files. The unit supports a broad range of digital and analog A/V connectors so you can integrate the HD1000 into your home theater or stereo system, or use it with your home Ethernet or Wi-Fi network. A supplied wireless remote control lets you navigate through the menus and around the screen.

Memory Card Compatibility: The HD1000 features convenient front panel slots to accommodate most of the popular memory cards. Slots are provided for: CompactFlash card (Type I and II), SD Memory Card, MultiMediaCard, Memory Stick, and SmartMedia cards. You can also use xD Picture cards with a simple adapter.

Built-in Memory: The unit has a 16MB internal flash memory which includes 5 images.

Art Packs: Roku makes several optional "Art Packs" available on CompactFlash. The Art Packs include still and "LiveArt" images with the following titles: "The Classics", "Nature", "Aquarium", and "World Maps and Clocks". Note: LiveArt images are HD MPEG2 video clips that are "looped" to form a seamless, constant moving image.

Slideshow: Digital photos can be displayed in a slideshow fashion at a selectable interval: 5 sec., 6 sec., 7 sec., 8 sec., 9 sec., 10 sec., 15 sec., 30 sec., 1 min., 2 min., 3 min., 4 min., 5 min., 10 min., 15 min., 30 min., 1 hour, or No Delay.

Display Aspect Ratio: Most photos are naturally 4:3. When displaying them in 16:9, you can choose to display them with black bars on the side ("fit"), zoomed in so the picture is cropped on top and bottom ("fill"), or choose the SmartDisplay which will automatically choose between "fit" and "fill" depending upon the photo's size and aspect ratio. Note: Generally the HD1000 supports wide-screen resolutions (1280 x 720, 1920 x 1080), but it also supports 1024 x 768 in standard 4:3 aspect ratio for certain (primarily commercial) applications.

Digital Music: You can play your PC or Mac library of MP3, WAV or AIFF audio files and playlists (M3U and PLS formats) when you connect the HD1000 through your home network. Note: It is possible to listen to music while viewing your slideshow.

Video Playback: The unit can play HD ATSC-compliant MPEG2 transport stream video, which is the type of signal typically broadcast over the air by a local digital television station. You can also use the HD1000 for displaying digital broadcasts that are recorded on a computer from a tuner card.

Screen Saver: The HD1000 has a built-in screen saver to help reduce the risk of image burn-in on your TV screen. The screen saver appears when the unit is being used as a source for displaying a slideshow, or, when in the video pass-through configuration, the unit detects when the video input source is still. In the Setup Menu, you can choose from the following "timeout" settings: 15 seconds, 1 minute, 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 20 minutes, 30 minutes, or Off. You can also choose from the following patterns: Roku Clock, Helix, or Logo Bounce. You can further configure the Logo Bounce pattern by choosing "bounce", "fill", "wander", or "random."

Network Ready: You can integrate the HD1000 with your PC or Mac home network, or go wireless with a Wi-Fi adapter. The unit's built-in networking is based on Windows File Sharing or SMB, which is a file sharing protocol built into Windows, Macintosh, and Linux computers. You are not required to install any server software on your PC or Mac to access networked media such as photos, music, and MPEG2 Transport streams.

System Requirements: The requirements for file sharing (photo, video or music) from your computer are as follows:

  • Operating System:
    • Microsoft Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows Me, Windows XP Home or Professional with file sharing enabled.
    • Mac OS X 10.2 or later (10.2.6 or later recommended) with Windows File Sharing enabled.
    • Other Samba-compatible operating systems (including Linux) are supported.
  • Network:
    • Wired 10/100 Ethernet network or wireless network with optional adapter
    • Networked HD video playback requires 100 Mbit wired network

Controls and Connections

Front Panel Controls: All of the HD1000's controls are located on the front panel. The controls are as follows:

  • Power: When the power is turned off, the HD1000 goes into standby mode. While in Standby, any video fed into the unit is passed through the video outputs.
  • Menu/Exit/Select: These buttons allow you to display the main menu, exit from the menus and screens, and choose a highlighted on-screen item.
  • Navigation: The 4 "arrow" buttons allow you to navigate up, down, left or right through the menus or pan around zoomed images.

Remote Control: The supplied remote control includes the same controls as the front panel, plus the following additional controls:

  • Play/Pause: For starting, pausing and restarting music or slideshow.
  • Next/Previous: For skipping to next or previous image or music track.
  • Rotate: Each press rotates the current image 90° (counterclockwise or clockwise--selectable).
  • Info: Displays information about the displayed image. One press displays a small box with 2 lines of information for about 3 seconds. Two presses of the button displays 6 lines of information for approximately 10 seconds.
  • Zoom: A "rocker"-type switch lets you zoom in and out of the displayed image to fit the screen or for multiple magnification levels.

Connection Methods: The HD1000 is designed to connect to your audio/video system in one of two ways:

  • Separate Audio/Video Source: The unit is connected to a receiver and TV/monitor as you would a DVD player. The video outputs are connected to the TV/monitor, while the audio outputs are connected to an A/V receiver or directly to the TV/monitor.
  • In Line/Video Pass Through: You can connect the HD1000 "in-line" as the last device between an A/V source (DVD, VCR, receiver) and the TV or monitor. When the power is on, the TV/monitor displays what comes from the HD1000. When the unit is in Standby mode, the video and audio signal from the connected device is displayed. The incoming video signal is monitored and a automatically generates a screen save when appropriate, decreasing the chance of burn-in.

Rear Panel Connections: The HD1000 features a wide variety of inputs and outputs for connecting the unit to your TV/monitor, receiver, PC or home network:

  • Audio In/Out: This unit features gold-plated stereo RCA audio inputs and outputs.
  • Video In/Out: This unit features S-Video and component video inputs and outputs. You can also connect a TV or monitor using a composite video cable by using the component video output's green RCA jack labeled "Y". The compatible formats include 480i (composite, S-Video, and component), 480p, 720p and 1080i (component).
  • RS-232C: You can use the 9-pin RS-232C interface to connect the unit to an external whole-house control system, from companies such as Crestron.
  • VGA: The 15-pin VGA connector lets you connect the HD1000 to a monitor or display. Compatible formats include 480p, 720p, 1080i, and 1024 x 768.
  • USB: The supplied USB connector is to be used to connect the unit to compatible 802.11b wireless (wi-fi) adapters.
  • Digital Audio Output: A coaxial digital output connector is supplied for connecting the unit to an amplifier, display or external speakers that has an S/PDIF-compatible audio input.
  • Ethernet: The HD1000 can be connected to your computer over your home network through the 10/100 Ethernet port (10baseT or 100Mbps). The unit will automatically configure itself via the DHCP protocol.

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